Author's Note: I want to make Izuku a tall and powerful figure to go along with his near godly power and after realizing that while I did make him muscular, he is pretty short compared to certain characters like Tanktop Tiger who is 7'2" so I will be changing Izuku's height from 6'2" to 7'4".

I will also stop showing how much power Izuku is using when in a fight. It's honestly starting to confuse me so I'll only make brief mentions of it from now on.

I'm also still looking for ideas on Izuku's Quirks so if you have any, PM me if you have any thoughts on a Quirk.

Izuku's Quirks:

1) One For All

2) Blackwhip

3) Float

4) ?

5) ?

6) ?

7) ?



"Are you sure about this?" asked Izuku as he and Genos face off against each other in the middle of an abandoned quarry.

Not long after Genos joined the Hero Registry and earned his S-Class status, the cyborg had gotten new mechanical upgrades installed onto his body to boost both his power and performance. Soon after, the cyborg asked Izuku to spar with him to test out his new upgrades and seeing no reason not to, Izuku accepted with the goal to teach his student a lesson on how to be an official Hero. Hence, why they are in the middle of an abandoned quarry which is miles away from any civilization so they don't have to worry about injuring any civilians or causing any unnecessary property damage.

"I am" confirmed Genos with a confident nod. "Sensei, thank you for agreeing to my odd request. I appreciate it."

"I wouldn't be allowed to call myself a teacher if I didn't teach my student anything" chuckled Izuku who begins to stretch his arms and legs to loosen up his muscles. It's not often that he gets to spar, due to his busy schedule. "So how do you want to do this?"

"I want you to go all out."

Izuku pauses while in the middle of stretching his left leg. "Excuse me?"

"I want you to go all out and in return, I will do the same" said Genos who takes a battle stance while his mechanical body heats itself up in preparation for the fight with the Strongest Hero in the world. "Please, sensei."


The quick and straightforward answer causes Genos to look at Izuku in surprise. "Please, sensei. If I am to learn, I must test myself against you at your strongest."

Now finished with his stretches, Izuku pushes himself up and stares at his student from across the quarry. "Genos, I will be completely honest with you. If I were to fight you while using my full power, you would die. Carnage Kabuto didn't last more than a few seconds when I used 100% of my power and I believe that doing so was overkill. Not only did he defeat you, but he did so easily and I doubt your recent upgrades would have made much of a difference."

Genos widens his eyes and is quick to note that his sensei didn't say that out of arrogance, but with full confidence. As much as Izuku's blunt words hurt, Genos looks down at his clenched right fist, knowing that his sensei is right. "Sensei is correct. Where's he defeated Kabuto with ease, I couldn't so much as leave a scratch on that monster."

Izuku knows that he might have been a little harsh, but he needs to curb Genos's recklessness before it gets him killed. "I want you to go all out and show me what you can do. In return, I will judge you on your fighting skills and point out on how you can improve them."

While disappointed that he won't be facing his sensei at full power, Genos nods in understanding and takes his fighting stance again while also powering up his mechanical body. From underneath Genos's sleeveless white shirt, Izuku can see the ports on the cyborg's chest glow a bright orange, due to the heat building up in Genos's body. The same glow can also be seen from the gaps in Genos's recently upgraded mechanical arms, the Anti-Deku Tactical Arms.

Without giving Izuku a warning, the boosters on Genos's shoulders erupt in a detonation of heat and flame that propels the cyborg forward while he thrusts his right leg out to kick the Number One Hero.

A small spark of emerald lightning bounces off Deku's muscular body, showing that he is now using his Full Cowl technique. Seeing Genos's flying dropkick a mile away, Deku leans back in a perfect ninety degree angle to dodge the cyborg who flies overhead, missing his kick.

Realizing that he missed, Genos uses the cannon on his right palm to slow down his momentum before he uses both palms to force himself into a spin and throws a spin kick at the back of Deku's head.

With his back turned to Genos, most would expect the kick to land, but because of one of Izuku's various Quirks, he senses the incoming kick and ducks at the last second to avoid it.

The Quirk that Izuku just used is a useful one called Danger Sense which he inherited from the fourth user of One For All. It allows him to detect any potential threats in the surrounding area, thus giving him the opportunity to properly react to any attacks, even those that he can't see. When amplified with One For All, Danger Sense allows Izuku to detect threats for miles, although the sharp stabbing pain that he gets whenever detecting a threat can be annoying.

Undeterred, Genos uses his boosters to fly around his sensei in a random pattern to confuse him before he propels himself high up into the air with his right leg raised up high for a axe kick. The cyborg then activates his boosters again to launch himself back down at Deku to increase the power in his axe kick which he connects on his sensei. The result of Genos's axe kick causes the ground the explode from the force with rocks and dust being thrown into the air.

However, the cloud of dust quickly disperses because of a small shockwave that occurs in the middle of the dust cloud. With the cloud of dust no longer blocking their sight, Genos can be seen with his shaking right leg pressing down on Deku's left arm which he used to block the axe kick, leaving him unharmed. While Izuku received no damage to Genos's axe kick, the force of the blow still manages to sink Izuku's legs into the floor of the crater.

Noticing how Deku's legs are now stuck in the ground, Genos sees an opening and presses his other foot on Deku's blocking arm to kick off it. Backflipping away to a safe distance, Genos aims his right arm at the Number One Hero. Genos's fist and forearm open up, revealing several cannons which are glowing with energy. All the cannons fire and the gathered power from each cannon combines to shoot a powerful beam.

Still smiling, Izuku disappears from the crater, dodging the beam which instead hits the cliff behind him, resulting in an explosion of flames and flying melting rock which can be heard for over a mile.

Izuku appears several feet away from where he once stood and looks over the smoking crater in the cliff. "Impressive. Your beams were powerful before, but they acted more like strong flamethrowers. Now, they fire like an actual laser" complimented Izuku who is hoping to someday meet the scientist who made the upgrades, Dr. Kuseno.

