My name is Elizabeth Clark and I was taken to the New York Municipal Orphanage Girls Annex when I was 3 years old and now I am 12 years old and it is now 1933. I have been sleeping in the same dormitory as Annie,Kate,Duffy,Tessie,July Pepper and Molly for as long as I can remember. Molly wasn't at the orphanage when I first came to the orphanage. She came two years ago when I was 10 years old. I remember how scared she was because had done to her what she did with all the other new arrivals which was paddling them until they said what she demanded we all say which is "I love you ." When I went upstairs to our dormitory I saw Annie with a little girl that I didn't recognize. I looked at Annie and asked "Annie who is that?" Annie looked at me and said"her name is Molly and I am going to need your help introducing her to the other girls because she is really scared." I told her that I would do it. When the other girls came into the room Annie and I introduced them to Molly everyone thought she was cute except for Pepper who called her an ugly cry baby. I noticed as we got ready for bed that Molly was clutching a cute baby doll. I went over to Molly and asked "Molly what's your doll's name?" She said "Lizzie her name is bebe. I call her that because when got her I couldn't say baby and it came out bebe." I asked if I could see it but she was scared that something might happen to it so she she said no. After we all got settled down for the night Molly started crying out for her mamma and daddy. Annie went over to her and tried to comfort her. After a while Molly fell asleep.