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Yasaka had always thought that humans were an interesting bunch. Their very existence defied logic and reasoning.

The human race had always been written off as a non-lethal 'faction'. Humans were fragile, terribly so. Angels, Devils, and even Gods had made that abundantly clear millennia after millennia.

Oh yes, there were the odd times where a normal human reached the proverbial top of the food chain and cemented themselves in history forever.

Jesus Christ, Achilles, Hachiman, Oda Nobunaga...

Men like them had possessed power that threatened the Supernatural. They were feared.


What humans lacked in power they more than made up through sheer tenacity, ingenuity and grit.

Yasaka had even found herself being wary and cautious around humans. Especially when those humans in question could wield Sacred Gears.

God had gave humans a chance to fight back against those that wished to oppress them.

But those humans of old paled in comparison to the four humans that stood before her right now.

Yasaka was a young Kyuubi. Barely three centuries old at that. She had seen powerful humans come and go during her time but none could even hold a candle to the four humans that stood in front of her.

The weakest of their little quartet, that being the tall and lanky man with silver hair, made the hairs on the back of her neck stick on edge.

He lacked the sheer reserves that the younger teens held but that mattered little. His reserves rivaled her own.

What he lacked in sheer firepower was more than made up by his experience. Those charcoal eyes of his carried an extreme weight to them.

He had seen horrors that would drive a lesser man to the brink of insanity. He was grit personified.


Raised on war.


All of them had been raised in war.

It was hard not to miss it. That gleam in their eyes. The tense shoulders. Their wandering eyes.

They had been taught that everything and everyone could and would kill you.

Yasaka would have shaken her head had she not wanted to keep appearances up. It saddened her...

Saddened her to know that children, who were barely older than her own Kunou-chan, could be dragged into conflict that threatened their very own existence.

All on the whims of men and women who possessed power that they should not have.

This time, Yasaka did shake her head with a rueful sigh. She always had been an emotional women. To not feel empathy, even to those who were strangers, was cruel.

She did not know these humans and yet she still felt saddened to know that war had taken their innocence. Yasaka had done everything in her power to keep the Youkai in Kyoto from bickering.

She didn't wish for Kunou, or any child for that matter, to grow up with pain. With anger. With hate. That was all war did.

Cause pain.

Cause anger.

Cause hate.

Unfortunately, war was an endless cycle. Yasaka could only pray to the Kamis above that it had yet to affect the Youkai. And if war were to strike the Youkai... Then Yasaka would do everything in her power to protect her people.

Even if it meant that she would die doing so.

"Are you okay?"

Yasaka's train of thought was interrupted by the very same blond child who had complimented her earlier. Where those once bright blue eyes had been filled with awe and appreciation, they were now filled with genuine concern.

A gentle smile replaced her previously downtrodden one as she waved the teen off, appreciating his concern. "Oh, I'm quite alright... Just a few unpleasant thoughts is all."

Yasaka's nine fluffy tails waved in the air slowly before she gestured with her hand. "If you would, please sit. I have a myriad of questions and I believe you have answers."

Two of the humans sat down, the blond teen and the pink haired teen, but the other two males refused. The older man was content with standing, one hand shoved into his pocket.

Swiveling her gaze to the other teen, she noticed that while not outright trying to disrespect her, he seemed to forgo sitting in favor of leaning on the wall behind his fellow humans.

There was also something... curious about that purple eye of his. It was not uncomfortable to look at but it's very presence seemed to pull her in.

Yasaka stood for several seconds before taking her own seat and placing her hands in her lap. Her ears twitched as she continued to smile beatifically.

"Well, if you are all comfortable then let's begin." She placed her hands onto the table, interlocking her fingers together. "As I have said before, I am Yasaka and I am the leader of the Youkai Faction in Kyoto. I oversee the supernatural side of things on this quadrant of Japan."

"When my subordinates informed me that four incredibly powerful humans had stepped into our city, I was curious. You four are not only powerful but you wield Chakra to boot. I find myself... intrigued by your very presence.

"Please, enlighten me." She beckoned with a titled head, eyes narrowed in genuine curiosity.

She watched the four individuals trade looks with one another. They did not even speak, only using their eyes. This went on for several seconds before they all seemed to come to an agreement.

"Oh that... Yeah, we're not from this world. A dragon named Ophis saved us and then dropped us off here in Kyoto! Pretty cool, huh?" Naruto spoke with an easy smile.

"Naruto!" The pink haired girl hissed as her head turned towards the teen.

"You're such an idiot..." The ebony haired teen spoke while sighing quietly, expression bordering on disdain and genuine annoyance.

A sigh rang out from the older man of the quartet but he did not seem surprised or annoyed like his other two compatriots. The man seemed to have expected the blond's answer.

"Why are you two surprised?" He questioned while returning his gaze to his little white book. "Subtly isn't Naruto's M.O."

"C'mon, Kakai-sensei! I'm not that bad." Naruto complained with a frown.

The lanky man offered an eye smile as he responded. "True... You're worse than bad. Awful is a better term."

Naruto just sulked.

"Did... Did you just say Ophis?"

The quartet centered their attention on the attractive Youkai. Her eyes were widened to a degree that was almost painful and they noticed the slight trembles that shook her body.

"Uhh. Yeah..." Naruto answered while rubbing the back of his head with a sheepish smile. "She also inadvertently destroyed our home world!" He finished with a smile that made him seem almost constipated.

