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Sasuke had always had on a chip on his shoulder. Growing up he had been vigorously compared to his elder brother.

Itachi was not only a prodigy in the Shinobi arts but a once in a life time genius with talent beyond comprehension. His skill, dedication, motivation and overall love of Konoha had been pushed above the norm.

Itachi had been a perfectionist and anything less was seen as a failure.

Sasuke was of the same belief but was incapable of producing the same results as his elder brother.

He had talent.

He had drive.

But he was not Itachi and he'd never be Itachi.

Fugaku had demanded more than Sasuke could give. Resentment pooled along with recognition. Recognition that he oh so badly wished to receive from his father.

There was a saying amongst the Uchiha. One as old as time that predated even the great Madara Uchiha.

Pride bleeds Vanity if one does not understand their Mind.

Sasuke's clan was a prideful one. Blinded by emotions, driven mad for those they've loved. Spiteful and hateful individuals with a mental illness that could rip the world asunder if given a chance.

He had fallen into the same cycle that all powerful Uchiha had fell victim to. The Curse of the Uchiha Clan was but a whisper, a relic of old passed down from generation to generation.

The Clan would kill, maim and dismember their own fellow brothers and sisters.

All for power.

The very same power that had plagued the Elemental Nations for thousands of years.

One could argue that the Elemental Nations was forever destined to be bathed in blood when Hagoromo Otsusuki was born. And they'd be half-right.

Sasuke was the transmigration of Indra Otsusuki, the original Sage of Six Path's son. One of them atleast, with Naruto being the transmigration of the other son, Asura Otsusuki.

Sasuke personally believed that the Elemental Nations had been cursed the second that Hagoromo chose Asura as his sole successor. Indra was a prideful and arrogant man, naturally gifted in using the power that flowed through his father's veins. Whereas Asura was the exact opposite.

And thus started the thousand year feud that would bleed into the Elemental Nations, forever drowning it in a sea of sorrow and hate.

And now it ceased to exist.

Sasuke's sword pierced through the abdomen of yet another unfortunate spy belonging to some Yokai upstart from the East Faction.

Three tomoes spun lazily, gazing upon the unassuming man with boredom. "Rat." A simple tug of the arm caused the man's body to split down the middle, spilling blood in a gruesome fashion.

What had once started off as a decent stress relief was slowly becoming something... annoying. More and more of these vermin were entering Kyoto with each passing day.

Their numbers only seemed to increase and while it wasn't cause for major concern, it was still an issue. An annoying issue, at that.

If only Yasaka would give the orders to eliminate the group at the head then he'd not have to waste his time with such trivial work. And though Sasuke could absolutely do so without nary an issue, he held a certain amount of respect for Yasaka.

He'd not act unless given deliberate orders from the woman. While it would grate on his nerves for the time being, he'd comply. If for Naruto's sake.

The annoying bastard was likely proud that he (Sasuke) had not gone off the deep end, sending a meteor directly on top of the cretins that dared to ploy against the Yokai Factions.

Sighing quietly to himself, Sasuke rotated his Kusanagi to the side, flicking the excess blood off his blade before subtly flipping it in a reverse grip.

Sasuke's Rinnegan glowed for a moment, spewing black flames along the body of the spy, erasing the evidence of the man ever existing. With his blade facing behind him, it took only a simple application of Chakra for the blade to extend faster than the speed of the sound.

Orochimaru's former blade sank deep into the abdomen of the man who thought they were stealthy enough to attack from his blind side. The Uchiha's head turned a fraction to gaze at the individual he had stabbed before sensing Chakra.

He watched with a minor amount of interest as the 'man' he had stabbed slowly dissolve, similar to Sai's ink Jutsu. The hidden spy continued to melt and dissolve before disappearing entirely.

Sasuke, while not outwardly showing it, was impressed, if only a little by the display. He had extended his sword faster than most could react to. Only an individual possessing a decent amount of speed and reaction time could have hoped to dodge that.

Strange, even moreso, considering the man's chakra wasn't necessarily impressive. Though that could be in part due to the nature of the individual. Not every powerful individual would be like himself or Naruto. They were practically beacons of light for any individual that could sense chakra.

Wide scale destruction was not the only factor in determining an individual's prowess. You were just as likely to die to an assassination in the dead of night as you were to a mountain sized boulder dropping atop your head, courtesy of an underpowered Tengai Shinsei.

Retracting the blade of Kusanagi, Sasuke glanced along the area trying to sense the individual. It was strange. Their signature was everywhere and yet no where.

A wide scale concealment technique?

An unheard of Sacred Gear?

Illusions were thrown out the window due to his visual prowess. If Sasuke were to ever be caught in an illusion he had given Naruto his permission to slit his throat. No self respecting Uchiha with a Mangekyou Sharingan was allowed to be caught in an illusion.

