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Chapter 5

The next day found the younger Harry back on the beach, relaxing while surrounded by his wives. He had not been as affected as they had let on. He understood the need for a show of force and they had done what was necessary. The Kree would not send another fleet, having lost most of their offensive forces in one attack against a planet that they had heard had protectors, but were sure they could overcome.

They were discussing leaving and what they would be doing when they got back, when Mab approached them. "Greetings, Lord Black." she said respectfully, as she cast a glance at Daphne.

"Good morning, Queen Mab." Harry said. "How can I help you?" he asked, having seen the look.

"I was hoping to discuss with you the possibility of representing Winter in your household." Mab said.

"I told you, Mab, I am already spoken for." Harry said, now also glancing at Daphne. Her smirk said that there was something going on here. "I assume you have found an alternate route, to achieve your goal?"

"I have." Mab agreed. "If you will not allow me to bring one of our number into your house, we would make one of your house part of our court, with your blessing and their agreement."

"That's actually a good idea." Harry said, nodding in agreement.

"I have your Lady Daphne to thank for the idea." Mab said, nodding to her in thanks. "And I have thus decided to ask for her induction into my court."

Daphne looked shocked at that. "Me?" she asked.

"Who better, than the one that has proven her cunning and willingness to stand up for our people?" Mab asked. "Would you not agree to this?"

"I… I didn't think…" Daphne stuttered.

"You do not wish to join us?" Mab asked.

"That's not what I'm saying." Daphne said, hurriedly. "I just didn't think you'd want me. I'm not the smartest, nor the strongest among the wives."

"But you are the one I want." Mab said. "And I suspect that you don't realise how well suited you are to represent my people."

Daphne looked at Harry then. "What do you think?" she asked.

"If it's what you want, I have no objections." Harry said. "You will need to discuss it between yourself, Mab and the rest of the girls. This should be a family decision, and I want to know that this won't change you."

"She will be unchanged, besides perhaps gaining a bit of an affinity for magics that best represent my court, and a connection to the in-between." Mab said.

"Mab would become my fairy godmother, in a manner of speaking." Daphne said. She'd discussed the possibilities with Mab and during their discussions, the old fairy tales had come up. It would be more like a magical adoption. Not a blood adoption, but one that latches onto her magic and would change her innate magic slightly, to be in tune with the Fae variety. Thus, the possible affinity.

"We'll discuss it." Hermione decided. "Thank you, Queen Mab, for taking our opinions into account."

"You are all worthy consorts." Mab said. "I would be proud to call any of you my family, but Daphne has shown me her mind and I like what I've seen. Please do not think that I think any less of any of you, for my choice."

"I think you chose well." Harry said. "But we still need to know what was discussed, before we can allow this."

"Of course." Mab agreed, before nodding a last time and leaving them to their discussion.

"So, your solution was to offer one of us to be turned into a Fae?" Hermione asked Daphne.

"Well, it's not a change, as much as it's a connection." Daphne said. "If I do this, the Winter Fae can claim that they have someone in the family, who not only is one of their court, but someone who willingly joined them, specifically for the purpose of being their representative."

"Which would likely satisfy their need for someone in their court, who is close to the 'Source'." Pansy nodded. "I would not have minded doing this for them. I've spent time in Winter. They aren't evil, as we would classify evil. It's more like their court all come from Slytherin. They are ambitious and intelligent, even if they are a bit more manipulative and ruthless than the average Slytherin."

"They care for their people and have families and loved ones, just like any other race." Fleur agreed. "Their elves are definitely their most warlike people, however. I can see them planning on sneaking into each other's realms, to get their vengeance, for past slights, but your counterpart has even taken care of that, by making it impossible to enter each other's realms."

"Yeah, he's a very good enchanter." their Harry said. "Have any of you ever heard of such a profession or classes for such a thing?"

"I don't think we have that." Hermione said. "We just charm things to perform functions. When he enchants something, it's like he makes it so that the items are no longer mundane artefacts, made for a function. He makes it so that the item's very purpose changes. It's like the items he makes become innately magical."

"Any idea how he does that?" Harry asked. "He once told me that he doesn't just flood an item with magic to imbue it with magic. I'm thinking enchantment runs deeper."

"His brooms are amazing." Luna said. "I flew on one with myself the other day, and it was like the broom didn't even need control mechanisms. It almost flew directly on intent."

"Well, my brooms work on runes, more than directly charming the broom." Harry defended. "It's more of a mechanical function, which is the difference between mine and normal brooms."

"Still, I suppose the normal brooms could be said to have been enchanted." Hermione allowed. "Perhaps we can delve a bit deeper into that field, to see if we learn something more about the fundamentals of magic."

"Back on topic, however, are you sure you want to do this Daphne?" Pansy asked. "You will likely be affected by this connection."

"She'll be fine." Luna said. "She shouldn't have Fae counterparts in any other reality, so she'll likely just gain the awareness of anything Fae that happens in our reality."

"You said our Fae had gone to be with some of their counterparts?" Harry asked her.

"I'm sorry, Harry." Luna said. "I don't know where they went. If the Fae here are the ones from here, I don't know why Magic sent us here."

"It was for the magical cores." Harry said. "I felt the tickle and now it's gone."

"Magic wanted you to help." Hermione said. It wasn't a question. "Don't you get tired of it pushing you to do things?"

"It's like I told my counterpart." Harry said, with a shrug. "When I do what the feeling drives me to, I always end up learning more about magic and the universe." 'There's also the fact that my counterpart gave me a few cores for our people back home.' he finished in his head. He couldn't wait to see what Pike comes up with, once he makes her a magical. And Hermione's parents and Jack will definitely be offered cores as well.

