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Warnings: This story contains Horror (multiple phobias, ghosts, haunted houses) and Kink (first time, mild kink)

Pairing: Katsuki/Izuku M/M

Rating: M for Mature

Universe: AU / Not set in Unto the Breach

Trick and Treat

Izuku shot a worried glance at his partner as they walked up the street. Kacchan had been unusually quiet, but Izuku was too nervous to ask him what he was thinking. He was actually enjoying the fact that the blond wasn't screaming that he didn't need a 'stupid Deku's help'. Still, they were on duty, and Izuku didn't like going into a possibly dangerous situation not on the same page. Maybe he should say something? Suddenly, Kacchan stopped.

"This's the house. Hood up, Deku."

They were on the outskirts of the city. The houses here were spaced far apart with sprawling lawns. The house they'd been called to was surrounded by a crumbling half-wall. The front gate was rusting, barely hanging on by a single hinge. Beyond it stood an old, two-story house. Izuku thought it had once been white, but the paint was now chipped and faded, the color of old parchment. He listened for sounds of yelling, but the house was quiet. In fact, the only sound he could hear on the entire street was the tumbling of brown leaves blowing across dying grass.

Kacchan shot him a glare. "Hurry the fuck up," he snapped.

Izuku quickly pulled on the green hood of his hero costume. It came down over his eyes and halfway down his face. He then pulled on a black, grinning mask over the lower half. Short, rabbit-like ears stood up from his head, softening the intimidating look. He didn't usually wear the hood and mask unless it was a combat situation, which is why he hadn't put it on in the first place.

"You think there'll be a fight?" he asked quietly. "The call was just a noise complaint, right?"

Kacchan's eyes scanned the empty yard before settling on the house. "I've got a bad fucking feeling about this place."

The hairs on the back of Izuku's neck stood on end as the rusted gate gave a loud creeeeeeeak as Kacchan pushed it open.A strong gust of cold wind made a leafless tree sway and groan, branches scratching at the sky. They made their way across the yard single-file, their boots crunching in the grass and leaves. Off to the side, Izuku could see an old shrine, dark with mold. The nearly-faceless statue stared back at him, and Izuku quickly looked away.

Kacchan's expression was fierce as he stomped up the porch steps, the wood groaning beneath his feet. He rang the bell. Immediately, the sound of the deadbolt disengaging reached Izuku's ears. Whoever it was had to have been standing right on the other side, waiting. Izuku shifted a micro-step closer to his partner. The door slowly swung open.

A child of about five with long, black hair looked up at them with a blank, doll-like face. She wore a white sweater and a knee-length pink skirt. On her feet were thick white socks with pink hearts.

"I'm Hero Primus," Kacchan practically growled, glaring. "This is Hero Deku. Do you need help," he accused more than asked.

Izuku elbowed him. He took his mouth shield down and smiled gently at the little girl, crouching to be at her level. "Hello, I'm Deku. We received a call that there was yelling? Is your mommy or daddy home?"

The girl suddenly smiled, her head tilting sharply sideways. "Daddy is waiting in the kitchen," she said with a bright, high voice. Still smiling, she turned and skipped into the dark house.

Izuku stood and caught Kacchan's eyes. The blond scowled, clearly unhappy with what they were about to do. His hands were open and slightly lifted. His whole body was tense. Izuku didn't like this, either. Something was clearly wrong, but that was all the more reason to go inside. If these people needed help, it was their job to help them.

Izuku pushed the door all the way open and stepped inside. It was dark. None of the lights in the house were on and every curtain was pulled shut. The light from the doorway revealed a shadowed, dusty living room crammed with old furniture and a long hallway stretching deeper into the house.

Kacchan stepped into the living room and flipped the switch for the lights, but nothing happened. Izuku pulled a miniature flashlight from his belt and clicked it on. Sharing another glance, they made their way down the narrow hallway.

Their footsteps were loud in the silence. Framed pictures hung on the walls, but the reflection of the flashlight obscured the faces of the people in them. They reached two doors on either side. Kacchan tried one; Izuku tried the other. They were locked. They didn't have enough reason to kick them open, so they had to move on without knowing what was behind them.

By the time they reached the end of the hallway, the open front door was long behind them, so the flashlight was their only source of light. They found stairs set into a nook that went up to the second floor. Across from the narrow staircase stood another closed door. Kacchan lifted his hands into a battle-ready position as Izuku turned the handle. It wasn't locked. Izuku gave a nod and then swung the door open wide in one quick push. He crouched, giving Kacchan more room to work, and panned the flashlight over the room.

It was a kitchen. The narrow beam of light revealed white countertops, a sink, refrigerator, a stove… and then his light illuminated a table shoved into the far corner. A man sat there perfectly still, his back to them.

"Sir," Izuku called, getting to his feet.

Kacchan stepped into the room, hands still raised and ready to fire. He didn't approach the table, staying back to guard the door.

Careful of Kacchan's line of sight, Izuku moved toward the man. "Sir?" he said again, louder this time. "Sir, I'm Hero Deku. Do you need help?"

The man remained silent and still. As Izuku moved up beside the man, the lines of his profile were wrong. The man's mouth gaped open. His eyes stared wide and unblinking, completely empty of life. Izuku's palms grew damp, his heart beating hard in his throat as he moved the light from side to side. The man's pupils didn't react.

"There's something wrong with him," Izuku said shakily. "He's unresponsive. There… There might be something wrong with his jaw. It looks dislocated." He cast Kacchan a wide-eyed glance. "Should we carry him outside?"

"Fuck no," Kacchan snapped with a glare. "If it's a quirk, we don't know how it fucking works. Touching him may spread the effect to you."

Izuku knew that of course, but it didn't feel right just leaving him to sit here in the dark, possibly hurt. Izuku looked around, shining the light on the walls. There! He got up and moved to the kitchen window. He pulled the thick curtains aside, hoping to get some light in the room. A storm had rolled in, the sky dark with heavy clouds. Still, it was better than nothing. He turned back to Kacchan.

"What's the… plan?"

Kacchan was gone.

Izuku immediately spun the light around to the man at the table. The man's head had turned, his dead, blank eyes staring right through Izuku. "S-Sir?" he yelped, heart pounding in his chest. "Can you hear me? Can you tell me what happened?"

The man stared blankly, head turned almost too far around, his body still facing the wall. Izuku scrambled backward, keeping the man in sight as he moved to the kitchen door. Breathing hard, eyes wide in fear, Izuku shut the door firmly between him and the man.

