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"Uh... I'm sorry, I must have misheard you. Can you repeat that?" Naruto questioned with confusion evident upon his face.

"I brought the both of you here to make you Gods." Amaterasu reiterated calmly. "Something that has never been done before in the history of our Pantheon."

"Uhh... Not to be rude or anything but why?" The Jinchuuriki questioned curiously, gaze straying away from the Goddess and towards Sasuke's position. "We haven't really done anything major to warrant being a God anyway... And while I appreciate the fact that you think so highly of us," He was only being slightly condescending with his tone. "I doubt Sasuke and I are really 'Godly' material."

The Goddess pouted at his tone. "Ascending into the Divine doesn't mean you change as an individual... I mean, look at me!" She exclaimed childishly, hands upon her hips. "I'm one of the oldest Kami in the Shinto Pantheon and I still act like a child!"

While true, it didn't really help her case. The Goddess was slightly... cracked, but so was he and Sasuke.

"Again, I think the sentiment is nice but it just doesn't seem like something that'll fit Sasuke and I..." Naruto explained slowly, choosing his words carefully. "That's far more responsibility than I would like to have. You also said it yourself, being a God comes with its limitations. I prefer doing things on my own and while I have no problem following orders and stuff, I'd prefer to move at my own pace."

Amaterasu's eyebrows raised in surprise at Naruto's blatant refusal. "But think of all the benefits! No longer will you be human! You can become whole again!"

A small frown marred the boy's face as he placed his hands into his pockets. "What if I prefer being human? What makes you think I'm not already content with who I am? No offense, but I'm not going to change what defines me just for some extra power... And I highly doubt that Sasuke would accept."

"And why is that?" The Goddess questioned with a frown.

"Because being a human kept me grounded when the world fell apart at my feet." Naruto and Amaterasu's gaze swiveled towards the newcomer's voice. Appearing only several feet away, Sasuke slowly made his way towards the couple. "I also don't wish to be bogged down with unnecessary rules regarding how I operate in Japan. There are potential threats beyond just that of Japan and its natives. Threats among the other various Pantheons and Gods. If there is an issue, I want to be able handle it without being restricted in what I can or can't do."

Amaterasu's face scrunched in frustration as she gestured with her hands. "Which is exactly why you should become Gods! There are threats that are greater than you and I! But you can't deal with them as you are! You are only human! And humans cannot kill Gods!"

"And those with Sacred Gears who have done so?" Naruto questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Repeat what you just said..." Amaterasu retorted with a huff. "Humans with Sacred Gears... And not just any Sacred Gear can slay a God. Only the 13 Longinus Class Sacred Gears can do so. The human themselves are just the battery in which the Sacred Gear operates. All Sacred Gears have been blessed by the power of the Biblical God but that doesn't mean that every single one of them can just kill a God. Without pure and unfiltered Divine Essence, you can not kill a God."

Sasuke glanced at his friend, placing a hand into his pocket and shrugging. "Then we'll just get some Longinus Class Sacred Gears."

Amaterasu released an angry Huff, gesturing wildly with her hands. "You'll just get one?! Do you not understand how ridiculous your words are?! You cannot just get a Longinus Sacred Gear! It doesn't work like that!"

The Uchiha shrugged once again, relishing in the Goddess's annoyance. "I beg to differ... Aren't you aware that the Shinto Pantheon has one of the Two Heavenly Dragons in its clutches now? You do know that I have the ability to take Sacred Gears, don't you? And if I can take a Longinus Class Sacred Gear then I can take them all."

Amaterasu's face slowly morphed into shock as she stared at Sasuke. "What?! When?! What do you mean you can take Sacred Gears?! And when did you take one of the Heavenly Dragons?!" She asked in confused bewilderment.

How had this slipped past her?! She would have surely remembered hearing something like this considering both the Boosted Gauntlet and Divine Dividing were two of the stronger Longinus'.

Naruto himself even seemed confused at her reaction. "Wait... You didn't hear about this?" He glanced towards Sasuke who also seemed relatively confused at her outburst. "When Sasuke and Kakashi visited Kuoh, they ran into the Divine Dividing user. They were killed and Sasuke then gave the Sacred Gear to Kakashi."

"Why wasn't I privy to this information?!" The Goddess all but screamed.

Naruto and Sasuke glanced at one another with furrowed eyebrows. "Uhh... We told Yasaka-chan about it and she said she passed it on... Are you sure you didn't receive the message? I was there when she sent it." Naruto questioned in slight concern.

"This is news to me!" She exclaimed in frustration. "Are there any other things I've been unaware of?!"

Naruto clicked his tongue quietly. "Other than Yasaka's daughter being targeted by an infamous assassin, one ordered by someone in her inner council, then no."

"Kunou-chan was targeted by an assassin?!" Amaterasu practically screamed.

"Stop yelling!" Sasuke snapped in annoyance. "What the hell is going on?! Are you that incompetent as a leader that news of this level floats underneath your radar?" Sneering quietly, Sasuke shook his head. "Though it would not surprise me... You Gods seem more arrogant than Kaguya herself."