"About that." Padma asked. "Can you create cores now, too?"

"I have a few leads." Harry said. "I'll likely use a different methodology, but I have no doubt that I'll be able to create something to do the same. I'm thinking I'll likely make a ritual for it and magic will be able to take from my intent and make what I know is possible. I'll want to create it in such a way that we own a catalyst, which cannot be emulated or copied without my knowledge, though. Keep the process in the family, as it were."

"Who will you make into a magical first, then?" Parvati asked.

"I'm thinking Mister Filch would jump at the opportunity." Harry said. He was not surprised to see the nods from his girls. Mister Filch was a much changed man, since Harry gave him the role as head of security at Hogwarts. His hair was no longer such an unkempt mess. He dressed professionally and he even had a small staff of house-elves these days, who helped him get around and ensured the security of the students, with a bit of help from the reasonably newly formed 'Black Guard'.

The Black Guard was a student organization first pioneered by Neville Longbottom. He'd taken the responsibility of looking after his fellow students seriously, and when he left, he left some of the students he had trained in the use of the lightsabers, as his lieutenants. They were well picked and trained. All of them had followed in his footsteps and the leader of the group, who was elected by the rest of the Black Guard, was given the use of the flight harness Neville had left for them.

Their leader, usually referred to as their Captain, was now an accepted member of staff and given the power to deduct and give house points, not that they ever used it, since the house point system had become a bit of a joke after Harry left school. The theatres were still being operated, however, and the most successful form of punishment these days, was to remove a student's right to use them for a given amount of weeks, depending on the severity of the infraction. Students hated being denied access to the theatres, since their friends inevitably spoke of the latest film and would spoil things for them.

As a reward, however, coupons were given out, which, when enough were collected, allowed a student to purchase from the confectionary stand using them, rather than having to spend money on it. It came as no surprise, when it was revealed that that had been Neville's suggestion and he'd pioneered it, by purchasing the confections and introducing the House Elves on duty to the coupons, which he then handed out as rewards. The professors soon caught wind and started emulating him. Dumbledore had needed to work it into the budget, since the confections still cost money, but the reward system was already working better than the point system ever did, so it was no hardship.

"I will likely be inundated by requests to become magicals, in Harmony." Harry sighed.

"Then set up a new division and have them handle it." Daphne said. "You can still keep your secrets and set up the ritual, but they can handle the process, depending on how you set it up."

"You really need to learn to delegate." Pansy nodded. "We keep on telling you that you don't need to do everything."

"Well, I did set up those factories for the Cacodaemon and Eudaemon." Harry defended himself. "Bill already handles that and the ships that are in production, along with being in charge of the Comms and all the changes that need to be made."

"When will that end, by the way?" Susan asked. "It seems like every other month, there's a new feature and upgrades."

"Technology never stops changing Susan." Hermione said. "If we're to stay relevant, we'll never stop upgrading."

"We learn new things all the time and find ways to integrate." Harry said. "The people who worked on the Arithmancy module are being celebrated for the ability to check things for mistakes, while they work on spell creation."

"Making twenty-first century technology and programming available for magical researchers." Hermione agreed. "Let me tell you, that was a welcome addition. I even used the beta version to help me make my molecular phasing spell. It still can't do everything, but it was a god-send to check my calculations."

"I hear Jarvis is the local Arithmancy expert." Harry said. "Maybe he can show you what he's developed and we can do a bit of cross pollination, giving him something and maybe learning from him?"

"That's not a bad idea." Hermione agreed. "I think I'll do that now." she said, getting up.

"And Mab's offer?" Daphne asked.

"I'm not against it." Hermione said. "If you want to, go for it." Then she walked off.

The rest of the girls had a few more questions, but it seemed that they were all fine with it, as long as there were no tricks involved, as they knew the Winter Fae were inclined to do.

So it was that Daphne and Harry went to Mab, to tell her that they would take her up on the offer.

Mab had then taken Daphne off to her realm, where she would be instructed in the finer parts of being a representative of the Winter Court. This would apparently be a private thing, as the Fae had secrets that they only ever shared with their own people.

Harry was not allowed to go with her, but he knew that Mab would not screw with Daphne, since she was their only hope to have a representative in his house. And they really wanted that.

It was while they were waiting for Daphne, that the older Harry approached the younger, where he was sitting at the bar and updating his own projects, looking through the long list of upcoming projects and prioritising the fun ones, depending on what he knew they would allow him to do next.

"Hey there, little bro." the older Harry greeted.

"Sup?" the younger asked, as he continued typing away on the illusionary keyboard, while looking between the two illusionary monitors, which only he could see, since they were being projected in his eyes.

"What are you up to?" the older Harry asked.

"Updating my projects." the younger said.

"How do you know what you're doing?" the older asked.

"The feed is in my head." the younger said. "My projects are not something I want your cameras to record."

"Nifty." the older Harry said. "I actually had a question about something regarding your technology."

The younger Harry finished what he was doing and a few seconds later, he exited the programs and switched off the feed. "Sure, as long as it's not protected." he said.

The older Harry took out the Comm he had been given. "I was wondering about this database of books." he said.

"Your Comm only has access to those while I'm here." the younger said. "It's connected to the Sphere and the on-board computer."

"I realise that, but I was hoping for an exchange of sorts." the older said. "I want to know how your ritual creation magic works. I didn't see anything about it in here."

