Chapter 1 'Parental Sadness and An Encounter'

Well, I'm writing another story. This one is a two or three parter and has a rather dark premise.

I need to stop creating so many new stories, but I just have a restless imagination that likes to continuously start new projects. It's a habit I have with many things, especially stories and in sandbox games.

Basically, I want to cover survivor's guilt and spiritual things. While I doubt the existence of ghosts, I do think they are great in stories.

Anyways, without further ado, lets get on with it! Enjoy or suffer.


Blu and Jewel had differences. Apart from being the opposite sex, they differ in their personalities and upbringing. Jewel is a spirited wild bird, but does have a soft side, especially with her mate and children. Blu is a nerdy and socially awkward bird, who was raised in a domestic environment.

But they shared one major thing in common: Traumatic experiences when they were young. Blu had been smuggled as a chick, and had to see countless birds be netted, caged and sent far away from their friends, families and home. Blu even had to be in that cage with the weeping birds around him for weeks.

But the worst bit was that he was taken from his parents at a young age and sent away on a path that would lead him to live with Linda. The fact he was domesticated has, and still does bring many problems of him feeling misunderstood, hated and pathetic.

Jewel on the other hand, was caught in a raging inferno and saw many birds and animals lose their lives to the blaze, including her mother. This event not only separated her from her home, but killed her mother, many friends of hers and left a bad taste in her beak with humans, something that she still hasn't let go of fully.

The horrible events would lead to many nightmares. Jewel relived the horrible experience of the fire in her nightmares. Blu experienced his long-lasting longing for parental love, or any kind of affection or care from other birds. Blu's memories aren't as clear as Jewel's, but the surreal and blurry nightmares are a horrible experience for him.

But after years of being together, and Jewel reuniting with her father and friends, and Blu being able to at least give his children the parental love he was snatched away from, they still had yet to let the sleeping dogs lie. Scars seem to be deeper and more apparent when done to someone who's young. Its like carving something into a sapling, that scar will always be there. Forever a reminder of the events that gave it its scar.

Tiago shared a rather equal love for his parents. He loved his dad, as the father/son bond is a strong one. But he was also a mama's boy, and as such he differs slightly from his sisters in that he doesn't seem to prefer one parent over the other. Bia has a stronger bond with her father than she does her mother, and Carla has a stronger bond with her mother than she does her father.

So, today was like any other. Tiago had gotten back from soccer practise with his friends. As some time had passed, the tensions between the red and Spix's macaw tribes had ceased. What once was their way of waging war was now a leisure activity. And so, Tiago was quite exhausted when he arrived in their hollow. It was dusk, and he just wanted to go to his room.

But before he could go into his room and collapse onto his nest and sleep, he heard sobbing coming from his parents' room. With his goal of just sleeping being temporarily postponed, Tiago curiously and concerningly walked towards his parent's room. Once he made it to the entrance, he peeked in and saw Blu sitting next to Jewel with his face buried in his wings. Jewel had her wing around him, and Tiago eavesdropped.

''A-and… I-I've tried t-to… hide i-it and I-I tried to… forget it… *sniff* But… I just can't… No m-matter what I do, *sniff* the fact th-that I'll n-never see my parents again i-is still… *sniff* there…'', Blu sobbed, his voice was snivelly and wobbly. Tiago wore a horrified and sad frown. He'd never seen his father like this, and the fact he mentioned his parents made Tiago realise something he should've known before.

His father must've been separated from his real parents at a young age. That must be why he had such a close attachment to Linda: He sees her as his mother. Of course, Tiago was pretty sure his dad knew that Linda wasn't his real mother.

Tiago felt a wave of sympathy and sadness wash over him like the tide coming into a beach. His beak too, got wobbly and he went inside to try and cheer his father up, who was currently crying as Jewel hugged him in order to comfort her distraught mate.

''Dad?'', Tiago meekly spoke, and Jewel turned her head and looked at Tiago, initially with surprise, but without saying a word, her facial expression dropped to a soft and concerned one. Tiago understood this as her telling him that its okay to come over. And so, he walked up to his father.

''Dad, what's wrong?'', he softly asked his father. Blu took a deep breath so that he could speak, he unburied his face slightly, and Tiago saw how wet and distraught his face was.

''Tiago… I-I…'', Blu couldn't really speak. A major part of him didn't want to tell his son, and another part wasn't able to find a way to word it for him. Blu ended up just continuing to cry, and Jewel decided to tell her son what was wrong with his father. She sighed,

''Tiago, your father had told me about his parents…'', Jewel began, and Tiago's expression maintained that concerned and sympathetic look, ''H-he was smuggled out of Rio as a chick… And he went out to try and find his childhood home by himself… He found his hollow but didn't find his parents. He asked some of the birds who lived there, and they told him that the two blue macaws that lived there had passed away years ago…'', Jewel finished, holding back some tears herself as Blu buried his face into her soft, fluffy chest feathers and soaking them with his warm salty tears that he shed at a rapid rate.

