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Chapter 1

Harry and Natasha were sitting in the children's pool, playing with little James, named for Harry's father, a baby of only six months. He was their first son and had his father's black hair, but Natasha's darker green eyes. Natasha was not ready for another child, and nobody was pushing, but Xera was already pregnant with her and Harry's second. Hers and Harry's first had been a beautiful girl with dark brown curls. Her name was Xelia, chosen for Xera's mother, apparently. Xera and the child were inseparable, as was the norm for Nymphs. The child would need regular contact, until she was old enough to plant a seed, which would sprout her tree.

They were watching over the children who were enjoying the water, including a tan-skinned golden-blond-haired girl that seemed to be around three years old. She was the first known Nymph to sprout from a Golden Apple tree, specifically the one which was located in the Nymph House. She had been named Xara and she was the envy of all the Nymphs for her coloration. Nearly all the Nymphs had pale skin and hair ranging from brown to red, the colours of autumn. There were a few exceptions though, with dark hair, which seemed almost black, but with a green sheen to them, when caught in the light. Golden-blond was new, though.

The atmosphere on New Atlantis was what it had been for the last year; peaceful. The island had blossomed even more life, with the arrival of Xara. There was something about her that radiated vitality to everything around her, more than the average Nymph was capable of, even though the little Nymph was quite mischievous. She was a free spirit and fearless, when confronted with the magical animals on the island, even the ones that were normally territorial.

It had scared the hell out of Harry when he found her playing in a field where the local population of Erumpent were busy with their mating rituals. She'd simply smiled and giggled at the explosions, clapping her hands and making encouraging sounds without a care for her own wellbeing. The animals, for their part, seemed to ignore her presence, besides keeping a bit of distance from her, but that didn't make Harry feel any better.

A Light Elf guard had since been appointed, to ensure the little girl didn't find her way to one of the enclosures, where the more dangerous animals were kept, although when Molly Weasley had heard about the erumpent incident, she'd been like a hawk watching the girl. The little girl had since never had the opportunity to wander too far and was, more often than not, being coddled by the over-mothering woman.

Arthur, her husband, had taken to life as a magical consultant with PI and Stark Industries, for his experience with magically modified mundane artefacts. He was in heaven, most of the time, since he was being allowed to learn about things he'd never even dreamed of. Tony had been right to send him on those courses to have his mundane knowledge brought up to speed. Or, to be more precise, to hire him a tutor to bring him up to speed. It had started off difficultly, trying to break many years of misconceptions, but the man had a real thirst for anything mundane and had eventually gotten to the point where he became useful, and on occasion, even insightful. That was expected though. Many years in the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts department had taught him a lot.

Bill had started working with EPI, as a ward specialist, working with many of the divisions of the peace-keeping organization. His expertise with the magics of the ancient world had given him a certain edge when it came to securing locations and setting up traps for enemy combatants, as well as detecting traps and helping EPI's people find the best ways to infiltrate enemy locations.

Fleur, his wife, had taken a post at Xavier's institute, teaching French and ethics classes. She'd originally taken a post so that she could keep an eye on her younger sister, Gabrielle, but since had learned that her own experiences gave her a certain insight into helping the mutants, or Enhanced, as Harry preferred to call them. When she could, she'd even help them acclimate to their powers, or help put out fires, sometimes literally.

Her father, previously a French diplomat for the French Magical Government, had taken a post at PI, as a public relations official. He was a godsend, as he was a talented word-smith. He could receive a scathing call and have the person apologise to him by the end of the conversation, even if the client had a good reason to be upset. He loved his job.

Fleur's mother, Apolline, was a new addition to the staff on New Atlantis, ensuring all the sentient life had everything they needed, not only for their physical health, but also the emotional. It had started off as intervening with the local population of Veela and Logan, AKA Wolverine, when his relationship with May Parker ended, when she seemed all too willing to bring Veela or Nymphs into the relationship with them. May was apparently just a little too open-minded for him and the Veela had thought the end of the relationship meant that they could sneak into his cabin at night, for a bit of 'fun'.

He'd since started spending time with Hela, the Norse Goddess of Death, and Harry's adopted sister, to her great delight. She wasn't pushing and they weren't anything official, but they had time and it seemed to be going well, with how they were both stoic, but with a dark streak. Logan was just enjoying the fact that people left him alone with her around and she didn't mind capitalizing on that.

Charlie, who was loving life on the island, even though he didn't end up getting a dragon familiar, had delighted in all the attention from the Veela and he'd since become the de-facto male to see to their needs. He wasn't taking any chances though, and none of the Veela had conceived from their interactions, yet. He'd also made his stance very clear, at Apolline's insistence. Besides that, he was enjoying working with all the dangerous animals, but not as much as Hagrid.

Hagrid was ecstatic. He was constantly trying to coax the monstrous creatures to play with him, when he went in to feed them. Logan had just smirked when he found the big man wrestling with a Manticore, who was desperately trying to get away from Hagrid's monstrous strength. Its stinger had not been able to penetrate Hagrid's protective gear and he hadn't acted like he felt it. Logan actually thought the creature was afraid, but he couldn't understand what it was saying, while Hagrid was just laughing while he played with the 'misunderstood creature'.

Sirius had not been doing much more than dating and drinking, for the first few months, but even he had become restless and had ended up joining EPI. His training as an Auror had given him certain skills that were very much appreciated in the field. He'd complained about having to go through basic training, even though, as a wizard, he recovered more quickly than any normal human. Since then, he'd been incorporated into one of the stealth squads, which used Harry's gear to infiltrate and extract information. He didn't know about the Ghost Squad, but Fury had an eye on bringing him up to that level in the next few years. Sirius was no slouch and had already achieved many successes that his team would have been hard pressed to achieve without him.

Remus and Tonks had taken up residence on the island as well, but they were treating it as a holiday and just wanted to spend time with little Teddy. Their near-deaths had been eye opening. That being said, Tonks was sometimes called in as a consultant for her own expertise in infiltration, while Remus was happily reading through Harry's extensive Library, on all manner of dark magics. He was trying to find out how to permanently cure the werewolf infection and believed Harry's tomes held the answer, since nobody had been able to come up with an effective permanent cure for him.

Doctor Henry 'Hank' McCoy, or Beast, had since tried to start a relationship with one of the Nymphs, but that hadn't worked out, as the nature of his girlfriend meant that she kept on trying to invite others to their bedroom. They had ended things shortly after, but gentleman that he was, it was an amicable break-up, with both understanding that they weren't a good fit.

The Nymphs were patient though, and they continued to take their time, looking for males who seemed viable and interested, from the many guests to New Atlantis. Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, was at the top of their list, but he was just not the type to start something that he couldn't see working out in the long run. He also secretly hoped to one day have a son, and Nymphs were incapable of having male children.

Ron and Hermione had dated for a while, but it soon ended, when their clashing personalities drove them to fight after fight, which at first had driven them to passionate make-out sessions, but had later ended with them resenting each other, when either of them inevitably went too far.

Hermione and Steve had since started a friendship. She was younger, but they both delighted in learning about the modern world together. Hermione was quickly falling for the man, but he was resisting, due to the age difference, even though she appreciated his maturity. That being said, he still made time for her, since they were both relatively new to this modern age and had similar sensibilities. The fact that Hermione was very mature for her age and her English accent helped quite a bit too.

Hermione had been hired instantly as an assistant to Tony, for his work with Runes, while EPI often called on her knowledge as a magical consultant, to see where they could use magic to improve things or to help with the day-to-day. Repairing items that got damaged, especially with how much work EPI did, was a common occurrence, and Harry had not been able to make a Reparo Spell-Shell, since the wielder needed to know what they were doing to shape the spell properly.

Ron was happily playing and coaching Quiddich, as a team-building exercise at Xavier's Institute, at the newly built Quiddich stadium, his strategic mind taking full advantage of all the enhanced abilities. It wouldn't be useful to the children to play without using their powers, after all. This had had the side-effect of teaching all the children how to use finer control. Misdirection and feints were also part of the game.

Minerva had taken to spending time with Wanda, helping her advance her studies and learning quite a bit in the process from Harry's many books. She was also spending quite a bit of time with Yao, the previous Sorcerer Supreme and current island counsellor. There was something there that just made an instant connection, likely the fact that they had both seen to the education of mystical and magical students for many years. They were often seen just chatting and laughing, over a glass of wine, while watching the island's children at play.

Dumbledore was enjoying helping Bruce with his studies into Alchemy, since Harry had yet to achieve success in making someone a magical. He had no doubt that there would be new magicals at some point, likely including some of the current residents, like the younger elves. The rest of the time, he simply enjoyed the tropical paradise Harry had made. Something about the place invigorated him. He felt like a younger man. He suspected it was the Bahama Mama's, which had quickly became his favourite too, but his had just a dash of something extra. Eldrin, the elf at the bar refused to tell him what it was, though.

Odin and Frigga were happily chatting and watching the children play, while they sat in some shade and drank some cold drinks. Harry had no illusions about how long he'd have with little James, before Frigga couldn't resist joining them to play with her grandson. The baby boy, even at this very young age, had connected instantly with his grandma, and he would often start crying when she wasn't in the immediate vicinity. Especially when his mother was not around, which wasn't really all that often.

Natasha had taken to motherhood more than anyone had expected. Her fierce protectiveness over her family had only grown, but was fortunately mostly directed at her son. Harry didn't want to imagine her being more protective of himself as that would be pushing at the boundaries of obsessive behaviour. It wasn't his fault that the crazies inevitably showed up and attacked him, after all. To be fair, that hadn't happen for a while, either.

Thor was still spending most of his time on New Asgard, the duplicate city Harry had created to house the Asgard when their original home was destroyed by the Fire-Giant, Surtur. It floated above and slightly to the side of New Atlantis, never casting a shadow on the island, even though it was hidden by a Fidelius and was unplottable.

Baby James's favourite pastime, besides sleeping, eating and crying, was when he and Natasha went on the newly created kiddies' water-slide. It was completely level and ran around the inner pool, which surrounded the Bar in a never-ending circle, with a few twists to keep things from getting stale. The inner pool had, like much in the resort, many protections from children falling in or getting hurt, not that the ever present Veela or Nymphs would allow any accidents to happen with them around, especially with the Prince of New Atlantis.

