It had been a long time since Maggie Greene had stopped to listen to the wind whistle through the trees. She watched as the leaves blew from side to side in a delicate dance. It was the first real feeling of home that she had felt since leaving her daddies farm.

As she stood there something white flashed through the tree limbs. She watched thinking that maybe she was seeing things but the white blur went by again in the opposite direction.

"Who is there?" Maggie said as her hand found itself on top of her side pistol. She waited and nothing moved. She slowly pulled out her pistol and said sternly "come out slowly or I will shoot".

The blur of white went past again and Maggie's aggravation level went into orbit. "Next time you go by your going to get a bullet in you" Maggie growled deeply.

She got her pistol ready and just as she was about to pull the trigger she felt a hand on her back and spun around keeping the gun pointed in front of her.

In front of her stood a man in his late thirties, early forties. He had on a trucker cap. He was almost as tall as her but a lot rounder in the middle. Hs skin was yellow as the sun and if the dead weren't roaming around Maggie would've been terrified. He was wearing a bright green shirt with oil and mud stains.

"Please don't shoot us or my son," the man said with a country twang in his voice. She smiled. He was a countryman just like her. That's when she also noticed the small girl that looked around 12, with big smile and a pretty purple dress. Then there was the older woman next to the girl. She had blue hair and a pink dress and matching slippers. Her mouth also resembled that of a beak.

Taking a deep breath and lowering the gun, Maggie relaxed a little but that's when she remembered the man had mentioned a son. She raised her pistol again and said "where is this supposed son you said you have? If you're playing me be warned, I am not one to mess with"?

"Daddy she has the country spirit just like us," the little girl said never losing her smile. "Not now Tilly," the man said and then turned his attention back to the woman standing in front of him and the gun pointing right at his head.

"I am positive that you've seen that white flash go by, that's my son Cricket. He has kind of lost his mind since people started coming back to life and now he is in the trees in nothing but his underwear. He believes that we all need to reattach to nature. By the way, my name is Bill Green" Bill said with an outstretched his hand to Maggie.

Maggie glared at Bill but lowered her gun. "My name is Maggie Greene," she replied. Bill and the others just looked at her until the elder woman gasped.

"Hey girl, is your daddy Hershel Greene?" the woman said with a touch of venom. "He sure is," Maggie said standing up tall. "That bastard brother of mine. Come on Bill, we will find Cricket and leave this trash to itself" the old woman croaked and pushed by them scooping up the little girl.

"Now who the hell are you to insult my daddy like that" Maggie growled angrily. "I am his sister, Alice Green and that waste of life left the family and added an E to the end of his name as not to be associated with us," the old woman said with the same ferocity as Maggie.

"How in blazes can we be related to any of you? Your yellow and have big weird eyes and" Maggie was about to keep going when something jumped on her back and bit her arm. Biting her tongue to keep from screaming, she reached back and pulled the thing off her back.

It was a boy, half naked, probably around the same age as her son Hershel. She was even happier now that she chose to leave him with his daddy instead of letting him come along. Glenn wasn't too happy with that decision as he was going to go on a run but she put her foot down.

"Is this your son?" Maggie asked holding the almost naked kid out in front of her. Bill nodded slowly and lowered his hat a little in physical shame.

Handing Cricket to his dad, Maggie took a deep breath and said "ya all just follow me back to Hilltop. My daddy runs that community along with my sister Beth. He will clear this all up if your liars or not".

Putting her gun back in its holster, Maggie started back to Hilltop. Bill held Cricket tight in his arms and told Tilly and Alice to stay close to him.

Though Maggie didn't say anything she did look back to make sure the family was still safe and following. Taking a deep breath something inside her told her that this was just the beginning of a crazy adventure.