Submission dated 10/14-21/20

author: FireCracker

Archive? You'd better.

Warnings: Friendly flirting...or something more? Based on Rogue's Rebellion #85. Central City is Ice City due to King Cold's rule.

Pairings: Barry Allen (Flash II) Lisa Snart (Glider)

The Big Thaw

Barry rarely gave in to frustration, but this was one of those times. For unknown reasons the Speedforce was stronger than ever. He could barely run without feeling as if he'd explode.

"DAMMIT!" he skidded across a large span of ice outside the city limits. "This isn't working!" he barely avoided slamming into a nearby rock wall.

As he came to a stop, he glanced up in surprise. Glider hovered above him with a plate in her hands.

"Looks like you could use a hand?"

Flash got to his feet. "I'm not having much luck trying with my powers. I have no idea why I'm so out of control."

Glider floated downward. "Well, maybe I can lend a hand. Meanwhile I've got food. Cold requires calories, you know?"

Flash managed a a smile. "Does it ever! I'm starved."

Lisa landed in front of him, grinning. "Easy, speedy. Did I say you could have it all?"

"What? Oh, sorry." a laugh.

"No problem. Come on, let's get you filled up." she winked.


They sat on a makeshift bench near an abandoned building. Flash took in the frozen landscape.

"Hard to believe your brother is responsible for all this."

Glider sighed. "He is. I know he's looking for me, too...and he's probably not happy that I've defied his plan."

Flash glanced at the sky. Muted greens, purples and blue held a glowing area. "That symbol. It seems familiar somehow."

Lisa followed his eyes. "Yeah, it appeared after Len made a deal with Luthor. I get the sense something big is involved but he's been keeping secrets." she paused, leaning her chicken plate his way. "Want a leg?"

"Love to." Barry grabbed two and started eating.

"I love a man with a hearty appetite." she winked. "Is it true what they say about speedsters?"

Barry chuckled. "Depends on what you're talking about!"

She eyed him with mischief. "Is faster always better?"

"Ha, you're funny-"

"And the vibration thing must come in handy, hmm?" she edged closer.

Barry was smug. "Yeah." he sobered. "Not to change the subject, but your brother needs to be brought in."

Lisa sighed. "I agree he has to be stopped with this mad plan. But he's family, Flash."

"I know what its like to be conflicted."

"Yeah. Hard decisions have to be made." she placed the plate on his lap.

Barry dove into the chicken. "Hungrier than I thought."

"Hmm." Lisa traced a slim finger along red spandex. "You definitely have runner's legs. Nice."

Barry grinned. "Bet you say that to all the Flashes."

"I'm a thigh woman, what can I say. Those buns are a winner, too." a snicker.

"And they say men are horndog."

"Oh trust me. Women can be far worse."

Barry kept eating, but couldn't stop smiling. "You're something else, Glider."

Her smile faded. "Tell me, speedo. I'd like to hear."

Absently he reached out and touched shining blonde tresses. "Your hair is amazing. I don't believe I've known anyone with it this long. Doesn't it get in your way?"

Lisa twirled a few strands with a finger. "I take after my great grandmother...she had hair to the floor. When I saw a picture of her I was shocked."


"But to answer your question, it would under normal circumstances. But as Glider its charged with static energy so it tends to float about and not tangle. I don't even feel the weight on my back."

Barry ran his hands through it again. "It's so soft and shines like light. Remarkable."

"Thank you." Lisa was intense, leaning in. "You have really pretty eyes."

"Oh. Well..."

"A man who regards his family so highly is hard to find. And good in my book."

"I've always been that way. Just seems natural to me."

"We're more alike than you think, criminal and good guy thing aside."

Barry could feel the intensity building. She's so beautiful. I'd better be careful.

"What's going through that head of yours?"

"Ah, a memory. Of when I first saw you."

"Oh, at the rally. I wanted revenge on Silas. Have to admit I was surprised you could see me when no one else could."

"I can perceive 'between the lines' so to speak."

Lisa fell silent watching him finish the chicken. When he was done she spoke again.

"You asked me earlier why a Rogue would care about you."

Barry set the tray aside. