an/Hello and thank you 4 reading. Also ive decided to inculde u guys a bit more,so u can PM me with who u want to narrate the next chapter. Dear friend,

My name is Helga,

And don't tell but my brother is meant to writing about the choosing.

But he is my brother and even though he might be reckless instead of fearless, I am loyal to my family. So, you can imagine that when Ric asked me to write it for him, I obliged not only wanting to help but to do something instead of being the shy little sister, that is too scared to speak her mind much less to steer her life. Now how-to begin. ah. First you need to know how we are all connected.

Salazar Slytherin. A renowned parseltongue and muggle hater known for his cunning and ambition.

Friends with my brother. A lady's man, in love with both Rowena and Helga.

Godric. Famous for his duelling prowess and bravery. Known as the admirer of the raven and brother to Helga. Stubborn.

Helga. Loyal to her dream, family, friends and partial dislike of Slytherin. Sister to Godric and friends with the raven and Slytherin.

Rowena. Intelligent and clever, can solve anyone's problems-except her own-. Detests Slytherin and is friends with Godric and Rowena.

Of course, after Godric asked me to write this we all agreed. Mainly because I am the only one who doesn't twist the truth to my benefit. Zar-Zar would start jabbering on about how he totally didn't kill Rowena's sister and why muggles and half-bloods are a virus. Ric would start praising himself and Raven would write it in the cleverest way (probably in an unbreakable code). Not to mention that all in all they would write about how they saw it not how it was. So without further ado the story of how the Founders were named...