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BGM: Bowser's Castle - Main Courtyard (Super Mario Odyssey)

"Dang… the pamphlet wasn't kidding!" Cappy said as they were staring at Bowser's Castle, which was decked out in a more typical Japanese castle.

"No doubt… though I'm surprised I'm not seeing any floating castle in the sky." Luigi said.

"Probably just did that to make it sound more badass." Marisa pointed out.

"So what are we gonna expect here… total chaos?" Natsu asked, cracking his knuckles.

"That's our jam." Reimu said.

"Indeed." Mario agreed, cracking his knuckles. "Peach is in there somewhere."

"And we'll find her." Luminary said, readying his sword. "Let's move."

"Alright, let's go kick arse like we always do!" Gloria cheered as they charged ahead where a few Koopatrols were guarding the gates.

"Well… shoot, the calvary's here." A Koopatrol groaned.

"Welp… might as well go out in a blaze of glory, right?"


They aimed their spears. "Halt! You shall not-"


The Koopatrols were covered in soot before they fell over. "Oooh… remind me why we never invested in fireproof armor?"

"I don't know…"

The group reached the gates as Terry did a Buster Wolf to break through as they ran inside the new and improved castle where they would dodge Shogun Thwomps slamming into the ground but they would avoid these where they would walk into a big room.

"Ha ha! Glad you dorks could make it!" A voice exclaimed as Larry landed on the ground, smirking.

"Oh, these guys." Marisa said.

"We'll handle him." Xion said as she, Hop, Mei, Travis and Tracer approached him. "You go on ahead!"

"Right!" Mario nodded as they ran off.

"Pffft! You?" Larry looked at Hop. "Compared to your other Pokemon friends, you're worthless! The Scot has a crowbar and can use her Pokemon as ammunition, your emo friend suddenly gained the ability to use claws… and your martial artist looks like she came out of a Kill Jill movie! You? You're worthless. You're a nobody!"

"Mate…" Hop smirked. "I don't need anything to prove myself." He said, pulling out his Pokeball. "If I'm just a normal guy compared to my comrades, then that's bloody fine by me, mate! They could have magic for all I care and I'd still- pardon my language - be the badass normal guy there is! And I'm completely fine with it!"

Larry let out a laugh, raising his wand as he gained shogun armor as his wand turned into a katana. "Let's see where that gets you then!" He said.

"You ready loves?" Tracer asked, readying her Pulse Pistols.

"Ready!" Mei nodded.

"You know it." Travis said.

"Oh yeah!" Xion smirked.

Hop grinned, pounding his palm into his Pokeball. "Let's do this!"


BGM: Larry's Runaway Train (Paper Mario: Color Splash)

Larry rushed over to Hop, quickly jumping over and slashing him but he jumped out of the way. "Targeting the normal guy, eh?" He smirked, swiftly kicking him in the gut to knock him back as he called out his Dubwool where he rammed into him to knock him further.

Xion rushed over to Larry and slashed him, but the latter blocked as the two would clash and look into each other's eyes before Xion jumped back and used a Triple Firaga spell as Larry would twirl his sword around and deflected the Firagas.

Tracer would blink her way around and shoot at Larry, the latter quickly blocking as his sword was suddenly enveloped in blue fire and stabbed the ground, resulting in a blue fiery explosion that knocked Xion and Tracer back as he swiftly rushed at Xion and slashed her quickly but she was able to keep up with him as she would swiftly disarm him and then stabbed her Keyblade in the ground, where a beam of light hit him point blank.

"Argh!" Larry grunted as Mei would shoot a few icicles at him and freezing his feet where Travis would come in and slash him repeatedly before slashing upward to knock him back where Larry would land next to the sword where he grabbed it and swung his sword, launching out blue fireballs at Hop but he rolled out of the way while Tracer would zip behind him and planted a Pulse Bomb behind him and then zipped back. "Wha…?" Larry wondered as it exploded and sent him flying toward Hop as he commanded his Dubwool to ram into him. "OOOOF!"

Larry fell on his back in a daze, his armor destroyed… and then Hop picked up the sword and pointed it at him, planting his foot on his chest. "So. About me being a nobody…" He smirked.

"It's not over!" Larry grunted as he tried to get up, but Hop's firmly planted foot made him struggle. "…Okay, fine, you win…" He grumbled, then Xion put him under a Sleep spell to knock him out.