"And in return?" the younger asked. This was a big request. Ritual creation magic was powerful stuff. You could potentially use it to do pretty much anything to someone, as long as they are willing, and sometimes even without their willing participation. The fact that the older Harry's Comm didn't have access to everything was not even mentioned. They both knew why, after all.

"I've got an entire library of dark magics from my old world's Death Eaters." the older Harry said.

"No deal." the younger said. "In my world we took all the knowledge from every dark wizard we captured, to ensure we have a way to counter as many of them as we can. My dark magic library is likely larger than yours and includes everything you have."

"And if I want access, so that I can counter things, as you can?" the older Harry asked.

"You don't have old dark families here." the younger countered. "Let's be honest, you want this so that you can create new magics. Fury probably wants you to help make super soldiers as well."

"I'll not deny that it would be something he wants." the older Harry conceded. "It's not why I'm asking, though."

"Spill." the younger Harry said.

"It's for Jarvis." the older Harry admitted then. "I want to give him the ability to procreate. For that, I'll need to invent something new, since he's the first of his kind."

"That makes sense." the younger conceded. "Still, this is powerful information you're asking for. What do I get?"

The older Harry considered it, before he sighed. "I'll give you a copy of the book, from which I learned how to make the Room of Requirement."

The younger Harry was actually shocked at that. "As far as I can tell, that's the kind of magic you'd not share easily. The room was one of those things we could never figure out, because it's creation and the method of its creation was knowledge that died out with the founders."

"The founders didn't make the room." the older Harry said. "That was a family magic passed down a very specific line. It wasn't a dark family either."

"I probably should have guessed." the younger Harry said. "But, I don't know that I want that book. We're capable of doing similar things with… Oh, never mind. Hermione's telling me I'm an idiot for declining." he said as he looked over to where an instance of him was sitting with her and Jarvis. They were sitting with different devices, looking over their different methodologies for interpreting Arithmantic calculation.

"She's interested?" the older Harry asked, hopefully.

"You know her." the younger Harry said. "She wants to know how things work, nearly as badly as me. I just like to figure it out myself, where she doesn't mind reading about things, so that she can adapt it to our standards."

"She does love her research." the older Harry said fondly. "If you don't mind my asking, how did you end up with her in your group? She was always a friend, but I consider my Hermione more like a sister."

"You wouldn't, if you knew what she looks like when we're-" the younger Harry started, with a wicked grin on his face.

"Stop!" the older Harry said, not wanting to know what he was about to say, likely only to mess with him. "I don't want that mental image, please." he added.

"Fair enough." the younger Harry allowed. "Well, when I discovered all the rape and abuse that happened in Hogwarts, I pulled the girls together, after rescuing Daphne and Pansy from a seventh year, when they were still in first year."

"Wait, what?!" the older Harry exclaimed. "Rape?!"

"Yeah, I didn't like finding out about that, either." the younger said.

"Isn't there magic in place to protect from these things?" the older Harry asked. "It's Hogwarts for Merlin's sake!"

"The darker families used to use muggles like playthings." the younger Harry said. "Once the trace is lifted, they can go out into the world and do as they like, with just a bit of work to secure themselves. I didn't let that continue, once I figured it out, but you have to remember, there are many ways around things like the trace, too."

"Bastards!" the older Harry exclaimed. "Why didn't I figure it out?!"

"I haven't told you my whole story." the younger Harry said. "My circumstance is different, as you may recall."

The older Harry nodded at that. His younger counterpart had told him that he had gone back in time to change things, or was sent back by Magic. Luna may have been involved as well. "So you didn't notice your first time?" he asked.

"Nope." the younger said. "I was a stupid kid back then. I think we both were. I have no doubt that you'd change things as well, given the chance."

"Damn straight." the older Harry said. He was not happy at hearing this, though. He was considering going back himself, using his own methods, to set things right in his old world.

"There's also the possibility that things were different in your world." the younger Harry said. "Your Weasleys didn't have the family curse, after all." There had been the possibility that they had been released from the curse, once they left the world where the caster was, but Hermione had pointed out that they would have been able to talk about it. Since they hadn't, and there was no detectable curse, chances were that some things were different in their worlds. Likely the same thing that diverted the timelines, caused other changes.

That statement did actually make the older Harry feel better, but he'd be having a conversation with Dumbledore, just to be certain. "We can hope." he said. "So, about that ritual creation magic?" he asked, trying to get back to the subject to distract himself from the thoughts he was having.

"Fine, but I'll be needing a contract for this." the younger Harry allowed. "You can guess how this can be abused."

"No unbreakable vows?" the older Harry asked.

"Not unbreakable." the younger Harry said. When the older Harry looked shocked, the younger shrugged. "I've learned many tricks in my time."

"I'm beginning to realise that." the older Harry said. "Good to know that there is someone that can do that, though."

"To be fair, it depends on a few factors and I don't know if it will work here." the younger Harry said. After all, magic seemed to be able to traverse space quite easily here. Taking someone to the moon and cursing them to death and bringing them back might not be enough here.

"Considering you seem to understand certain things about magic that I don't, I'll just have to believe you on this." the older Harry allowed. "Now, where do we begin with this?" the older Harry asked.

One contract later and the older Harry was the proud owner of a magically protected book, entitled 'Ritual Magic – A beginner's guide to designing and empowering your own rituals'. It wasn't the original title, but it was also a newly created book, which the younger Harry had easily simplified into its base components, with more modern terminology.