"Watch your tongue, boy." The Goddess snarled angrily, eyes glowing fiercely.

"Or what?" Sasuke challenged back, Rinnegan flaring in response.

"Both of you stop it! Fighting isn't going to solve anything!" Naruto interjected, flaring his Chakra in annoyance. "Cut. It. Out."

Both Amaterasu and Sasuke relented with minor huffs, tensing at the weight of Naruto's Chakra. Seeing that both individuals were quailed, Naruto released a frustrated sigh.

"How is it possible that you have not received these messages? Yasaka tells me that you and her are very close and by your reaction to the assassination, it's safe to say you clearly care. Could there be Gods working against you?"

Amaterasu vehemently denied the question. "Absolutely not." Her silver eyes shone ferociously as she slashed an arm through the open air. "No one is foolish enough to go against me."

Sasuke's arms crossed against his chest as he spoke. "You only say that because you're the strongest entity in your Pantheon... However, that is no longer the case." He shook his head, gaze turning towards the destroyed and ruined landscape of Takamagahara. "Amanozaku wanted to use me, or rather my power, for some unknown reason. You have grown complacent in your Realm because you are powerful but the Gods you rule over know that the hierarchy is changing. When two humans can lay waste to an entire Pantheon, rules no longer apply... Accept that you have traitors so we can deal with them quickly."

Amaterasu looked as if she wanted to argue with Sasuke but stopped upon actually thinking over the boys words. She had been relatively complacent with her ruling in regards to the Shinto Pantheon. Political mishaps and minor grievances weren't something she believed meriting betrayal but some Kami were vengeful and petty.

"Sasuke is right, Ama..." Naruto relented with a sigh. "As the leader, you need to set a precedent and while I dislike making examples of people... It's clear that your people have little issue undermining you."

"You dislike making an example of people?" Sasuke scoffed quietly, spotting several unique looking individuals making their way towards their position. "You've only done it twice. In your entire life. And both of those were in a single day."

"Shut up!" The blond retaliated in kind. "I still did it though!"

"Yeah and you cried afterwards. Shut up."

"You promised to keep that between us!"

"Yeah, well I lied."

The Goddess ignored the two teens as they bickered with one another. It seemed like her fellow Gods and Kami forgot where they stood on the figurative ladder. Perhaps she'd need to remind them why she was considered the strongest Kami in the Pantheon.

Aside from that man of course... But 'he who shall not be named' was no longer welcome in Takamagahara so that was mute point. His weakness had always been relying on the Mortals he ruled over, treating them as his children. It had been taboo for the Kami to directly interact with its followers and he had been banished long ago due to his actions. But perhaps she'd need to swallow her pride and extend a direct invitation... And by the Kami she could already hear his annoying laughter.

But she'd handle that little problem aftershe dealt with these two children who were near ready to start throwing fists, of course.

"You better not start fighting! I don't want to have to rebuild Takamagahara! Stop it right now!" Amaterasu demanded, flailing her hands like a child.

"Your rate of growth is... profound." Albion commented with a hint of respect. "You've only had me for little less than a week and yet you've grown to the point of handling the extra excess power with little strain on your body. You might even be able to use the Scale Mail soon."

Kakashi huffed quietly, wiping a bead of sweat off from his forehead. "It'd be a lot easier to manage if I didn't have to hear the voices of the previous users. They're obnoxious, especially Vali."

"You have quite the mental fortitude, I must say. Vali also struggled to deal with their thoughts and voices. You will learn to tune them out. Though, you may also receive helpful ones as well. It is give or take, partner."

Kakashi sighed quietly, deactivating his Sacred Gear with a tired sigh. He proceeded to walk over to a various bench, grabbing a towel and wiping off the excess sweat and grime from his face. Eyes glancing up to the sun, he released a sigh of contentment.

He hadn't felt this good in awhile. It had felt nice speaking to Yasaka, even if he disliked talking about things regarding his past. And while he obviously hadn't told her everything, let alone much, it had still felt relatively nice.

Grabbing a water bottle, he proceeded to quench his thirst before feeling a presence near the entrance of the training grounds. Swiveling his gaze to see who was watching him, he came face to face with a younger teen sporting white hair. Half of their face being covered due to the high collared jacket he wore.

"Inumaki-kun." Kakashi greeted with a lazy salute. "What brings you here?"

The Jujutsu Sorcerer signed several times with his hands, communicating with his superior. "Sakura-sama has now taken direct jurisdiction over Kuoh. She is looking into several things I've noted whilst staying in Kuoh for the past 6 months." Here he paused for a moment, tapping his chin before snapping his fingers. "Sorry, Kakashi-sama but I'm kind of in a hurry and I can't find Yasaka-sama anywhere... Do you know where she is? I have to report my findings to her."

Kakashi waved off the boy's apology lazily as he replied. "The last I saw her, she was on her way to speak with Kuroka. You will find her in Sasuke's compound... He stays on the Southern side of the compound."

