Alright, so I have watched the Cats 2019 movie and I have some thoughts. This story is going to really poke fun and pick apart some choices made in the movie. I don't intend to be cruel or mean and am writing this as a parody, but it really is for those of you who watched the 2019 movie and were left... unsettled. Or for those of you that don't mind making fun of Cats.

Really though, I just missed Pouncival and thought that he could have added some flavor to the movie.

The Jellicle Ball had come to an end. The excitement of the night was finally wearing off, leaving everyone in the junkyard feeling sleepy and content. Grizabella got to go up to the Heaviside Layer, all ended up just fine despite Macavity interrupting, and everyone enjoyed themselves. All in all, it was a good Jellicle Ball.

Pouncival watched the stars twinkle up above him, bidding a silent farewell to Grizabella. Sure, he had scratched her earlier and rudely bumped into her during her previous interruptions, but that was all behind them now. She would be reborn into a new Jellicle life and come back as a different cat. Hopefully one that everyone liked. It'd be awkward if she just wound up being banished again, although he wasn't quite sure what her deal was in the first place.

Oh well. No use dwelling on the past. There were more important matters at hand.

"Tumble, carry me home." Pounce whined. "My feet hurt."

"No, Pounce. You weigh a ton. Walk home yourself." Tumblebrutus grumbled. Nevertheless he allowed Pounce to climb up on his back.

The world was suddenly burlap. There really wasn't a better way to describe it. Gone was the junkyard, the starry night sky, the sights and sounds of the Jellicle Ball and Tumble's grumbling. All that existed now was a beige, stuffy bag.

Abruptly everything flipped upside down. Then Pounce somersaulted unwillingly through the air, crashing hard onto what he could only presume was the ground. Never in his short life had he botched a landing so badly, he had to get out of the bag before his reputation was ruined-

Pouncival was so busy trying to escape that he failed to notice that he was receiving help from the outside. With a gasp he thrust his head out from the hole he had torn open in the bag, eyes huge and ears turning every which way. Thanks to his tumbling within the bag his fur stood on end, giving him a slightly crazed, feral appearance.

He was not alone. The skittering of feet signaled the retreat of several individuals. Numerous pairs of eyes stared at him from behind piles of trash. Anticipation filled the silence.

"Are you blind-"

"It wasn't me!" Pounce shrieked on pure instinct. "I didn't do anything!"

"Can you see-"

"Seriously, I dunno who you're looking for but I had nothing to do with it!" His mind whirled to the last thing he remembered before ending up in the bag. The ball, Macavity, Old Deuteronomy returning, Grizabella being chosen, then passing out on Tumble's back despite Tumble proclaiming he wasn't going to carry him home- wait, did he ever make it home? Where was Tumble? Where was he?

"Wait, no-"

"It was all Tumble and Plato, they put me up to it!" Pounce insisted, backing away from the group. Better to shake the blame now and figure out what he was being blamed for later.

"Will you shut it? Munk's trying to introduce us!" Someone yelled from atop a trash can.

"Huh?" Pounce paused in the proclamation of his innocence. For the first time he took a good look at his surroundings.

Something wasn't right. Scratch that, a lot of somethings weren't right. For one, he wasn't in the junkyard. Two, he couldn't smell any familiar scents. Three, he was fairly certain he was surrounded by cats, but there was something… unsettling about them. He couldn't quite put his paw on it and he wasn't certain if he really wanted to.

A tall silver tabby, the one who had started the line of questioning, stepped closer. In his wake several other unsettling figures followed close behind, the whole lot of them peppering him with questions. As Pounce turned he rapidly became aware of just how outnumbered he was. Maybe if he had simply bolted out of the bag without looking back he would have been able to make an escape, but now he was trapped in a writhing, undulating circle of these things that insisted on singing questions at him-

"Hang on, I know this song." Pounce said, interrupting a brown tabby that was asking him if his bite was worse than his bark. "What are you guys all-"

"When you fall on your head, do you land on your feet?" A tuxedo asked, falling flat on his back and staring up at him.

