The blaring alarm woke Allison up.

She sat up, rubbing her eyes. It was still dark outside her window.

Allison scowled. Her alarm read: 4:38am.

Typical. It was one thing to rob people but to do it in the early morning? Criminals had no standards.

Allison pushed herself off her bed and busied around getting dressed in the dark.

A moment later she stepped out of her room – the hall was too bright. Everything was too bright.

Klaus and Ben were already by the banister and she could hear Diego downstairs with Mom. Vanya sat in a nearby corner with a book and Five's light was on under his door. He probably hadn't even gone to bed yet.

"Hey," Allison said. Klaus and Ben glanced over to her. "Where's Luther?"

Klaus shrugged.

"I haven't seen him yet," Ben said. "Check his room?"

Allison nodded.

Luther was always one of the first out. He wasn't late. It was irresponsible according to him. He'd told Klaus and Five plenty of times.

Allison knocked and after a second she heard Luther grunt in reply.

"I'm coming in Luther," she said pushing his door open. Please be dressed, please be dressed.

The sour smell of sick hit her as soon as she walked in.

Luther was still in bed, covering his head with a pillow.

"Luther?" She asked. Luther didn't reply. "I'll go get mom."

Luther pushed the pillow off his face and shook his head.

"No, no, I'm getting up I just—" Luther trailed off in a fit of coughing.

"Luther…" Allison walked over and sat on the foot of his bed. "Let me get mom. She can give you something."

Luther pushed the blankets off of himself and stood. Allison jumped to her feet when he tilted.

"Luther, sit down," she said, pushing him back down. "You're not going on this mission. People took care of this stuff before us, they'll just have to do it again." Allison stood and walked over to the door. She started to shut the door but turned at the last second. "Don't try to get up. You'll only get yourself hurt. I'll be right back."

Allison shut the door and started down the stairs.

"What's wrong with Luther?" Klaus called after her.

"He's sick. Go back to bed. We're not going on a mission."

"What?" Ben said. Allison didn't bother answering.

"Mom!" She yelled.

She heard the tell-tale sound of their mother's heels as she came out of the kitchen. She held a duster in her hand and smiled at Allison.

"Is everything alright?" Mom asked.

"Luther is sick."

"Oh. Alright, I'll go check on him. Are you ready to go?"

"We're not going. Luther can't go."

Mom frowned but nodded. "Sure. If that is what your father decided."

Allison didn't bother correcting her mother as she followed her up the stairs.

Klaus and Ben were still there, but now Five was with them.

"What's wrong with Luther?" Five asked Allison as soon as he saw her.

"Luther will be fine," Mom said. "You can all go back to bed."

Five raised an eyebrow. "Reginald really canceled a mission?"

"Yes. Allison just informed me."

Five shot Allison a look that called BS. Allison waited until Mom's back was turned to stick her tongue out at him. He rolled his eyes with a smirk.

Mom opened Luther's door and went inside.

"Reginald called off the mission?" Five asked again now that Mom was gone. He crossed his arms and leaned against the banister. Allison hoped the banister would break so he would fall. Maybe it'd be enough to wipe that grin off his face.

"It's taken care of," Allison said.

"Children!" Dad called, his voice echoing through the house. "It is time to go!"

Allison winced.

"You were saying?" Five asked.

Allison walked down a few of the stairs to see their father.

"Number Three, where are the others?"

"We're not going on this mission," Allison said.

Dad raised an eyebrow and Allison couldn't help but compare it to the look Five had given her. Five's look had been amused, Dad's was cold.

"Collect your siblings and make your way to the vehicle. We don't have time—"

"Luther is sick. We can't go on this mission."

"Number One is sick?" Dad asked, incredulous. He pushed past Allison and started up the stairs. "Grace!"

"In here," she said. Dad pushed his way into Luther's room, Allison following close behind.

Klaus, Ben and Vanya all shot her surprised looks and even Five looked worried.

"Number One, has this illness made you so weak you cannot complete this mission?" Dad said.

Luther shook his head.

Allison didn't think she imagined the sad look that flashed across Mom's face.

"Then why did you send your sister to tell me otherwise?"

"He didn't!" Allison said, pushing herself into the room to face their father.

"I expect all of you in the vehicle at once," Dad said, ignoring her. He retreated from the room. Allison stood there, frozen.

A low grunt got her attention.

Luther was getting out of bed, his face quickly losing its color.

Allison gritted her teeth.

"Luther, sit down." Allison stomped out of the room, chasing their father down the stairs. "Stop!"

Dad spun and gave her a sour look.

"Number Three—"

"I heard a Rumor you forgot all about this mission and you let Luther have the day off."

Dad's eyes glowed silver and Allison hurried back up the stairs as if staying would void the Rumor.

The others were all gone, and Mom was shutting Luther's door.

"He's asleep. Should be better by the morning. I assume you aren't going on the mission?" Mom said. Allison smiled at her and shook her head. Mom's smile became less robotic as she kissed Allison on the forehead.

"Sweet dreams, darling."

The click of Mom's heels faded as she walked down the stairs.

Allison started for her room but stopped when she heard,

"That was pretty cool, Rumor," Five said, pushing himself off the nearby wall. She hadn't even seen him there.

Allison tilted her head studying him. Five wasn't one to toss around compliments and she couldn't help but question his motives. After a moment she said a wary, "Thank you."

Five rolled his eyes but he looked about to laugh.

"Talk to you tomorrow, Allison," Five said, disappearing into his room.

"Goodnight, Five."