Keii - Anuel AA

Kakashi believed himself to be a reasonable person. On the outside, he was an aloof and reserved individual, preferring the quiet and reading his erotica. But on the inside?

That was a can of worms he had chosen to lock away, swearing to bottle it up and ignore it for as long as possible. Could he be blamed for it?

No. His descent into madness and despair had begun with his father's suicide at just the tender age of 5. Throwing himself into the Shinobi way and following the path strictly adhered to by only veteran Shinobi had harmed him more than it helped.

He had been a dull child, one tempered by the blood of men triple his age. Unparalleled potential and intelligence and blessed with talent. Talent that he honed to near perfection upon his later days when in the ANBU.

But that raw talent, potential and intellect had clearly come at a cost. For every skill and Jutsu he mastered was an ally that perished. For every mission he completed was another nightmare to haunt his dreams. And for every Shinobi Rule he followed was another comrade that looked at him in disdain.

Kakashi's life had been a hellish one and every decent moment was smothered by that accompanying cloud of anguish and pain. And just when he thought it couldn't get any worse, life would bitch smack him.

Two of his closest friends had died in his very arms, with one of them being killed by his own hand. Not even a year later he'd go on to lose the man he'd call a father figure alongside the only woman he'd allow to pinch his cheeks.

Pain and torment was ingrained into Kakashi's very veins, running rampant like novacaine. It was a miracle that his mind hadn't completely cracked. Though that could be due to his ANBU conditioning.

'Things only affect you when you let them.'

Those had been the words of his superior when he had first joined the ranks and Kakashi had taken them to heart. After all, you couldn't hurt if you couldn't feel.

It was obviously an irrational philosophy and only prolonged the inevitable mental breakdown he'd suffer through but Kakashi honestly didn't care.

He had baggage and he most certainly had skeletons in his closet. Now if one were to ask where that particular key was... Well, Kakashi didn't really know anymore. He had built thousands of mental walls and fortified them with concrete and cement.

He liked to believe himself made of stone but he knew that he was just one bad experience away from collapsing. He'd always run from his problems instead of facing them.

Hell, it didn't take a genius to really see it either.

Kakashi was willing and ready to sacrifice his life for Naruto and Sasuke during their bout with Kaguya. Anything to provide aid and be absolved with all the mental anguish that came with living.

But of course, Obito had to fuck up his plan. Damn bastard just wouldn't let him die! C'mon! He was nearly 30 years old! His time was coming soon!

But Obito intervening had done some good. It allowed him to get a taste of the power that Naruto and Sasuke wielded. It was an addicting substance and the fact Naruto and Sasuke used theirs so sparingly was damn telling of their character.

Those with grand and majestic power would one day choose to use that said power. Whether they be for good or evil was subjective. Power was the root of all conflict just behind love.

Truer words had never been said and while Kakashi had agreed, atleast on a surface level with Madara, he wasn't entirely keen on believing the entire world to be incapable of rationale thought.

Kakashi was far from a nihilist but he couldn't deny the merit of 'going with the flow'. What was the point of truly fighting? One day everyone is going to die. Why waste it being unhappy?

It had taken far too long for Kakashi to come this kind of thinking but it allowed him to rest easy and take most things with a grain of salt. Of course, not every problem could be solved with a simple 'It is what it is', but it atleast helped with the smaller stuff.

"Daydreaming, Kakashi-san?" Yasaka quipped in amusement, making her way towards him.

Hmm... He had been daydreaming, hadn't he? What was supposed to be a simple stroll through the compound turned into a nearly two hour trip down memory lane.

Kakashi's eyes sank to the traditional pond, housing a bevy of koi fish and other native Japanese fish. Leaning against the wooden railing of the small bridge he stood upon, he responded quietly.

"Got lost on the road of life, I guess." Kakashi didn't even bother hiding the sadness behind his words either. Putting up an emotionless mask 24/7 was draining and he wasn't 16 years old anymore. There was only so much bottling he could do before the cap began to untwist.

Perhaps it was just one of those days.

Yasaka said nothing at first, remaining quiet and silently coming to stand by his side. Her golden eyes fell to the pond beneath them, eyeing their reflections.

"It's rough, isn't it?" She questioned suddenly, tails fluttering slowly. Kakashi didn't verbally respond but Yasaka could see him gazing at her out the corner of his eyes due to the water's reflection. "Of the 4 of you, you're the one who's the most broken."