So who was this individual?

"You are full of wrath and anger, no?"

Sasuke paused as a feminine voice reverberated through his mind. This was...

A Kami.

"How right you are." Following her voice was a cacophony of laughter that nearly made Sasuke ill. "Tell me, O Great and Vengeful Child, how does one such as yourself resist the call of violence?" An insidious chuckle followed the woman's voice. "Surely you do not mean to conceal these emotions?"

A frown marred Sasuke's face and when he blinked, he came face to face with a grotesque-looking... creature. For it could not be anything even remotely human looking.

Though the creature shared several similarities to that of a human female, she was anything but human. A beastly head with a pair of long and disfigured ears, giant nose and gigantic fangs stared back at him, mangled hair like decaying straw fell down the beast's head.

Ignoring the temptation to curl his nose in disgust, Sasuke tilted his head and replied. "It would be wise to stay out of my mind..."

Once again that disgusting and grotesque laugh cackled in his mind. "Or what, child? You will slay me? I beseech you to try, for I will come back reborn and anew. You are not that of Divinity. Your power, impressive as it is, does not affect one such as I."

This time though, Sasuke's nose did curl in disgust and sensing no form of deceit, replied tersely, "Who are you?"

That same cackle reverberated from the beast, causing her beastly head to shake and convulse. "Why you gaze upon none other than the Mother of all Yokai, disobedient and troublesome. The motherless parent child of Susano'o himself, Amanozako."

Recognition finally dawned in Sasuke's eyes, recognizing the Kami. The woman that gave birth to the more negative Yokai, Tengu, and Amanojaku in Japan.

Said to be the amalgamation of Susano'o's ferocious spirit that he then proceeded to vomit out. A troublesome Kami known for manipulating human's emotions and possessing the hearts of man.

Frown growing larger, Sasuke narrowed his gaze. "What do you want?" He asked impatiently. "I've no time for your petty mind games."

"I see now why Susano'o respects you... The same arrogance and pride flows freely through your veins." A cackle left her throat. "It is no wonder Susano'o informed me to steer clear from you..."

Sasuke's eyes tightened at the statement, annoyance flowing through his veins as the Kami continued to harp about Susano'o. "Leave. If all you plan to do is annoy me then I will send you back to Takamagahara."

That mangled and dirty hair swiveled as the creature tilted it's distorted head. "Such impatience... Children these days know not the virtue of being respectful... No matter." Amanozaku cackled once more as she glided along the concrete, her body moving with an alien-like gait. "I come with an offer, young one... I'm sure it is something that a wrathful individual such as yourself would behold."

Sasuke was half-temped to burn the Kami where she stood, uncaring of the repercussions that would surely follow for attacking a Kami unprovoked, regardless of affiliation and dislike.

"And that offer is?" He questioned calmly, masking his distaste and annoyance.

"That is more like it." Her smug tone nearly caused Sasuke to conjure his Susano just to spear her with an Amterasu coated sword. "I have been watching you child... Interested in the emotions that you bury deep within you. I have use of them."

His frown slowly tapered off into a full blown glare, Rinnegan glowing dangerously as his left hand sparked with Raiton Chakra. "I'm no one's tool. Leave... Before I kill you."

An unfathomable amount of Chakra sprang to life around Sasuke, spreading throughout the entirety of Kyoto. A malevolent smog of energy coated the boy's body, manifesting into a ginormous humanoid Samurai.

The sky darkened tremendously followed by the cacophony of thunder. Droplets of rain began to drop with flashes of lightning descending all across the city of Kyoto.

Amanozaku did not shy away from the display of power nor did she cringe. If anything the creature seemed almost elated. Which in turn only further angered Sasuke.

The Uchiha was mere nanoseconds away from striking the Kami down where she stood. He however was unable to do so as a golden pillar of Chakra appeared before his Susano, followed by the familiar roar of the Kyuubi.

Sasuke took one glance at Naruto's glowing form, making direct eye contact with him as he did. The gigantic form of the Kyuubi loomed over Amanozaku, the glowing beast staring down at the Kami with it's teeth barred.

"Whoever you are... You need to leave. Now." Naruto spoke through the avatar of Kurama, slowly descending through the translucent Chakra amalgamation of his Bijuu. He landed without a sound, his nine Gudodama spinning hypnotically behind him. "I won't be asking twice. Vacate Kyoto immediately and return to Takamagahara."

Amanozaku seemed to consider the newcomer for a moment before cackling loudly, causing Naruto's features to harden further.

"Yes... Yes! Yes yes yes! You both shall do just well! The Kami are restless!" Her voice rose an octave, taking on a manic tone to it as she gestured wildly, disfigured limbs stretching awkwardly. "Your names are spoken through Takamagahara... Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto!"

