Chapter 2 'Burns and a Lonely Chick'

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The next morning, Blu, Jewel, Carla, Bia and Tiago all woke up at roughly the same time. Surprisingly, they all slept well that night despite the encounter Tiago had.

Tiago's eyes slowly opened, and he saw the welcoming figure of his mother beside him. He let out a soft yawn.

''Good morning Tiago.'', his mother, Jewel, softly greeted him with a warm and welcoming smile and planted a kiss on his forehead. Tiago smiled in response,

''Good morning, mama.'', he cooed, and he sat up. He stretched his wings and was going to rub his eyes with his talons, when he heard a gasp of shock coming from his mother. At the same time, Bia and Carla had climbed out of the nest and Blu was just starting to wake up.

''What is it mum?'', Tiago asked curiously, but with a hint of worry in his voice.

''You… You've got… burn marks?'', Jewel said in shock, and Tiago's beak dropped.

''B-but how?'', Tiago spat out in confusion. It may have been from whatever thing had spooked him last night, but he remembered the wings that touched him being ice cold. And the burn marks weren't present last night, otherwise his family would've taken notice. But maybe it was too dark to see them, but it was a clear and fairly visible night, so someone should've seen them.

''I-I don't know!'', Jewel responded, and she quickly nudged her mate.

''Wha-what is it?'', Blu groggily stuttered in confusion. He looked at Tiago and noticed singed feathers, and he let out a quiet gasp. He rushed over and to check Tiago for any burns on his skin, and if he found any, he'd take him to see one of the healers and have his burns cleaned.

''Tiago, let me check for any burns.'', Blu urgingly told his son, Tiago. Tiago obliged and stayed still so Blu could check him. Jewel stayed by Tiago's side to comfort him. Bia and Carla had already gotten up and had gone out of their parents' room together.

Blu, with his talons, brushed aside some of his feathers around the singed area on his back so he could see the pale skin beneath. To his relief, there were no burn marks. But Blu wanted to check other parts just in case.

''Okay, I'm just going to look for any more burns.'', Blu told his son and Tiago nodded worryingly. Jewel remained by his side and soothingly brushed his head feathers with her wing.

Tiago rolled over, and Blu inspected his abdomen and he saw no burn marks. He checked his sides and saw none. However, when he checked his feet, he noticed some faint red marks on his feet. He touched them gently with his wing, and Tiago giggled.

''S-stop it dad!'', he laughed. Blu smiled, but his expression became more serious.

''Tiago, there's some marks on your feet. I'm just trying to see if they hurt or not.'', Blu told him, and Tiago let out a puff as he recovered from laughing. He sat up and he turned his talons around so he could see them. Tiago saw the red marks his dad was talking about, and he touched them with his wing. It didn't hurt at all,

''It doesn't hurt.'', Tiago said, which caused his dad to let out a sigh of relief.

''Check the other foot.'', Blu told him, and Tiago nodded. He obliged, and just like his left foot, the red marks on his right foot didn't hurt.

''MUM, DAD, THERE'S BURN MARKS ON THE WALLS!'', the alerting cries of Bia and Carla made Blu, Jewel and Tiago flinch slightly. Blu and Jewel quickly got up, with Tiago behind them and they rushed to Bia and Carla.

Once they got to the main chamber of the hollow, with the main entrance, they saw what Bia and Carla were talking about. Brushes of charred black against the wall as if someone brushed it with their wings and it burned it. The burns were on the right side of the hollow when entering through the main entrance. Or, coming down from Blu and Jewel's room, it was on the left wall.

Either way, it was where Tiago had his horrifying encounter last night. Tiago, Blu and Jewel ran beside Bia and Carla. Tiago caught a whiff of burned wood, and he felt a deep chill run down his spine. His feathers had puffed out as a result, and Jewel noticed this.

''Tiago?'', she spoke, and Tiago looked at her.

''I… I just want to have a fly around and clear my mind.'', Tiago said nervously. Blu was investigating the burn marks on the walls, and Bia and Carla where just idle. Jewel followed her son, and grabbed him with her wing, which made him flinch slightly.

''Tiago, is everything alright?'', Jewel asked concerningly.

''Yeah, I'm just on edge and I wanna clear my mind!'', Tiago snapped. He immediately regrated it as Jewel flinched from his sudden stress filled outburst, ''I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell…'', Tiago apologised sincerely, looking guiltily down at his talons.

''It's okay, I understand…'', Jewel softly spoke and went up to Tiago and planted a kiss on his head, ''Please, just be okay…'', Jewel whispered, and Tiago nodded. He gave his mother a hug goodbye and flew away.

The flight was refreshing for him. The wind passing through his feathers stimulated the sensitive nerves there and it felt really good. He took in a deep breath of nice fresh air, and exhaled. He felt so much calmer now, and he continued flying about for 10 minutes.

''Mummy, daddy?!'', Tiago stopped flying when he heard a fearful cry of a chick. He located the sound and it came from near a stream. Tiago flew down and saw the chick crying, ''Mummy… Daddy…'', he sobbed.