Yasaka's eyes only seemed to grow bigger at the answer. "Your world? Destroyed? She?!"

The ebony haired teen with dual-colored pupils answered her with a suffering sigh. "Yes, our world. We aren't from this one. Yes, again, Ophis inadvertently destroyed our world when she traveled to it in the Dimensional Gap. And, once again, Yes. Ophis is a woman... Dragon... Woman dragon... thing?" He finished with a slightly confused expression.

"She said she was able to shape shift at will." The silver haired man supplied helpfully.

"Yeah, we don't really know how she does it." Naruto answered while rubbing her chin.

Did he just ignore his ally?

"Shape shifter." The man answered once more, eyes still buried in his pornographic book.

"We'll have to ask her next time, Naruto." The pink haired female spoke out, completely ignoring the older man's answer.

"Cool. Ignored again." The lanky man commented lackadaisically.

Yasaka was silent as she listened to the four individuals speak amongst themselves. This was... dangerous.

These four individuals, who rivaled even the Shinto Gods, had quite literally landed on her doorstep. By Ophis, the Infinite Dragon God, no less!

Dangerous because these four individuals were insanely powerful. She held her doubts on being able to defeat even the weakest individual in their little group.

She didn't even know their names! They'd just dropped a bombshell before even providing their names.

Yasaka was going to end up having a headache after this... Or perhaps this little meeting was a blessing in disguise.

She... could take advantage of this situation. Four incredibly powerful individuals, who had no knowledge of this world other then the minor information they may have gotten from Ophis, were speaking with her... The leader of the Youkai Faction in Kyoto, who answered directly to the Big Three of the Shinto Pantheon.

Yes... Yes yes yes. She could make this work.

A coy smile formed on her face as she placed her left elbow on the table. Cupping her chin on the palm of her resting arm, she directed a half-lidded gaze on the supposed leader of their group.

"I apologise but I didn't quite catch all your names." When the quartet stopped talking, Yasaka continued speaking. "I would be a terrible Leader if I didn't give you the respect you deserve."

She immediately noticed how their eyes narrowed, almost as if they were dissecting her words and breaking down their motive. It was honestly frightening how they could go from carefree friends with history to stone cold killers ready for war.

What past did these four have?

"Well, I'm Naruto Uzumaki! Though, I already introduced myself when I..." He coughed into his remaining hand with a dash of red staining his cheeks.

It was too cute! What an adorable boy. She could just eat him up! In fact... She just migh- Down girl! Behave!

Yasaka curbed those thoughts with an amused smile and proceeded to wink at the teen. He flustered for a bit before eventually squaring his shoulders and gesturing towards one of his friends.

"Sasuke Uchiha." The now named ebony haired teen stated. Eyes sharper than steel gazed at her, breaking her down inch by inch.

What a frightening stare he possessed.

Yasaka offered the teen a simple nod, which was not returned, and glanced to the next individual.

"Hello! My name is Sakura Haruno." The pink haired female introduced with a smile. "Sorry for my teammates... They can be really troublesome. And annoying."

The Youkai Leader offered the girl a smile filled with mirth as she replied. "As troublesome as nearly destroying 17 buildings?"

The girl faltered for a moment before bowing at the hip and apologising. "I'm sorry for that... Uhh... Yeah." She finished awkwardly as she rose to her full height.

Yasaka's smile grew larger as she waved off the girl's apology. "It is fine. No one was hurt. Though, I'm sure the Youkai would not mind a helping hand."

Sakura immediately understood the underlying comment and offered the Kyuubi a single nod. Maybe she shouldn't have punched Naruto...

Or maybe she should punch him more? That sounded better.

The last individual of their group closed his book and placed it into his unique looking vest. He placed his left hand into his pocket and shifted on his heel.

"I'm Kakashi Hatake." Offering the woman an eye-smile, he continued. "And I lead these little gremlins. They're my students."

An annoyed scoff resounded from Sasuke as he crossed his arms. "You're not our Sensei anymore."

"Rude." The lanky man replied half-heartedly.

Sasuke wasn't necessarily wrong with his statement. He wasn't their Sensei anymore nor did he lead them.

"I still think of you as a Sensei." Naruto piped up with a smile.

Kakashi offered the boy a two finger salute before reaching back into his vest and procuring his book.

"You don't have to be a dick, Sasuke." Sakura responded while rolling her eyes.

"I don't have to be alot of things." He replied while closing his eyes. "Still doesn't change the fact that I'm right."

Yasaka observed the group as they bickered with one another like children. They insulted, jabbed and prodded at one another's nerves with the skill they had honed from years of being together.

It was a rather amusing and interesting sight to see. Though their words seemed to not truly affect one another, she'd rather they not fight in her office.

She cleared her throat quietly, internally pleased that the group of other worldly Shinobi had ceased insulting one another.

"Well, it appears that fate has smiled on you four." Yasaka offered the four teens a small smile as she gestured towards them. "If you would like, perhaps you could call Kyoto your new home?"

There. She threw her offer in.

These four humans were unique and powerful and while not necessarily Youkai, it didn't mean they couldn't aid in defending Kyoto if danger reared its ugly head.

After all, she had already had a troubling run in with a group of humans a few weeks ago. They were powerful and boasted several unique Sacred Gears with even a few Longinus' at their disposal.