The younger Harry had also received the Peverell Family Grimoire. It was strange that he hadn't found anything like that in his world. The Peverell family were his ancestors as well and there was a Room of Requirement in his world too. Perhaps the book was destroyed in his world? Either way, it was quickly stashed away and Hermione was soon reading the book on her Comm. The older Harry didn't think that this magic was too dangerous and had decided no contract would be necessary, considering this would likely also be considered 'Family Magic'. He'd not have wanted to keep this from Hermione either and he could see how closely bonded his counterpart was to all his girls.

When Daphne came back later that afternoon, she had been adopted into the Winter Fae. Technically she was now the magically adopted daughter of Mab herself. Apparently that meant that she would be able to call on the Winter Fae in her dreams, much like Luna could communicate with her counterpart and would likely now be able to contact Titania, now that she was a fully re-instated Summer Fae Princess.

Daphne didn't look any different and she reported that her magic didn't feel any different, but her Harry could detect something new about her. It was like she had been partially ascended. Other ascended beings could enter and exit the Ascended plain as they saw fit, but Daphne's connection to the in-between, was different. The in-between seemed more like a transitional space, like a conduit, rather than a dimension with an indistinct space for people to inhabit.

Daphne's mind was still the same and she didn't have any tendencies to be darker than she was before. She did have a look of mischief in her eyes, as she told Harry she had secrets she couldn't tell him. Harry didn't mind though. He understood that there would be Fae secrets he would likely never understand or be privy to. Likely pertaining to the soul magics the Fae used. He'd not want to play with that, either.

With all of their work completed and their holiday finally coming to an end, the visitors to New Atlantis started making preparations to leave.

Jarvis had had no issue with sharing some of his private research into Arithmancy with Hermione and she'd actually been able to download a copy of the program they had to him. He'd quickly adapted the programming to include his own functionality and the newly upgraded program was now installed on the server in the Sphere. Hermione was ecstatic.

Tony had never stopped bothering any of Harry's instances with questions upon questions, trying to find out about his methods, all while he and Pepper trained at their magic. She had been given a core a few days after Tony received his. They both had wands which were very well suited to them, made by Wanda, who was very excited to finally be able to apply her wand-craft for someone other than herself and the few magicals they'd had on hand, once they came back from the past.

Unfortunately for her, the elves and other magicals on the island did not require wands, as their brand of magic wasn't something that required a focus. They also weren't spell-casters, like the wizards and witches were. Instead, they all had specialities and limited abilities going down very specific avenues. While their young still had accidental magic, apparently that only happened while they were still developing their affinities.

Hela had already mastered her lightsaber, which was the only lightsaber the younger Harry had ever made to be dark, instead of light, with a dark green glow to it. She could not be happier and had denied Tony when he asked to inspect it. She'd been warned that should anyone try to uncover its secrets, that it could potentially stop working to protect the secrets.

Bruce and Pansy had spent quite a bit of time together, and she'd been able to give him some recipes that had been developed by the scientists and magicals on Harmony. There had been quite a bit of information about constructing equipment and differences in brewing methodology. Bruce did share his own recipes, but he also told her how he'd gone about working on and looking for alternatives and even told her how they had tested potions in a virtual environment. Pansy would be speaking to Doctor Pike and they would likely have a whole new medical research division established in the next year.

Thor had enjoyed sparring with Susan and had begged the younger Harry to give him a shot on a few occasions. Harry had activated his Transformation Module and used his wolf-like enhanced reflexes, strength and senses to avoid every single hit from the man, making him work hard to even try to get a hit in, before he used his telekinetic magic to knock the man out, with precision application of force to the carotid artery, which took much longer to knock him out than normal humans, as his brain was deprived of oxygen slowly.

Thor didn't like losing, and had come back often to request another sparring match. Harry had ended up using many different methods to avoid and suppress the god of thunder, who had even tried using his electrical attacks at one point, but even that had failed to land, as Harry had simply redirected the electricity into a faraday cage he'd quickly conjured, before having a solid illusion of Thor distract him and knocking him out with a simple stunner, delivered through the illusion he was fighting.

Odin had been discussing his next mind creation with his wife, who he had shown the tiny dragon statue to. She was making suggestions for things that could be added for a good personality and they were having fun discussing the possibilities. Jarvis had not had an issue with giving Odin a Unity crystal, after asking the younger Harry if it was alright, but he'd be very reluctant to part with much more of it, until he'd come up with an alternative for construction of something similar.

Eitri had not had any success with finding a way to make Trinium, but he did have a tiny sliver of the stuff, which Harry had finally allowed him to have, under a promise that he would never allow it off his person, or share it with anyone. Eitri now wore and armband, which hid the tiny sliver in a form of magical containment only he'd be able to release. Harry had also told him what the stuff looked like in its natural state and how they refined it.

In the meanwhile, he was still busy with his dragon. He was going to try and give the dragon not only one big form, but a secondary transformation, which would allow it to take an upright humanoid form, but still with draconic strength and powers. He was still busy with the finer details and his primary smaller form, still large enough to reach his knees, was already shaped. It was an exquisite sculpture, with such fine details a normal human would need to squint to see some of them. If Eitri had any say in it, this would be his most beautiful work. Beautiful, and deadly. He was still considering how he'd arm the humanoid form. Perhaps he could work a sword into the transformation, or have the tail become the sword?

The Weasley twins had finally had a win against their trickster opponents, with help from a certain magical scientist. Neither Odinsons had seen the spell which had swapped their perception of the left and right sides of their bodies, but the disorientation had them falling around for an hour, while the older Harry worked out a way to counter the magic.

