Author's Note: There will some changes to the One Punch Man story, like how there is no Saitama or Blast in this story.

Secondly, Izuku will be very OP in this story. Not Saitama OP for he can still get injured, but as the Number One Hero who is stronger than the likes of Darkshine, Bang and even Tatsumaki to a point, it will take a lot to actually hurt him.

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( City A )

For the residents of City A, the day starts off nice and peaceful as the children are dropped off to school while their parents all head off to work.

All seems peaceful, until a massive explosion suddenly erupts in the middle of the city, destroying many buildings and killing thousands of people in a split second. People from miles away stumble or fall to the floor as the shockwave from the explosion hits everything in the surrounding area, shaking buildings and shattering windows.

Once the explosions subsides, a massive crater is all that's left to what use to be a residential area in City A. Standing in the centre of the crater is the source of the explosion which so happens to be a Mysterious Being who is a large, purple hairless humanoid with two rounded antennas on its head and has a muscular body.

The Mysterious Being looks at his surroundings in disgust before he flies up into the air in a burst of speed. Once high in the air, the Mysterious Being conjures up four balls of energy before launching them throughout the city, destroying even more buildings and killing all who reside in them.

( Hero Association HQ - Control Room )

Inside the control room to the Hero Association Headquarters, everyone is trying to contain the situation when a nearby explosion caused by the Mysterious Being causes the building to shake.

"It's closing in!" shouted a console operator.

Another operator turns away from his blaring console, looking for answers. "Damn, so who's available!?"

"We have confirmation that Lightning Max and Smile Man are on their way" exclaimed a female console operator who inwardly hopes that the two A-Class Heroes can defeat the Mysterious Being.

( City A )

Lightning Max and Smile Man are just two of the thirty one Heroes who are lying in a pile of rubble, having been effortlessly defeated by the Mysterious Being who continues to wreck havoc across City A.

"M-Mommy! D-Daddy!" cried a little girl, standing on her lonesome in the middle of the ruins that once made up a part of City A. So distracted in her grief of losing both her parents that the little girl doesn't notice the Mysterious Being walking towards her from behind.

The Mysterious Being looks down at the crying little girl for a moment before he stretches out his rapidly bulging arm with the intent to squish the girl like a grape. With an evil chuckle, the Mysterious Being clenches his large hand around the little girl, but is bewildered when he doesn't hear the human girl's bones snap or see her blood squirt out. The Mysterious Being opens his hand and to his surprise, he doesn't see any sign of the little girl, dead or alive. Sensing something, the Mysterious Being glances to his right and sees the still living little girl with another human who had somehow managed to grab the girl and take her away in the split second that it took himself to clench his fist.

"You're a fast one" stated the Mysterious Being who is aware that the human moved so fast that he didn't see them. "Who are you?"

The little girl stops her crying as she stares up at the Hero with tearful eyes wide in shock and awe. "I-It's you."

The Hero smiles down at the little girl who he lowers to the floor. "Don't you fear..." The Hero stands up to his full height of 7'4" and turns to face the Mysterious Being, showcasing his costume which is made up of a full-body green jumpsuit which stretches along his muscular build, a red belt, beige gloves which covers the full length of his arms, red boots, knee pads that extend all the way down his legs and a diamond-shaped respirator which hangs by his neck.

"... for Deku is here!" declared Izuku Midoriya or rather, the S-Class Rank 1 Hero, Deku.

The Mysterious Being simply looks down at the Hero in annoyance. "Deku? As in useless? You're kidding" asked the Mysterious Being in doubt. "What kind of half-ass name is that? Mine is far superior for I am Vaccine Man!" declared the Mysterious Being who passionately slaps himself on his own chest. "The earth is a single living organism. You filthy humans are nothing but a disease causing bacteria, eating away at her precious life force" exclaimed Vaccine Man with passion. At the same time, the Mysterious Being begins to transform as his muscles bulge, spikes grow all along his body and two long, but sharp tusks stretch out from his jaw.