Izuku pointed the flashlight down the pitch-black hallway. There was no light. The front door was closed. Kacchan wasn't there. Breathing hard in the silence, his mind raced. It didn't make sense! Kacchan had been on a hair-trigger! He would've let off an explosion if someone attacked him or dragged him out. Kacchan hated him, but he wouldn't have just left!

An explosion rocked the building. Izuku had to catch himself against the wall. "Kacchan!" he yelled, sprinting up the narrow staircase to the second floor. He came to an identical long hallway, but halfway down his light hit the haze of smoke. He could smell burning wood - acrid and sharp.

Izuku ran down the hall and found a gaping doorway. The door lay broken in charred, smoldering pieces on the floor, and Kacchan stood in the middle of the room, a snarl twisting his features.

"Kacchan!" Izuku cried again and hurried to the blond's side.

Kacchan's hot palm wrapped around Izuku's wrist. "What the fuck, Deku! Where the hell were you?!"

Izuku stared at him wide-eyed. "You're the one who disappeared!" he protested hotly. "I opened the curtains to let in light, and when I turned around, you were just gone!"

Kacchan scowled at him. "I heard a noise in the hallway, thought it was the creepy kid, but I couldn't see shit in the dark. When I looked back, you were just gone and that fucking dick's head had turned all the way around to stare at me! That's not fucking physically possible, Deku! His neck would be fucking broken!"

Izuku shivered and stepped closer, actually appreciating the near burn Kacchan's hand was leaving on his wrist. "What are you doing up here?"

"Heard that fucking kid giggling and chased her in here," the blond spat, breathing hard.

Izuku looked around the room, playing the flashlight over everything. It was all pink. The rug, the dresser, the bed, the nightstand, the lamp. All of it was pink. There were some colorful crayon drawings pinned to a cork board and a few stuffed animals on the bed, but other than that, the room was empty.

"Mental quirk?" he asked, looking back at Kacchan for confirmation.

Kacchan shrugged tensely, still scowling.

Izuku was worried. Was she okay? Scared? Hurt? "You heard her in here? Did you check the closet?"

Kacchan glared at him. "Didn't have a fucking chance, did I?"

Izuku sighed and moved toward the closet door. Kacchan let go of Izuku's wrist, but he followed close on his heels. "Hey, it's the heroes," Izuku said gently. "The ones at the door? It's going to be okay. We're here to help you. Don't be scared."

The closet was empty, and not empty as in missing a little girl. There were no clothes, no shoes, no toys. It was an empty space the size of a standing coffin. Izuku backpedaled, but Kacchan gave a shout, and they were both shoved inside. The closet door slammed shut.

Izuku was pinned face first against the back of the closet by Kacchan's body. It was so tight, Izuku's chest couldn't expand to take a full breath. He panted, quick and shallow, the walls pressing in tight on both his shoulders, squeezing. The flashlight flickered, then went out. They were plunged into absolute darkness. Izuku was shaking now, eyes wide and blind.

"K-Kacch-han?" he wheezed breathlessly, loud in the dark.

Kacchan cursed and Izuku heard the sound of the doorknob rattling. "Door's fucking locked!"

Izuku went still, Kacchan doing the same. Crying — the sound of frightened crying. The girl was in the bedroom, and she needed help! "Can you… blast the… door open?"

The blond's large grenade gauntlets were digging into his hips and sides, pressing Izuku even harder against the back of the closet. Were the sides getting closer? His shoulders began to ache. He was hardly able to draw in air at all now.

"This might fucking hurt," Kacchan warned.

A boom that rattled Izuku to the bone, heat scorching his side and back, but then they were falling backward into open space. Ears painfully ringing, Izuku gasped in a lungful of smoke. Hacking, he lay sprawled on the shattered chunks off wood that used to be a door. The flashlight flickered to life in his hand, revealing the pink of the little girl's room. Izuku pushed himself up on his knees.

"What's…" he wheezed, breaking into a violent coughing fit. "Going… on?"

"How the hell am I supposed to know?" Kacchan snarled, climbing to his feet. "Fuck!"

"Shhh!" Izuku hissed.

Through the ringing in his ears, he heard it again. A child's muffled crying. Izuku dropped to his stomach, and the flashlight pierced the darkness under the frilly bed. There! The little girl was curled up in a ball.

"She's under here," Izuku told Kacchan and crawled forward. "Hey, it's okay," he rasped as reassuringly as he could, his throat raw from inhaling smoke. "You're not alone. We're here with you. Come on. Come out from there," he coaxed, reaching for her.

"Deku..." Kacchan warned, voice low.

Izuku ignored him. Even if all this was the girl's quirk, the best thing they could do was calm her down. He couldn't just leave her in a terrified ball under the bed! Izuku shimmied forward on his belly, his fingers gently touching the top of her head.

Black hair fell off in a clump in his hand. The girl gave a pitiful mew, twisting to look at him. Izuku screamed! Skin melted off her face, turning dark and putrid, decomposing before his eyes! Maggots wiggled from growing holes in her cheeks and gooey eye sockets. The smell hit him sweet and cloying. He gagged.

Kacchan grabbed him by the legs and yanked him out from under the bed. "The hell were you thinking, going under there, you fucking idiot?!" he yelled, pulling Izuku to his feet and shaking him. "The hell happened? You okay?"

"She... She..." Izuku gagged again, eyes watering. He stared at the long black hair tangled around his violently shaking fingers. "She..."

"Fuck!" Kacchan snarled and slapped the hair from Izuku's hand. He shook Izuku again. "Deku! Talk to me!"

"She... She turned... She... Dead, she's dead… d-decomp-posed…" Izuku could hardly talk. He could still smell her flesh rotting, see the maggots dropping to the floor.

Kacchan grabbed his trembling hand and let tiny firecracker pops ignite from his palm. It felt like touching a hot stove. Izuku yelped and yanked away. "Snap out of it!" the blond snarled. "We're getting the hell outta here! Now!"

Izuku closed his eyes tight, trying desperately to banish the image of the little girl's corpse rotting before his eyes. "O-okay... I'm o-okay..." he said shakily.

Kacchan didn't call him on the lie. Grabbing hold of Izuku's wrist, he dragged Izuku toward the door. They ran down the hallway, the flashlight beam jumping wildly through the thin haze of smoke. They made it to the stairs. They were too narrow to climb down together, so they had to go single-file. Kacchan practically leapt down the steps.

