Gods were... interesting.

Naruto found himself at a loss for words upon meeting the resident Gods and Kami that inhabited Takamagahara. They were fascinating.

Not because they were strong or because they were Gods but because they defied any and all expectations he had of them. Pre-established opinions and beliefs had painted a rather negative image of the Gods, moreso due to history and word of mouth than anything.

That wasn't to say that they were all good and benign because even the most kindest of individuals were capable of violence and hate, but atleast the Gods like Susano'o, who believed humans to be inferior, were set straight upon seeing Sasuke's display of power against the Storm Kami.

"Your expression is one of wonder and awe..." A familiar and silky-smooth voice emanated from Naruto's side. "I assume your expectations have been surpassed?"

Naruto's eyes swept away from Sasuke and Amaterasu, who were currently conversing on how to deal with the treachery in the Shinto Pantheon, and landed upon the second strongest Kami of the Shinto Pantheon.

"Tsukuyomi." Naruto greeted with an easy smile and nod. "They're... Well, they're interesting that's for sure."

The silver haired God chuckled quietly, folding his hands behind his back as he watched over the various Kami trying, and failing, to attract Sasuke's attention.

"They are not all without their sins." He uttered quietly, eyebrows creasing lightly. "But who is truly innocent then?"

Naruto shrugged his shoulders, answering easily. "Children... Though I've yet to see a child here."

Tsukuyomi sighed quietly while nodding his head. "The Shinto Pantheon is forbidden from intermingling with humanity. Unlike those of other religions and Pantheons, we choose to keep the Divine Essence pure and unfiltered. Though..." He trailed off, tone almost sad. "There have been many that strayed away from the Shinto's strict rules."

Naruto studied the man for several seconds, sensing various negative emotions. "I take it you don't necessarily agree with these stipulations?"

A bitter tone replaces the God's saddened one. "I despise them. Mother and Father fostered us from nothing... And yet they choose to impose restrictions on what can and can't be done..." He shakes his head whilst closing his eyes, hiding the ire and distaste. "We have lost many important Gods and Kami due to negligence. Our 'children' are nothing more than tools... What I once believed to be respect and admiration for my Mother and Father has slowly bled away to a bitterness and distaste..."

Tsukuyomi takes a deep breath, calming himself down. "Though..." He uttered quietly, opening his eyes and turning his gaze upon Naruto. "It seems times are changing... Perhaps Fate has smiled upon our Home."

Naruto was silent for several long moments as he processed Tsukuyomi's words. After an entire minute of silence he responded.

"Your sister wishes for Sasuke and I to transition..." He trailed off quietly, cerulean orbs traveling towards the God. "We denied it."

Tsukuyomi closed his eyes, mouth slowly turning upward. "I figured that to be the case... I am glad nonetheless."

His response came as sort of a surprise to Naruto. He was quickly beginning to realize that Tsukuyomi wasn't like his siblings.

"And why is that?"

Tsukuyomi leaned forward, just a bit, head tilting down to gaze upon the Kami he ruled over. "The Shinto Pantheon has struggled to move forward. We are shackled by tradition... Pointless expeditions and ignorant behavior has fostered among our once mighty force."

"The Shinto Pantheon used to be powerful once upon a time. But as always, stagnation is the death of civilization. If you are incapable of progressing then you will wither and die." The God shrugged his shoulders, continuing softly. "Religion is no different... Gods like to believe themselves to be greater than others but we are all finite... Perhaps I am just a young soul trapped in an old form." He sighed quietly, melancholy bleeding into his voice. "I am considered an outcast amongst the Gods and though no one is truly brave enough to say so, it is true all the same. I do not think the same as my family and I believe that is for the best."

Naruto's eyebrows furrowed at Tsukuyomi's words. The way he said 'family' was... off. As if just saying the word caused pain. It didn't help that he could sense the negativity behind it as well.

"Something is off." Kurama piped up unexpectedly. "I cannot pinpoint the exact emotion I'm sensing. It is strange... It's like trying to decipher a painting that used a single color for it's entire palette."

Naruto furrowed his eyebrows as he replied, mentally, to his partner. "I sensed it too... What's the call?"

"Ignore it for now..." Kurama responded slowly. "Jumping to conclusions will solve nothing... Let us wait it out and if it becomes an issue, we'll deal with it."

Naruto mentally nodded his head and opened his mouth to respond to Tsukuyomi before halting as a monstrous presence made its self known. Just the sheer weight of the individual's presence caused the hairs on the back of his neck to bristle.

Who was this?!

Dilated cerulean orbs suddenly slitted, blossoming gold as something appeared on the edge of his vision. An absurd amount of Chakra rained down in Takamagahara as a bright red orb suddenly manifested beside Naruto.

Naruto's eyes widened greatly upon sensing and understanding the vast amount of raw power forming not but three feet in front of him. An unknown man suddenly appeared directly beside the condensed orb of destruction, dawning a playful grin upon his face.

Before Naruto could voice his confusion and shock, a bright light spread throughout Takamagahara followed by the man's voice.

"Jutsushiki Hanten : Aka."

The next thing Naruto comprehended was the shockwave of power that slammed into his body, sending him through the mountain he stood upon. He continued to slam through several mountains, hills and valleys, destroying and toppling the landscape due to the unknown ability.

In what felt like less than a second, Naruto's back slammed into a mountain, sending out an immense shockwave that practically decimated the landscape for several miles before being buried by the earth and rock.

Smoke and ash danced in the sky, clouding the heavens of Takamagahara. Pitch black darkness surrounded Naruto's vision as several tons of earth, soil and dirt settled upon Naruto's cratered form.

A high pitched ringing noise ran rampant through his head, followed by the muffled voices of several familiar individuals. Golden eyes flicked rapidly as adrenaline suddenly surged through his veins.

"Naruto! Get up!" A deep baritone voice roared in the back of Naruto's mind.

The voice caused Naruto to snap back to reality. Gritting his teeth harshly and growling angrily, Naruto's eyes shone an incredible gold as he snatched his right hand free from its entrapment. Forming a half-ram seal, he inhaled deeply before bellowing out a roar that resembled the mighty Nine Tailed Beast within him.

The loose debris that covered his body seemed to just disappear as if never having existed, Naruto's roar having reduced the mountain to nothing but particles of dust and mineral. A mile wide empty crater now sprang to life around Naruto, who's body was hunched over slightly, arms dangling down his sides in a relatively laxed manner.