"Hey, I was in a bag, how was I supposed to be able to land on my feet-" Pounce was interrupted again.

"Are you tense when you sense there's a storm in the air?" Yet another cat asked.

"I'm pretty tense now, yeah-" Again Pounce's attempt at conversation was steamrolled by the relentless questioning. Sullenly he stood there and let them sing at him. Might as well let them get it over with. Was this how outsiders felt when they stumbled upon the Jellicle Ball? Confused, slightly scared, and like they were about to jump out of their skin?

Maybe that last bit was just him. These weird cat creatures were really making him nervous. Especially that silver tabby, who seemed to be leading this whole nightmare. Even though he knew all the words that these cats were singing, hearing this rendition made his fur stand on end. What in the world was going on?

"Hey, so, I already know this song. You don't have to sing it at me." Pounce said, watching as everyone started jumping and dancing around him. "Seriously. Just did this song earlier tonight. Don't need to do it again- ah, well, nevermind."

Guess he was stuck listening to everyone tell him what he should and shouldn't do. Jellicles can and Jellicles do and all that. Pounce settled for watching the weird show around him, doing his best not to take a swipe at the cats that decided to get right up in his face. Seriously, who were these guys? What did they want with him?

The silver tabby caught his eye and made a motion with his head for Pounce to follow. Out of nothing better to do he followed, quickly hurrying down an alley and out into the street. Two cats tried to grab him by the arms and pull him into the dance, but he quickly ducked and rolled away.

"Oh no, don't even think about it." Now they were out in the middle of a neon lit square. Out in the open, dancing and singing where anyone could find them. Yet... there was nobody else. Not a human in sight. Just him and these... cats...

In the middle of the square was a tall statue. Instantly he was drawn to it, scrambling up to the top and perching like a gargoyle. Here was his safe space. Climbing and perching was what he did best (besides the pouncing, obviously), so as long as he sat up high he would be fine-

"Oh come on!" Pounce shouted as the rest of the cat creatures climbed up with him and continued their song. "Can't a cat get a minute to think around here?"

"The mystical devinity of unashamed felinity-" They sang around him, completely ignoring his complaints. At least he knew where they were in the song. Eventually they'd have to come to the end and he'd finally be able to ask them what was going on. Sure was taking a while though.

"Feline, fearless, faithful and true." The silver tabby stared him deep in the eyes.

"To others who do, yeah, yeah, I got this part, I sang this bit already, jeez." Pounce avoided his gaze and jumped down to the street again. "Can we just get on with it?"

He had to give these guys credit. When they got to singing nothing stopped them. As one they all jumped down with him, surrounding him and sweeping him up into the dance. At this point it was just easier to go along with it. The silver tabby seemed determined to get him involved one way or another.

"Are those cats wearing sneakers?" Pounce saw a flash of two cats in shoes flit by but before he could really question it he was dragged down another street. Never had he thought that so much ground could be covered in one song. Out of the corner of his eye he saw two calicos about to smash open a window with a brick. Now there were two that he wouldn't mind talking to later-

"Practical cats, dramatical cats, pragmatical cats-"

Now they were rounding up on the end. Honestly he never really learned all the words to this section since every other word was 'cats' and no one paid him too close attention when he mumbled the rest, but now he was wishing he had it memorized so he could know for sure when they would be done. There was one description coming up that he did remember, one that he felt very much like at this point in time-

"Hysterical cats!" Pounce screamed. "For the love of the Everlasting Cat I know!"

To his complete and utter confusion every cat in the vicinity fled, scurrying around corners, disappearing into doorways, or just straight up vanishing before his eyes.

"Guys?" Surely he hadn't been that offensive. "Where'd you all go?"

"Going to the ball?" A deep voice asked from behind him. "I wouldn't if I were you. It could get dangerous."