Genos releases the breath he has been holding. "Damn, I need more speed" thought the cyborg who then slams his palms on the molten floor. The power in Genos's body drastically increases as heat gathers in his booster while electricity is bouncing off his mechanical hands.

The rise in power isn't missed by Izuku who focuses his attention on Genos who begins to levitate. Then all of a sudden, the ground shatters as Genos disappears in a burst of speed that he couldn't perform before getting his Anti-Deku Tactical Arms upgrade.

Deku disappears as well, easily matching Genos's improved speeds. The pair of them move across the quarry at speeds that make them invisible to the human eye. The only reason anyone would notice their presence is because of the craters that are popping up across the quarry, as well as the occasional shockwaves that occur whenever Izuku and Genos clash.

Clenching his teeth in annoyance, Genos chases after his fleeing sensei and unleashes a barrage of punches at Izuku with each punch dodged effortlessly by Izuku. Every punch that Genos misses makes a new crater in either the floor or in the face of a cliff. Spotting his sensei stopping in midair by the cliff, Genos takes his chance and throws a barrage of punches at him. The resulting blows destroy the face of a cliff and leaves behind a large crater.

While in midair and facing the large crater he just made in the cliff, Genos pulls back his fist for another punch, but stops once he notices that Deku has completely vanished from view. "He is gone? How can sensei move so fast?" thought Genos who then uses his Hyper Sensors to scan his surrounding environment for Deku. "Sensei is... above me!"

"Too slow, Genos."

Before the cyborg can react, a blackwhip suddenly wraps itself around Genos from above, trapping his arms to his torso. Looking up, Genos sees his floating sensei smiling down at him with the blackwhip protruding from his left palm.

Just as Genos is about to use his boosters to try and escape his sensei's grasp, Izuku pulls the blackwhip over his head while taking Genos for the ride and then flicks it downwards, throwing Genos straight down to the floor. The floor cracks and bursts once Genos collides into it.

Izuku lands back on the cracked ground and looks into the cloud of dust where he threw Genos. "You ready to call it quits?" he asked, but by the orange glow he can see from inside the cloud of dust, Izuku guesses that the answer is a resounding no.

With both of his fists now connected together, Genos's forearms and fists open up to reveal over a dozen cannons, each glowing orange as they all gather energy from his core. "Incinerate!" exclaimed Genos before firing a much more powerful beam that vaporizes everything in front of him.

While impressed with the powerful beam of destruction, Deku decides to take it head on instead of dodging it. Izuku aims his left hand at the incoming beam with his middle finger pulled back for a flick and brimming with the power of One For All. With a smile, Izuku flicks his finger and the power placed in the flick unleashes a thin, but powerful beam of pressurized air which flies towards Genos's beam.

Due to his beam being so large and wide, Genos can't see Deku flick his finger, because if he did, he might have remembered him using the same move against Carnage Kabuto after the monster blew away Genos's beam of fire.

Deku's concentrated beam of pressurized air collides into Genos's more widespread beam, but instead of fighting in a clash for power, the pressurized air pierces through Genos's beam, dispersing it in all directions in the process. Once Genos's beam has been completely dispersed, the pressurized air then flies over the cyborg's right shoulder, just enough distance away from causing any damage to his mechanical body, but close enough to rip the upper right side of Genos's shirt.

With wide eyes, Genos attempts to comprehend how his most powerful attack was just countered, but he then sees that Deku is now standing right in front of him, having moved so fast that it seems like he just teleported. The cyborg attempts to attack, but when Izuku pulls his clenched fist back for an obvious punch, Genos is hit with a strange and terrifying foreboding feeling that paralyzes him. It's a feeling that reminds Genos of when someone is dropped into the freezing waters of a raging river and no matter how hard they try to fight the current, it still drags them away.

It's only when Genos witnesses Deku throw his fist, which almost seems to have grown immensely in size, does the cyborg realize what the foreboding feeling is.


As much as Genos wants to dodge or counter the incoming punch, he knows that nothing he does will save him. He's too slow to dodge it, he's too weak to counter it and he knows that an attempt to block the punch will only lead to a swift and hopefully painless death. Maybe that's why Genos doesn't attempt to resist, because he has already realized the futility in resisting his upcoming death.

However, Genos is given mercy, since Deku stops his punch just an inch away from Genos's face. For a moment, nothing seems to happen until a powerful gust of wind blows into Genos's face who barely manages to keep himself on his feet. Once the powerful winds have subsided, Genos looks at Deku with a bewildered expression on his face, uncaring about how the wind made by sensei's punch has blown his hair back, making it look spikier than normal.

"Not bad, Genos. Not bad at all" praised Izuku who pulls his arm back, watching as the cyborg seems to relax once the offending appendage has been removed from his face. "Compliments to Dr. Kuseno. The upgrades he made on your body is very impressive. You're stronger, faster and your Incinerator Cannons have been greatly improved. However, you are still too reckless, especially when things don't go your way" stated Izuku.

"Sensei?" Genos asked.

"You are quick to attack and while it's good to be quick on the draw, sometimes you need to take a step back and analyze your opponent for any weaknesses. You had rushed in during the encounter with Carnage Kabuto and if not for him not taking you seriously, he would have killed you in an instant" told Izuku, knowing that Carnage Kabuto was simply playing with Genos during their encounter with him at the House of Evolution. "If you fought another monster as strong as Carnage Kabuto, they might be more willing to fight you more seriously and that would spell the end of you."

Genos nods, understanding that he needs to be careful when fighting his next opponents.

"I've also noticed that you are quick to get frustrated when your attacks don't connect. Remain calm when fighting, because getting angry in the middle of a fight might just be what kills you in the end. Another thing I want to point out is your weaponry."

Genos looks at his sensei in surprise. "My weaponry?"

"Yes. I notice that all your weaponry focuses on the absolute destruction of your enemy" said Izuku.

Genos nods in confirmation. "Of course. With more destructive power, I can deal greater damage to my enemies."