Izuku chased after him and nearly knocked him down when Kacchan froze at the bottom. Kacchan's palms crackled and popped warningly. The father stood facing the stairwell just outside the kitchen doorway. His eyes stared dead and blank, his mouth still hanging grotesquely open.

"Sir! I'm going to have to ask you to move," Izuku called when Kacchan remained silent. "We will return with reinforcements to assist you."

"Oh fuck," Kacchan whispered in horror.

Thousands of black cockroaches poured from the man's gaping mouth. Instantly, they covered the man's pale face, their bodies dark brown and glossy in the harsh beam of the light. They swarmed down the man's chest, their million legs making a soft chittering sound. Fat cockroaches as large as Izuku's hand flew straight for them! Kacchan back-pedaled fast, and Izuku scrambled back up the stairs.

"Holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck," Kacchan hissed, eyes wide.

They sprinted down the hallway and burst through the last door on the left, slamming it behind them. Panting, shaking, Izuku quickly panned the light over the room. Rain pelted the glass of the single window in violent gusts. They were in an office of some sort. Books from a floor to ceiling bookshelf were thrown carelessly in scattered heaps across the floor. Kacchan stomped over to the single desk, walking carelessly over them.

"Give me the fucking light," he snarled.

Izuku hurried to his side. Lightning flashed beyond the window and thunder boomed. Izuku cast the light over the desk and saw an open journal. Kacchan bent over it, reading, but Izuku's attention was on the door. They'd shut it behind them, but in the flash of lighting he saw that it was standing wide open.

"Kacchan..." he whispered, frightened.

Another blinding flash, thunder shook the walls, and he saw the little girl framed in the open space.


"WHAT?!" the blond roared furiously.

Izuku turned the flashlight to the doorway. It was empty. "I saw..."

Kacchan marched over and slammed the door shut. Small, focused blasts to each hinge ensured the door wouldn't open again without a whole lot of force. He turned back to Izuku, face pale but focused. "The father thinks the house is haunted by his daughter's spirit. She went missing a year ago, and he thinks she's angry because he gave up looking for her."

The flashlight flickered and went out. Kacchan was just a smear of darkness in an even darker room, illuminated only in split second flashes as lightning streaked across the sky. "Do you... think it's her g-ghost?" Izuku asked quietly.

"Don't be a fucking nerd," Kacchan's voice snarled out of the darkness. "Ghosts aren't real. It's a fucking messed up fucking quirk. Probably the dad's. He's manifesting his fears on reality or some shit."

"Yeah," Izuku agreed shakily. That made sense. "We should get Aizawa-sensei. He can erase quirks. He's the only one who can help him safely."

There was the sound of several clicks and something heavy hitting the floor.

"What was that?" Izuku yelped, voice pitched higher than normal.

"Taking my fucking gauntlets off. What the hell do you think I'm doing?" Kacchan growled. "We're going out the window, and they'd only get in my way. Besides, I can't fucking blow up the house, can I? So I can't fucking use them, anyway."

Izuku giggled nervously. He'd lost count of how many times their teachers had scolded Kacchan for doing just that in training. He followed the sound of Kacchan moving to the window. Cussing, the blond wrestled it open against the wind. Rain immediately slammed into them. Lightning flashed and thunder roared immediately after, shaking Izuku to his bones.

Kacchan climbed onto the windowsill, straddling it. "It's fucking slippery! Be careful!" he yelled over the wind. Then his eyes went wide, staring at something over Izuku's shoulder.

Izuku whipped around. The little girl was right behind him. Izuku flinched back toward Kacchan, knocking into him - but the girl flicked - appearing right in front of him - and grabbed his hand, her little face twisted with rage.

Blinding pain brought Izuku crashing to his knees. His hand was mangled! Bones stuck up in all directions; blood spurt hot over his face and splattered the floor. Izuku screamed in terror as he stared at the devastation. Breaks this bad meant his already weakened hand would be crippled for life! The pain was nothing to the realization his life as a hero was now over.

"Deku!" A rough hand grabbed him by the belt and yanked him hard against the window frame, almost pulling him out. "DEKU!"

Izuku's hand was in agony. He couldn't stop screaming as blood continued to spurt, the white of bone sticking out gruesomely like blood-soaked porcupine quills. Wind and rain lashed his face and shoulders, drenching him. Kacchan's hands were cold as they clawed into his shoulders.

"IF YOU LET ME FALL, I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!" Kacchan roared in his face, red eyes blazing.

Izuku's screams sputtered to a halt. Kacchan was clawing at him because he'd slipped and was struggling to get his legs back over the windowsill! Izuku grabbed him with his good hand. Kacchan flailed for something else to hold on to and grabbed Izuku's other hand, clamping down.

Izuku howled in agony, but he set his feet and endured until Kacchan crawled through the window and fell to the floor, pulling Izuku down with him. Izuku was sobbing hysterically at this point. Kacchan was saying something, yelling, but Izuku was too lost to hear it. Then something warm pressed hard against his mouth.

Everything froze in that moment. Shock dissolved into wonder as his lips softened and the kiss deepened. The sensation of fireworks shot through Izuku's mind and chest, hot and shinning. Slowly, Kacchan pulled away. He was panting, staring at Izuku with wide, wild eyes. Izuku gaped at him dumbly, lips tingling. Kacchan had kissed him!

"Your hand's fucking fine," Kacchan said low and rough. "It's not real, Deku. Look. You're fine."

Izuku, lips on fire, goosebumps rising along his neck and arms, stared dumbly down at his shaking hands. Kacchan was right. They were both fine. The skin was unbroken; there was no blood or bone. The pain was completely gone. Breath still rasping in and out of his tight throat, Izuku stared at Kacchan in wonder. The blond looked away.

"You got something to say, nerd?" Kacchan demanded, unable to hold his eyes.

"Kacchan..." Izuku breathed.

"It's fucking Primus! Get it fucking right!" Kacchan snarled and got to his feet. "We've got to get out of here. Are you with me or do I have to carry you out like some fucking damsel in distress?"

Izuku swallowed. He was still reeling from the after effects of his broken hand and the shock of Kacchan kissing him. He felt numb, almost floaty. "I'm with you," he said from far away. Somehow he managed to get to his feet.

"The window's fucking out," Kacchan growled. He was soaked through and dripping on the books under their feet. "Not with our minds so unreliable, we'd fucking fall and kill ourselves." Red eyes pierced into his. "I say we charge the front door. No matter what we see, we don't fucking stop. Not 'til we're out." Kacchan narrowed his eyes. "Can you handle it, Deku?"