Something pricked his senses, causing him to sway his head to the left. Less than a millisecond followed as a clenched fist cracked through the air beside his ear, breaking the sound barrier with its speed and causing a shockwave of power to roll through the crater.

Naruto's dilated eyes finally caught a glimpse of the man, God, that was attacking him. Spikey white hair framed the man's head, equipped with two sky-blue eyes that shone like the sun.

Gold met blue.

Chakra clashed.


"You're not fighting at full power." The unknown God commented with an amused grin. "How about we fix that?"

Naruto's features grew harsh as Chakra exploded out from his body, sending waves upon waves of power through Takamagahara.

The blond lashed out with a kick, connecting with the man's ribs. To his slight surprise, the God didn't even seem to want to dodge, fully intent on taking the full brunt of his power.

To Naruto's surprise, his leg met an invisible force, not unlike that of Nagato and Sasuke's Shinra Tensei. The force field halted his initial attack but could not stop the Sage empowered shockwave that followed. The teen reveled in the surprise of the God's face as he was sent careening through the earth, smashing through the crater and flipping along the soil multiple times, decimating the already ruined terrain.

Naruto scoffed with a smirk, thumbing his nose while standing back to his feet. "Nice gimmick but it won't work against me." His smirk was shortlived as the familiar glow of red bled through his vision.

Having been caught off guard during the first one, Naruto grit his teeth before clenching his right fist and forming several one handed seals with his left.

"Jinton : Genkai Hakurai no Jutsu!"

A bright white orb surrounded by a translucent cube formed in front of Naruto's palm before firing off towards the red orb, meeting it halfway and causing a blinding pillar of light to encompass the sky.

Naruto took this time to dash out of the crater, strategically placing clones and henging them into various different objects around the area. Sensing the God he snapped his gaze to the man, spotting the man floating in the air with a single hand in his pocket and an arrogant smile upon his face.

"It's been some time since someone was able to negate one of my abilities... How strong are you, I wonder?"

Naruto frowned at the man's tone, gathering Chakra as he did so. "Who even are you and why are you attacking me?"

He was soon answered but not by the man himself, but from another.

"SATORU GOJO!" The angry voice belonging to the Shinto Pantheon's strongest Kami resounded out.

An immense wave of white hot fire spewed out into the heavens, spanning several miles wide in width. The now named God didn't even deign the Goddess a glance, ignoring her presence as if she was nothing.


A pitch black barrier that resembled sludge suddenly sprang out into the heavens, entrapping both the God and Naruto within. It then stretched out several kilometers, negating the immense flames that sprang from Amaterasu's attack.

"Well, that solves that." Gojo muttered quietly, ignoring Amaterasu's scream of anger. "No more nuisances to distract us."

Naruto's golden orbs spotted Amaterasu uselessly slashing her blade against the barrier, unable to penetrate through. Her silver orbs were alight with fury, leaking Divine Essence as she glared at Gojo.

He shifted his gaze upon sensing Sasuke, watching his friend's Rinnegan flare up. Shaking his head no, Naruto silently signaled for Sasuke to not interfere. His friend glared for several moments before scoffing in annoyance and gesturing for Tsukuyomi to speak with him.

Nodding silently to himself Naruto sighed quietly while focusing on the God. "Who are you?"

The white haired God tilted his head with a smile. "Satoru Gojo." He flourished with a bow, almost mocking Naruto as he did. "The strongest God that resides in Japan and the Fifth Strongest Entity in the World. The real question is..." He asked with a growing smile, rising to his full height and gathering an immense amount of power in front of him. He clasped his hands together before speaking once more. "Can you stop this one?"

"Jutsushiki Junten : Ao. Jutsushiki Hanten : Aka."

Two giant orbs formed behind the God's back, swirling with immense amounts of cursed energy and Chakra.

One red and one blue.

Gojo then spread his fingers outward, pointing towards Naruto's position.

To Naruto's shock, the two orbs then slowly began to inch closer, colliding and merging into something more devious and powerful. The gigantic orb towered through the sky, nearly reaching the top of the barrier with its insane size.

Crackles of unstable purple lightning shot off the abomination of an ability as Gojo dawned a malicious grin. Stepping a single foot forward, the God flicked his wrist, snapping his fingers and sending the attack forward to obliterate everything in its path.

"Kyoshiki : Murasaki!"

"Kurama!" Naruto mentally roared in his head, hands clasping together in a prayer motion as an absurd amount of Chakra rippled through the air, twisting and churning the very fabric of Takamagahara with its sheer weight.

Naruto's Chakra spiked, hands glowing a divine gold as the entirety of the Chakra he gathered suddenly condensed, tightening together and becoming little more than an atomic bomb waiting to detonate.

"Go! Naruto!" Kurama roared, mimicking Naruto's gesture with its own human-like hands.

The terrain around Naruto suddenly eviscerated as the condensed orb of Chakra forming in his palms began to rumble and vibrate at supersonic speed. Slowly pulling his palms away from one another revealed a condensed Bijuudama, pulsing in a sickening manner.

An ear piercing shrieking noise began to emanate as a mountain sized tornado formed directly on Naruto's position, swallowing him whole, with him in the eye of it. The cratered remains of the earth continued to disappear, being crushed from the sheer force of Naruto's Futon Chakra.

A moment passed by before the twister lurched, dancing and wriggling in random ways. The tornado then roared before suddenly spiking down towards Naruto's position, engulfing the chaotic, condensed Bijuudama between Naruto's palms.

The atomic bomb resting between Naruto's hands seemed to protest its sudden increase of power, warbling and distorting the very air around its creator, eviscerating anything it could touch and see.

Naruto's golden eyes rose towards the rapidly approaching purple orb of destruction before gritting his teeth and rearing his right hand back.

"Bijuudama Rasenshuriken!"

Without another thought the teen hurled the condensed Rasenshuriken towards his adversary's attack, tearing through the terrain and completely erasing anything it came into contact with.

Red and white met black and purple.

Sound ceased to exist.

Darkness could no longer lurk.

Takamagahara only knew white.

Sasuke's dual orbs widened upon witnessing the purple orb that had formed from Gojo's merging of abilities. His Sharingan spun rapidly, desperately trying to decipher and understand what it was seeing.

"M-Murasaki?!" Amaterasu gasped in horror, watching as the purple orb continued to grow in size. "Right here?! What is he thinking?!"

Sasuke's hands clenched tightly, watching Naruto's reaction to the ability. His friend was easily able to sense and decipher the very nature of the attack he was witnessing. And while Sasuke didn't, or rather couldn't, understand the significance of the attack, he could make a guess or two.