James' Aunty Hela, was almost as protective of him as his own mother, checking up on him on many occasions during the course of any given day.

Frankly, with the amount of attention the baby was getting, Harry worried that he might grow up spoiled. Logan had just smirked and pointed out that, as the godfather to baby James, he'd never allow the kid to become too full of himself. That had been a hard pill to swallow for Sirius and Tony, but Harry had not really given a damn. Logan was the most responsible of the three.

Tony and Pepper had had their first just three months after James had been born and Tony had since turned into a puddle of paternal love over his daughter, Morgan. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that she would grow up spoiled with him going on like he was. Fortunately Pepper was a little better and could still reign Tony in when he overdid things.

Grandma Frigga, as predicted, soon showed up to play with the little boy and to give his parents some free time, which they accepted easily. The baby boy was starting to sleep for longer periods, but it was an on-off thing and he'd been a little monster the previous night, keeping both parents from getting proper rest, so they went to the bar, for a cool-drink and some quiet conversation. They sometimes cheated, by using Harry's time-turner to get some solid sleep, but hadn't needed to do that in weeks. They were discussing doing just that, when the scouting party, who had gone to Alfheim to look for more animals to bring to New Atlantis, showed up.

Luna and her father Xenophilius had both joined them this time, as had become the norm, and Luna was instantly off the intergalactic magic carpet, when they appeared, running full tilt to where Harry and Natasha sat.

"They're coming!" she all but shouted. When she reached them, she stopped, breathing a little heavily, but still smiling from ear-to-ear. "They're coming!" she repeated.

"Who's coming?" Harry asked, with an amused smile on his lips.

"The Fae!" Luna said excitedly.

"You found them?" Natasha asked.

"Well, no." Luna said.

"My little radish found a connection." Xenophilius said. "There's an anchor-point on Alfheim, in a cave we were exploring to look for the ever-evasive Snorkack."

"We were looking for Nifflers." Logan corrected.

"We can look for two things." Xenophilius stated, easily.

"So, how do you know they're coming?" Harry asked.

"The anchor wasn't there when we entered the cave." Luna said. "That must mean that they are planning on coming soon."

"Or they were waiting for the right people to come looking." Xenophilius said, nodding at Luna.

"Well, if they are related…" Harry allowed.

"Do you know when they are coming, or when to be there?" Natasha asked.

"Actually, I was hoping we could borrow Harry." Luna said.

"They need his power ring to open the doorway." Logan said, cutting through all the back and forth. It had been irritating him. Luna actually did pout. She had been enjoying the game. "Those eyes don't work on me, missy." Logan growled at her.

Luna huffed, but turned back to Harry. "So, can we do it?" she asked, hopefully.

"Do we need to make preparations?" Harry asked.

Luna thought about it, but Xenophilius replied. "If they were able to sustain themselves, wherever they went, they likely won't need anything too urgently." he said.

"So, we're just planning on opening the world up to new unknown powers?" the gruff voice of Mad-Eye Moody asked, as he walked up to them. He'd since received a new leg from EPI, which walked much more naturally. It could even feel, with the adamantite wiring and Jarvis's rune-based nerve functionality.

"Well, they did live in this world long ago." Luna said. "They have more right to be here than I do."

"We'll also not be offering them a place on New Atlantis, unless they are capable of controlling themselves." Harry said. He knew Luna wanted to bring what she called the Summer Court, to New Atlantis. The Winter Court was his real concern. His research into folklore had made him think that they were darker creatures, with similarly dark tendencies. He had no problem bringing the Fae back from wherever they'd escaped to, but he also didn't like the idea of leaving them to do as they pleased. He'd at least meet with them to talk about what they intended to do. Chances were, he'd be able to help them in some way and that would give him leverage.

"But they'd love it here!" Luna exclaimed.

"Only some, and you know the rules." Harry said, with a pointed look, to which Luna nodded in understanding. The more violently inclined and less intellectually capable would not be allowed to enter the island proper, and would likely need to be kept in enclosures. He'd not do it with intelligent creatures, and in those cases, it was best to simply not bring them at all.

"I'll speak to Fury first, before you run off doing things like the foolish boy you sometimes are." Moody said, as he activated a portkey and was taken away.

"Call your brother." Odin said, as he joined the impromptu meeting happening at the bar. "Asgard had ties to Alfheim before their fall and we could add some influence to the talks. We were once allies."


It had taken only a day to make their preparations. Fury and Moody had shown up shortly after he left, so that he could be part of the planning, and paranoid bastard that he was, there were questions upon questions. By the end of their discussions Thor had joined and had volunteered to have his people on stand-by, so that they could render support, should it come to a fight, but Odin was, like Luna, of the opinion that things would not go in that direction. The Fae had gone into hiding to avoid their slaughter at the hands of the Dark Elves, after all. Chances were, they'd not have enough magical power either, especially if they needed help coming back.

So it was that Heimdall, since he'd seen where the cave was, had opened a portal for them and Harry had walked through with his friends, his wife and the Avengers who were available. He'd upgraded Heimdall's capabilities, when the need for him to open many portals for their allies arose, and he could now open portals between two different places, without the need for people to come to New Asgard first.

The first person through the Portal was Harry, followed by Natasha, Thor, Loki, Steve, Bruce, Sif, Tony (who could instantly call up either his current nanotech Iron Man suit, or a magical version of the same from his pouch), Wanda, Jarvis (in his Vision body, just in case), Logan and finally the Lovegoods, who were to stay behind the trained professionals.

They entered the cave and Logan led them to the location where Luna had detected the magical connection.

"This is the place." Logan pointed out.

Harry went directly to the indicated location and started scanning with his magic. It didn't take a lot of time, before he felt the faint pull of something. "I think I have it." he said. "I just don't know how to go about opening this."

"Would you mind?" Luna asked, as she walked forward. "I can show you." she said. Harry nodded and she lifted her hand to the spot and closed her eyes. They waited only about twenty seconds, before Luna said, "Now, if you'll give me a bit of power, Harry? I'll show you how to direct it."

Harry tapped into his ring and put his hand next to hers, following her magic with his own, until he felt it. There was something on the other side, almost greedily taking in the power that he was feeding, so he started feeding it a steady flow.

"A little bit slower." Luna warned, still feeling the connection. "We don't want to overpower her."

"Her?" Harry asked, even as he slowed the feed.

"It's likely one of the queens you're feeding your power to." Luna nodded. "They would have been the most powerful of their people, before they went into hiding in the in-between, but not even they would be able to handle that much power."

"You know where they are?" Loki asked, intrigued.

"Sorry. It's a family secret." Luna said.

"On her mother's side." Xenophilius agreed.

"So it's part of your Fae heritage?" Natasha asked.

"Something like that." Luna said, evasively.

It took a few more minutes, before Luna nodded and stepped back, indicating for Harry to come away from the point.

They waited only a few seconds, before something that looked akin to a tear formed in the air in front of them. It shone with a bright light and soon a person stepped through the tear.

The woman before them was beautiful and elegant, with light-blonde hair and a feeling of agelessness about her regal features. There was also an ethereal light shining from her very skin and while she looked to be in her late twenties, you could also see in her golden eyes that she was much older than she seemed. She was also looking directly at Harry.

"Are you the one that has paid the tribute?" she asked.

"I paid no tribute, but I sent you magic, so that you may open the door." Harry said. "I count a descendant of your race as one of my closest friends." he said pointing at Luna.

She looked at Luna and her eyes narrowed, before a spark of recognition shone in her eyes. "Are you the last of your line, Fae-born?" she asked.

"I am." Luna said sadly, a moment of sadness crossing her eyes.

The woman nodded slowly at Luna then. "I am sorry for your loss, child, but we will have to mourn the loss of your mother later." she said sadly, a look of loss crossing her eyes as well. Then she turned to Harry. "I see no altar, nor sacrifice. How do you possess the power to do this without such, and why do you attempt it?" she asked then.

"I merely wish to offer you the opportunity to return to the world and to ensure you intend no harm to the rest of the realms." Harry said. "Forgive me, but in my culture it is considered polite to introduce oneself, before such heavy matters are discussed. I am King Harry James Potter Odinson. King of New Atlantis, Prince of Asgard. Adopted son of Odin Borson."

"The Allfather still lives?" the woman asked. When Harry just nodded, she decided to play nice. "I am Queen Titania of the Summer Court and we of the Summer Court do not wish to partake in war. That is why we fled, when the Dark Elves invaded."

"Thank you, Queen Titania." Harry said.

"Well met, Queen Titania. I am Thor Odinson, King of Asgard." Thor introduced himself then. "Fear not. My brother saw to the Dark Elves' ruin, when they attempted to turn all the nine realms into realms of eternal darkness." he said proudly, as he stepped forward and placed a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"A mighty feat." Titania said, as she nodded at Thor and then looked at Harry with a look of calculation. "Your power is great. Do you possess more, or did you spend yourself, bringing me here?" she asked.

"Power isn't a problem for Harry." Loki spoke up. "My brother has devised ways by which he can store much power and he used but a drop from his ocean to achieve this feat." When Titania looked at him in question, he said, "Loki Odinson. Odin's second son."

"You feel like those of the Winter Court." Titania said.

"I was born of Jotunheim." Loki said, with a nod. "My blood is that of my Aesir parents, due to a magic my brother gifted us with." Loki said, nodding at Harry again.

Titania looked at Harry again. "How many magics do you possess? It seems your influence knows no bounds."

"We can discuss that at another time." Harry redirected the conversation. "Where are the rest of your people?"

Titania accepted the change. "Our people sleep, awaiting our return to Alfheim."

"And the Winter Court?" Natasha asked. "Natasha Potter, Queen of New Atlantis." she introduced herself belatedly.

"They slumber as well." Titania nodded. "Mab and I stand sentinel in shifts. She slumbers now."

"Can you step away from this place for a while, so we may discuss your needs and what has become of Alfheim?" Harry asked.

"I may not leave the portal, now that it is open. If others find it, those who slumber would be in peril." Titania said.

"I will protect the portal with my magics, and bind the protection to you, if you prefer." Harry promised. "We have much to discuss." If it was only this woman, he'd have no problem with bringing her to his home, so that they can discuss things in comfort.