Izuku glared back, the fog lifting as anger burned through him. "I can handle it," he snapped.

To prove himself, he hid the shaking of his hands by clenching them into fists and marched over to the library door. For the first time since entering the house, Izuku activated his quirk. His skin took on a soft glow, green sparks dancing up and down his frame. One kick and the door shattered.

Izuku darted into the hallway. He didn't bother with the flashlight. Vision was a liability at this point. He ran his hands along the walls as he sprinted for the stairs. A boom behind him told him Kacchan was right on his heels, propelled by his explosions.

Izuku started down the stairs, but something grabbed his ankle. He gave a short scream and began to fall. A hot palm grabbed the back of his uniform, yanking him onto his feet. Hands - ice cold ones - grabbed at his ankles, his thighs, his waist, his arms, his hair. Yelling in defiance, Izuku forced his way through, but the hands kept coming back! They crawled all over him, tearing his uniform and skin, drawing blood.

Behind him, Kacchan gave a choked gasp. Izuku spun. The flashlight flicked on, illuminating corpse-blue hands pulling Kacchan down against the stairs. Stairs that were slowly melting under them! Izuku didn't have time to worry about the melting staircase! Two dead hands were fisted tight around the blond's throat. Kacchan's eyes were wide with panic, his face tight as it darkened with suffocation.

Izuku leapt on top of his partner, his knees sinking into the melting wood. With quick snaps, he broke the fingers around Kacchan's throat. The blond gasped and cursed as he flailed, but there was no escaping the tar-like substance swallowing them whole. Izuku wrapped his arms around Kacchan's torso and held on tight as they were swallowed. It pressed in all around them, wet and gooey, undulating. It oozed up his nose, past the cracks of his eyes and lips, slid into his ears.

Izuku pressed his face tight to Kacchan's chest. His lungs burned, desperate for air! Then they were falling through empty space! They hit the ground hard enough that what little air Izuku had left was knocked from his chest. The flashlight slid from his hand.

"You weigh… a fucking… ton," Kacchan gasped, panting, and pushed Izuku off his chest. With a look of utter revulsion, he wiped ooze from his face. It had the tangy, iron smell of fresh blood. "Fuuuuck."

Still breathing hard, Izuku looked around with wide eyes. The flashlight had fallen a few feet away from them, pointing at a dirt wall. He could hear something dripping in the darkness. "I think… we're in… the basement," he whispered breathlessly, dread thick in his voice.

"Just where I want to be," Kacchan snarled and lifted his palm, letting off sparks and pops. "In a fucking basement of a fucking haunted house!"

In the flickering light cast by his mini-explosions, they could see boxes and old furniture… And the little girl standing against the far wall, long black hair hanging in front of her face! They leapt to their feet. Kacchan's free hand held tight to Izuku's arm, keeping him at his side.

"What the fuck do you want from us!?" the blond yelled furiously.

The little girl shuffled forward, froze, then shuffled a few inches closer.

Izuku was shaking, breathing quick and fast, but he had to try. He gave a shaky smile. "We're here to help you. I know it's scary, but you can trust us. We're your friends."

The little girl lifted her face, and Izuku had to bite back a cry. It was battered so badly both of the girl's eyes were swollen shut, her nose was horrifically broken, and her lips had literally been torn apart by her shattered teeth. Blood dribbled from the tears as she tried to talk, voice small and agonized.

"Hey, no, it's okay. Don't talk. It's going to be okay," Izuku promised her, tears filling his eyes. "We're going to help you." He pulled against Kacchan's hold, but the blond was not letting go. "It's going to be okay. We won't let anyone hurt you. It's okay now. You're safe."

The little girl broke into sobs and ran into the darkness. Izuku yanked free of Kacchan's grip and went to run after her, but Kacchan gave a piercing scream from behind him! Izuku whipped around to see the little girl clinging to Kacchan's back. Her broken mouth opened inhumanly wide and clamped down on the side of blond's neck.

Kacchan reflexively lifted his hand and blasted her off. Her head exploded as she was flung back. Red blood splattered the wall. She hit the ground with a wet thud and began to seizure, her foot kicking the flashlight and sending it spinning. It stopped, pointing almost directly at Kacchan, casting the rest of the basement in perfect darkness.

In the glare of the flashlight beam, Kacchan dropped to his knees, hand gripping the bite wound. Hot blood spurt horrifically through his fingers. He looked so pale. His side was already drenched in red.

"It's not real." Izuku grabbed one of the compression bandages rolled up on his belt and practically flung himself to his knees next to his partner. "Kacchan! It's not real."

"Fuck," Kacchan rasped weakly. He swayed, toppling sideways.

Izuku caught him and lowered him down into his lap. He pulled Kacchan's hand away from the horrific hole in his neck and slapped the compression bandage down, holding it tight. "You're going to be fine," Izuku promised desperately, eyes wide.

Kacchan lay dazed, eyes half-lidded. "I fucking hate you."

Izuku's breath caught. Tears stung his eyes. "I know," he whispered hoarsely.

Kacchan's ruby eyes glinted up at him. "I hate… how you think you're better… than me… Hate how everyone loves… your fucking nerd ass… Hate how fucking… strong you are."

Izuku's stomach tensed, his heart twisted. "What? Kacchan?"

"I hate… how you break yourself over… and over to save… everyone… even me…" Kacchan's voice grew quieter, the spaces growing between the words. "I hate how… I don't really hate you…"

Izuku's breath caught.

Kacchan lifted a hand slick with blood and touched Izuku's cheek softly. "Haven't hated you, Deku… Not for a long time… There was just too much… but fuck… I fucking..." Kacchan was gasping now, breathing fast and shallow. Izuku held him close. "I'm fucking glad... it was me... not you… fucking… glad…"

Izuku shuddered as Kacchan exhaled softly and didn't breathe back in. The blond's eyes went distant, faded. His body became heavier somehow, for all that it was suddenly empty. Izuku stared blindly down at him, shaking.

"What the hell," he said faintly. Then louder. "What the hell!" Izuku curled over the blond, holding him desperately. A scream tore loose from deep in his chest, a wave of emotion breaking him into pieces. "You don't get to say that to me and then die, Kacchan! No!This isn't happening! This isn't real!"