"Hey, you got a cool new sword, love!" Tracer smiled.

"Yeah… I do." Hop said, looking at the sword. "…Meh." He tossed it behind him.

"Huh?!" Everyone looked at him in surprise.

"Come on, I said it myself. I'm a badass normal person! Who cares if I don't have anything fancy?"

"Are… are you sure?" Xion asked.


"…Well, I guess we can honor that." Mei said with Snowball nodding.

"It's a cool sword though but… whatever floats your boat, man." Travis said as they walked off… but then Tracer blinked back and grabbed the sword.

"I'm just gonna take this… juuuust in case he changes his mind." She said and zipped back to the others where she strapped it to her back.

"Face the wrath of my fury! Hiyah!" Lemmy exclaimed, holding a spiky ball and chain in his hand. "You think you guys have what it takes?" He smirked, staring at his opponents in front of them, consisting of Min Min, Brigitte, Reinhardt, Gloria and Piranha Plant.

"Ha ha! Little reptile thinks he can take us. How cute!" Reinhardt said, readying his hammer.

"This almost feels bad…" Brigitte said. "Almost… considering he has a spiky ball and chain."

Gloria pulled out her crowbar. "Let's do this, lads!"

"Huh? Shouldn't you have a lead pipe?"

"Eh, too borin'." Gloria shrugged, causing Lemmy to sweatdrop.

Glad I'm wearing armor… He thought. "Alright, time to kick your tails!"

BGM: Lemmy's Grand Finale (Paper Mario: Color Splash)

Lemmy swung the ball and chain around and swung it at Min Min, but she threw her Megawatt ARM in response and slammed into the ball and chain, which canceled both out as Brigitte ran ahead and swung her flail, but he jumped away as he pulled out a spiky ball and kicked it to Brigitte, where she blocked with her shield and shield bashed it back, smacking Lemmy on the head

"D'oh!" He yelped, feeling a bit dazed as Gloria ran ahead and swung her crowbar, hitting him a few times before Lemmy recovered and threw a spiky ball and chain at her.

"Rrgh!" Gloria was knocked back, before letting out a chuckle as she reached into her bag and pulled out Cramorant, stuffing the crowbar into its beak. "Lock and load!" She said, cocking Cramorant's legs as the crowbar went sailing and hit Lemmy in the face.

"Yowch!" Lemmy yelped as he hopped onto a spiky ball and threw down a few ball and chains with his wand, making them bounce all over as Piranha Plant hopped over and swung his head at one spike ball and launched it back at Lemmy while Reinhardt batted one away with his hammer. "Hehehe!" Lemmy grinned, but then Min Min grabbed a hold of him and pulled him close to her. "Wah!" He yelped as Min Min started flurry kicking him and then kicked him away right after.

"Alright… you asked for it!" Lemmy said, pulling out a giant ball and chain as he swung it down on the ground where spikes would shoot out and fly everywhere. Reinhardt and Brigitte would pop their shields open while Min Min ducked as one spike shot her hat clean off… while Gloria got a few embedded into her shoulder and stomach.

"Nnngh!" Gloria winced as she pulled them out.

"Cram! Cram!" Cramorant cried, unleashed Hydro Pump on Lemmy.

"Mmmph! Eat this, bird brain!" He yelled, throwing down his spike ball and launching spikes at him, but Gloria was able to grab a hold of her Pokemon and turned around, taking a few spikes into her back.

"Mmph!" Gloria grunted, looking at the Cramorant. "You… you okay…?" She asked, wincing.

"Cram Cram!"

"Good…" Gloria called out her Cinderace. "Kick his arse…"

"Race?" Cinderace noticed the spikes embedded into her as he turned around with a growl before running over and soccer kicking Lemmy.

"Waaah!" He yelped as he landed. "Alright, more ball and chains for all of you!" He exclaimed but a shadow loomed over him as he looked up and saw Reinhardt. "Uh… aheheh…"


"YAAAAAAAAGH!" Lemmy yelled, launching to a wall after the hammer slammed into the ground, slamming into the wall and shattering his armor as he fell to the ground in defeat. "Ooogh…"


"Ha ha! Victory!" Reinhardt exclaimed as Min Min put her hat back on as they walked over to Gloria who was on her hands and knees.

"Oooh, that looks pretty bad…" Brigitte grimaced.

"Heh… I've been through worse…" Gloria forced a smile. "This ain't nothin'…" She said.

