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The next day, feeling relaxed by the hot spring visit last night, Yuri was ready to throw some kunai. Her name had changed classes and she slipped into the new room without much hassle. The kids around her were a little larger than her, but she could easily pass off as a small seven-year-old. The Akimichi from yesterday was busy in a group, no doubt their friends.

The day started with a roll introduction, and she corrected her new teacher on her name without the commentary from yesterday. The morning's exams were slightly tougher; she cast a glance at her neighbour and saw they had different quizzes. It figured that the academy realised she was a little more advanced than normal.

The physical examinations were identical. Once running laps and climbing obstacle courses, their teachers drew them aside to the throwing ranges. They were offered kunai and instructed to throw them to the targets one by one.

The bright without training kids bowed out immediately, knowing that this was not the time to learn how to throw kunai. Those less than bright only threw once or twice before they were informed to stand aside.

There were more than enough kids who knew how to throw, though, so Yuri grew bored enough to join the Akimichi and their friends.

"Suisei, right?" Akimichi greeted. "This is the other girl who moved up a grade."

The girl to her right, obviously Hyuuga going off the eyes, looked her up and down. "I don't recall a clan called Suisei in Konoha."

"I'd be surprised." Yuri calmly replied. "Suisei is a travelling clan. We tour the Elemental Countries and occasionally send kids to learn to be ninjas."

A kid that didn't look like he was in a clan cocked his head. "How could that happen? Wouldn't that be dangerous?"

Whoa, kids with some sense in their empty heads. Yuri nodded thoughtfully. "Yes, however, upon the foundation of the Hidden Villages my clan signed a contract with the Kages allowing us entry (even during wartime) and a special clause that allows me to be here."

"I don't recognise your name." The Hyuuga wrinkled her nose. "Do you even have a bloodline limit?"


"Then what is it?"

Yuri stretched her arms out, raising her eyebrow at the Hyuuga when she did not take them. Gingerly, the snooty brat took them. A few seconds passed as Yuri collected herself.

The Hyuuga shrieked. "What is that! UGH, IT BEST NOT BE BUGS!"

She wrenched her hands away. Smiling calmly – although nobody could see it – Yuri raised her arms, showing the water collecting around her hands. "I can control water." She explained, shaping it so it reached out towards the cowed Hyuuga. She scrambled backwards out of its reach.

Chuckling to herself, she withdrew the water. What she did not explain is that Yuri couldn't produce the water. Instead, she had a band of water that sat around her waist at all times, ready to be called upon. But that was information she wasn't going to share to kids she wouldn't stay with.

"Suisei, please!" their teacher called, and she left with a wave.

After class was called at about three in the afternoon. This time it was only Yuri who was called aside.

"Am I going up a grade?" she asked. The teacher nodded, barely glancing at her as they studied the paper before them. It was her exam.

"Yeah, judging by this, you could graduate in a year. You corrected a question." The older woman shot her a look. It was only the wrong kanji, and it had the correct furigana above it. The other kids would've gotten it right. "But, due to the age limits, this is the last time you're going to go up a grade. So make friends, alright?"

Yuri accepted the warning with a slight bow. "Yes, sensei."

"Good. You can go now."

She went home, passing Akimichi with their friends without saying a word.

Ajisai was making dinner when she got home, watching the frying sausages with blank eyes. "Welcome home," he muttered without thought, poking the snags gingerly with the flipper.

"If you want me to make dinner, just say so," she said from the kitchen entrance.

"You made lunch."

"Alright then." She returned to the lounge room and retrieved her sewing from the storage under the chabudai. It was the beginning of her quest to decorate the apartment. Already calligraphy scrolls of her and Ajisai's name hung next to the corridor to the bedrooms and the bathroom had a small embroidery hoop she had created a year ago.

Rose returned that evening with some very pretty lace curtains and the two of them spent a few hours trimming and fitting it to the windows of the lounge room and dining room. They weren't very effective in shutting out sunlight, but they were pretty and Yuri preferred natural light.

It didn't stop Ajisai grumbling about their practicality.

The next day, Yuri was armed with a stuffed lunched box and a focused mindset. Today she was going to meet the class she would graduate with and become ninjas together. They would be the age group in which she would find the team she would work together with as genin and perhaps as chuunin as well.

