The Truth Comes Out

Characters: Alex Browning, Clear Rivers, Todd Waggner, Billy Hitchcock, Terri Cheney, Carter Horton, Valerie Lewton, Agent Weine, Agent Shreck

Timeline: Three days after the accident, before the school year comes to an end and before the murders begin.

Synopsis: A week after the accident Alex remembers a single thing and then tells the quintet, their parents and the cops and agents sent to investigate the crash. As things change directions now, it's now resulted in healing the bonds between himself and their families, but now another problem has started, and said is that they see it hasn't ended and instead started a second time.

As their unseen antagonist has targeted them and through it's conduit, Carter Horton now, as Clear and Alex are working. And at keeping their group alive, it's become clear to them and the agents they're connected to, that the conduit is now the threat. And work at staying away from him as they try to stay alive to prevent it from hitting them and their friends next now.

Warnings: For this chapter and story now, this one is going to be a what if he had immediately discussed things with the quintet. And only a couple days later, repairing his teacher and the parents of his best friend as they tried to remember what happened. And worked out who the true culprit was instead of them seeing where this lead as they worked at recovering from the shock of the accident.

As from this point forward though after getting the memory back of what happened and who caused it now, the situation shifts. And as Lewton starts treating Carter in the way she did Alex in the movie, as this is a re-imagining of the movie from here. If he prevented the plane from leaving and before it exploded now, but from here the truth comes out in clips to the agents that got involved.

As getting the truth from the witnesses of the fight the agents turn their sights on Carter, but Alex is working for them. As he and Clear develop a very strong bond between them as the weeks go by now. He and Weine start developing a strong bond as well, as the months go by as the situations are reversed now.

But this is going to remove the issue of the premonitions from the story, and they're treating this the normal way right now from here. As the agents decide to focus on the fact of rather then his being able to tell when the attack happens now. But from here the roles are in reverse, as Carter is now the one in trouble with the authorities and Alex goes free now.

As by one choice Carter destroys his life now and during that second trip back to Paris, aside from him, the entire group survives as it ends with him now. In this movie and the man who played his double in the second movie. But the quartet work as one as they work with their doubles during the second one now.

Disclaimers: Final Destination doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to the movie studio.

Prologue: Speculations And The Medical Emergency

Looking between the teenagers, the two agents took one look at the young man that had the vision, and felt their concern start growing. 'God what the hell happened before the explosion here. This kid is clearly not only in shock, he's looking like he got hit by something.' the leader of the two thought as the man in front of him said it gently to the group as they saw the way the quintet were looking at the boy then in wariness then firmly.

"Yeah, despite trying to tell them pull it over, they never listen and they're in shock he's right and are acting like he's the one responsible here.' the National Transportation And Safety board agent thought as the boy looked into their eyes. 'Tried everything I could think of to get the point across, short of calling you guys and the cops here, but someone drugged me, and I couldn't get to the phone without getting dizzy.'

'He flipped out, when he realized he got caught, as everyone in town normally never sees me like this." he said and they hid a nod gently as he went further. 'But I didn't do it, Carter brought the contraband, he did it, and with him, his gang here now, they drugged me, but I'm pre academy. In fact, my superior officers were the spec ops officers on board that flight and with them was my mentor.'

'Eric Caine is not a normal chemistry teacher, he's a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, I was trying to stop it, and their decisions. Said basically could have killed his brother and our teachers and class, but I tried everything I could to stop it, short of calling you. And as soon as I got off the damn thing to ground that flight, Carter Horton and his gang, destroyed the plane, with their contraband."

'Chemical reaction, chemical and electrical, short circuit, that vision was enhanced by what they drugged me with, but gave me enough. To see the effect, but not the cause, before we found a 1.5 liter of Jack Daniels in the overhead bin and it, the fuse, went right to my original seat.' he saw in his eyes and they nodded in stern anger at that as the agent crossed his arms as his partner looked between the quintet sternly.

'Not genuine, but they screwed with his control, damn it, we could have used this, but he's still right at the moment there it is right now in this case. So yeah cub definitely needs medical attention for this right now, in shock, he's feeling sick to his stomach and whatever else is wrong is going to get them. These kids are in big trouble here right now.' the partner thought sternly at this news as his partner said it to him with a gentle look in his eyes at this.

'What sort of contraband was this, cub?' the agent asked him with his eyes and he explained that. 'Straight Alcohol and matches, we had this practical demo in class this morning. And Coach destroyed a case of this crap, before blowing a box a dynamite with it.' he said and they hid a nod. 'Alright it's okay son, just relax, but they're in deep shit, for this, as you look like you got hit by that blast.' he said to him and he hid a nod then.

'Madam, if he's hurt and you lie to me, and your ass is mine, as you're the only adult in this room and he's your responsibility.' the partner thought sternly as he said it to them. "Hello, I'm Howard Siegel, National Transportation Safety Board, we've contacted all your families, they are on the way. Is there anyone here who feels they might need a little medical attention..., or spiritual counseling at this time?" he asked as they saw the boy shaking.

As they saw how pale he was then. 'God what's going on here, what's wrong with him, unless, drugged him, they drugged him, he's burning up and feels like he's freezing. He's also not wearing a jacket here, if she lies to us next and she's being arrested in a couple days, his body clearly can't take the comedown. In this crap, if this is the first one ever, he never screwed with this shit before.' the man thought, watching him softly at that response.