Izuku was suddenly standing. He couldn't catch his breath. The feel of Kacchan's blood on his hands, the smear on his cheek, burned. No. No! He just kept thinking that over and over. Just... No. He stared blindly into the dark. Something skittered at the edge of his vision and hearing, and he didn't even care.

"I'm fucking glad... it was me... not you…"

A scream of pain, of rage, built in Izuku's gut. No way! Not loud, bigger than life Kacchan — always strutting and glaring — always grinning in the face of villains — a fearless hero with profanity flying from his lips and eyes burning with fury — That can't all be gone. This can't be real!

"I hate how… I don't really hate you…"

How long? How long had Izuku waited to hear those words?! How long had he been chasing after the image of victory Kacchan cut in his mind? His best friend, lost for reasons he could never fathom. HOW LONG HAD HE WAITED? And... and now Kacchan was just... gone?

The memory of Kacchan kissing him flared behind his eyes. The knowledge he'd never know what it meant now completely shattered him - what could have been - what he'd longed for and never hoped to have and actually might have gotten - all gone forever.

Tilting his head back, Izuku screamed again and again. The girl skittered up the wall on all fours like a spider, her knees bent sharply the wrong way. She hung from the ceiling above him. Her mouth gaped open, bugs writhing in the dark depths of her throat.

Kacchan lay dead at his feet — a brief kiss in the dark and a rasped "I don't really hate you, Deku… Not for a long time…" — Kacchan's blood hot and tacky on his hands — red eyes blank and dull — She'd taken everything from him.

A fusion of soul-deep grief and mind-shredding fury tore from him in one long, agonizing scream. The demonic girl shattered at the sound. The walls of the basement began to crumble in on him. Izuku didn't care. Let it bury him! Let it bury him and Kacchan together! He Was DONE!

Screaming, Izuku sat up. Light blinded him. He couldn't catch his breath. His throat was coated with red hot lava, but still he screamed. Hands grabbed him tight, and he flailed weakly, sobbing.

"… just a dream! Izuku! It was just a dream!"

Izuku blinked, heart still racing a mile a minute. All Might stared at him, face creased in worry. Swaying, dizzy, Izuku croaked painfully, "—chan?"

"Young Bakugo is fine," All Might assured him, flashing a heroic smile. "You were hit with a nasty nightmare quirk. Everyone will be overjoyed to know you've finally awakened."

Izuku sat there, trying desperately to catch his breath, to make sense of everything. All Might poured him a glass of water. Izuku took the cup in numb hands, just staring around at the room until he recognized it. The infirmary at school; he was at UA.

All Might fussed over him, telling him to rest and drink the water, that Recovery Girl would be in any minute to look him over.

Izuku sat there and said nothing. He couldn't stop crying.


Izuku sat alone on the couch back at home. There was a cartoon movie on, but he wasn't really watching it. It'd been nearly a week since he'd woken from the nightmare quirk, and he still didn't feel right. It had been hard, trying to fake it, seeing the looks of worry on everyone's faces when he failed, so Aizawa had given him permission to go home for the weekend. He hoped getting away would give Izuku the space he needed to recover.

His mom had been thrilled, of course. She'd even taken the weekend off, but an emergency had come up at the hospital and she'd had to go in. Izuku was almost glad. She was great, and he really missed seeing her, but he still felt like he had to hide the pain, even from her, and it was exhausting.

It wasn't like he could explain it to her or anyone else. It was stupid! He knew it was. Nothing in that stupid dream had been real. Nothing. And that was a good thing! Kacchan was alive! And yet… Izuku still felt like he'd lost something precious, something he would never get back. It haunted him.

Everyone thought it was the fear, and, yes, the girl and the dad and the house and the cockroaches and rotting bodies… All of that had been beyond terrifying. Kacchan dying — Izuku never wanted to experience that again! Still, he could have gotten over all of that! He could have thrown himself into training and moved past it.

Izuku pressed his face against his knees, tears soaking into his jeans. How was he supposed to deal with the reality that Kacchan might never say he didn't hate him? To have what he'd been waiting and hoping for for so long taken away again… It felt like a chunk of his heart had been ripped from his chest and was still missing.

If only he didn't know! Didn't know what it felt like to have Kacchan's lips pressed against his own! If only he didn't know that it felt like falling and fireworks and coming home! It was tearing him apart!

A knock on the door pulled him from his depressing thoughts. Izuku scrubbed at his face with his sleeve and made his way down the hallway. He opened the door, exhausted and defeated.

His eyes were lowered, so he saw the boots first. Black, knee high combat boots with orange laces. Black fatigues tucked into the top. A loose black tank top and bare, muscular arms crossed over an equally muscular chest. Izuku's mouth fell open as he lifted his eyes to Kacchan's face and saw that a large, black witch's hat sat on his head. The wide, floppy brim hung low at an angle, obscuring one red eye from view until the blond tilted his chin up arrogantly.

"Trick or treat, nerd," the blond drawled, glaring.

Izuku blinked. "What?"

Kacchan rolled his eyes. "Trick or treat. It's fucking Halloween, Deku."

"You want candy?" Izuku asked dumbly.

Kacchan snorted, mouth curling into a reluctant smile. "Sure, if you've got some." He pushed past Izuku and stomped his way down the hallway. "It better not be that cheap ass sour shit, either. Or tootsie rolls. I fucking hate those."

Izuku shut the door and trailed after him. His heart was racing a mile a minute. Was he dreaming? Because Kacchan was standing in his living room, looking like some kind of combat witch.

The blond looked around the room with critical eyes and crossed his arms. "Should have guessed you'd be watching some animated baby movie," he said with a cocky smirk, hips canted. "You're supposed to be watching a horror movie, Deku. Can't you do anything right?"

Izuku couldn't look away from the black witch's hat. The point folded over near the top. An orange band was sewn around the base, matching the orange of his laces. It was almost half as wide as his shoulders and was slanted just slightly to the right. Red eyes watched him from the shadows under the tilted brim, cat-like. Was Kacchan wearing black eye-liner?

"You good, Deku?" Kacchan asked intently, voice low. "You look like you're about to faint."

"I… I just don't know if I'm dreaming or not," he admitted. "I mean… Am I?"

Suddenly Kacchan was up in Izuku's face, and all thoughts of hats disappeared as red eyes glared at him from less than a foot away. "You're not fucking dreaming, okay?"

"Okay," Izuku said faintly, swallowing hard.

Kacchan stared at him, eyes moving over Izuku's face. "You've been fucking crying…" He lifted his hand, hesitated, then gently ran his thumb across Izuku's cheek.