Naruto's frown only deepened at the woman's tone. So this woman was a Kami... He didn't recognize her though. She must not have been a major God then. Before he could reply though, the Kami's disfigured body shifted in a grotesque manner, joints snapping and popping.

"You two cannot avoid it much longer! The Heavens cry for you both... Salvation awaits! Chaos ensues! Revel in conflict and shed your humanity! Become my equal!"

Her manic tone seemed to only further disturb Sasuke and Naruto, evident by their expressions. The Kami didn't bother waiting for a response, her cackling rising in volume as she slowly melted away.

The two Shinobi were quiet for several moments, the rumbling thunderstorm slowly tapering off into a dull downpour of rain. The lightning disappeared from the clouds along with Sasuke's Titanic Susano.

The Uchiha landed near his friend, watching as Kurama's avatar slowly dispersed from sight, breaking down into thousands of particles of light. The golden energy slowly swirled before funneling directly back into Naruto.

"Well... That was certainly ominous." Naruto stated unhelpfully, his Sage of Six Paths Kurama Mode dissipating. "Who was that, Sasuke?"

"A minor Kami - Amanozaku..." He trailed off for a moment, gaze swiveling towards the darkened clouds. "I'd write her words off as a deranged lunatic but..."

"But...?" Naruto pushed.

Sasuke's mismatched orbs narrowed for a moment before replying. "I've learned to stop underestimating individuals I've perceived as weaker than me. How she worded that... This is going to spark something annoying."

The blond tilted his head towards the sky, seeing something that Sasuke clearly couldn't. "We're being watched... I can't see them but I can sense them." A pause. "What did she say to you to lose composure? You've gotten better at controlling yourself."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed as he glanced away from the sky. "She came with an offer... Though that offer went unsaid. She claimed to have 'use' of me."

Knowing about his friends vitriolic attitude towards being controlled or guided, Naruto nodded his head. "I'll let Yasaka know. She'll most likely get in touch with Amaterasu... Maybe she'll know what's going on."

Sasuke responded with a quiet grunt before sheathing his Kusanagi with a quiet click.

"Let's go." Naruto stated, placing his hand on Sasuke's shoulder before teleporting them both away.

As the Uchiha was teleported away, he couldn't help but fixate on the parting words from the deranged Kami.

"Revel in conflict and shed your Humanity! Become my equal!"

It left an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach, one that would plague his thoughts for the rest of the day. Even his time with Kuroka could not staunch the unease that rested deep within him.

Sakura sighed quietly as she sat at her temporary desk, within her temporary home. A day had passed since she sent Inumaki back to Kyoto to report his findings to Yasaka.

Kuoh was slowly becoming an active hotspot for all things supernatural. According to Inumaki's findings, with the last 6 months the supernatural world seemed to spike in activity.

Which wasn't necessarily a major cause for concern considering random spikes of activity were normal. However, the individual groups or factions, was the cause for concern.

While the Devil Faction held some form of power in Kuoh, the Heiress's, there seemed to be activity from even the Biblical side of things. That activity being from one of the more major branches of the Catholic Church.

Odd considering their home turf was that of Italy... Why there seemed to be some sub-section making moves in Kuoh was beyond Sakura's understanding. Kuoh did not possess anything of note for any groups of supernatural, even less so the Catholic Church.

There had been no talks, atleast according to Yasaka's debriefing, about the Catholic Church moving towards Japan.

There was also the matter of the Fallen Angels recently settling down in Kuoh. Inumaki had noted their presence and had silently watched over their activity, explaining that the small group was more or less harmless and had yet to do anything during their two month tenure.

That is until last night...

Sakura glanced towards her right hand as she ceased her scribbling. Blood suddenly appeared on her hand, a figment of her imagination. The blood of the boy she couldn't save.

When she blinked the blood disappeared, never having been there in the first place.

The Medic sighed quietly to herself as she continued to finish up her own report of last night. How she eliminated the Fallen Angel, the death of an innocent teenager, and even her new companion.

Once finishing up her report, the pinkette turned on the T.V in her room, idly listening to the news report of Issei's untimely death.

Inumaki had informed her that one of the Heiresses had appeared last night, whether she was there for her own personal gain or because she wished to help was unknown to Sakura.

Inumaki had made sure that once she was stable and safe, to venture out and make sure to clean the streets of any supernatural involvement. Upon arrival though, he had noted that it had already been taken care of and that Issei's body had been discovered by a passing couple, an ambulance being called shortly after.

And now Sakura was listening to the police report. A gunshot wound had ended the life of a young teen, with no witnesses and no suspects to question.

The Medic shook her head quietly as she neatly stacked her papers together, separating the documents into different folders and binders. Upon stowing everything away into one of the desk drawers, Sakura slowly rose from her seat and stretched her joints and muscles.