Kakashi's shoulders drooped and the significance wasn't lost on Yasaka. The man had been incredibly guarded since day one and rarely, if ever, showed his true emotions.

Unlike Naruto, who was as expressive as they came, Kakashi seemed to be his opposite. It wasn't to say that the man couldn't show his emotions but he hid them very well.

One could argue that Sasuke was the one who never showed his emotions but that'd be incorrect. Kuroka had a way of getting the avenger to open up and she most certainly gloated about it.

And Sakura? She was nearly the same as Naruto except she was a little more tame.

"I've been broken a long time..." The wayward Shinobi spoke quietly, hands clasping together as he leaned a bit further unto the bridge. "I reckon that's not gonna change for awhile..."

Curious... His words said one thing but his tone said another. It was almost as if Kakashi didn't truly believe the words he had spoken.

"And why is that?" She asked curiously.

Kakashi's orbs followed a specific Koi fish, one that lacked the distinctive colorful traits of its brethren. The grey and black spotted fish separated from its school, swimming near the edge of the pond and making laps.

"Didn't know you were a therapist." There was a bit of amusement in his tone. Atleast he still possessed a sense of humor.

The Kyuubi idly flicked her tails, watching the schools of fish as they swam. "Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on once in awhile."

"Oh, I'm sure they do." He replied distantly, tapping his fingers against one another.

Instead of pushing the subject Yasaka merely nodded her head. She remained silent for a few moments before glancing towards Kakashi.

"My people tell me you are running yourself ragged." Tilting her head, she questioned him curiously. "Why push yourself so hard?"

Why indeed?

It didn't take long for the Shinobi to give his response. "Feelings of uselessness, I suppose."

Despite his rather standoffish demeanor, Yasaka continued to reply. "There's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes our best just isn't enough and when you're at your breaking point, only then do you realize who you are as a person."

Wise words, Kakashi supposed.

Sensing that the man wasn't going to reply, Yasaka instead asked a question.

"If it is not too much ask..." She paused, glancing at the man's reflection. "I'd like to tell you a story. It's something my mother would tell me growing up that I didn't truly understand until I got a bit older." She paused for a brief moment before placing her arms behind her back and speaking quietly.

"This story is about a boy named Kosei, who's family was born into poverty. Kosei grew up humbled and hungry, with 2 brothers and 2 sisters at his back. Kosei, being the oldest of the siblings, was seen as the wisest and as such, was deferred to when in the absence of their parents. Due to this, Kosei was forced to take on responsibility at a young age."

"Kosei spent his early childhood and late teens looking after the wellbeing of his brothers and sisters. He would feed them, bathe them, and even go hungry to allow his family to sleep with full bellies. All was well in Kosei's household. He would obey his parents and work hard in school."

"It was on a fateful summer night that Kosei would find out that his parents had perished on a simple trip to purchase food. Kosei did not allow the death of his parents to weigh him down. He took on an after school job and provided for his family. It would soon become to much for him and Kosei was forced to soon dropped out of school to take care of his siblings. In doing so, his health began to diminish. And when Kosei turned 19 years old, he fell asleep one night after a rather stressful day of work and did not wake up the next morning. Kosei had died in his sleep and shortly afterwards, so too did his brothers and sisters."

Yasaka closed her eyes as she finished her story. "It was later revealed that Kosei had intentionally lit their old furnace up, closing all of the vents in their home. In doing so, Kosei subjected the remainder of his family to carbon monoxide poisoning. And thus ends the story of Kosei's Final Wish."

Kakashi stood quietly, analytical mind working rapidly as he deciphered the hidden meaning to the story and why Yasaka had told him it.

Kosei had been an overburdened child, tasked with the responsibility of an individual nearly 4 times his age. Kosei would work himself to the bone, uncaring for his own health and only worrying about his siblings. When true tragedy struck Kosei, he made a final wish. That one being to relieve himself of his burdens.

"Quite a fitting story..." Kakashi responded quietly, thinking of the parallels between himself and Kosei.