Izuku sucked in a quiet breath, the warmth of Kacchan's finger like a brand against his skin.

"The whole fucking class is blaming me, you know," Kacchan told him quietly. "Said watching me die really messed you up and it was up to me to fucking fix you, even though I didn't fucking do anything to you."

Izuku could only stare, heart in his throat.

A glare darkened Kacchan's features. "This time, anyway." Burning red eyes held his own. "I fucking heard you, you know. In the infirmary. You were in there for fucking days, and the teachers weren't telling us shit, so I snuck in. I heard you screaming my name."

"You died," Izuku explained weakly, nerves strung tight.

Kacchan's eyes narrowed dangerously. "I didn't think you'd care that much. I mean, I fucking told you to jump off a building back in middle school. I fucking bullied you for years. I still give you shit. So, why? Why the fuck would you scream like that just because some fucking villain took me out?"

Izuku closed his eyes against Kacchan's anger. Brokenly, he whispered, "You know why, Kacchan."

"Yeah." Kacchan's voice was a low rasp in the dark. "I do."

Izuku's eyes flew open, his heart beating wildly against his ribs as suddenly Kacchan pulled him forward and kissed him hard. With a soft growl, Kacchan's rough hands slid into Izuku's hair, forcing his head to tilt backward. Izuku's mouth parted on a gasp, and Kacchan's tongue thrust deep inside.

Izuku felt weightless, sparks igniting under his skin! Heat thundered through his veins with every beat of his pounding heart, and he clutched desperately at Kacchan's tank top, kissing him back for all he was worth. Their lips grew salty with Izuku's tears, but that only made Kacchan nip and suck harder until Izuku's lips felt scrapped raw.

Dizzy, Izuku pulled air in through his nose, but instead of oxygen, his lungs were filled with the scent of Kacchan's skin and coconut shampoo. Kacchan broke the seal of their lips just as Izuku's knees gave out. He held Izuku tight to his chest, a wild look in his eyes.

"Holy fuck," he rasped, voice gone smoky.

Izuku stood panting in his arms, still clinging to the blond's shoulders. He opened his mouth — but there were no words. He could only stare in utter shock, skin aflame, heart beating as if trying to leap out of his chest. And suddenly he was crying.

"The hell?" Kacchan demanded, setting Izuku on his feet and stepping back. "Why the fuck are you crying, shitty nerd?"

"Is this real?" Izuku's couldn't catch his breath as the panic spiraled tighter around his chest. "I can't tell… Kacchan, I can't…"

The blond reached up and pinched both of Izuku's cheeks, pulling on them hard enough to hurt. "Fucking breathe, Deku. You're not supposed to have a fucking panic attack when someone kisses you."

Izuku pulled away, glaring. "What do you expect, Kacchan?! I mean, you came to my door with a witch's hat and said trick or treat! That's not exactly normal behavior! Let alone kissing me! You hate me!"

Kacchan snarled, grabbed the hat, and flung it down. "Shut up about the fucking hat! It's for the shitty Halloween party! I came to see if you'd fucking come, you fucking nerd! Everyone's worried sick about you!"

"Well, it's weird!" Izuku defended, crossing his arms.

"Did you fucking like it or not?!" Kacchan yelled.

"Like what?" Izuku yelled back.

"Kissing me, you idiot!"

Izuku flung his hands up. "Yes! I liked it, Kacchan! I liked it so much it terrifies me!"

Kacchan stared at him and then threw his head back and laughed. "You're scared of how much you liked it? That doesn't make any fucking sense, Deku."

Izuku glared at him through his tears. "What if this isn't real and it's a dream? What if it's real, but you change your mind and I lose this feeling forever? What if I can't ever stop loving you and you hate me for the rest of our lives? What if I always feel this broken?"

Kacchan stared at him as if he'd lost his mind. "Jesus, Deku. What the fuck did that dream do to you?"

Izuku spun, mortification burning him down to the bone. Kacchan caught his wrist before he could storm off, and Izuku spun around with a scream of fury, throwing a punch right at the blond's face. Kacchan knocked the sloppy blow aside and slammed him up against the wall. They were both panting.

"I can't promise how things will end up," Kacchan said lowly, meeting him glare for glare. "But whatever the fuck this is between us, I fucking feel it, too." He leaned forward, resting his forehead against Izuku's. "I'm not a fucking dream, Izuku. And I haven't hated you for a long fucking time. I think we both know that."

God! If this was a dream, Izuku prayed he never woke up! Overwhelmed with joy and need and hunger, he gave a low, needy cry and surged up onto his toes, taking Kacchan's mouth with his. They kissed like it was a battle, tongues tangling and teeth nipping. They kissed until Izuku's head spun and his legs grew weak again.

Kacchan broke away, lips swollen and cherry red. "This is fucking messy as hell, Izuku," he warned, voice a growl. "We don't have an easy past, and I'm not an easy person…" He paused. "I'm not an easy lover." Izuku stared at him. Kacchan stared intently back. "Do you understand what I'm saying, nerd?" His eyes burned into Izuku. "Are you really fucking sure you want to start this shit with me? Because I'm rough as hell. I don't do soft." In contrast to his words, he gently thumbed Izuku's swollen lower lip. "I don't want you going into this thinking I'm going to suddenly be different."

Izuku sucked in a tight breath, the ache at his core only growing. "I know," he whispered. "Kacchan's Kacchan…" Shyly, cheeks burning, he admitted, "I don't want you to change who you are. I've never wanted that." Tears filled his eyes. "All I've ever wanted was for you not to hate me because…" Izuku reached up and grabbed Kacchan's hand tightly in his. "I think I've been in love with you for half my life."

Kacchan's pupils dilated. "Fuck, Zuku." His arm snaked around Izuku's lower back, holding him up on his toes as he practically swallowed Izuku's lips. Izuku held on for dear life, slowly bending backward as Kacchan pressed forward.

Izuku's heart thundered in his chest as he let himself be consumed by Kacchan's fire, and it felt as amazing as One For All blazing under his skin. Kacchan's lips weren't smooth. They were slightly chapped, but his tongue was slick and nimble, pressing on his own. Heat burned through Izuku's core. Hot enough that Izuku really thought he was going to catch fire.

Kacchan's strong hands held him up instead of tearing him down - Kacchan's mouth sent shocks of pleasure through his every nerve instead of lashing him with hurtful words - deep red eyes looked at him, really saw him, and burned with warmth and affection instead of anger — Izuku never wanted it to end; he wanted to disappear in this moment forever!