"What is so significant about it?" He questioned harshly, watching the gigantic streaks of purple lightning crackling off the orb.

Amaterasu did not remove her gaze away from Gojo and his ability. Her expression only grew more horrified as she gazed down from her position.

"Murasaki is a technique that is derived from Gojo's innate ability called Mukagen..." She trailed off quietly, watching as Gojo's smile began to twist. "This ability grants Gojo nigh-absolute control over space through cursed energy and Chakra manipulation at an atomic level." She grimaced heavily, watching as the orb nearly touched the top of the barrier. "Murasaki is the combination of Aka and Ao, which are the two standard forms of Mukagen that allows Gojo to manipulate the space of his Mugen, another ability of his that allows him to stop or slow any and all matter that tries to touch him."

Amaterasu shakes her head as she stares at Naruto, watching his eyes grow larger and larger. "Ao is the reinforced version of Gojo's neutral Mukagen, in which it seeks to create a vacuum in the targeted space that Gojo wishes. Due to this, Gojo is quite literally creating a scenario where the world itself seeks to correct the created scenario and fill in the negative space he has created, causing all matter in the range of the commanded space to be pulled together. It is not common knowledge but he also possesses a stronger version of Ao which creates a black hole, capable of being moved by Gojo's will."

Sasuke's face shifts downwards as Amaterasu continues to explain the God's ability. "Aka is the inversion of Ao, possessing the opposite effect of Ao. Instead of pulling things together, Aka has the ability to repel and push any and all matter away. Due to being an ability that is supplemented by both Chakra and Cursed Energy, it has two times the destructive ability of Ao."

Sasuke immediately caught on, frowning heavily as he watched Gojo snap his fingers, allowing Murasaki to tear through Takamagahara. "Murasaki being the combination of Ao and Aka, attraction and repulsion in their base states, he is creating what is tantamount to a long-ranged singularity that seeks to erase any and all matter at the atomic level..."

Sasuke and Amaterasu cease to speak upon witnessing Naruto's spike. The very barrier they stood in front of warbled and vibrated due to the sheer weight of the teen's Chakra. The barrier lurched ominously before slowly correcting itself and returning to normal.

Knowing what Naruto was planning to do, a small frown framed the Uchiha's face. "He's... creating a condensed Bijuudama..." Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, watching as Naruto remained in his base Sage of Six Paths mode.

Why? What was the purpose? Pride?

Sasuke immediately shook his head at the thought. Naruto was not a prideful individual. There must be a reason as to why he wasn't gathering Natural Chakra to create his most powerful cloak and form.

And the thought unsettled him.

Could Naruto not access his Rikudo Sennin mode?

No... No that couldn't be it. He was harnessing Sage Mode at this very moment.

So there must be a more tactical reason as to why...

Sasuke's eyes widened suddenly before snapping towards Amaterasu, watching as Divine Essence poured from her body. The dots connected near instantaneously, causing a pit to form in his stomach.

Amaterasu was a God.

This Gojo was a God.

Which meant that this man had access to a Divine Form...

"Dammit Naruto...!" Sasuke growled angrily, clenching his fists tightly and causing blood to leak from his palms. "Why won't you let me help?!"

A tornado sprang to life around Naruto, decimating and erasing the little remaining landscape that surrounded the Jinchuuriki. Miles upon miles of vast terrain reduced to mineral in an instant as the tornado shot down towards Naruto, coalescing and fusing with the Bijuudama to create a condensed Bijuudama Rasenshuriken.

"What... is that?" Amaterasu found herself questioning with something akin to awe.

"That is a condensed version of one of Naruto's strongest attacks..." Sasuke helpfully informed. "However, it isn't his strongest attack... Which means that he isn't trying to overpower Gojo's attack but to negate it... But can he even negate something that erases matter at the atomic level?"

Amaterasu watched as the blond teen began to rear his arm back. "An attack of this nature... I don't even know if the barrier will hold!" After her words, the Goddess of the Sun summoned her Divine Mirror and began to pour an immense amount of Chakra into it.

Twirling her hands, Amaterasu forced the Divine Mirror to clone itself, creating five separate mirrors that shone like the sun. Making a gesture with her hand the Goddess commanded the mirrors to position themselves on each side of Gojo's barrier.

"I cannot trust Gojo's barrier to hold with the immense power being produced by both abilities." The Goddess commented seriously, silver eyes glowing like the object she ruled over. "By placing my Divine Mirrors around the barrier I will atleast be able to reflect the damage caused by their attacks."

Amaterasu abandoned her position beside Sasuke, flying into the air and unsheathing her Katana while simultaneously cutting through the fabric of Takamagahara. From the rip in space was a sphere of golden light that rivaled the brightness and intensity of the very Sun itself.

Without another thought, the Goddess of the Sun cradled the object in her hand before closing her eyes and spreading her Divine Essence throughout Takamagahara, protecting the realm from the inevitable destruction caused by Naruto and Gojo.

"Praise the Sun!"

The Goddess roared as the light from the literal Sun washed over the entirety of Takamagahara, covering it in a light so bright that even the Darkness was swept up and consumed.

Not a second later did the abilities cast by Gojo and Naruto clash.

Takamagahara only knew white.

A laugh that teetered just on the edge of insanity echoed throughout the vast destruction caused by the clashing of two immense abilities. The laughter echoed loudly as it drowned out the silence left in the wake of destruction.

"You're an interesting kid!" Gojo's voice echoed loudly, bleeding through the vast smoke screen created by his and Naruto's clash. "Don't die on me just yet!"

Sweeping his arm back, Gojo physically willed the smoke, ash and dust particles to disappear, revealing a relatively unscathed Naruto who's expression was anything but amused.

Naruto, who's clothes were singed and ruined, curled his nose angrily at the annoying words emanating from the God. "You're starting to piss me off..." Rotating and cracking his neck, the teen began to dust off the ash from his remaining tatters of clothing. "I don't know who you are or why you're attacking me but..."

Incandescent colors flowed out from Naruto's body as he began to release the full brunt of his Chakra upon Takamagahara. Waves upon waves of Chakra slammed into the barrier, causing it to protest heavily. It shook and creaked, slowly showing the damage that Naruto was creating just by releasing his power.

A golden shroud of Chakra encased Naruto, replacing his previously destroyed clothing. Dawning the Cloak of Kurama, Naruto slowly gestured with his arms, twirling them in a gentle manner that was unsuspected for one in the middle of a fight. But upon closer inspection, one could see the very air around Naruto warbling and distorting.