Her emerald orbs glanced towards the window that sat directly above her desk and pursed her lips as the sun began to slowly rise. She gathered her outfit for the day before feeling a wave of malevolent Chakra flow through her.

Sakura's eyes widened in surprise as her head snapped towards the direction of Kyoto, feeling Sasuke's Chakra. While not an efficient sensor like Naruto and Sasuke, it was nearly impossible to not feel that wave of power.

A moment passed by before she felt Naruto's Chakra spike, countering and smothering the malevolent aura that Sasuke released.

"What... They better not be fighting." Her expression shifted angrily as she gathered her clothes, stripped out of her outfit, and stepped into the shower to bathe herself.

As Sakura slowly walked through the small city of Kuoh she made sure to keep an eye on her surroundings. She could no longer sense the small group of Fallen Angels in the town and pursed her lips at the thought of them fleeing or being dealt with.

It wasn't out of the possibility that one of Heiresses might have finally removed them. While unfortunate that an innocent teen had to die for something to finally be done, it was an issue that she'd bring directly up to them. But that conversation could wait until later when she inevitably spoke to them.

Sensing two distinct presences behind her the pinkette pivoted on her heel, turning towards the two individuals who were most certainly Devils.

Sakura raised an eyebrow at the two females, easily recognizing the petite Devil that Sasuke described. The girl's violet eyes sharpened almost immediately, subtly motioning towards her peerage member. The taller woman also wore glasses but sported a unique set of heterochromic eyes.

Coming to a stop, Sona offered a brief bow with her Queen mimicking the motion. "Greetings... I assume that you are the Yokai Representative sent by Lady Yasaka?" Sona took a shaky inhale, right hand trembling for the briefest of moments. "Welcome to Kuoh... I." A brief pause. "I heard from Gremory-san that an... incident occured last night."

Sakura eyed the anxious girl with a indecipherable expression upon her face. This girl seemed terrified, for one reason or another. She did a good job at masking it but Sakura saw through the facade quite easily.

A gentle smile fixed its way to Sakura's face as she returned the girl's bow. "Sakura Haruno."

The Heiress's eyes widened for a moment before stuttering quietly. "S-Sona Sitri and this is my Queen, Tsubaki Shinra. I apologize for my manners."

Sakura's eyebrows knit together for a moment before waving the girl's apology off. "It's quite alright Sitri-san. If you would?" Sakura motioned with her hand, gesturing for the Heiress to walk with her. "You are correct about an incident happening last night though I will address the situation once we all sit together. I do hope that's acceptable."

"Of course, Haruno-san." The Sitri Heiress was quick to respond, fingers twitching against one another. The girl immediately ceased her nervous tick, clasping her hands behind her back as she walked alongside Sakura. "I... How are you finding Kuoh?"

Trying to ease the girl's anxiety, Sakura continued to smile softly. "It's smaller than Kyoto... Sorta gives off a more 'homey' vibe to it that Kyoto lacks. The hustle of the city can be a bit much... I prefer the wilderness."

Sona offered Sakura a slightly timid nod. Ever since the situation with... him she had been an anxious wreck. Her thoughts about the ebony haired teen were a jumbled mess.

She didnt know whether to be completely infatuated or absolutely terrified of the man. Her brain was at war with her... Well, she was going to keep that to herself but short story : Not good.

It did not help that she felt him this morning. And by the Devil it nearly broke her. Fear and attraction fought for dominance and she was but a lowly victim.

Why did her Sin have to be so difficult?! It wasn't fair!

Sona was ripped from her personal turmoil as Sakura spoke suddenly. "Are you doing well, Sitri-san? You seem... nervous."

The Heiress swallowed the saliva building in her mouth before sighing quietly. "I'm... I'm fine. Just a few negative thoughts in my mind." Schooling her expression as best as she could, Sona offered the pinkette a small nod.

There was several minutes of silence between the trio as they continued their journey towards Kuoh High. It seemed to finally dawn on Sona that the Yokai Representative was not wearing Kuoh High's uniform.

"Excuse me, Haruno-san." Violet eyes glancing towards the woman in question. "Are you not to be enrolled in Kuoh High in some fashion? I was under the assumption that you are of the same age as myself and Gremory-san."

Sakura smiled at the question before shaking her head. "While correct that we are of the same age, I chose to not enroll. Yasaka-sama offered me the choice and I opted out of doing so. I already completed school and have no desire to do so again."

A slight lie to some degree but it mattered little. Sakura would off herself before doing math equations in a classroom of individuals she couldn't stand.

Sona raised an eyebrow at the answer before nodding her head. "I understand. I will make sure you are treated as a guest on campus when you do visit, if you choose to do so."

The pinkette offered the Heiress a nod with a smile. "I appreciate that, Sitri-san."