"What? Who's there? Who're you? Will someone please tell me just what is going on?" Pounce whirled around to see a tall dark cat in a hat and trenchcoat trying to loom over him. At this point any and all alarm he should have felt was gone, replaced with a desperation to talk to someone, anyone that wasn't aggressively singing at him. "It's getting old, I'm tired, I just did a year's worth of dancing at the ball and I'd really just like to sleep-"

"You know, they say that Macavity will win this year."

"Macavity?" The name was enough to catch Pounce's attention. "But the tribe just kicked his butt. He won't be coming back for a while. Yeah, sure, he beat up Munk and Lonz a bit but you should've seen how Jelly took a swing at him, kinda embarrassing really-"

"There's no one like Macavity." The cat growled, obviously irritated at Pounce's lack of awe. "He's a wonderful magician-"

"Oh, I know one of those. Though he's called Mr. Mistoffelees. You should talk to him if you want to do magic stuff." Pounce turned his back on the cat to peer down the street. "Seriously though, do you know where I am? And where did those other guys go?"

The cat in the coat continued to try and praise Macavity but Pounce had already lost focus. Down the street he had spotted the tuxedo from earlier.

"Come on!" The tuxedo called.

"Hey, I wanna go talk to that guy, I'm gonna- huh?" Pounce turned back but the cat was gone. "Huh. His loss then I guess."

The tuxedo slid between the bars of an iron gate. Pounce made to follow but was stopped by two queens. The tuxedo tried to go back to him but was hissed away by the other two.

"So." One of the queens with sleek brown fur looked down at him. "What's your name?"

"Pouncival." Pounce frowned. The look she was giving him was not a friendly one.

"Pouncival?" The brown queen purred. "You must have another."

"I'm not gonna tell you." If there was one thing that he retained from Jennyanydots's numerous attempts to turn him into a respectable Jellicle it was not to give your third name to anyone. She also had told him and the other kittens not to talk to strangers, but then again she hadn't really told him what to do if he suddenly found himself in the middle of an agressively singing and dancing mob.

"The naming of cats is a difficult matter." There was that silver tabby again. At least he scared off the two queens. Pounce stepped through the gate to find himself in a graveyard.

"Oh please, why can't we just be at the junkyard?" Pounce nervously looked all around him.

Cats slithered in front of and behind the graves, casting long shadows in the light of the full moon, each one adding to the chant of the Naming of Cats. This part was supposed to be slightly unsettling, yes, but he wasn't supposed to be on the receiving end of it. A couple familiar names caught his attention. They were definitely naming names of cats that he knew. Cats that should have been there and been able to answer him.

"Okay, okay, I've had enough." Pounce leapt up onto the nearest tomb and did his best Munkustrap impression. Stern eyes, wide stance, slightly puffed tail. "Everybody shut it right now or I'm gonna do something drastic, something real big!"

Well, that finally got their attention. The silver tabby jumped up next to him, motioning for the other cats around them to stand down.

"Look, I understand this may all be a bit overwhelming, but we mean you no harm." The cat said.

"Uh, sure." Pounce gave the tabby a serious once over. Something about his face was kind of familiar but also really not right. "Who are you?"

"My name is Munkustrap." The tabby introduced himself.

Oh, it was just Munkustrap. Nothing to worry about. Pounce must have just hit his head and was simply hallucinating the fact that everything around him absolutely made no sense. If this cat said he was Munkustrap then he must have been telling the truth, who in their right mind would lie about being the Jellicle Protector, unless they planned to impersonate him to convince Pounce to do something that the real Munkustrap wouldn't want him to do-

"Wait." Pounce shook his head to try and clear out the whirling thoughts. "You're kidding me. You said your name is Munkustrap?"

"Yes." The silver tabby said. "And your name is?"

"You're not Munk. I know Munk. You're definitely not Munk."