"Why do they always feel the need to tell me all about their back story?" wondered the smiling Hero, Izuku Midoriya, who watches on as Vaccine Man quickly gets taller until he gets to the point where the Mysterious Being is now a towering monster of muscle, spikes and sharp claws.

"In order to wipe out humanity and the evil civilization built on her surface, the earth in her infinite wisdom has given birth to me!" declared Vaccine Man who has transformed into his True Form. "And I shall begin my purge of humanity by killing you!" roared the transformed Mysterious Being who lunges at Deku with the intent to rip him apart.

Unfortunately for Vaccine Man, he fails to grasp the fact that he isn't facing off against any Hero like the other ones he already defeated. He is facing off against the Number One Hero in the entire world!

"If not for you causing so much death and destruction yourself, you might have had a point."

Faster than the Mysterious Being can grasp, Deku disappears in what appears to be a bolt of green lightning and appears beneath Vaccine Man who is yet to realize his impending doom

Izuku rears his right arm back which is crackling with green energy which resembles lightning, due to him flooding the limb with the power of his Quirk, One For All.

"Full Cowl: Spark Punch."

In less than a second, Deku uppercuts Vaccine Man with more than enough power to rip the head off of the Mysterious Being. To the little girl who watches the Number One Hero defeat the Mysterious Being with ease, it looks like Deku just killed the monster with an actual punch made up of green lightning.

Vaccine Man's large monstrous head is launched up into the air and disappears from sight, having flown higher than the human eye can see. Deku's punch doesn't just kill the Mysterious Being, but the shockwave caused by the power in his one punch causes all the rising smoke and clouds in the sky to disperse in an instant, showing nothing but clear blue skies for miles around.

To the little girl, her eyes sparkle in awe as she watches the Number One Hero, Deku, turn towards her with the same caring smile he is famous for. The sunlight that's now shining down on the Hero only makes him look more angelic in her eyes.

So distracted in her awe, the little girl doesn't notice or care that the headless corpse of Vaccine Man collapses to the floor.

( Hero Association Headquarters - Control Room )

"We can't thank you enough for your help, Deku. We would have been in trouble if not for you" thanked Bearded Worker, bowing his head in respect for the Number One Hero. The fact that Deku went out of his way to bring the thirty one injured Heroes, as well as any other survivors to the hospital for treatment, even after defeating the Dragon-level threat only makes him more heroic in the eyes of everyone. "Most of the other S-Class Heroes would have just left after defeating the Mysterious Being" he thought.

Even at the age of twenty-five and being known across the world as the Strongest Hero, Izuku Midoriya can still get a bit bashful when he's given praise. "It was nothing. I'm just doing my duty, that's all" answered Midoriya who waves off Bearded Worker's praise with an embarrassed chuckle.

The smiling Bearded Worker raises his head from his bow, elated that they have someone like Deku to protect them. "Still, you have our gratitude." The console operators all show their agreement by nodding or verbally showing their support.

Izuku chuckles. "I guess I have no other choice, but say that you are all welcome. If that's all, I best get going. The cities won't patrol themselves" he said and with a wave, the Hero walks out of the Control Room to continue his patrol across the numerous cities. Many Heroes prefer to patrol in one city, but Midoriya has always felt more comfortable, knowing that he is watching over everyone in each city. It's literally impossible for anyone to patrol in more than one city, let alone all of them, but thanks to some serious training and One For All, Deku has the necessary speed and endurance to do so without any trouble.

"To think that this is my life now" thought Izuku Midoriya who thinks back to his life ten years ago. Ten year ago, he had been nothing more than a Quirkless loser who fantasized about becoming a Hero. Now, he's the current Number One Hero in the entire world, having held the title ever since the Hero Association established itself three years ago. For the seven years before that, he had been fighting criminals and Mysterious Beings as a vigilante, but unlike his original home world, vigilantism wasn't a crime. In fact, it was actually encouraged by the world government. There was only so much the police and military could do against Mysterious Beings who could crush tanks with their bare hands and withstand gunfire so they more than welcomed Izuku who could actually defeat the monsters by himself.