Rose noted her energised state and sent her off with two massive thumbs up that she copied with her far smaller hands. Ajisai, of course, was still asleep.

As she walked to school, Yuri hummed a song under her breath. She had left home early enough to stroll instead of a mad dash that she always had to do in her previous life, and this time school was still a wondrous place that held all kinds of prospects. Paprika by Foorin perfectly matched her mood and the youth she would be surrounded by from now on.

She stepped through the academy building with a spring in her step. Just as she was about to step through the door, a voice called for her.

"Suisei-chan, right?"

She turned to see a teenage boy with a noticeable scar across the bridge of his nose. "Yes, senpai? Sensei?"

"Either will do," the boy (because there was no way she was calling him man or anything along those lines) chuckled, rubbing his neck shyly. "I am pretty young for a teacher, after all! I'm Umino Iruka, and I just wanted to welcome you to my class."

"It's nice to meet you. Please call me Yuri." She said with a bow, ignoring her heart picking up speed. If Iruka was her teacher, then…

"Alright then, Yuri-chan! I've been told you're all set on the academic side but could use these years as a chance to practice your physical side. We didn't test your weaponry skills extensively, so we'll see how you do today. You have good control over your bloodline limit, so I assume you've got practice with your chakra?"

"Yes; I've also attempted the Transformation jutsu and am learning bojutsu."

"Excellent! Thanks for letting me know. I'll learn a bit more about you in the coming days, so I'll let you go for now. Have fun with your new classmates!"

Yuri watched him go, amused. It was the most involved teacher she had met yet in this place, although the previous two saw that she was going to test out pretty easily and in all likelihood didn't bother to put in the effort to learn about her.

She entered her classroom and saw that Umino had bothered to put up decoration through educational posters and motivational pictures. It enhanced the classroom immensely and she was liking her teacher more than ever.

Her attention moved to her classmates. Grinning, she picked out familiar face after familiar face. About three years ago, she had been in Konoha and had made friends. Friends she could see before her. Yuri was happy to see that she had gotten into the perfect age group.

Her classmates were starting to notice her. With these 8-year-olds, her age was immediately noticeable and couldn't be passed off. Two girls approached her; Yuri didn't want to be treated like a lost toddler, so she smoothly walked past them and took a seat near the front, setting her bag down firmly.

"Hang on," she could hear. "She looks familiar… That symbol… where have I seen it?" It made her smile.

She sat in her chair, cheerfully kicking her legs with glee. She could barely rest her arms on the desks as they were sizeably larger than her, yet she couldn't stop smiling.

Umino walked in just as the bell rang. "Alright! Welcome to a new year guys!"

His big grin was answered in kind by his enthusiastic students. It was a world of difference from the Aburame two days ago. "Today we're joined by a new student! Please welcome Suisei Oniyuri!"

He motioned for her to come over. She slipped off her chair and came to the forefront.

"Hello!" she greeted, without waiting for Umino's instructions. "I'm Suisei Oniyuri. Please call me Yuri! I'm very happy to be back in Konoha and look forward to becoming a ninja with all of you. Please take care of me!"

Umino led the applause. "Very good. Does anyone have sensible questions for her?"

"What are your hobbies?"

"Embroidery, reading, writing and taijutsu."

"Why are you called tiger lily?"

"Clan custom. My brother is called hydrangea."

"When was the last time you were in Konoha?" Yuri saw the person who posed that question was one she was familiar with. She grinned at him.

"Three years ago. I stayed here for a few months and met a few of you, so I pushed myself so I could join this age group."

Her answer made him sit up straighter, a spark of knowing in his eyes. "Are you the girl who snuck into the adult-"

The door threw open just as Nara Shikamaru was about to ask a question that she preferred if Umino didn't hear. A new boy stumbled through the door, scampering across the floor and up the rising seats.

"Uzumaki! You're late! For the first day!" Umino barked, arms crossed. She giggled, watching the tongue lashing with a touch of nostalgia. It had been a long time for her since being late didn't have dire consequences. She almost missed her first schooling.

"Sorry sensei!" the blonde yelled, looking very chastised. His eyes then dropped to her, and he blinked. Then squinted.

"Hey, Naruto!" she waved. At his name, his eyes almost bugged out.

"Oniyuri?!" he gasped. Yuri laughed.