The trio reached the campus grounds, entering through the giant gates of the school and ignoring the hushed whispers from the other students about who the pink haired woman was.

Sona swiftly took the lead as she led the pink haired Medic towards the Student Council Office, passing by students and offering simple acknowledgements to each that greeted her.

Upon entering the room, Sakura was greeted to the sight of multiple other Devils, easily sensing the unique signatures they gave off. There was five of them in total with one of those being a male.

"Greetings to you all." Sona nodded towards the room, receiving bows from each of her peerage members. "This is Sakura Haruno, the Yokai Representative sent from Lady Yasaka that I mentioned to you all last week... She is a guest and you will treat her as you would treat myself."

Sakura smiled as Sona's peerage greeted her respectfully. "It is nice to meet you all. I will be overseeing Kuoh for the time being in conjunction with Sitri-san and Gremory-san."

The members of Sona's peerage remained quiet, understanding the situation and not bothering to ask any questions.

"With that out of the way and all settled, please head to your classes for the time being. Our plans after school will be postponed for the time being." Sona adjusted her glasses before taking a seat at the large table in the middle of the room, gesturing towards Sakura. "If you need anything then do not hesitate to let Tsubaki or myself know."

Sakura slowly approached the table, offering a polite nod to Sona's peerage as they filed out of the room. Taking her seat, Sakura glanced towards the Heiress.

"I would not mind tea."

The woman's Queen immediately set off to do her task, bowing to Sakura and Sona as she did so. As Tsubaki silently began her task, Sona and Sakura continued to quietly speak to one another.

"I informed Gremory-san to meet here. She'll arrive in a few minutes. Tsubaki, please prepare extra tea and snacks. Thank you." Sona received a bow from her Queen before turning back towards Sakura and speaking. "Is there anything you'd like from me, Haruno-san?"

Sakura was silent for a moment, fingers tapping on the table. "I'd prefer if you used my first name. I'm not really huge on formalities... Makes things a little too business-like."

The Heiress was quiet for a moment, internally surprised at the display. She cleared her throat for a moment before nodding her head. "As you wish, Har- Err... Sakura-san."

"No -san either." Sakura was quick to say. "Makes me feel old."

"Err... Okay. S-Sakura." Sona corrected with a minor stutter, fingers wringing together beneath the table.

She didn't even know why she was so anxious. Har... Sakura didn't seem to be so bad. She was polite and kind, as far as first impressions went atleast.

Perhaps it was the knowledge that the girl was indirectly aligned with the man that plagued her thoughts and dreams, tormenting and... pleasuring her at every corner.

Before Sona's thoughts could spiral downward into further debauchery the door to the Student Council Office opened.

Entering through the door was a redheaded teen with incredibly large breasts. Following behind her was a teen with long ebony hair that even larger breasts than the redhead.

Sakura wasn't bitter.

Not at all.

Not even a little.

She had a dump truck after all. An absolute juicer of a rear end.

Breasts were the least of her worries.

After all, according to a majority of scientific studies it showed that both men and women preferred large asses over large breasts.

And science never lies.

Nodding to the absurd knowledge, Sakura offered the two Devil's a polite nod and smile, recognizing the redhead as the Gremory Heiress.

"Gremory-san. It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Sakura Haruno and I am the Yokai Representative."

Sakura noted that the redhead's features softened in relief. Inumaki had informed her that the redheaded Heiress had reached the barrier shortly after she destroyed it. The Heiress must have noticed her unconscious form and possibly tried to aid, that or for some ulterior motive. Inumaki hadn't known whether her intentions were negative or not and acted with her safety being top priority.

"Thank goodness you're okay..." Rias states with no small amounts of relief lacing her tone. Upon realizing her little slip, a dash of red covered her cheeks along with an embarrassed smile. "Oh err... Uh. Sorry." She cleared her throat quietly, ignoring her Queen's amused expression. "My name is Rias Gremory and beside me is my Queen, Akeno Himejiwa. It is a pleasure to meet you as well Haruno-san."

Sakura waves off the girl's apology with a smile. "No formalities Gremory-san. Please, just call me Sakura."

Rias blinked at the pink haired delegate before slowly taking her seat at the table. "Ohh! W-Well, okay." Rias' eyes strayed along the office, spotting Sona's Queen preparing tea and other snacks. "If you would Akeno, please aid Tsubaki."

"Of course Buchou." The Fallen Angel-Devil hybrid responded. The woman offered the table a bow before sashaying her way towards Sona's Queen.

With both King's Queens gone, there was a silence that sat in the room save for the quiet mumbling courtesy of the two Queens who were fixing tea and snacks.

"S-So..." Rias nervously stated, fingers tapping against the table. "Not to be rude or ya know, anything that would come across as disrespectful to you, but... What do you wish to talk about first?"