Izuku is more than delighted with himself for not only making his dream come true, but for also in becoming the Number One Hero in the entire world, just like his former teacher, All Might. "I wish All Might and mother could have seen this" he thought, missing his teacher greatly, but he especially misses his mother. Ten years is a long time to spend without the woman who had raised him all his life.

Izuku steps out of the Hero Assocaion Headquarters and looks up at the clear blue skies. The Hero recalls the moment which had forcefully taken him from his own world and dropped him off to the one he's in now.

( Ten Years Ago - USJ )

Izuku Midoriya still can't believe that they all managed to survive an actual attack from Villains.

The trip to the USJ facility was suppose to be a training session for Class 1-A so they could learn how to rescue civilians during natural disasters, such as landslides and floods. Instead, the trip turned out to be far scarier and much more dangerous than any of them could have predicted.

Villains had attacked the USJ with the task of killing the Symbol of Peace, All Might. However, All Might never arrived to the USJ facility like he was suppose to so instead, the group of Villains attacked the students with the intention to kill them. Unfortunately, there were only two Pro Heroes with them and while Eraser Head had done a good job defeating many of the small time Villains, he was soon defeated by the Villain Leader with the severed hands attached all over his body and the giant monster with the exposed brain. Thirteen had also been defeated by the Villain with the Warp Quirk, leaving the class of first year students to fend for themselves.

Luckily, before anyone could get severely injured or worst, All Might arrived just in time to save the day. Whatever small time Villains that remained were soon defeated by All Might, all done in a split second. The sight of the Symbol of Peace defeating so many Villains in so little time brought hope for all the students, including Izuku.

However, the creature that the Villain Leader named as Nomu battled All Might and not only did it manage to keep up with the Number One Hero, but it actually managed to deal some serious damage to him. The Villain Leader had explained that Nomu possesses several Quirks, as hard as that is to believe, including a Shock Absorption Quirk which explains why none of All Might's punches did any damage to the monster.

All seemed lost, until All Might went Plus Ultra and surpassed his limit. With one powerful smash, All Might launched the Nomu through the ceiling of the USJ facility, ending the fight in his victory, although it did leave him weakened at the end of it.

All Might's weakened state wasn't missed by the Villain Leader, but before he could use his deadly Decay Quirk on the Symbol of Peace, the teachers arrived, having been informed of the Villain attack by Tenya. The Villain Leader was shot several times by Snipe, forcing him and the Warp Quirk Villain to flee into a portal.

With the Nomu and the Villains finally defeated, Izuku drops down to his knees and let's out a breath of air in relief. The successor of All Might never expected to be nearly killed today, but thankfully, he managed to survive for another day.

"F-Fucking brat!"

Izuku turns towards the source of the voice and widens his eyes when he sees that one of the unconscious Villains has woken up. The shirtless Villain is lithe when compared to the rest of his comrades and from the way he's supporting his right arm, he appears to be injured. Izuku can tell that even he can defeat the injured Villain by himself so he stands up to do so, but is caught off guard when the Villain aims his left arm in his direction. Izuku notices how the Villain's hand is now glowing red, signifying the use of a Quirk.

"Die you little shits!" roared the Villain before he fires a red beam of energy, but not at Midoriya. With the Villain weak and injured, his aim falters so instead of firing his energy beam at Midoriya, it instead flies towards the back of an unsuspected Tsuya Asui who is too busy celebrating their victory over the Villains to notice the beam of energy heading towards her.

Similar to the time Kaachan was taken prisoner by the Sludge Villain, Izuku finds himself moving without thinking. All he knows is that Tsuya is in danger and he needs to save her.

