Year 1792, when the foulest beasts wreaked havoc upon Europe. Restless nights were filled with attacks committed by demon kind, yet humanity, despite all odds, fought back. Many of towns and villages were protected by guardians wielding all sorts of powers, from those deemed supernatural to just sheer wit alone. However, one bloodline decided to take a step forth. A step that no one else dared to do: strike at the root of all evil!

That bloodline was none other than Belmont.

A fearsome castle that eclipsed the Moon with its presence lied amid the mountains of Transylvania. The eldritch structure emitted unnatural, if chaotic aura around it, as if it were an anomaly of one of a kind. Countless regional legends told that the enigmatic castle belonged to none other than Dracula, the Dark Lord who reigned all of demon kind with an iron fist. Despite being slain in the days that have long passed, an occurrence happens when the Dark Lord gets resurrected by those who desire his power and wisdom. With each resurrection, monsters emerge from depths of hell, prepared to slaughter any human that they come across. However, one man arrived to put an end of all chaos done by Dracula's forces. It was none other than Richter Belmont, the descendant of the legendary vampire killer.

After fighting his way through the infernal castle, filled with Dracula's most fierce underlings, Richter Belmont, armed with his vampire killing whip, barged in the very throne room of the castle itself. Few candles provided a faint light in the middle of the solemn night, but they managed to reveal the ghastly throne that Dracula himself was occupying. Despite the member of a famous vampire slaying vampire bursting inside his throne room, Dracula didn't even bat an eye as he was sipping blood in a fine wine glass.

"Begone! The era of destruction caused by you shall be put to an end today!" condemned Richter Belmont the moment he managed to get right in front of Dracula's sight. Despite his body not even having a twitch when he saw a Belmont right in front of him, the Dark Lord's eyes gained his attention as he looked at him with a deathly cold stare.

"Should I be blamed for being brought back by the very own kind you fight for? Aren't they the ones who searched for salvation within me? After all, desire of power is what drives every human forward." argued Dracula back with tranquility in his voice, yet filled with nothing more than pure hatred.

"Salvation?! Your words are nothing more than corrupted drivel, coming from the shallow world view of yours! It is through mutual belief that humanity can march forward towards the brighter future!" retaliated Richter Belmont, tightening the grip on his whip in preparation.

"And yet, do institutions that you stand for have any right to act just, despite committing exact same actions as I do? Are you so drowned in self justifications that you are willing to overlook atrocities done by your own kind?" smirked Dracula upon hearing Belmont's words, further agitating him in the process.

"Silence! Power alone leads only to downfall. Compassion and respect is what makes humanity truly prevail!" shouted Richter Belmont at him in complete defiance of Dracula's influence, pumping his fist to further establish his stance.

"Preposterous!" in a fit of calm rage, Dracula threw his glass of blood on the floor, shattering it into thousands of small pieces. "Which of our claims shall come out as true? I shall give you the answer, along with death's embrace!"

Count Dracula stood up from his throne, towering over the mortal Belmont. He raised his hand before he disappeared in the pillar of light, only to reappear right in front of the vampire slayer. The lord of all vampires swung with his cape as he cast three fireballs at him. Richter Belmont, with just a mere slide, barely managed to evade being struck with fiery projectiles. The vampire slayer, knowing that if he were to close to the dreaded vampire lord, he would have his heart ripped out, decided to strike from a distance with his whip, only for Dracula to disappear in seen before pillar of light. After reappearing once again, Dracula retaliated by creating two spheres made out of dark energy and lunging them at Richter. Even though it seemed impossible for Richter to evade incoming projectiles of pure darkness, he banked his luck by striking down one of them with his whip. Fortune sided with him in that moment, since the strike with his whip vanquished the projectile with the holy energy.

As the battle raged on, with Dracula teleporting every time he tried striking him down, Richter tried to formulate when to strike. He noticed that he only attacked after Dracula performed his attacks first, giving the Dark Lord plenty of opportunity to evade. Instead, Richter opted for a different plan: he will be the one who shall strike first!

Upon moment when Dracula appeared from the pillar of light once again, Richter swiped with his whip and managed to score a hit on him. However, the end of his whip managed to only hit Dracula's body, which was impervious to all sorts of damage. There wasn't even a scratch on Dracula's clothing either!

In response, Dracula swung his cape once again, unleashing six fireballs that time. Richter barely evaded all of them, with one passing just above his head. He felt the sun like heat in the fiery projectiles as they passed by. Within a pillar of light, Dracula temporarily vanished again. Knowing that first strike managed to accomplish nothing, Richter thought of trying to hit another spot instead.

As the pillar of light appeared once again, Richter prepared himself for another attack. However, when Dracula materialized in the mortal realm, Richter jumped in the air and swung with his whip, striking Dracula right in his face. Unlike before, the impact managed leave a mark on Dracula's face, causing him to bleed a little.