'Easy baby, easy, it's okay.' the man thought gently, knowing that what just happened was clearly scaring him to death, and he was also as pale as a sheet. 'Easy buddy, easy, relax, whatever happened prior to this, they're the ones in trouble right now, once you tell me what the hell happened before I arrived here.' the agent thought gently as he watched the others sternly at this as he looked at the icy look of wariness in the boy's teacher then.

And seeing the same look in the quartet's eyes towards him. 'Tried everything I could think of, short of calling you and Uncle Jared, Sir.' he saw him thinking as he looked at him. 'Yeah the little guy is either feeling sick from whatever they drugged him with or worse, he got hit by the blast, and the guard did say she had to turn him sideways, before the blast broke the window.' the partner thought sternly to the looks on their faces towards him.

'Madam, what happened to being a teacher, your behavior towards him right now, said is enough to paint you as a cold blooded bitch here right now. So what makes you think here now, once we get the entire truth from him that you call us after he shows up next to your car and you're calling us. And the cops on him, hmm, you think we're going to arrest him, no we arrest you.' he thought as she said it to Siegel then as she looked between them quickly at this.

"What's going on, are there any survivors?" she asked and his eyes narrowed. 'Is that all you care about, what if one of your current students is hurt, that look on your face says it all to me. But he dies and to you, it's good riddance madam, but trust me, if he collapses and you lied to us, and your ass is ending up in jail here.' the agent thought sternly in disgust at that as she looked at Siegel then as he answered her at that question then gently then.

As the leader of the duo moved to the boy and put a hand to the back of his neck to check. 'Yeah he's still burning up right now, if he collapses on us, after we get him alone and she's in deep trouble here right now.' he thought as he looked his partner, who nodded sternly. 'Not me, it wasn't me, it was all him, he destroyed the plane.' he saw in the boy's eyes and hid a nod. 'I know, it's okay, just say it after he says this.' he thought back to him in response.

"Well, the cause for the explosion is still undetermined, the Nassau County authorities are on the scene." he said and they all nodded as the agent looked between them gently at this as he said it to them as he said it to them as the boy looked into his eyes. "Didn't determine the cause yet?" he repeated and they nodded. "I don't suppose you're willing to take possible theory here over what caused it and why right now?" he asked and they nodded to him then.

"If it's the reason why aside from you talking to us, and you're the only one after your teacher asked about your peers and teachers, then no son. We don't mind at all, so what's your theory here on this?" he asked and he said it gently at that. "Before I answer that, what's your theory, Sir?" the boy asked and he said it gently. "There was a chemical explosion that started some sort of short." he said and the boy nodded gently as he answered him on that remark.

"Well you got it right Sir, but there is more then one short that destroyed that plane, and one of them had all the makings of an IED as well here now." he said and they both nodded. "I knew something was up but he's looking like a deer in the headlights son, so you know what caused it and why, but trying here. To stop it, before the plane exploded?" the partner asked him and he nodded and they both nodded as sternly as they looked at the other boy.

"Yeah but the idiot never realized that by his reaction to my trying to warn them or you it could go in the take off here he just exposed himself to you." he said and they nodded as the leader looked at the other boy who paled at that as his young counterpart said it. "Yes and I guess he never considered that reaction is enough that we suspect him, rather then you, sure you knew, but you tried to stop it, were it not for him, you would have as you get us up here."

"But seriously where is his common sense, doesn't he realize that by his reacting that fast and attacking you for simply trying to prevent explosion here. Is enough to see he's guilty here, but guilty till proven innocent, you never attacked anyone, lost your temper or anything else the manager now here. Said you tried to arrest him for us, before you got hid by another dizzy spell and the guards separated you?" he asked and the boy nodded gently at that.

"Yeah, I suppose you got names and knew if anyone caused this, it's the hothead, who barely missed destroying the plane anyway here. But if Jared named names so you know who is who in the six of us here, to know if there was anyone in the trouble makers, said who drinks too much and is a hothead. It's the hotshot athlete, but drinking or on drugs and a very violent temper not a good mix?" he asked and the leader nodded to him gently at that.

"We did, but if you're just telling us this now, then you know we see this as the one getting in trouble too much is the instant suspect?" the partner asked and he nodded. "I did Sir, in fact right now, it's the case of to get your attention off them for the same penalty repeatedly they try to frame someone else for it. And this time, came close to nearly triggering a murder, as unlike this idiot I don't screw with that crap, I'm a medical born here now, in fact."

"The reason I don't screw with that crap is I've seen what it does to this idiot and his gang, but there's a hazard here they never considered and it's one now. That they should have seen as you don't need the real artillery to destroy a plane or building, you can create improvised bombs here out of chemicals. But question: what happens when you have a single batch of 5 bottles if it was in a carry-on?" he asked and the other boy paled in shock to the question.

As the man answered him then. "It could cause a impact tremor, on the case of being a quarter block of C-4." he said and the boy nodded. "And 5 x's that?" he asked and the leader crossed his arms. "It's like a someone launched a rocket at the plane, and destroyed the wing." he said and the boy nodded. "So you would know in whether or not here right that someone created an improvised bomb out of chemicals only the chemicals are ethanol, sulfur."

"Engine oil and jet fuel, as the sulfur say a pack of matches, combines with the line that caused the short?" he asked and the trio watched the other boy pale at that. "I suppose the kid never considered that there are several that look like Jet fuel either?" the leader asked and he paled at that remark further. "Whiskey, any version looks like propane, or jet fuel and a pack of matches, what the hell are we supposed to think when you showed that bottle to us, hmm."