"Midoriya? What are you doing? she asked, turning towards Izuku who she sees running towards her. She doesn't get an answer for Izuku roughly shoves her away. "What are yo-" Tsuya started before her eyes widen in horror when she sees a red energy beam hit her classmate. She realizes then that if Midoriya didn't shove her aside, she would have been hit by the Villain's Quirk, instead of Midoriya who cries in agony.

"R-Ribbit?" she croaked out, watching in horror as the light from the Villain's Quirk washes over Midoriya's body which then starts to break down into particles of light that fades away.

For ten years, Izuku Midoriya has been beaten, cut and burnt by bullies and yet, all that pain combined can't compare to having every cell in his body be torn apart by the energy of the Villain's Quirk.

Still, seeing that Tsuya is alive and well is enough to bring a small pained smile to his face, even if he is dying. He might not have become a Hero like he dreamed of, but knowing that he got to save at least one person is enough for him to die in peace.

And so as he accepts his faith, Izuku Midoriya closes his eyes one last time and allows himself to succumb to darkness as the last piece of his existance fades away into particles of light.


It so happens that Izuku didn't die like he had first expected, but instead, he had seemingly been transported to a different world. Deku guesses that the Villain doesn't even realize that his own Quirk actually teleports those who he uses it on, instead of disintegrating his victims like everyone would expect.

With no way to return to his own world, Izuku had to make do with the world he found himself in which is so similar to his own and yet, so different.

Instead of countries, the earth he found himself in is made up of one large land mass which is filled with gigantic cities that are named after the alphabet. One of the biggest and most shocking differences to this world when compared to his own is that there is no such thing as Quirks in the world, a fact that shocked the once Quirkless boy. In other words, the world's population is made up of 100% Quirkless people, unlike the 20% in his own world, making it completely normal to have no unique powers. What further baffled Izuku is that while nobody may possess a Quirk, he has met many individuals who are as powerful, if not more so than many Pro Heroes in his own world and all the while, having no Quirk of their own.

It's actually quite humbling for Izuku who once believed that he could not become a Hero without having a Quirk of his own. To meet so many people without Quirks and yet, have more than enough power to become Heroes themselves, it's a humbling revelation.

While there are large differences between the two earths, there are still some similarities, such as criminals who can be found in every city. However, they are seen as only nuisances when compared to the Mysterious Beings who can cause city-wide havoc within moments.

Admittedly, the first time Izuku saw a Mysterious Being, he had thought that it was simply a person with a Mutant Quirk. Mysterious Beings can take all sorts of shapes and sizes, but Izuku has seen just as many weird features from people with Quirks. Izuku's former classmate, Mezo Shoji being a prime example.

Izuku's first few years in the new world was spent by moving from city to city, learning how to better control his Quirk, One For All. Since he doesn't have Recovery Girl to heal his injuries anymore and had no ideal identification, he had to resort to using One For All as little as possible until he could better control the Quirk's overwhelming power without the cost of breaking any of his limbs.

Luckily, Izuku eventually created Full Cowl, a technique that allows him to spread the power of One For All all across his entire body, instead of focusing it on one point like he usually did. At first, he couldn't implement 100% of One For All's power into Full Cowl so he had to start low at 5%. After two years of training and fighting Mysterious Beings as a vigilante, he had eventually unlocked 100% of One For All to use as much as he wants.

For the first seven years, Midoriya spent his time fighting criminals and Mysterious Beings as a vigilante, due to the police and military not being capable of fighting against the Mysterious Being threat. Surpisingly, he wasn't named a criminal for his role as a vigilante and was actually encouraged by the government to continue his fight against Mysterious Beings. It was a strange, but a welcoming experience for Midoriya who had spent most of his life looked down on and berated by others.

However, everything changed three years ago when Midoriya saved the grandson of the multimillionaire, Agoni, from a Mysterious Being named Crablante. Agoni was so moved by the act that he decided to create the Hero Association and the National Superhero Registry, therefore creating an organisation to directly defend humanity against the threat of Mysterious Beings.