Titania seemed to be weighing her options. She didn't know these people, but that her beloved daughter's descendant was with them, spoke to their nature. If nothing else, that would persuade her, but it seemed that there was more going on and she was curious, despite herself. "Very well, but I must see this magic done, before I leave the portal. I will not chance an unknown magic until I can see it for myself."

Harry nodded then. "If you'll please step away from the portal for a moment, then I shall hide it and your people behind a veil of secrecy so strong, only when you speak it aloud will anyone be able to find it." he said. Titania took two steps away, but still looked a little worried, until Luna walked up next to her and took her hand with a smile. It seemed she knew what was coming and knew to trust the man.

Harry cast the Fidelius around the portal quickly, meaning he was using a lot of power at once. Luna whispered something to Titania just before Harry approached her and held his hand out to her, which she then took, as Harry passed the secret to her through the touch, making her the Secret Keeper.

Titania examined the knowledge and the magic connected to it for a few moments before she smiled and nodded. "It is as you said, descendant of my beloved daughter. This is a very powerful enchantment. Never have I seen its like. It will most certainly suffice, for us to have a chance to speak."

"Let us be away then." Harry said, smirking at his friends who had come along, just on the off-chance that things went differently. Tony just rolled his eyes at him. Steve was smiling, though. He was glad things went this way. Luna was a friend as well, and seeing her happy face at being claimed as family by Titania was heart-warming.

Harry lifted his hand, index and pinkie fingers extended, and turned it, as a portal formed to New Atlantis.

"You tap into the pathways with such casual ease." Titania said, slightly shocked. She could also tap into the pathways between worlds, but it usually took a ritual and a lot of power.

"My husband is a powerful wizard. He's also been attributed with Enchantment and Artifice by the Asgard and his adopted family." Natasha said.

"But he was an Enchanter before even that." Thor pointed out before he stepped through the portal, leading the group through.

When Titania stepped through the portal, she was overcome by a sense of power and life. She could tell that the very land was alive. "Where are we?" she asked in awe.

"Welcome to New Atlantis." Harry said with a smile. "This is my island, a refuge for magical creatures and plants."

"How long has your family lived here?" Titania asked, wondering how many generations it must have taken to establish such a place.

"Actually, I only bought the island a few years ago." Harry shrugged.

Titania stopped dead in her tracks. She saw elves and nymphs and felt life that had lived on Alfheim for thousands of years, and so much more. All of the life was in complete harmony with each other as well. How dare someone think they had the right to simply purchase such a place? Mere gold could not be valuable enough for such a place! Surely it belonged to those who lived here first?

Luna, insightful as ever, spoke up then. "When Harry bought the island, there was no intelligent life here. He brought everyone here as a haven for those who had no home, or for those he rescued from being hunted and enslaved."

"But this island has a spirit and a will of its own." Titania countered. She could tell the island was alive, after all. It sang to her like the most beautiful melody. The island wanted to protect all its life and it had means to respond should any be threatened. She didn't know what those means were, but had no doubt it was not something even she would want to test.

"That was also Harry's doing." Luna nodded.

"Truly?" Titania asked, looking over to where Harry was already ordering a few drinks from an Elf. At least it seemed that the elves still had their gifts, as she sensed the elf access his affinity to better perform his duty. Sure, it was a very limited connection to interpret the future, but it was still there and being harnessed to its fullest.

"Eldrin is the barkeep." Luna said, following her gaze. "The Light Elves became magical again, here, after Harry rescued them from slavery."

Titania looked down at Luna, then. She looked around thirty by mortal standards, which likely meant she was probably a decade older. It seemed her daughter had had to give up on her timelessness and the gift had been lost by her children, due to lack of contact with other Fae. This girl, however, was still as insightful as her daughter had been. "You are giving me much to contemplate." she said. "Tell me, young Luna, where on Alfheim are we?"

"We're on Earth." Luna said, quickly adding, "That's what people from here call Midgard."

"This is Midgard?" Titania asked in shock. No magic user on Midgard, no matter how gifted could ever boast what she was seeing here, before she and her people went into hiding. It was a land of peace and beauty, and she could tell that there were many magics here that made it an eternal refuge for summer. Her people could live here and never be contested by the winter court again.

"I was hoping Harry would allow you to bring your people here." Luna said. "Normally, he'd not mind such things, as long as you promised to keep your people peaceful. No violence is tolerated on the island, after all. Unfortunately he doesn't know your numbers, nor do I believe you wish to give up your throne. Harry is King here."

"Luna?" Harry asked as he walked up to them, a tray floating next to him with a drink for her and a glass of white wine for Titania. "Are you going to join us?" he asked of them both.

"Grandma was just asking about everything she was feeling here." Luna said. "She doesn't know what to think about it all. I think, for her, this must look like a place where the Fae had lived before. I was just assuring her that you didn't steal their lands and that you established New Atlantis yourself."

"Surely you have created a marvel of life and beauty here on your lands." Titania complimented, even as she controlled her features to not show her real feelings and taking the offered glass of wine. It was good, but it wasn't as good as the wine her elves had once produced on Alfheim. She nodded at the Elf in the bar, who had looked her way and he bowed back respectfully. "We will join you currently. I thank you for the moments you have allowed me to speak to my daughter's last descendent." she said, then.

"I will allow you all the time to talk that you wish." Harry said. "We aren't in a hurry, really, but my friends were just hoping to learn a little more, before they departed to their other duties." he said, indicating the people who had come with them.

"Perhaps it is time for a few introductions?" Luna asked, as she noticed that Firenze was standing at the outskirts of the forest, watching them as well. "And maybe we can take grandma on a tour?" she asked hopefully.

"Maybe once we know more." Harry allowed. "No offense, your majesty, but I do need to consider the safety of my people first."

"I will take no offense, King Harry." Titania said. "You are correct. To you I am an unknown and your duty is to your people first. I will assure you, however, that I am not a threat to you or your people. If what I am seeing is not a dream or illusion, we have much to discuss."

"Will the shiny miss be staying in the guesthouse, Master?" Dobby asked, as he appeared next to Harry.

"A Brownie?" Titania asked. "We have not seen them for many generations. We feared they were extinct."

"Dobby is being a house-elf." Dobby said.

"That's what we know them as." Harry added. "As I understand it, people use different words to describe different creatures in different cultures." he said to Dobby, trying not to elaborate too much. He also sent a look at Luna, who was about to elaborate. She closed her mouth and nodded in understanding.

"Whatever you are called, it is good to know your kind still live." Titania said, with a smile just for the house-elf.

"We don't know if the lady is staying yet." Harry said to Dobby. "If she does, I'll be sure to call for you, okay?" To this, Dobby nodded and vanished.

Dobby and the other elves had not needed long to adjust to life on the Island and working the dorms and kitchens for EPI's armies. They all carried amulets with connections to New Atlantis, which had become their master. The house-elves had technically bonded to Prongs, as the spirit of the Island, and had since started asking for work. Harry was just glad they didn't all need to connect to him. Logan and the local creatures took such care of the land, they didn't need anything from the house-elves. The Light Elves had also objected when the helpful little creatures took care of all their duties before they could attempt to work their fields, where they were attempting to grow a vineyard.

Dobby, however, had kept his connection to Harry. He was a good house-elf, though, and was seldom seen. Harry never complained when the house-elf had already set his kitchen up for breakfast, or when his pantry restocked itself. Harry didn't know that Jarvis had been keeping the house-elf informed when Harry would appreciate having those things taken care of, like when Harry worked late, or when James kept them up at all hours.

Besides those duties, Dobby kept a constant vigil over little James. He was a house-elf after all, he would care for all in his master's family.

"He is a very dutiful Brownie." Titania stated. "Powerful for one of his kind too."

"Dobby's always been a special house-elf." Harry said with a smile.

"Where we come from, the lands didn't have enough, or the right kind of magic to sustain them, so most house-elves swore themselves to serve magical people, to sustain themselves." Luna said. "We solved that by bringing them here, though. The island is more than enough to sustain them and Prongs doesn't ask them to do too much."

"Prongs?" Titania asked. She got a far-off look in her eyes then, before she nodded. "Ah, I see. The Spirit of the land was named thus. It is not what I would call a worthy name for such a powerful Spirit, but the island feels a sentimental connection to it, so I will not judge it negatively."

Harry just nodded and led the woman back to the group, who were all now comfortably attired and chatting quietly.

Harry handled the introductions and Titania understood that these were the knights of New Atlantis, when they were described as heroes. The wilder man, Logan, was akin to her Satyr, Cassius. He had once been the one charged with upkeep of her realm during the months when summer ruled the lands. He had had a connection with the beasts of the land as well and had a wild protective streak about him, often resorting to violence to ensure everyone knew their place and respected others' territory.

There was also a sorceress, Wanda, who was following in King Harry's footsteps, hoping to learn his trade of enchantment. She was also apparently a capable crafter of foci, for the direction of magical energies. She had a paramour, Jarvis, who seemed to be an intelligent construct of sorts. He had seemed powerful, when she saw him first, but now he was inhabiting a different body, more human but also a construct of immensely complicated design. Less powerful perhaps, but also with human flaws and weaknesses, supposedly made so by design, for the intelligence to experience life more naturally.

There was also the man, Bruce, who seemed a real intellect, if she read his eyes correctly. She hadn't seen what made him special, but he had immensely powerful potential, and it seemed hidden somehow, almost lurking in wait for any opportunity. She would continue to watch him, to see what she could learn.

She could tell quite a few of these people were ageless, but young. She had not known the men of Midgard could achieve this, but it also seemed that much had changed since they had gone into hiding. It seemed that without the influence of the Fae, Alfheim had been reduced to a land of wild animals, rather than magical beings. They didn't remember their former glory, either. Not until the masters of New Atlantis had brought them to this land.

She felt much sadness as they talked, even as she kept her features in check. She would not allow these people to see how much of what she had learned had affected her. If it came to a discussion of trading favours, to secure either support, or a place for her people, it would not do to have them know how much power they had in their hands. If Alfheim was lost, as it seemed it might well be, New Atlantis was likely their only hope of survival. The fact that Luna was there was heartening, though.

"So, what do you want to do?" Harry asked, after most of this had been discussed.