Curs her nerves! They were getting to her. The events leading up this situation were at the forefront of her mind and now that she was finally tackling the issue... She was probably going to have a panic attack.

This meeting could dictate the future of the Devils and the Shinto Pantheon.

No pressure.

"Relaaaaaaax." Sakura commented in a light-hearted manner, noticing how anxious the girls were being. "I'm aware that things aren't looking... What's the word? Good? Positive?" Her lips pursed in a cute manner as she tapped her chin thoughtfully. "But I'm here to make sure that the agreement between the Yokai Faction and the Devils proceed smoothly."

Sakura tapped the table with her index finger as she continued. "There are certain avenues that we must adhere too, both you and I." She paused, seeing if the two teens were following her words. Noting that their attention was 100% on her, Sakura nodded. "I am here to oversee and make sure that you two are properly tending to Kuoh. I want the both of you to push what Sasuke informed you to the back of your minds. You two, and I mean no disrespect when I say this, have no part or say in what the Shinto Pantheon and the Devils do concerning Japan or Kuoh."

"You two were given the responsibility of overseeing Kuoh as a sign of good will between the Yokai Faction and the Devils. However, the Shinto Pantheon has since then decided to remedy the issue that happened several years ago regarding the Rogue Devil Yokai, Kuroka... Is this making sense?"

Sona being the more intelligent Devil of the two seemed to understand almost immediately. "That makes... sense. Though... It also sounds as if we haven't been doing our job correctly." She adjusted her glasses as she glanced at Rias. "I was told by my sister that something happened last night involving the delegate from Kyoto."

Rias' expression became strained as she stared at the table. "That... That may have been my fault." Her gaze rose towards Sona and she instantly cringed at the rather heated look in the girl's eyes.

"What did you do Rias?" Sona questioned with a sharp gaze. "You told me yesterday after class that you were going to solve the issue with the Fallen Angel..."

Rias flailed her hands in front of her as she replied. "I was! I swear! B-But..." She wrung her hands nervously in front of her before hanging her head in shame. "My brother called me, distracting me from immediately going to aid Issei and deal with the Fallen Angel..."

Sona's eyes widened as she stared at her childhood friend. "Rias!" She hissed with a minor glare. "Do you even realize how bad that sounds?! We're supposed to deal with supernatural issues here! You promised me that you'd deal with the Fallen Angel issue! I didn't deal with it because I trusted you to handle it. And now you're telling me that you got distracted, allowing a Rogue Fallen Angel to attack a delegate?! Did you atleast manage to save Issei?!"

There was an awful silence that reigned after her question.

Sona's eyes grew even wider as she stared at her friend. "Rias!" She exclaimed angrily. "Do you have any idea what the repercussions of this could cause?! Why didn't-!"

Rias slammed the table in frustration, upset that she was being called out by her friend. "I'm sorry but I'm not going to sit here and let you hound me for something that was out of my control! I was going to deal with the issue and I had every intention to save Issei!"

Sona's glare seemed to only harden as she replied. "Out of your control?! An innocent person was killed last night! And his blood is on your hands because of your incompetence! We wouldn't even be in this situation had you dealt with the Fallen Angels in the first place!"

Before Rias could respond to Sona, an incredibly monstrous pressure settled upon the Heiress's shoulders, instantly silencing them. Their gaze swiveled to the source, noticing the rather blank expression upon Sakura's face.

"You two can argue with one another later." Sakura replied calmly, easing the pressure in the room. "Now, calm yourselves. It does not matter who was responsible for an innocent's death. The fact of the matter is someone innocent, with no knowledge of the supernatural, was harmed and killed by a Rogue Supernatural being due to the negligence from both of you."

Sakura pinned the two teens with a harsh stare. "I do not care if Gremory-san was distracted. You, Sitri-san, should have dealt with the issue regardless of what Gremory-san told you. You both are responsible for the well-being of every individual in Kuoh. This was the agreement made upon by the Devils and the Yokai Faction. You are both at fault here. Act like leaders, not children."

The two Heiress's winced at the woman's rather harsh tone. Sakura wasn't necessarily wrong with her statement. They were both responsible for the Supernatural side of Kuoh and hadn't immediately dealt with a threat, regardless of how minor or small it seemed. An innocent human had perished as well as a foreign delegate being injured in the process.

Sakura sighed quietly to herself as she rubbed her forehead, idly noticing that the Heiress' Queens had brought tea and snacks to the table. The Queens remained silent though and sat behind their respective Kings with no small amount of nervousness.

The Medic picked up one of the cups and brought it to her lips. The Jasmine tea did wonders to ease the tension in her body. Taking several more sips, she glanced towards both Queens before speaking.

"The tea is wonderful, thank you."

The two Queens offered small smiles before offering a short bow to the pinkette. Sakura returned their smiles with one of her own before placing the cup down and speaking.

