United in two persons.

The day after Rafe's attack, the entire town of Storybrooke was in a panic. Much of Main Street was destroyed and littered with debris. At the town Hall, Ruby helped the panicked crowd as they searched for loved ones, supplies for their damaged homes, etc.

Sam, Jack, and David were driving to the city limits to meet Mikhail.

They intercepted Mikhail, who was already halfway to the city itself.

Sam and Jack got out of the Impala, and David got out of his truck.

"Adam," Sam said.

Adam's eyes flashed blue for a moment, which means that Mikhail has taken control of his body.

"Mikhail —" Sam said when he realized that Mikhail had taken control.

"Sam, is he, is he what I think he is?" Mikhail said, pointing at Jack.

"It's Jack, he's a Nephil.

"No, that's not what I mean. He's not just a Nephil, he's Lucifer's son.

"Yes, it is.

"I see why you blocked our path."

We need your help."

- Yes? And what is it?

"Dean is in another world, and we need a little of your grace to open a portal to the world that Dean is in.

"I see. Well, I will give some grace only if Adam and I are allowed to settle in this city, " Mikhail made a condition.

"All right. David, that won't be a problem, will it? Sam asked, and looked at David.

"Yeah, no problem, I think he'll fit in," David said.

Sam approached Mikhail with a demon-killing knife to make an incision in his neck.

Sam made an incision and collected some of the grace in a test tube, and after that, Michael healed his neck.

"We'll go to the city," Mikhail said, and disappeared with a flutter of wings.

Now that we have grace, I just have to go to the Bunker to get the rest of the ingredients. Jack, you and David go back to town and wait for me.

"All right," Jack said.

Sam got into the Impala, and David and Jack got into Nolan's truck and drove off in different directions, the Impala going out of town and the truck going into the city itself.

While David and Jack were driving, David decided to ask Jack something.

"Jack, listen, Michael said you were Lucifer's son, what does that mean?"

"That means I'm the son of Lucifer, the Devil," Jack said, and surprised David.

"The Devil?"

- Yes. David, I know you're thinking right now that this means I'm bad, but I don't want to be like him, and Sam, Dean, and Castiel are helping me with that.

"I see, if they're helping you, then I'm calm," David said, calming down.

When David returned, he instructed Leroy and the Dwarves to check if they could leave the city, and also said that Adam would now live in Storybrooke, as he had helped them.

Leroy and the Dwarves, unfortunately, returned with terrible news.

"Terrible news! Terrible news! Leroy shouted as they ran up, dragging a confused Sneezer with them.

"We were checking to see if we could get out of town," Leroy explained.

"Tell them who you are, Sneezer!"

"Will you stop calling me that?"

Do you know who I am?" Chihun asked dryly.

"I'm Tom Clark. I'm the owner of the Dark Star Pharmacy. What's going on here?

Leroy turned to David and Jack.

If you cross the line, you'll lose your memory again.

"And going back won't fix anything?" Archie asked.

If that were the case, would I come running here shouting 'terrible news'?" Leroy yelled.

If we leave, our damned selves will be our only selves.

The crowd was in chaos. Everyone started talking at once, and David looked as stunned as everyone else.

Something in David's head seemed to kick in as he made his way out of the crowd.

"Maybe I can bring the memories back to Sneezy," Jack suggested.

"Come on, try it," Leroy said, grabbing Sneezer and dragging him toward Jack.

Jack put his hand to Sneezy's forehead, and his eyes glowed golden for a moment.

"Chihun, do you remember?" Leroy asked, to see if Sneezer's memory had returned.

"Yes, I remembered, thank you, um..." said Sneezer, making it clear that his memories had returned, and thanked Jack, but he didn't know his name.

- Jack. Please, " Jack said, and smiled.

"You're not exactly like your father," David said, making sure Jack wasn't like Lucifer.

Everyone started asking David different questions, and Jack stood on the sidelines.

"Listen, everyone, meet me here in two hours. I'll tell you about my plans.

The crowd seemed to accept it. David turned to leave, and Jack, Henry, and Ruby followed.

What are your plans?" Ruby asked.

David shook his head.

I don't know. But I have two hours to figure it out.

Sam packed up everything he needed for the ritual and drove back to Storybrooke.

When Sam arrived, he met Jack and David at Mary Margaret's apartment.