"Alright, alright, touching reunion aside, it's time to start the competency tests!" Umino smiled, pushing her back slightly so she could return to her desk. Her tests were not the standard and instead asked for incredibly specific kanji or more and more maths questions that were more logic than hard maths.

This class had more than one test though, and it went until lunch. At that point, Naruto had cast hundreds of looks towards her, and Shikamaru had given his fair share. Chouji had picked up on her identity sometime between the tests and was thoughtfully considering her over a packet of chips.

Break broke, and she was immediately confronted by Naruto.

"Oniyuri!" he gasped. "I thought I dreamt you up!"

There was a wet dream joke in there, but Yuri let it slide. Some of them weren't even nine; it would go right over their heads.

"I'm real, and I go by Yuri now." She said as she stood and withdrew her lunch. Naruto, she noticed, didn't have anything.

"Hey," dawdled Shikamaru behind her. "You didn't answer my question."

"Do you know why it's an adult's only room?" She asked in reply. At his lip curl, she sniggered. "Yeah, that was me."

"You're the girl that can control water, right?"

She turned to Naruto. "Remember that prank we did on that guy?"

The blonde boy looked like he was about to vibrate out of his skin. "Ohmygodyesssss."

"Well, I have better control now… we could do so much more!"

Shikamaru groaned. "Please don't do it on Umino-sensei. He doesn't deserve it." Yuri was happy to see that someone else saw how much effort the teenager put into his charges. She happily agreed with his request.

Her stomach growled. She hefted her lunch box. "Show me where I can have lunch?"

They pulled her along to a tree set further away from the main gathering of kids. She could see other grades picking spots across the grounds, but generally classes stuck together. Yuri cracked open her lunch and settled down to eat.

"Has anything happened since I've been gone? Hey, Naruto, are you still living in that apartment I found for you?"

He nodded. "It's been great! The transformation jutsu really helps with faking that there's someone else at home."

"My brother and I have to do the same. We have to pretend that the guest room is our 'mothers' room."

Naruto turned thoughtful. "Is Ajisai your brother? I thought you had different mothers."

"We do, but we consider each other siblings."

Chouji snickered. "You weren't lying about everyone being named after flowers."

"My mother is called fireworks, Ajisai's mother is called morning glory, the clan leader is called chrysanthemum…" she listed. "The clan is used to it, but I get that calling me Oniyuri is a bit strange, so I've switched to Yuri."

Shikamaru nodded. "I can't say anything. I'm called deer boy."

"And I'm named after a ramen topping!" Naruto interjected. The four of them collapsed into giggling.

"Hey Oniyuri – I mean, Yuri," Naruto began to dig around in his pockets, withdrawing a frog wallet that was almost round with coins. Attached to the metal lips was a familiar strip of strings. "I, uh, still have your friendship bracelet… but it broke last year."

The ends were frayed, and it was almost undone. But she recognised the blue and brown three-strand plait it had originally been, despite the dirt and sun bleaching warping it. In response, she fished out her necklace, displaying the dice for Naruto see.

"I have your die." She smiled, flicking it with a finger so the Uzumaki swirl could be seen. When she had received it, it was rough, and tough against her skin. Now, it was smooth. "I have your new friendship bracelet in my bag, though. I'll give it to once we go back."

"Awesome!" Naruto cheered, patting his frog wallet with glee. "I was really sad when it broke."

"He was inconsolable for days. He only stopped when I tied it to his frog." Shikamaru grumbled. Leaning closer, she could see how Shikamaru had done it. Slipping it right at the corner of the metal mouth between the fabric, the end that hadn't broken was a loop and he had thread the bracelet through it. She was happy to see that her gift to Naruto hadn't been lost.

She leaned back, watching as Chouji consumed his massive lunch. It was quite healthy from what she was seeing; lots of green leaves around a diverse range of vegetables and fat-stripped meat products, all on top of a massive serving of rice. Shikamaru's lunch was compact and he took slow bites between talking. Naruto didn't have anything.

"Naruto," she called and offered her spear set of chopsticks. He took them questioningly, and then lit up when she also offered her second bento box. "Just like before?"

"Awesome!" he grinned at her over his lunch. "I missed you so much, Yuri! I can't believe you're back!"

She smiled softly, and this time she knew that Naruto could see it because her mask was down. "Yeah. I am too."