"Normally this situation wouldn't be considered major. The entire situation was handled rather well, barring the death of an innocent of course. His death, while tragic, was handled correctly with nary a trace of the supernatural being involved. You did well to clean up the scene, Gremory-san."

The girl perked up, if only slightly, and offered a grateful nod.

"This will all still be reported and relayed to Lady Yasaka and it will be up to her as to what the decision will be regarding your punishment for the negligence of your duties. Do you both understand?"



Sakura nodded her head before taking another sip of the delicious tea. Reaching for one of the pastries on the tray, she continued. "Ease up girls. I know how hard it is when being a leader. You two are young and clearly inexperienced but don't let this dishearten you. Learn and grow from the mistakes you make. Remember that every failure is more room for growth. I've been in your exact shoes and have experienced the same shame and frustration you are currently feeling."

Sakura bit into the fluffy pastry and had to hold back the moan that tried to escape her lips. This pastry was so good~!

Clearing her throat to mask her near ecstasy-filled moan, she continued. "Besides, I do think your punishment will be rather lax... Everything was handled relatively well despite the unfortunate circumstance regarding the innocent human. If it had been a Yokai then I wouldn't feel confident in these words. However, there are much more things we need to discuss so I suggest the both of you get comfortable."

Rias and Sona glanced at one another before sighing quietly. The redhead immediately grabbed a pastry, nearly shoving the entire thing in her mouth.

Sona on the other hand grasped one of the cups of tea and downed the entire thing in two gulps. She took her glasses off as she massaged her eyes, sighing quietly as she did so.

Yasaka intertwined her fingers together, elbows resting atop the mahogany table of her office as she listened to Sasuke and Naruto report about the Kami that had visited the former.

"That would explain why the entirety of Kyoto felt your power, Sasuke-kun." Yasaka commented with amusement littering her tone.

The aforementioned teen just rolled his eyes, attention focusing on the various council members who seemed terrified of Naruto's presence. He rose an eyebrow at their behavior but didn't bother saying anything. Naruto was the least of their worries with himself being in the room.

"However this does pose an issue... Amanozaku's words are troubling." The gorgeous Yokai bit her thumb in thought before glancing towards Naruto. "Are you capable of finding her?"

The Jinchuuriki sighed quietly as he slouched in his chair. "Wherever the Kami reside, I cannot sense. Even with my Sage Mode powers... I assume that Takamagahara exists in an entirely different plane. Otherwise, it shouldn't be an issue to find her."

Yasaka nodded her head before tapping the table and speaking. "You are all dismissed apart from Sasuke and Naruto. We will pick this up at a later date."

As the Yokai filed out of the room, Yasaka pulled out a unique rune from the valley of her breasts. Naruto slowly blinked at the woman's action, having a flashback to Tsunade doing something similar with a mission scroll.

Yasaka ignored Naruto's stare as she channeled Chakra into the object. "This rune is how I communicate with Amaterasu. A simple application of Chakra will alert her and she will respond in kind."

The dull looking rune began to shine brightly, nearly mimicking the sun with how blinding the light was. A second passed by before a golden pillar of light erupted in the office room.

"Yasaka-chan~!" The familiar and bubbly voice of Amaterasu sounded out in the room. "What can I do fo-!" The Goddess released a surprised gasp as she spotted the two Shinobi in the room. Her eyes lit up like the sun as she appeared in Naruto's personal space. "It's you! The guy that absolutely demolished me! Hiiiii~! How have you been?! I hope you've been doing well! Have you gotten even stronger since the last we fought?! Have you?!"

Naruto was taken aback by the woman's bubbly personality. When he had first met her she had been a completely different person. Though to be fair, she did believe him to be an enemy of Japan so perhaps that was the reason.

"Err..." He commented awkwardly as his eyes struggled to remain locked on to her face. Due to his seated position and how close the Goddess was to him, her breasts were all but shoved directly into his face.

"I've been... well?" He questioned moreso than stated. "And I guess I've gotten stronger..."

Amaterasu, completely oblivious to the close proximity and the effect she had on the teen, clapped her hands happily while bouncing in place.

And it did amazing things to her chest.

"AHEM!" Yasaka not-to-subtly coughed. "Amaterasu-sama, please behave yourself."

Sasuke watched the entire interaction with a raised brow. If he didn't know any better then he'd say that Yasaka was feeling some form of jealousy...

Ahh, yep. There it is. He watched with a tiny smirk as Yasaka's bottom lip twitched in annoyance. Amaterasu proceeded to wrap her arms around Naruto's face smothering his face against her chest while apologizing.

His smirk was wiped off his face as the woman then appeared directly in his personal space.