"That we would never consider that thought, but I don't know where your brain is young man, but just what is the matter with you, huh, you know this. You know us as the authorities and adults had plans put in place to keep this crap out of your hands, till after you were 21, but sure you're an adult. Only not quite here, you got another three years till you can drink or get married, so I can take a guess in what caused it, and if you never considered this and he did."

"You're never going to survive in the real world as ethanol, any type looks like jet fuel or lighter fluid, so you're the one who did it." the leader and he swallowed hard. "And there are and is only one thing that could cause a fire or an explosion and both of those are alcohol if it gets into the circuits here now and with it. Is the carpet being set on fire in the bin hatch itself as the back of the bins are covered in rugs to keep the carry on luggage from moving."

When in the bin here now." he said sternly to him and he swallowed hard at that. "Just what the hell were you supposed to think when you saw that bottle, huh, what, certain versions of alcohol look like jet fuel. But alcohol and a pack of matches, where is your brain young man, hmm, where, because if you were thinking straight. You would realize we'd see this as you're preparing to dump that shit down the sink and strike a match and the drop it down as well."

"And don't bother telling me, you didn't realize this right now." the leader said and he swallowed hard at that. "But if you didn't realize this and your peer, or rival if that's what Alex is to you now, did realize this, then you're clearly too drunk to think straight here. Because whiskey looks like fuel, either jet fuel or gasoline for a car, propane, we'd see this as attempted murder, if he found matches and that bottle." he said and the boy swallowed hard at that remark.

"So if one of your peers never considered this right now, they're too drunk to think straight." the partner said to their student and the other boy paled at that. "You got to be kidding?!" he snapped in shock and he shook his head. "You never pay attention in chemistry, but your coach is my godfather, you idiot, you guys forget what he is, what he was, before he became a coach and teacher?" the boy asked him and he paled and the boy nodded sternly as he said it.

"What type of soldier is he, if you're saying that son, if they never listen in class, they don't realize that a soldier or survivalist can create weapons now. And out of normal household chemicals, these may not be normal household chemicals but combined together they make a very dangerous combination here." the leader said to that and their young peer crossed his arms at that as he answered him, as they watched his rival suddenly pale as he realized it then.

"Caine is a spec ops, in the Air Force, he retired 15 years ago and became a teacher, and his specialty was chemistry." he said and the trio nodded gently. "Makes perfect sense, teaching you the dangers of chemistry, and plasma and fire make a dangerous mix here, but sulfur, jet fuel, jet oil and ethanol. Put them together you create bomb, but on board an airplane, you create a bomb the size of a space shuttle." the leader said and the rival paled further at that.

"I'm Caine's star pupil right now, but as a result, I'm a pre academy, it was my job to try and stop this, but I'm praying they were not on board that plane. As it went off in the take off, now I may have seen what is happening inside of it, but I haven't a clue, to what really caused it, but chemical reactions now. That is what I considered here right now, but as a result, I realized it was based on two things, but there was a chemical reaction in the take off."

"I saw this immediately, after I realized what direction the flow from the cracked bottle would lead and it's straight to my original seat, I'm in the back row. But three seats each per row, that's 9 seats and my original seat was row 25." he said and he crossed his arms at that. "Well all that tells us, if this is not over, but just starting here now, and it's you're the last on the list, but a back to back attack, and he has us delayed long enough we barely make it back."

"And in time, then I'm considering this attempted murder if I have to be the one to save your life just after you save your girlfriend." he said to him then as the partner said it to his rival sternly at that remark. "And I'm not, young man, your peer is correct, think about it, what are matches made of that are so dangerous, and those bins have carpet in the floors of them?" he asked and he swallowed hard at that as he went further at that remark then sternly.

"Potassium is flammable." he said and the boy paled at that news and his rival nodded sternly. "But potassium, sulfur, ethanol, jet fuel and oil, put them together you can create a bomb, or, if it's on a plane a bomb the size of a shuttle, and it doesn't surprise me. That he saw this, before the rest of you had right now here, that he turns that in, long before it goes at the moment." the partner said to this sternly and he swallowed hard at that remark then.

"But there is a reason you should pay attention in chemistry class here, as this mixture is the reason it was banned by the people that create fireworks now. As to why here, it has an inherent property to become very reactive, especially when mixed with sulphur; the potassium chlorate-sulphur mixture. That it becomes dangerously sensitive to friction and may spontaneously ignite, which is why potassium chlorate is banned for use in fireworks."

"A match head is made of potassium chlorate, mixed with sulfur, kiddo, so you know what the red lining of the match box is really?" he asked and the boy shook his head. shaking. "The side of the box contains red phosphorus, binder and powdered glass, to light the match, it's running it so hard across the side of the box. And so fast, it develops friction, catches fire and lights the tip on fire, but the right level of heat also sets a match on fire, but a carpet or rug."

"You ever checked the bottom of those bins, to see the same rug in there that's all over the floor of the plane?" the boy said asked and they watched the boy pale at that. "The striking surface contains red phosphorus, powdered glass, and an adhesive such as gum arabic or urea formaldehyde, when a safety match. Said is rubbed against the striking surface, the friction generates enough heat to convert a trace of the red phosphorus into white phosphorus."

"In lighting the match instantly, but extreme heat also causes those matching to light up and if they're in a bag, it burns through the bag, light the bins rug. And sets it on fire, as those bins have carpet or rugs, to hold the luggage in place, though it shifts slightly, but a loose bottle, it strikes the metal latch. And of the hatch itself, cracks and starts leaking, as the plane climbs, it starts seeping, so tell me young man, what direction is the fuse going to lead."

