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Author's note: This is dedicated to my friend Naughty Nina from Florida. She's so funny and sweet.

Rocky and a genie

Rocky Blue ( now 28 years old ) walk at the market in a small town somewhere in Egypt.

She's here on vacation and her best friend CeCe Jones was supposed to go with her, but was unable to get 2 weeks off from her job to do so.

"Hey, you, yes, you!" says a man at one of the market tents when Rocky walk by.

"What...?" sats Rockya s she stop.

"You seem to be smart lady, correct am I...yeah?" says the man.

"I like to think I'm smart." says Rocky.

"Good, good. To you and only you I this show..." says the man as he open an old black iron-chest and pull out something made of ancient brass.

"Uh...what's that...?" says Rocky.

"Magic oil-lamp. Rare very, indeed. Yours can it be, for only 400 of your grandiousus Americanum dollars." says the man.

"There are no suc thing as magic." says Rocky.

"Oh, there is, but only some of us can it see." says the man.

The man snap his fingers and in a flash of red magic light he transform into a black wolf-like animal.

He then glow white and becomes human again.

"How the crap did you do...?" says Rocky.

"Power of magic in my blood is. All from over 10 generations back into past times." says the man.

"If you have a magic lam, why are you seeling it...?" says Rocky.

"Easy. I need money and want to help a lucky person by giving them an item that has magic. And you seem to be responsible, able to use magic fo purpoese of doing good only, yes. Me not feel that you'll be evil, like so many who has access to magic from ancient days." says the man.

Rocky think for a bit. She is a famous dance-star with a lot of money and also a very sweet person, so since the man seem to be kinda poor, Rocky decides to buy the lamp so the man can get some money.

"Alright, I'll take it. here." says Rocky as she give the man 400 dollars.

The man gives Rocky the lamp and says "Praise Him in Above for women like you, who hold in heart great generosity."

Rocky put the lamp in her violet backpack and walk away.

9 days later, when back home in Chicago, Rocky look more closely at the lamp.

There's something engraved on it, but it's in ancient Arabic, which Rocky cannot read or speak.

She is a smart mature girl, but reading ancient Arabis is something she's never learned to do.

If she did, Rocky would know that the phrase engraved on the lamp is 'Rub me 3 times and have 3 wishes come true'.

Rocky decides to polis the lamp and while doing so she happen to rub it 3 times in the correct way.

"Who rub my lamp?" says a purple female genie as she appear in a cloud of pink perfume smoke.

"Uh...OMG, I'm Rocky Blue." says Rocky.

"Cute name. I am Ophendiriah and I am a magic genie. Your wish is my command. You get 3 wishes only, so think before you decide." says the genie with a sweet smile.

"Are there any specific rules?" says Rocky.

"I guess you could say that. I don't bring people back from death. Also I cannot make people fall in love and I won't create endless amounts of money or alcohol. Finally, I don't do anything sexual." says Ophendiriah.

"Okay. I've decided what my first wish will be. I want my old weak mom to get strength and health back." says Rocky.

"Your wish is my command, Miss Blue." says Ophendiriah.

In a hospital room, Rocky's weak mom suddenly feel much better.

"That was a wise choice. Most people tend to waste their first wish on something stupid." says Ophendiriah.

"How long has it been since you were outside the lamp the last time before today?" says Rocky.

"478 years." says Ophendiriah.

"Really? That's so long..." says Rocky.

"Yes, but I'm fine." says Ophendiriah.

"Okay. Give me some time to decide what my second wish is gonna be." says Rocky.

"I shall see you in 5 hours then." says Ophendiriah as she return into the lamp.

5 hours later.

"Have you made a decision?" says Ophendiriah as she emerge from the lamp in a shiny magical cloud of pink smoke and white sparkle.

"Yeah and I want my friend CeCe to be less of a bad girl." says Rcky.

"Okay. Your wish is my command." says Ophendiriah, removing most of CeCe's bad girl traits.

"Thanks." says Rocky with a cute smile.

"No problem, girl. One wish left." says Ophendiriah.

"Yes and I wanna save this one for something special." says Rocky.

"Alright. Don't rush it. Let me know once you've decided what you want to use your final wish for." says Ophendiriah.

2 weeks later.

"Come out." says Rocky as she rub the lamp.

"As you wish, Miss Blue." says Ophendiriah as she exit the lamp in a cloud of pink magic smoke.

"I know exactly what my final wish is going to be." says Rocky.

"Let's hear it, girl." says Ophendiriah.

"My final wihs is...for you to be free from the lamp." says Rocky.

"Thanks you sooo much!" says a very happy Ophendiriah.

The ancient dark curse that used to bind Ophendiriah as a prisoner to the lamp breaks and Ophendiriah is free.

She hug Rocky in joy.

"You're welcome." says Rocky.

"I'm glad you made my wish come true. I've wanted my freedom for so long." says Ophendiriah.

"Okay. I figured that out and wanted to help." says Rocky.

"So sweet." says Ophendiriah.

"What do you plan to do now?" says Rocky.

"Return home to the land where I was born." says Ophendiriah.

"Good luck." says Rocky.

"Thanks. Bye." says Ophendiriah as she transform herself into a pink tropical bird and fly off to the land where she once used to live all those years ago before an evil wizard made her a prisoner of the lamp.

The lamp break into pieces.

"Bye." says Rocky.

The End.