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Author's Note: This story contains mild character bashing.

Batman frowned as he studied the images on the Bat-computer's screen. It depicted a news recording from Tokyo describing how Catwoman had been arrested after going up against the art thieves known as Cat's Eye. The Inunari police had claimed credit of course but it was clear what had really happened. Catwoman had confronted Cat's Eye and lost. That made them dangerous. His course of action was clear, Cat's Eye had to be taken down.

As he researched them further he learned that they had a highly consistent MO; they only ever stole artwork from the Heinz collection. Batman allowed himself a small, joyless smile. Bruce Wayne already had the perfect bait. It was time to make a few calls…

In the strategy room located in their residence above the "Cat's Eye" café, the Kisugi sisters, Rui, Hitomi and Ai had gathered to plan their next heist. Hitomi and Ai sat on chairs and listened as Rui stood in front of a television and pointed to the painting displayed on the screen. It was of a dark-haired woman in a flowing white dress standing in front of a great crevice in the ground. A flock of bats were flying past her into the starry night sky.

"This is Father's "Bat Woman," our next target" Rui explained.

"Where is it right now?" Hitomi asked.

"An American billionaire recently donated it to the Oriental Art Museum. I've determined that it is the genuine painting and not a forgery."

"That's good. Are there any problems?"

"For the most part the security systems are fairly straightforward. The only real problem is the security cameras. They are similar to the one we encountered at Hokunan Bank but even more sophisticated."

"We don't have to worry about that" said Ai casually. "The new gadget I've been working on will take care of them."

Hitomi smiled. "As expected of our little mechanic."

Ai grinned "You got it Hitomi-onee."

Rui chuckled but then her expression grew serious. "Are you sure you'll be all right Ai? Between your studies, looking after Tiger and working on your gadgets you've been wearing yourself thin."

Hitomi nodded. She remembered all too well how upset Ai had been when her pet kitten had been hit by a car, leaving him with a broken leg. Since then Ai had been keeping a close eye on him while he recovered.

Ai waved a hand dismissively. "I'm fine. Tiger's cast comes off tomorrow and school hasn't been too bad lately. You don't need to leave me out."

"All right. We'll send out the calling card later today" said Rui.

"Yay!" Ai cheered.

As the three sisters left the room Hitomi whispered to Rui, "Ai has been working hard lately. After this job we should do something special for her."

"We will" Rui agreed.

That night…

Hitomi perched in a tree and peered through her binoculars at the Oriental Art Museum. She smiled at what she saw.

"The checkpoints are right where Toshi said they would be" she told Ai, currently crouched next to her.

Ai giggled. "As expected of Toshi" she said.

Hitomi pointed at a window. "There. The window on the west side of the second floor. The guards on patrol have just passed it."

"Then let's go."

They silently leaped from tree to tree until they arrived at the window. Within less than a minute Hitomi had cut a hole in the glass and they were inside.

"My turn" said Ai. She took out a small device resembling a remote control and pressed a few buttons. A small screen lit up.

"There. The scrambler has knocked out all the security cameras" she said.

"Nice work Ai."

"Thanks Hitomi-onee."

They arrived at the gallery and sure enough all of the cameras were frozen in place. Hitomi took down the "Bat Woman" while Ai kept a look out. Both of them were pleased with how smoothly things were going.

Suddenly the air was filled with shouts and the thuds of many feet coming from nearby. A lot of police were charging towards them.

Hitomi and Ai raced back to the window and hurried out. Spotlights were shining and groups of police were running around outside the museum as they bounded through the trees. They almost made it but Ai landed awkwardly and before she could jump away a spotlight swung around and shone on her.

"Cat's Eye!" someone yelled. A mob of police officers immediately started running after them.

"Ai, you klutz" Hitomi chided.


They made it to the getaway car where Rui was waiting. Ai got into the back seat with the painting while Hitomi got in the front passenger seat.

"Hurry nee-san" she called.

Rui started the engine, stamped down on the accelerator and their car sped away.

"What happened?" she asked.

"It was my fault" Ai sighed. "I stumbled on a branch and they saw me."