"If it gets into the circuitry and starts a fire?" the partner asked and and he swallowed. "But this is why your peer, or rival, if he is one, and why doesn't that surprise me, that to get their attention off you and your gang you try to set your rival up right now. But I consider this an inferiority complex, out of jealousy right now, you want to get their attention off you if you keep getting in trouble for the same reason." he said sternly and he swallowed hard at that.

"I also think you been listening to us or your uncle, if Jared is that uncle, way too much, kiddo." the leader said and the boy watched him hide a smile at that. "Yeah between him and Uncle Eric, he's my father's best friend, I learned enough on chemical reactions to know how you would see this. But even better is his doctor was skilled in precognition here right now, to know I just came up with a useful skill in your eyes." he said and the duo nodded in agreement to that.

"I would call that a good reason to be worried, as it lights the entire carpet of those bins on fire, it heats up the bottles and the matches, and then. One by one, explodes, as it blows the bins wide open and launching whatever was not breakable across the cabin." the leader said to that. 'Thank you god, that's all I need to tell him my theory and I know they're going to kill this idiot for that right now.' he saw in the boy's eyes then gently at that remark.

"I guess you consider a reaction like mine suspicious here right now and when he exchanges looks with his gang, and then starts swearing before the riot?" he asked and they nodded. "Yeah we do, but if that tells us anything, this was a distraction and diversion, if they normally never see you like this right now. And again, just what part of you is thinking kid, you realize what your reaction could be seen as?" the partner asked him and the other boy paled at that.

"I don't know where your brain is, but if you wanted to get away with your plan to either sneak contraband on board that plane, or not get realized here. In drugging him, you should have kept your mouth shut right now, and not reacted in the second that steward said anything, but the fact you did. It only tells us, you're the leader of a group of survivor terrorists here." he said and the boy paled even further at that as his rival explained it to him and his partner.

"Honestly I don't know how I knew the damn thing was going to go in the take off, I just did right now, but the reason I left the plane here now tonight. It was so I could call you, that's you and the cops, and report a felony that had the makings of terrorist attack, but unknown in that or not, they still did it. I knew what you would see this as, as soon as you got the news he started a riot on the plane, so distraction and diversion, but he reacts so fast now."

"That he just exposed himself and his gang to you, as the cops and authorities, to the military, but what this caused here in your explanation now. But 1 bag is enough to cause an impact tremor, acting like 1/4 of a block of 4, and blowing away the wall of caved in cavern, but do that, it causes the entire thing. Said to comes down is it's as old as one of the great pyramids, more then one, it could destroy the wing of a plane, before destroying the plane itself."

"I know what caused it, and this is what I was trying to stop, but the idiots, that's Carter Horton here, never considered his own carry-on, could cause it." he said and the two agents nodded then. "But you just made my point exactly, a chemical reaction, one bag of bottles could cause a wall to blow if it's under ground and trigger a level 2 shock-wave, but 5 bags of 5 bottles each together, act like a rocket and enough to take out the wing of a plane."

"So you understand people, I had a very good reason to ground that flight, as one bag could blow the bin hatch open, but add five more, it combines with it. Said it being the damn oxygen tank, did anyone ever see the size of that damn thing?" he asked and the girl nodded as the quintet all paled. "Oh my god, it's the size of a rocket launcher." she said and he nodded. "It goes off, it could take out the wall." he said and they swallowed hard at the reveal then.

"The damn fool never saw this coming here right now, that one bag could blow the hatch open, but 5 and it could destroy the wall of the plane." he said and the man nodded sternly. "So tell me, what was in that vision that you realized if you never stopped this, they could kill a few hundred people here son?" he asked gently and he crossed his arms and the other boy paled at that remark and the look on his rival's face as he realized he was in deep trouble.

"He and his gang never considered the dangers of chemical reactions in an IED, never considered that alcohol is flammable as a result here now of this. But alcohol gets into the circuits of a computer, or a light fixture, even a power plug, it could cause a short, spark a fire, light the trail on fire, and it heads back. And to where it started from, and as the heat builds, the ethanol in the bottles also start getting hotter, till it explodes and if it's in a bottle here now."

"It breaks the glass, and sounds like something made of glass breaking, before, if packed together, causes a chain reaction, as one by one here. They all go, and till the blast breaks the bin hatches open, it destroys a stereo and then causes a tank of compressed air to also here. And then said tank explodes, taking out the wall of the cabin, but it hits the escape hatch, it causes a power vacuum here, before tearing the plane in half." he said and the leader nodded.

"That causes a short, a fire, lights the line of alcohol that started it right back to where it started from and as the heat builds, it starts blowing the bottles. And one by one, before they blow the bin hatches open the heat combines with a tank of compressed air and explodes, taking out the cabin wall here. And as the suction rips the plane in half and then it explodes here, which is the same as the explanation I described to them here." he said and they nodded.

"Nice touch in figuring out what destroyed it." the agent said to him gently. "I take it they all thought this was a dream?" he asked and the boy nodded. "Yeah they did at first, but was anyone paying attention to Clear's appearance right now and why she looks like she had a hotflash. You consider why she looks like this, I saw it, but she felt it?" he asked and they paled as they looked at her as they saw her also drenched in sweat and her skin as pale as a ghost.

"She decided on her own to get off, if I'm right she's leaving now, as she's not going through that twice and this time for real here." he said and they swallowed hard at that. "I guess to them it's no big deal, but I wouldn't consider this serious, till we all realize you're connected by some sort of connection." the agent said to him and he nodded. "And you kids are out of your god damn minds, that's a hazard here." the partner said and the boy paled at that.