"I can understand that, but what if you were caught in a situation where your destructive weaponry was made useless?" asked Deku, curious over how Genos would handle such a situation.

Genos looks at Izuku like as if he asked him something crazy. "How could my weapons be made useless?" asked the cyborg, curiously.

"What if you were fighting a Mysterious Being and they took an innocent civilian hostage. How would you save that civilian?" asked Izuku, folding his muscular arms across his equally muscular chest.

Genos opens his mouth to answer, but no words come out. Genos may be intelligent, but he honesty has no idea on how to save the civilian, since he obviously cannot use his Incinerator Cannons with the Mysterious Being holding a hostage. "I... I do not know, sensei. Forgive me" apologized Genos, looking down in defeat.

Izuku merely laughs and pats Genos on the shoulder, not noticing that his gentle pats are slightly denting the cyborg's shoulder. "There is nothing to forgive. You wanted to become my student to learn so learn you shall. Having the firepower to eliminate Mysterious Beings is great and all, but there's more to being a Hero than simply fighting monsters. Most tend to forget that. You must be ready to save lives at a moments notice, either it be by defeating monsters or by rescuing civilians from a collapsed building caused by a natural disaster."

Genos looks up at Deku with complete admiration. "I didn't realize that Hero work was more than fighting monsters. Sensei really is amazing."

A groaning sound interrupts the thoughts of the two Heroes who both look down at Deku's stomach which is groaning in protest. Izuku blushes in embarrassment and laughs. "It seems like the spar made me hungry. Let's go and get something to eat, my treat."

As Izuku turns and walks towards the closest City of the quarry, Genos feels a draft from behind him so he turns around and what he sees makes him widen his eyes in awe and fear. The cliff behind Genos is now a massive trench which reaches all the way to the other side and the cyborg doesn't fail to notice how the overhead clouds look to have been split in half.

Genos thought he had a good grasp on understanding Deku's strength, but seeing as how the winds blown from one of sensei's punches destroyed a large cliff and split the clouds, it makes the cyborg rethink on what he knows about sensei's strength.

"I am fully prepared to do anything in order to become stronger. But... I cannot picture myself ever approaching sensei's power. Not even close" thought Genos while staring at the massive trench in the cliff. The cyborg turns back to look at the back of Izuku Midoriya who is walking away. "He's on a different level. No wonder he is the World's Strongest Hero."


After returning to civilization, Izuku and Genos stop in front of an udon noodle restaurant. Since neither of the Heroes are picky, they decide to try it and so, Izuku walks over and slides the door open. Walking in, Izuku looks around and finds the restaurant to be small, but comfy in appearance. With it being so late, it appears to be mostly empty with only two highschool girls sitting at a table and a middle aged couple sitting by the counter where the chef is working.

"Excuse us, table for two?" he asked while Genos closes the door behind them.

"Welcome! Come on in and take a seat anyw-" spoke the chef who looks up from what he's doing to see who are his next customers, only to stop and stare with wide eyes upon recognizing the large man to be none other than the S-Class Rank 1 Hero, Deku. "Y-You're D-Deku" gasped the chef, pointing a very shaky finger at the one nicknamed Mr. Invincible. The World's Strongest Hero... in his restaurant!

Of course, the chef's gasp captures the attention of everyone else in the restaurant who all turn to see the Number One Hero, Deku, standing before them. The highschool girls shriek in obvious excitement, alongside the wife of the middle aged couple.

"Oh my god, it's Deku!"

"I can't believe it's actually him!"

"Oh my~!"

While the husband might not be happy that his wife of thirty years is ogling somebody else, he'll give her a pass since it's Deku.

Izuku chuckles over the excitement and waves at the citizens before turning his gaze to the chef. "So we can take a seat anywhere?"

The gaping chef mindlessly nods before regaining control of himself. "O-Of course! Take a seat anywhere you want!" told the chef, waving an arm towards the seats in his small restaurant.

Nodding with a smile, Deku takes a seat at a table that's two tables down from where the highschool girls are sitting. Once sitting down, the pair of S-Class Heroes look over the menu while ignoring the stares from the other occupants of the restaurant.

"What is it you are having, sensei?" asked Genos while looking over the menu.

Izuku hums as he looks for something appetizing, but a sign hanging over the counter catches his attention. "Super-Spicy Mega-Monster Udon Challenge?" he said, reading the sign. By the looks of it, it's an eating challenge made up by the chef and beside the sign are pictures of people who had managed to complete the challenge. "I'll be having the Super-Spicy Mega-Monster Udon" he answered, folding up his menu.

"Very well. I will have the same as you, sensei" told Genos, folding his own menu.

Once they've put down their menus, the chef is quick to come to their side. "Are you ready to order?" he asked, attempting to not look nervous while in front of the Number One Hero.

"We would like two Super-Spicy Mega-Monster Udons and two colas, please" said Izuku while giving the shocked chef their menus.

It turns out that making the challenge takes nearly half an hour and Izuku can't help but laugh when he sees the chef serve them their noodles in blue buckets, showing the Hero that the challenge isn't just difficult because the udon noodles are very spicy, but also because they are given a large amount of the noodles. After thanking the chef, Izuku takes a whiff of the udon noodles and feels his mouth water over the smell. "Bottoms up!" he exclaimed and to the shock and amazement of everyone watching, Izuku lifts the bucket and begins downing the noodles in one go.

Genos watches for a moment before shrugging his shoulders and copies his sensei by gulping down the spicy noodles without any trouble.

After a couple of seconds, Izuku places the now empty bucket onto the table and sighs in satisfaction. After training his body to be as large as it is now, he requires a lot of food to satisfy his stomach, as well as keep up his muscle mass. The Super-Spicy Mega-Monster udon was perfect to satisfy his stomach. "That was delicious" he complimented, making the chef blush over the praise.

"Did you see that? He ate all those noodles in one go" whispered one of the highschool students in awe.

"That's the Number One Hero for ya" answered the other girl, although she sounds just as shocked as the other.