"You have given me much to think about." Titania said. "I will need a bit of time to consider our options."

"Then time you shall have." Firenze said, as he stepped over the bridge to the bar area. "I'm sorry for my interruption, Harry Potter, Queen Summer, but my people have prepared a place for you to join us for the evening."

"Firenze, I don't-" Harry started.

"It will be fine, Harry." Luna said easily. "I will go with Titania. We have much to discuss. I'm sure Firenze knows what he needs to." she added. Titania had asked her to call her by name, as she didn't like hearing the term 'Grandma' used to describe herself.

Harry looked between Firenze and Luna for a moment, before he finally nodded, thinking he understood. "Fair enough." he said, then. "I will leave Queen Titania in your hands. Will you need transport?" he asked then.

"I will transport the Queen and Luna Lovegood, personally." Firenze said. He was still the only Centaur Harry had ever heard of, who would allow someone to ride him.

Harry didn't put too much more thought into it, but he and Tony got down to discussing possibilities for the long-overdue project of creating a second island nearby, with the others making suggestions as they went. In the end it was Arthur, having joined them after work, who made the best suggestion. It would mean very little sleep for Harry, but then, he cheated.

He, Jarvis and Natasha took a last bit of time away from the rest, where they discussed things no other soul knew about.


When Titania returned the next morning, it was by Luna apparating her. It was not something she intended to use again. Such an undignified way to travel! Slipping through the lower dimensions like that made her feel dirty. She didn't seem to be negatively affected, though, which was a bonus, at least.

When they turned up, Molly Weasley was already in her kitchen, which Harry had taken some time to modify to her liking and then he'd made it a permanent addition. The elven and nymph children were already sitting by the benches in front of it, eating their breakfast, while Molly watched over them with her motherly smile. The permanent residents mostly had breakfast in their own houses and the house-elves would prepare something for the guests in the Guest House and the maids from the Room of Requirement would deliver it, like room service.

This morning, however, Molly had opted to prepare something for their one guest, not having really talked to the woman yet. She beckoned her and Luna over and Luna skipped over, with the more dignified Titania walking more sedately.

"Luna dear, I made some breakfast for you and your, um, matriarch?" Molly asked.

"You should just refer to me as Titania, while I am a guest with no titles in this realm." Titania said.

"Titania, then." Molly smiled. Titania understood that this woman was a hearth-witch of some sort. Very motherly and caring, with a mother's instinct to protect all the children in her care with a passion. Apparently she was also a caregiver for the nymph and elven children, while their elders busied themselves with tending to their duties on the Island.

Molly was looking at Luna strangely then. "Luna, did you do something different today? You look… younger."

"I have restored her Fae heritage as much as I could." Titania said. "I cannot let my darling Luna outlive me, after all. She will be important to our people and may one day be needed. Hopefully, a few thousand years from now." It was actually done as a reward for finding the anchor to the in-between. Without assistance, the Fae may have stayed trapped for all time. The Fae tended to trade in deals and barter, where the value of a service was rewarded by equal compensation. Or, at least, what would seem to be equal. It was only natural to always try to get the better deal for oneself, however. The Winter Court were less than forgiving, when a fool made deals with them, often finding themselves the recipient of something that they didn't really want.

Luna just smiled at Molly. "I do feel younger." she said. She looked it too. Where before she had started showing the signs of laugh lines, her face was now smooth, her hair was curlier and her skin had a slight glow, if you knew to look for it. She was definitely looking more other-worldly and more beautiful because of it.

Molly shook herself from the staring, before she turned back to the smiling older woman. "I wasn't certain what you eat." she said apologetically. "The elves are vegetarian and since they came from Alfheim, I prepared a selection." She waved her wand and a few platters of steaming food appeared. All were carefully prepared, and most would be edible for the Elves.

Titania dished up a modest selection of foods, along with a bowl of porridge, liberally drizzled plied honey and milk. Her kind were more like the nymphs than the elves, in that they preferred sweet things, but they didn't normally mind normal foods and could be considered omnivorous. They did prefer other forms of protein, though, like fish. Seeing as how wild game had once lived with them in peace, eating animals like that didn't appeal to them in the slightest.

Harry joined them part-way through breakfast, just after Titania had gone to fetch more milk and honey, a third time. Harry had watched this happen the last two times from his own kitchen and had brought some tea with milk, honey and a dash of whipped cream for the sweet-toothed Queen. He wasn't the world's best cook, but he knew how to serve people what would suit them.

"This is delicious!" Titania exclaimed, after trying the tea for herself.

"I don't normally add quite as much milk or honey and the whipped cream was just a guess, but I'm glad you like it." Harry said. "In England, morning tea is a tradition I still stick to, though."

"I appreciate the thought." Titania nodded her head, before turning serious again. "So, I assume we are to discuss what is to become of my people?" she asked then.

"Right to the point then?" Harry asked. He noticed Luna looking off to the side and realised she'd somehow intuited something. "Not now, Luna." he said quickly, before she could give anything away.

"Right." Luna said, a smile blossoming on her face.

"You're looking good this morning." Harry complimented. He turned to Titania. "Your doing, I suppose?" he asked.

"She has been partially restored to her heritage." Titania agreed. "It was diluted by all the mortal generations in her family, but it's there. With time, it will blossom fully."

"That's great news." Harry said with a smile for her. "Thank you."

"Do not thank me." Titania said. "It was only proper." It was also done in an attempt to gain some favour.

"So, I'm assuming you've had time to talk to Luna about how things work here?" he asked.

"Indeed." Titania said. "I've also been informed of the current state of Alfheim. It will be the work of many lifetimes to restore balance to our old home, before we could consider returning there."

"And in the meanwhile?" Harry asked.

"I would like to request sanctuary for myself and my people, from the Kingdom of New Atlantis." Titania said. It would be their only option.

"Okay." Harry said.

"In return for your support…" Titania said quickly, before his answer permeated her mind and interrupted her well thought-out arguments. "You would offer it freely?" she asked, shocked.

"Sure." Harry said. "I trust that Luna has informed you of all the rules and laws of the kingdom and that your people will follow your command to follow them and to respect the many beings that live and visit here?" he asked.

"She has, and they will." Titania said, still in shock. "You do not require service, or an oath of fealty?"

"My Harry never asked for subjects." Natasha said, as she joined them, with Xera following.

"Our Harry isn't one of the Fae. He does not require lopsided deals and bargains." Xera said. "As long as you understand that you will be considered a visiting Monarch and people, and respect his wishes, the only service he requires is that you add to the Kingdom in your own ways to ensure the life here flourishes." It was what her own people had come to discover. Be yourself and add to the beauty of the Island.

"Grove Mistress." Titania nodded respectfully. She'd only been told of this woman, who had previously been indisposed with her duties. It was one of the reasons she had been considering offering Harry one of her more beautiful maidens. "It is good to meet you. I have heard much of your grove and have felt your influence and that of your grove throughout the forest."

"It is our duty and we fulfil it with pride and joy." Xera said, nodding back. "We are the ones that chose to subjugate ourselves to our King. He took the title only at the urging of his subjects and Natasha." she confirmed Natasha's statement. "Our Queen Natasha was the one to understand our culture first and helped convince Harry."

That made sense to Titania. The Nymph influence was layered on top of powerful magic that ran throughout the land. If the king's power had been there when they arrived, it would be very difficult not to treat him like their lord, once they were brought here. Service in exchange for said power, so that they could grow and be happy. It was strange that he only had one Nymph consort, though.

"If you don't mind my asking, how is it that you are the only consort to the King?" she asked, giving voice to her thoughts.

"The Queen Mother, Frigga of the Asgard, has influence with bonds and relationships." Natasha answered. "She bound the grove together, so that those who needed it could gain the benefit of Xera's connection to Harry."

"Ah, that does explain it." Titania said. It was quite ingenious really, and spoke volumes of Harry's character. Normally a man would not give something like an entire grove of willing Nymphs up for the pleasures they could bestow upon him. Though it was also possible that it also served as protection for him. Such a situation could also be a man's downfall. She'd seen it happen before.

"Don't misunderstand." Xera said. "Harry would have been more than enough to sate the hungers of an entire grove of hundreds. His power and prowess is legendary, here and even in the halls of Asgard."

"He doesn't like that spread around, though, so please keep it to yourself." Natasha said, when Harry looked miffed at Xera, who couldn't help but brag. "Harry's bed is full." she added sternly.

"Truly?" Titania asked. Damn. There goes that bargaining chip. She had spoken to Natasha a bit and could feel her strong connection to Harry. Something about her also told Titania that she should never try anything with this woman. She was no mere mortal. "So, you would simply require that we maintain the peace and add value to your lands?" she asked Harry then.

"That's about the gist of it, yes." Harry said, turning his scowl from Xera, who was smiling unashamedly at her insinuation that he was a sex-god. Again. "Luna is of the opinion that you could turn New Atlantis into a fairy realm of beauty. We have darker creatures on the island, though. Creatures of violence and ferocity. They are kept in places that suit them best and we try to maintain their ecosystems separately from the rest of the inhabitants. I have prepared such a place for the vast majority of your people, with some input from my own."

"You intend to keep us isolated?" Titania asked, not understanding.

"No." Harry said. "I have created a large place where you may rule your own subjects. While they are there, you may rule it as your own kingdom. When they exit it, they will need to follow the rules of New Atlantis. Consider us a neighbouring kingdom." Arthur had asked why he didn't just make them their own land, in one of his pockets. He knew it could be expanded with runes and application of directed magic. Harry had taken the idea further.

"You could not have created a large enough space for all my people in the last few hours." Titania scoffed.

Harry just smirked. "Come on, then. Finish your tea and let me show you."

Titania quickly finished her tea, as Luna just clapped her hands in excitement. She'd felt something very powerful off to the western side of the island. She felt something similar off to the eastern side, but it didn't call to her like the other.

Odin and Frigga had also joined them. Odin wore a smile that Titania read as indulgent, while Frigga looked proud, but slightly worried. That didn't make sense to her, but then she didn't know Harry well enough to know how much time he had spent on this. Not as much as when he had worked on duplicating Asgard, but definitely enough to show on his face.