The mute teen bowed thankfully before signing once again. "Thank you, Kakashi-sama." He proceeded to bow once more before exiting the training grounds, only barely hearing Kakashi reply once more.

"That honorific is going to be the death of me..." The masked Shinobi replied tiredly. Allowing his body to rest for another five or so minutes, the Veteran slowly stood to his feet before wiping off any remaining sweat and standing to his feet. "Ready for more, Albion?"

"Ready when you are, partner."

As Kakashi began to call upon the power of his Sacred Gear, a unique ringtone emanated from the phone he had received from Yasaka. A pop song he hadn't cared to memorize was currently playing, one he had merely chosen because the upbeat vibe of the song was relatively catchy.

Returning to the bench that held his personal belongings, he picked the device up before answering. "Yo, Sakura. Do you need anything?"

"So... You remember that favor I did for you back in the Elemental Nations?"

Raising a curious eyebrow, the Shinobi responded. "I do recall, yes. Are you cashing in your plus one?"


Kakashi shrugged his shoulders lazily, responding easily. "What'cha need?"

"Now, this is going to sound stupid and completely out of left field but I need you to act as the Yokai Representative for Kuoh. I'll explain everything later when you're in Kuoh but just know that I may have struck gold... I'll keep you posted though."

Furrowing his eyebrows in curiosity, Kakashi gestured with one of his hands. "No problems I assume?"

"That remains to be seen though when I arrived, an innocent human died due to incompetence on the Heiress's side."

"Supernatural, of course." He deduced easily enough.

"Wouldn't have brought it up otherwise."

There was only a bit of snark to her words and Kakashi found himself smiling despite it. "Mah, Sakura-chan... No need to be rude."

"Eat a fat one, Sensei."

"My students are so cruel." Kakashi replied in a faux hurt tone, gripping his chest in a dramatic manner. "How will I ever recover?"

A distinct scoff was Sakura's initial response before she spoke. "Surely not with your infinite supply of pornographic material. How ever will you recover from this truly tragic event... Shut up. Be in Kuoh by tomorrow, I'll meet you on the tallest building in the city. Later, Sensei."

Saying his own goodbyes Kakashi exited the call with a quiet chuckle, placing his phone back on the bench. It was always a good time bantering with his students. They gave back as much as he gave them, though they generally went all in when insulting him.

Probably because he tormented them as children and they relished in his suffering, regardless of how it happened. His precious little students were truly sadistic.

He was such a proud father!

As Kakashi was getting ready to continue his training, he felt the hairs on the back of his neck protrude. His sixth sense for danger practically skyrocketed as his adrenaline coursed through his veins. Not even a second later did his gaze snap towards the direction of the sensation, spotting a slender man standing atop one of the various roofs, head tilted down towards his position.

Just as quick as the feeling of danger had emanated did it dissipate, almost as if never existing. Kakashi knew otherwise.

Charcoal eyes narrowing ever so slightly Kakashi slowly rose to his full height, muscles rippling beneath his clothes. He spread his senses out, focusing on the white haired man that stood several feet away from him.

This man...

"Partner." Albion spoke seriously. "This is no human... Be wary."

The Shinobi mentally thanked Albion, resting his weight on the back of his right foot, subtly moving into a more defensive stance.

"Who might you be?" Kakashi questioned easily, giving off a rather nonchalant tone. To accentuate this further, he even pocketed his left hand, though he created a Half-Ram seal just in case.

The white haired man, who's eyes were covered by a black cloth, grinned at the question. "Relax... There's no need to be so tense. It's not like it'd help you. I am the strongest after all."

There was a certain amount of... arrogance to his words. But it was coupled with absolute surety, heavily contrasting how prideful his words truly sounded.

Arrogance that reminded him of Sasuke... Someone who clearly bellied the power to truly back it up. A brief once-over was enough for Kakashi to truly sense the gap that sat between him and the masked man in front of him.

If it wasn't one thing it was another. Why couldn't he catch a break?

"If you're here to kill me, then can I finish my book?" Kakashi questioned lazily, other hand reaching into his best and pulling out his Hentai Manga. "It was getting really interesting..."

The white haired man tilted his head and Kakashi assumed that he was staring at his book. Not that he could really tell. The man's eyes were covered by a thin piece of cloth, which oddly enough, made his hair spike up in a similar fashion to his own. Except the man's hair was more disheveled than his own.

"Is that Fella Pure: Mitarashi-san Chi no Jijou?!" The white haired man asked with a hint of excitement in his tone.

Kakashi matched the man's excitement with his own giddiness. "Correct! It is truly a masterpeice of its genre and the art work is just..." He proceeded to give a chef's kiss, continuing to speak. "Amazing. While the plot is similar to many other Brother/Sister Ero Mangakas, this one relies solely on its unique interpretation of Fellatio. It is truly a work of art, I must say."