"Morals, morals and more morals." Yasaka replied softly. "You're not stupid, Kakashi. Far from it. You're a rational and intelligent man so I know that you know why I said what I said." Her left hand came to rest upon Kakashi's shoulder, caressing it tenderly. "There's nothing wrong with asking for help... It does not make you weak. It is okay to not be okay. What isn't okay is allowing it to fester, growing and growing without an end in sight. I want to help you Kakashi, but you need to let me."

Could he do so? Could he truly relieve himself of all the burdens he carried? Finally be able to unwind and uncoil his tense shoulders? Unclench his jaw and finally close his eyes without looking over his shoulders?

Kakashi's eyes sank back into the pond, locking unto the black and grey spotted fish as it swam back towards its original school, darting back and forth between its brethren.

The symbolism was not lost on him.

"I..." He began quietly, eyebrows furrowing as he slowly closed his eyes, dropping his shoulders. "I'm so tired..."

A gentle smile framed Yasaka's face at Kakashi's response. She did not expect the man to just completely open up but progress was progress, no matter how small. Just getting the man to admit his issues was enough.

The healing process would be a rough and grueling one but she believed that Kakashi could handle it. If Sasuke was able to start his own healing process then Kakashi would do just fine, if Kuroka's small tellings of Sasuke's admittedly dark past was anything to go off of.

A heavy sigh filtered through Sakura's lips as she massaged the bridge of her nose. "Okaaaaaaay... So, let's start from the beginning of this ridiculous plan Rias."

The small fastfood restaurant that they had dined in had already closed well over two and a half hours ago. But Genjutsu was a neat little thing that allowed Sakura to abuse the fragile minds of humans.

Did it make her a bad person? Probably.

Did she care? Definitely not.

"It's not that bad Sakura!" Rias exclaimed, giant boobs all but bouncing on the table as she gestured grandly with her hands. "All we gotta do is pretend that I'm already in a preexisting relationship, that person being you, and when Riser inevitably comes to discuss the marriage and all the other bullshit I don't care to memorize, is when you'll make yourself known! See? Easy!"

Sakura released a heavy sigh as she picked up several more fries and stuffed them into her mouth. "Rias, there's about 17 plot holes in this plan alone and I'm sure you know that."

"Oh absolutely." The redhead nodded enthusiastically. "But see, that's the thing. I've been very private about my personal life since coming to Kuoh. I speak with my parents on a frequent basis but never really go into detail about the things I do. So, if there's an issue about fabricating a fake relationship with another person, that's pretty much covered. All we really have to do is make up a backstory and have my peerage and Sona vouch for it."

Sakura narrowed her eyes but eventually relented. It was half-baked and relied purely on the blissful ignorance of her parents and the cooperation of her peerage, which was most certainly going to be guaranteed, and Sona, which... could work. Sona seemed to be a reasonable woman.

"I'll allow it." Sakura nodded while taking a sip of her Cola. "Continue."

Rias made a grand gesture with her hands, which by the way, did amazing things to her chest. "Phase 1 : Complete! On to stage 2~!" She held up two fingers in an adorable manner following her words. "Now, I already know what you're thinking. 'How will we explain us being a thing when you're the Yokai Representative?' Well, here's the thing." She leaned towards the pinkette, covering one side of her mouth and whispering unnecessarily. "Nobody knows that you're the Yokai Representative besides Sona and myself."

That caused Sakura to pause.


Seeing Sakura's baffled expression caused Rias to giggle cutely. "Well..., Funny story. Haha..." She awkwardly coughed before shrugging her shoulders. "I forgot to tell my brother and Lady Yasaka only mentioned that a Yokai Representative would come, not who. She left out any details pertaining to you. And this is the information that Sona and I passed on to our older sibling, who you already know are two of the 4 Satans."

That... Well, that could work. It would have to rely on someone else having to take up the roll of the Yokai Representative but still, it'd work. And she knew exactly who could take that spot.

"That... Hmm." Sakura narrowed her eyes, rapidly putting information together and running through various different scenarios that could or couldn't happen. "The only issue is that this plan relies solely on the initial talk with your fiance... I don't even really know how I can contest an already planned engagement. Like you said, there's no loopholes you can abuse."

Rias only seemed to get further excited at her words. "See that's the thing!" She exclaimed with a twinkle in her eyes. "I can't abuse the loopholes because myself and my peerage are not strong enough. I can train and force them through the blender for the next year and it still wouldn't be enough to match Riser and his peerage." Her eyes began to shine as she thrust a finger towards Sakura. "But you can!"