When everyone was almost ready, Logan walked up to them with his carpet, followed closely by Hela and her ever present servant, Amora, the Enchantress. She had become something of a handmaiden to her mistress, the goddess of death, who was also her warden until such a time as she was considered eligible for parole, which wasn't likely any time soon.

"Saw your addition to the island." Logan grumbled. "For her?" he asked, indicating Titania with a nod of his head.

"Perfect timing as always." Harry said, nodding and smiling at the man.

"Prongs informed us." Logan shrugged.

"You speak to the Spirit?" Titania asked. She knew he was the keeper of the lands, along with the redhead and the half-giant, but hadn't realised that he was close enough to it, for it to seek him out and inform him of the happenings on the island.

"Not really." Logan said. Prongs had simply appeared for a moment and had given him a look, and he'd understood that something was going on, so he'd taken Puppy, his large female dragon familiar, for a flight and they'd seen the additions. He turned to Harry, not saying any more to the new arrival. "East or West?" he asked, as he unrolled his carpet for them.

"West." Harry answered. It didn't surprise him that Logan knew. He always turned up when anything happened that might affect the island. He didn't even bothering to inform him anymore. Logan would just turn up unannounced and join them, so that he could see what was going on for himself.

Titania looked at the carpet and when everyone stepped on and took seats, she followed them, not really understanding, even if she did detect the magics on the carpet. When it lifted up, she was only slightly shocked, but she was even more impressed at how smooth the movement had been and how easily Logan had controlled it with a mere thought.

They quickly started flying along the coast and Titania was impressed with what she was seeing. There were many magical creatures roaming the island. She even saw some of the Nymphs walking and applying their magics to regrow plants that had the unmistakable signs of large herbivores having eaten from them. She didn't see them for long, because the carpet moved quickly and before long, they approached a grassy path, which extended into the ocean from the shore, until it reached a stone archway. Even to her eyes, the archway contained too many magics to properly identify.

When they landed, Harry took the lead. "This is the Summer Gateway." he said. "It's how you get to your new home."

"Summer Gateway." Titania repeated, as they approached the stone archway. From far it had seemed to be simple stone that you could see through, but as they approached, she detected a rainbow shimmer, which grew more pronounced as you neared it, until you could no longer see the ocean behind it.

"It will be protected more carefully, once you have your people ready." Harry said, as he walked to the stone and placed a hand on it. There was a flash and the undulating rainbow solidified into a large set of wooden doors, which started swinging inward of their own accord.

When the door was open, Titania saw for the first time, that there was a large forest before her, with sunshine peeking through the leaves of the trees as a gentle breeze blew through them. She stepped through the arch, and a feeling of crossing a magical protection went through her.

"Simple intent-based wards." Harry said, when she looked at him.

"Stay here." Hela said to Amora, whose jaw clenched for a moment, before she nodded meekly and took a step back. She seldom had the opportunity to see new things and Hela seemed to like tormenting her like that.

The group stepped through the archway and looked around. There seemed to be no end in sight for the large forest, with equally large trees.

"How big is this place?" Titania asked, in wonder. She felt the magic of the place. It felt familiar too.

"It's only a couple of kilometres, not infinite." Harry said. "If you go too far in one direction, you'll soon appear from the other side of the forest, going in the same direction, but it has the potential to grow with your population, if you can generate enough magic for it."

Harry had set the place up like a combination of his power ring's pocket dimension, which could expand and grow as more power was added, and with the same setup as he had used for New Asgard, so that it could store energy that was generated naturally by the beings living there, to support itself.

"An expanding pocket dimension with infinite potential to grow." Odin said in awe. "My son, you have amazed me yet again with this enchanted forest. Well done!" he cheered, clapping Harry on the back, even as Luna hugged Harry exuberantly.

"Well, it's not complete yet." Harry said. "I'll still need to help them with a few water-sources and I have no idea what all they will need. It will likely take some time before they can become self-sufficient here."

"In the meanwhile, your guild, New Atlantis and Asgard will render support, to help them establish themselves." Odin said in understanding. He had no doubt that Thor would approve of the plan.

"The East?" Logan asked, after taking everything in.

"The Winter Fae!" Luna exclaimed, as she finally let go of Harry, a large smile seemingly surgically attached to her face. She started running around and inspecting the trees, with the enthusiasm often found in the very young.

"Where did the forest come from?" Xera asked. She could tell they were real trees, not conjured by magic.

"Stole it, from Alfheim." Harry shrugged. It hadn't been the most difficult part of the plan. He simply had to ward a place, to have all the creatures evacuate, before he transported the whole place into the pocket, which he then moved here and anchored to the Stone Archway.

Titania had since fallen to her knees. He'd brought them a piece of their home and made it so that they could establish a realm all of their own in the lands that had been lost to them for so long.

Harry noticed her position and went to her, kneeling before her. "If you'd prefer I return the forest and bring something else, I could still do that." he said apologetically, wondering if he had offended her with his actions.

Titania had tears running down her face, but she smiled sadly at Harry. "You have no ties to us, but you would expend so much power to ensure our happiness." she said. "I'm not upset. I'm overwhelmed by your generosity! To even bring a part of our old home for us, so that we may feel comforted by its presence, you are surely the most generous being I have ever come across."

"You're wrong." Logan said. "Luna is his friend. He'll do anything for his friends." he said matter-of-factly.

"Logan is correct." Hela said. "My brother is a kind soul. He will spend much effort on ensuring the happiness of his chosen companions and friends, and consider it a trifle."

"But this," Titania said, spreading her arms, indicating the forest, "is much more than a mere trifle!"

"It is within my son's power to do this and much more." Frigga said, proudly. "And you are correct, though, in that this took much effort and time, which I'm certain he'll refuse to explain." she added, sternly.

"You know me so well, Mother." Harry said, smirking impishly at her.

"I was with him." Natasha assured Frigga. "He did not overwork himself, but his excitement at the project drove him to little sleep as he worked tirelessly at it. He will need to catch up on some sleep, before he can bring anyone here."

"Good." Frigga said. Her daughter-in-law was always there to ground her son.

"I will not request more of you, until you are rested, then." Titania said, finally having regained control of her emotions, but as she stood up, with a hand from Harry, she pulled into him and hugged him tightly. "But you will be honoured for your help and you will always be welcomed by Summer, as a lord among her people." she said, as she crushed him to her.

He had not only offered them sanctuary, but having taken into consideration her station, he had created a new realm for her and her people, so that she may rule her own land and people in a place that would be blessed by summer always. Having heard that he had made similar arrangements for Winter, left her no doubt that there would finally be peace between the two Courts, with a dividing land that brooked no violence and magics to protect their homes.

"Thank you." Harry said.

"We will need to talk." Logan said to the Fae Queen, as she finally let go of Harry and wiped the last of her tears away.

"Luna has explained the rules of your land and our people will abide by your laws." Titania said. "But we may speak, so that I can arrange with you our additions to your lands, once ours is settled. It is the least we can do for New Atlantis."

"Snorkack!" Luna exclaimed then, as she ran back to the group. "I saw a Crumple-horned Snorkack!"

"What?" Harry asked.

"Oh dear." Titania said. "Did you not expel the creatures before transporting the land?" she asked of Harry.

"But I did!" Harry objected. How could he ward for something that he didn't even know existed for real. "Where did you see it?" he asked the excitedly bouncing Luna.

Luna started to turn and point, but then a look of horror crossed her face. "I can't remember!" she exclaimed in mortified realization.

"That's it." Natasha said with a smile. "You'll never get her to leave your home now." she said to Titania.

"I don't think that will be a problem." Titania said, with a bit of a giggle, as she watched Luna darting between trees, trying to find… something. The name had meant nothing to her. "Perhaps, when my people are here, we can help her look, even." she mused.

The group made their way back to the resort, with Titania and Luna having stayed behind to explore the area. Both Harry and Natasha wanted to spend some time with their son since, from their perspective, it had been days since they'd held him. Not many people could understand the hardships of repeatedly jumping entire days back in time, but one of them was that you couldn't interact with anyone during that time, if you were known to be busy elsewhere.

The rest of that day was spent in relaxing pastimes and, as was usual, people showed up during the course of the day to either visit, or use the amenities. Fury showed up to get an update on the new arrival and by the time he left, it was with a whole new set of ideas and schemes running though his head. Harry still impressed him with his capabilities on a regular basis and while he couldn't make demands, there was a very long list of things Fury would like him to try for them at some point. The average magic user simply didn't have access to Harry's capabilities. Even the Weasley twins, now working for EPI's R&D division on magical items and potions meant to incapacitate and trap enemies, while circumventing security, were no match for Harry's prolific skills.

Speaking of which, the Twins had never admitted defeat to the Odinson pranksters in their private pranking war, even though they were more often than not the ones that fell into traps left for them by the divine pranksters, rather than the other way around. Decades of experience and their own prank war had given them a certain edge the Weasleys were incapable of overcoming, without help.

Unfortunately most people just laughed at them, when they tried recruiting co-conspirators and they had long since learned not to plan anything where any of Harry's people could see, since it inevitably failed before it could even be implemented, or they found themselves the victims of their own prank. Be that as it may, they had not given up and tended to still enjoy the experience, saying that it just gave them more ideas, before they went into a frenzy of inventing that tended to result in new toys for EPI, so nobody complained.


The next two days were spent like that, before the Queen Mother proclaimed Harry had had enough rest and could continue with his plans.

It was with much excitement that Queen Titania returned to Alfheim with King Harry, Queen Natasha and Logan, who had just tagged along uninvited, as was his way. Titania had grown accustomed to his mannerisms, when he treated everyone like they were just people, even Harry. It seemed to be an accepted fact that the man showed nobody any deference, but he was never in the way and he was never insulting.

"I will need to awaken Mab first, and tell her of what has been prepared." Titania said as they stood before the hidden portal. "I will return shortly." she said.

"We'll be here." Harry said, nodding in understanding, as she walked away. Mab may be a difficult person to get along with. While he understood that she wasn't evil, per-se, she was likely aligned with the darker side of nature. While the Summer Court promoted growth and life starting anew, the Winter Court were part of the other side of the natural cycle. What that meant was that Harry had no idea of what to expect. The fact that the two Fae Queens had banned together to hide both their people with their combined power did give him some hope that she was at least reasonable.