"I'm gonna make you regret it." He finished fiercely, practically disappearing from his spot. Reappearing behind the God who had rightfully angered him so, Naruto blitzed the man, striking against his invisible barrier.

Gojo's head snapped towards the teen's direction, making eye contact before being shot across the barrier, smacking through the terrain and carving a bloody tunnel throughout it. The white haired God ragdolled along the ruined landscape, upending mountain sized chunks of earth before crashing into and through the barrier he had erected during the beginning of the fight.

Naruto didn't let up, disappearing in a golden flash of speed, he reappeared just above the God, lashing out with his foot and connecting with the man's invisible barrier. The God cratered the earth of Takamagahara, spearing directly through it and upending thousands upon thousands of massive chunks of rock and mineral.

The blond disappeared from his position in the air, landing upon the earth and speedily running through handseals. Flaring his Chakra, he slammed his hand upon the soil, erecting his own barrier and reinforcing it with the Bijuu's Chakra.

"If you wanna dance..." Naruto spat, holding his hand out while gathering Nature Chakra upon his palm. A multitude of colors sprang to life around his palm, coalescing into a beautiful sphere that shone like a rainbow. "Then let's fucking dance."

Not a second later did the rainbow sphere of Nature Chakra morph and spin, rotating into the familiar form of Naruto's most prized Jutsu. Following the formation of the Rasengan was the ear piercing shrieking and rotating Shuriken of wind that announced the Rasenshuriken.

Naruto's left hand swept through multiple one-handed seals and with one final flare of his Chakra, added the most destructive Kekkai Tota to his Jutsu. The translucent atomic deconstructing Jutsu vibrated angrily as it meshed with the rotating blade of wind. Rearing his arm back, Naruto roared angrily while launching the Jutsu towards Gojo.

"Jinton : Rasenshuriken!"

Not a sound was heard as the particle erasing Jutsu detonated right on top of Gojo's buried form. The Frankenstein creation swallowed the vast landscape completely erasing anything it affected.

A frown marred Naruto's face for a single moment before his senses shrieked. Twin golden orbs widened as a blur of white appeared on the edge of his peripherals.

"What?!" Naruto mentally cried.

"He regenerated that quickly?!" Kurama followed up quickly, sharing vision with his partner.

While not fully regenerated and sporting a single arm, Gojo's form appeared directly beside Naruto. The God's arm was already reared back, a glowing red orb pulsing brightly in front of his hand.

Naruto grit his teeth as he made to dodge the point blank attack. But he soon found that his body was unable to move as if some invisible force was tugging on him.

"Behind you!" Matatabi alerted instantly.

Naruto's head twisted behind him, spotting what appeared to be some kind of vortex. It swirled with reckless abandon, swallowing the earth and completely crushing it.

"Jutsushiki Junten Shutsuryoku Saidai : Ao."

Gojo's arrogant smirk grew wider at Naruto's reaction. "We're just getting started!"

"He created a black hole?!" Naruto mentally cried, eyes widening at the ability.

"Move!" Kurama roared, warning Naruto as Gojo released the red orb in his face.

"Shit!" Naruto cursed loudly, bracing his body for the damage it was about to receive.


The heavens turned black as Gojo's orb detonated directly in front of Naruto's face, pushing his body into the black hole the God created.

For what felt like the umpteenth time in Takamagahara, ash and soot rained down from the sky, blanketing it in a thick smog of ebony paint. A tremendous current of air swept the smoke and ash away, revealing the white haired God.

Gojo's sky-blue orbs possessed a slight manic gleam to them upon witnessing Naruto. A low chuckle escaped his mouth, slowly picking up in volume and intensity. After several moments of cackling, Gojo made direct eye contact with Naruto.

"How strong are you?!" The gleam in his eyes only further dipped, displaying a degree of insanity that made Naruto sick. "Show me more! Show me how strong you can get!"

Naruto scoffed at the God, golden eyes dipping down towards his left hand, or rather, the area where his left hand was supposed to be. In it's place was nothing more than a glowing stump, steadily leaking blood upon the soil.

With little more than a single thought, his left hand suddenly sprouted from the ruined stump. Bone and flesh crunched in a disgusting manner, slowly recreating the appendage. In less than a second Naruto now sported another left hand.

"I'd ask why you're so hellbent on fighting me but..." Naruto trailed off as he made direct eye contact with the God. "Your arrogance speaks for itself. You just wanna fight someone powerful for useless validation."

A modicum of sanity seemed to creep back into the God's eyes. His arrogant smile dipped a fraction as his stance became more relaxed.

"It isn't arrogance if it's true." Gojo stated in a matter of fact tone, speaking casually as if discussing the weather. "But you refuse to let loose... For what reason? You don't seek to clash with all your might? You don't want to let loose all of that stored up power? Why lie to yourself?"

Naruto's left fist clenched tightly as a heavy frown formed on his face. Gojo wasn't necessarily wrong about wanting to let loose. Ever since becoming the pseudo Juubi Jinchuuriki he had to constantly keep his power from fluctuating.

It was tiresome... Always worrying about others and the effect he'd have on them due to the sheer weight of his Chakra. He always had to keep his emotions in check or he'd run the risk of harming innocent people. And lately, his blood had been practically boiling. Perhaps it was due to finally getting a taste of death...

They say that once you take your first life that you change dramatically. Your psyche becomes altered and the way you think about certain things change.

Perhaps that's what had happened with him and he was just vehemently fighting off something that was being ingrained into his brain.

Naruto wasn't like others. He had power, great power. Wasn't he meant to use it?

"Careful..." Kurama warned gently. "Don't get lost in that way of thinking. Yes, you possess great power and have the full capability of using it but this power does not define you, Naruto. Always remember that."

Naruto took a steadying breath, understanding what Kurama was conveying. Willing the thoughts to the side he slowly rolled his head, cracking his neck multiple times.

"Yeah." He agreed finally. "You're absolutely right. I do want to use my power and I do want to fight at full strength and I am lying to myself." With his eyes still closed Naruto slowly placed his palms together in a praying motion. "But I'm not like you... Arrogance due to power isn't something to be proud of. Who cares how strong you are when at the of the day, you have no home to return to? What truly matters is protecting those who can't protect themselves."

Naruto's body began to glow an even brighter gold, nearly blinding those who weren't already floored from the display of power from the two Titans. The skin of his face, feet and hands no longer shone a brilliant gold as they returned to their original tanned color.