Sakura shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly, taking the praise easily. "I mean... I'm pretty strong. What is Riser? High-class Devil?"

Rias nodded.

"I'd easily destroy him." The Medic responded with a lazy shrug. "I know the Phenex have some kind of immortality thing and can regenerate fast or whatever... But that just means I get to punch him more."

Rias giggled happily while clapping her hands. "Now I definetly want to see you punch him."

Sakura held up a hand to prevent Rias from escalating. "This plan banks on Riser, Rias. What exactly am I supposed to do?"

The Devil scoffed playfully while replying. "When Riser shows up to discuss terms and dates and yatta yatta, you'll be by my side, caressing me tenderly and lovingly." She swooned back and forth, hugging herself as she playfully pretended to be in love. "And Riser, who's an arrogant, cocky asshole will damn near blow a fuse. He thinks I'm his, like some sort of exotic trophy. Riser is a playboy and his entire peerage is basically a harem. I'd just be another woman for him to 'play' with. Seeing you, a beautiful human, will most certainly anger him."

"Riser despises humans and thinks that they're beneath Devils, like most devils do I suppose." She added in offhandedly, stroking her chin. "So, there's no doubt in my mind that he'll try to start something the second he sees you. Hell, I'm even confident in saying that you won't even have to do anything other than just state you're my girlfriend or something. He's gonna throw a fit and do something reckless or stupid. If he does, all you have to do is challenge him to a Rating Game in my place. When you win, I'll be free~!"

Sakura was aware of the woman's phrasing. When, not if she won. Rias was basically convinced she'd win. Which Sakura herself believed to be the case. She wasn't weak, far from it. Her power had only steadily increased since coming to this world. That wasn't even taking into account the Sacred Gear she now wielded.

But why was Rias so convinced that she could win? It wasn't like she flaunted her power like Sasuke did. And while Sakura boasted a stupid amount of Chakra in her seal, it wasn't like Rias was skilled enough to truly sense it.

"Why are you so confident that I'll be able to win against Riser?" Sakura questioned curiously, tilting her head with furrowed eyebrows. "It's not like I've shown you my power or the things I can really do."

Rias tilted her head, confused expression on her face. "Why would Lady Yasaka send someone who couldn't handle anything that myself or Sona couldn't? Sona and I are High Class Devils by blood and prestige yes, but we are High Class in terms of strength. And while we aren't the strongest, we can definitely hold our own against the fodder that usually appears. It wouldn't make sense to send a Representative who wasn't capable of dealing with any and all aspects that affect a territory run by another Faction. Just by merit, I'd assume you're on the level of Ultimate Class Devils... You are aren't you?"

Sakura couldn't really make that call. She had yet to face off against some who was on the level of an Ultimate Class Devil. She hadn't really sparred with anyone that wasn't Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi. And while she couldn't keep up with Naruto and Sasuke due to obvious reasons, she could atleast go toe to toe with Kakashi and edge him out in certain circumstances.

She was physically stronger than her former Sensei by a mile and a half and it wasn't even necessarily close. But Kakashi definitely had her number in other aspects. Skill and technique being the biggest differences. But that skill and technique didn't mean much if she could tank it and dish it back out 10 fold.

She hadn't had time to properly train her new power like Kakashi was doing now but she already had small ideas that she wanted to test. If she was capable of harnessing and storing away the extra power she received by Boosting her power with Ddraig, then she was going to be a menace. She wouldn't have to store large amounts of Chakra away and could use the Boosted Gear like a rechargeable battery. It would increase her power substantially and she'd never need a resting or cooldown period on her 100 Healings Jutsu.

"Ambitious... I like it! You think outside the box, partner."

Sakura inwardly smiled at Ddraig's words. He was a good guy... or rather, dragon.

"I've never really tested myself against someone who identifies as an Ultimate Class Devil." The Medic eventually answered, shrugging her shoulders. "However, I know that I'm weaker than Sasuke and you personally felt his power up close and personal. So tell me, how strong do you think he is?"

Rias grimaced just at the mention of Sasuke's name. "It... It was like standing next to my brother when he's angry... And I don't even think that was the extent of his real power... He was trying to scare us and he definitely succeeded. I didn't even think the Yokai Faction had someone like him. Especially a human of all things... That makes it even scarier."