"Okay, I brought everything you need," Sam said, and took the ingredients out of his bag.

"So let's get started.

Sam took two of the Tree of Life fruits and crushed them in a bowl. He poured a small amount of the holy man's own Blood on the crushed fruit. He took David's hair, which was from the Enchanted Forest, and put it in a bowl, and poured the Archangel's Grace into the bowl. After the grace was added, the bowl began to glow with a white light. Then Sam took the Seal of Solomon and raised it over the bowl, and the seal caught fire. At that moment, Sam began to chant the next spell:

Koth Munto Notox.

After casting the spell, a stream of purple energy passed through the Seal of Solomon, and then a rift opened up a short distance away, where Sam directed the Seal of Solomon.

"Okay, David, me and Jack, we'll go find Dean, Cas, Emma, and Mary Margaret, and you stay in Storybrooke.

What?" No, Sam, I'll go with you, my family is there! David said, not wanting to stay.

- Yes! The people are counting on you, and you haven't forgotten about Henry? He's your family, too, and if you leave, he'll go back to Regina, and he clearly doesn't want that.

"Okay, but promise me you'll get Emma and Snow White back."

"All right, I promise," Sam said, and held out his hand to David to seal the promise, and he shook it.

Sam and Jack gathered themselves and walked through the rift.

Sam and Jack ended up in an abandoned castle, where Mulan and Aurora found Dean, Castiel, Emma, and Mary Margaret.

"Jack, close the portal just in case anyone gets through.

Jack pointed a hand at the portal and closed it.

"Okay, now find Dean, Castiel, Emma, and Mary Margaret.

Jack closed his eyes and found Dean, Cas, Emma, and Mary Margaret being dragged by Mulan and Aurora, their hands tied with a rope that was tied to Mulan's horse while Aurora sat on the other horse. There was a spare horse tied to it, which meant they were either carrying a spare horse for fun or had lost its rider somewhere along the way.

"Sam, I found them, and they must have been captured," Jack told Sam.

What?" Bring us to them quickly! Sam said, worried about his brother and Castiel.

Jack waved his hand and stood with Sam in front of Dean, Cass, Emma, Mary Margaret, Mulan, and Aurora.

"Sammy, Jack, at last!

"Let them go," Sam demanded, pulling out a pistol loaded with silver bullets.

Mulan jumped down from her horse, drew her sword from its scabbard, and took up a defensive stance.

"Cass, come on!" Dean said, and signaled to Cass.

Cas's eyes glowed blue, and a Holy White Light began to emanate from his hands, which destroyed the ropes on his hands, which also attracted Mulan's attention.

Sam took advantage of the moment, attacking Mulan and knocking her to the ground, but she was able to get on top of him and put the blade of the sword to Sam's neck.

"If you move, I'll cut his throat," Mulan threatened.

"No," Jack said, pointing his hand at Mulan, and a stream of red energy shot out at Mulan, enveloping Mulan and paralyzing her.

Jack lifted the Mulan into the air and tossed it aside.

Mulan got up and went on the attack on Jack.

- Stop! — ordered Jack, and Mulan listened to him.

Jack pointed his arm at Mulan and fired an energy projectile at her, knocking her out.

Castiel freed Dean, Emma, and Mary Margaret.

"We should go home," Dean said.

Jack moved his hand forward and opened the portal to Storybrooke, through which they passed and found themselves in Mary Margaret's apartment, where David was waiting for them.

"David! Mary Margaret said happily, and hugged her husband.

"Snow White! David said, and hugged Mary Margaret back.

Suddenly Ruby burst into the apartment, and she was worried.

"David, Regina, she —" Ruby began, but stopped when she saw Mary Margaret, whom she was glad to see.

"Snow White! You're back!

"Yes," Mary Margaret said, and hugged her best friend.

"Ruby, is something wrong?" And you said something about Regina, " Sam said, and Ruby remembered.

"Yes, she regained her magic, came to the town hall, and took Henry away.

What?" She took Henry?! Emma said, worried for her son.

- Yes, everyone is scared and wants to leave the city.

"No, if they do, they'll forget who they are.

"All right, listen, Cas and Jack, you stop the people, and Sam and I will go save Henry," Dean told the plan he had just come up with.

"I'll come with you," Emma said.

"No, it's dangerous.

"He's my son, so I'm going, period," Emma said, and walked out of the apartment.