Tiago was shocked, and his eyes watered up from seeing his parents like this, as well as the thought of finding out that your parents had passed away years ago.

''B-but why didn't he tell us before?'', Tiago asked, his tone innocent and confused. Jewel sighed,

''He didn't want to worry us, and he just wanted to forget it and move on… But he can't…'', Jewel told her son, her beak was wobbly and was contorted into a sullen frown as her husband wept into her soft feathery chest, soaking it with his warm tears. Tiago choked back tears as he walked and sat beside his crying father. He hugged him, in an attempt to comfort his dad.

Tiago didn't really know what to say, and simply continued to hug his father as he began to shed tears of his own. This was the softer side of Tiago. Even though he was a mischievous and rather immature bugger, he also had a softer side that he didn't show as often as he did his mischievous side.

Blu eventually calmed down with the comforting hugs of both his son and his mate. While Jewel and Blu peacefully slept, as did Bia and Carla and most other macaws who weren't on patrol or where insomniacs, Tiago was tossing and turning in his nest. He couldn't get to sleep as his mind raced with many thoughts, and he couldn't stop thinking about his dad. It was bothering him, and Tiago's eyes even began to water up on several occasions as he put himself in his dad's shoes. He had been trying to go to sleep for an hour and a half, and he was bored, but couldn't sleep.

Soon, he gave up for now and got out of his cosy nest. While if he were a human teenager, which he was pretty much now, as he was starting to go through early puberty, he'd probably start playing on his phone. But he wasn't a human and didn't have a phone to play on. He didn't like reading much, (except for joke books and some comedic books, which he had recently gotten somewhat into) and even if he did he didn't have a light source apart from the moonshine, so he couldn't really read it anyway.

So, Tiago decided to just step outside his room and went for a wander throughout the hollow. He decided he might have a quick flight near their hollow, that way he'd be within quick flight of safety and if he found himself in danger, his cries for help would be within earshot of his parents and their neighbours.

Tiago sat by the edge of their hollow entrance and he looked up at the night sky. It was beautiful, pretty much completely and utterly unaffected by light pollution, and it was a clear night. He could see the clouds of the Milky Way galaxy and the thousands of stars that dotted the night sky above him. It was beautiful, he even saw some shootings stars.

He stared on in awe, his plans to fly around were postponed as his mind fully focused on the gorgeous clear starry night sky that was free of any noticeable light pollution.

He was so completely in awe of the night sky, that everything around him was shut off from his senses. All that mattered right now was him and that night sky. Now he knew why his father and Bia liked stargazing so much.

His awareness of things around him came back when he felt an ice-cold breeze blow against him, causing him to shiver and even jump a little bit in startlement. He stood up, uneased by that oddly cold breeze. It was far colder than any other breeze that had blown on him that night, and so it must either be the breeze equivalent of a rogue wave, but rather than being a sudden powerful gust of wind, it was an abnormally ice cold breeze.

Tiago's nerves calmed down, and he continued to look up at the starry night sky, but he wasn't sitting now. It wasn't long before he again, felt an ice-cold breeze, but it was more concentrated and noticeably colder than the one before it.

Tiago was startled and shivered from it, a cold chill running throughout his body, sending his feathers up a bit. Tiago's breathing increased in rapidity, as his nerves climbed. He took a deep breath and faced the night sky again. But as he did so, he swore he felt someone touch him.

He jumped and let out a small yelp. He felt his heart jump, and his nerves went through the roof. His heartrate increased, and as did his breathing as his eyes frantically darted around. He was cowering slightly, and his feathers puffed up a bit in a reflexive response to his fear.

He felt another cold breeze run through his legs, and he began to whimper and tremble. Any bit of bravery he had was gone right now, as his legs were shaking and he trembled and whimpered. He looked around him, trying to see whatever was messing with him. There were some doubts of him just being paranoid and scared, but his fear made him ignore that for now.

He felt another brush of a wing down his back, and it was cold. He jumped in fright and fell on his back, as he began to hyperventilate and loudly whimpered. Tiago's hazel brown eyes began to water up as he assumed a foetal position and curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth as he trembled in terror.

Another ice-cold breeze blew against him, and he began to cry. He was too scared to stand up, and he was beginning to become too afraid to even cry out to his parents, in fear that whatever was doing this to him would stop just brushing against him with ice cold wings and sending ice cold breezes, and would do something more… Something worse…

He felt something touch his feet, and he cried even harder and trembled more. His heartrate was through the roof, and he felt like he could pass out from fright. With a brush against his back, he snapped and let out an ear-piercing cry for his mother.