If Rias thought Sasuke was strong then she'd likely have a heart attack seeing Naruto angry. That was something that Sakura never wanted to see, witness or experience ever again. Sasuke couldn't hold a candle to Naruto when it came to anger.

"Well, I spar with Sasuke regularly. And I usually hold my own until he starts to get serious. That's where I get my ass kicked." Sakura stated easily, shrugging her shoulders with a small smile. "Can't improve if you're not getting beat to the ground, unable to walk for a few hours."

Rias just looked absolutely horrified, which greatly amused her.

"Y-You fight him? Daily?!" She squeaked loudly.

Sakura nodded her head with a grin. "Yup~! And I get my ass beat everytime! I love it. It's so exhilarating! I love fighting."

The redhead grimaced in her chair, face tightening up at the thought of fighting someone as powerful as Sasuke and getting her ass beaten every time. It painted a rather horrid picture in her mind and she didn't like it one bit.

"Well... That's uh. That's nice." She replied awkwardly.

A sly expression formed on Sakura's face as she learned towards the Devil. "I've got an idea..."

Rias did not like where this was headed and before she could even think about escaping, Sakura's dainty hands wrapped around her wrists, coiling like a viper.

This woman had ridiculous grip strength! Rias wasn't even sure she could break free.

"In exchange for helping you get out of your marriage... You and your peerage are going to spar with me." Her emerald orbs began to shine as she pulled Rias closer, foreheads nearly touching. "That's reasonable isn't it?"

She needed to test her Sacred Gear and what better way to do so than some good, old fashioned fighting? And it was a win/win for both her and Rias.

She got to test the power and capabilities of the Boosted Gear while Rias and her peerage got experience fighting a far more powerful individual.

Rias tried, and failed, to hide her grimace. "Y-Yeah! That's... That's reasonable, Sakura..."

Oh Lucifer... What has she gotten herself into?!

Sakura pulled away with a giant smile, hands still wrapped around Rias' wrists. "Great~! I'll text you tomorrow! Be on time or I'll just cream you harder!" Finally relinquishing her hold on the redhead, Sakura stood to her feet with a smile. "So, we're all set yeah?"

Rias sighed quietly to herself, only slightly regretting her deal with Sakura. If it got her out of her marriage with Riser then she'd gladly get her ass pounded by Sakura.

Wait... That sounded wrong. Or right, depending on how you looked at it.

Rising to her feet, Rias shook the thoughts from her head. "I'd say so but who's going to replace you as the Yokai Representative? I mean, I guess we can just say that they're busy or whatever but ya know."

Sakura chuckled quietly as she replied, gather her left over food and trash. "Leave that to me. I got it covered. I'm sure you remember Kakashi from your meeting?"

Rias furrowed her eyebrows before nodding, remembering the handsome man with gravity defying grey hair.

"He owes me, so he'll be picking up where I left off."

Rias nodded her head with a smile, gathering her own trash. "What will you be telling Lady Yasaka? I don't imagine doing something like this won't come with its own faults."

Sakura shrugged her shoulders before emptying her left over food and trash into a bin. "It's all politics... Let me handle it. The issue in Kuoh extends past the Yokai and is being followed closely by the Shinto Pantheon. Just call this a... favor. In doing so, you will then owe me and by me, I mean the Yokai."

Rias furrowed her eyebrows at Sakura's train of thought. "I've... got alot to learn, huh? I didn't even think of that... So, am I getting fucked here...?"

Sakura laughed loudly as the redhead began to dump her own trash. "If I was a shittier person, then yes. However, I have no real issues with Devils and any other factions. I'm just here to do my job and to make sure it gets done swiftly without issues. However, Yasaka-sama allowed me to handle issues how I see fit. If I'm able to help the Yokai as a whole, then I'll do so."

The redhead sighed in relief at that. Sakura didn't necessarily strike her as a bad person but it was always good to stay on your toes. Their meeting had been rough, understandably so due to the circumstances surrounding Issei and the incident with Kuroka.

"Thank you, Sakura." Rias bowed at the hip, red tresses nearly kissing the floor as she did so.

"What did I say about bowing?!" The Medic shrieked, preventing Rias from continuing to do so. "You don't have to do that."

"It's part of the culture!" Rias insisted.

