Meanwhile outside Alexandria

Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Aaron were doing some scouting for food and/or survivors. They didn't really need to scavenge anymore but it kept them battle-ready and it kept them from going stir crazy.

Rick was glad that Lizzie was available to babysit Judith, RJ, and Gracie on such short notice. Since she lives in The Kingdom with her parents it was their luck that Ezekiel and Carol were visiting Sophia, Carl, and their baby girl, Lori Jasmine Grimes named after Carl's late mother and Sophia's favorite Disney princess.

Judith and Gracie liked when Lizzie babysat so that was another good point. They didn't do well with sitters and the only people they didn't act out with were Lizzie, Carl and Sophia.

Michonne who was watching the water go by as her horse trotted down the road was glad that they had decided to do some coastal scouting. It was calm and tranquil and that was something she needed right then.

Between the birth of her first granddaughter and Daryl and Aaron adopting a second child, things have been a wild ride.

The good thing was Gracie loved being a big sister. Her and Judith loved teaching her little sister, Bethany Merle Dixon named after Maggie's sister and Daryl's late brother, everything they knew.

As the group traveled they heard someone shout "Help us please". Michonne looked around and say someone on the bank. A woman. She was trying to climb up and that's when she noticed the man behind her and the walker's behind him.

Michonne jumped off her horse and headed to the bank. She grabbed the woman's hand and said "just hold on ill pull you up". The woman nodded and as she started to pull she felt strong hands around her waist. He was close enough she could smell the cologne she had found for him making her smile.

"You know I could've done it on my own" Michonne teased. "i know but I needed some excuse to wrap my hands around you at some point on this trip" Rick said and kissed her cheek.

Michonne smiled and they finished pulling the woman up.

She had light brown skin and her silver hair was long and the ponytail it was in draped across her right shoulder. She was Rick's height and slim. Michonne told Rick to get her over to the horses and she would help the other person up. Rick nodded and guided the woman towards Daryl and Aaron who were waiting with water and food.

Michonne went back and reached for the man and grabbed him just in time to pull him away from the walkers. He was well built but he must've slipped on the bank.

"Thank you ma'am. My names Negan and that's my wife Lucille. She had just beat cancer when this all started" Negan said his eyes never leaving his wife. "I'm Michonne and that's Rick, Daryl and Aaron with your wife. We will get you back to Alexandria and you'll be safe" Michonne said smiling and let Negan go first so he could get to his wife.

As she headed back up the bank, a man appeared in front of her. He was tall and had on a brown shirt and jeans.. He had brown hair and piercing blue eyes.

"He will never be yours" the man said pushing Michonne making her stumble and fall into the water below. "Die and let him be mine" the man said vanishing. Michonne looked up shocked and confused but didn't have to much time to worry about that as she was surrounded by a group of walkers.

Shaking off what just happened Michonne stood herself up and got into a fighting position. Her sword was in the ready as bullets started to fly from the bank, looking up she saw Daryl and Aaron and smiled.

Swinging her katana, she sliced open the nearest walkers head getting sprayed with blood in return. A fire built up in Michonne as the strange man's words played over and over in her head. By the time she was finished, she was drenched not only in walker blood but her own frustration and tears.

Before she knew it though those strong arms that wrapped themselves around her earlier had once again found their mark. She put her face in Ricks chest and cried. She really didn't know why but she cried and he let her.

"What happened?" Rick asked softly after a few minutes. Michonne looked up at him, his blue eyes showing the worry he was feeling and said in a low voice, "I'll tell you later". Rick just nodded and led her over to the others.

Michonne gave her horse to Negan and Lucille and she got up behind Rick. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she laid her head against his back and closed her eyes. She didn't know what was scarier, the threatening apparition or trying to tell Rick about it and not knowing if he would believe her or not.