Genos places his own bucket down after finishing his noodles and simply sighs in satisfaction.

As Izuku drinks his cola, the chef returns with a camera on hand. "Mr. D-Deku, I hope you don't mind if I take a picture of you. I usually take a picture of anyone who completes the Super-Spicy Mega-Monster Udon Challenge and place it on the wall. Of course, it's up to you!"

"I don't mind one bit" answered Izuku who sits back and smiles as the chef takes his picture. The chef also takes a picture of Genos, seeing as he has also completed the challenge.

"Thank you and if I'm not pushing it, could I please have an autograph? It's for my son" asked the chef, hoping that he's not pushing his luck.

As a Hero who makes time for his fans, Izuku nods and takes out a pen from one of his suit's pockets. "No problem. What is it you want me to sign?"

Quickly checking himself for anything, the chef offers Izuku his notepad that he uses to write down customer orders. Taking the notepad, Izuku signs his name before offering it back to the chef who looks at the autograph like as if it was signed by God himself. It's not the first time someone has looked at his autograph with that expression and it will definitely not be the last. "I bet I made the same face when I first got All Might's autograph" he thought with a silent chuckle, remembering how excited he was to get the autograph of the Number One Hero, All Might.

Izuku's is shaken out of his thoughts when the two highschool girls and the middle aged wife come up to him with excited smiles. "D-Deku, you are just the best. Could I please get an autograph as well?" asked one of the highschool girls who appears to be doing everything in her power not to collapse in embarrassment.

"That's no problem at all. What would you like me to sign?"

After giving three more autographs and taking a few selfies, everyone returns to their tables. Izuku downs the rest of his cola and sighs in satisfaction, but he turns to the door when he hears it open and slightly widens his eyes when he recognizes the man who walks into the restaurant.

"Welcome. Sit any-" said the chef who gasps once he recognizes another famous face walking into his restaurant.

Said person ignores the stares and gasps from the civilians and walks over to the table Izuku and Genos are sitting at. He stops by the table and smiles down at the pair with his hands still in his pockets. "You must be Genos. I'm Sweet Mask, Class A Rank 1" introduced the now revealed Hero, Sweet Mask.

Sweet Mask is a tall, lean-built handsome young man with messy, shoulder-length light blue hair and yellow eyes. He is wearing a white jacket over a gray shirt with a green circle necklace and a pair of black trousers.

Izuku isn't surprised to see Sweet Mask, having suspected that he would be coming to welcome Genos and to speak with him about taking his job as a Hero seriously. After all, Genos wouldn't have been allowed to rise up to S-Class so quickly, unless Sweet Mask allowed it. Many Heroes have attempted to rise up to S-Class, but to do so, they must first earn the A-Class Rank 1 title, but none have managed to take it from the monster that is Sweet Mask. Sweet Mask has done such a good job on preventing Heroes from joining Class S that he has been given the unofficial title of Gatekeeper.

Deku is on friendly terms with Sweet Mask, having worked with him on a few occasions, either it be from fighting Mysterious Beings or when working on a collaboration to advertising Hero memorabilia. While Izuku isn't aware of the entirety of Sweet Mask's strength, Izuku believes without any shadow of a doubt that Sweet Mask is more than strong enough to join S-Class, but he remains as the top ranked Hero in Class A so he can keep the so-called weaklings out of Class S. While Izuku doesn't agree with Sweet Mask calling fellow Heroes weaklings, he does agree that only the best Heroes should be allowed to join S-Class. S-Class Heroes are expected to fight and defeat Dragon-level threats and only the strongest of them can do that.

"Sweet Mask, I was expecting you to give Genos a visit, sooner or later" said Izuku, smiling at the famous Hero. While Izuku may be officially the top ranked Hero in the world without question, he is constantly fighting Sweet Mask over the number one spot for most popular Hero. Sweet Mask is the most popular celebrity in the world after all so it isn't easy.

Sweet Mask turns to Izuku and his smile seems to widen. "Deku, it's always a pleasure to meet the world's beautiful symbol of justice" complimented the A-Class Hero in complete honesty. As the Gatekeeper, he has stopped many unworthy Heroes from reaching S-Class status, hence why he rebuffs them when they attempt to take his spot as the A-Class Rank 1 Hero. There are even some S-Class Heroes who Sweet Mask believes don't deserve their ranks, such as Puri Puri Prisoner and Metal Bat. However, there is one true Hero who he sees as the perfect representation of what a Hero should aspire to be and that's none other than the Number One Hero himself, Deku.

"What is it you want?" asked Genos, being as blunt as usual when it comes to speaking with people.

If Sweet Mask is offended, he doesn't show it and instead, turns back to Genos with a smile. "Could we speak for a moment?"

Seeing no reason why they can't, Genos turns to Izuku. "I shall return, sensei."

"I'll be here" answered Deku, waving the cyborg off who follows Sweet Mask outside.

Within five minutes, Genos returns and sits back down with a thoughtful expression.

"Hope he didn't come off too strong. Sweet Mask takes Hero work more seriously than others" said Izuku, having an idea on what Sweet Mask wanted to speak with Genos about.

"It is fine, sensei. He was simply welcoming me to the Hero Association" answered Genos.

Izuku nods before reaching for his wallet. "Okay then, we should head off. It's late and I'd like to get some sleep" he said before placing the payment for the noodles, as well as a generous tip for the chef. "Thanks for the food."

"O-Of course. Please come again!"

( City Z )

A week has passed by in blissful silence, much to Izuku's relief. With no Dragon-level monsters causing havoc in any of the Cities, Izuku is given more time to focus his energy on his duties as principal to the Hero Academy, specifically, completing his paperwork.

At the moment, Izuku is walking through City Z so he can do some shopping, as his apartment is in dire need of food. As someone who is 7'4" tall and packed with muscle, he needs to eat four times the normally recommended amount of food everyday to keep his muscle mass and fill him with energy. Hence, shopping for food tends to be expensive, but seeing as he is the S-Class Rank 1 Hero, he is given more than enough money from the Hero Association to pay the bill.