"I said no!" Sakura retorted with an annoyed grunt. "You want to thank me then be a good girlfriend when that dickhead comes around. Bonus points if he throws a tantrum like a little toddler."

Rias beamed happily as she stood to her full height. "I'll be the best girlfriend you've ever had!"

"You'd be the only girlfriend I've ever had." Sakura remarked dryly, the beginnings of a smile threatening to form on her face.

"Still the best though~."

"We'll see about that." Sakura chuckled quietly, making her way towards the doors of the restaurant. "I'll message you later Rias. Remember! Don't be late tomorrow! I can't wait to kick your ass~!"

Rias blanched quietly, watching Sakura leave the restaurant. Her eyes followed the pinkette until she disappeared out of view. Releasing a heavy sigh, Rias pulled out her phone before scrolling through her contacts and making a call to Sona. After a few seconds of beeps, the woman eventually answered.

"Need something Rias?"

"Straight to the point? Always business with you Sona." Rias whined quietly, making her way out of the restaurant. She ignored Soma's quiet scoff with practiced ease before continuing. "Hey soooooo... I might have did a thing."

"Why don't I like the sound of this?"

"It isn't bad this time!"

Sona scoffed in disbelief, not even for a second believing her best friend.

"I swear!" She insisted. "I'm pretty sure I have a way of getting out of this marriage."

There was silence on the other side of the phone for several long seconds and Rias almost thought her friend had hung up.

"Rias Gremory... If what you're doing is going to cause problems I swear to Satan himself...!"

"It isn't like that! Damn Sona... I can't ever catch a break with you." Rias pouted cutely, puffing up her cheeks.

"Can you blame me? The last time I cut you some slack I ended up in a brothel, wearing lingerie to get you out of a shitty situation. So please forgive me."

Rude. Sona had looked really good in pink lace. It brought out her eyes.

"You're a poor sport Sona. You looked sexy in it." Rias complimented while wagging her eyebrows. "Anyway! Sakura and I hashed up a plan and I'm pretty sure its foolproof. Now, I already know you're about to scream so please, save it. Where are you right now? We can talk about it in person."

"You're already giving me a migraine Rias... You're so lucky I love you."

"Awwww~! I love you too!" Rias replied bubbly, giggling quietly.

"I'm heading home now. Tsubaki and I had to stay late to finish up some contracts and various other work. I'll meet you in 15."

"See ya there!"

"You do know that I still want to fight you right?" Naruto asked rhetorically, following behind Amaterasu's glowing form. Stuffing his hands into his pockets he continued. "And I'm going to beat you."

Amaterasu glanced behind her for a moment, silver eyes assessing the blond. "It still baffles me that you speak not in arrogance or pride... How peculiar. You truly are confident that you'd best me."

Naruto shrugged his shoulders with a carefree grin. "I didn't take our brief fight serious either. I only used enough power to incapacitate you... That wasn't even a tenth of my real abilities."

The Goddess hummed quietly, ignoring the massive shockwave that rocked Takamagahara. Her silver eyes glided towards the commotion, watching her brother get rag dolled for the third time. A small frown made its way to her lips as she watched Sasuke match Susano'o pound for pound.

Amaterasu wasn't a prideful woman but she definitely had it. To be a God as she was and to not be atleast a little prideful was... Odd. If Sasuke could best Susano'o at his strongest then what of Naruto?

The sky turned black for a mere moment before being illuminated by a ginormous creature made of raw lightning. The next thing Amaterasu saw was white, briefly blinded by the incredulous ability.

Her frown only grew as she continued to stare out towards her brother's fight. Humans should be incapable of matching the Gods without the usage of Sacred Gears and the last time she checked, Sasuke didn't possess one.

Was the boy's raw power output just that significant?

There was a brief lull of silence before Susano'o's presence washed over Takamagahara. The skies faded into a dull grey, hundreds upon hundreds of raging thunderstorms forming in the air, blanketing the entirety of their dimension. Luminous pillars of blinding white light struck the soil of Takamagahara as Susano'o controlled the Heavens, hundreds of blinding lightning bolts striking the area that Sasuke was in.


Had her brother finally put an end to it? She could still feel Sasuke's Chakra presence, which wasn't that difficult considering he possessed an absurd amount of it.