The white haired man seemed to just appear in front of Kakashi, head tilting towards the Hentai Manga. "I've searched everywhere trying to find the physical copies of this series, even browsing the internet for countless hours across multiple days and nights... How did you manage to find one?!"

Kakashi barely even batted an eye at the sudden closeness of the unique man. His shoulders rose in slight pride as he sniffed in a posh manner. "I know a guy."

The unknown man released a long winded groan as he placed his hands into his pockets, slouching just slightly. "C'mon...! You have to let me speak to your guy. I need this one!"

"I might be able to pull some strings... Though, in exchange, I'd like to ask just what exactly is a God doing here? You don't match any descriptions of the Kami from the Shinto Pantheon but you're definetly Divinity..."

The white haired man raised an eyebrow, or atleast Kakashi believed that's what he did. Couldn't really tell with the blindfold and whatnot.

"Ohh, me?" He pointed to himself nonchalantly, tone rather carefree and upbeat. "It's no surprise you haven't heard of me considering the Shinto Pantheon banished me years ago. Rather petty of them, if I do say so myself." He released a quiet snicker before offering Kakashi a lopsided smirk. "Gojo Satoru, the strongest Kami that resides in Japan, at your service." Fit with his introduction was a dramatic flick of the wrist.

He was... quirky.

"Kakashi Hatake." The Shinobi introduced lazily, nodding his head. "If it isn't too personal, why were you banished in the first place?"

Gojo waves his hand lazily as he replied. "Politics that I don't care enough to rehash for the thousandth time... However, I am Inumaki-kun's Sensei if that makes you feel better. I oversee the Sorcerer side of Japan since the Shinto Pantheon is to incompetent to do so themselves..." He grasped his chin in thought, head lowering to the ground as he spoke aloud. "I should probably deal with some of those old mongrels sooner or later... We're in a progressive era these days and stagnation is going to be the end of us."

Kakashi remained silent at the man's words. He was just going to act like he hadn't heard the man say he was going to kill off several Kami. Nope. Not a single word was even registered.

This was not his business.

Kakashi relaxed, if only a little at the man's words. He didn't seem to really hold a grudge against the Pantheon and the fact he was still present in Japan, without causing issues and problems, was telling.

Or... He was just so absurdly strong that the Pantheon allowed him to do as he wished and didn't see a true reason in trying to antagonize someone with so much power.

Kakashi wasn't the best sensor like Naruto was but he could sense the near never ending pools of power that lurked at the surface. He was distinctly reminded of Naruto when gazing at the man.

And that was saying something.

"Is there any particular reason you're here in Kyoto?" Kakashi asked curiously, pocketing his erotic Manga.

Gojo stopped muttering to himself about the Gods he would or wouldn't kill and pocketed his left hand. "Felt some pretty impressive power coming from Kyoto a few weeks back... I'd have visited alot earlier but I was helping my disciple. He's currently the vessel of the strongest Cursed Spirit to ever exist, capable of wiping out the entirety of humanity with little effort. And I'm helping him control its power."

Well, that sounded oddly familiar.

"I can relate, to some degree." The silver haired man replied easily. "Though I was a pretty bad teacher."

He wasn't ashamed to admit it. He had been an awful Sensei and only really stepped up after Naruto had returned to Konoha from his trip with Jiraiya. He had little involvement in Sakura's success and Sasuke's growth was mainly from Orochimaru.

A failure of a Sensei he had been but his students never held it against him. They should though, atleast he believed so.

"Kinda going with the flow, so to speak." Gojo replied, shrugging his shoulders lackadaisically. "The Jujutsu Hierarchy wants me to kill him because of the Cursed Spirit's potential but I've grown fond of the kid. He's got a good head on his shoulders and deserves to live a decent life."

There was a certain tone to the God's voice that Kakashi understood. Sympathy for another who possessed things completely out of their control. It was the same feeling he possessed when thinking about Naruto and his early days as the Jinchuuriki of Konoha.

"Sounds like there's more than you're letting on..." Kakashi mentioned offhandedly.

The white haired man shrugged his shoulders, shifting his body towards the main compound. "Not much to really say. The kid won't actually get to live a long life. We're only prolonging the inevitable death he's going to receive." Gojo tilted his head slightly before continuing. "But I'm going to do what I can to make sure he can atleast make some decent memories."

Kakashi nodded his head at the man's words. "The best thing we can do for those with nothing is to atleast let them experience something, whether it be through memories or materialism. At the end of the day, atleast you know you've done all you can."

The man who claimed to be the 'strongest' didn't respond to Kakashi's words, not truly seeing a reason to do so. Gojo had knew that Yuji's life was going to be short-lived the second he found out the boy had eaten one of Sukuna's fingers. And Yuji knew this as well.

"I suspect some big changes coming soon..." Gojo cryptically responded, sensing Yasaka making her way towards their position. "All centered around you and those others I sensed." He tilted his head for a moment before offhandedly questioning Kakashi. "Ever heard of the Khaos Brigade?"

The Shinobi side eyed the God, placing both hands into his pockets. "I'm familiar with the organization and its leader."