''Hey, are you okay?'', Tiago asked the poor chick, and he jumped, ''Hey, its okay…'', Tiago quickly spoke, calming the frightened chick, ''What's wrong?'', Tiago asked.

''I-I can't find my mummy and daddy anywhere…'', the chick sobbed. Tiago frowned sympathetically, and he stood next to the chick and knelt down to its level.

''Oh, that's bad… Um, my name is Tiago, what's yours?'', Tiago said sympathetically, and told the chick his name. The chick sniffled,

''Dinis…'', the chick, named Dinis, sadly responded. Dinis was a little Spix's macaw chick with scruffy head feathers and had heterochromia: His left eye was a golden colour, and his right eye was an Egyptian blue colour.

''That's a nice name.'', Tiago smiled. ''Thank you…'', Dinis responded,

''I'll help you find your parents.'', Tiago told him, and Dinis smiled, ''Um, do they live around here?'', Tiago asked.

''N-no… I'm lost and I can't find them… I-I miss them…'', Dinis began to cry, and Tiago hugged the poor chick. Tiago usually wasn't like this, but seeing a young, distressed chick must've awoken his paternal instincts.

''Hey, its alright… I'll take you back to my home and we'll try and find your mummy and daddy.'', Tiago told the chick as he patted his back soothingly. The chick looked up at him, sniffling, but cracked a light smile.

''Thank you, mister…'', Dinis softly thanked him.

''No problem.'', Tiago responded with a smile, ''Hey, I'll carry you to my home. Just lie down on your belly and I'll carry you in my talons.'', Tiago commanded, and Dinis did as he said. Tiago grabbed him by his talons and lifted off once he was sure he was securely held.

''Woah!'', Dinis exclaimed as Tiago flew, ''I've never flown before!''.

''Really? I would've thought you'd have learned to fly, but that's alright. I'm sure you'll learn one day.'', Tiago said in surprise, but made sure to encourage him, ''In fact, my dad took 15 years to learn how to fly.'', Tiago chuckled, and Dinis giggled.

''Really?'', Dinis laughed, and Tiago laughed and nodded, ''Yeah.''.

Although Tiago had been flying for 10 minutes, the stream where he found the chick was only a 5-minute flight as the crow flies – or in this case – as the macaw flies. Tiago had just leisurely flown around and not taken a direct path.

Obviously, he was taking a direct route this time, as he had a chick to get to his house so they can keep him safe while they find his parents and reunite the poor chick with his parents.

Tiago's family's hollow came into view,

''Hey, look ahead, see that big tree? That's where I live.'', Tiago told the chick as he flew to his hollow.

''Wow, its so big!'', Dinis gasped in awe, and Tiago gave a light immature giggle. Under normal circumstances, he'd add "That's what she said!", but as he was carrying a young chick who was separated from his parents, Tiago held back cracking that joke. It especially doesn't make sense as they were birds who lacked the body part for that joke to work.

Tiago landed in the hollow and let Dinis go once he safely placed him down.

''Mum, dad! Come quick!'', Tiago called out to his parents with Dinis by his side. He turned to the chick, with a welcoming smile, ''Its okay, we'll find your parents. But in the meantime, I want you to meet mine.'', Dinis nodded, as Tiago gave him a pat with his wing.

Tiago felt incredibly happy and warm inside. It was like something he never felt before, and Tiago wondered if this was what it felt like to be a father. Blu and Jewel came rushing down,

''What is it Tiago?'', Blu and Jewel called out as they rushed up to Tiago.

''Say hi, Dinis.'', Tiago encouraged Dinis who stood by him. Blu and Jewel shot him a confused look, as they cocked their heads to the side.

''Dinis? Who's Dinis?'', Blue asked, confused. Tiago and Dinis were confused, and Tiago was a bit unnerved.

''Um, he's the chick next to me. He can't find his parents, so I took him here until we can find them.'', Tiago told them. Dinis gently nudged Tiago in the side to get his attention, and Tiago looked at him.

''Why doesn't anyone pay attention to me?'', Dinis asked sadly. Tiago frowned sympathetically,

''I don't know…'', Tiago answered sympathetically. Meanwhile, Blu and Jewel had remained silent this whole time, until Blu eventually spoke up and broke the silence.

''Tiago… Theres… There's no one there…'', Blu spoke in a deeply worried voice, and Tiago's heart sank.

''What?'', Tiago responded, ''Is this a joke?''. Blu and Jewel shook their heads, and Tiago knelt down as Dinis started to tear up.

''What's going on?'', he sniffled, and Tiago sighed.

''Dinis, what are the names of your mummy and daddy?'', Tiago calmly and softly asked the distressed Dinis.

''João and Sophia…'', Dinis answered, Tiago nodded and stood up, looking at his worried parents.