They had tried to respond to the prank, but the younger Harry would simply laugh at them, when their schemes turned around on them, when he forcefully apparated them into the line of fire, or when he deflected their magics back at them. When things kept on escalating he allowed himself to be caught by one prank, which had him speaking in reverse for an hour. Well, at least one instance of him. The rest were quite able to function normally.

The twins hadn't tried their luck on Harry Black after the first time, because his wives had been pranking them the moment they got that look in their eyes. Suffice it to say, they conceded victory to his wives, much like Loki had done.

Natasha had also received a magical core, which had been brimming with power the moment she was implanted. It turned out that she owned a ring, which connected to her Harry's magical core and it had been trying to give her power since the moment she put it on. Now that she had a core, it was constantly brimming and she'd actually already started performing acts of accidental magic, as the magic looked for any way to be used. It was actually quite funny, when she accidentally apparated to her baby's room one night, when he was crying.

Both Harrys suspected that she'd be a natural wandless caster, with how quickly her conduits were developing. It was like having a connection to her husband and his magic had given her part of his ability for wandless magic. Of course, this meant that Tony was more than jealous of her progress and he was often heard grumbling at how easily things came to her.

Little James and Ryo were now an inseparable duo. James had somehow crawled onto Ryo's back and had since been very mobile, considering he kept on climbing on, likely with assistance from the Dragon himself. Fortunately the little dragon seemed to be a very protective and dutiful sort. He'd often bring James to Natasha when he got hungry or needed a diaper change. Natasha usually sent Ryo to find Harry, since it was much simpler to simply vanish or clean the diaper, than to do it the old-fashioned way.

Ryo slept with James, in his crib, since he refused to leave his side. Even at mealtimes, the little dragon only ate his magically infused and conjured food, when he could keep an eye on James. As a result of his constant companionship, James had become a much calmer baby, sleeping through the night more often than not. When he did wake early, Ryo would simply cuddle into him and purr, which usually worked to get the baby to calm down and fall asleep again. Odin had done a wonderful job on his personality.

The second dragon, for Morgan Stark, was still in planning, since it was decided that Tony and Pepper would need stronger magic and the ability to conjure and infuse food with magical power. Tony had already worked through his first year spells and was experimenting with adamantite, to try and make something that could channel spells like his wand did. He suspected he knew part of the construction of the wand he'd stashed away and would be spending a lot of time working on it, to see if he could emulate what the other Harry had made.

To accommodate the constant requests for sparring, the younger Harry had introduced their new friends to the magical paintball guns he'd created. To accommodate non-magicals who wanted to play the game, the paintball guns were usually connected to a centralized power-source, so they were currently connected to the Sphere's battery. The Avengers had proven impossible to beat for Harry and his wives, using the normal rules of the game. Considering that they were a well-trained team, with tactics and training, it wasn't really unexpected. Natasha and Clint were more often than not the only ones needed to take their entire group out.

The Room of Requirement had been able to produce any environment that was requested and no matter the scenario, the Avengers overpowered them with their teamwork. The game was so thoroughly enjoyed, however, that Tony was already planning to design something similar, but being who he was, it was more than likely going to be something more akin to laser-tag.

The younger Harry had mentioned that the Wolves who played the game, had found that it had raised their magical capacity, due to the constant draw that the paintball guns required. Hearing that, had Tony adjusting his plans, so that he could be his own battery, rather than using MSC shells, which had been his original plan. He even adjusted his plans for a lightsaber to function in a similar fashion. He'd get his Harry to add intent magic, so that the swords could be switched between the different constructs for training and deadly weapons. That was something the Younger Harry had either not thought of or couldn't do, and Tony was excited to show that off one day.

Then there was Wanda. The first natural witch of that reality had been learning everything she could from all of the visitors and Hermione had made a suggestion to their Harry which had him take her aside and gift her with two magically protected rings, which held two of his own secrets. She now had two magical foci, perfect for any kind of magic, and one EMF generator, which would allow her to cast her limited wandless magic with more range and accuracy.

As Madam Pomfrey had found, however, for more precise casting, Wanda still preferred the wands. For battle, these new additions would be a definite asset. She'd practiced with the rings and found that it had allowed her far more throughput and she could have a near-constant barrage going, even though that drained her reserves quickly.

As for Loki, he was simply a constant visitor, learning what he could from the man with a magical affinity for illusions, stronger than his own. He was following the magic, whenever he could, but still had no idea how he would emulate the effect. He would not give up trying until he'd either could emulate the effect of solid illusions, or being able to send his magic through his illusionary constructs. He suspected that the answer to one lay in the other.

Frigga had merely delighted in the close-knit bonds of so many wives and one man, who could share his life with so many, because his heart was so large, and he could be in many places at once. She had found it interesting to note that each instance that the younger Harry had with his girls had always been the same ones. Nobody else would be able to tell, but she'd noticed that the instances were just as real as the original and he kept the ones he'd apparently dedicated to a girl, with the same one at all times, when they were all about. She wondered if even he had noticed that he was doing it.

Odin, for his part, kept his wife company and they watched as the younger people around them conversed and bonded, making new friends and laughing together as stories were told and fun was had by all. The atmosphere on the island was always so alive and full of joy. The constant conversation about magical and scientific research was just as fun to watch.

While not all of Harry's wives had been busy with research, Parvati had definitely taken advantage of coming to a place that was, at least from their perspective, the future. She had scoured the internet on her Comm and looked up what trends were to come in fashion, while her sister took the opportunity to look into scientific findings and inventions. They had a whole list of things to invent in their own world.