"Just in case though…" Brigitte pulled out a Super Potion from Gloria's bag as Reinhardt, Cinderace, Cramorant, Piranha Plant and Min Min pulled out the spikes out of her back.

"AAAGH!" She cried out, as pained tears ran down her cheeks. "S-See? Th-this is… no-nothing!" She said.

"Ai yah… are you sure about this?"

"Better than getting a train slammed into ya by a demon possessin' Yukari…" Gloria said.

"Can't argue with that!" Reinhardt chuckled as Brigitte sprayed her wounds.

"Mmph! That's gonna… sting for a bit…" Gloria panted as they heard footsteps where they saw Hop and the others walking in.

"Gloria? Why do you look like swiss cheese, mate?" Hop asked.

"Let's be honest… this isn't the worst predicament you haven't seen me in…" Gloria said. "I'd probably be better off fightin' a Ratha… something."

"I did heal her up with a potion, but I'm worried the wounds might get infected." Brigitte said.

"Not to worry, I can seal up with those wounds." Mei said as she walked to Gloria. "Now you might feel a bit chilled."

"Can't be worse than being chilled at Route 10…" Gloria said.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." Mei said and aimed her Endothermic Blaster at her, and then pulled the trigger.


"I told ya!"

"Well now… it looks like we got a bunch of weaklings in here!" Roy said, cracking his knuckles as he was looking at Bea and Fairy Tail in the room.

"Weaklings, huh?" Natsu smirked, cracking his knuckles.

"Heh, let's make this more fair." Roy said, snapping his fingers as Sumo Bros and Sledge Bros came running in. "You guys face Fairy Tail. I'll handle the martial artist."

"One on one? I accept." Bea said, getting in her stance.

"This is gonna be easy… ya Kill Jill reject."

"Buddy… I'm more of a Tiger Lee kind of gal."

"Whatever you say!" Roy said, pulling up Brass Knuckles. "Let's do this!"

BGM: Battle! Trainer - Pokemon Sun and Moon (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)

Roy and Bea charged at each other with Roy delivering a punch, but Bea front flipped and then axe kicked him over the head as she landed behind him. Roy turned around as he delivered swift punches as Bea would block with her arms, but the brass knuckles attached to them was enough to make it sting.

Roy delivered a powerful punch, but Bea would block with the palm of her hand as she would twist his arm and threw him behind her. Roy retreated into his shell and slammed into Bea, knocking her to a wall as Roy jumped up and delivered a strong punch but Bea rolled out of the way and swiftly knee kicked him in the gut and then flip kicked him.

"Rrrgh!" Roy picked up a pillar and threw it at Bea, where she woud run and slid under it where she sprang back up and punched him, but he grabbed her fist and smirked, attempting to twist her arm but she quickly flipped herself and kicked him in the head to make him let go of her as she rushed ahead and delivered a flurry of punches as he would respond in kind as he would then hit her with an uppercut to the gut, making her bend over as he then punched her in the head to knock her away as she got up and winced, feeling that her jaw had been punched out of placed.

"Ha! I dislocated your jaw!" Roy smirked but Bea got up and readjusted it before she ran over and punched him. "Rrrgh! How?! You should be writhing in pain from that!"

"You get used to it after doing hand to hand with a Machamp every day." Bea said, roundhouse kicking him. "Believe me, that was nothing more than a mild annoyance!" She declared, quickly doing a quick kick to his face and then punched him hard in the gut to make him hunch over as she then vaulted over him and delivered a swift kick to the back of his head to knock him out.


"And trust me when I say this… a Machamp hits harder than you. You're nothing more than a sentient punching bag." She said, rolling her shoulder. She would then see a few Sumo Bros and Sledge Bros remaining. "Aww, you left some for me? You shouldn't have."

"Hahaha… oh, this should be fun!" Wendy, now decked out in a kimono, said, staring at the Fire Emblem gang before her, alongside Genji.

"Now we can do this the easy way…" Claude grinned. "Or the Lysithea way."

"Oh, is that what we're calling the hard way now?" Lysithea rolled her eyes with a chuckle.

"Nice kimono. Did you get it out of the garbage dump?" Elise taunted.

"Oooh…" Wendy glared. "You'll pay for that! I made it myself!"

"Eh, I've seen better craftsmanship." Elise said.