"Did you really hide the portal even from yourself?" Logan asked, noticing that Harry had lost sight of her at the same time as they did.

"Yes." Harry said. "The Fidelius was meant to protect people. She doesn't know us. If I was to deceive her, before getting to know her, and she found out, that would break any trust she could have in my word, or at least make it much more difficult to have her trust me in the future."

Logan didn't say anything or indicate that he felt one way or another, simply standing back against the cave-wall and waiting. "I'd have thought Luna would be here." he said, a few minutes later.

Natasha smirked at him. "She roped Loki into looking for the Snorkack with her." she said.

"What's it supposed to look like anyway?" Logan asked.

"Like a small purple llama, with a strange twisty horn." Harry said. Luna had described it enough that he had created an image for it in his head.

"That's what I got from her descriptions as well." Natasha said.

"What do they do?" Logan asked, wondering what the creature was supposed to be capable of.

"Besides making you forget where you spotted one, I have no idea." Harry said.

There was silence again for a few minutes. "I know I spotted one on Alfheim, once." Logan finally admitted.

"Can't remember where?" Natasha asked. Logan just shook his head. He'd apparently been trying to remember for the last couple of minutes. "Don't tell her." she advised. He nodded, understanding that she would likely become unbearable.

It took only a few more minutes before Titania made her appearance again, followed shortly by another woman. She was about the same height as her counterpart, at around Harry's own length, but with silver blond hair, very pale skin and piercing dark grey eyes.

Titania walked to Harry, leading the woman. "This is King Harry of New Atlantis." she introduced. "King Harry, this is Queen Mab of the Winter Court."

"It is a pleasure to meet you." Harry said. "Has Titania told-"

"What trick is this?" Mab asked, interrupting him. "You spun stories from whole cloth and convinced this silly queen that you crafted two entire magical realms for all our people."

"I assure you, Queen Mab, I have done as she told you." Harry said. "I can show you, if-" he tried.

"No. You want us to unveil ourselves, so that you can deliver us to the Dark Elves." Mab interrupted again. "What are our lives worth, Mortal? How much land and gold were you promised?"

Harry sighed. Natasha tried, then. "Please see reason, Queen Mab. Harry is-"

"Silence, wench!" Mab interrupted her this time, ignoring Titania's attempt to silence her. "Your betters are speaking!"

Harry could take a lot of abuse himself and give people the benefit of the doubt, but when she insulted his wife, the love of his life, the mother of his son, his temper instantly snapped. "Listen, bitch, if you say one more word to insult my Queen, I will insist that your people stay in hiding until the end of time, because I will make it my mission to ensure you never see the sun again." he said it softly, but his words sank into her very soul, as his power suddenly roiled off him and made it so he had her complete, undivided attention. "Is that clear?" he asked, his eyes glowing a steady unholy green light.

Mab was no stranger to power, but this was on a completely different scale. She looked to Titania, who had her hand on her mouth, shaking her head slightly, apparently to stop herself from saying anything as she saw Harry for the first time with his true power unleashed. She looked to the side, where the other man had stood, but he was suddenly crouching, with metallic claws extended and ready to leap at her at a moments' notice. He didn't seem surprised at the power on display. Rather, he simply seemed ready to cut her in half.

She cleared her throat and smoothed her blue dress down, before turning to Natasha properly. "I apologise formally for my misconduct. I should not have assumed-"

"No, you should not have." Harry said, drawing her attention to him again, where he wanted it. "Can I assume that your people have your attitude and give the lands I prepared for you to Titania?" He had yet to reign in his power.

"King Harry." Titania said, then, respectfully bowing. "If I may intercede on the behalf of her people?" she asked.

Harry sighed a slow breath, allowing his power to reign itself back. "Titania, you have my limited trust, at this point, mostly due to Luna. I will listen to you, but your association with this woman has me worried about your judgement."

Titania nodded. "I understand that." she said. Damn Mab for her untrusting ways. If she'd changed things for her own people, she'd kill the bitch herself. "Queen Mab has spent a long time in the presence of schemers and charlatans. She fears this a trick from our old enemies, whom you yourself destroyed the last of. The last time we were in Alfheim, such an attempt had just been thwarted. It was for this reason that she finally decided to take me up on the offer to go into hiding."

"Be that as it may, Queen Mab has shown me her way of treating people." Harry said. "Can you assure me that her people will not threaten my Kingdom or people, or treat them like lesser beings?"

"I cannot speak for her people, but I can say that they are loyal to their Queen. If she can be made to see reason, they will follow her lead." Titania said.

"And these schemers?" Harry asked Mab, remembering his own run-in with one, namely Amora. "Are they still in your court?"

"The Dark Elves that had woven their way into my trust were executed for their attempts to drive the Winter Court to ruin." Mab said, wiping a few drops of the cold sweat from her brow, with a kerchief. "King Harry," she said then, "what was that power?"

"My husband is a powerful magic user, more powerful than any we have ever met." Natasha said. "He has proven his claims to Queen Titania, but you were unable to contain your attitude and scepticism." She walked up to the pale queen then. "If you or any of your people cause him to lose control like he just almost did, I will personally kill every single one of you myself. Do I make myself, very clear?" she asked in a dangerous whisper.

"Perfectly." Mab said, calmly. She was no stranger to threats either. Somehow, however, she believed this woman quite capable of putting action to her words. She was likely a very good queen. "You have my word to hear you out. I will not promise more." She would not be cowed into making hasty decisions, though, to protect her people.

"Good." Natasha said, suddenly all smiles again. "So, let's forget this misunderstanding and let Harry show you to the place he has prepared for you."

"Natasha, are you sure?" Harry asked. He had still not seen anything that led him to believe this woman could be trusted.

"She has valid reasons to be concerned." Natasha said. "Let us give her a second chance for a first impression, yes?" she asked.

Harry nodded then, and looked at Mab. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Queen Mab." Harry said. The smile did not reach his eyes this time and Mab knew she only had one more chance at it.

"The pleasure is mine, King Harry, Queen Natasha. Well met." Mab said. She noticed the claws of the other man disappearing, apparently into his fists, from the corner of her eye. He was obviously not one to threaten. He'd just act. She'd be careful around him as well.

"We have something to show you, if you'll please follow me." Harry said, as he turned a portal into being. Mab was not shocked at his ability to do so, after what she had just witnessed. She followed the group through, with Titania leading and Logan following behind her. They exited the portal on the Eastern side of New Atlantis. Harry wasn't going to show her more of his home until later.

He led them to the Stone Arch. "This is the Winter Archway. It is the only way into or out of this space."

He touched his hand to the arch and the same display from before occurred. Mab followed, but Titania stayed behind with Logan this time. She could feel that this would not be a warm reception. Her senses told her of not a frigid, but still a cold place. She could see snow falling and evergreens growing in the sunlight that was still visible. It made sense that the trees still needed light, so she was not shocked.

Harry led Mab into the pocket. "The furthest reaches of this realm are a couple of kilometres in every direction and connects back to the beginning. There are a couple of snowy peaks, off to the north as well, with a few caves, if that is of interest." he said, pointing them out. "I don't know what else you will need, but the streams are charmed not to freeze and the trees gain enough sustenance that they will not die in the perpetual cold here."

"This is… this is of Alfheim." Mab said, as she felt the King's magic, but also traces of their old home.

"Harry brought the land here, for your people, from Alfheim." Natasha said. "He intended to offer it to you freely, along with access to his Kingdom, as long as your people could make a contribution to it."

Mab looked at the lands before her in awe. It was alive, even as it was cold, but not bitterly so. She could see her people frolicking in these lands, children playing as they had not in so many years. She had also felt protections as she had crossed the boundary. She understood those magics. They seemed to ask her if she was worthy, if her intent was wicked. Apparently she had passed their test. If what she was seeing was true, this would be the perfect home for her and her Court.

"You say, intended." Mab said, then, refusing to let her wonder show on her face or be heard in her voice. "Is that no longer a possibility?" she asked. "Our magic is such that we could calm the weather, when your lands suffer its yearly cold."

"Yes, intended." Natasha said, not elaborating. "My husband controls the weather on New Atlantis. He even allowed Master Logan, keeper of his lands and protector of the realm, access, to control the weather in his stead."

"Truly?" Mab asked. "You are most formidable to have tamed the elements so. Does your land not suffer? Winter is a necessity for life."

"We keep our home in a state of constant summer, for the conveniences that that affords us, but New Atlantis is in a tropical part of the world. There are rainy seasons, when it can get quite cold, but never quite as cold as I fear your people might need." Harry said. "That being said, I had planned on giving your people enchanted items to keep their bodies comfortable at any temperature, which would allow them to roam."

"But now I've gained your ire, and my people will suffer because of it?" Mab asked.

"Not so." Harry countered. "I will simply need to place some new magics to prevent any who wish to harm my lands or people, from exiting yours. This will be your kingdom, Mab, but I will not allow bigotry or inequality. My people call me king, even as I ask them to address me as an equal. I know that they need it, for their peace of mind, but that's never been who I am."

"My husband believes that all life is sacred and equal." Natasha said.

"Even this Master Logan?" Mab asked. "He seemed quite ready to kill me, when I made my mistake earlier."

"Logan is quite tame in comparison to his girlfriend." Natasha said, with a bit of a smile. "It's her you really don't want to piss off."

"And she is?" Mab asked.

"Hela, the goddess of death, and my adopted sister." Harry said.

That actually had the pale queen stop for a moment. Hela was known to her. She was a vengeful, powerful warrior. Her exploits were well known throughout her realm. She was respected for her ferocity, if not her sanity.

"You are an Aesir?" she asked Harry.

"Adopted." Harry said. "I have their blessings and some of my own."

That explained it to Mab. It also meant that she had nearly ruined a chance for her people to truly be free again. "You have something similar for the Summer Court?" she asked.

"We do." Harry said.

Mab sighed then, before she bowed to Harry. "Then as the sovereign ruler of the Winter Court, I accept your offer, in any manner that you allow it. I also apologise again, for not trusting you, and I hope that you will be able to understand, and forgive me in time, and allow my people the offers you spoke of, even if it means I may never leave this place."

Harry looked at the woman for a moment, before bowing himself. "You care for your people, and I can respect being cautious, for their protection. I do however caution you, should you find yourself in the company of any of my subjects or people, they are to be treated as my own personal friends. I count everyone in my kingdom as my friends."