Breaking the seal of their mouths, Kacchan demanded breathlessly, "Where's your fucking room?"

Izuku couldn't talk. He was breathing too hard, too fast. He pulled Kacchan's mouth back to his, couldn't live without that connection, and stumbled clumsily down the hallway. He pulled Kacchan with him, their lips never separating for more than a second. They practically tumbled through his bedroom door. Kacchan was already topless, his tank top falling to pieces under Izuku's grasping hands somewhere along the way.

Breathless, they dropped down onto Izuku's bed. Kacchan reared up and yanked Izuku's long-sleeved shirt up over his head and threw it to the floor before crashing their mouths back together. Izuku arched into the hard planes of the blond's body, mind spinning, stomach fluttering. He couldn't get enough! His hands roamed Kacchan's bare skin hungrily, fingers digging in.

"You a virgin, Deku?" Kacchan growled into his mouth, nipping at his raw lips.

Panting and dazed, Izuku didn't have enough mental capacity to lie. "Y-Yes."

"Shit." Kacchan pulled back and closed his eyes for a minute. When he opened them, they were still dark with lust, but his breathing was easier. "You ever make out at least? Maybe with Cheeks or Glasses? Get to second or third base?"

Blushing, Izuku shook his head. "You're… You're my first kiss," he admitted, and then anxiously, "Is that bad?"

"Fuck no," Kacchan said hotly, but he climbed off Izuku's lap and pulled Izuku into a sitting position. The blond's hair stood up in messy spikes from Izuku's hands. His cheeks were flushed, his lips nearly as red as his eyes. Izuku couldn't look away. "I just need to be clear on what you're good with." Expression serious, he asked, "How far are you wanting to take things tonight?"

Izuku's heart fluttered at this proof that Kacchan actually cared about him. "All the way," he answered confidently. He reached up and tangled a hand in the blond's coarse hair once more, needing to touch. It still sent a shivery shock through him that Kacchan let him! Kacchan even leaned into the touch, eyes heavy-lidded, almost purring. "I want all of you," he confessed breathlessly. He'd already waited more than a decade for their feud to be over. He couldn't stand waiting another minute longer!

"Fuck," Kacchan groaned and pulled him forward. He kissed Izuku breathless once more, but when Izuku tried to pull him down on top of him again, Kacchan resisted and broke the kiss. "Shit, Deku. Wait a second," he snapped, glaring. "Do you even know what that means?"

Izuku huffed, frustration growing into a sharp sting within his chest. Was Kacchan going to reject him after all? "Yes, Kacchan. I'm not an idiot!" His cheeks burned red, but he lifted his chin and refused to be ashamed. "I masturbate, okay? And I've… I've watched a few movies, so, yes! I know what I'm saying, and I want to have sex with you, okay?"

Kacchan quirked an eyebrow, a slow, devastating smirk spread across his face. "Oh, yeah?" His voice dropped. "Do you like watching naughty videos, Deku?"

"Honestly, no," Izuku snapped, mortified, crossing his arms over his chest defensively.

Kacchan leaned closer, lapping at the angry line of Izuku's mouth. "Hmmm? Prefer your own imagination?" Grinning, he pushed Izuku flat on the bed, forcing Izuku's arms out and open. Red eyes pinned to his own, Kacchan leaned down, voice dropping to a low, seductive whisper. "Wonder what you think about while you're touching yourself. Do you imagine it's someone else touching you? Do you imagine what it would feel like to have someone's fist tight around you as you cum?"

Izuku stared, falling under the blond's spell. His anger and embarrassment flared back into a burning hunger at the blond's provocative words. Still smirking, Kacchan sat up, straddling Izuku's waist. He arched, chest bare, muscles flexing subtly. Izuku sucked in a soft breath, making the blond's smirk widen.

Leaning down slowly, never breaking eye contact, Kacchan planted a hand on either side of Izuku's head. Face inches from Izuku's, he purred, "Do you think of me when you touch yourself, Izuku?"

Izuku was trembling now. "Yes," he whispered honestly. "It's always only ever been you."

Kacchan took Izuku's mouth almost violently, as if he were trying to suck Izuku's soul from his body! In a daze, Izuku felt the blond tug roughly at his jeans and did his best to lift his hips and help get them off his legs. Kacchan's pants were pulled opened but stayed on. There was no way either of them could stop long enough to get the damn combat boots off.

"Why'd you… have to… wear boots?" Izuku complained breathlessly.

"Didn't think we'd just fucking tumble into bed," Kacchan growled against Izuku's neck. He licked a line from Izuku's shoulder to his jaw. Goosebumps rose sharply over Izuku's arms. "Was gonna bring you to the party, remember?"

Suddenly, Kacchan pulled away. His strong hands grabbed Izuku's thighs, and he yanked him to the edge of the bed. Izuku gave a cry, his feet falling to the floor. Kacchan, standing, pushed between Izuku's legs and folded over him, thrusting their hips together. Izuku gasped at the feel of Kacchan's warm skin against his own, their cocks pinned side-by-side between their bodies.

"Feel good, Izuku?" he hummed, bracing his forearm above Izuku's head.

Face flushed, mouth open, Izuku trembled under the blond's slowly rolling hips. He'd never felt anything like this! It was all just so incredible! Kacchan above him, half-naked - the feel of warm skin against his own - the pleasure of it all, the excitement! — Izuku could hardly wrap his mind around it, let alone speak.

"Hey," Kacchan panted, tugging at Izuku's hair. "You good? Talk to me."

Shaking, something pulsing and bright building in his core, Izuku arched up into Kacchan's body and practically moaned, "Yesss… good… so good…"

Grinning, Kacchan leaned down and pressing his mouth to Izuku's ear. He bit the tip before promising, "I've just gotten started, nerd. Hold on to me."

As Kacchan impossibly picked up speed, thrusting against him hard and fast, Izuku arched, fingers holding desperately to Kacchan's sharp shoulder blades. He stared blindly up at the ceiling, his face damp with sweat, Kacchan breathing heavy in his ear. Electric heat zapped up his spine and down his legs. A whimpering cry tore free from his throat. He grabbed Kacchan's hips and held him tighter against him, desperate for something more. Close! So close!

"Shhh," Kacchan soothed, hips unexpectedly slowing. "I got you."

Kacchan reached between them and grabbed Izuku's throbbing cock. Izuku arched dramatically before collapsing limp, staring up at Kacchan with stars in his eyes. Kacchan grinned down at him, all teeth and triumph.