Obviously, Izuku joined the Hero Association under the Hero name, Deku, and in his three years as an official Hero, he has defeated many criminals and Mysterious Beings of all shapes and sizes. In time, he rose through the ranks until he eventually became the Number One Hero in the world. The official ceremony brought tears of joy to the once Quirkless teen, but his only regret was that All Might and his mother couldn't see the Hero he has become.

Shaking himself out his thoughts before they get too depressing, Deku bends his knees and with a mighty leap, he jumps into the air and flies over the skyscrapers of City A.

Another surprising fact that Izuku learned about One For All is that the Quirk carries echoes of consciousness from the previous users. The Quirk Factors of the previous users have also merged with the core of One For All, providing Izuku with the Quirks of his predecessors, such as Blackwhip from the fifth user of One For All, Daigoro Banjo. Other than Blackwhip, Izuku has obtained six other Quirks, including Float, the Quirk of All Might's mentor, Nana Shimura. That is why Izuku isn't falling back down after jumping across the city and is instead flying across the sky like a green blur.

Izuku stops in midair when an explosion occurs miles away in the direction of City D and from the explosion stands one of the largest Mysterious Beings Deku has ever seen. The Mysterious Being resembles a man without skin and has bone-like armour. Since it has no skin, Izuku can see the giant's muscles and tendons which are visible for everyone to see. The Mysterious Being is also an absolute giant who is so tall that every steps it takes crushes skyscrapers like as if they're ants.

Without so much as a warning, lightning covers Deku's form before he disappears in a burst of speed.

Standing on the shoulder of his transformed brother, Fukegao laughs as he watches Marugori stomp on hundreds of people who are unlucky enough to be in the giant's path. "Yes! This is incredible little brother! I never thought it would work so well" laughed the mad scientist. After years of working on his Biceps Brachii King steroid, he had given the drug to his little brother, Marugori who craved power so he can be the strongest man in the world. The result is Marugori turning into a mutated giant who is taller than any building and stronger than any Hero.

"With my brains and your brawn, by combining the greatest of minds and the strongest of bodies this world has to offer, the two of us will conquer the earth and rule together as kings. We're unstoppable!" declared the scientist with a mad laugh.

Marugori reels his large right arm back so to blow away the nearby city, but the giant is cut off when a blur of green collides with his elbow. The impact shatters the giant's elbow, causing it to bend in an unnatural way.

Fukegao grabs onto Marugori's shoulder when his brother roars and shakes in pain. "Marugori?! What happened?!"

"So are you the one who started all this?"

Fukegao turns towards the voice and is shocked to see a man floating in the air, but is then horrified when he recognizes the man to be the Unstoppable Hero, Deku. "Marugori, it's Deku! Quick, kill him before he can stop us!"

While still in pain from having his right arm broken, Marugori complies with his older brother's orders. The giant lifts his left arm and throws a punch that moves far faster than a being of Marugori's size should be capable of.

Instead of moving away to dodge the incoming punch, Deku holds his ground and catches the gigantic fist with his own. That is enough to completely overwhelm the common sense of the two brothers.

"How about we all go for a little flight?" said Deku who suddenly bolts upwards while still holding onto the giant's fist. The two brothers are then forced into the air as the Number One Hero drags them both upwards.

"B-Brother, do something!" yelled a terrified Fukegao who is barely holding onto the shoulder of his younger brother.

"I-I'm trying!" yelled Marugori who can't pull his hand back from the Hero. The Hero's pull is too strong and it isn't like it can use its other arm since that's broken.

Normally, Deku would smash the Mysterious Being into pieces and be on his way, but seeing as how the Mysterious Being is nearly 900 feet tall, he knows that if he kills the giant, the massive corpse will collapse onto a city, killing anyone who wasn't fast enough to evacuate. So, since he can't kill the giant on earth, there is only one other place where he can kill it.

"Full Cowl: Seismic Toss!"