Walking through the busy streets of City Z, Izuku tugs the hood of his green hoodie down to hide more of his hair and face. So far, it looks like he doesn't have to worry about anyone recognizing him. At least, that's until he hears a woman's voice from behind him which is followed by someone grabbing him by his left shoulder.

"That's the guy. He's looks very suspicious and dangerous" said a young woman, pointing at the disguised Izuku Midoriya. She had noticed the large and dangerous looking man purposely trying to keep his face hidden, which she found very suspicious. Thinking that he is some kind of criminal, she had alerted a nearby Hero to deal with him.

"Hey, buddy, what do you think you're doing?"

Izuku turns around and sees that the person who grabbed his shoulder is a large muscular man who has tiger stripes running through his hair and eyebrows. He also wears a tiger-striped tank top, which signifies him as the C-Class Hero, Tanktop Tiger who is a member of the Tank Topper Army, one of the largest and strongest factions in the Hero Association which is led by the S-Class Rank 14 Hero, Tanktop Master.

Izuku has a lot of respect for his fellow S-Class Hero, Tanktop Master who he knows is a chivalrous and humble Hero, which is sadly uncommon among the current Heroes. To make sure that the next generation of Heroes become more humble than the current generation, Izuku specifically has the students in Hero Academy learn how to not be a victim of their own arrogance. Last thing the world needs are more arrogant Heroes with explosive personalities, like his former friend, Katsuki Bakugo.

As much as Izuku respects Tanktop Master, he can't help but be baffled over how Tanktop Master believes he gains power from wearing tank tops of all things. Still, Tanktop Master is S-Class for a reason and is more than deserving of his rank, not just for his strength, but for also commanding the Tank Topper Army, although Izuku has heard rumors that some Heroes of the Tank Topper Army are prone to being arrogant and rude.

"Are you deaf? I said, what do you think you're doing, looking all suspicious" demanded Tanktop Tiger, glaring at the hooded man.

Izuku stares at the Hero and blinks, realizing that Tanktop Tiger doesn't recognize him. As much as he doesn't like to sound arrogant, none of the C-Class Heroes would dare talk down to him if they knew who he was. "I think this is a simple misunderstanding."

"Misunderstanding, huh? Don't think you can weasel you're way out of this" remarked Tanktop Tiger in an aggressive manner.

The confrontation isn't missed by the civilians who watch in awe, recognizing the C-Class Rank 6 Hero, Tanktop Tiger.

"Look, isn't that Tanktop Tiger?"

"I can't believe it, it is Tanktop Tiger!"

"No way!"

"Awesome, he's the real deal!"

Tanktop Tiger soaks up the attention and praise from the public. "Even Class C Heroes get recognized, well if they're in the top ten anyway" said the Hero before he gets into Izuku's face. "Well how about it? You wanna fight and make me look good in the process?" asked the C-Class Hero in a smug tone.

"Exploding Shuriken."

Izuku feels a pulse of pain in the back of his head which tells him that his Danger Sense Quirk is detecting a nearby threat. Moving quickly, Izuku grabs Tanktop Tiger by his shoulders and as easily as lifting a feather, he lifts the muscular Hero off the ground and moves him to the right so Izuku can use his own body to protect his fellow Hero. The trio of thrown shuriken which was meant for the C-Class Hero instead swerves towards Izuku and detonate upon hitting Izuku's muscular back, engulfing the upper half of his body in smoke.

"What the-?" muttered Tanktop Tiger in surprise, due to being caught off guard by the surprise attack and the fact that the stranger just took the attack for him. The Class C Hero may not be smart like Tanktop Doctor, but he isn't blind. "You took that hit for me?" he stated in disbelief, wondering why the hooded man would do that for him.

From inside the small cloud of smoke, a deep chuckle erupts and many feel a tingle of excitement when they recognize it from the many online videos that showcase a certain Hero. "Of course. After all, it is my duty as a Hero."

From the smoke, a muscular man with curly green hair and glowing emerald eyes emerge with a wide smile on his face, unharmed by the explosive shurikens, yet now shirtless because his hoodie and shirt was destroyed by the explosions, not that anyone is complaining.

Obviously, everyone recognizes who the man is and while his appearance brings hope and excitement to the nearby civilians, Tanktop Tiger instead feels his blood turn ice cold once he realizes that he was talking smack to the Number One Hero of all people.

"Do not fear, for Deku is here!" bellowed the shirtless Hero while flexing his powerful muscles to the crowd, much to their pleasure. Izuku turns around to find that the source of the explosive shurikens is none other than the Villain, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic who is wearing a black shirt, pants and has a sheathed sword tied to his waist. "You again" said Izuku in more relief than surprise. "At least I know now that I didn't kill him."

"I've finally found you, Deku. Today is the day we settle our score" told Sonic who's hand slowly reaches for the hilt of his sword. The ninja had suffered a humiliating defeat by the hands of the Hero during the Paradisers incident and he for one can't accept that. He needs to make things even and he can only do that by defeating and killing the man that's nicknamed the Invincible Man.

Deku takes in his surroundings, not liking the idea of fighting Sonic in the middle of the street with so many people in the area. "Tanktop Tiger, I need you to evacuate everyone from the surrounding area, now."

Gulping, the C-Class Rank 6 Hero nods, knowing that he's likely on thin ice with the S-Class Rank 1 Hero so the last thing he wants is to annoy him further. "R-Right" he nodded before turning to the watching civilians. "You heard the man! Get your butts moving and get out of here!" That's all the civilians need to hear before they begin to run away with Tanktop Tiger moving to follow after them.

However, the C-Class Hero widens his eyes when the Villain suddenly appears before him with the sword already in mid swing, aiming to remove his head from his shoulders. "I can't dodge!" thought Tanktop Tiger who widens his eyes in horror, knowing that he's about to get killed and he can't do anything to save himself.