Wendy smirked, pulling out shurikens. "We'll see who's laughing after I'm done with-" Lystihea snapped her fingers, hitting Wendy with a Dark Spikes attack that completely obliterated her. "AAAAAAAAGH!" She yelled. "Ooogh… so that's the Lysithea way." She groaned, lying sprawled on the ground.

"And I didn't even have to raise a finger." Hilda said with a grin.

"Is she okay?" Sakura wondered.

"I am sure she is fine." Genji said.

"Piece of cake." Lysithea said as she walked off with a hum.

"My my, she's getting stronger with that." Camilla mused.

"No kidding. It's incredible." Kamui said as they walked after her. "It's too bad Byleth and Dorothea aren't here."

"Ah, I'm sure they'll finish up their make out session sooner or later." Elise said.

"Hell of a make out session." Claude grinned, earning an elbow from Hilda. "Mmph! What?"

"MORTON FACE PUNY PEOPLE." Morton said, having a nailed baseball bat as he was facing the Mercenaries, Akame and Mercy.

"This kinda feels wrong." Engi said.

"I'll say. Guns versus a nailed bat? Sounds sad…" Akame said.


"Da! This will work." Heavy said, dropping Natasha to the ground.

"Now I feel much better!" Engi said, holding his wrench.

"Now zhis is more like it!" Medic said.

"I'm gonna knock your head around! Hehehahaha!" Soldier cackled. "ATTAAAAAAAAACK!"

"MORTON DESTROY YOU ALL!" Morton yelled as they immediately got into a fighting dust cloud.

"Ouch Ouch ow ooof!" Soldier was knocked out of the cloud as his helmet rolled away, but he put it back on. "You call that punching! I'll give something to punch about, ya sissy!" Soldier dove back into the cloud.

"Aaah!" Spy's knife was knocked out of his hand as he jumped out to grab it, but Morton was knocked out and saw Spy, then grabbed his leg, making him fall and dragged him back in. "Aaah! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

"Waaaah!" Scout was punched out and hit a pillar. "Mmmph!" He grunted and then a baseball hit him in the head. "Yowch!"

"Mmmph mmph!"

"Pyro, you hit ME, ya hotheaded dummy!" Scout said, throwing his baseball into the cloud as he jumped back in.

"Erectin' a Dispenser!"

"ENGI! RIGHT NOW?!" Demoman yelled.

"Sorry, force of habit, partner!"

"Ah! I've been cursed by Akame's sword! Come and get me, ya dumb curse! I'll throttle you until you- AAAAAAARGH!"

"Heroes never die!"

"I did not give myself permission to die! I wasn't through with you yet, ya cursed sword!"

Akame's sword was thrown out of the cloud and Soldier jumped out, proceeding to punch the living hell out of it. "YOU! WILL! NOT! CURSE! ME! AGAIN! MAGGOT!"

Akame grabbed Soldier by the collar. "Get back in there!" She yelled, throwing him in and grabbing her sword as she jumped in.


"I hit someone!" Sniper said.

"Oh, my beautiful head! How am I gonna get chicks now after I got FRYING PANNED?!" Scout complained.

"Sorry mate! Thought I hit the other guy."





"I'm going to saw through your bones! …Ha! Zhat was easy!"

"That was my leg!"

"Oh! Sorry Frauline Angela!"

"Ya know, it's really hard to see in this cloud!" Akame complained as the cloud disappated… and found themselves either beating themselves up or beating up the wrong guy while Morton and Heavy were duking it out.

"Ha! I beat myself up! I am a man!" Soldier said… and then fell on his back. "I will beat up these circling stars if they do not leave my sight!"

"Hraaah!" Heavy used an uppercut to knock Morton back as he then got into position. "POW!" He yelled, using his finger gun to send Morton flying toward a wall. "Ha ha!"

"Should've done that in the first place." Mercy said, rolling her shoulder as she and Medic started healing everyone up.

"BAHAHAHA! WITNESS MY GREATEST INVENTIONS!" Iggy yelled. "Zappa and Blasta Mechakoopas! It's never before seen!"

"Oh yeah, they're great alright…" Marnie said. "Though I swear I've seen them before."

"I've seen them in a few rounds in Smash." Akira said.

"Yeah… it's not like we haven't seen them before." Ann said.

"Oh yeah? Have you seen them in… CUTE LITTLE SAMURAI HATS?" Iggy asked, pointing to some of the Mechakoopas wearing samurai hats, wielding small knives in their mouths.