"Is he finally gonna get serious?" Naruto questioned quietly, watching as the Kami of the Sea and Storm began to rapidly ascend into the sky, almost as if against his will.

That looked almost like the...

Amaterasu interrupted the boy's train of thought. "You mean Susano'o?" She asked curiously. Who else would he mean?

A confused expression filtered on the blond's face and it only made her frown deeper. "What? I was talking about Sasuke. He hasn't been taking this serious. He hasn't even whipped out his Susano'o yet. Come to think about it... He didn't use it during his first fight with your brother either. He hasn't used it all since coming to this world. I wonder when he's goin-."

Whatever the boy was going to say was halted as a disgusting wave of power swept through Takamagahara. Vile feelings of hate, malice and anger assaulted Amaterasu as she watched a pillar of malevolent purple Chakra ascend into the heavens.

That pillar of burning malice then began to morph, slowly taking shape into a rather humanoid looking construct. Gigantic wings sprang out from the humanoid object before layers upon layers of Samurai armor fitted itself across the being. The titanic construct of Chakra continued to transform, slowly resembling that of a Tengu, fit with a narrow nose and various spikes protruding upon its forehead.

"What... is that?" Amaterasu found herself asking, her eyes roaming along the colossal Titan that stood nearly 500 meters from the ground.

"That is the Perfect Susano'o." Naruto explained simply, tilting his head with a lazy smile. "And it isn't even the strongest version he could use. Back when we had our final fight, Sasuke absorbed the power of all the Bijuu and used it in tandem with his Susano'o."

Amaterasu only really understood the gist of what Naruto was saying. She didn't know what a Bijuu was but if it aided in making the teen stronger then what was to be said about Naruto himself? He had bested Sasuke at his strongest...

Would her brother actually lose?

"I wonder what he's going to do..." Naruto trailed off quietly as his eyebrows slowly raised. "He wouldn't..."

He wouldn't what?!

Amaterasu snapped her gaze to Naruto to question him before the entirety of Takamagahara began to shake.


As if the entire dimension was on the verge of collapsing unto itself. Panic briefly surged through her veins before she saw it.

"Chibaku Tensei." Sasuke uttered quietly, ignoring the violent quaking at his Susano'os feet. He watched as the Kami's body was sent hurling into the sky, rubble the size of small mountains rocketing into the air to smash into the Kami.

He'd give the man his dues... Susano'o was a formidable opponent who countered nearly half of his Jutsu arsenal, evident by when the man had completely nullified his Kirin.

The man hadn't done so during their first bout but Sasuke assumed that the man didn't have absolute control of lightning in his mortal form. That or he couldn't do so because Sasuke's first Kirin had been made using Chakra instead of natural lightning.

Even now, the Kami was firing off ginormous blasts of condensed lightning, ripping and tearing at the debris being hurled towards his body. It wouldn't matter. He'd be buried in a satellite soon enough.

Mountain sized rocks careened through the sky, smashing into Susano'o. The man continued to be smashed and buried, growing larger and larger with each second that passed.

When sweat started to form on Sasuke's forehead, he released the hand signs, leaving what resembled a tiny moon floating in the sky. Minor trembles led him to the conclusion that Susano'o was still trying to break free.

Which was begrudgingly impressive Sasuke had to admit. The sheer mass of this sphere could taper even the Bijuu and yet Susano'o was still causing it to shake.

He would have left it there if Susano'o had been well and truly trapped. But if the man insisted on struggling...

Then he would give him what he wished for.

Sasuke's Rinnegan flared and rippled as black blood began to seep down his cheek. His gaze swept though the area, landing upon the giant astral ball of debris and earth. The humongous sphere was then covered in the black flames of Amaterasu, seeping into the crevices while being directed towards the epicenter.

Sasuke continued to spew the flames of Amaterasu upon the satellite before releasing a quiet huff and shutting his left eye. He rolled his neck once before glancing down at his left hand.

A vicious wave of Chakra exploded out of Sasuke's Susano'o as lightning began to crackle upon its left hand. The ear piercing shriek of the Chidori screamed into the heavens, deafening Takamagahara with its cries.

Sasuke's Rinnegan pulsed once more as black flames formed upon his Susano'os hand, coating the Chidori with Amaterasu. The cries of the Chidori only seemed to get louder as the black flames wafted off of his Tengu-looking titan.