"All right, let's go," Dean said, and he and Sam went to prepare for Henry's rescue.

Dean opened the Impala's trunk so he and Sam could arm themselves.

"Here, Emma," Dean said, and handed Emma a revolver loaded with anti-witch bullets.

"All right," Emma said, and picked up the revolver.

Sam took a revolver loaded with angel bullets and a demon-killing knife.

Dean picked up a submachine gun loaded with angel bullets and an angel blade.

"All right, let's go save Henry," Dean said, and got behind the wheel of the Impala, Sam in the passenger seat and Emma in the back.

The Impala pulled up to the mayor's house.

Meanwhile, Castiel, Jack, David, Mary Margaret, and Ruby were racing David and Ruby's cars to the city limits to get ahead of the residents, but they were already at the city limits.

"Oh, no," Ruby muttered.

"They're almost at the city line," David said.

They sped past the line, and David hit the horn to get their attention and make them stop. When David reached the front of the van, he abruptly stopped the car, preventing them from continuing.

Cas, Jack, David, Mary Margaret, and Ruby got out, David climbed on top of the car to get everyone's attention, and everyone in their cars got out and shouted in protest.

"Get out of the way!" Archie shouted.

We have the right to leave!"

"Listen to me! — screamed David, Listen! If you cross that line, you're lost. Everyone who loves you will lose. But there is something worse: you will lose yourself. Look, I want to get out of here. I know. And I understand that it's easier to get rid of bad memories, but even bad memories are part of us. David, Storybrooke David was ... weak... confused... and he hurt the woman I love — " David said, and looked at Mary Margaret. — I wouldn't mind being a prince just to be one. But you know what? I wouldn't have made another deal either, because David reminds me not only of who I was... but also of who I want to be, my strengths and weaknesses. David and the Prince. I'm just... like you. The city has both. We're both like that. Stay here and you will have a choice. Live in the woods if you want. In a shoe, if you like. Or eat frozen burritos, or write programs. Let's open up Grandma's school and get back to work. I'll protect you. We will protect you, David pointed to Castiel, Jack, Mary Margaret and ruby at the bottom. — She can't hurt any of us. Not while I'm alive. Until we all come together like we used to. We can do it.

It took a while for David's words to sink in, but they seemed to have done their job. Everyone looked at him with gratitude and awe as they returned to their cars to drive back to the city.

"Great speech," Mary Margaret said to David.

Cas, Jack, David, and Ruby got into their cars and drove back to town with the others.

The Winchesters and Emma burst into Regina's house, weapons in hand, ready for battle.

"I want to see him," Emma demanded.

Regina was sitting at her table, and the sudden appearance of the Winchesters and Emma startled her.

Regina got up from her seat and walked over to Sam, who was holding her at gunpoint.

"Henry, come down," Regina said.

Sam wondered what game she was playing. She had Henry, according to Ruby, she threatened everyone with a fireball just to get him. Why is she giving it away now?

"You're not going to shoot me," Regina said quietly.

"Only if you don't force me to."

Regina pushed the gun away from her face.

I meant you wouldn't have to shoot me."

Henry started down the stairs. Regina turned to him and grabbed his arm.

"Henry, you're going home with Emma, Sam, and Dean.

Everyone except Regina began to look around skeptically.

"Really?" Henry asked.

- Yes. I shouldn't have brought you here. I - " Regina shrugged. — I'm not very good at loving. I haven't been able to do that for a very long time, " Sam recalled a story he'd read in Henry's book about her terrible mother. — But I know... I remember that just because you hold on to someone too tightly doesn't mean they love you. I'm sorry I lied to you, that I made you feel like I didn't know who you were. But I want you here because you want to be here, not because I'm forcing you... and not because of magic. I want to redeem myself. Go get your things.

Henry turned and ran up the stairs.

Henry went down the stairs and said goodbye to his foster mother. Emma led Henry out the door and they left the house.

Emma, the Winchesters, and Henry drove to Mary Margaret's, where she, Castiel, Jack, and David were waiting for them.

"So, now that the spell is broken, we're back and going," Dean said.

"Okay, thanks for helping, I hope I'll see you again," Emma said, and held out her hand to shake Dean's.

"I hope so, and you know, if you need any help, you have my number," Dean said, and shook Emma's hand.

Sam, Dean, Castiel and Jack went to the Impala and drove to the bunker.