Fleur had been spending time either exploring the island with the other Veela, or dragging Harry back to the Sphere, to go tackle another few pages of the book. Seriously, that book! It was making it difficult for her to suppress her aura these days. She just wanted to drag Harry off for a month of non-stop indulgence in the art of pleasure.

For the bit of time that she spent on anything other than sex and exploration, she had taken some ideas from the inside of the houses she had seen. She had never seen the like of the Stark house. While outside it looked rather straight-forward, the insides were almost like art, with modern design which featured glass and curves and uses of space she had not seen before. She'd definitely drawn inspiration from what she had seen.

The Lunas had been unable to find the Snorkack, at first, until the visiting one had taken a Cacodaemon into Summer. That's when they finally found the bloody creatures. With the Caco invisible and tiny, the creatures couldn't affect their minds with their magic, which hid them from mortal memory.

Suffice it to say, there was an abundance of video and the local Luna had already written up several articles about the strange creatures, who lived in small family groupings, with the female of the species going out and foraging for food while the male took care of the young ones. Fortunately, it seemed that they were herbivores, and they didn't seem to be struggling in the new realm they found themselves in.

Susan had spent most of her time in training with Sif and Hela, who loved the opportunity to train such a willing student. Susan had simply been unable to give up the opportunity of training with people who had thousands of years of experience. As a result, her skills had exponentially increased and she was only a couple of levels behind Sif, though Hela was still light-years ahead of her. Even though she'd never beaten Sif properly, she'd complimented her, saying she could easily compare her skill to the warriors of Asgard.

Harry had simply accompanied all his girls, when he was available, taking part in their many discussions, even though he was sometimes out of his depth when things like fashion or interior design was the topic of discussion. His girls had ensured to all take an interest in Harry's interests, so he never needed to steer a conversation in a direction he wanted to go. Harry really loved his girls for doing that. It ensured that he never had any trouble finding someone to talk to, about his latest projects, or who could appreciate what he'd done in his latest one, if he'd been keeping it a surprise.

Even with everything that they had learned, done and experienced, the time for them to leave soon arrived, when the younger Harry started going to his lab on the Sphere, because he couldn't keep himself from wanting to start working again. It wasn't really a problem, but when Hermione and Padma started joining him, the others decided to push for them to go home. They all had research and projects to get back to.

Even though they were only visitors to the island, the local Harry insisted on having a farewell party, inviting all the people who had met his counterpart and his wives, over the last few weeks. To be honest, he'd started really thinking of the other Harry as his younger brother. They may have had similar lives up to a point, but they had both branched off and pursued their passions. They'd grown in different ways and achieved different things.

The evening of their last night was one month after they had arrived. There were many people in attendance. There were people called the X-Men, a group of heroes who helped genetically mutated humans come to grips with and control their powers. The Fantastic Four, heroes who had evolved and gained powers due to exposure to some strange energies in space. The Guardians of the Galaxy, also heroes, but they were more of a free-spirited group of mercenaries, who did what they wanted.

The Avengers had all gathered as well, including the one member they had only met a few times, Clint Barton, who had brought his family with him. Director Fury was there, as was Director Brand and even Mad-eye Moody, who was apparently in charge of internal security for EPI.

The Weasleys had all gathered as well. Bill and his Fleur had met the visitors and the Fleurs had been chatting about their respective husbands, comparing their virtues and skills, out of ear-shot, of course, at every opportunity. The visiting Fleur still thought she had the better deal, but her local counterpart felt the same, which was probably a good thing.

Bill was just glad to know that Harry hadn't stolen his girl from his other self, and had loved hearing that he was basically an inventor and space explorer, with all kinds of hidden knowledge and secrets that only he had the right to use.

Percy had apparently not wanted to come with them, when they moved to this world, but that didn't stop Molly from asking questions about her lost son, whenever she was speaking to the visitors, to find out how her other family was doing. She obviously missed her son very much.

The heroes all brought their families and the children were all enjoying the amenities, with the house elves popping around delivering drinks as Eldrin prepared them, with nobody even needing to come to the bar.

It took very little time for Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and one of Harry's instances to start talking tech and science, and what could be done with magic. Reed was interested in learning about magic, but he'd hold off on asking for a magical upgrade, since he wanted to see what Tony did with it.

In an interesting side-effect of being given a magical core, Tony seemed to be regaining some of his youth. He didn't suddenly look twenty years younger or anything, but the normal magical vitality seemed to be having an effect on the man and he was feeling like he was in his twenties again, even if he didn't look it. Pepper sure as hell wasn't complaining for the extra energy and… vigour. She was also experiencing a second wave of youthful vigour, after all.

The evening was quite a success and many of the friends that they had made, had them promise to visit again soon.

There were no long goodbyes, since there was little doubt that the people would see them again. From the local people's perspective, it could be as soon as the next day, but they also knew that the visitors would likely be gone for years, depending on if they waited for their timelines to catch up to each other.

When the time to leave arrived, the visiting Harry, had some gifts go give out.

"Tony, I've got something for you." he said, as he handed the inventor a wrapped box.

Tony didn't even wait for the sentence to be over, before the wrapping was in tatters and he opened the box. "You really made me a set!" he exclaimed happily as he looked at the familiar control panels.

"You'll need my counterpart to help attach the functions to a pre-existing system, but he should be able to figure that out reasonably easily." the younger Harry confirmed. He stepped closer and whispered, "You may be able to use this to control a few robots at once, if you do it right."

Tony was smiling from ear-to-ear. "This is awesome!" he exclaimed. Then he turned to his best friends' counterpart. "You better come back soon, so that I can show you my own version of your 'instances'."