Gojo nodded his head as he responded. "Then you're also smart enough to realize that she is just a figurehead. The individuals in that organization are planning something and I have a feeling its going to spread through Japan." The Kami slowly reached for his blindfold, lifting it up to where Kakashi could see a single eye.

A beautiful light, sky blue orb greeted Kakashi as Gojo spoke with finality. "As Japan's strongest Deity, it is my duty to protect this land and its people... Throughout the Heavens and earth, I alone am the Honored One."

Kakashi was practically blasted with the full force of Gojo's power. It had lasted less than a single second, but Kakashi had felt true fear once again. Not unlike the time he had faced Kaguya and similar to his initial meeting with Ophis.

"Kakashi!" The Shinobi was pulled from his near catatonic state by the familiar voice of Yasaka. "Who is-...?"

The Kyuubi rounded the corner, pausing as she stared at the white haired man standing next to Kakashi. Her eyebrows creased for a moment before recognition slowly dawned in her eyes.

"Gojo?!" She exclaimed in bewilderment. "What are you doing here?! You're not supposed to be in Kyoto!"

A grin fixated its way unto the man's face, blindfold covering his unique eyes. He tilted his head towards Kakashi, replying to the Kyuubi. "You're looking as beautiful as ever Yasaka. Just paying a visit to my favorite city." He released a quiet chuckle before raising one of his hands, lazily waving it. "I'll be off now. Important Godly business and whatnot. When you see Amaterasu..." His body disappeared though his voice carried on. "Tell her I'm going to visit Takamagahara soon."

Meditation had never really been one of Sakura's strong suits. Mediation required a certain level of concentration and patience. Things that she lacked heavily due to her personality. Though training under Tsunade and then Naruto directly after the fiasco that was the 4th Shinobi War, she had come to appreciate the hours in which she allowed herself to let go, so to speak.

Stress? None of it.

Anxiety? What was that?

Peace? Hello!

Naruto had explained, in his own words, that mediation was a state of mind and not an activity. His words hadn't made sense at the time and it wasn't until she was able to completely turn off her brain that she understood what he meant.

Sakura had seen Naruto mediate for hours upon hours after the Jutsu failed and though she always assumed it was to further his Senjutsu training. She was later disproved of this assumption when Sasuke had informed her that Naruto was a perfect Sage and he was only mediating to keep out negative thoughts and feelings.

It had given a new perspective on the activity and Sakura had asked for tips and advice, which Naruto happily provided. In the beginning, she had used the practice as a means to escape, hiding away in her mind where everything was safe. Where her darker thoughts disappeared and all feelings of self-doubt evaporated.

It was unhealthy and she had knew it. You couldn't from these thoughts because at the end of the day, once you lay your head down to sleep, they pounce.

Sakura knew the struggles of staring at a black ceiling, thinking less of herself and how she'd never be good enough. Creating negative scenarios that would never happen and hurting herself due to her own negative thinking.

When you hate yourself, logic and reason no longer register. And the only way to heal was learning how to love yourself. Which was far easier said than done, of course.

But... Sakura had done it. She accepted all her flaws, imperfections, and negatives. She loved herself through the bad and could safely say she'd never been happier.

The hardest thing she had had to acknowledge was that she and Sasuke would never be. Letting go of that particular dream had been an issue in of itself and it was one she'd rather bury and keep to herself.

She still loved Sasuke, just as she loved Naruto and Kakashi. Naruto and Sasuke were the annoying little brothers she had always wanted and Kakashi was the semi-funny uncle.

They were her little family.

The only thing she had left from the Elemental Nations...

Losing them now would physically kill her and she didn't dare think further regarding those particular thoughts.

"Is this how you train?" Ddraig asked curiously, hulking features staring down at the pink haired girl. "How does this make you stronger?"

Sakura's body remained still as she sat in front of the dragon, hands clasped together in her lap. "Strengthening the mind is just as important as strengthening the body, Ddraig." She replied calmly. "Having an impervious body means nothing if you have a feeble mind."

The giant dragon hummed, or atleast Sakura believed so. It sounded more like a rumbling growl but she couldn't sense any anger or annoyance.

"You're intelligent." Ddraig commented absentmindedly. "It's a very wise way of thinking."

The beast's words were peculiar. Ddraig spoke as if her intelligence was actually something to actually remark about. But why though? Had his previous users been stupid?

"Why do you say it like that?" She questioned curiously, slowly rising from her meditative state.

"Like what, partner?"

Sakura leaned back, placing her hands upon the 'ground' of her mind scape. "Almost like you're impressed. You don't seem to be mocking me either so it's clearly genuine. I'm just curious as to why."

The red dragon shifted slightly, wings unfurling for a moment before it replied. "Because most users of mine have been power obsessed individuals only focused on strength. No tactics, no thinking, only forward. It is refreshing seeing someone who does not immediately think they can take on the entire world just because they can double their power."

Sakura purses her lips as whilst nodding her head. Makes sense, she thought quietly to herself.