"I definitely am Munkustrap." This impostor did have the same vaguely irritated look in his eye that the original Munk had when Pounce was being stubborn. But Pounce could inspire that look in a lot of cats besides Munk.

"Oh yeah? The Munk I know is tall. And he's poofier."

That was a definite difference between them. While Munk wasn't by any means a fluffy cat like Tugger, he still had some volume to his fur. This impostor Munk was very sleek, almost too sleek, and lacked any of the usual fluff around his head, shoulders and limbs. Vaguely Pounce wondered if someone had shaved the poor cat and his fur was just growing back in.

"Speak for yourself. You've got enough fur to rival Old Deuteronomy." A queen said from behind him, running her fingers through the fluff on his head.

"Hey!" Pounce skittered away from her. To his growing horror he could see that everyone had the same sleek, almost furless appearance. Had everyone been shaved? Was he about to be shaved?

"Look, you must have hit your head. My name really is Munkustrap. I don't believe we've met before." The silver tabby reached out to him.

"I dunno what kind of joke this is but I've had enough. I'm out." Pounce ducked away from his grasp and tried to run, only to be stopped by the tuxedo cat from before. Now he was wearing an embellished top hat and jacket.

"Don't go." The cat said, voice soft and concerned with a slight waver of insecurity. "It's dangerous out there. You could get hurt."

"Excuse me, but- hold on." Pounce gave him a stink eye. There was only one tuxedo tom he knew that would willingly wear such a spangly outfit. "Don't tell me. You're supposed to be Mistoffelees."

"Um, yes, actually. Have we met?"

"What is happening? What happened to you? You're all-all not you!" Pounce gestured wildly at all of Misto. "What in all the Heaviside are you?"

"We're Jellicle cats." A brown tabby said. "Weren't you paying attention to the earlier song?"

"Alright, everybody." Munk sighed. "Once more from the top. Are you blind when you're-"

"Heaviside above I've had to go to enough rehearsals I can recite this all in my sleep!" Pounce cried, flinging himself away from a tawny queen that was a little too keen on petting him. "Don't sing it again!"

"Fine, we won't." Munk quickly said, trying to calm him down. "Just please stop yelling."

"Fine." Pounce sat down with a dejected sigh. "You know what, after seeing all of this I've decided that I definitely hit my head and am having some sort of bizarro nightmare that I'll eventually wake up from. Probably not before Tumble and Plato draw on my face."

"I wouldn't do such a thing!" One of the cats in shoes protested.

"Lemme guess, that's Plato?" Pounce sniffed.

"Yes. The other one is Socrates." Munk said. "Who's Tumble?"

Briefly Pounce felt offended that someone would even have the audacity to question who he and his brother was, but it dawned on him that maybe in this crazy place, this place with duplicate Misto's and Munk's and Plato's, there might be duplicates of him and Tumble too.

"Uh, Tumble's my brother. Kinda looks like me, got an eye patch on the other side of his face." Pounce gestured to his own face. "Does flips and stuff. Kinda known for tumbling because, well, you know."

Judging by all the blank stares he was receiving they did in fact not know.

"Seriously, is there anyone here named Pouncival or Tumblebrutus?"

"I'm afraid not. But Jellicle cats do not share names."

"Yeah you do."

"No, we don't."

"Well, you and Misto and Plato do."

Munk gave him a look. It was a look that suggested that it would be easier for everyone if Pounce stopped arguing and let the night proceed as planned. In that brief moment Pounce could truly see that, while this wasn't his version of Munkustrap, this was definitely a Munkustrap, and maybe it would be best to not aggravate him too much. At least not all at once.

"So." Pounce said, trying to put on his best innocent face. "What now?"

"Mr. Mistoffelees!" Misto jumped up, flourishing with his hat. "The magical cat!"


"Jellicle cats come out tonight, Jellicle cats come one come all-"

"Oh, that." Pounce exchanged a look with Munk, who looked just as thrilled about the interruption as he felt.