Luckily for him, Sonic's sword shatters into a hundred pieces after being punched by Deku who appears before him in an instant, forcing Sonic to disappear again and reappear a few feet away. A sweaty and shaking Tanktop Tiger collapses onto his hands and knees while looking down at the ground. "If it wasn't for Deku, I would be dead right now" he thought in terrifying realization. Taking down thieves and fighting Tiger-level monsters with his Tanktop brethren is a lot different than facing someone who can move much faster than he can react to.

"Don't let this put you down, Tanktop Tiger."

Blinking, Tanktop Tiger looks up from the floor to see Deku smiling at him from over his shoulder. "W-What?"

"Every Hero has felt the sting of defeat at some point in their lives, including myself. That's why we must learn from our defeats to improve ourselves so we can become better Heroes. Learn from this defeat, Tanktop Tiger and strive to become a better Hero" advised Deku before turning back to Sonic.

Deku's advise and actions strikes a cord with Tanktop Tiger who looks down at the floor in shame. Deku saved his life not once, but twice, even after he talked down to the disguised Number One Hero. His pride made him look like a fool in front of Deku and he only has himself to blame. "I shame the tank top I'm wearing!" thought Tanktop Tiger who pushes himself up to his feet and runs away, knowing that he will only get in Deku's way if he stays.

Speed-o'-Sound Sonic looks at the hilt of his destroyed sword in surprise, wondering how Deku could shatter his sharpened steel with just a single punch. "My sword should have taken his hand off so why did it shatter?" thought Sonic while he sheathes his destroyed blade and glares at the Hero. "Is his fist truly stronger than steel?" As someone who has been punched across the sky with that same fist, Sonic is willing to believe that.

"Stand down, Sonic. Don't make this harder than it should be" ordered Deku, having noticed that there are still a few stragglers in the area. If a fight does break out, they could get caught in the crossfire.

Sonic isn't someone who's easily intimidated, but when he looks at Deku who has a smile that doesn't reach his eyes, he feels an invisible force press down on him, as if warning him that attempting anything will lead to serious consequences. The uncomfortable feeling is quashed and Sonic hides his discomfort with a cocky smirk. "Oh? Is that a threat?" he asked, noticing Deku's eyes look to the few civilians who are still in the area.

An idea springs to mind.

Sonic disappears and reappears high in the air, seemingly gliding in the air before he throws a handful of exploding shuriken down at Deku. "Hail of Carnage!"

Deku tenses up, preparing to deal with the incoming shuriken, only to be surprised when they all suddenly venture off in different directions, hitting the nearby buildings and causing rubble to fall down on the street where some civilians still remain. A specifically large piece of rubble nearly lands on a woman who tripped while fleeing, but Deku uses a Blackwhip to knock the rubble away. Deku looks back up at the Villain who is still throwing exploding shuriken.

"Face me, Deku! Can you defeat me and save them from their deaths!" exclaimed Sonic while throwing more exploding shurikens all over the area with a sinister smirk on his face.

Deku is about to jump up to put down the Villain, but an explosion from one of the shurikens manages to toss a car in the air and the Hero notices the car is heading towards a crying child who is walking in the middle of the street. Deku activates Full Cowl and is about to move to save the kid, but it turns out that he isn't needed.

"I've got you kid!" exclaimed Tanktop Tiger, having grabbed the child and jumped away from the flying car before it could hit them. Rolling forward while keeping his arms around the child to protect him, Tanktop Tiger rolls to his feet with the child still in his arms. "Come on, let's get out of here" said the C-Class Hero who runs in the opposite direction of the explosions.

That honestly did surprise Deku, having expected Tanktop Tiger to have fled for safety along with most of the civilians. Instead, it turns out that he had stuck around to help evacuate those who couldn't and he had even risked his own life to save a kid from the flying car. Those actions speak of a different Tanktop Tiger from just a few minutes ago. "Someone's due for a promotion" thought Deku who then focuses his attention back on Sonic who has run out of explosive shurikens.

"What, not coming? Then I'll come to you!" shouted Sonic, moving to attack Deku since it looks like the Number One Hero isn't coming to him.

Again, the invisible force emerges and presses down on him, only this time, the pressure is a hundred times more powerful than before. This actually causes the Villain to falter while still in midair as he tries to breathe while under the unseen force. "What is this feeling?" thought Sonic while struggling to breathe. Noticing something glowing at the edge of his vision, Sonic looks over his shoulder and widens his eyes in horror.

Hovering above the gliding Villain is the Hero, Deku who had managed to appear above him without him noticing. While making a note of that, Sonic is more worried about how Deku is covered in a shroud of energy that looks like a mix of emerald flames and lightning. The Hero's now spikey hair is also blocking the sun from reaching the upper half of Deku's face, covering it in a shadow, not that it hides the two glowing green eyes that are glaring into Sonic's soul.

However, such overwhelming speed and power isn't what fills the Villain with dread. No, it's the lack of a smile on Deku's face which manages to frighten Sonic more than anything else and he doesn't even know why.

Not that he is given any longer to think about it, because Deku throws a punch into Sonic's left cheek. Upon contact with Deku's fist and Sonic's cheek, a shockwave of massive proportion occurs which shatters the windows of every building in a ten mile radius. The shockwave also causes the entirety of City Z to shake, as if it's being hit by an earthquake and the sky which was once relatively filled with white fluffy clouds is now perfectly clear.

The moment Sonic's cheek meets with Deku's fist, the Villain falls into unconsciousness, even before he is rocketed down into the pavement.

Deku lowers himself to the edge of the crater that he put Sonic in and once he sees the unconscious Villain stuck in the crater, Deku cancels out his Full Cowl. Giving the surrounding area a quick look over to check out the damage, Izuku winces when he notices the shattered windows of every building in the area, knowing that he did that. "I'm gonna have to pay for that" muttered the Hero who takes responsibility for every piece of damage he does to public property.

( Hero Association Headquarters - Control Room )

In the control room, there are only three Hero Association employees who are each sitting at a console, including Bearded Worker who is sitting on the main console which overlooks the floor below it where the two console operators are stationed. At the moment, they are discussing the arrest made by Deku a couple days ago.