"I should have known." the younger Harry chuckled. "Well, just be careful okay? These things interact directly with your mind. Too much information could be dangerous, and remember to add a buffer and some automation, which will help as well."

"Yeah, yeah." Tony scoffed, as he stuffed the box, contents and all, into his pouch.

Harry walked over to Loki then and handed him a small box. "I figured you'd appreciate the help for your illusions. It's not for casting, but it will help you use your channelled intent-based magic to emulate the physical contact I can do. Normal magicals wouldn't be able to do it, but your magic works differently."

"You know how our magic works?" Loki asked, looking over at his father, who shrugged and shook his head. He hadn't shown this Harry anything about how their magic worked. He opened the box and found a pair of soft black fingerless leather gloves inside. Of course, there was more to it than simple gloves, but even Loki could detect that there were a few secrets hidden in the gloves, likely using some of the magical technology that the younger Harry had shown them.

"It wasn't difficult to figure out." the younger Harry said. "While I can't use your magic, since I think it requires the blessings of Asgard, if the Sphere's sensors are to be believed, but it should allow you to maintain an illusion more easily, while allowing you to add effects without diverting too much of your attention."

Harry walked to his older counterpart then, before handing him a smaller box. "What's this?" the older Harry asked.

"It's a learning ring." the younger Harry said. "I've added a little gift onto it for you."

"What's on it?" the older asked. He'd loved the experience of learning molecular manipulation in such a short amount of time. He didn't know all the elements and would still need to study those, to expand his capabilities, but he'd get there.

The younger Harry smirked and looked over at Odin. "Odin tells me that you are struggling with the Allspeak. Since I learned it from him, I thought I'd help you out too." Odin had thought it was an appropriate gift for the knowledge he was granted. Harry had shown Odin how the ring worked, to a degree, with the ring helping him understand the concept, if not the method of its construction or the spells involved in making it.

"Thank you." the older Harry said, shocked at the revelation, but touched by the thoughtful gift. "That's really thoughtful." he added.

"Meh." the younger Harry said.

"Can he use that to teach us things?" Tony asked, looking at the box in longing.

"If Odin helps, yeah." the younger Harry said. "The gifts are still protected, but you should be able to use it with what I've taught him. Just don't teach baby James anything too advanced too quickly. You know how impulsive youth can be." The older Harry understood why his younger counterpart had taught this to Odin only. It would be just another form of protection from abuse.

"Oh, I'm not letting him skip any classes with Minerva." Natasha said. "She's been looking forward to having some little wizards and witches to train and I think it will be a good idea to have him learn with his peers."

"Since, now, we can start making more magicals, I'm not going to argue with you." the older Harry agreed.

Parvati then walked over to Frigga. "I have a gift for you too." she said, handing her a large blue velvet box.

"What is this?" Frigga asked as she opened the box and saw a beautifully and intricately crafted, diamond encrusted necklace. "This looks like a very expensive gift."

"Harry helped me make it. Diamonds are something that he can produce reasonably easily." Parvati said. "It's a new concept I've been working on. Once worn, you can store any outfit you're currently wearing in the necklace. Just put on an outfit and store it, then you put on another and do the same, until you've got your entire wardrobe stored."

"But this enchantment…" Frigga said, as she inspected the magical necklace.

"This is almost like our Harry's enchantment magic." Odin said, as he looked at the magic himself.

"Figured part of that out too." the younger Harry said. "It's not got your kind of magic in there, but a switching spell and a bit of storage isn't a difficult thing to do." For him, it was just a few charms, inlaid into the necklace.

"That's not fair!" Tony exclaimed. "Enchanting is our Harry's thing!"

The younger Harry just smirked and opened his hand, palm up, where there was currently nothing, until a fine dust started moving from inside his sleeve and started gathering in his hand.

"No." Tony said, in shock, as a tiny replica of his Iron Man suit started forming on his palm. "You thief!"

"Technically, mine works on a completely different principle." the younger Harry said. "I control my magi-nanites with a control system on the Sphere and through an interface in my Comm connected to my mind."

"That's impossible!" Tony exclaimed again. "You didn't have time… Oh, you bastard! You've been experimenting and working on this inside your sphere!"

"Well, I don't need to sleep and my wives do." the younger Harry said, with an unrepentant smile. "I got bored."

"He's just being mean." Luna said. "That construct is the only thing the magi-nanites can build and it can't even move."

"Why do you insist on spoiling my fun?" the younger Harry complained. "First Heimdall spoils my mysteries and now you?"

"You were scaring them." Pansy said, standing up for Luna and reprimanding Harry, as she walked up to Odin, and handed him a package too. "You may not be family, but you were very gracious and accepting. I really do hope to see you again. I never got to spend much time with my grandparents." She knew that her husband had enjoyed his time with the old man, and as a result, she felt very grateful to him.

Odin didn't open the package. Instead he pulled the girl to him in a hug. "You are as good as family. All of you have brought so much joy to our family." he said. Then he released her and looked at the package. "I sense something akin to your transformation magic in this." he said, as he opened the package and saw a bracelet, with a smaller version of the original transformation module, which would lay over your arm or under it, depending on how you attached it.

"It's a prototype." Pansy agreed. "I tried to take your Asgardian physiology and genetics into account when I made this. It's only a temporary effect, but should restore some of your youth and vigour while you wear it."

Odin was just looking at the bracelet with large eyes. "Truly? You've conceived of a way to restore lost youth?"