But Hitomi had realised something. "No it wasn't you Ai" she said. "Something else had already alerted the police just after we reached the painting."

Before Rui could reply they heard sirens blaring. She glanced in the mirror and saw that a dozen police cars were coming up behind them. That was unfortunate but Rui wasn't overly worried. She was confident that she could lose them. What really concerned her was the unknown factor that had tipped the police off that something was wrong.

Batman cursed angrily as he hid in some bushes and watched the Inunari Police run around like morons. From what he had heard they made the GCPD look competent and apparently he'd heard correctly.

His plan had been to confront Cat's Eye as they were stealing the painting but he'd ran into a patrol of Inunari Police. Of course he'd immediately beat them all senseless but one of them had managed to radio for backup before getting his face smashed into a wall. In the resulting confusion he had been forced to leave the building. It wasn't much of a problem though as naturally he had a backup plan.

Batman held up a remote control and summoned the Batmobile. He jumped inside and drove off after the police convoy. Cat's Eye would not get away from him.

"Hold it right there, Cat's! You're under arrest!" Toshio yelled as he leaned out of his car's window. "I've got you this time! You…"

He fell silent as the sirens were drowned out by the roar of a powerful engine. Seconds later it was followed by a series of loud crashes. Toshio looked back and his jaw dropped.

A huge black vehicle resembling a tank with giant oversized tires was smashing through the convoy, bulldozing police cars out of its way. A few of the lucky ones managed to swerve clear but most were struck with such force that they were flipped onto their roofs. Toshio barely managed to duck back into his own car before the vehicle clipped him. Even that glancing impact was enough to send the car into a wall, popping the hood open. Toshio climbed out and shook his fist at the black vehicle.

"You maniac! How dare you interfere with police business!"

As it drove away a worrying thought occurred to him. Whoever was driving the tank-thing couldn't be in league with Cat's Eye. The art thieves would never be so reckless. That meant the driver was after them himself. And if he had no regard for police officers…

For once Toshio found himself hoping that Cat's Eye would get away.

"What is that thing?" Ai yelled as she looked through the rear window at the tank-thing that was closing in on them.

"It's a huge armoured vehicle" Hitomi replied grimly. She turned to Rui. "Nee-san."

"I have an idea" she said. She made a sharp turn and drove the car down a small alley that was just barely wide enough for their car. The pursuing vehicle was far too big and it was brought to a halt as it slammed into the walls.

"Yes! Good thinking Rui-onee!" Ai exclaimed.

Rui smiled but before she could reply she heard another engine roaring to life. She glanced in a wing mirror to see a motorcycle-like vehicle eject from the larger one and zoom after them. She had just enough time to notice a pair of front-mounted machine guns before they opened fire.


The left rear tire exploded as they drove out of the alley and into a loading dock, sending them into a wild spin. Hitomi and Ai screamed in fright as Rui fought to get the car back under control. With a screeching of tires she managed to bring it to a stop. The three sisters got out, shaken but unharmed. The odd motorcycle also stopped and its rider got off.

He was a tall, heavily muscled Western man wearing a grey costume with a black bat emblem on his chest and a yellow utility belt around his waist. A dark blue cowl with pointy ears covered his head, leaving only his jaw visible. He wore a dark blue cape, boots and gloves. Bizarrely he also wore blue underpants over his grey leggings.

"Cat's Eye" he said in a deep, growling voice. "I'm Batman. And I'm taking you down."

Ai burst out laughing. "That costume looks ridiculous! And the voice is even dumber" she managed to say.

Rui and Hitomi smiled momentarily but then their expressions turned serious. "Don't underestimate him" Rui warned.

As Ai composed herself Batman bared his teeth in an angry scowl. He pulled out a batarang and hurled it at them, but Hitomi deflected it with a thrown Cat's Card. He threw a second batarang and it too was intercepted by a Cat's Card.

Batman snarled and ran right at them. He leaped into the air to deliver a flying side kick. The three sisters scattered out of the way and his foot hit only the car door. Ai tried to attack while he was off-balance but he recovered almost instantly, blocking her punch and landing a right cross that knocked her to the ground.