"Impressive." complimented Dracula, giving him a grin before he retaliated with casting dark energy orbs all over the throne room, causing Richter to evade once again. However, orbs of darkness engulfed the entire throne room in infernal flames, replacing the solemn darkness in it with hellish fury of fire. Richter had to take further caution to not step into the flames. Despite that, he had limited time before the fires of darkness vanquished his soul.

Suddenly, he was encircled with multiple pillars of light, which caught him off guard. As other pillars disappeared, Dracula emerged right behind the vampire slayer, casting two orbs of pure darkness at him. However, despite the surprise attack, Richter managed to hear incoming orbs and out of complete instinct, pulled a blue holy crucifix out of his pocket and threw it right at Dracula's face. Not only did the holy crucifix managed to vanquish both orbs of darkness, it hit Dracula right where it was intended to, causing gashes all over his face. The Dark Lord's face was covered with blood, but the flames of pure wrath lit up in his eyes as the cross returned to its rightful owner.

Dracula disappeared into the light once again, only to reappear right near Richter, glaring at him with his furious eyes. With his anger peaking, Dracula struck down with his claws, leaving three deep slashes in Richter's chest, but the famed vampire hunter managed to retaliate with few strikes of his whip, making Dracula bleed even more. The Dark Lord, with more fury than before, attempted to perform the same strike once again, knowing that the next one could finally slay the member of vampire slaying bloodline, but Richter managed to predict him, throwing the holy crucifix at him once again, causing even more wounds to his already scarred face. The cross had another side effect to it, that being draining Dracula's life energy.

Dracula knelt down on the floor due exhaustion, taking deep breaths to regain his energy. Richter, even though he himself was losing energy due combination to his wounds

"This day shall be known for your death, Belmont. Make your last prayer now!" threatened Dracula in defiance before he stood up and extended his arms, engulfing the entire throne room in a dimension of spiraling darkness. The soul draining fires were extinguished, but Dracula himself briefly blinded the whole dimension in light, transforming into a foul blue skinned bat like bipedal horned beast, which towered over Belmont even more than Dracula's more human form. Despite being wounded and exhausted, Richter Belmont prepared himself for another battle with defiance and determination in his eyes.

Dracula's beastly form attacked first with spitting an electrical blast out of his mouth. With his remaining energy, Richter managed to leap over the blast, but unfortunately for him, he landed right near Dracula. The foul beast managed to swipe him down with its gnarly claws, causing him to be launched back from knockback.

Despite being gravely wounded, Richter attempted to stand up from his position, but Dracula approached him the moment when he fell, preparing to perform a finishing attack. The beast started charging up the infernal flames in its mouth to seal the fate of the young vampire hunter. It seemed like it was the very last moment in his life, slain by the mortal arch-nemesis of all goodness.

Suddenly, a young blond girl entered the dimension of darkness and ran towards wounded Richter, kneeling down to give him support in his last breaths, despite that Dracula was nearly finished with charging his attack.

"You have to live, Richter! Let me lend you my power!" shouted Maria Renard as she transferred the holy energy within her towards Richter Belmont. Not only did it manage to completely heal up his grave wounds, it also gave him more energy back. In fact, he never felt more alive than he did at that moment before. Despite the fact she could have escaped the battle, Maria opted to stay by his side, supporting him whenever he needed it the most.

Just when Dracula was about to cast unholy fire with his breath, Richter threw the holy crucifix right at the beast's throw, disrupting its ability in the process. Instead of Dracula striking down with his fiery assault, unholy fires emerged from its throat, engulfing his own monstrous body in flames. The beast shrieked in agony as Richter Belmont started relentlessly striking him down with his vampire killing whip. Any attack Dracula could do, Richter did it even faster. The Dark Lord started losing energy again, as Richter's assault kept going on. Sometimes, he even threw the holy crucifix in order to drain Dracula's energy even more.

After a series of countless strikes, Dracula knelt down in his monstrous form, taking breaths to regain any form of energy. However, unlike before, Richter was standing right in front of him in his best form yet, staring him down with burning righteous fury in his eyes.

"This is where you are mistaken, foul demon. The truth shall be revealed now!" condemned Richter Belmont before he jumped in the air and extended his arms. For a brief moment, he was levitating right in front of Dracula's sight.


Suddenly, a giant blue cross, made out of complete and sheer holy light, materialized behind him, pulverizing all the darkness in the dimension. Dracula's body disintegrated into mere atoms as he let out his final scream before being drowned in holy light.

Yet, the fated battle was only a distant memory in the minds of people.

In the year 1880, relative peace reigned at the other end of Europe. Across the Channel, there was an island that went by the name of United Kingdom, famous for being one of the most prosperous countries in Europe. On the days when it wasn't raining, the fields bloomed under the warm sun. Amid the vast fields, supported by a nearby river, there was a sole tree. Two boys, dressed in rather rural clothes, were teasing a young lady, who was far more elegantly dressed than those two, by waving her dolly right at her face while refusing to give it back.

"Please, give it back!" pleaded young blond girl as she tried to reach for her little dolly, but to no avail, as two boys insisted on teasing her. "Give it back!"