It was only after blindsiding one of their weaker members and killing them, was she able to escape. It helped that she had activated the Leylines, fighting them off while also retreating to safety. Activating the Leylines had alerted Amaterasu which brought the wrath of the Big Three upon the humans who had dared to step foot in Kyoto.

Yasaka was sure that they'd come back though. They had retreated just as easily as they had come and the whole of Kyoto had and was still on alert from the surprise attack.

Those humans clearly wanted something... Whatever it was though, Yasaka did not know. To attack the leader of a faction that worked directly under the Shinto Pantheon's sight was nothing short of suicidal.

Humans always were an ambitious sort.

"I think I speak for all of us when I say that we would be honored to call Kyoto our home." Naruto spoke up, interrupting Yasaka's internal thoughts. "But at the same time..." He glanced towards his friends with a minor frown and did not continue.

The boy's pause caused a small frown to form on Yasaka's face. "Is there something troubling you? I can't say that I can even hope to understand the pain that you've gone through regarding losing your entire home and world, but if I am able to aid where I can then I will."

Naruto's eyes shifted towards the woman before he sighed quietly. "Let's be honest here... We're powerful." He gestured to his best friend and teammates. "You and Ophis have spoken of other factions and while I'm not the arrogant type, I'd rather not cause problems and stay alot more off the grid."

An annoyed scoff resounded from beside Naruto. "You're going to be the one who gets us discovered. You don't even know what subtly is. Idiot."

"Shut up! I can be subtle!" Naruto refuted with an annoyed scowl.

"Yes and I can be nice." The Uchiha snarked back with a smug smirk. "The second you see some random Youkai in trouble you're going to toss around a dozen Rasenshuriken and bring the might of every faction that exists on this planet on our heads."

Naruto raised a finger in defiance, ready to refute Sasuke's words.

"He's not wrong, Naruto." Kakashi piped up, eyes glued to his porn. "It may not necessarily be bad or anything of the sort but sooner or later this world will find out about us. We are not weak. Far from it..."

The lanky man stopped reading his book, closing it and tucking it into his Flak Jacket. His eyes were sharp as he gazed at his former student.

"It only takes one incident, whether it be positive or negative, for this world's supernatural beings to notice us. And who knows? Perhaps they are already aware of us... Who can say?" He shrugged his shoulders before continuing. "This world isn't the same as ours... If you step on someone's toes and they take offense, you and us, will paint a target on the whole of Kyoto and even the Shinto Pantheon."

Getting his point across, Kakashi crossed his arms against his chest before leaning back against the wall. "This decision isn't to be made lightly. There are clearly positives and negatives - housing and information as an example." He closed his eyes before finally finishing. "I don't mind taking up Yasaka-sama's offer. We certainly have our options but who's to say that the other factions will even accept us? Perhaps they'll see a threat and hope to strike us down."

"Tch." Sasuke scoffed with a sneer. "They can try..."

"Now's not the time Sasuke." Sakura finally spoke with furrowed brows. "We really can't risk angering these unknown groups when we know nothing about them."

The Uchiha sighed quietly but ultimately nodded his head at the girl's statement. Sakura wasn't wrong.

There were only four of them and while they were far from weak, Sasuke didn't necessarily fancy his odds against multiple groups of powerful beings and Gods.

Kaguya was difficult enough. It would only take a handful of beings like her to bring them down. He hadn't survived for as long as he had just to throw it away due to misguided pride.

"All the more reason to take her offer." Kakashi stated. "I, for one, would not mind a soft bed and miso soup."

Naruto was silent for a few moments before inevitably shrugging his shoulders with a smile. "I was really only hesitating because I was thinking of you guys... I want what's best for us. And if you guys think that this is our best option then I'm all for it."

"Might as well... What do have to lose at this point?" Sasuke shrugged nonchalantly while leaning against the wall behind him.

"I can't wait to have an actual shower again!" Sakura squealed happily.

Kakashi said nothing but did give a thumbs up with an eye-smile.

Seeing that all of his friends had no problem with the decision, Naruto turned towards the leader of the Youkai Faction and offered her a large grin.

"Team 7 would be honored to call Kyoto and by extension, the Shinto Pantheon, our home." He bowed his head in thanks before rising. "Thank you, Yasaka-sama."

The Kyuubi just offered the boy a beautiful and gentle smile. "When you four have settled in, we can continue discussions and terms at a later date. For now-"

Whatever Yasaka was about to say was interrupted by a wave of powerful energy. A heavy weight settled upon her shoulders followed by a brilliant flash of white light.

Her eyes widened and she immediately cast a golden barrier in the room, protecting it from the inevitable explosion that would soon follow.

Just as she had predicted, an explosion of fire engulfed the building. Her ears rang as she clenched her eyes shut and she blacked out for a mere moment.

Several seconds passed by in silence before Yasaka slowly opened her eyes. Her golden orbs widened in shock when she noticed that she was in a purple cage of some sort.

Not a cage...

Upon further inspection, she noticed that this 'cage' possessed similar features to that of a human. Equipped with a torso, arms, and head.

What... What was this power?

"You okay?"

Yasaka jumped slightly upon hearing Sasuke's voice. Why did her knees hurt? Why did she feel dizzy? Her head was absolutely pounding.

"I got you." The teen stated quietly, arm wrapping around the woman's waist and shouldering most of her weight. "Your barrier held most of the explosion but it gave way eventually. Whatever or whoever just attacked... Is going to regret it."