After flying upwards for nearly fifty kilometers, Deku tosses the giant over his shoulder and straight out of the stratosphere. The giant's screams echo for a few seconds before they fade, either because the giant has been flown too far out into the void of space or because it has already died from lack of oxygen.

The same can't be said for the scientist who had fainted from a lack of oxygen and is currently falling straight back down to earth. He would have become a splatter across the ground, if not for Deku flying down and catching him.

With the unconscious scientist on hand, Deku looks back up at the sky to make sure that the giant isn't going to be making a return before he flies down towards the closest Hero Association Branch building.

( City Z - Izuku's Apartment )

"Phew, another busy day" sighed Deku once he enters his apartment.

As the Number One Hero, Izuku has acquired more than a few fans over the years and while grateful, some of them can act a bit extreme at times. Many Heroes have reported times when excited fans broke into their homes, which is why most Heroes keep their home addresses a secret nowadays. For that same reason, Izuku has his apartment in City Z which is the less populace of all the cities, due to the high percentage of monster appearances in the city, specifically in the Ghost Town. The apartment also happens to be on the outskirts of the Ghost Town so he doesn't have to go far when he hears word of a monster sighting in the area.

Midoriya's apartment is quite large for a person who lives alone as it includes a large sitting room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large kitchen that also makes up as a dining room.

Since he lives on his own, Izuku is caught off guard when he smells something cooking in his apartment. Following the scent to the kitchen, all the while, keeping himself prepared for a possible fight, Izuku slowly opens the door to the kitchen and sees the culprit to the delicious smell of food.

"Welcome home, Izuku" greeted Fubuki who smiles at Midoriya while a stew boils in a pot on Izuku's stove. "I cooked us dinner."

Izuku calms himself down when he sees that it's only Fubuki. He looks around his large kitchen and rolls his eyes at the B-Class Rank 1 Hero. "Last I checked, this is my apartment so forgive me for wondering why people are in it. Secondly, don't say you're cooking dinner when you obviously aren't!" exclaimed Deku while pointing an accusing finger at Fubuki who is sitting at the dining table while her subordinates, Eyelashes, Lily and Mountain Ape cook up the stew.

"I told you he'd notice" said a panicked Eyelashes to Fubuki who ignores him. The B-Class Rank 2 Hero is currently setting up the table for both Izuku and Fubuki.

"He's going to kill us" muttered a sweating Mountain Ape who is stirring the pot of stew. Mountain Ape is confident in his own skills, as well as the skills of his fellow B-Class Heroes, but they just broke into the apartment of Deku himself! A man who can shatter mountains, split the seas and clear the skies, all with a single punch. The entirety of the Blizzard Group could attack Deku at the exact same time and still have no hope in defeating the man who stands at the pinnacle of the Hero Association.

Unlike Eyelashes and Mountain Ape, Lily doesn't show fear over breaking into the home of the S-Class Rank 1 Hero as she quickly jumps in front of Deku with stars in her eyes and a notebook in her hands. "Mr. Deku, could I please have the honour of getting your autograph?" she asked, practically pleading.

As much as he should be angry at Lily for breaking into his apartment, he can't when the young girl looks up at him with so much hope and excitement in her eyes. Not someone to let a fan down, Izuku takes the offered notebook and pen from the young woman before signing his name on one of the pages. "Here you go" he said, offering the notebook back with a smile.

A blushing Lily takes her notebook back and looks down at it like as if it's a priceless artifact. "T-Thank you so much, sir!" she thanked, bowing low.

Izuku can't help but chuckle over the girl's obvious excitement. "She reminds me of myself when I first met All Might" he thought in amusement, remembering how he had the exact same look on Lily's face all those years ago when All Might first signed his book. Ten years ago, he was a naive Quirkless boy who idolized Heroes to an unhealthy degree. Now, he's the Number One Hero who still idolizes Heroes to an unhealthy degree.