"It's a treatment a couple of others and I are working on back home." Pansy said. "To change the temporary effects for another race isn't difficult. For prolonged effects, I'd need to use a different medium. There's simply too much that can go wrong otherwise." She turned to the older Harry. "So no making things permanent, okay? You can kill him if you try that."

"I'm no geneticist." the older Harry said, holding his hands up.

Pansy nodded before turning back to Odin. "Could we try it out, please? I'd like to leave knowing if it worked for you." Odin nodded and pulled out the magical genetic alteration device. Pansy helped him attach it to his arm. "Now, just focus your power on interacting with the module. It will connect to you and change you."

Odin did as instructed. The magic wasn't their own, but he knew enough to know how to adjust for that. As soon as he connected to the device, there was an intake of breath from his side and he looked at his wife. "Did it work?" he asked.

"See for yourself." the older Harry offered a mirror he'd conjured.

Odin took the mirror from his son and looked at his face. Where before he'd looked like a human in their seventies, now he looked more like a man in his late thirties to early forties. He had less lines on his face, his one eye shone with a vigour he had not felt in many millennia. His hair and beard was no longer completely grey either. Now it was blond, with barely visible grey hairs in between.

"Husband." Frigga said from his side, with heavy emotion. "You look like a young man again."

"Ha-ha!" Odin exclaimed, as he grabbed his wife in a hug and lifted her. "I feel like one too!"

"Should I be worried that you'll be wanting your throne back?" Thor asked, with some humour.

"It's only going to work on him while it's active, so there may be a strain on his magic if he keeps it active for too long." Pansy said.

"Ha!" Loki laughed. "You don't know the limits of the All-father's power. I doubt we'll see him old ever again."

"Well, just be sure to take it off before you go to bed." Pansy said, smiling softly. "It's not meant for a permanent change, even if you can maintain it for long periods of time."

"Not before bed, but surely before I sleep." Odin chuckled, winking at his wife, who giggled like a schoolgirl, as she actually blushed.

"You've created a monster." Thor said, as he lost some colour.

"Don't start with me, Thor." Odin said. "I'm suddenly not too old to teach you to respect your parents." He turned to Pansy then. "You, my dear, and all your family, will be honoured for this gift, upon your return."

"I dare say, you might return to find that the old man has given me another sibling." the older Harry chuckled. He had not seen his mother or father this happy since he'd met them. He'd not be disturbed if they decided to take advantage of Odin's youth, although he might reinforce the silencing magic on their house, just in case.

"You might want to stay on Asgard for a few days." the younger Harry said to Loki. "You wouldn't want to walk in on-"

"Stop!" Loki demanded. "Please, just stop?" he begged of the smirking younger Harry.

"We never stood a chance against you, did we?" the older Harry asked.

"Well, I was raised by Sirius and Remus." the younger Harry said, unrepentantly.

"And 'e's been making sings interesting since we met 'im." Fleur said. Harry knew what her tone meant. The current happenings were making her randy, for some reason. Perhaps it was the talk of having children.

"Well, I'm thinking it's time we leave." the younger Harry said. "Enjoy the gifts. Don't blow yourselves up and take care of each other. When next you see me, I'll no longer be the youngest, so enjoy it for the time being."

"I don't know that we'll be having any more children." Frigga said.

"He's not saying that." Hermione said. "Since he's spent some time in the past and since we've been here, we've technically been aging. We'll be trying to go back to the moment we left, so when time catches up, our Harry will be at least a month older than yours."

"Then you'll be my little brother, in every way imaginable." the younger Harry said, smugly.

"Oh, bugger off." the older Harry said, playfully.

"Okay." the younger Harry said, smirking, before he disappeared with his wives. The sphere soon vanished too.

"Um, I was kidding?" the older Harry said. He'd not had a chance to thank his counterpart for the gifts properly. He even had a gift of his own to give.

"I think he was just excited to go home and didn't want to drag the farewells out." Natasha said fondly.

Suddenly there was a flash of light and a strange portal appeared, in what looked like a purplish cloud of gas. A hand came through it and dropped a storage disk. "You know how this works, little brother." Harry's voice said through the portal, before it vanished again.

"What was that?" Tony asked.

"From his description, that looked like a hyperspace window." Bruce said, as he walked closer and picked up the disk. "What is this?" he asked looking at the strange card. It had a button on the side.

"Don't press that button." Harry said quickly, summoning the card from Bruce's hand. "It's a storage disk, but this one is different than the ones he used before."

"Probably a newer version." Tony said.

"From our perspective, they could have already lived through nineteen years." Harry agreed. He hated time-travel.

"Well, let's see what's in the disk." Tony encouraged. He'd seen these before as well, when the younger Harry had pulled a disk from inside his Comm storage, to show him his version of a mundane laser. He had hated admitting that their lasers were not as capable as the one the other Harry had made when he was only fourteen.

Harry looked around and saw only curious faces. He shrugged, pointed the disk at the ground and pressed the button.

There was a flash, and suddenly there were seven people standing before them, as the disk crumbled into dust.

Neville Longbottom, his wife, Hannah with a little girl in her arms, Percy Weasley, Penelope Clearwater and a baby boy, and finally, Filius Flitwick, all stood before them.

"Neville?" Harry asked.

"You bloody bastard!" the older looking Neville exclaimed angrily, before stepping forward and pulling Harry into a hug. "You left without us!"

-The End-

AN: That's right. I'm ending it here. You can ask questions if you want, but I'm looking forward to starting with a clean slate. I don't know what I'll write, but I am finished with these Harrys. At least, for now. I may end up writing a couple of one-shots, for interests' sake, but I doubt I'll go this far again, any time soon.