"He counts what you would term a Brownie, as one of his closest companions." Natasha added. "There is no such thing as a lower cast in our realm. Everyone tries to make New Atlantis better in their own way, since it is their home."

"There are still Brownies who live?" Mab asked.

"Dobby?" Harry asked.

"Master calls?" Dobby asked, as he appeared.

"Master?" Mab asked. "You enslaved him?" There was no judgement in her voice, which worried Harry all over again.

"Dobby is a free elf!" Dobby chastised angrily. "Dobby wears clothes and gets paid moneys and gets to clean and cook where he wants!"

"Dobby calls him master out of respect, and because he bound himself to Harry, as his primary source of his power." Natasha explained. "We do not tolerate slavery on New Atlantis. Is that going to be a problem?" she asked. She'd also noted Mab's words and tone.

Mab lifted her hands. "We do not enslave." she said. "We may, however have a few who serves, due to deals struck with our people."

"Luna told me about this." Natasha said, nodding. Fae deals were bound by soul magics. It would be not only irresponsible, but very dangerous to try and break those. Fortunately the Fae have to be very clear with their deals, for them to work. The deals were very lopsided sometimes, but both parties knew it. If they had such bound servants, they did it to themselves and more than likely, willingly.

"Me too." Harry said. "We will not allow you to offer such deals to our people. Is that understood?"

"I can agree to that." Mab said, instantly. They never went out looking for those people, who came begging for favours. Well, not all of her Fae. Some however, would likely find this a sour pill to swallow. They'd work that out in time. King Harry likely had enemies. Those of her kind who liked to dabble in such things, would likely find a use. No Kingdom in existence had no enemies, after all. She'd bring that up on another occasion, however.

"So, will this do, for the time being?" Harry asked, looking around them again. He saw a stream that had begun digging itself a different route since he had set it up and waved his hand lazily to reinforce the riverbed.

Mab noted the ease with which he could change and modify the land using only his will and some directed magic. She could see that coming in handy later, if he could be convinced to help them build the dwellings they would no doubt need. Not all her people were equally resistant to the cold, after all. Many still preferred a warm home to come back to.

"With some work, this can very easily become a realm that my people will thrive in." Mab confirmed. "What if we need more room, in the years to come?" she asked.

"With more living souls, more magic becomes available and the land will expand." Harry said. "We can then send some of our Nymphs to help grow your forests, or I or one of the other magic users of my acquaintance can come here to help you sculpt the new space to your needs."

"And is there game?" Mab asked.

That actually stumped Harry. He'd just assumed that they would be able to sustain themselves. "It seems my husband did not think of that." Natasha said. Of course there would be creatures who hunted. Some creatures called winter their most active season, after all.

"We will need to discuss what your needs are and I will ask Logan to help your people gather what they will need." Harry said.

"Heimdall can open portals to Alfheim for them?" Natasha asked. "If he's agreeable."

A portal opened next to them, then. "I know what is needed, Queen Natasha. It will be no trouble to assist the Winter Court in this."

"Thanks, Heimdall." Harry said. "Come join us for drinks later?" he offered.

"I will take you up on that, my prince." Heimdall said with a smile. "Perhaps this time you can get the magic right, and we can try another hand at poker?" he asked, a bit of a smile on his face.

"I think I cracked that problem." Harry said easily. "Sure, we can try a couple of hands and see what happens."

"Since when is the Bifrost capable of portals like this?" Mab asked, thinking she understood how Harry had done it earlier.

"You misunderstand, Queen Mab." Heimdall said. "It is my prince who wields this power, he merely made it so that I can use it as well, not the other way around." He turned to Harry, then. "If my opinion is welcome?" he asked.

"Please." Harry said.

"I saw the happenings on Alfheim, before the Courts went into hiding." Heimdall said. "Queen Mab was being cautious. She cares greatly for her people. Her anger and outburst stemmed from the fact that she dislikes the Summer Queen. They are always at odds and she thought her naive."

"That actually does help a bit." Harry said. "Thanks Heimdall."

"You are welcome as always, my prince." Heimdall said, before the portal vanished again.

"So you snapped at my wife because you were angry at Titania?" Harry asked.

Mab didn't look like she wanted to admit to it, but finally nodded. "Her plans aren't always fully thought out. She lacks finesse and somehow always sees things in an optimistic way. If it weren't for me, the place where we slumbered would have disappeared long ago, too, taking us with it. There were factors she simply didn't consider. She intended to have all her people awake, using what power we took with it. It's infuriating to work with such a simpleton."

Harry actually laughed at that. Try as he might, he couldn't help seeing something of Luna in her ancestor. She wasn't stupid, far from it, but she was more insightful. She tended to rely on those insights, when relying on hard fact and tried methods would yield better, or at least, more sustainable results. He could see that Mab was more inclined to follow knowledge than relying on something as flimsy as gut feel. It was what tended to come between people like Luna and Hermione.

"Fair enough." he said. "I can see how you can think that way. I've noted that you think differently than Titania, so I can understand that."

"Thank you." Mab said, with an exasperated huff. That Summer Queen was just so damn gullible. Fortunately she had not screwed this one up.

"So, about your people?" Natasha asked.

"Oh, yes." Mab said, pulling herself from her thoughts. "I believe that this will suffice, until we've built housing and brought some game. If we could rely on you for sustenance for a while, I believe that will suffice until we are settled."

There were a few things that they still discussed, like where to acquired firewood, since the trees, while many, were the only ones they had. Harry promised to arrange them a few truckloads of timber and would help building them places to stay, with magical fires, so that they didn't need to rely on the forest to supply what heat they needed. It seemed that most of the Winter Fae had no aversion to meat and preferred that, which actually made sense. While summer was all about replenishing, winter was all about using what was grown. A constant winter would change the rules of the game.

The rabbit enclosures had actually started becoming overpopulated, so that should work nicely in the interim, until more permanent plans could be made. Most creatures needed warmer climates to procreate, so the Winter Court's new home would likely always need to rely on the support of New Atlantis, or perhaps even the Summer Court. Symbiosis would be much simpler, with a clear divide and proper rules that everyone followed all year through.

When they exited the Winter Archway, Logan was drinking his ever full beer, sitting on his floating carpet, while Hela showed off Agnar, her Thestral mount, to Titania. The Summer Queen was inspecting the animal with a bit of curiosity, but she stayed far away. Mab had no such compulsions.

"What a magnificent death-mare stallion!" Mab exclaimed, as she quickly approached. Death-mares weren't native to Alfheim, and they were almost legendary to her people. She didn't touch him, having seen movement from Hela, seemingly readying herself to attack the woman if she touched him. She'd seen the saddle and realised he was likely her mount. "You take really good care of him." she remarked and nodded to Hela.

"He's my mount and familiar." Hela said. The bond had formed naturally and she was very proud. "He is a fine companion." she agreed proudly, though, as she dropped her guard slightly. Logan had warned her of the woman's earlier error, and she had been ready to march into the Winter Archway and teach the woman who had insulted her sister-in-law a lesson. Everyone seemed calmer now, though, and Hela decided to ask after what happened later. Likely this was another chance for her to learn about forgiveness, and why it was offered.

"You are Hela, then? Sister to the King?" Mab asked.

"I am she." Hela agreed. "You are the Winter Queen, Mab?"

"I am she." Mab agreed.

Harry didn't know that he liked that they were seemingly clicking so quickly, but wouldn't deny his sister a friend. She'd likely help keep the peace actually.


Harry had spent a few days arranging everything that was needed, including a few suggestions from his friends. The Queens now had large estates in the centre of their domains, with everything from ever-clean and warm bathtubs and modern washrooms, to an elegant receiving hall, with a throne decorated with enchanted and moving branches that swayed in an imaginary wind and ceilings enchanted to represent their seasons. Harry had even added trees with little houses in them around the perimeter of the estates, for the fairies to call home. He'd resize them later, as needed, since he didn't know how big they were.

In fact, Harry had taken things so far that Luna was a little worried that they'd never see the Fae again. Well, she would still be spending time with them, but that didn't mean she didn't want them coming to New Atlantis as well. Harry wasn't worried. The Summer Fae would likely find his home even more enchanting than their own haven, since there was just so much to see.

He'd been told that the Fae had a few different kinds of Elves, who had called Alfheim home. There'd be a few satyrs, some Centaurs, and a variety of fairies, along with some things he had no idea about. Water spirits and creatures that represented the changing of seasons, more than the seasons themselves. There were even a few pixies and sprites, he was told, not that he knew the difference between them and fairies. Perhaps they were related, or just looked the same. Either way, he'd find out.

When the time came for the Fae to exit their slumber, only Harry, Natasha, Odin and Frigga were in attendance, since Harry would be removing the Fidelius, after Titania gave him the secret.

When the Fidelius was dispelled, the Queens stepped through and disappeared into their hidden space. It had been explained to Harry as some sort of in-between place, created by magic, but apparently it was not the same as a pocket dimension. There was an immense amount of power there, or slightly beyond it, but it was both forbidden to try and access it directly and impossible to stay in communication with, as it tended to flood the mind of any who tried, with all the secrets of the universe at once. With what was likely an infinite amount of information, it was understandable why not even immortal minds could survive such things. Many had tried, but there had never been a survivor.

It didn't take long for the Queens to return, and behind them followed a stream of groggy-looking creatures, all seeming to have just awoken from a long slumber. Maybe Mab's reaction also had something to do with having just woken up. Only the different coloured flying and tinkling lights that came with the creatures, the pixies, seemed to be energetic, as they flew around the cave and its occupants in seeming ecstasy at being awake at last. After them followed the fairies and sprites. Sprites and fairies were about the same size, but the sprites were more ethereal, like spirits, while the fairies were physical beings, male and female, from what Harry could tell. There were also a whole lot of them.

Before long the cave started becoming cramped, so Harry decided to open two portals, which would lead to their new realms. The Queens went to their own portals and directed their people inside. This process took another twenty minutes. Harry really should have known better than to think it would be a quick move, since both Queens had told him that they'd brought as many of their subjects as they could, and there were a lot of them, most carrying belongings, backpacks and stuff. One Satyr actually had a donkey pulling a small wagon with what looked like an entire portable apothecary stall. It had instruments and hundreds of bags and jars of powders and liquids and what were likely potions ingredients. He'd make a note of that and have Bruce check it out.