Fubuki uses her psychic power to pull back the chair across from her. "Come and have a seat. Dinner should be ready soon."

Having grown use to Fubuki talking to him like as if he's her underling, he turns and makes his way towards his bedroom. "Let me change out of my costume at least."

"Do you want any help?" asked Fubuki with a coy smile. She giggles when Izuku slams his bedroom door closed. "Ah, Izuku is shy."

"Why do you antagonize him so?" asked Eyelashes who is on the verge of crying. He knows that Fubuki has a crush on Deku, just like any other straight woman, but why does she always feel the need to get under his skin?

Fubuki turns to her subordinate with the same coy smile. "I don't know what you mean."

Mountain Ape places two plates full of the stew onto the table before he and his partners line up beside one another to bow. "If that will be all, ma'am, we will make our leave."

Fubuki nods in agreement and waves them off. "You are dismissed for the day."

That's all she had to say before the three subordinates run out of Deku's apartment faster than Fubuki has ever seen them move before. The leader of the Blizzard Group soon turns her attention to Izuku who walks back into the kitchen while wearing a sleeveless green shirt and black shorts. Not that Fubuki is complaining as the shirt does nothing to hide his powerful muscles, nor does the shorts which show off a lot of leg to the B-Class Rank 1 Hero.

"Stew smells good" complimented Izuku who takes the seat across from Fubuki before he digs in.

"I hope you enjoy. I made it with all my heart" stated Fubuki with a gentle smile.

"Make sure to tell Mountain Ape that I appreciate the cooking" answered Izuku, although Fubuki either doesn't hear him or she simply ignores him. "So I see you broke into my apartment again."

"Breaking in sounds like such a dirty word" answered Fubuki, waving off his question.

"Breaking in sounds like an accurate description to what you did" stated Izuku, pointing his fork in an accusing manner at Hell's Blizzard. "You can't just enter someone's home without permission."

Just after Izuku says that, a green glow covers his kitchen window before it telekinetically opens and a small, lithe figure let's herself into the apartment.

"Izuku, I came to see if you wanted to have dinn-" S-Class Rank 2 Hero, Tatsumaki and older sister to Fubuki stops when she notices that Deku and her sister are having dinner together in his apartment. "What is this?" she demanded, folding her arms together while glaring down at the two.

Izuku notices a few objects in his kitchen begin to levitate, thanks to Tatsumaki's rising telekinetic power which is fluctuating in response to her rising anger. "Tatsu, calm down! We're just having dinner."

"And if dinner is as good as this, I can't wait for dessert" teased Fubuki, uncaring to the rising pressure of her older sister's power. She knows that Tatsumaki wouldn't actually hurt her so she's in no danger of suffering Tatsumaki's rage. The same can't be said for the apartment complex which begins to shake from Tatsumaki's power.

Not wanting to have his apartment collapse on top of him, Izuku slams his fist down on his dining table. "ENOUGH!"

Izuku's authoritative shout snaps Tatsumaki out of her anger where she then look down at the floor in embarrassment, looking more like a child who has been scolded.

"Tatsu, I've told you this before a thousand times, you can't let yourself lose control over your powers when you get angry. Last thing we want is for a whole city to collapse, just because you got emotional" said Izuku, hating how he has to scold Tatsumaki, but if he doesn't then nobody else will. The only person Tatsumaki allows to talk back to her is Deku himself. Anyone else would find themselves a hundred feet underground and that's if she's feeling merciful.

"I'm sorry" muttered Tatsumaki, refusing to look at Izuku's disappointed eyes.

"Good. Now come down and take a seat while I prepare you some stew" smiled Izuku who stands up to get a plate of stew for his fellow Class S Hero.

"I made it myself" stated Fubuki with a smug grin while a glaring Tatsumaki lowers herself down to the chair beside Izuku's.

