Once upon a Supertime.

The winchesters are back in Storybrooke.

Sam Winchester was searching the Internet for something that could be considered a "case", and accidentally wandered into a site that talked about the city of Storybrooke. The younger Winchester had never heard of such a city before, or even seen it on any map. To make sure, he went through the site again. After digging through the available information, Sam decided that this strange city was involved in supernatural forces or something else, so he hurried to tell Dean about it.

The elder Winchester, as usual, was sitting in his room, watching a movie, eating a piece of pie and washing it down with beer.

Sam knocked on the door and went into the room without waiting for his brother to answer.

"Dean, I found us a case.

- Well, finally, Sammy! New business! Dean said, looking up from watching the movie and gulping down the last of the beer from the bottle.

That same day, the brothers Packed up and went to Storybrooke with Castiel and Jack.

"So you're saying this town isn't on the maps, but the site where you found it clearly says it's in the middle of Maine?" Dean asked from behind the wheel of his favorite Impala.

Yes, it is. It also said on that website that the city had been around since 1989, " Sam said.

"Even I haven't heard of it, and Heaven knows everything.

"All right, let's find a hotel, check in, and start figuring things out," Dean said, scanning the city through the windshield.

The hotel didn't take long to find. They came across this building by accident while driving by. The brothers looked at the hotel, where the inscription on the wall "At Grandma's" evoked mixed emotions.

«at the grandmother». What's the strange name? Dean said as he got out of the Impala.

"Hello, I'm agent Smith, and these are my partners. We need two rooms for two, please, " Dean said, turning to the woman at the front Desk and showing her a fake FBI ID.

Of course. Do you want a view of the forest or the square? the woman asked excitedly, taking out a notebook. — The ones on the square are more expensive, but I can give up.

"Then give them to me."

"Tell me your names, — the woman said, glancing at the boys.

"I'm Dean Smith, this is Sam styles, CAS Beyonce, and Jack Kline," Dean reported, pointing over his shoulder at his fake ID partners.

Well, how long are you here? "what is it?" the woman asked after she had written down the names she had heard in the guest register.

"That's how it works. Write it down for a week.

The woman finished writing the necessary information, closed the notebook and put it somewhere under the counter. On the counter in front of Dean and Sam were two keys to their rooms.

Well. Welcome to Storybrooke, " the woman said with a smile, and Sam nodded and took the room keys.

Sam and Dean were in one room, and Castiel and Jack were in the other.

"All right, let's go to bed now, and tomorrow we'll go interview the mayor and the Sheriff of the city, — Dean said, and lay down on the bed.

Sam and Dean changed into their FBI Uniforms and went to a cafe that was also called Grandma's.

The winchesters, CAS, and Jack sat down at the same table, and the waitress came over.

What will you order? the girl asked.

"I'll have a Burger and coffee, — Dean said.

"I'll have a salad and orange juice, — Sam said.

They are the same that we, the said Dean and placed an order for Cass and Jack.

The girl wrote down the orders and headed towards the kitchen.

"Okay, we're going to eat, and then you and Jack are going to the mayor's, and Cass and I are going to the Sheriff's," Dean said.

After a snack, everyone went according to plan.

Dean and CAS walked into the office and heard someone arguing.

"The badge isn't yours, — one voice said.

"Yes, but it's been two weeks. The position should pass to me, " said the second voice.

As they walked on, Dean and Castiel saw the disputants, or rather, the disputants. They turned out to be a brunette with a strict look and a blonde, who in the course and claimed to be the Sheriff.

Um, excuse me, Dean coughed into his fist to draw the attention of women.

"Who are you?" the brunette asked.

"I'm agent Smith. This is agent Beyonce, we're from the FBI, " Dean said, and together with Cass, he showed the fake IDs.

Yes? And what did you forget in my city? the brunette asked.

"Yours, then?" You're the mayor, "Dean concluded for himself." Our partners just wanted to meet you and went to the city hall, and we have questions for the Sheriff, " Dean replied and looked at the blonde.

"Miss Swan isn't the Sheriff, she's a Deputy," the mayor said.

Clearly. So who's the Sheriff? Dean asked.

"The Sheriff recently died of a heart attack, — the mayor said sadly.

Clearly. Our condolences, " Dean said.

"Well, when you decide who's going to be the Sheriff, please call us," Dean said, and handed the mayor a business card with one of his numbers on it.

"Of course, — the mayor said, and took the card.

And You too, ' Dean said, and also given the business card of Ms. Swan.

Dean and CAS returned to the hotel, where they were expected to meet Sam and Jack, who were unable to meet the mayor.

"So there's no Sheriff yet, but there's a mayor that Jack and I didn't get to see," Sam said.

Nothing, tomorrow I will go with you, ' said Dean.

The next day, Sam and Dean went to city hall and this time the mayor was there.

"Agents, I've already appointed a new Sheriff. It will be miss Swan, " the mayor said.

"Very well, but Madame, excuse me, what is your name?" Sam asked.

Regina mills, — Regina said.

"Miss mills, where can I see the city's archives?" Sam asked.

"The Sheriff of the city, miss Swan, but some of the archives are also in our library," Regina said.

What… Thank you, miss mills, for this information, " Sam said.

"If you need help, You can always come to me for it," Regina said, and smiled, but as soon as Sam and Dean left the room, the smile faded from her face.

All Regina had to do was wait for these agents to leave Storybrooke forever.

Dean and Jack drove to the Sheriff's office to pick up files from the archives, while Sam and Castiel headed to the library.

Dean and Jack met miss Swan with boxes from the archive.

"Agents, I've just put together an archive for you. Will you read them here or at the police station? miss Swan asked pleasantly.

"No, we won't bother you," Dean said, and picked up the boxes of papers to load them into the car, which they took back to the hotel, where Sam and CAS were waiting for them.

"There's a lot of paperwork here," Sam said, looking around the boxes with annoyance.

"Yes, and we'll have to sort them all out, — Dean sighed.