"Why do they have knives?" Makoto wondered.

"Because giving them katanas didn't work."

"Here you go little guy, a large katana for ya!" Iggy said, putting it in the Mechakoopa's mouth as it walked forward… only to stumble from the sword's weight and tilted, making it unable to move. "Ack!"

"Oh that's a shame. Would've been nice to seen them wielding swords." Yusuke said.

"Yeah… but anyway! Mechakoopas! ATTACK!" Iggy yelled.

"Got it!" Futaba exclaimed, pressing a button as the Mechakoopas stopped walking… before they turned around and faced Iggy.

"WHA?!" Iggy yelped.

"Flashbacks definitely help out with my hacking skills!" Futaba grinned, happily humming. "Have fun~!"

"Dang… teach me how to hack." Marnie said as they walked off.

"Aheheheh… down boys… doooown… aheheh…!" Iggy paled as their mouths started to light up. "…I knew I should've grabbed those Chain Chomps…" He mumbled, and then got electrocuted and blasted. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"

"Hmm hmm hmm! You have proven to be a worthy adversary." Ludwig said, as he was in shogun armor. "But your idiocy will be your downfall yet!" He said, cloning and charging at Cirno.

BGM: Beloved Tomboyish Girl (Touhou 12.3: Unthinkable Natural Law)

"Don't count me out just because I'm a nine ball." Cirno said, flying up in the air and unleashing Perfect Freeze inside the room. "Let me ask you a question, Luddy boy! Are there any buses in the Koopa Kingdom?"

"Of course not. There are no buses in the Koopa King-"


"OOOF!" Ludwig grunted, being knocked away from an actual ice bus that Cirno had created.

"Eh, wrong! There is one now!" Cirno said as she flew over to Ludwig as she formed icicle spears in her hands. "I might have switched universes with another Cirno as a prank, but that doesn't mean I can't learn from my own mistakes!" She said, slashing through him and then formed an ice hammer where she swung it down and hit him on the head.

"Rrrgh!" Ludwig grabbed Cirno by the collar. "You are the most annoying fairy I've ever met!"

"True… but I'm also the strongest out of the bunch." She said, attempting to punch him but all it did was make him laugh it off.

"Fool. That doesn't mean anything." He smirked. "Any last words?"

"Yeah… you might want to pay attention."

"Huh?" Ludwig wondered.

"Look deep into my eyes." She said as he did so… and saw a mini timer in her pupils.

"HUH?!" He yelled… and then Cirno exploded in an icy explosion that trapped Ludwig in an icy prison… while the real Cirno snapped her fingers to end the blizzard.


"Ice clone explosions. Gotta love 'em." Cirno smiled, watching the ice shatter as Ludwig fell on his back with a groan. "Heh, good look for ya." She said as something lit up in the corner of her eye as she turned to see seven Power Moons popping up. "Oooh, seven? Niiiice!" She said, gathering them all up.

"How… how did you do it… you're weak… you shouldn't have been so strong…"

"Oh, I decided to ask Gray for help on my ice powers last week. Cryogenics is fun~!" Cirno smiled as she walked off with a hum.

Up ahead

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You finally made it!" Bowser said.

"Bowser!" Mario exclaimed. "We are stopping this wedding of yours!"

Bowser smirked. "You think the wedding is here? How utterly predictable."

"Where exactly are you getting at?" Marisa asked.

Bowser let out a chuckle. "The wedding… is up there!" He said, pointing to the moon.

"The moon?!" Rosalina yelled.

"What?!" Sora said in disbelief.

"You're having it up THERE?!" Pit yelled.

"HOW?!" Viridi yelled.

"That's right! Everyone is invited to come to witness the grand ceremony of our wedding! …Everyone except you."

"That's where you're wrong! We'll be there to crash your wedding!" Reimu said.

Bowser smirked. "We will see about that."

"We'll stop you right here." Mario said. "As we have done plenty of times!"

Bowser chuckled, snapping his fingers as Boom Boom and Pom Pom landed on the ground, along with an army of Ninjis, Ninja Guys, Sumo Bros and Sledge Bros. "Enjoy getting past all this! BWAHAHAHAHA!" He yelled as he jumped into his airship and flew off.

"Great… this is gonna take a while." Sora said.

"We'll handle the army!" Luminary said as everyone ran off while Mario, Luigi, Marisa, Reimu and Terry faced Boom Boom and Pom Pom.

BGM: Mid Boss (New Super Mario Bros Wii)

"Boom Boom will destroy you!" Boom Boom said, pulling out a sword as he started spinning his arms around while still holding the sword in his hands.

"Oh, that's smart!" Marisa said as she and Reimu flew up. "Not smart enough though!" She said as the Mario Bros jumped over Boom Boom to take care of Pom Pom as she would throw shurikens at them but they would duck and they would both hammer her hard enough to knock her on her shell as Mario would then jump on her stomach and then ground pounded her while Marisa and Reimu would throw danmaku at her.

Boom Boom fell dizzy and let out a groan, as Terry came running over and started pummeling him before he kicked the sword off of his hand as he then started punching him in the gut repeatedly before using Burning Knuckle to knock him back. Boom Boom got back up and he started punching Terry, but he grabbed his fist and then countered with a hard punch to his face to knock the big guy over, then used a Power Dunk right after that.

The Mario Bros delivered an uppercut to knock Pom Pom in the air where Reimu would then kick her down and then Marisa would throw out a Starlight Typhoon to knock the Ninja Koopa back. She then did some handsigns and cloned herself where they threw shurikens at the four.

"Oh no, clones… what am I ever going to do?" Marisa snarked and then aimed her Mini Hakkero. "MASTER SPARK!"

"Oooogh…" Boom Boom groaned, rubbing his head after he tried to spin at Terry again but he got dizzy again.

"I'll finish this." Terry smirked. "Overheat!" He exclaimed, punching the ground to create a Triple Power Geyser to knock Boom Boom up in the air as Terry then jumped up in the air to Power Dunk him into the ground, where Boom Boom bounced up right as Terry landed. "Here's the big one! BUSTER WOLF!" He yelled, punching Boom Boom hard enough to send him flying into Pom Pom and sent the two flying into the crowd of what remained of the army.

"Boo." Flandre said.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" The conscious Koopa Troop yelled and took off screaming while dragging away their men and the KO'd Pom Pom and Boom Boom.


"Suckers." Flandre grinned as everyone regrouped right after after Mario nabbed the Multi Moon.

"Alright, so where's the big guy?" Natsu asked, cracking his knuckles.

"The wedding is apparently… on the moon." Mario said.

"THE MOON?!" They all yelled, looking up at the sky in disbelief.

"Yuuuuup. That's where we're headed." Luigi said.

Erza clenched her fists. "So… let's go to the moon then."

"Ya know, it's odd." Gloria said. "I feel like I've already been to space… but somehow didn't bring you guys along."

"You didn't?! That's cold, mate!" Hop scolded.

"Hmph… rude." Marnie folded her arms.

Gloria sweatdropped. "Sorry?"

"I don't see myself being an intergalactic explorer anyway." Bea shrugged.

"Come on, let's-a go end this!" Mario said and with a nod, they ran off where they would reunite with Byleth, Dorothea and Night Raid.

"Hey, where's the fire?" Dorothea asked.

"The wedding is on the moon!" Marisa called out.

"THE MOON?! As in… THAT moon?!" Tatsumi exclaimed, pointing toward the moon.

"I'm sorry, what." Mine said.

"Oh, the moon! Honey, I think I figured out where to spend our anniversary in a few weeks!" Dorothea said.

Byleth sweatdropped. "I'll… see if I can find a way to get us up there without a ship, dear." She said as they hurried to the Odyssey where the moon counter went from 240 to 259.

"Hold on… we're going to a wedding! We gotta be more appropriately dressed!" Cappy said. "Allow me~!" He said as he circled around everyone where they found themselves in wedding tuxes and dresses. "Much better!"

"I never thought I'd be crashing Peach's own wedding… but considering this is Bowser… I'll make do!" Daisy said.

"And for the finishing touch~!" Cappy snapped his fingers as the Odyssey turned into a white top hat. "There we go! Call us the Wedding Crashers because we're about to crash a wedding!"

"You said it!" Marisa exclaimed.

"To the moon!" Mario exclaimed. Peach, hang in there. We're coming! He thought as they all got in and they took off toward the moon… but a tracker was shot out of a gun and placed onto the ship.

"Hmhmhmhm~ You won't be at the moon alone for too much longer~"

Huh, what are the odds... I make a Kung Fu Panda reference and Po gets himself into Death Battle.