"Any second now…" Edric with flowers at hand was inside the Hexside gym lobby waiting for his Grom date.

And waiting…..

And waiting….

And waiting….

It was past the beginning of the festivities and Edric could hear the music starting inside. It was at this time his device began to ring.

"Hello?" Edric answered.

"Ah, yes hi, I'm sooo sorry, I forgot to call you, I had a last minute change of plans and I ended up going to Grom with a group instead, sorry for not saying this sooner! Have fun at Grom." She then ended the call abruptly.

"Ah… well alright then…" taking a process to understand what was happening he decided to shrug it off.

Well I'm here now… might as well see how Luz will do in the upcoming fight, that would be something at least. With this thought in mind he entered the gym.

The area was packed with students and chaperones. The music was fast and dancing was rampant. Trying not to get tangled in with the crowd he made his way to the bleachers.

As he made his way toward the bleachers he saw Emira, sitting alone.

She was looking in the crowd, searching for someone. She didn't notice when he placed himself behind her.

Looking at the same direction hovering near her, he decided to joke a bit.

"So what are we looking for?" He asked, startling her.

"Huh, what!? Oh Edric." She lightly punched him as he moved to sit beside her.

"So really, what's going on? Why are you sitting here alone?" He asked.

"I could ask you the same question." She countered.

"I got dumped, and didn't know until a few minutes again." He laughed.

"You?" He countered.

"Ah well…" she was fidgeting slightly.

"I'm still waiting for my date,'' she said quietly.

"Ah, I see…" Well I won't kee… wait a second there's my date." Edric pointed to a couple in the crowd.

As Emira looked, she became surprised as well.

"And she is with my date." Emira looked slightly disappointed.

"Ah wow… didn't see that one coming." He laughed.

"I suppose I didn't either." She added.

Seeing Emira down, he wanted to cheer her up. With flowers still in his possession, he offered them to her.

Emira turned to him and the presented flowers with an inquisitive look. Edrics head turned away from hers when he uttered his offer.

" it might not be much to console, but someone should get these." He stated.

Emira took the flowers with a smile, and smelt the bouquet.

"There's are actually my favorite." She said lightly.

"Ah.. well.. good…" Edric responded.

They sat there quietly for a time, their atmospheres now altered oddly.

*Cough* "well I.. I'll meet you at home? Have a great ti-" As Edric attempted to move away Emira grabbed one of sleeves causing him to stop.

He turned to look at her, their eyes making contact.

"There's no sense in leaving now, would you stay a bit longer?" She asked.

Considering this, her eyes staring, he relented.

"Alright then, but what would you like to do?" He asked.

After some consideration, she answered.

"How about a dance? The music is fast and we could at least enjoy ourselves in the face of both of us getting dumped." She reasoned.

"Sure, you're the first one to drop loses!" He pulled her off her feet, with her still laughing as they were dancing along with others in the crowded Gymnasium.

They were dancing full swing, laughing, chatting, dancing, having a grand time. Not wanting to stop, the competition stated between one another made them reasoned to continue.

After one of the fast pace songs had ended, a slow dance was played and the couples shifted closer to each other.

"Give up?" Edric asked.

"You?" She responded


Media moved slightly forward toward Edric.

"Then nope."

The slow dance unlike the others felt well.. slow.

Edric's hands were at the hips of Emira's as hers was on his shoulders, both staring at each other's eyes, both cracking a smile.

The dance continued, and firm in their stances a time went on the reddening of both her faces began to show as more and more their embarrassment of their position began to sink in.

"Well.. do you give?" Emira whispered

"Not until you." Edric whispered back.

They continued, the commotion around them gazed out and it seemed it was only the two of them. Soon the slow song was over, then the fast pace music picked up again. As dancing around them increased in speed and movement, the two were still positioned as they were in the slow dance.

Edric's heart was picking up ninety miles a minute, as Emira's was beating just as fast.

"How about a draw?" He asked.

"I can agree on this." She responded.

They both moved back to the Gym bleachers to where Emira's flowers were set, and they sat next to each other, closer than before the dancing with their shoulders now touching as well as their sides.

As the final song occurred, the students moved to the bleachers to watch the main event of the night, Luz fighting the demon.

-Line Break-

Grom was now over, and overall it had been a good one. Both Emira and Edric were now pretty sure of their little sisters' crush, and the tenacity of Luz.

As they returned to their room, Emira sat on the lower bunk and Edric as the desk. He turned his chair to face hers.

"I had a lot more fun than I thought I would." He smiled

"I enjoyed our evening too." She returned her smiled

"Hey… next weekend… if you're free would you like to grab something to eat or watch a movie or something." He asked shakily

"Like a date?" She asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Well I wouldn't say a date per say, it could be-"

"A movie next week sounds fine, Edric." She laughed.

"But you're buying the snacks." She added.

"Okay then, I can buy the snacks."

"Oh! Almost forgot." Emira jumped off the bed, and moved to get a vase filled with water, she moved past Edric and placed it on the desk. She then took the flowers he had given her and placed them in the vase.

He turned to her with a cracked smile.

"It adds some color to the room." She smiles back.

After some time had passed, they prepared for the night with Emira on the top bunk and Edric on the bottom.

"Good night."

"Good night."

What a weird night thought Edric.

I did not see this coming contemplated Emira

""But I'm glad it did"" they both thought.

-End of Chapter-

It was one my mind or something similar so I wrote it, the idea is not mine and belongs to someone else I've read, I've just used it as it was to me at least a good premise