The ethereal horns atop his head grew more pronounced, jutting out farther and higher than previously. The black and gold designs upon his body began to shift and morph, changing and alternating altogether. The fiery haori he once sported now resembled a high collared jacket, burning a bright gold and ebony.

Nine pitch black orbs slowly sprouted out from Naruto's back before forming a circle behind him. Two of the orbs then morphed and distorted, changing shapes and forming into thin staffs. The remaining seven pitch black orbs behind his back began to slowly rotate, spinning hypnotically behind his back.

"You want my full power?" Naruto questioned, resting one of his Gudodama Staff upon his shoulder. "Here it is... Hope you can keep up."

Unknown to Naruto himself but not to Gojo, his eyes had changed from bright gold to silver. It was a small change but one that spelled actual danger for the God.

This kid... was no human.

"You're not actually human." Gojo commented in an almost curious-like tone. "Or more accurately, you're not entirely human... A normal human would have instantly perished had they absorbed the Natural Divine Essence that Takamagahara possesses." Gojo's smile slowly returned as he gazed upon what he assumed to be a Demi-God. "Finally! Someone who can truly push me! Give me everythi-!"

"SHUT UP!" Naruto roared angrily as he appeared directly in front of Gojo, swinging one of his staffs at the man and making contact with the God's barrier. Gojo's eyes immediately widened as his Mugen creaked ominously before cracking and subsequently shattering like glass. Before he could truly think of mantling a defense one of those pitch black staffs cracked against his skull, turning the bones in his face to mineral and sending him hurtling towards one of the walls of Naruto's barrier.

The white haired God smashed against the barrier, bouncing off of it and producing several dozen shockwaves due to the sheer force. His face already having regenerated due to the blitz attack of his opponent, Gojo blinked and was once again smashed across his face. The God's head cracked against the barrier once more, causing a minor amount of dizziness to assault his senses.

Despite the rabid assault and dozens of attacks he suffered directly to his skull, Gojo was capable of redirecting one of Naruto's staffs. The weapon pierced the barrier, stabbing directly into it and protruding through it. Thinking fast, Gojo made to grab the weapon but was unable to do so due to the weapon morphing and shooting back to Naruto's side.

Another vicious crack struck through the air, nailing Gojo directly in the stomach. Due to the strength of the attack he was forced to hunch over and in doing so he caught an absolutely decimating uppercut that practically erased his chin and vaporized it. Blood, cartilage and bone flew through the air with some of it splatting upon Naruto's face.

"Take this!" The Jinchuuriki roared as he formed a Rasenshuriken in the blink of an eye. He immediately launched the Jutsu directly at the airborne God, holding a half-ram seal and causing the Jutsu to detonate prematurely.


The barrier that Naruto created shook and withered due to his Jutsu, nearly faltering at the sheer strength of his Rasenshuriken. Naruto swept his hand through the enclosed area and forced both of his staffs to return to their original shape. The Gudodama slowly joined their brothers, spinning hypnotically behind him.

Faster than even Sasuke could truly move, Gojo appeared directly in front of Naruto, hand racing towards his face with his fingers outstretched. His sudden assault was halted as the Jinchuuriki swayed around his fist, counter striking the man's elbow and shattering it into dust. Gojo grunted from the attack, shifting on the balls of his heels and pivoting his upper body while lashing out with a roundhouse kick.

Naruto mimicked the God's own moves in tandem, winding his own leg up to counter Gojo's attack. Upon making direct contact with the man's leg, an incredible shockwave struck the barrier that cratered the land they stood upon.

Fierce silver orbs stared into the sky blue eyes of the God before Naruto suddenly vanished into thin air. Gojo blinked a single time in confusion before his eyes widened.

Unable to truly react in time, Gojo was struck once more on the chin, the vicious blow coming from directly below him. Being sent airborne he was still unable to react to the vicious and instantaneous attacks assaulting his body.

Hundreds upon hundreds of golden flashes sprang around his senses as Naruto continued to assault the God.

Bones turned to dust.

Blood spewed like a fountain.

And before Gojo knew it his vision was once again ripped from his grasp as another spiraling orb of wind and condensed Chakra exploded upon his face, sending him through the landscape and into the depths of Takamagahara.

It took the God less than three seconds to fully regenerate from the display of power but upon regenerating a wicked smile alit upon his face.

"I see..." He mumbled to himself, regenerating his body even as Naruto disappeared and reappeared, striking from any and all angles at random intervals with no pattern in sight. "You're capable of instant teleportation."

To Naruto's shock, Gojo was finally capable of reacting, swaying his head just in the nick of time to dodge a blow that would have surely smattered his brain.

"I can teleport too." Gojo commented with a grin before disappearing in a similar manner to Naruto.

A quiet grunt escaped Naruto as the back of Gojo's fist connected with his face. Rolling with the blow Naruto retaliated with a strike of his own that connected with the God's stomach, blowing a hole right through his body and cannoning him across the sealed barrier.

Naruto's eyes narrowed before teleporting above Gojo's form and performing an overhead heel kick to the man's face. Once again, Gojo was fully capable of not only reacting to his Hiraishin but was able to also counter attack it.

Weaving just slightly out of the way of the blond's kick Gojo swung his leg out, connecting with the boy's stomach and sending him rocketing away. Spit ejected from Naruto's mouth followed by a quiet wheezing noise as he flew backwards.

Naruto's body smashed into a mountain, reducing it to little more than rubble and small chunks of earth. His body didn't stop there and continued to flip and roll, smashing into the earth harshly and cutting a deep trench through the already destroyed landscape.

"He's able to react to the Hiraishin?" Gyuki questioned confusedly.

"That isn't it." Naruto mentally replied, groaning softly and slowly digging himself out of the ruined earth that buried him. "I think I figured out how that barrier of his works..."

"What do you mean Naruto-kun? Is it not just a standard barrier?" Kokuo questioned softly.

"It's more complex than that." Kurama grumbled harshly. "That barrier of his doesn't stop attacks but slows them... It is how he is able to react to Naruto's instant teleportation."

"Got it in one, buddy." Naruto supplemented with a nod of his head. "But we've broken through it multiple times which means it has a threshold we can take advantage of."

"Or perhaps that's what he wants you to think." Matatabi warned. "We know nothing about this man and his abilities and while you're capable of grasping his Chakra based techniques, it does not mean we fully understand how they work."