Yasaka blinked several times in confusion before shaking her head and coughing quietly. "Wait..."

Sasuke did not wait.

The teen placed the leader of Kyoto against a pile of rubble before turning his attention to the sky. The boy muttered something unintelligible and not a second later did a carbon copy clone of the teen appear.

The two Sasuke's stared at one another for a single second before the real one, Yasaka suspected atleast, took off into the sky.

What was going on?!

She had felt Amaterasu's power surge before... before...

Yasaka's eyes widened once more as she tried to stand up. Her left leg buckled beneath her and she fell with a soft cry of pain.

"You should stay put." The doppleganger of Sasuke spoke quietly. It took a knee beside her before green Chakra appeared on his palms. He placed his hands near her legs and a soothing comfort soon followed. "We have this covered."

Yasaka tried to speak. She really truly did. But that attack had drained her reserves. She couldn't even think straight.

Why had Amaterasu just attacked? It didn't make sense!

Could she believe that these humans were a threat?

An ugly thought reared its head as she thought about it. This was a misunderstanding! She needed to speak!

But... But her eyes were heavy... And whatever this clone was doing was heavenly...

Maybe... Maybe she could sleep for a minute or two.

And with those final thoughts, Yasaka's eyes slowly closed. Her body relaxed and her head drooped.

The clone of Sasuke stared at the unconscious woman for a second before his right hand traveled towards her head. He gently turned the woman's head, eyeing the rather nasty wound on the side of her head.

The clone shook its head before gathering more chakra and healing the wound. The clone's mismatched orbs traveled towards the sky, spotting its creator and Naruto, fighting two powerful individuals.

"Not more than a day and we've already encountered Gods... What shitty luck." The clone thought quietly.

Sasuke's Susano'o slowly deconstructed as he stared at a regal looking man, floating with zero problem in the sky. The armor of his Susano'o slowly disappeared, followed by the head and legs. The only thing remaining were the wings of his Susano'o, granting him flight.

Mangekyo Sharingan spinning in his right eye and Rinnegan flaring in his left eye, Sasuke stared at the man that stood several meters in front of him. He could sense the man's power and it was nothing to scoff at. The man was suppressing most of it but Sasuke could easily sense it.

This man was a God... Likely a Shinto God at that, considering his wardrobe and traditional blade.

The man was dressed in a baby blue Kimono that revealed his muscular torso and toned arms. He wore black Hakama pants that were embroidered with designs that were reminiscent of waves. He wore a pair of simple sandals, held together by a thin piece of twine. His blade was sheathed on his left hip and he wore a straw hat atop his head, hiding his ebony locks of hair that were pulled into an elegant pony tail.

"Who are you?" Sasuke asked quietly, right hand resting on his blade.

The unknown man regarded Sasuke for a moment before he too placed his hands on his blade. His left hand grasped his sheathe as his right hand gripped its handle.

"It is rude to not introduce yourself first." His voice was deep and carried a harsh undertone to it. "You are an intruder... But I am a humble man... I will tell you my name before eradicating you."

In the blink of an eye the man's power skyrocketed. The skies darkened almost immediately, dozens of rumbling clouds following shortly after. Another second passed by before the distinct sound of thunder clapped through the sky. Several lightning strikes descended upon Kyoto, lighting up the sky and Illuminating it brightly.

And when he spoke, the storms screamed.

"I am Susano'o-no-Mikoto. Younger brother to Amaterasu Omikami and Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto... I am the Shinto God of the Storms and Sea..." The now named God unsheathed his blade before slowly taking a stance. "And I am your end."

Sasuke's body tensed and not a second later did Susano'o appear directly in front of him with his blade poised to sever Sasuke's head.

The teen sneered as his own blade intercepted the God's causing a tower of sparks to emanate from the action. The God seemed almost surprised if the slight widening of his eyes was anything to go by.

"I don't care who you are... If you want a fight then I'll deliver unto you a slaughter." Sasuke's Mangekyo Sharingan spun ferociously before a torrent of black fire spewed at the Japanese Kami.

The Kami, upon seeing his opponent's unique red eye spin, disappeared in the blink of an eye. The distinct sound of thunder following his retreat as he did so.

Reappearing a short distance away, the Shinto Kami eyed the human warily. His grey eyes regarded the teen for a moment before he placed the palm of his left hand against the flat end of his blade. Susano'o closed his eyes and swept his hand along the divine steel of his Kusanagi.

A crack of lightning resounded out into the sky, rumbling angrily for but a moment. A gigantic Cumulonimbus formed directly above Susano'o before lightning descended directly upon the man's sword, Illuminating the blade with pure, raw lightning.

Susano'o stared at his glowing Kusanagi for a moment before raising his eyes to the human who dared to tread upon his home.

"You... Boy. What is your name?" Susano'o bent low at the knees before slowly and carefully sheathing his blade and the raw lightning that encompassed it. He took up a rather simple Iaido stance as he stared at Sasuke.

Sasuke eyed the man with a glare before glancing up towards the sky. His mismatched orbs traveled along the darkened clouds before flipping his Kusanagi in a reverse grip.

The cry of a thousand birds sang from his right hand before being engulfed by Raiton Chakra. The lightning emanating from his hand barked loudly, piercing the heavens and drowning out Susano'o's own thunder.

A gigantic creature of pure lightning formed from the clouds, lighting up the entirety of Kyoto. The creature of pure lightning dwarfed the clouds that it originally had been created from and cast its own shadow on the city.

Susano'o stared at the lightning creature with widened eyes, sensing the monstrous amount of Chakra that was used to create the beast.

The gigantic lightning creature bellowed a mighty roar, it's red eyes swaying to and fro before setting its sight upon Susano'o. Upon recognizing its enemy it released yet another roar, piercing the heavens.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha..." The teen tilted his head, expression bordering on disdain as he stared at Susano'o. "And you... Vanish with the roar of thunder..."

Sasuke raised his right hand into the air before bringing it down and uttering a single word.


And the sky turned white.

Naruto's enhanced eyes strayed towards the giant clouds resting above Kyoto with a minor frown. Sasuke was fighting some unknown man, definitely a God by the output of power, and were fighting several miles off the outskirts of Kyoto.

His unique eyes, no longer the cerulean they once were, swiveled to the opposite direction. He sensed Kakashi and Sakura fighting with another being that was on par with the one Sasuke was fighting.

Golden-yellow eyes, equipped with a horizontal bar and an animalistic slit through the center, slowly focused on the rather beautiful woman floating not but 10 meters from him.

Soft, delicate features settled in a scowl stared back at him. She had her black hair pulled into an elegant pony tail that flowed down her back. She wore a traditional Miko outfit with simple sandals held together by a thin piece of twine.

On the woman's left hip was a beautiful ornate scabbard. Sheathed in said scabbard was a Katana that practically reeked of divine essence.

The most interesting thing about the woman was the unique looking shield that floated behind her. It was no bigger than an ordinary plate that one would eat food off of.

The side that Naruto could see glowed with an ethereal energy that he couldn't quite understand. Staring at the shield was like staring directly at the sun.

Naruto was silent for a moment before feeling... something prick his 6th Sense. It wasn't necessarily bad but...


Like someone trying to get his attention...

"Focus Naruto." Kurama's deep voice reminded. "We will deal with whatever that is later... Though, I have a feeling it will only cause problems at a later date."

"It feels... ancient." Naruto mentally replied, eyes still staring at the powerful woman in front of him. "But you're right. We can worry about it some other time... For now, let's focus on this woman."

The blond teen squared his shoulders before furrowing his eyebrows. "Who are you? And why did you attack us?"

The regal looking woman seemed to only get angrier. Her lips thinned in displeasure as her expression tightened.

"You dare tread upon the soil of my home again?!" The woman snarled angrily. "I will send you to Yomi!"

Naruto's eyes widened as the woman's power skyrocketed. His senses screamed and not a second later did he duck.

Golden eyes blazed as he stared at the woman from his crouched position. His fist cracked out against her stomach, nearly folding her over it as he sent her careening through the sky, nearly crashing through a building due to the force of his attack.

"Hey!" He snarled angrily. "I don't want to fight you but if have to, I will!"

Naruto stared down at the woman, watching as she slowly stood to her feet. Her grey eyes were a flurry of emotion before eventually going blank.

The blond teen had only a second to move as she appeared in front of him once again. Only this time, the woman's blade shined as bright as the sun.

And when she swung...

Naruto's eyes widened as the sky itself erupted into fire.

White hot flames emanated from the woman's blade, spanning out several kilometers in size. The flames only seemed to multiply as Naruto continued his hasty retreat.

"Son Goku!" Naruto cried out.

"YOOOOOOSH! IM FIRED UP!" The Yonbi roared out in response to Naruto.

The blond Jinchuuriki skid to a stop in midair as his arm became encased in pure lava before he reared the appendage back.

"Yoton : Kyojin Kazanryu no Jutsu!"

A dragon made of pure magma, molten rock and lava formed from his action. The giant construct of Chakra was nearly the same size as Kurama as it emerged from the mountain of lava that Naruto produced. The beast roared loudly as its red eyes focused on the proverbial wall of flames heading towards its creator.

The mighty dragon unfurled its massive wings and roared once more. It immediately charged into the sea of flames, engulfing it whole before exploding.

An incredibly powerful shockwave detonated through the heavens as the Jutsu swallowed the divine flames whole.

"You..." Naruto heard the woman speak softly. "Who are you, child?" Her tone lacked much of the anger it once previously held but there were still tinges of it.

Naruto shook his left arm, ridding it of the lava that had previously encased it. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki!" His body became engulfed in a cloak of golden Chakra, unique designs appearing on his torso and arms.

Seven pitch black orbs formed behind him and began to spin in a hypnotic fashion. One of the orbs left its formation and formed into a thin staff. The blond teen grabbed the Gudodama and twirled it before resting it against his shoulder.

"The real question here is... Who are you?" Golden, slitted eyes hardened as Naruto pinned the powerful woman with a glare. "You just attacked my friends and I... We haven't done anything to warrant such actions."

The woman's eyes narrowed dangerously as she slowly floated back into the sky, her unique floating shield spinning.

"Who am I?!" She replied angrily. "I am Amaterasu Omikami! Leader of the Shinto Pantheon! Protector of Japan and all its inhabitants!" The woman gripped her blade with white knuckles as she spoke once more. "You dare attack my home not once, but twice?! And then have the gall to question me?!"

Amaterasu's entire being seemed to just... shine. Power radiated from every single one of her pores as she reared her arm back to swing her blade.

"You will suffer for your transgressions against my home!"

Before Amaterasu could swing her blade, an indescribable amount of pain erupted from her stomach. Spittle launched from her mouth and then her world flipped upside down. She blinked once before pain struck her body once more.

Her vision went white and the feeling of weightlessness washed over her. A bright light imploded on her being, wracking her body. Her eyes rang and her head hurt.

And then she did something that she regretted.

Amaterasu opened her eyes.




She cried out loudly as a searing pain flashed across her belly, spreading out to every inch of her body. It felt like hundreds of thousands of needles were ripping and tearing her very being apart.

The pain continued for what felt like millennia as her stomach was practically grinded away by the unseen assault on her body.

What is this?! This pain! Make it stop!


The Goddess had only half a second to comprehend what was happening before her vision went black.

Naruto caught the woman's body before it could fall to the earth, frown marring his face. He stared down at the God for a moment before he glanced towards the wound he caused.

His Rasenshuriken had done quite the number on her... Angry scorch marks marred her torso and stomach, blood seeping through her beautiful Miko outfit.

Naruto sighed quietly before hefting the woman with his single arm. It was getting really annoying only having one arm...

Without a second thought, his right arm seemed to materialize from thin air. Bone came first. Then followed muscle. Veins soon came and went before being stitched together to form a tan arm and hand.

Naruto hissed in minor pain as he shook his new arm and hand.

Shit, that hurt!

After assessing his new arm, he shifted Amaterasu's weight with a small sigh before glancing towards Sasuke's direction, sensing the monstrous amount of Chakra he was producing.

Where the sky had once been bright and illuminating, it was now dark. As if the sun had completely disappeared.

The familiar roar of Kirin pierced the heavens and Naruto had a single second to glimpse at it.

That was a very big Kirin. It almost rivaled the one that Sasuke had used against him.

The next nanosecond, it descended upon Sasuke's opponent.

Naruto shook his head quietly as the entire earth seemed to quake upon the release of Sasuke's Jutsu. If the supernatural world was unaware of them before, then they most certainly were aware now.

His eyes trailed back to Amaterasu and he gently floated back down unto the ground. He wasn't worried about his teammates, they could take care of themselves. They were strong.

When Naruto's feet touched down upon Kyoto he gently laid Amaterasu on the ground, ignoring the Youkai who had hidden and fled to safety when the fighting broke out.

He could sense the dozen or so Youkai that were watching his actions and he paid it little mind. He very much doubted that they would attack him. They clearly recognized their Goddess but they also were aware of the difference of power.

Amaterasu had clearly mistaken Team 7 for something else. It was the only explanation as to why she had chosen to attack first.

This was Team 7's first time ever stepping foot in Kyoto. How would they have done it before? It just wasn't logical or accurate.

Had Yasaka been attacked by powerful humans recently? Possibly. That or the unknown humans had attacked the Gods themselves.

Which would have been incredibly brazen of them. Naruto wasn't arrogant, far from it, but he was well aware of how strong he truly was.

He could do so much with the power he held. But his own morals and heart stayed his hand. He would always use this power to benefit others.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. He was well aware of this.

To many individuals from his home had saw themselves as some sort of God.





Naruto swore to himself that he'd never be like them. He'd never let his power taint his thoughts and actions.


With those thoughts, Naruto placed his new hand on Amaterasu's stomach. The angry burn marks his Rasenshuriken produced began to slowly disappear from her stomach. Her expression tapered off into a pleased one and she seemed to almost lean into him.

The Jinchuuriki sighed quietly before his head turned towards Sakura and Kakashi's direction. He furrowed his brows for a moment before sensing the God they were fighting heading towards his direction.

Kakashi and Sakura were fine, though a bit tired. It was to be expected really. They were fighting a real God after all. And while they were powerful, it'd be more a struggle to beat him.

"One Rasenshuriken?"

Naruto acknowledged his best friend's statement before slowly standing to his feet, hoisting Amaterasu up as he did so. He then positioned the woman's unconscious body on his back.

"I didn't want to take any chances..." He finally replied, turning to Sasuke as he did so. "She was powering up to release something. I didn't want her unleashing it."

When he finally turned around, he took in Sasuke's appearance and raised a single eyebrow. Other then the slight singes on his body, he was relatively fine.

"And who's your new friend?" He asked with an amused grin.

The Uchiha rolled his eyes as he adjusted Susano'o's body on his shoulder. The man's body was slightly charred and several spots on his clothes had been burned black. The man showed several signs of having been struck by lightning, and blood slowly dripped down several wounds on his body.

"This is Susano'o... He's the younger brother of Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi." His unique eyes shifted past Naruto as he stared at the direction that the other God was coming from. "I assume that she's Amaterasu?"

Naruto sighed quietly before responding. "Yeah, apparently she's the leader of the Shinto Pantheon... We're so fucked."

"Pfft." Sasuke scoffed, adjusting Susano'o with an annoyed grunt. "If their most powerful Gods are this weak then the Shinto Pantheon has more things to worry about." Having one arm was really starting to piss him off.

Noticing his friend's annoyance at carrying the male God, Naruto gestured with his free hand. "You sure you don't want your arm back?"

The ebony haired teen was silent for a moment before offering his severed limb to Naruto. "Make it quick."

Naruto smirked quietly before grabbing the boy's severed limb and pulsing his chakra. He took great pleasure in hearing Sasuke's grunt of pain as muscle, bone, and skin were recreated at the microscopic level.

"Fuck! That stings." Sasuke hissed quietly, shaking his new arm and hand.

"Don't be such a baby, Sasuke. You'll live." Naruto replied with a smug grin.

"Fuck off."

"You first."

"Don't get suplexed."

"The 4th Raikage already did that."


The Uchiha was about to lunge towards his friend before the last God finally appeared. His mismatched gaze focused on the regal looking man, noticing how tense the God was. Sasuke glanced towards Naruto and it seemed he had came to the same conclusion.

The final God, Tsukuyomi, possessed snow-white hair that was held in a high pony tail. He wore a traditional black and white Kimono, equipped with an elegant white Haori. The God wore plain, white Hakama pants and a pair of simple sandals that were held together by twine. Tsukuyomi possessed a sharp chin like Susano'o but had delicate features like his sister.

"Tsukuyomi, I presume?" Sasuke questioned as he stared at the man. He idly shifted the God atop his shoulder before sensing Kakashi and Sakura making their way towards their position.

The white haired God stared at Sasuke for a moment before dipping his head once. "You... You are not the same humans that attacked Lady Yasaka."

Naruto crossed his arms against his chest, chakra keeping Amaterasu glued to his back. "Kyoto had already been attacked previously?"

The God nodded once.

"Then why attack us?" The blond questioned in confusion. "Judging by the state of yourself and my teammates... You barely fought."

Tsukuyomi relaxed, if only slightly, and dipped his head. "I knew you were not the same humans once Susano'o fell... While powerful, those humans that had previously came were not nearly as strong as you. But... Sister tends to rush in headfirst without thinking... She prefers action over words."

The God looked almost... embarrassed. Not for himself but for his sister. He seemed to be the most level headed of the group at least.

Naruto chuckled quietly. "I tend to do the same so I can relate to that."

Sasuke did not laugh. He scoffed. "Because you're an idiot."

"No you."

"That logic doesn't work."

"Does to."

"I'm going to kill you."


While the two powerful males bickered and argued, Tsukuyomi watched them with a tilted head. They reminded him of Amaterasu and Susano'o...

Those two always bickered. Little things, big things. It did not matter. They would argue and fight for hours upon hours. But at the end of the day they always seemed to make up.

Such an odd relationship.

It seemed these two possessed something similar to his siblings.

Tsukuyomi's grey eyes traveled away from the younger males and instead focused on the two individuals who appeared beside them. The same two humans he had briefly fought against.

While these two were significantly weaker than the two males, they were still more than capable of standing up to him.

It was a humbling moment for Tsukuyomi. Well, more humbling for his siblings. He had always been an humble individual. Moreso than his family atleast.

Susano'o was arrogant in nature and though he worked hard to control his powers it did not change the fact that he saw himself above others. This defeat would likely change him for the better.

Or so Tsukuyomi hoped.

Amaterasu was not arrogant but she tended to use action first instead of words. It had always gotten them into trouble with other factions. The Shinto Pantheon might not be one of the strongest Pantheons but it was far from weak.

Amaterasu tended to lash out at those who would disrespect their culture. Tsukuyomi would feel slighted as well but violence begets violence.

Force would not solve all problems. It usually led to mayhem. Mayhem led to grudges and grudges led to hate.

Tsukuyomi had lived for far too long to hold hate in his heart. His past and falling out with Amaterasu had cemented that. It was only after several centuries of never seeing his beloved sister again did he realize he had truly blundered when he killed Uke Mochi.

It was a stain on his honor and while he had been disgusted by her actions, it did not merit her death. He had already begged for forgiveness.

So, with a heavy heart and a gentle sigh, Tsukuyomi bowed to the four humans in front of him and spoke quietly. "I would ask for your forgiveness. My siblings and I do not wish for further violence between us. Let us talk instead. I beseech thee."

The four humans regarded Tsukuyomi with slight surprise. Though, the blond one was the first to speak.

"Hey hey hey! No bowing... Uhh... It was just a misunderstanding. It's all good." He released an awkward laugh before glancing towards his compatriots. "Right guys?"

The two humans he had fought nodded their heads with small smiles.

"It happens." The silver haired man stated lazily, hands in his pockets.

"It's okay... I tend to punch first, ask questions later anyway." The pink haired female said with a laugh.

Violent woman, that she was.

The ebony haired teen that defeated Susano'o stared at the God for several seconds before sighing quietly.

"Whatever..." He stated while turning towards the center of Kyoto. "Let's get back to Yasaka... My clone healed her and she's asking questions."

"Neh, Sasuke-kun!" Sakura cooed with an annoying grin. "Trying to steal Naruto's woman? Does the bro-code mean nothing to you?" She ended her statement with a scandalous gasp.

"Tch..." Sasuke scoffed but did not reply, choosing to ignore Sakura's bait.

"She's not my woman!" Naruto cried indignantly, face red from embarrassment.

"But she will be." Kakashi piped up with unseen smile. "She was practically displaying herself for you... Aww, to be young again."

"Shut up! Stupid one eyed bastard..." The blond muttered with an annoyed grunt. He disappeared shortly after in a yellow flash, leaving the group behind.