"This is going to be so good," the blond purred and squeezed his hand into a warm fist.

Izuku gave a cry, hips instinctively thrusting up into that suddenly tight channel. "Kacchan…. Kacchan…." he babbled mindlessly as lights flared behind his blind eyes. His mouth opened on a wanton cry, and he came between them, white ribbons shooting almost gracefully over his chest and stomach.

Izuku lay dazed, arms limp against the sheets. He lay completely naked, his legs spread and bent at the knee over the edge of the bed. His chest - decorated with strings of cum - heaved with every panting breath. Suddenly, heat rasped over his sensitive cock head. His whole body twitched, and he gave a soft mewl of protest, hands clumsily pushing Kacchan away.

"Can you go again?" the blond asked almost sweetly. He was on his knees between Izuku's trembling thighs. He licked his lips hungrily. "Wanna make you fly, Zuku. Gonna taste you as you cum. Want it so bad."

Izuku stared into red eyes that had gone dark with need and shivered, thrilling in the fact those eyes were sharply focused on him. This was Kacchan! His Kacchan! Izuku went limp, trusting him.

"Oh, Zuku…" Kacchan moaned needily and torturously licked up Izuku's oversensitive shaft.

Izuku bit back a yelp of pain. His legs kicked in reaction. His thighs tried to close, but Kacchan's broad shoulders held them open. Izuku turned his face away, biting into the sheet, but Kacchan didn't stop. He kept dragging his tongue up Izuku's cock over and over.

"It hurts!" Izuku yelled desperately, tears filling his wide eyes. "Kacchan, it stings!"

Kacchan lifted his head, his expression stealing Izuku's breath away. He'd never seen Kacchan look so fierce, expression almost feral. "You want me to stop?" he asked, voice a rasping growl. "I promise if you hold on, it'll be the best fucking thing you've ever felt, but if you're not ready…"

Izuku fought to catch his breath, mind working. It was tempting. He was tired, and it stung! But… He wanted to know - No! He needed to know what Kacchan was capable of making him feel. He couldn't stand living with any more regrets.

"I can take it," he decided, still breathing hard. Tears beaded up on his lashes, but he held Kacchan's eyes without flinching. "Do it. Make me cum again."

Kacchan grinned wide. "Fuck, you're fucking perfect," he said hoarsely, nipping at Izuku's trembling thigh. "Knew you would be. Knew if I got a taste, I'd become addicted."

Izuku gasped, shocked at hearing Kacchan call him perfect. Tears welled in his wide eyes. His lower lip trembled. "Kacchan…"

"So pretty when you cry," Kacchan confessed on a moan. Eyes glued to Izuku's face, he lowered his head and sucked Izuku's half-hard cock completely into his burning hot mouth.

Izuku's body jerked! A gasping sob fell from his lips. He tried to curl up and escape the overwhelming sensations, but Kacchan's palm on his shuddering chest pinned him flat. Every flick of Kacchan's tongue and soft suck of his mouth set Izuku on edge and made his body twitch and jerk painfully.

"AHH!" he screamed, eyes wide and glassy, tears streaking his face messily. "K-Kacch-chan!"

Sobbing, fisting the sheets, he tried desperately to get away from that hot, stinging mouth. Flushed cheeks streaked with tears, his face and chest damp with sweat, he twisted and arched against the sheets. Kacchan watched him through long, blond lashes and hummed.

Izuku's body snapped up into a sitting position, tugging sharply at the restraining hold around his wrists. Kacchan's grip only tightened. Izuku sucked in one sobbing breath after another, eyes wide, as the blond began to bounce his head up and down faster.

Whimpering, shaking, Izuku grit his teeth and prayed for an end, but slowly… slowly… just as Kacchan promised… the pain began to transform into sharp sparks of pleasure. Body strung tight between stinging pain and a burning pleasure, Izuku found himself curled over the blond's bobbing head and rocking helplessly up into Kacchan's sloppy mouth.

Darkness crowded his vision. A deep, aching heat pooled in his gut, and without any warning, ecstasy crashed through his body making his ears literally ring. He flung his head back with a ringing cry, back arched gracefully. It went on and on, shaking him to his core. Electricity surged up through his center and exploded out of him in a violent burst! Izuku tumbled into a sea of honeyed static, falling limply backward onto the bed.

He woke in fits and starts, his mind washing in and out. Slowly, the ringing in his ears faded and he became aware of something damp running along his face. Eyes still closed, Izuku gave a soft sigh. It was Kacchan lapping lazily at his cheek and lips. Hearing his sigh, Kacchan pulled away, and Izuku's eyes fluttered hazily open. Kacchan gave him a slow smile, eyes heavy and lidded.

"You with me, Deku?" he asked, voice warm and smoky.

Izuku hummed, a heavy fog still saturating his body and mind. He felt heavy, his mind light - almost like he could float out of it at any moment.

"You were so good, Zuku. Fuck, never knew you could be so fucking sexy." Kacchan ran his thumb over Izuku's kiss-swollen lips. "I fucking came so hard all over your pretty face. Felt so fucking good."

Brows dipping, Izuku hummed a question.

"Don't worry," Kacchan purred, teeth flashing in a cheshire grin. "I'll clean it all up."

The blond leaned closer, his tongue dragging softly over Izuku's upper lip, then over the bridge of his nose. Izuku's heart did another flutter as he realized he could smell it. The musky, bitter scent of Kacchan's cum on his face. Warmth spread through Izuku's chest and out to his fingers and toes, making them tingle, and he wound his arms around Kacchan's shoulders, basking in the feel of Kacchan gently licking him clean.

After a few minutes, Kacchan finished and pulled away, his expression soft in a way Izuku had never seen before. He was absolutely beautiful, and Izuku stared up at him in wonder. Kacchan smiled down at him and brushed the damp bangs from Izuku's forehead. Strangely, the gentle gesture sent anxiety punching into his chest.

"Don't leave?" Izuku whispered fearfully, trembling.

Kacchan immediately leaned down, putting his forehead against Izuku's. "You opened this door, Zuku, and now that I know what's behind it, I'm not going any fucking where. In fact…" His eyes glinted with humor. "The only way this'll end is in a screaming match and you throwing something fucking heavy at my head before kicking me out."

Izuku laughed tearfully. "I can live with that," he said, knowing that would never happen. Now that he had Kacchan at last, Izuku was never letting go.

— The End —


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