"That's exactly why I haven't used Shadow Clones yet. I've been able to tank everything so far but..."

"He hasn't shown his full power." Kurama finished easily. "He is a God which means he also possesses a Divine Form... And that means that he's even stronger than what's being shown right now and I'll bet that he isn't even truly taking this fight seriously..."

"Yeah..." Naruto grimaced as he finally dug himself out of the earth. "That's what has me on edge. But we aren't necessarily going full power either so... Let's turn it up a notch then!"

All nine of the Bijuu simultaneously agreed with their container as they began to absorb the Natural Chakra that permeated Takamagahara.

Little did Naruto know that this particular action would come back to haunt him.

Amaterasu watched in awe as Naruto not only matched Gojo in terms of raw power and Chakra but that he was capable of overwhelming the man.

"This... This is incredible." She whispered to herself, watching Naruto ragdoll the most powerful God in Japan.

"What is?" Sasuke questioned from his perch next to the Goddess, watching as Naruto blitzed the God sending him through a mountain.

"That he's beating Gojo." She replied instantly. "I have never seen Gojo get pushed like this..."

Sasuke frowned hearing this. What did it matter? The man had yet to even truly power up but he would just take Amaterasu's word for now. This unknown God had history in the Shinto Pantheon if Amaterasu's reaction earlier was any clue.

And it was anything but good history.

The couple watched Naruto and Gojo trade blows before something significant happened with Naruto finally using Kurama's Chakra. They watched as Naruto completely overwhelmed the God, beating and smacking him along the terrain with ease before one of Naruto's Jutsu clouded the barrier.

"That form is different than the one he used against me... But it feels weaker somehow." Amaterasu muttered with furrowed eyebrows.

"That's because it technically is." The Uchiha replied while crossing his hands, watching as Gojo finally mounted a counterattack, blitzing Naruto and causing the teen to lose one of his hands. "He's only using around a tenth of his total power in that form."

"A tenth?!" Amaterasu exclaimed loudly, watching as Naruto regenerated his left hand just as easily as Gojo had been doing. "Why doesn't he just go full power then?"

Sasuke scoffed as he replied. "Because he doesn't know how strong Gojo actually is... In theory, it does make sense. Fight at your strongest to end your opposition as quickly as possible. But here? Naruto cannot afford to do so. Instinctually, he is aware of how powerful Gojo can be and has a very good interpretation of just how much power is truly needed to match him. The depth of Naruto's senses seemingly has no bounds and I wouldn't even be surprised if he somehow knew he could take Gojo on in his Divine Form."

Amaterasu glanced towards the avenger with confusion. "But you just said he has no real idea on how powerful Gojo is..."

Sasuke shrugged helplessly as he responded. "Naruto's sensing capabilities are off the charts... Just because he doesn't know the entire depth of Gojo's power pool doesn't mean that he himself believes he'd lose. But this is going purely off what we've experienced in our home world... Gojo could just be stronger and that's that."

Amaterasu glanced back towards the fight, watching as Naruto placed his hands together before once again, powering up into a different form. Her silver eyes slowly began to widen as she sensed what was happening.

"Wait..." She spoke frantically. "He has to stop! He's going to kill himself!"

Sasuke was taken aback as the Goddess rammed herself into the barrier, bashing her shoulder against the invisible force with all her might. After several failed attempts of trying to bash through, the Goddess unsheathed her blade before trying to penetrate through said barrier.

"Hey!" Sasuke snapped as he snatched her wrist, yanking her away for the barrier. "What are you talking about? How is Naruto killing himself?!"

The Shinto Goddess ripped her arm free of Sasuke's grasp but did not relinquish her gaze from Naruto and Gojo. "I sensed it!"

"Sensed what?!" Sasuke snapped angrily. "Speak some sense!"

"The Divine Essence!" Amaterasu snapped back in return, turning directly towards Sasuke. "Whatever he just did in that form is going to kill him! Humans can not absorb unfiltered, raw Divine Essence!"

Sasuke's expression scrunched in confusion as he turned his gaze back onto the fight. "What are you talking about? He doesn't look or feel any different. That form harnesses pure Nature Chakra that is then balanced equally in tandem with Spiritual Chakra and Physical Chakra. But the uniqueness to that form is its ability to harness Rikudo Chakra."

The Goddess once again tried to slash through the barrier, growling angrily. "That's the point! There isn't Nature Chakra in Takamagahara! And if you haven't already realized, there is no 'Rikudo Chakra' on this planet! Just because they feel similar doesn't mean that they function the same way! The only energy that flows through this realm is pure, Divine Essence! Just look at his eyes!"

Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows before using his enhanced vision on Naruto. He was taken aback upon noticing the silvery gray color of his eyes instead of the yellowish gold he had come accustomed to.

But... He couldn't sense anything different about Naruto. It didn't make sense. If Naruto truly was absorbing the energy that only Gods could use, why wasn't there a difference?

"Like I said..." Amaterasu spoke through Sasuke's silence. "It may function and feel similar to the energy you use but it is not the same thing." She made to take a stance, drawing her blade and gathering a frightening amount of Chakra. "If we do not stop this fight, he is going to die."

Sasuke ignored the woman's failed attempts at cutting through the barrier already knowing a lost cause when he saw one. If Naruto was going all out then he'd have reinforced the barrier with his own Chakra. And there was no one that could match Naruto's Chakra in density, volume and output.

And as amusing as it was to see his best friend obliterate this unknown God, bashing him along the terrain like one would a toy, he needed to heed Amaterasu's advice. She was the expert here when it came to this world's Chakra and how it functioned. Who was he to question her about what did and didn't work?

Stepping up the barrier and closing his right eye the teen activated his Rinnegan causing the Dojutsu to glow. Focusing directly on Naruto's body, he attempted to switch places with him by using Amenotejikara.

Flaring his Chakra and activating the ability, Sasuke was left with a growing frown upon his face when he didn't actually teleport. Activating his Sharingan and roaming it all along the barrier caused his frown to deepen.

"Even I can't get through this one..." Sasuke side glanced at Amaterasu watching as she struggled to even make the walls ripple. Her face was one of desperation as she slashed, hacked and stabbed at the barrier. He shifted his gaze back upon Naruto and watched as the boy placed his hands together one more time, gathering an absolutely absurd amount of Chakra and Divine Essence.

"Dammit no!" Amaterasu roared upon noticing what Naruto was doing. "NARUTO! You have to stop!" She wailed whilst abandoning her sword, banging her fists against the barrier. "You're killing yourself! You can't absorb anymore! Stop!"