"I know and the vision this idiot enhanced made it feel so real I saw everything as it was happening for real at the moment, but to go over it again here. And is everyone listening?" he asked and they heard a stern tone of anger at the quartet then and they all swallowed hard at his tone then as he went on. "A single bottle causes a short, sparks a fire, lights the trail on fire, and it flashes back to where it started from and causes a single bottle to start heating here."

"Till it explodes, and then, if there is more the one, blows the others in a chain reaction, one by one, and till it blows the bin hatches open here. As it causes another explosion, as the tank itself here is slowly building and expanding until it also explodes as well, and taking out, if it was on it's side. one of the escape hatches, and then destroys the hatch or just the wall, so tell me, what does that do?" he asked and the quintet all paled at that as he went further.

"And causing a base of suction and killing everyone before it snaps in half like the Titanic, and then blows, but what I just said was what I told them. Before his next remark at trying to blame me for getting him kicked off the plane was what happened, thinking it was all a dream he started mocking me here. But what could be considered petty has now turned out to be cold blooded murder at the fact his contraband destroyed it here." he said as he crossed his arms.

And they nodded to the news sternly as the quintet looked at him in shock at the reveal and the white shirted boy paled at the description."That's what was described to them, in them thinking it was a dream and turned out to be right, you saw the explosion and gained enough to tell us here. In what the hell was happening on board that plane before it went, as barely an hour later it does go in the same sequence here?" the partner asked and he nodded gently.

"I saw what was happening on board the plane, before the damn thing exploded, but the tremors were like someone blew up a couple squares here. And of C-4 on board, before I realized their bags were blowing up one by one, and then blew the hatch open, as the rest of the passengers gear also went flying. the heat combines with the oxygen tank and it goes off destroying the wall, and the suction rips the plane in half as it blows." he said and the trio nodded.

And as the other boy paled at that as he realized what he just said was described in the explanation he gave them. "Pretty detailed explanation here to what the hell was going on board the plane, if they're gone here and once the forensics come back, we find evidence. And enough to validate that theory, someone's in deep shit, as you gained enough to put him behind bars here, as you're the one that could've prevented it here." the agent said to that sternly then.

"And I don't know where your brain is, but if you never wanted us to even consider you, and that's to consider here that you're the one that did it now. Then you should have controlled that temper and stayed sober." his partner said to his rival and he paled at that remark. "If the boy talking to us is your rival, you should have remembered this right now, but the ones that get in trouble too much for the same penalty are the immediate suspects here, as to that."

"If you wanted to get away with what happened in the plane, you should have kept your temper, and stayed seated here." the leader said to him and he swallowed hard at that remark. "As that reaction only give us a reason to see this as you're the one trying to save yourself and your friends here right now, as to that. And this next question here is being rhetorical here at the moment, but you see how this looks to us, he answers me right after I say that.

"How stupid do you kids think I am, if you're just reporting in on the second I tell you this, son?" Siegel asked, shaking his head at that remark. "Not trying to insult you here Sir, but these idiots never consider that you guys can think like a teenage delinquent here at the moment. When said are a gang of booze-hounds, hoping you point the finger at the ones getting in trouble for everything, but the drinking and brawls." he said and the man nodded gently.

"So let me take a guess, you were playing the narrator if your class was doing that story, who played the Soc that took it too far the night the girlfriend. And her friend met the narrator?" he asked and the boy crossed his arms." Him." he said, pointing a finger at the white shirted boy and they all nodded sternly. "Bound for trouble, but his parents hear this they're going to kill him, in this case, but mine are going to sue his." he said and they nodded sternly at that.

"Like the idiots that tried to kill the narrator by a murder/suicide job, they tried to get your attention off them and on someone else for once right now. As a result here now, it results in a real murder, supposedly, but these idiots were drunk, but looking for a fight, and drinking here right now while doing it. Fought back strictly on self defense, but the idiot left the evidence you need to have him convicted in his stuff." he said and they all nodded gently at that.

"What was in that carry on, that you're telling me that?" Siegel asked as he crossed his arms as the other boy paled at that. "The idiot and his gang are chronic drunks, and they're addicted to the high quality proof Jack Daniels whiskey." he said and the leader of the duo nodded sternly. "I'm talking the 100% proof version to this crap as well, but these idiots never considered that the higher in content level of ethanol there is, and the more dangerous."

"It gets, if it combines with three other ingredients, all of them were on board that plane, but jet fuel, matches, that's sulfur and phosphorous. And finally is the engine oil, but I considered two possibilities for the reason for that explosion, and they're all more probable then some paranormal maniac here. Taking pot shots at an airplane." he said and the man nodded sternly at the news. "That was our thought as well son." he said to him and he nodded gently.

"One of the two of you considered alcohol and drugs in the reason for the riot, huh?" he asked and he nodded to him. "And combining alcohol or drugs mixed with a case of temperament is a deadly combination in our eyes, but like your teachers, if your coach is one of them, your mentor, son. Already said this, well I'm saying it myself, but we don't tolerate that anymore then he does." the leader of the duo said to him and he nodded gently as he answered him.

"Well you got both physical and mental health to consider, and this idiot has had one too many here in the crap that the possibility of creating a bomb. But this factor never crossed his mind whatsoever right now, and never considered his temper could have destroyed the damn thing anyway. As to why I'm saying this is there was a oxygen tank the size of a rocket launcher, that my mother's best friend was manning, as she, her brother and boyfriend now."