Sasuke took in a single breath, body relaxing. His eyes fluttered shut for a moment as he bowed his head. He remained motionless for several seconds before abruptly snapping his eyes open.

"Takemikazuchi no Kami!"

Naruto's eyes widened as Sasuke and his Susano'o practically vanished into thin air. Knowing what was about to happen the teen dawned himself in the cloak of Kurama, protecting his body from the inevitable backlash of his friend's incredulous Jutsu.

Kurama's golden Chakra expanded, forming what appeared to be a unique fox shaped head. The entity then covered Amaterasu, forming what appeared to be an almost protective barrier around the woman.

Amaterasu's eyes widened as she was covered in what could only be described as the sun itself, such was the warmth and glow it emitted. She would have questioned Naruto's abrupt decision before the shockwave rolled over them.

The sheer power and force that crashed into her caused her breath to hitch.

The devastation...

The aftermath...

The power...

Burning debris coated in black flames licked the sky, raining ebony meteorites the size of mountains. Takamagahara cried out angrily as it felt the weight of Sasuke's power. Mountains that hadn't been affected by Sasuke's ability were reduced to rubble at the sheer force of his attack.

Amaterasu could sense the dozens upon dozens of Kami who hadn't been quick enough to shield themselves. Their life forces being snubbed out of existence only to reform once again. A vicious cycle that continued to happen as Sasuke's attack had yet to truly settle.

Was... Was this the true extent of their power?

She could still sense Susano'o but...

He had been forced to reform.

A human had forced a God to reform on their home turf. And not just any God. A God considered to be the third strongest among its Pantheon.

Amaterasu could scarcely believe it...

"Damn... He went kinda overboard with that." The Goddess's gaze snapped to her companion, nearly forgetting that Naruto was there due to her shock. "You okay, Ama-chan?" He asked with a small frown, sensing her conflicting emotions.

Amaterasu did not answer, gaze flicking back to where she could feel Susano'o reforming. It was taking a rather long time which meant the injuries he had sustained had been particularly brutal. She was silent for nearly a minute before speaking quietly with a frown.

"Is this... your power?"

Naruto had defeated a stronger version of that...? How?

Even she didn't know if she would have to reform from an attack like that. Susano'o wasn't weak, far form it. But to be affected so heavily...

"I've gotten way stronger since my fight with Sasuke. Back when we initially flight, it was pretty equal because I didn't want to kill him." Naruto spoke softly, arms crossing against his chest as Kurama's Chakra slowly filtered back into his body. "I was already far stronger than Sasuke was when he was at his peak... And I'm even stronger now than I was before. An attack like that probably wouldn't even break through Kurama's Cloak if I'm being honest."

Amaterasu would have fallen on her knees if she didn't wish to keep up appearances. It just didn't make sense to her.

How could humans attain power like this without possessing Sacred Gears?

"I bet you're wondering why we're so strong, huh?" Naruto asked in a subdued tone, watching as Sasuke deactivated his Perfect Susano'o. "You remember our talk about Kaguya?" Not bothering on waiting for a response, he continued. "Well, that woman's son granted myself and Sasuke half of his power to stop her from destroying our world."


Amaterasu physically blanched at the boy's words.

This was only half of the true potential that these two possessed?! How absurd! They weren't even Divine beings yet! How strong would they potentially be with the other half finally coming together in harmony?!

Amaterasu was glad that they were on her side... She didn't fancy the thought of fighting these two, worse yet, fighting them together.

"I'm glad I am not your enemy..." She mumbled numbly, trying to process everything.

A fit of laughter answered her. "I'm glad I'm not your enemy too, Ama-chan. But don't think this means you can skip out on our fight." A cocky smirk lit upon his face as he glanced at her. "Unless you're scared, of course."

Like the power she ruled over, an inferno raged in her chest. Her silver eyes hardened as she snapped her gaze towards the blond man. "I fear no one!"

"That's the spirit." Naruto replied, laughing loudly and clasping his hands behind his head. "Now that that's over with... Why did you bring us here anyway, Ama-chan?"

It was one of the things that had been in his mind since stepping through her portal. She herself had even said that no humans had ever stepped foot in the Realm of the Gods before. So that begged the question - Why?

"To make both of you Gods, of course. Why do you ask?"