Sasuke's fist clenched even more at the Goddess's desperate cries. Was there nothing he could do to stop his friend from continuing this fight?

Why did he feel so useless again?! All this power and he couldn't even use it! Fuck that!

Sasuke flared his Rinnegan while channeling the full force of his Chakra. He was moments away from activating his Perfect Susano'o before a luminous pillar of grayish Chakra exploded out from the barrier, nearly blinding him.

Naruto blinked and found himself in the vibrant landscape that belonged to the Bijuu. Furrowing his eyebrows in confusion he glanced around, taking note of the unique features of each and every beast.

"Uhh..." He spoke while pivoting on his heel and facing Kurama, the pseudo leader when it came to most conversations. "What's going on? We're in the middle of a fight?"

Kurama said nothing at first as its crimson, slitted eyes stared down at Naruto. There was something off about the gaze and for some reason Naruto found that he was getting anxious. He didn't like it.

"There's no easy way of saying this..."

The Nine Tailed Beast spoke slowly, tails waving lazily behind. "Naruto, you're dying."

The blond teen blinked at his friend's words, slowly crossing his arms against his chest. He was silent for a few moments before smiling and letting out a small chuckle. "Ohhhh! You're making a joke! Haha! That was a good one Kurama." He shook his head with a fake smile, chuckling quietly. "But really, why are we here?"

"Naruto..." Matatabi spoke gently. "Don't do this."

His smile shifted just a little more, becoming brittle. "D-Do what?"

"We don't have much time left so stop playing around, brat!" Son Goku states firmly, giant monkey fists slamming the floor of the landscape like an ape would do.

Naruto flinched at the beast's words, cringing as he processed what was being said. Taking a few moments to calm himself, he deigned a glance at the Kyuubi.

"How?" His voice was small, like a child.

Kurama released an agitated huff, not due to Naruto but because of itself. "The energy we're absorbing is killing you. I should have noticed it immediately once you started to use my Chakra." The beast's tone had a regretful lull to it, something that was surprising to hear due to how prideful Kurama was.

"But I don't feel any different..." Naruto trailed off with a frown. "Is it not Nature Chakra that we're harnessing?"

"It is not." Kurama answered quietly. "Regardless of how similar it is to our world it is just not the same. And for some reason, your body is unable to handle it."

Naruto grimaced at the words. "Is there no way to stop it?"

Matatabi sighed quietly, dual colored orbs falling to the floor of the landscape. "Your body has already absorbed far too much of this energy... There's nothing we can do at this point."

Well, that wasn't... fair.

Tears coalesced in Naruto's eyes but he was quick to rub them dry, dawning a fake smile. "W-We had a good run, huh?"

The Bijuu all collectively frowned upon hearing the boy's tone. They were all quiet, not truly knowing what to say or do.

Naruto sighed quietly before just plopping down onto the floor of the landscape, dragging his fingers along the vibrant floor. "How long do I have?"

"The only reason you haven't died yet is because you hold all of us, any other individual would have died as soon as they absorbed the energy." Kurama replied. "As for exact time?" The beast trailed off for a few moments before continuing. "Enough to stomp on that annoying God's head."

Naruto cracked a smile at Kurama's words. "Consider it done, buddy." He held his fist out for Kurama, retaining his small smile.

Kurama did not hesitate to ball its giant human-like hand, gently tapping its much bigger appendage against Naruto's.

"It's been an honor having you all beside me." Naruto finished after retracting his fist, slowly rising to his feet and spinning in a circle to make sure he looked every Bijuu in their eyes. "Thanks for believing in me... I wouldn't be here today without all of you."

Each of the Bijuu showed their gratitude in their own quirky and unique ways, whether that be from Son Goku pounding its large chest or Saiken bubbling and squirming in an odd manner benefiting that of a slug.

Kurama watched Naruto as he walked up to each of the other Bijuu, saying his goodbyes whilst offering any comforting words he could. A snarl wished to escape from its giant maw but Kurama refused to allow it to slip through.

Upon circling back to Kurama, Naruto's face softened into a small smile. "Despite all our differences and negative experiences with one another, I appreciate everything you've done for me regardless if it was done out of survival or pity." Bowing at the hip, Naruto continued. "Thank you, Kurama. I'm gonna miss you buddy."

This time, a snarl did escape its maw. "Stop it! You annoying little shit."

Naruto returned to his full height, cackling at Kurama's reaction. "Make sure to watch over Team 7... We're all a bit... cracked since coming to this new world. Don't let them do anything I wouldn't."

"No one can achieve the stupidity that you do."

"Love you too, fuzzy butt!" Naruto grinned widely. He took a moment to breathe, slowly closing his eyes relaxing his body. "See ya soon, mom, dad... Ero-sennin." A few moments of silence passed by before Naruto opened his eyes. "Let's go beat a God."

The Bijuu all roared in agreement, shattering the landscape they shared while sending Naruto out of his subconscious.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes, revealing his silver eyes. Glancing down at his body, he was confused as to why his body was no longer gold. His body was now in a similar state of dress that Madara had been in when becoming the Juubi Jinchuuriki.

He sported a white robe that possessed several black magatamas along the collar not unlike Madara had possessed save for the robe being tucked into his side. Naruto's robe was open, revealing his bare chest and black hakama pants that also possessed several black magatamas. His 9 Gudodama remained behind his back, swirling as hypnotically as they always had.

"I don't feel all that different..." He mentally mumbled, checking out his new attire with a critical eye. "Not really a fan of the black and white but it's not like it'll matter. I won't be here for long anyway."

"Stop talking and fight... I have a theory and I don't think you'll like it." Kurama grumbled in annoyance.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at Kurama's words but shrugged it off in lieu of searching for Gojo. The dust had yet to settle and without moving, Naruto cleared it with a thought.

Naruto spotted the God several meters away from him, floating slightly in the air with his hands in his pockets and an arrogant smile upon his face. That smile may have annoyed him previously but as of now, it had no affect.

"What's this theory you have?" Naruto questioned while clenching his fists, ignoring the black gloves on his hands.

"It is only a theory but... I believe you have the ability to kill this God now."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at Kurama's words. "But Amaterasu said that only other Gods can kill a God... Or if you possess a Longinus Sacred Gear. She made that pretty clear."

"It is true that we don't possess a Longinus Sacred Gear but we do possess a God now." Kurama answered back.

