Allison loved her siblings, but when she heard one of them stomping up the stairs at – she checked her alarm – three in the morning, she sometimes forgot anything other than anger.

The wet shoes against the carpet produced a squelching noise that even a pillow over her head couldn't block out.

Allison groaned. If Dad heard one of them up, they would all pay for it.

She rolled out of her bed and padded across the room, easing open the door.

The words I heard a Rumor were already on the tip of her tongue.

Allison met his eyes and froze.

She'd expected Klaus with a big grin and unfocused eyes but instead she found Diego dripping wet and his eyes were rimmed with bruise-like dark circles.

"Diego? What's wrong? What happened?" Her mind flew through different possibilities but quickly dismissed them. Yeah, he snuck out sometimes, but that didn't explain all of the water or the look in his eyes. He looked almost scared. "Are you okay?"

Diego opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. He shook his head.

"Diego, talk to me—"

"I'm f-f-fine. I'm fine," he said in a voice barely higher than a whisper. Allison barely stopped her eyes from narrowing – she didn't need him to think she was mad at him. Diego stopped stuttering two years ago and she didn't like the thought of something bringing it back.

Allison shot a quick glance down the halls then motioned Diego into her room. She flipped on the lights. After a quick hesitation, he followed.

She got him to sit in one of her chairs.

Diego, Number Two, sitting in her pink chair. Any other time she may have laughed but a glance at him made everything a lot less funny.

"I'll be right back," she promised.

The halls were still empty, and as long as she kept quiet it should stay that way. Unless she ran into Grace…

Allison tiptoed into one of the bathrooms and grabbed a few towels. It didn't make sense for him to be so wet – it hadn't rained and even if Diego had snuck out, he wasn't the type to go to a pool party. And even if he had, that didn't explain the stutter.

She pushed the thoughts away and hurried back to her room. Oh, she hoped the water wouldn't stain her chair. It was her favorite.

She quickly handed the towels over to Diego and wrapped one around his shoulders herself.

"What happened?"

"It doesn't," Diego gritted his teeth, "It doesn't matter."

"Diego, please." When Diego didn't answer Allison frowned. "Don't make me Rumor you."

Diego's eyes widened at the threat and she almost regretted saying it. Almost.

"It w-w-was just t-training. No b-big, no big d-deal."

Allison's chest tightened. First Klaus and now Diego too?

"What did he do?"

"N-nothing, Allison. I'm f-fine," he said. His eyes gave it away. She gave him a look and Diego suddenly found the floor very interesting. "I c-can hold my breath underwater."

Allison frowned. Everyone could hold their breathe underwater. For a second she wondered if he'd gotten his hands on some of Klaus's stash. "What? What do you mean?"

"D-Dad found out that I c-can hold m-m-my breath un-underwater."


It'd been years since any of them had found a new power. The last one had been Five with time travel. A lump formed in Allison's throat at the thought of Five and she quickly turned her attention back to Diego.

Diego was here and needed her help, Five…Five was gone.

"How long did you stay under?" Allison asked, barely a whisper.

Diego shook his head. "I d-don't, I don't know. A few hours?"

Allison gritted her teeth. She stayed with him until he seemed a bit better. She told him she'd be right back.

Allison didn't bother keeping her steps quiet as she walked through the house to Reginald's office. She didn't need to. The sooner she found him the better.

Part of her told her to run, to go back to bed and forget everything that'd happened. But she told that part to shut up.

She pushed open Reginald's office doors and leveled Reginald a glare. She knew she looked ridiculous in her blue pajama's and her hands balled into fists, but she didn't care. She manipulated reality with her words and if that wasn't enough to strike fear into Reginald's heart then he was just as stupid as Five had always said.

"Number Three, what are you—"

"I heard a Rumor that you never did experiments on any of us ever again and you never ever did anymore one-on-one training." Reginald's eyes glowed for a moment as the Rumor took effect. Satisfaction bloomed in Allison's chest as she watched the glow fade. "I heard a rumor you also gave me twenty dollars and canceled tomorrows training."

Allison left the room with the money before Reginald's eyes faded back to the cold, dead look she knew too well.

Allison stopped at her own room first and locked eyes with Diego.

"Go change into something dry. We're going to Griddy's."

She left him and stopped at each of her sibling's doors. They weren't happy to wake up until she flashed the money with the promise of doughnuts.

Half an hour later, all six of them sat around one of the old tables and ate doughnuts until the sun came up.

The seventh chair was left empty.