"The Jellicle Moon is shining bright, Jellicles come to the Jellicle Ball." Misto began juggling.

"Hey, that's kinda neat." Pounce had to give it to him, he was impressed. "Dunno if Misto back home can do that-"

"Jellicle cats come out tonight-" Misto took a wrong step and fell down a headstone, crashing on his face and desperately pulling flowers out of nowhere to distract everyone from his obvious fall. "Jellicles come to- argh- the Jellicle Ball."

"Oh. That's rough." Pounce peered down at him. "You need to work on that. A lot."

Munk shook his head and pulled Pounce away from the pathetic sight. "Jellicle cats meet once a year-"

"Yeah, I know. You already told me this. Er, I mean, my Munk did. I already did the Jellicle Ball and all that." Pounce waved him away dismissively.


"We sang, we danced, we laughed, we cried. Well, I didn't. But some of us did. Old Deut sent someone to the Heaviside Layer already and now I'm ready for a nap."

"Come here." Munk pulled Pounce aside so it was just the two of them. "Look. I don't know who you are or where you've come from, but this is a very important night for Jellicles."

"Yeah, I know. I'm a Jellicle too."

"We'll see about that."

"No, really, I'm a Jellicle."

Munk gave him a long look. "We'll see."

"What does that mean?"

"I mean that I need you to stop interrupting and allow us to get on with our night. Join us and see what the Ball is like. You might even enjoy it."

"But my feet are tired." Pounce whined. "I just finished dancing all night. I don't wanna do it all over again."

"At least stick around until you can meet Old Deuteronomy. She might be able to help sort all of this out." It was not a suggestion.

"Fiiiine." Pounce sighed dramatically. "I'll play along. But you don't have to tell me about the Heaviside Layer or what a Jellicle is. I already know about that."

"Good." Munk steered him back towards the others. "Now. Come along and see a cat who is competing to be the Jellicle Choice tonight."

Pounce glanced back only to come face to face with Misto. The tuxedo nodded encouragingly, twiddling his hat between his hands. Oh, if only his Misto back home could see this one. He had no doubt that there would be a few choice words that Misto would want to say to his double. And they wouldn't all be nice.

They ended up crouched on a windowsill looking into a kitchen. Pounce huddled next to Munk and looked down below at a large orange tabby reclining in a rocking chair.

"I have a Gumbie cat in mind." Munk crooned. "Her name is-"

"Jennyanydots?" Pounce interrupted.

Munk gave him a long suffering look.

"Sorry. Continue." Pounce ducked his head apologetically.

"Her coat is of the tabby kind." Munk continued, climbing in through the open window and leading everyone into the kitchen. "With tiger stripes and leopard spots."

Pounce took the opportunity to tune him out, instead turning his attention to the supposed Jennyanydots below. She seemed younger, somehow even lazier, and was staring back up at them all with a bit of a sultry smile on her face. Clumsily she stretched on a footstool and arched her back, only to be hit with the now empty rocking chair and falling flat on her face.

"Is this gonna be a thing?" Pounce asked no one in particular.

"Is what?" Misto whispered, trying not interrupt Munk.

"Everyone falling on their faces."

"Oh. No, I don't believe so." Misto looked embarrassed. "I certainly didn't mean to before."

"Right." Pounce turned back just in time to see Jenny aggressively scratching her crotch, legs spread wide and aimed directly at him. "Oh, gross, come on."

For once everyone was in agreement. Misto in particular looked horrified.

"Oo, ah, argh, mpfh." It seemed to go on forever.

"Wow, she's really getting in there, isn't she?" Pounce asked.

Munk shushed him. Jenny finally sat up and took her cue.

"Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut." Jenny warbled all on her own. Pounce's ears flew back against his skull. "When the day's hustle and bustle is done, then the Gumbie cat's work is but hardly begin. When all the family's in bed and asleep, I tuck up my skirts to the basement to creep."