"The man apprehended by Deku the other day in City Z is suspected to being involved in several heinous crimes, including assassination" told the male operator while looking over the holographic screen in front of him.

Bearded Worker who has his own holographic screen open looks over the data and image of the Villain, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic who is now the newest resident of the Smelly Lid Prison, home of the S-Class Rank 16 Hero, Puri Puri Prisoner. "City Z again, huh..." sighed Bearded Worker who looks down at a piece of paper which is made up of graphs which show that monsters have been appearing in City Z a lot more often. "What's the status of the investigation I requested?"

"You mean the one for the Ghost Town?" asked the female console operator who is already in the middle of bringing up the information onto her holographic screen.

"Yes" answered Bearded Worker.

"Let me see..." muttered the female operator before another holographic screen appears, showcasing the required information about the requested investigation. "It appears that an official inquiry has been submitted" she answered while reading off the screen which reveals that the two A-Class Heroes, Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio have been assigned to investigate City Z.

"Well, doesn't that sound ever so interesting. Want me to check it out?" asked a smiling Tornado of Terror, Tatsumaki who is leaning against Bearded Worker's console while keeping herself in the air by using her telekinetic powers.

"Tornado!? How did you get in here?" asked a surprised Bearded Worker who nearly jumps out of his chair, due to surprise. He never even seen her enter the room!

Tatsumaki pushes off the console so she can stand upright in the air. "Why? Aren't I allowed here?" she asked, losing her smile.

"Of course. For City Z, the investigation is just a formality, it's not worth your time" explained Bearded Worker.

Turns out, that was the wrong thing to say to the S-Class Rank 2 Hero who misinterprets the man's words. "What?" The Esper's temper rises which causes her psychokinetic powers to shake the room and levitate some small items, such as Bearded Worker's coffee cup.

Luckily for Bearded Worker, the female console operator walks up to the upper level with a smile, seemingly unafraid of Tatsumaki's rising power and temper. "That's not it. The Association decided this was not a Class S matter. That's all" she explained, walking over to Bearded Worker's side.

"Yes, exactly right" confirmed Bearded Worker, thankful for the help.

Tatsumaki glares at the two for a moment before she turns her nose away from them while also stopping her rising power. "You better tell me if you find anything that looks like it can fight" warned Tatsumaki, pointing a finger at Bearded Worker before she flies to the door. She then turns to glare at the two employees again. "It would be much faster if I just went myself. You guys are idiots" she insulted before the automatic door slides shut, much to Bearded Worker's relief.

"She's lively, isn't she?" giggled the console operator.

"She's just bored. There's not exactly a lot of monsters out there that can last more than a second against her" sighed Bearded Worker, knowing that Tatsumaki usually wouldn't dare lead something as simple as an investigation, but since there's no Dragon-level threats that require her assistance, she has nothing else to do. "I wish Deku was here to keep her in line."

"We couldn't exactly ask the Number One Hero to babysit Tatsumaki" giggled the female operator.

"If only" sighed Bearded Worker in disappointment.

( Hero Association - Meeting Room )

At the same time, there is a meeting occurring among ten executives of the Hero Association within the meeting room which is only being lit by the large holographic table where all the executives are sitting around. Leading the meeting is the executive, Sekingar who is standing at the end of the holographic table so he can easily go over the meeting's main agenda which is about the reports submitted by the Heroes who supervise an assigned City that is being investigated. Some of the executives who are taking part in the meeting include Executive Girl, Bespectacled Worker and the Minister Officer of Justice, Sitch.

"Reports have come in from each location being investigated" told Sekingar who places his phone on the holographic table which automatically synchronizes together, uploading the contents of Sekingar's phone onto the holographic table so everyone can see the reports submitted by the Heroes. Once all reports have been successfully uploaded to the holographic table, a hologram of a young-looking man wearing a full-body dog suit appears floating above the table. "First is Watchdog Man, Class S Hero, investigating City Q. Nothing unusual."

"Nothing unusual?" repeated an executive in disbelief.

"Yes sir" confirmed Sekingar.

"That's hard to believe. We all know City Q is a hot zone with more casualties and monsters than any other area under our jurisdiction."

"Well, sir, knowing him, I'm confident that he believes that, whatever may occur, he'll be able to take care of it on his own without assistance. Though he has focused his effort in City Q, his track record at monster elimination is top-notch. There's no need to worry." answered Sekingar.

"Class S Heroes don't pay much attention to details. They're not ones known to writing reports" stated another executive before everyone's attention is brought to the next Hero's report.

"Next, City W. Heavy Kong, Class A Hero, reports, nothing unusual" said Sekingar as a hologram of the Hero, Heavy Kong appears beside his submitted report. "In City H, Mushroom, Class B and Horsebone, Class C report, nothing unusual." The holographic images of the two Heroes appear beside their reports. "In City D, Class A Hero, Lightning Genji reports, moderate restoration after the damage caused by the gigantic creature aside, nothing unusual." Holographic images of the giant monster, Marugori appears over the holographic table, as well as images of the destruction he caused during his brief time as a monster.

"Cities B and D both sustained damage that day. Would have been worse, if not for the timely arrival of Deku" chimed Executive Girl while looking over the images.

"In order to prevent more disasters from occurring, we must be diligent and uncover any covert activity that can threaten our society" stated Sekingar.

"Well, keep in mind that this investigation was requested for that expressed purpose, but detecting these monsters is more difficult than expected" remarked a serious-looking Sitch.

Sekingar continues to the final report. "City F, Class A Hero, Snakebite Snek reports, nothing unusual ever since the massacre of the Paradiser terrorist group and the arrest of their leader, Hammerhead."

"Did we ever find out who killed the Paradisers?" asked Executive Girl, knowing that Deku is the one who found the headless corpses of the terrorist group and apprehended Hammerhead, but it's common knowledge that unlike some Heroes, Deku doesn't kill humans.