"They were going to Paris to see their parents here at the time, but the idiots, and I mean all of them never considered what the dangers in the crap. Here, that he was hiding in his stuff could result in here, I did, tried to get that crap confiscated and check it from top to bottom, and he flipped out. And then attacked me." he said and the agent with the glasses nodded sternly at that. "And that doesn't surprise me either." he said and his partner nodded.

"And by that one reaction, he just exposed himself, I can take a guess that what was said next was a sting operation, he loses it here now in that. And in the Steward's remark, thinking he means you and reacts, and we got him?" he said to him and the boy nodded gently. "Yep, that's what happened here alright, but the idiot was too furious to think rationally here to realize I had him in three ways as he gets arrested by you next." he said and the man nodded.

"Well it's clear to us, you were acting like what we, or rather your godfather and uncle, if Jared is the said uncle, trained you to be, that you tell us this. In the second Howard tells you what caused the explosion here." he said to him and the teenager nodded gently as he looked into his eyes softly at that. "I know Sir, but in truth, the idiots never realized that the second one of us answers you immediately that the tables just got turned here now, and with that."

"Let me take a guess, Uncle Jared told you who the reason for the fight this time was, and you guys were praying he never did anything to come into your radar?" he asked and they both nodded. "Jared is Jared Browning, my uncle Agent Jared Browning." he said and they nodded, knowing they had the right boy then. 'There we go, we got the right one, Jared said his scores were beyond good, so this should be interesting.' the leader of the duo thought gently.

"Yep, Jared told us on this kid's demeanor, he keeps getting in trouble with your department, and Arthur was praying he never did anything here. Now to get our attention that the second the manager called us, we knew he did." the partner said to him and he nodded. "And he did just that, damn it, alright, alright, I can narrow this down for you guys, but the fight was his trying to keep from getting arrested as he thought my reaction was because of him now."

"His and his gang, in bringing along an unauthorized number of contraband, in total of $700 in alcohol and drugs, possibly weed here right now. To get the attention off them and on someone else for once, they chose at random, and picked me, but unknown to these idiots I was waiting for this too. And left my cup of O.J. out in the open, so that was strike one, and strike two was a fast sting operation between me, the co-pilot and the steward that spoke to me."

"And strike three was after I told him, he kept it up and the only trip he's taking is to the hospital for another detox, his doctor has done this so many times. That he's getting as sick of the arrests as Caine, and the cops are here, after trying to arrest him for you myself, he threw a threat at me here. Not realizing that lit the match and I countered it in a variation of drop dead, and just as I said this, the plane goes." he said and they both nodded to him at that.

"Three strikes in not getting the fact that instead of his trying to set you up to take the fall for him, you turn the tables on him and then turn him into us. And by getting him to incriminate himself, once the guards got their hands on him and before we arrived and right behind us is your precinct now. So strike 1 is you leaving your juice out in the open, 2) you did a sting operation with the co pilot and he reacted and 3) you tried to arrest him and he gives a threat."

"Strike three and he's out." Siegel said to that and the other boy paled as he realized his rival double crossed him then as he looked between the trio shaking and the leader nodded sternly. "Yep, strike three and he's out, he never realized this, I knew what I was doing as he tried to set me up for the speed-balling. But did it ever occur to them that this vision could have been drug enhanced?" he asked and the leader crossed his arms at that remark then sternly.

"If he didn't, he should have realized this, as the kid was screwed from the second you told me this." he said and the boy nodded as the rival swallowed hard. "Didn't think I knew what I was doing to get you to incriminate yourself Carter, if you were thinking straight you'd see this right now immediately here now. You'd see I just made sure I never get in trouble and their eyes are on you." he said to him sternly at that the quartet swallowed hard at his remark.

"Uh huh, and you're right, if he was thinking straight and not ripped, he'd see you were preparing to get him to set himself up here for arrest here now. But as he didn't, he's clearly too drunk to think straight here right now." the leader said to that sternly and the boy nodded as the other boy paled further at his remark. "And if he did, he'd realize you got the wits and mind of a seasoned FBI agent here." the partner added and his partner nodded in agreement.

"Had a choice between you, the Air Force, and the cops, and I got connections in all three of you, but with you here, I got a chance to help out here now. And before this starts getting out of control, but either it's over or it's notm but it's not and I can help out, as we see why we keep having close calls here now." he said he said and the man nodded gently at that . "Nice, well that certainly helps, kiddo." the leader said and Siegel nodded in agreement to that.

"What the kid is also not considering is aside from your teacher answering me that fast over your friends and peers here, is this right now at the moment. But just why is it so quiet in here, and why are you the only one talking to us, hmm, why, you realize what that says to us, it says they're accomplices." he said and the girl next to him said it. "I agreed with Alex Mr. Siegel, as such, I was waiting for you to say that." she said and he nodded to her gently.

"She and I were the ones trying to figure this out, but if we have to, we're doing your digging on why the hell we lose someone a month after the accident. But a fast decision to cut ties tonight is the one chance she and I have of being able to move on with our lives, before these idiots do anything else now. Just to wreck our lives here, we're never around these idiots, so why would I get blamed for what happens." the boy added and the two agents nodded to him.

"And when we're partners ourselves and junior partners to the two of you right now, but with these idiots not talking to him, and us to them starting now. We're sticking to ourselves from now on, if he did get shot after the window exploded after the plane went, but we don't want anything to do with them. So the cord is cut tonight, before the investigation even begins now in this case, so as to that, we can focus here." she said and he nodded to her gently.