"Ha ha, as if! We are never gonna give this kitsch back!" taunted young man while still refusing to give her precious dolly back.

"Hey, I've got an idea! Lets strip the dolly right in front of her eyes! Gonna see if she has those bits, hehe!" sugested the other young man to make young girl feel even worse. It seemed to work, as the young girl started to cry tenderly. Upon noticing her grief, the boys immediately took joy at the sight.

"HA HA, Erina is a crybaby! Erina is a crybaby!" laughed young duo while they danced around her, but their prancing came to an end when they heard a single shout.


"Huh? Who was that?" wondered young man as both of them looked around to see the source of the commanding voice. The shout also gained Erina's attention, who was a bit startled by it. After some observation, it was revealed to them that a blue haired boy, dressed like a proper gentleman, was the cause of the shout.

"Return the doll back to her right now!" demanded well dressed young man as he ran towards the scene in an attempt to bring justice to Erina.

"Eh? What are you gonna do about it, you snob?" derisively asked young man, who gave him a condescending smirk as well.

"What, are you some buddy-buddy to her?" mocked other young man in an attempt to demoralize him, but to no avail, all it gave him was more motivation to intervene.

"I have seen her for the first time, but I must do what is right!" chided well dressed young man before he intentionally bumped into the other boy with the dolly with his elbow, causing him to drop the dolly. Even though the dolly fell on the ground, it was sturdy enough to survive it. In the heat of the moment, Erina took the opportunity to pick up the dolly and hugged it as tightly as she could, knowing that it was in safe hands at that moment.

"Are you looking for a fight or something? Because that's what you're gonna get!" barged the young rural man before he punched the well dressed young man right in his stomach. The punch was powerful enough to make the boy collapse. The boys grinned when they saw their opponent on the floor, barely being able to stand up again.

"Look at him, squirming on the floor after playing so valiant! What a pathetic display!" scoffed other young man before noticing that a tissue fell from the boy's pocket. The first young man picked it up and saw that the tissue had a name written on it.

"Jonathan Joestar"

Upon noticing it, the boy's expression changed from a smug and prideful to genuinely infuriated. Other boy shared a similar sentiment regarding Joestar bloodline. He threw the tissue on the floor and stomped on it.

"Joestar, eh? You're one of those rich bastards!" fumed young man as both of them cracked their knuckles before they approached Jonathan, who was still lying on the floor due that punch.

"Now that we know who you truly are, we are just gonna get started! No amount of wealth is going to save you from this!" denounced the other young man before both of them started stomping him with their feet. Erina covered her eyes due being unable to watch Jonathan being beaten by two bullies. After some time of stomping and kicking, two boys decided it was enough for that day.

"That's what you've get. Now, we have some business to do, but next time, we are not gonna go so lightly on you!" warned young man before both of them disappeared from Jonathan and Erina's sight, finally leaving them alone. Jonathan, exhausted from all the things happened to him, was still lying on the floor. As soon as those bullies left, Erina immediately ran to him in order to aid him.

"Is everything alright?" asked Erina out of concern as she gave him a pat on the shoulder.

"Do not pity or worry about me! I shall be fine! Whatever presumptions you have right now, you must put an end to them!" elaborated Jonathan Joestar as he took all the energy to stood up. Despite being beaten and humiliated, he seemed to hold the same grace as he did when he tried to save her. "To tell you the truth, that's what all gentlemen should do. I saw an innocent soul in great distress and I did what it had to be done. A true gentleman should always fight for those who are unable to, even if it ends in an inevitable loss."

After giving out his speech, Jonathan decided to go home to take a good rest, leaving Erina alone at the tree.

"Someday, I'll have enough strength to protect those in danger…"

However, he seemed to forget the tissue that fell out of his pocket. Erina went to it and picked it up, seeing the written name on him as well.

"Jonathan Joestar…." wondered Erina as she took a look at him going away. Despite what happened, she gained an immense amount of respect for aiding her, despite being total strangers at the time. She hoped she could see him once again, perhaps becoming friends at the end. "...Thank you…"

Meanwhile at the other end of Southern England, as the dusk started to rise above the lands, one blond boy was standing over a grave. He was looking down on it with a blank expression on his face. A name quite familiar to him was written on it.

"Dario Brando".

"Seeing your name on grave is enough to make me vomit, father. Poisoned to death was too light of a punishment for you, especially what have you done to my mother. You shouldn't have even be buried. I hope that maggots enjoy feasting on your rotten corpse. The wealth you've always desired so much shall be under my possession. As you were reduced to a mere nothing, I shall prevail. This Joestar family seems to be the stepping stone for my success." thought the blond son to himself, reminiscing all the suffering his father caused to his family. More he thought about it, his blood boiled even more. His eyes were filled repressed yet primal wrath when he saw the name written on it, Eventually, it reached its peak.

"Burn in hell!" son of Brando spat on the grave of his father before he decided to go away from it to venture forth. Where he went was only known to him.

"I shall obtain what is rightfully mine."