"She had her subordinates make it" revealed Izuku, causing Fubuki to lose her smug grin and for Tatsumaki to start chuckling. "And please stop teasing your sister, Fubuki." Izuku places the stew in front of Tatsumaki, either not noticing or ignoring the electricity that seems to spark between the two glaring sisters.

Sitting back down to continue his meal, Izuku recalls how he was introduced to the Psychic Sisters.

Izuku had actually saved Tatsumaki ten years ago, just a few weeks after being teleported to the world. Tatsumaki, who was eighteen years old at the time, had been kept captive and experimented on by scientists who were interested in studying her Esper abilities. At a certain point and time, a monster outbreak within the facility had left Tatsumaki on her own to fend off the monster after it killed all the scientists. At the time, she was afraid to use her powers and would have likely died, if not for Izuku who ended up killing the monster. It was not only a lesson for Tatsumaki who realized that she needs to overcome her fear over using her powers, but Izuku also came to the conclusion that Mysterious Beings need to be permanently put down, not beaten like what the Heroes of his own world do to Villains. Mysterious Beings are not human and they do not show mercy to others so they need to be killed, especially since none of the Cities have a prison that can actually hold powerful Mysterious Beings.

A few years later, Izuku was then introduced to Tatsumaki's younger sister, Fubuki who is also an Esper, just not as powerful as her older sister. The two were quick to become friends, but Izuku had noticed a tension between the sisters, most noticably Tatsumaki's overprotectiveness over Fubuki. After a talk between the Psychic Sisters, he had managed to convince Tatsumaki to give Fubuki some space to grow as her own person. While it did improve the relationship between the sisters, they still refuse to see eye-to-eye about how to view true strength.

Tatsumaki believes that true power comes from fighting alone while Fubuki believes that strength comes from fighting in a group. In Izuku's own opinion, he believes them both to be right. Tatsumaki is right that when fighting powerful opponents, one should be able to rely on themselves, but Fubuki is also right in that a group offers better chances in victory, as well as offer the important skill of teamwork. Although, Izuku never does get a chance to voice his own opinion, since he can never get his voice heard while the two are arguing about who's ideology is correct.

"I saw you on the news again today. You defeated a Dragon-Class monster in City A and then a giant in City D" said Fubuki, wanting to make conversation. "Most impressive."

Tatsumaki folds her arms across her chest and nods. "That's to be expected from the Number One Hero. I bet he didn't break a sweat" she stated, proudly.

Izuku quirks a brow at the S-Class Rank 2 Hero and wonders why it sounds like she's taking credit for his victories. "It's our jobs to protect humanity from the threat of monsters. I couldn't stand by as they caused chaos and mayhem. Simple as that."

"Simple my ass" thought Fubuki with a twitching brow. She could have her entire Blizzard Group face off against either one of those two monsters and they'd stand no chance, even with her help. The same can't be said for her sister who could have killed the two monsters as easily as Deku did, if not more so.

"We should go out on a job together someday. Y-You know, if you want. Not like I care if we did or anything" said Tatsumaki who quickly reverts to her tsundere mode, much to Fubuki's ire. Her older sister's attraction to Deku is noticable to anyone with eyes and for Fubuki who hopes to one day confess her own feelings to him, she doesn't like having to compete against her sister, but she will do so and win.

Whenever she gathers up the courage to confess her feelings to him anyway.

For now, she will bide her time and wait for the right moment to strike.


Name: Izuku Midoriya

Hero Name: Deku

Aliases: Mr. Invincible, Unbeatable, Smiles, etc.

Rank: S-Class Rank 1


Power: S+++

Speed: S+++

Endurance: S+++

Durability: S+++

Technique: S++

Intelligence: A+++

Cooperativeness: S++

Leadership: S+++

Author's Note: Some might be confused by the Hero Name and Aliases in the stats, but while Izuku's Hero name is Deku, he also goes by nicknames or aliases that the public made up for him.

Also, I still need ideas for the four unknown Quirks that Izuku has so if you have any ideas, PM me. They could be anything from simple or unique.