Allison flipped another page in her magazine and readjusted the flashlight in her hand.

It wasn't the best lighting. The glare of the flashlight reflected off the cheap, shiny paper that the magazine was printed on. But at least the flashlight wouldn't alert anyone to the fact that she was still awake. Not like a light under her door would.

Ever since Five left, the rules had been stricter. It'd been harder to sneak out and everyone had harder training. It had gotten to the point that even Klaus was following most of the rules. And somehow, though Allison hadn't thought it possible, the rivalry between Luther and Diego had gotten worse.

Allison glanced at her clock. She was supposed to have been asleep hours ago, but she didn't want to go to bed yet. This time of night was the only time the house was quiet. And even if she and her siblings would be getting up in a few hours for 'training' she didn't mind. It was her only chance to read without Klaus coming in and talking about whatever odd thing popped into his head or Luther accidentally breaking something in the next room and distracting her.

However, even at this time of night, her siblings managed to interrupt her reading.

Outside her door, the floor creaked. Allison clicked her light off and hid her magazine under her blankets.

A moment later, she heard someone going down the stairs.

Allison frowned. She pushed her blankets off and got out of bed.

It was the third time this week she'd heard Klaus sneaking out of the house. And every time he'd come back drunk, high, or both.

The past weeks had been hard on everyone, but she had to stop Klaus.

This time she figured she give him a choice. He could either stay home or she would go with him to wherever he went. She'd also considered rumoring him, but she hadn't decided yet.

Careful to step in places where the floor wouldn't squeak, she made it to the door.

The lights were off in the hall. They were always off at night. Dad had taught them all how to fight in the dark, so the only one who would benefit from the lights being on would be someone who shouldn't be in the house at all.

She didn't see anyone else out there, but Vanya's door was open.

With a frown, she walked over to Klaus's bedroom. Even through the door, she could hear him snoring. Even in his sleep, he was obnoxiously loud.

Allison sighed. That meant it wasn't Klaus out but Vanya.

It was one thing for Allison or Klaus to be awake, but at least she had the sense to stay in her room and Klaus was rarely caught. Allison never got caught.

Allison started down the stairs.

She heard a cabinet shut in the kitchen and vaguely wondered if Vanya was even attempting to be quiet.

"What are you doing?" Allison asked, walking into the kitchen. She squinted her eyes against the harsh lights. Vanya had turned on every light in the vicinity.

The pristine kitchen looked odd with Vanya in her pajama's and bleary eyes.

Vanya looked as tired as Allison felt, but she had bread, peanut butter and marshmallows out on the counter.

"I'm making a sandwich."

Allison watched as Vanya got a knife and started assembling the sandwich.

"You don't even like peanut butter, Vanya."

Vanya shrugged but didn't reply. She made the sandwich, moving almost as methodically as their mother. Allison had a feeling that Vanya had done this too many times.

"If we get caught out of bed, we are all going to be in trouble!"

"Then go back to bed!"

Allison hesitated. She was used to the others snapping at her. Even expected it. It was equal. They were all less than polite to each other.

Everyone except Vanya. Vanya was always polite almost to the point of being distant.

Allison held up her hands.


It wasn't her problem anyway. If Vanya was caught out of bed, it'd be up to Vanya to handle. Allison would be asleep.

Allison turned on her heel and started out of the room.

"Could I have stopped him?" Vanya said the words so quiet, Allison almost didn't hear her.

She turned around.


Vanya wiped her face on her sleeve and Allison realized she was crying.


"Would Five had left if I'd tried harder to stop him? He told me his plan and I didn't—"

Allison frowned. "No. No one could have stopped him. You know that. That's just Five."

"But I knew!" She said. "He told me that he was going to do and now he's gone because I didn't— "

"It's not your fault. You didn't do anything wrong," Allison said, unsure if it was true. "Besides, he told me too."

Vanya looked up, eyes wide.

"The night before he left, Five told me he was going to time travel. It's not your fault anymore than it's mine."

"He told you…" she muttered. Allison could almost see the ideas flitting through Vanya's mind. "How can we get him back?"

Vanya asked the question like she believed Allison had all the answers.

"I don't know," Allison said.

"Have you tried Rumoring?"

"Of course I… But that's not how it works. It only works on people—"

"Then Rumor Five into coming back!"

"People who are in front of me and can hear me," Allison said. "It won't work."

"Try it. What can it hurt?"

Allison made a face. She knew what her rumors did. They always found a way to hurt. But, at the same time, rumors on the universe itself hadn't ever worked so this didn't count as a rumor.

Allison sighed and closed her eyes. "I heard a rumor Five came back."

Even though Allison knew the rules of her Rumors, she couldn't help but look around the kitchen. She listened for the small schwip of Five transporting himself into a room.

When there was no sign of Five, Allison looked at Vanya.


17 years later, Allison stood in the courtyard, staring at the blue light above. The blue was a unique color - one she hadn't seen since her childhood.

It wasn't until that moment she realized that when she'd rumored the universe for Vanya, she'd never specified when Five was supposed to come back.