''Mum, do you know of a João and a Sophia?'', Tiago asked in a dead serious voice. Jewel sighed,

''They were acquaintances of my dad…'', Jewel answered, and Tiago paused for a moment,

''What happened to them?'', Tiago asked, fearing the answer as Dinis watched on in fear and confusion. Jewel sighed sadly, pausing for a moment as Tiago began to fear for the worst.

''They… They're no longer with us… They were caught in the fires…'', Jewel answered, a tear trickling down from her eye and trickling down her cheek. Dinis began to cry,

''N-no… Mummy… Daddy…'', Dinis sobbed and Tiago hugged him to comfort him.

''Shhh, its okay, its okay…'', he repeated in an attempt to calm the crying chick down. Tiago turned his gaze to his concerned parents, specifically his mother, ''Did they have a son named Dinis?'', Tiago asked, his voice full of fear.

''Y-yes…'', Jewel answered, shedding another tear, as Tiago continued to comfort the crying Dinis.

''Did he have scruffy head feathers and two different coloured eyes?'', Tiago queried, and Jewel nodded,

''Yes, one was golden, and the other blue…'', Jewel answered, beginning to tremble as memories of the fire and all the lives it took came back to her.

''Mama… Papa…'', Dinis sobbed in a strangled voice, as Tiago looked at him with watery eyes.

''Dinis, I don't know how to say this any other way… B-but… Your parents are gone…'', Tiago began, and Dinis cried harder into his chest as Tiago hugged him, beginning to shed a few tears himself out of sorrow for the poor child, ''B-but that's okay… I think… You're a ghost…'', Tiago told him, and Dinis looked at him in horror and denial.

''A g-ghost? B-but…'', Dinis continued to sob, and Tiago sighed,

''I think you must've been separated from your mummy and daddy, and died so quickly you must've forgotten that you died, and you wandered aimlessly searching for them…'', Tiago theorized, and Dinis' beak wobbled and he whimpered, ''But at least, that means that both you and your mummy and daddy are dead… So, hopefully you can reuinite…'', Tiago began to cry a little.

The thought of the destruction and devastation of the fires was horrible. It didn't discriminate, it didn't care about who you are and what you did. If you got in its way, you'd surely die. In a way, it was fair, as it caused devastation to everyone and everything, regardless of who they were.

But the thought of this happening to such a young bird was horrible as well, and the fact the poor thing was wandering aimlessly calling out to his parents was a thought Tiago didn't even want to dwell on, as it brought him to tears. Poor Dinis had his life cut so short, he never got to grow up or do the things Tiago and many others would do… He never got to fly, or if he did, he'd forgotten, he never got to have his first crush, he never got to have his first kiss, he never got to have a mate, he never got to have kids of his own and he never got to grow old… No one that young should die in such a way, but unfortunately, poor Dinis was an example of how cruel the world was.

''Dinis…'', a soft, motherly voice called out, and Dinis perked up in the direction of the noise, and so did Tiago,

''Mummy, daddy!'', Dinis cried and he rushed to his parents. Tiago saw a beautiful female Spix's macaw, with a rather handsome male standing next to her. They were in light in a weird cloud by the hollow edge. Dinis had rushed into his mother's wings, and she held him in her wings, cradling him.

Tiago realised who they were: Sophia, the woman, was a beautiful Spix's macaw with a physique and plumage pattern similar to his mother's, Jewel. Except her blue feathers were a lot darker. Her eyes were a beautiful golden colour, and her crest feathers were a cross between Jewel's head feathers and a slightly scruffy one like Dinis.

João, the man, was a fairly built and handsome macaw of average height. His feathers were similar in shade to Blu's, but smoother and slightly darker, with scruffy head feathers which contrasted against his otherwise smooth plumage. His eyes where heterochromatic, just like Dinis's, except João's left eye was chocolate brown, rather than golden, but his right eye was Egyptian blue just like Dinis's right eye. It seemed that Dinis inherited his rare trait from his father. Dinis also seemed to inherit his father's scruffy head feathers, although Sophia also had slightly scruffy head feathers.

Sophia looked at Tiago with teary eyes and a very happy and thankful expression,

''Thank you so much…'', she softly thanked him, and Dinis turned back to look at Tiago, and he waved goodbye. Tiago waved goodbye,

''You're welcome…'', Tiago smiled with teary eyes. Sophia, who was still cradling Dinis, and João turned and walked away as the light and cloud disappeared. Jewel and Blu looked on in shock and awe.

Suddenly, the thoughts of exactly what had happened hit Tiago. While he was very happy to have reunited a distressed chick with his mother and father after so many years, Tiago also found the idea of him seeing a young child's ghost, and being able to interact and talk with the ghost was deeply unsettling.

Tiago felt physically ill, and he rushed to the hollow edge and fell into a kneeling position, with his head over the edge. He proceeded to empty his stomach down onto the forest floor below, as Jewel and Blu rushed aside him to help him, with Jewel patting his back. Blu and Jewel looked at their son with a lot of concern, as he kept on vomiting.

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