"And you!" She clapped happily upon noticing the teen that had beaten her brother with his own element. "You're the one that destroyed Susu-kun with lightning~! That's so badass! He's been so annoyed since you beat him. Always grumbling and pouting about it! Susu-kun says he wants a rematch~! I hope you beat his ass again!"

The Rinnegan wielder slowly blinked before furrowing his eyebrows. "Uhh... Thanks?" He questioned unsurely.

Faster than he thought possible, the woman wrapped her arms around his taller frame, squeezing him while dancing side to side like a child. The unexpected hug lasted for several seconds before Amaterasu pulled away with a happy giggle.

This was the strongest God in the Shinto Pantheon?!

"Kami help us all..." Sasuke thought quietly to himself.

Amaterasu bounded through the room, returning to her position beside Yasaka. "Sooooo, Yasaka-chan~! What did ya need?"

Yasaka, already used to the Goddesses unique personality, sighed quietly before speaking. "There was an issue today with one of the Kami involving Sasuke and Naruto." She gestured towards both teens as she spoke.

Amaterasu's head tilted as she glanced towards both teens. "What Kami and what happened?" There was a slight change to her demeanor that was instantly picked up by both Naruto and Sasuke.

"Amanozaku." Sasuke stated with his arms crossed. "She spoke to me as if I was some tool for her to use. I threatened to kill her." He stated bluntly with little care. "Afterwards, she proceeded to just spout nonsense about myself and Naruto 'shedding our Humanity' and 'becoming her equal'."

Both Shinobi and Kyuubi Yokai noticed how sharp Amaterasu's eyes became after hearing Sasuke's statement.

"You are positive she said those exact words?" She questioned harshly, doing a complete 180 in terms of personality.

Naruto nodded as he spoke. "Those words verbatim."

The Goddess was silent for several moments before raising her right hand. Gold particles of light were summoned directly into her hand, revealing her Divine Katana.

The beautiful woman slowly settled into a simple laido stance, knees bent with both hands upon her blade. Several seconds passed by in silence before Amaterasu abruptly unsheathed her blade while slicing through the air.

To Naruto and Sasuke's shock, a golden portal appeared directly where she had sliced. The gaping hole was large enough for several humans to walk through and the light it was emitting was nearly blinding.

Naruto's eyebrows furrowed as hundreds upon hundreds of Divine Presences suddenly filtered through his senses.

This was...

"Naruto-san. Sasuke-san." Amaterasu spoke while sheathing her Divine Blade. "This portal will guide you to the realm where all the Gods and Kami of the Shinto Pantheon reside."

"Takamagahara." They both spoke in unison, staring at the portal with furrowed brows.

They had heard about Takamagahara, it was kind of hard not to considering Japan was now their home. But they never thought they'd actually get to see it. Takamagahara was the realm for the Kami.

The Goddess turned her attention to the two teens before gesturing towards the portal with a smile. "Humans have never set foot in Takamagahara... But there is a first time for everything." The Goddess turned her silver orbs to Yasaka before nodding her head. "If you do not mind Yasaka-chan, I will be borrowing them for awhile."

Yasaka offered the Goddess a simple nod before turning towards Naruto and offering the boy a beautiful smile. "Good luck, Naruto-kun. This is an honor of the highest order." Her golden orbs glanced towards Sasuke as a teasing smile fixated upon her face. "Behave yourself, Sasuke-kun."

The Uchiha grunted quietly in annoyance, turning his head to stare at the wall.

It was a very Sasuke thing to do.

Naruto grinned in amusement before turning towards Yasaka. "I'll make sure he doesn't cause any problems." The blond ignored the callous insult from his friend. "I guess... I'll be back soon."

"And I'll be waiting here for you." The Kyuubi replied with a beautiful smile.

Staring into the Kyuubi's eyes and feeling emboldened, Naruto slowly leaned towards the woman before placing his lips upon her cheek. The teen pulled away with a soft smile and was about to say something before being interrupted by Amaterasu's squeal of happiness.

"Ahhhhhh~! You two are so cuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeee! I'm rooting for you both!" She squealed happily again, jumping and clapping her hands together.

Which again, did amazing things to her chest.

Yasaka rolled her eyes at the Goddess' reaction before returning her attention to Naruto. Her left hand slowly reached out toward his face, gently stroking his whisker marks and relishing the small hue of red that overtook his complexion.

"Good luck. Be safe."

"I will." Naruto replied while grabbing ahold of the woman's hand. "I promise."

The two blondes continued to stare at one another before a loud cough interrupted them, courtesy of Sasuke.

"If you two are done eye fucking... Then we'll be on our way."

Naruto's eyebrow twitched in annoyance as he muttered under his breath. Stroking Yasaka's brand one more time, he offered her one final smile before walking towards Sasuke and Amaterasu.

Yasaka watched the trio offer their goodbyes before seeing them disappear into the portal, shimmering brightly before breaking down into thousands of light particles.

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