"But before they start treating me like I'm a freak, and Clear with me, and cut ties, I'm doing it now, before the investigation even begins right now. But with it, as we're both close to being legally adults here, and my parents are moving me into the city, and her with me right now at the moment. So we're in range of the bureau as well, we're cutting ties tonight, so there is no reason to blame me, if they're around for whatever reason." the boy said and he nodded.

"Never needed to hear it son, you know who in government networks we work for?" the leader asked and he nodded smiling and he smiled gently at that. "Yeah we both figured this out, but we seen enough tv to know you never look into why a plane suddenly explodes without warning at the moment now. As there has to be a reason here for it, so to name it off to your eyes, now that we both told you our side of this is this at the moment now Sir."

"What is considered, is that 1) we don't have a clue to what caused that plane to blow, 2) neither of us, or you, are ruling anything out right now. That 3) that 7 people got off the plane was strange enough already, and 4) that one of us had a vision or whatever of the damn thing blowing minutes before it did. And 5) and this starts again a month after, it doesn't help that the ex friend of the seer just committed suicide here." she said and he nodded in agreement.

"And that's the understatement of the century baby, but you can get in our heads to see how we see this right now." the leader said to her and she nodded as he watched her boyfriend rub her back and he nodded gently as she leaned into him then gently at that. "Before you get testy you idiot, if one of them doesn't have children, or they both don't, what happens when their students become just that to them, huh?" the boy asked and he paled at that remark then.

"Adopted child, which if one of them has a wife who can't, what's the next best thing here, if you see your students that way?" he asked and the partner hid a smile at that, knowing they were willing to join with their own families, as they created a bond that would grow stronger as the months went by. "You clearly don't understand this, but a mentor is everything you need them to be here, where your mentor becomes a parent now in this, and to them."

"Their students become what they always wanted, a son or daughter, we're their's now." he said and he paled at that as she crossed her arms as she looked at him sternly as the boy turned back to the duo gently as he he said it to him then gently. "And she's saying that for me right now, that it's been a month and he's not my friend anymore, so why is it I'm getting pointed as the one who did it when Carter lost his temper that morning here."

"Before he supposedly committed suicide here, doesn't that seem strange he loses his temper and that night one of us gets knocked off?" the boy asked him and he nodded to him. "Before he sees us in public and it happens again, and the added backlash causes another murder that night here now, is anyone paying attention. He sees Alex, he loses his temper and we got a murder, so trace the connection, he sees him, loses his temper near the victim."

"Then the victim ends up dead?" she said and the agents nodded sternly as other boy swallowed hard at her remark then. "Nice theory cubs, and you're right, that doesn't give us any reason to trust this kid near any of you, if, every-time, he see you son or both of you together. He loses his temper in range of the target and later that night or the following day, the victim ends up dead." the leader said sternly and he swallowed hard a second time at that.

"He never considered his use of profanity would expose him and his gang to the military, after I came out of that dream, vision, whatever here now. And as a result, I decided to ground that flight, he was tricked, cross and double." he said and the leader of the duo nodded. "He never saw it coming, in trying to set me up, I set him and his gang up, and in three ways here, he's your culprit, Sir, Agent..." he said, trailing off and he nodded gently as he said it.

Knowing he was wanting him to listen to him first before they spoke in private then gently. "Weine, Agent Weine." he said and the boy nodded as he smiled in relief he was willing to listen as he answered a few questions then gently. "As in Wesley Weine?" he asked and the man nodded gently. "I know of your team, but you're one of two teams that handles teenage felonies of this level, but just what does he take you guys for, a complete idiot here right now."

"As of the seven of us, and aside from her asking on the accident, no one said a word, before I get into conversation with you guys and Clear right behind me." he said and they both nodded as he looked at the other boy sternly in exasperation at that. "Nice work you idiot, you got the attention of the team that handles teenage felonies of this level, they're the top team at the Bureau." he said and his rival paled at that as his partner crossed his arms.

"Wes Weine and Maxwell Shreck, Uncle Jared told me about your reputation, but now these idiots finally crossed the agents they shouldn't have here now. As we know you better then they do, but when you get started, nothing is stopping you, but try to run and that's not giving you any reason here now. To believe what the person says and it just makes them look guilty in your eyes, but between both of you and Goldberg, he's dead meat for this now."

"So Agent Wes Weine and Agent Maxwell Shreck." he said and they both nodded and he nodded. "Oh boy, now you're in trouble." she said in response and the man hid a smile at the remark as he said it. "Well you don't have to tell me what department you work for, my uncle is one of you, aside from that, there's a clear way to know that as your jersey jackets spell it out right now, to the student that did the felony here." he said and they both nodded to the news.

"And 2) is you're the one spending so much time around us, you know us better then this kid does at the moment, so let me have it son." the partner said to him, and he nodded as his partner crossed his arms as he looked at the other boy. "I think you're going to find evidence in that crash, but said evidence to what caused it to blow is because we had a possible stowaway and his luggage caused it." he said and the agent crossed his arms as he nodded gently.

"I know one of you considered drugs and alcohol as the reason for the riot on that plane, and you would be right, but there was a stray bottle of J.D. here. In the hatch, but what I saw was the effect not the cause, but and here's where you're really going to be ticked, they weren't paying attention in class, again. The cause was from a short circuit, the idiots never considered this possibility that alcohol is flammable, or that once in the circuits, causes a short."

"And with it, said contraband has all the qualities of an IED on it." he said and he watched the other boy pale at his remark. "What these idiots never considered is that instead getting away with a D.A.D., they basically exposed themselves as I saw the result of their bringing along their contraband here." he said and he nodded sternly. "Not thinking their innocent attempt would result in destroying an airplane, and he tried to save himself and them here."