"Sensitive, no?" Kakashi commented with a light hearted chuckle.

"I think he likes her." The medic responded amusingly.

"Course he does... Her chest his bigger than his brain." Sasuke replied while shifting Susano'o on his shoulder. "He's always had a thing for blonde women with big breasts..." The Uchiha disappeared shortly after his statement, not waiting for anyone else's response.

Sakura and Kakashi looked slightly surprised while Tsukuyomi merely seemed confused.

The remaining conscious God stared at the remaining humans before sighing quietly and shaking his head.

These humans were incredibly odd.

"Again, I wish to apologize on behalf of the Kyoto Faction and the Shinto Pantheon. As the leader of this region and its people, I should set a better example." The ebony haired Goddess spoke, bowing at the hip. "I ask for your forgiveness moving forward and hope that you accept Lady Yasaka's proposal."

Team 7 stared at the bowing Goddess in silence for several seconds before Naruto eventually spoke.

He raised his hands in a placating manner before speaking. "Err... It's fine! Really, it is... You don't need to bow or anything..." He chuckled awkwardly when the woman rose with a confused expression on her face.

Dear Kami she was cute! Too cute! Ack!

Sasuke, upon noticing his friend's dilemma, decided to aid him instead of stabbing him like he usually would.

"Regardless of our previous actions with one another..." His mismatched gaze traveling towards Susano'o, who did not back down from the stare. "All is forgiven. It was a simple misunderstanding..."

The Goddess furrowed her eyebrows in concern as she spoke, left hand coming to rest against her chest. "Still, it is my duty as the leader of the Shinto Pantheon to solve this issue... Whatever you want or need, I shall grant."

"Careful sister..." The God of Storms warned quietly. "You trifle with humans."

"Hush!" She snapped with angry eyes. "It is your fault we are here in the first place!"

Susano'o's grey eyes alit with fire as he stood from the rubble he was seated upon. "Mine?! You were the one that destroyed Lady Yasaka's office! You convinced Tsukuyomi and I that the humans were back!"

The Goddess shrunk at her younger brother's words, floundering for a rebuttal. She was saved by her former lover and brother.

"Susano'o..." Tsukuyomi spoke, softly and quietly. "Sister is not the only one to blame... We all made a mistake today. We should own up to it and hope for a better future."

Susano'o stared at his older brother with a frustrated gaze. "But... Brother!"

"No buts." Tsukuyomi spoke with a clipped tone. "Accept what has happened and move on. We are leaders... We should act like them too."

The younger God was silent for several moments before turning his head with a small huff. He said not a word and sat back down on the large piece of rubble, head tilted down and straw hat hiding his face.

There was a few seconds of tense silence that wafted in the room before Naruto spoke with an unsure expression.

"Uhh... Well, we don't really need much other than information." He snapped his fingers as he replied. "Ooh! And a home or compound. We'd all like somewhere to stay."

Yasaka's silky smooth voice responded before any of the Gods could.

"I would not mind allowing you four to stay at my compound." The woman's golden-yellow tails flowed behind her as she smiled. "I'm sure Amaterasu-sama would not mind procuring the information you need."

The Kyuubi turned towards the Goddess and pinned with the woman with a dry stare, showing her exactly how she felt about having been injured and the subsequent destruction of her entire office.

The beautiful Goddess had the decency to wince at the Kyuubi's statement and nodded her head with an embarrassed smile. "I do apologise, Lady Yasaka..."

Yasaka stared at the woman for several seconds before sighing and shaking her head. "I can never stay mad at you, Amaterasu-sama... Just please... Next time, use your words. Please." She pleaded with the Goddess.

The Sun Goddess's embarrassed expression shifted, a beautiful smile forming on her face as she did so. "Of course!"

"Yay! We're all friends!" Sasuke cheered in a faux-happy tone. "Can we go now? I'd like to not fight again today..."

"Dick." Naruto commented unhelpfully.

"Bite me."

"Eat shit."

The two teens glared at one another before Sasuke disappeared with his fist reared back. The boy's knuckles rapped against Naruto's face with a harsh crack, sending the teen flying through the building's only remaining wall. The Uchiha immediately launched himself towards Naruto's direction without a care in the world.

"HEY!" Sakura screamed as she took off right behind Sasuke. "STOP FUCKING FIGHTING!"

She was gone nearly a second later.

The remaining Gods and Kyuubi stared at the trio's disappearing forms with confusion evident in their eyes. Their attention shifted when they noticed the silver haired man slowly walk towards his companion's direction.

"I'll catch up... Eventually." His eyes continued to remain on his book.


He flipped a page.


Another page.


A devasting shockwave wracked Kyoto, causing the man to stop.

"Ehh... I'm good." Kakashi about faced before disappearing through the ruined building in the opposite direction.

There was silence for several seconds as the Shinto Gods and Yasaka processed what had just happened.

"They are..." Amaterasu trailed off quietly, trying to find the right words.

"Unique?" Tsukuyomi supplied helpfully.

"Insane." Susano'o stated firmly.

"Strange." Yasaka affirmed.

"SO COOL!" Amaterasu shouted with proverbial stars in her eyes. "DID YOU SEE HOW QUICK THAT GUY WAS?!"

Susano'o and Tsukuyomi just sighed heavily at their sister's actions while Yasaka smiled in amusement.

It was going to be incredibly interesting with those four around, Yasaka just knew it.

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