When the procession finally ended, the Queens went through the opening again, checking for stragglers, before they exited with their own bags. Harry could sense magics on the bags, so they were likely larger on the inside and carried many of their private items or items of import. They set those bags down and chanted together, collapsing the doorway for good, and removing the pocket that they had called home for too long. They then left through the portals, to go help settle their people, while Harry took his wife and parents home.

When everyone was gone, the space where the opening had been started to glow slightly. Back on the Bifrost, Heimdall noticed the glow and decided to keep an eye on it.


It had only been a month since the Fae had first come onto Harry's radar, and already things were changing on New Atlantis. Strange things, like bioluminescent flowers started popping up, on seemingly random trees and bushes where they didn't belong. The fairies and pixies were often seen and heard laughing and tinkling as they drunkenly flew through the night sky, high on life and the highly magical realm, which was New Atlantis. They stayed in their respective havens, but the resort had become the de-facto hang-out spot for all the creatures who could bear to be in each-other's presence.

The fairies, pixies and sprites would often show up, just to listen to the music from the roof of the bar, adding an accompaniment in their little voices that somehow created a strange harmony, no matter what kind of music was playing. Of course, the children were also a big attraction. The fairies and sprites couldn't get enough of them and loved playing with them. The children, likewise, were enjoying the company of the benign beings and they would keep the children from getting into trouble, when they got it in their heads to explore, or to taste something that they really shouldn't be putting in their mouths.

Xara, the bronze skinned golden-blond-haired Nymph girl, was something of a curiosity to the fairies, who just stared at her, like she was an otherworldly beauty to them. Something about her was like a candle to a moth to them, and they always ended up congregating around her, as she talked nonsensically to them in her attempts to speak English. She might look three, but she was just a few months older than baby James. At least, her human form had only emerged from her tree then. She was growing quickly, too.

Besides that, the Satyrs from both factions had started flirting heavily with the Nymphs. They had been warned about how things worked and they were careful not to offend the King of the realm they both called neighbour. They also loved the alcohol, often partaking in shots from the bottomless bottle of Harry Potter's Every-Flavour Liquor. Using the every-flavour beans they had purchased on their trip back in time to Harry's original reality had helped Harry figure out the enchantments, and he was very proud of the results.

There were normal bottles, of course, but for the Satyr's who had no way of paying, the bottomless bottles were used. It wouldn't do to have them drink through Harry's stocks, after all. For those who had found ways of making themselves useful, there was a fair compensation, using Harry's own coins from his vault, which was now housed in the Dragon Enclosure, for obvious reasons. They ended up spending everything at the Bar, which then just became Harry's again.

It had been Tony's idea. The gold and other coins were not being used otherwise anyway, and as long as it stayed on the island, or with the Fae, it was now at least serving a purpose. The Satyrs would often pay for sweet drinks for the Nymphs, which ended up making it so there was now a rule about not doing so while there were children present.

The Centaurs had found kindred spirits in the local herd. They were more often than not stargazing with the current group. Apparently the Centaurs from Harry's original reality were far more learned in the ways of astronomy and astrology, and the new additions were learning from them, with a certain sense of awe. That being said, the stars were different here than on Alfheim, meaning those with even a bit of experience, needed to learn their craft anew.

Firenze, as the Centaur Chieftain, was also considered a wise man, to those who joined them, if for nothing else than choosing to join Harry, when the offer was made. The new arrivals would often come to him with questions and asking for advice on private matters. There were quite a few Centaurs who were more martially inclined, but they were nowhere near as bad as Bane had been, and loved learning about things that did not revolve around their never-ending war. The Centaurs were also the only of the two factions that seemed to connect the quickest with their rivals, now that there was a clear divide, and a safe location where no violence was tolerated.

The Fairies had their own hierarchy, and even a royal family on both sides of seasonal divide. Neither were really warlike, but they had clear affinities to their respective seasons. The pixies followed the Fairies and Sprites around, like pets almost. You seldom saw one without the other, though the Sprites tended to stay in their respective realms, apparently needing the environment or the magics of their people, which had quickly started permeating their realms, converting it to their ideal environments, on top of the enchantments Harry had set up.

Harry had only needed to go change a few things for the other realms on occasion. Things like areas with a constant snowfall and others that were more like fall, rather than the dead of winter. The Nymphs had an open invitation to both realms, so that they could help the growth of the trees, and to encourage vegetables and other plants to flourish. It wasn't as easy there, as it was on New Atlantis itself, but with Harry's magic being present in both, it wasn't too difficult. The Nymphs were all treated like honoured guests, whenever they were seen.

The Queens of Winter and Summer were constant visitors to New Atlantis. Mab and Hela had truly kicked things off and had formed a close friendship, very quickly, while Titania and Xera had something similar going on. Mab had even been seen flying on a Thestral next to Hela and Agnar, as she showed off her brother's realm and took the Winter Queen to see the more dangerous creatures in their enclosures. Those had really impressed Mab and she quietly wished the Goddess of Death luck with her attempts to catch the feral man's eyes and heart. She now saw his value.

Hela's friendship with Mab had given her an insight into the needs of the Winter Court's darker factions. Power-wielders and dealers were soon meeting with Fury's representative, Hill, who was quickly learning of what it meant to deal with the darker side of the mystical realm. Mab's original thought had actually been correct. There were enemies that could do with external influences, which would help them deal themselves into debt to those darker entities.

Fury would not mind using a dark force against other dark forces, as long as they were kept in check and they left their own people alone. While he wouldn't ever trust those entities on Earth, as long as Harry took contractual precautions, he didn't see why they couldn't point them at intergalactic enemies like the Kree. Captain Marvel surely wouldn't mind.

Meanwhile, Xera and Titania had explored the island on their own two feet. Titania had her guards, of course, unlike Mab, who scoffed at the need for them, but they followed at a distance. Xera delighted in introducing the Fae Queen to the intelligent creatures and Titania had almost hyperventilated from excitement at seeing the Abraxan, the large winged horses. Apparently they held the same status with the Summer Court as the Thestrals held with the Winter Court.

The hippogriffs were just as bad, and when Titania met Charlie, she was swooning all over again. She could not resist, when Xera told her he'd likely take her for a flight, and soon she was flying over the island, laughing all the way, as she encouraged the hippogriff to go faster. Charlie did not disappoint and by the time they came back, he was breathing heavily, but Titania's enthusiasm and attention made him puff his chest out proudly, before nuzzling her and then turning to go rest.

The animals were not the only attraction to the island, though. The water spirits, creatures Harry had first thought were a kind of Elf, wearing thick furs and who could turn into aquatic mammals, apparently names Selkies, were very impressed with the child-friendly waterslide and the new water feature Harry had added for the Merfolk to visit the resort. They were often seen splashing in and out of the never-ending, but magically silent, waterfall which followed an underground stream back to the sea, through the underwater cave, where the Merfolk now lived.

The Merfolk found them interesting and always welcomed the creatures, often taking them out to go hunting around the island with them, where there was always an abundance of fish, which Harry had had to encourage, by bringing them in and then using wards to keep them around the island.

The Elf village had welcomed the new Elven arrivals too, since they had a very limited gene-pool to work with and fortunately the Fae had enough male Elves to finally make the possibility of growing their numbers a real possibility. The elves had not been successful in breeding with humans, despite giving it a real go, not that any of the men they tried with complained. The number of male elves Harry had been able to rescue from slavery had not been many, for obvious reasons. Those male elves were simply not as physically inclined as other, non-magical slaves, probably due to lack of a proper magical environment, and the females were not used for labour.

The elves from the Seasonal Realms were definitely more war-like, however, and a scuffle did end up breaking out between the factions, but it soon stopped, when a wing of dragons descended on them and drove them apart. That had scared the shit out of the elves. When Logan landed on Puppy, shortly thereafter, they knew true fear. The man was an animal in a fistfight and he demanded the ones that started the fight to face him or be denied access to New Atlantis again. He had wanted to set an example, and they'd gotten one. They were properly chastised and bloodied.

Hagrid, who had seen the dragons descend, showed up soon after and stepped in, before treating the elves like misbehaving children and making them apologise with hand-shakes. There was never another fight between them, but they still kept apart from each other, for fear of the Master of the Lands and his Half-Giant friend. They didn't even want to think about the Dragons. Who tamed Dragons, let alone had one as a familiar?

One of them had actually seen the Half-Giant shove one of the dragons away playfully. Astoundingly, the dragon had simply shoved him back, or tried to, but the man was unmovable. How strong was he?! To be fair, Hagrid's protective gear was enchanted by Harry and it had saved his life on many occasions. Harry had known to protect the man from himself, for his lack of sense when it came to certain things.

He'd obviously informed Logan and Charlie, who knew to look out for an escalation in his behaviour, since he didn't want the man to become completely reckless. Despite what most people thought, however, Hagrid was completely aware of the limitations of the gear and he'd quickly adjusted to using them to their fullest capabilities. He was not an idiot, after all. He'd taught the subject for Merlin's sake!

Harry was working on yet another enchantment in his Workshop, when his Mirror Vibrated.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Greetings my Prince, something has changed on Alfheim." Heimdall said.

"What's happening?" he asked, stopping his experiment and laying down the item he was working on. Heimdall had informed him of the glow at the location the Fae had come from, but even when he went to check on it, he couldn't properly identify it. It just seemed like an after-effect from the rift that had been there. He'd asked the man to inform him should anything change.

"A large black metallic sphere of some sort appeared in the same location as the disturbance." Heimdall reported.

"Is it doing anything?" Harry asked.

"As far as I can tell, it's just floating there." Heimdall said. "I tried to peer into the sphere, but it seems protected from being observed."

"Magic?" Harry asked.

"I cannot say." Heimdall said, apologetically.

"Okay, I'll call in the team and be right there." Harry said.

"I have taken the liberty of calling those who are not indisposed to New Atlantis, my Prince." Heimdall said.

"Before calling me?" Harry asked.

"I opened portals to their locations as we spoke and they understood the meaning." Heimdall said, slightly smugly.