" Now, did we, by starting a fight with you, and you were trying to determine what path the line of the fuse was?" he asked and he nodded. "The idiots never pay attention in class to understand this but straight alcohol gets into the circuits it could cause a short and explosion. But it starts a fire and lights the line that started it, it could cause a secondary explosion and kill someone, and that's just what happened." he said and they all nodded sternly at that news.

"But I considered two possibilities here 1) is the one I just told you about and 2) the fuselage on this plane is so old it's falling apart here right now. And engine fuel or some other liquid was seeping out of the silicone piping, ending up in the engine itself, caused another short circuit here. And then exploded, but the more likely reason you possibly saw the wall of the plane go was because of the bag of bottles acting like C-4." he said and they all nodded sternly.

"In fact the idiots weren't paying attention in class to realize this was the subject of the day in chemistry class, my godfather is his coach, their football coach." he said and the trio nodded in shock to that news. "But though he trained me for the academy, I would never just use this knowledge to kill someone, and out of a determination to get out of the scrutiny of every adult in town, but he exposed himself by his reaction." he said and the leader of the duo nodded.

"Dad's best friend is Coach Eric Caine, or in military terms, Lieutenant Colonel Eric James Caine, he's a retired spec ops, and decided to become a teacher. In high school, every summer for 10 years he was teaching me everything he knew, and IED's were the top of the list, but these guys never pay attention. That even the most innocent of chemicals can turn deadly when mixed with what was on board that plane." he said and they both nodded sternly at that.

"What was on board the plane was a tank of oxygen, and combining that with a few dozen bottles worth of straight Jack Daniel's, this version is the 100% proof, these idiots are all full alcoholics." he said and the leader of the duo crossed his arm at that. "But these two together, a few dozen packs of the matches the size of a wooden block, the jet fuel and the oil, combined together you created a bomb the size of a shuttle." he said and the other boy paled at that.

"I know enough about chemical reactions to know what happens when you combine these ingredients together, to the point the one that never does. And the trio all said this, if they don't get higher then C passing grade they don't graduate and they got to repeat the year here now, but thing of it is. Is that not only is it this, they're also sick of the scrutiny and tried to frame someone else for the same thing at the moment." he said and the agent crossed his arms.

"So which of the quartet said this?" he asked and the young man explained that. "His coach, that's my godfather, he's our chemistry teacher. Mr. Murnau does the class we're taking that this field trip involved and our biology teacher, Jane Hammond." he said and they both nodded. "I see this as a motive of trying to kill your own teachers to get out of this." he said and the boy paled at that remark as he realized what he was saying at that remark then.

"The idiots thought I was about to raise the alarm to the cops when I had that premonition, but this was never about him at all, till his reaction exposes him. And to everyone on the plane, that why is he so desperate to stop me, from getting off the plane, why is he so desperate to leave, does he get it. In how this looks to you guys, it's like he was trying to leave before you, the authorities, show up." he said and the duo nodded sternly as the leader said it.

"Then I know you never did it, if you're saying that right now, but if someone never paid attention in class they never considered chemical reactions here." he said and the other boy paled at that. "I did, in fact that's what I considered, but what you got here is an IED, and one this idiot and his gang created. Unknowlingly maybe, but still the irony of this is the subject in chemistry in class today ended up on the plane." he said and they nodded sternly.

"Well immediately saying it the second Howard tells you this, is enough to convince me that you're not the one that destroyed the plane here now. And when you gave us two theories and a motive for why the hell it happened in the first place." the partner said to him and the leader nodded in agreement. "Yes and this is enough to destroy his life and not mine, I never gave a threat to the person that turned them in." he said and they both nodded to him gently.

"And before the plane exploded, you meant drop dead honey." the girl next to him said and the trio all paled at that as the white shirted boy also paled at that. "The words spoken were, 'You're going to pay for my trip, Browning', my counter remark was a variation to drop dead, and I didn't mean that remark. In the way it sounded, I just had enough of his crap after he was mocking the deaths of people I loved." he said and they both nodded to him gently at that.

"I didn't think it was going to happen, but I decided on the 'better safe, then sorry' approach, but if he never wanted to expose himself to you or the cops. But I got off so I could ground the flight, and contact both you and the cops, so we could run an engine test, but the effects of what they drugged me with. I couldn't get up for long without getting dizzy here." he said and they and Siegel nodded as the quintet all paled, realizing they were all in trouble.

"Sir everything you would have considered me being to blame is not it at all, but he lost his temper and the plane explodes after he gave me a threat here. But what happened here before the explosion here now was this right now, but after they got him off the plane, he tried to attack me a second time. After I explain what I saw, he starts taunting me till I tell him he keeps it up and if he doesn't cool down here the only trip he's taking is right to the hospital."

"For another detox, before I tried to arrest him for you, and they separated us, he tells me I'm paying for his trip and I tell him to drop dead and the plane goes." he said and the leader crossed his arms at that. "Well if that doesn't make his situation anymore serious then nothing does, but that's beyond bloodthirsty to actually mock the deaths of the people that were killed, I don't blame you for trying to arrest him, but doing it with you like this right now."

"That's wasn't such a good idea here, son." he said and the boy nodded. "Alright, so that clarifies what the manager told me here, alright so he loses his temper and the plane explodes, so we have this happen again and when we're close to moving on from this. And as he loses his temper again, and we have a close call, he loses his temper and we have another one, and again, and again." the agent said to him and his partner finished that remark then.