"Hang on, why is everyone singing their own songs?" Pounce questioned, poking Munk in the shoulder to get his attention. "I thought you sang them all. Or at least most of them. Where's Bomba, Jelly and Demeter?"

"I don't know where you got that impression but that's not how it goes." Munk gave him a funny look. "All cats that wish to be considered for the Jellicle Choice must sing a song about themselves. Who they are, what they do."

"Oh." Pounce settled back to watch Jenny continue. "Nevermind. Just let me know when to get my costume on. I already know this number."

"Your what?" Misto asked, looking intrigued.

"You know, for the roach dance number." Blank stares all around. Even Jenny was now staring at him. "Um, the pantomime? The tap?"

"Munkustrap, what is this cat talking about? He's interrupting my song!" Jenny put her hands on her hips and stared disapprovingly at him. At least that look was consistent between all versions of Jennyanydots.

"Don't worry Jenny, we'll straighten this out. Please, continue." Munk gestured towards her with his tail and pulled Pounce aside. "What are you going on about? What costumes are you referring to?"

"Jenny does this bit where Demeter, Bomba and Jelly sing about corralling cockroaches or whatever and then we all dress up and dance. Well, most of us do." Pounce avoided Munk's gaze, instead watching Jenny prance around on top of the kitchen counters.

"That sounds fascinating but that's not what Jenny does in her number here." Munk put an arm around his shoulders and led them both to a curtain draped under the sink. "Now watch the show."

Jenny shoved a cat out of the way and pulled the curtain open. What lay beneath was beyond words. Pounce, who was never one to hide what he was thinking, gaped at the sight.

"Are those... mice? With... with faces?" In horrified fascination he leaned in closer.

The mice did indeed have faces. Children's faces, to be precise. Small, worried, anxious children's faces. Guess they weren't having the kittens dress up as mice then to put on a show. This Jenny went for the real deal. The real, horrible deal.

"Is this allowed?" Pounce turned to Jenny. "I don't know if I feel comfortable watching this."

Jenny was busy dancing along with the mice. "It's dinner and a show."

"But." Pounce turned back to the mice. "But they're so scared."

Jenny flung out an arm, nearly colliding with his head, and sat down next to her stage of horrors. Immediately her hand was caught in a mousetrap. A mousetrap set in front of the mice's only escape route, trapping them forever in this hellish pantomime. Despite his usual inclination to eat mice Pounce felt sorry for these prisoners.

"I have a Gumbie cat in mind." Munk cut in, trying to bring everyone's attention away from the gruesome sight. "Her name is-"

"Jennyanydots." The mice chorused. There was only one explanation Pounce had for their cooperation. They must have been threatened and brainwashed. Which meant that if Jenny was capable of controlling the mice, she might be able to do the same to him.

Pounce tried to look for an escape route but was immediately distracted by the sight of Jenny trying to jump onto the kitchen counter and crashing into a cupboard. Despite the destruction the Gumbie cat was causing Munk continued singing like nothing was wrong. Truly he was a cat of severe perserverance. With misplaced reverence he sang Jenny's praises, watching her whack herself in the head with the curtain cord and stumble around the shelves, ultimately crooning her name as she once again fell on her face.

Pounce got the impression that maybe Munk secretly enjoyed Jenny's mishaps. Maybe there was a history between these two, an animosity that was never spoken about but was clearly hanging about out in the open. Why else would Munk have that small smile on his face while Jenny nearly killed herself in front of his eyes?

Vaguely Pounce was aware that, at his Jellicle Ball, he should have been in costume by now to do the roach tap number. Idly he glanced around, noting that none of the other cats had changed into costume, and he wondered just who was going to do the tap number instead. As if reading his thoughts Jenny answered.

"And I've even created a Beetles' Tattoo!" She proclaimed, proudly gesturing to the kitchen around her. Hundreds of roaches poured in from various corners of the room, marching in a straight line from the floor up onto the table. Everyone scurried in for a closer look.