Naruto furrowed his eyebrows in confusion."What? What are you talking about?"

Before Kurama could answer his question Gojo appeared out of thin air, cursed energy clenched in his right fist.


Without any effort whatsoever on Naruto's part, he reached up with his right hand, stopping Gojo's attack while stepping into his guard. He seemed to move in slow motion as he pivoted on his right heel, digging deep while gyrating his hips and throwing a punch out with his left fist.

When Naruto's left fist connected with Gojo's stomach a vacuum appeared right at the center of his attack. It distorted for a moment before erupting, blowing a hole straight through the man. Gojo's eyes widened in surprise as blood spewed from his mouth, painting Naruto's new robe red.

Not allowing Gojo to move, Naruto clenched his right hand, turning the man's bones to dust. Lifting Gojo with one hand as if he was child Naruto proceeded to slam the man directly into the earth.

The sheer force from his attack shattered the barrier he had created to keep anyone from getting harmed by his fight.

Ignoring the now broken barrier Naruto raised his left hand while channeling Chakra. A vortex spiraled to life before creating a Rasenshuriken made of black Chakra. Not questioning the odd color, Naruto proceeded to slam the Jutsu directly on top of the man.

What followed was the biggest explosion to date so far in their fight. Miles upon miles of terrain and earth were ripped from Takamagahara as dust and mineral swept through the realm, blinding any God and Kami unfortunate enough to be looking in their direction.

The very heavens of Takamagahara cried, vehemently denying the strength that belonged to Naruto. Rain began to fall, dousing the realm in water.

"What I mean," Kurama continued after being interrupted. "Is that you are now a God... Well, not technically but you possess the energy that they do. In theory, you can actually kill Gojo."

Naruto frowned upon hearing Kurama and swept his arm through the clearing causing several cyclones to assault the landscape. Water droplets pelted him from above and he ignored them in favor of searching for Gojo. The God had managed to teleport a millisecond before being blasted by his Jutsu and while slightly annoying, Naruto could deal with it.

The teen felt the familiar tug on his back from Gojo's black hole technique and ignored it as Gojo flashed directly in front of him with a purple orb floating upon one of his hands.

Naruto's expression remained flat as he reached out with his hand, grabbing the purple orb with his bare hands and channeling Jinton Chakra. The particle erasing cube of Chakra engulfed both men, expanding almost two hundred meters in all directions.

Naruto met Gojo's gaze before offering little more than a smirk and flaring his Chakra. Unknown to Gojo, Naruto performed a Substitution with a spare clone left over from his original batch during the start of the fight. The two hundred meter wide Jinton cube proceeded to explode, taking Naruto's clone and Gojo with it.

The real Naruto flew into the air unscathed, silver eyes roaming the earth in search of Gojo. He didn't bother making more than the minimal effort necessary considering that Gojo had shown an incredible regenerating ability.

But perhaps it would take longer due to the fact that he now possessed Divine Energy, something that was actually able to harm the man.

Sensing movement to his right Naruto turned his head towards it, spotting Gojo appear out of thin air, completely unharmed save for the minor amount of blood that now trickled down his nose.

"You managed to actually hurt me..." The arrogant God spoke in a tone devoid of the manic glee he had once possessed. "It's been a several centuries since the last time I was actually injured."

Naruto stared at the God with an annoyed frown. "And...? Do you want me to praise you?"

Gojo cackled at the teen's response. "On the contrary, I want you to keep going."

Naruto ignored the stabbing feelings in his chest as he tilted his head. "You're annoying."

The God grinned at Naruto's insult. "I get that alot..." He trailed off upon witnessing a trail of blood run down Naruto's nose and ears. "Hmm. Seems like you don't have long."

Again, Naruto ignored the pain in his body in favor rolling his shoulders. "That just means I have to take you with me."

Naruto disappeared in a yellow flash, appearing directly above Gojo with a Rasengan in his hands. Gojo's Mukagen was useless to the speed and strength that Naruto possessed and shattered like glass, allowing Naruto's Rasengan to smash directly into the man's face.

The teen allowed his Rasengan to carve and smear Gojo's face into little more than nothing but blood and flesh before following through and sending the God into the terrain. The God's impact caused a earthquake to shake the realm and before being able to regenerate, Naruto flashed directly above him once more.

Naruto's Gudodama pierced Gojo's incapacitated body, halting the man's regeneration momentarily and allowing Naruto to gather the Chakra necessary for his next Jutsu.

Splotches of black Chakra painted the landscape as Naruto jumped into the sky, holding his hand above his head and assaulting the realm with his Chakra.

The black splotches of physical Chakra began to twist and turn, coalescing around Naruto's left hand. A Bijuudama slowly formed, stretching out nearly a mile wide before being engulfed by the black Chakra circulating in the sky.

The Jutsu began to vibrate and an ear piercing shriek assaulted the heavens. The familiar rotating blade of wind jutted out from the Bijuudama, creating a heinous looking Bijuudama Rasenshuriken.

With blood running down his face, Naruto grit his teeth and hefted the giant Jutsu. Shifting into the avatar of the Kyuubi, which no longer resembled it's original glowing, yellowish-golden form, now being replaced by an ethereal black cloak of Chakra, the avatar of Kurama roared loudly.

The giant construct brought it's other massive paw towards the Jutsu as Naruto once more channeled the most destructive Kekkai Tota that belonged to the Elemental Nations. An incredulous wave of Chakra was released as Naruto imbued his Jutsu with Jinton.

Naruto coughed up a hefty amount of blood that painted his white robes a new shade of crimson. With aching arms, he commanded the avatar of Kurama to hold the Jutsu with both hands. The construct of Chakra raised the Jutsu above it's head before throwing it directly down at Gojo's incapacitated form.

Ignoring the golden flash of energy that swept through Takamagahara, Naruto roared.

"Rikudo : Jinton - Oodama Rasenshuriken!"

And the entire realm of Takamagahara wept as Naruto's Jutsu collided with Gojo's body.

A flash of white was all that was seen.

AN: Ya wanted Naruto and ya got him.

I obviously have zero plans on allowing him to actually die but who knows. Maybe I wanna off the main character just to make you mad (:

Gojo is 5th strongest entity in the world, meaning he is above pretty much everyone that isn't Great Red, Ophis, Shiva and Indra.

So that should give you a rough scale on how powerful Naruto really is. Remember, Gojo wasn't taking this fight seriously and Naruto was only fighting to defend himself. Neither of them were fighting to kill despite how powerful their abilities were.

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