"Also the last kid I was in was only focused on boobs. Every single day. It was all he thought about. And I mean every. Single. Day. It was actually disturbing how often he thought of it."Ahh... That made more sense.

"Well..." She grunted quietly, slowly standing to her feet. "You don't have to worry about that here. Maybe occasionally I'll stare at a nice ass, because who wouldn't?"

"I'll allow it." Ddraig mumbled quietly.

Sakura chuckled at the dragon's response before clenching her fist and holding it out towards Ddraig, mimicking the gesture Naruto would make with Kurama and the other Bijuu.

Ddraig only tilted its giant head, not understanding what Sakura was trying to do.

"Bump it." Sakura explained easily.

Ddraig was motionless for several seconds before raising his gigantic reptile-like appendage. He hovered his fist in front of Sakura's for a moment before gently nudging her own.

Upon doing so, a small smile beamed upon Sakura's face. "See? How'd that feel?"

"Felt... normal." Ddraig responded in mild confusion, not really seeing the big deal.

Sakura chuckled at the dragon's response, not truly expecting some monumental occurrence to happen. She had just wanted to fist bump Ddraig.

Who else in the world could say that they bumped fists with a dragon? One of the Heavenly Dragons at that? Exactly. No one.

Ddraig and Sakura both twitched at nearly the exact same time but it was Ddraig that spoke first.

"You have company."

Sakura's body began to fade away from the mind scape as she waved goodbye. "We'll talk later, Ddraig. See ya!" The Welsh Dragon merely nodded its gigantic head, saying its own goodbye.

The pinkette opened her eyes, adjusting to the blinding light from the sun. Sensing a presence behind her Sakura tilted her head towards it, raising an eyebrow curiously at the individual behind her.

"Kuroka? What are you doing here?"

"Helloooo~! Nya!" The former Rogue Nekoshou greeted casually, twin tails waving lazily behind her. "I asked Yasaka-sama if it would be alright for me to check in with my little sister. I won't cause any problems~!"

Sakura stared at the woman for a moment before slowly rising to her feet, popping several of her joints. Emerald orbs scanned the roof of the building she stood atop of before she began to move towards the edge of it.

"We didn't really get to talk with one another during our first greeting." Sakura commented off handedly. "I was shit faced so it definitely didn't help and then a day later, I was sent to be the mediator for Kuoh and Kyoto..." Turning her gaze back towards the beautiful cat girl, she nodded her head politely. "It's nice to meet you, Kuroka."

Kuroka tilted her head curiously, gazing at Sakura as if she was an anomaly. She didn't feel any of the animosity or danger that Sakura had emanated during their very first meeting. It had been a tense one, she remembered.

"It is nice to meet someone that Sasuke-kun speaks so highly of." She replied easily, watching Sakura with a keen gaze.

Sakura's only reaction was that of a raised eyebrow. "Sasuke talks about me?"

Kuroka began to make her way towards the pinkette, hips swaying as she did so. "He talks about you alot, attributing most of his growth to you and Naruto." She stepped up beside Sakura, standing just slightly out of reach. "I've been able to get him to open up little by little. It's difficult and he's an incredibly stubborn man... Though I'm sure you of all people know that."

Sakura pursed her lips at the woman's response as she idly nodded her head. "Sasuke has always been difficult... Though I'm glad that he's finally opening up."

There was no mistaking the slight bitter tone that slipped through her lips but Sakura hadn't really tried to prevent it. Had she been just a year younger than she was now, she'd have probably thrown a tantrum. Ranting about how some whore was getting in her way.

This bitterness was different though, stemming from the sadness of wanting something but knowing that you could never have it.

Sasuke would always hold a special place in her heart but the past was the past and she understood that now. She only wished the best for Sasuke but that didn't mean she wasn't able to feel slighted about it.

Sakura released a low sigh at the thoughts circulating in her brain. She and Sasuke really needed to have a talk about their past. They had avoided the issue for long enough and allowing it to continue festering would do nothing but harm their relationship.

"You love him, don't you?" Kuroka asked bluntly, golden eyes studying the woman beside her.

If Sakura was affected by the woman's question then she did little to truly show it. Her eyes unfocused for a moment, shimmering ever so slightly.

"No, not anymore." She answered quietly, emerald orbs staring down at the ground, or rather the city, below her. "Our relationship was complicated... I know that Sasuke cared to some degree but he had always possessed ambitions that eclipsed anything revolving around relationships and bonds. He's no longer the same man I used to know... That man is dead and I don't think he's ever going to return." Sakura straightened her shoulders, shrugging lightly as she continued. "What happened in the past stays in the past and I think it's best for everyone if that stays the case."

Kuroka just stared at the Medic for several long seconds, silently mulling over the woman's words.

"I choose you as the Godmother."

Sakura blinked slowly at the Nekoshou's response, tilting her head in confusion. "What?"

Kuroka's smile was teasing as she replied. "When Sasuke and I have kids," She explained easily, grinning at Sakura's bewildered expression. "I'm choosing you as the Godmother."