''MAMA!'', he screamed at the very top of his lungs. He continued to sob loudly as he trembled and whimpered, waiting for his mother to come help him. The frantic flaps of wings, and the familiar cry of someone brought him relief.

''TIAGO!'', his mother cried out in fear for her son.

''MUM!'', he cried back. He continued to tremble in a foetal position, when he heard his mother land next to him and quickly pull him into her wings.

''Tiago! Oh baby, are you alright?!'', Jewel cried out as her maternal fears for the safety of her baby (even though he wasn't a baby any more, she still thought of them as such) led her to shed tears of dread and concern. Plus, seeing her song shriek in pure terror, and seeing him sobbing and trembling in a foetal position on the floor broke her heart. She cradled Tiago as he bawled his eyes out in unbelievable terror into his mother's soft, fluffy chest.

''It's okay, it's okay, shhhh… Mummy's got you…'', she purred, her voice still full of worry. Blu landed beside them, looking on in confusion and worry,

''Tiago? What happened?'', Blu asked worryingly, and Jewel looked at him while she cradled Tiago in her wings as he continued to cry,

''I… I don't know! I just found him here, curled up in a ball, trembling and crying.'', she told her mate, worry understandably in her voice. Blu nodded, and wrapped his wings around Jewel and Tiago. His paternal instincts kicking in,

''Tiago, its alright… You're safe now.'', Blu cooed, trying to comfort his fear stricken and crying son. Bia and Carla came rushing in, and they saw Tiago cradled in their mother's wings and crying his eyes out. Bia and Carla went up to them, concerned.

''What happened?'', Bia asked, her voice curious and also filled with worry for her younger brother. Jewel looked at them,

''I heard his loud cries for me, and I found him curled up in a ball and crying in fear.'', Jewel told them, and they looked on with worry. Bia was wondering what had led him to become so unbelievably terrified. Bia shuddered, as it must have been terrifying to cause Tiago to be like that. Tiago's usually quite brave, being fearless of spiders, most wildlife and of danger. He also lacks a fear of the dark, something that neither Bia nor Carla shared, though Carla to a lesser extent. Hell, even his father was still scared of the dark.

Bia began to breathe heavier as she began to grow anxious as she thought of what had scared the living daylights out of Tiago. Until he told them, they could only guess what had scared him. Tiago was in shock, its like he had seen a ghost, he was utterly mortified. He then began to babble until he formed words,

''C-c-c-cold w-w-wings…'', he babbled in fright, his voice extremely wobbly and fear stricken.

''What do you mean?'', Jewel asked in a concerned voice as she cradled him, trying to make him feel as comforted as she can.

''S-s-something… W-was… T-t-touching m-m-me… W-w-with… C-c-cold w-w-wings…'', he stuttered, shocked to his very core and trembling intensely. Jewel's expression filled with horror, as the others grew fearful.

''D-did you see it?'', Blu asked, fear in his voice.

''N-no… Invisible…'', Tiago answered, and his words caused his family's hearts to sink. Blu took in a deep breath, as he was speechless for a moment. He looked at his daughters, with firmness and fear,

''Come on, we're all going to sleep together.'', he told them, and they nodded. Even though Bia and Blu were agnostic about the existence of ghosts, they were still spooked about what happened and Blu's paternal instincts made him want to have his family by his side so his beloved kids would be safe. Carla and Tiago never really cared about ghosts before this, never forming an opinion at all as they didn't care. Jewel, however, was a believer in ghosts, as a result of her traditional avian beliefs.

The family all went to Blu and Jewel's room, which was large enough to fit all of them. Jewel sat down in her nest, still cradling a trembling Tiago. Blu sat next to her, and Bia and Carla sat down next. Blu and Jewel's nest was large enough to snugly fit their family together, and it was a good thing they had a nest large enough to do so. Blu was the one who decided on having such a large nest, that way he and Jewel could lay down together, or their children could all sleep with them cosily.

Tiago was laid down, but he still snuggled with his mother. Jewel wrapped her wing around her kids in a blanket of motherly comfort and protection. With their parents' wings protecting them, they all fell asleep rather quickly. Tiago was exhausted from his big day, but also the terrifying encounter he had before. But the protection and feeling of safety and comfort brought on by being so close with his parents and sisters let him finally dose off and wake up in the comforting light of day.


Well, this was originally supposed to be a one shot, and I could technically leave it here and just say it's a ghost story, but I want to elaborate further, and cover other topics. Because the encounter Tiago had wasn't really apart of the original plans, it was improvised, and I am glad I included it. It adds suspense to the stuff I'll add as the story goes on.

Next chapter should hopefully be out soon, but as I have so many projects going on, it may be hard to. But lately I've been writing a lot, so hopefully this continues, and I can finally be a frequent uploader. Hopefully, school doesn't screw it up.

Until next time, goodbye.