"Yes. A skilled assassin who goes by the name, Speed-o'-Sound Sonic was responsible for the massacre and has only been recently incarcerated to Smelly Lid Prison, thanks to Deku himself" answered Sekingar with a nod.

"That's good and all, but what have we heard about City Z? I've heard repeated rumblings of a potential disaster brewing somewhere in the abandoned area" asked a concerned executive, having heard of how monsters seem to be appearing more often in City Z.

"No reports available. However, two highly capable Class A Heroes have been sent to investigate so we should get to the bottom of these rumors soon" answered Bespectacled Worker, having been the one to assign Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio to lead the investigation.

( City Z - Deku's Apartment )

"And that bastard claimed I couldn't handle it!" moaned Tatsumaki, having gone to Deku's apartment to complain about what had happened at the Hero Association Headquarters. The S-Class Rank 2 Hero is laying on Izuku's couch, kicking her legs up and down like a child who's throwing a tantrum.

Sitting on a chair across from his couch, Izuku silently nods his head while sipping from his cup of tea. He has learned a long time ago to just nod his head in agreement whenever Tatsumaki gets in one of her moods. It's less troubling to do so, although he hopes something will come up soon to distract him from Tatsumaki's complaining. He'll always be there to support her, but an hour of her constantly complaining is starting to give him a slight headache, similar to the pain he gets from using his Danger Sense Quirk too much.

As if someone is answering his wish, both Heroes hear their phones ding, indicating that they've been sent an alert from the Hero Association. Both Izuku and Tatsumaki pull out their phones and read the alert message. "Hero backup request in the Ghost Town of City Z. Class A Rank 29, Golden Ball has been knocked out and Class A Rank 33, Spring Mustachio is in trouble. Threat is Tiger-level or above."

"Ha! I knew they should've sent me instead of those weaklings" exclaimed Tatsumaki with a victorious glare.

Drinking the remains of his cup of tea in one go, Izuku places the cup down and stands up before he moves to leave his apartment. His apartment is on the outskirts of the Ghost Town so it'll take him just a few seconds to get to the Heroes location. "You coming?"

Tatsumaki levitates herself off the couch and follows Izuku out of the apartment, noting how he doesn't stop to change into his Hero costume and instead, leaves while wearing a sleeveless green tank top and grey sweatpants. Once the duo are outside, both glow green with their respective powers and then bolt into the sky while heading towards Spring Mustachio's location.

Within two seconds, both S-Class Heroes arrive in the Ghost Town and it doesn't take long for them to hear the sound of steel hitting steel. Both Heroes fly in the direction of the noise and stop in the air once they spot Spring Mustachio who they see is deflecting the monster's swinging hair which looks to be made of kombu, only that the kombu appears to be as strong as steel, as shown when they manage to easily cut up some concrete whenever they miss the A-Class Hero.

"This is the monster that's been causing so much trouble? Pathetic" scoffed Tatsumaki who folds her arms while looking down on both the monster and the A-Class Heroes.

"No time for that, Tatsu. Looks like Spring Mustachio is in need of assistance" remarked Deku. Spring Mustachio is putting up one hell of a fight against the monster, but the A-Class Hero can only block or dodge only so many of the monster's many steel-like kombu tentacles. Even now, some kombu are getting through Spring Mustachio's defence and leaving cuts across the Hero's nice suit and some physical cuts on his body that is dripping blood.

"Whatever, let's just deal with this and get outta here" told Tatsumaki who lazily points her arm at the monster, just as it launches ten of its kombu tentacles at the exhausted Spring Mustachio. Just as the A-Class Hero is about to be overwhelmed, the kombu and the monster all stop where they are and remain in place, due to Tatsumaki using her psychokinesis. This surprises both the monster and Spring Mustachio, but before either can question it, Tatsumaki clenches his fist, using her psychokinesis to squeeze the monster. The monster can't even resist as its squeezed into a ball of torn flesh, broken bones and ripped kombu.

Watching Tatsumaki easily kill the strong monster with barely any effort reminds Deku how terrifyingly powerful she is, being the only one who can match him when he uses 100% of One For All.

Deku lowers himself down to Spring Mustachio's side, causing the A-Class Hero to jump away in fright, thinking that it's another monster. Izuku raises his arms to calm the Hero down. "Calm yourself, Spring Mustachio. We're the good guys" said Deku, placating the A-Class Rank 33 Hero.

Realizing that there's no other monster and that the ones who saved him is none other than the top two Heroes, Deku and Tornado of Terror, Spring Mustachio puts away his rapier and bows in apology. "Apologies for that. You caught me unaware, but thank you for coming. I was afraid I wouldn't last much longer against such a beast" said Spring Mustachio in exhaustion.

Deku chuckles with a smile and pats the A-Class Hero on his shoulder. "You did good so don't beat yourself up about it." The moment Izuku's hand touches Spring Mustachio, the A-Class Hero loses the remaining strength in his legs and topples over. Spring Mustachio would have fallen on the floor, if not for Deku catching him at the last second. "We better get you to the hospital" said Deku before hoisting the Hero over his shoulder.

Once Spring Mustachio is secured, Deku walks over to the unconscious form of Golden Ball and carefully places him on his back along the road. After giving the unconscious A-Class Hero a pat down to check his injuries, Deku stands back up. "Golden Ball has a cracked rib, likely a concussion and his right arm is broken. Nothing life threatening, but we still need to get him to the hospital."

Deku carefully picks up the unconscious Golden Ball and puts him over his other shoulder before he looks up at Tatsumaki who's still floating above them. "You coming, Tatsu?"

Deku gets his answer when Tatsumaki turns her head aside in an arrogant manner before she flies off in green blur.

Deku simply laughs. "I guess that was a no."


Name: Kamikaze

Aliases: Atomic Samurai

Rank: S-Class Rank 4


Power: S++

Speed: S++

Endurance: S++

Durability: S+

Technique: S+++

Intelligence: A+

Cooperativeness: B

Leadership: S