The pinkette just stared at the ebony haired woman for a few seconds before shaking her head. "I don't know how we got from Point A to Point B and quite frankly, I don't think I care to revisit it." She bent her knees slightly, gathering Chakra into her limbs. "But I was always going to be the Godmother. There was never a choice in the first place." After her words, Sakura rocketed off the top of the building, form becoming a blur as she flew through the sky.

Kuroka watched the woman rocket through the sky, direction heading towards the Academy that Shirone attended. A sly smile blossomed upon her face as she disappeared in a blur of speed, racing towards Sakura.

Rias released a tired sigh as she stretched her muscles, pushing her large chest out and releasing an exaggerated groan of pleasure. "Ahhh... School is so tiring."

An amused giggle resounded from beside her as Akeno followed behind her best friend and King. "Weren't you the one who wished to experience everything that humans did, Buchou?"

The crimson haired beauty released another groan as she led the way towards their Club Room. "Just let me complain Akeno..."

"Hai hai Buchou~." The Nadeshiko responded in amusement, crossing her arms in front of her, accentuating her large breasts. "Don't forget but we also have to spar with your girlfriend~!"

Rias rolled her eyes at Akeno's teasing tone regarding Sakura. Opening the door to their clubroom, Rias responded. "You're reading too much into it, Akeno. It isn't anything like that. Sakura is just helping me and in return, I help her."

The Nadeshiko wagged her eyebrows suggestively, replying in a sultry tone. "I'm sure you'll both be helping in other ways as well. Just think of it Buchou... A beautiful woman, strong and powerful, pinning you to the ground... Her strength overbearing as she stares down at you with lust in her eyes~!" Akeno giggled at the blush forming on Rias' face. "Isn't it enough to make you squirm~?"

Rias shook her head rapidly, reading those thoughts from her mind. "Y-You need to stop reading those damn Ecchi Mangas! They're bad for you!"

Akeno winked playfully, propping her breasts up with her left arm. "Everyone has their kinks, Buchou. Don't shame me~."

The redhead shook her head with a huff, ignoring her Queen's words as she began to strip out of her uniform. "Please prepare tea and snacks for everyone, Akeno. I'm going to freshen up before our inevitable beat down."

The ebony haired woman sketched a bow to her King, nodding her head as she went to accomplish her task. Akeno swept past Rias who was in the process of slipping off her skirt, revealing her lacy undergarments. Both remaining articles of clothing followed soon after as Rias disappeared towards the back of the clubroom, the sound of running water now emanating in the small building.

Halfway through Rias' shower, the two remaining individuals of Rias' peerage entered through the doors of the club. A petite teenage girl with snow white hair and a young, handsome male with blonde hair.

Both Knight and Rook offered greetings to their fellow peerage member, patiently waiting for their King to finish with her shower.

"Do you know anything about the individual that Buchou has us training with, Akeno?" Kiba questioned politely, resting his bag against the couch.

Akeno continued her task, replying to her fellow peerage member. "I know very little about Sakura admittedly. I know that she is a human who possesses Chakra... According to Rias, she is incredibly powerful." She didn't miss the curious glance that Koneko shot her once she mentioned Chakra. "She's also going to be helping Buchou by dealing with Riser."

Kiba's eyebrows furrowed as he sat down. "By herself?" He frowned for a moment as he continued. "And for what reason? It's not as if Buchou and this woman are relatively close... What does this woman potentially get out of it?"

"Leverage." The monotonous voice of the third peerage member rang out, finally involving herself into the conversation. "Rias will be indebted to the Yokai Faction due to this woman's actions."

"Ahh... That makes alot of sense then." Kiba responded with a nod.

"If it gets me out of this marriage, I'll do whatever she wants me to." Rias spoke, stepping into the room while drying off her crimson hair. "I haven't felt this good in years. Sakura seems to be a reasonable woman... Whatever debt I owe, I'm sure it won't be anything too bad."

"And if it is?" Kiba questioned curiously.

The Destruction user was silent for a moment before shrugging quietly, placing the wet towel on the back of one of the various chairs in the room. "We'll cross that bridge when we get there."

Koneko's ears twitched as she gazed towards the entrance of the club room. She was silent for a moment before her head tilted inna curious manner. "Buchou, someone is- Two people are here... And they both can use Chakra."

Rias furrowed her eyebrows as she responded. "Well, one of them is definitely Sakura... But who's the other?"

A second passed by before the sound of knocking emanated from the club room's doors. Two silhouettes were seen through the door, both being feminine.

"Sakura?" Rias called cautiously, just in case. "Is that you?"

"Yes, Rias." Sakura's muffled voice responded. "I also brought a guest... I hope you don't mind." The door slowly opened, revealing Sakura and Kuroka.

Koneko's eyes widened immensely upon laying eyes on her sister. She froze at the sight of the woman, shock rendering her mute.

"Shirone-chan~!" Kuroka exclaimed happily, nearly pouncing towards the girl. She was stopped by Sakura, who snatched the Nekoshou up by her scanty kimono, lifting off the ground and preventing her from moving.

"You will behave yourself or I'll send you back to Kyoto." Sakura spat harshly, holding Kuroka up directly in front of her face. "Look at her..." She gestured towards Koneko's terrified visage. "The last thing your sister wants is to see you... Take responsibility for your actions and apologize." She released Kuroka, causing the woman to crash into the ground in an undignified heap. "Now." Sakura bit out, forcing the weight of her Chakra on Kuroka's shoulders, causing the Nekoshou to crash into the ground.

Kuroka fought through the tremendous weight of Sakura's Chakra, struggling to raise her gaze to her baby sister who's expression nearly caused her to breakdown in tears.

"Sh-Shirone-chan..." Kuroka grunted out quietly, reaching a hand out towards the girl. "I... I'm so sorry... F-For leaving you... I-I only wanted to... to s-save you."

After her words, Sakura's Chakra increased, slamming Kuroka's forehead into the ground against her will.

Sakura crossed her arms against her chest as she stared down at the kneeling Nekoshou. While she personally didn't have anything against Kuroka, it didn't change the fact that the woman had scarred her little sister.

It reminded her far too much of Sasuke's situation and itched at her negatively. Unlike Itachi, who took his secret to the grave whilst protecting his home from the shadows, Kuroka was still alive and fully capable of mending her past with her younger sister.

"One apology isn't going to solve everything, Kuroka." Sakura spoke firmly, walking into the room and ignoring the shocked faces of Rias' peerage. "You'll have to work for your sister's forgiveness and if she chooses to never forgive you then you will accept her feelings and you will stay away from her. Do I make myself clear?"

Kuroka grunted quietly, struggling to even nod her head under the weight of Sakura's immense power. "Y-Yes! C-crystal clear!"

The Medic stared down at the Nekoshou before relenting, allowing the woman to finally breath. Turning her attention to Rias, Sakura fixed an apologetic expression upon her face.

"I apologize for causing a disruption but Lady Yasaka sanctioned Kuroka's appearance." Gesturing towards the downed Nekoshou, she continued. "Kuroka was recently absolved of her crimes and is a member of the Yokai Faction... I hope you will allow her to stay, even if she is unwelcomed."

Rias and her peerage, sans Koneko who was currently overwhelmed with the entire situation, just stared at Sakura in shock. This was quite the first impression for Rias' peerage who didn't know anything about the woman.

But what they did know was the fact that Sakura forced Kuroka, a known individual who possessed power on par with Ultimate Class Devils, to her knees with only her presence.

"Remind me... to never..." Kuroka quietly hugged, wiping the sweat from her face. "Get on your bad side..."

Sakura glanced down at the woman for a moment before rolling her eyes and returning back to Rias. "I know this is very sudden but if you wish to postpone today's training then I will understand."

Rias glanced at the downed former Rogue Devil before glancing back to Sakura. "Uhh... Well, this is... alot to take in." She commented slowly, still entirely unsure about the entire situation. Turning her gaze towards Koneko, who was slowly coming back from comatose state, she spoke. "It's up to you, Koneko-chan..."

Before Koneko could respond, Sakura helpfully added. "If it makes you feel better, Kuroka is only here to watch. If you do not wish to speak with her then you don't have to."

Kuroka huffed quietly, shifting her position to her bottom while placing her hands in her lap. "Why don't I get a say in this?" She grumbled unhappily.

"Because you're the one that came uninvited!" Sakura snapped in annoyance, glaring down at the Nekoshou. "We wouldn't be in this position if you just remained out of sight! Which is what I told you to do in the first place!"

The woman grimaced at Sakura's words before sighing quiet and relenting, bowing her head submissively.

All eyes turned towards Koneko who had finally seemed to calm down from her panic attack. Her amber eyes traveled towards her sister, cringing at the memories of her actions. She closed her eyes, desperately trying to calm herself down before opening them to meet Sakura's gaze.

"I..." She spoke quietly. "I would like to go home..."

Sakura gave the girl a gentle smile while nodding. "I understand." Her gentle smile disappeared as she shifted towards Kuroka. "You heard her. Let's go." She gestured with her head towards the exit after her words, signaling for Kuroka to leave first.

The Nekoshou sighed quietly to herself before slowly rising to her feet. She gazed at Koneko, who refused to even look at her, before bowing her head sadly, ears laying flat atop her head. Not a second later did she exit through the room.

Sakura watched Kuroka leave the room before turning back towards Rias and her peerage. She offered a minor bow to all of them before speaking. "I apologize for the inconvenience I may have caused. I look forward to meeting with all of you another day." She rose to her full height before meeting Rias' gaze with a smirk. "Your ass kicking is gonna have to happen another day."

Rias puffed her cheeks out adorably, watching as the Chakra wielding human left. Once the woman was out of earshot, she released a heavy sigh.

"Welp... That happened."

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