"What… what's wrong with their faces?" Pounce whispered, physically recoiling away from the sight. "Jenny, what have you done to them?"

"Hush, this is my big chance and I'm not having you ruin it." Jenny hissed, slapping him upside the head before dancing away to the middle of the table.

"Oh no… oh no, I'm really not okay with this." Pounce rested his chin on the edge of the table, unable to tear his eyes away from the sight.

"Interesting, isn't it?" Misto popped up next to him. "She really taught them all how to dance."

"WhydotheyhavelittletinyfacesIdon'tlikeitnoooo-" Pounce whimpered, flinching when one of the roaches smiled at him.

"Don't get cocky." Jenny reached forward and grabbed one of the roaches before biting its head off.

Pounce, despite having definitely eaten his fair share of bugs back at the junkyard, was repulsed at the sight. At least the bugs he ate didn't have little faces. Oh, that image was going to linger, he just knew it. He would never look at a bug the same way again.

Then Jenny decided it was time for her showstopping number. With a flourish she took up her position in the center of the table and without a second's thought reached up to-

"Oh sweet Heaviside and Everlasting Cat above!" Pounce screamed, throwing himself backwards off the table and scrambling across the linoleum.

"Pounce! What's wrong?" Misto and Munk were immediately at his side.

"What's wrong? She just ripped off her own skin that's what's wrong! Did you seriously not see that? What's wrong with her? Why did she throw her own skin on the floor what's wrong what's wrong-"

"Well, it's just a thing she can do." Munk said rather plainly. He even had the audacity to look at Pounce like he was the crazy one.

"Just a thing- what in the world have you cats seen that makes this all seem normal?"

"Jellicle cats are anything but normal."

"Yeah, well, they're supposed to be a lot of things but I'm pretty damn sure that skin ripping is not one of them." Pounce tried to scramble out the window but was hauled back by Munk.

"You said you'd stay until Old Deuteronomy could meet you." Munk easily held him off the ground.

"Oh sure, yeah." Pounce wiggled in protest. "I'd love to meet him and watch him rip his own skin off too, you all are sick-"

"Old Deuteronomy does not rip her skin off." Misto said.

"You sure?"

"I'm certain of it." Munk put him down on the floor.

"Only if you promise."

Munk sighed. "I promise that Jenny is the only one who... who rips her skin off."

Pounce peeked at the Gumbie abomination. She had finished up the routine and was now dangling from the kitchen lights, hanging above the remains of a destroyed cake. No one else seemed to mind that her flesh was laying forgotten on the floor.

"I promise too." Misto said, patting him on the shoulder.

"Fine. But I'm not okay with the mice or roaches." Pounce muttered. "Someone needs to take a look at those. I'm gonna have nightmares."

Pounce could only wonder just what was in store for the rest of the evening. He was in it now, there was no turning back. Maybe this would be the worst of it and he would find himself enjoying the rest of the evening. And then maybe, maybe he would wake up and be able to tell Tumble all about this fever dream.

"Mmm, meow." A new voice interrupted Pounce's thoughts. Everyone turned to look at the newcomer draped over a shelf.

"Hm?" Jenny, still dangling from the kitchen light, looked over with a absolute disgust.

"It's a little old fashioned, don't you think?" The cat gestured with an enormous turkey leg. "With the cockroaches, the dancing and the mice singing? Well, actually, the mice were really good. Well it's all a bit old school-"

"Get out." Jenny growled.

Pounce stared up at the cat, noting the fluffy mane, the cocky, confident attitude. Finally there might be a cat that he actually recognized. Pounce was fairly certain that in all the alternate universes in the world there was only room for one Rum Tum Tugger.

"Let's dance!" The cat shrieked, flying across the room and landing on the table in a single leap.

"Oh." Pounce sighed.

He was wrong.

Hope you're all ready for Rum Tum Tugger. I wasn't.