"Ai!" Hitomi cried. She ran over to her sister while Rui came at Batman with a fast but precise series of blows that forced him to give ground even as he blocked each one. She was a fraction too slow in retracting her leg after a kick and he caught her ankle. He then swept out her other leg, dumping Rui on the ground. Batman applied a joint lock to her leg, intending to break it but before he could Hitomi landed a roundhouse kick to his head that sent him staggering away.

"Nee-san! Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Keep focused."

Batman shook his head to clear it and threw a high side kick that Hitomi ducked under. He swung his foot in a roundhouse kick aimed at her torso but she jumped into the air and back-flipped over it. She dodged a right hook and circled behind him. He turned around and launched a right cross at her face. Hitomi side-stepped, caught his arm and turned, throwing Batman over her shoulder and slamming him to the ground.

He rolled away and sprang back to his feet. Realising that he needed a new tactic he pulled out his grapple gun and fired it at an overhead crane. The grapple struck home and started to lift him up. Before he could get to the top of the crane Rui threw another Cat's Card. It sliced through the line and he fell, barely managing to land on his feet.

Batman hastily pulled out a small remote control from his utility belt and pressed a button. Instantly the engines of the Bat-Pod started. It reversed back and circled until its guns were pointing at Cat's Eye. With a fierce grin Batman pressed another button.

Nothing happened.

"What?" He looked down at the remote control and then up to see that Ai was also holding a small device.

"I scrambled your signal" she said with a grin. "Cat's Eye gadgets beat Bat-gadgets."

Batman was broken out of his stunned disbelief as he heard movement. He turned just in time to catch a punch to the jaw from Rui that drove him back several steps. Before he could recover Ai jumped in and drove a flying front kick into his face. As he reeled away Hitomi leaped high and delivered a flying side kick to his head. Batman went down hard and lay unconscious.

"Ai, nee-san!"

"I'm fine" Rui assured her.

"Me too" said Ai. She glared at the beaten Batman. "What's with these costumed idiots barging in on our heists?"

Rui shrugged. "For now let's go before Toshio catches up."

Fortunately the car had a spare tire. The three sisters quickly changed it and drove away. In the back seat Ai studied the "Bat Woman."

"That guy must have wanted Papa's painting. I wonder why he's so obsessed with bats."

"I have no idea" said Hitomi. "Maybe Toshi will find out something."

"Well we have another piece of Father's collection back and Toshio has another arrest" Rui mused. "All in all a very good night."

Her sisters giggled as they headed for home.

The next day Toshio was at the café telling Hitomi what had happened.

"This Batman guy was actually Bruce Wayne, the billionaire who donated the painting. He's been taking the law into his own hands for years in the United States and he decided to come over to Japan and catch Cat's Eye himself."

"I hope you're not going to let him get away with it" said Hitomi.

"Of course not. The chief and I are doing everything we can to make sure he gets put away for a long time."

The bell rang as Ai and Rui entered through the front door, Ai holding a cat carrier. Hitomi's smile brightened as she saw them.

"Ai, how's Tiger?"

Ai grinned as she opened the carrier and took out Tiger. She held him up to show that his cast was gone.

"The vet says he's completely fine." Tiger purred happily as Ai stroked his fur.

"I'm so glad" said Hitomi. She turned to Toshio. "Ah Toshi, when you've finished your coffee I have to ask you to leave" she said.


"We're closing early. To celebrate Tiger's cast coming off we're taking Ai for a day out at an amusement park" Rui explained.

"Oh, can I come too?" Toshio asked hopefully.

"Sorry Toshi, this is sisters only" said Hitomi.

"I understand" he replied although he still looked faintly disappointed. Sensing this, Tiger bounded into his lap. Startled, he fell off his stool, much to the sisters amusement.

"Well he's definitely better" said Toshio as he stood up and drank the last of his coffee. "I'll see you later. Bye Hitomi."

"Bye Toshi."

As he left Ai picked up her kitten again and looked at her sisters excitedly. "Are we really going to the amusement park for a whole day?"

"Certainly. Nee-san and I decided after the last few weeks you deserved something special" said Hitomi. "Especially with how well your gadget worked last night."

"YAY!" Ai exclaimed happily. Her sisters beamed.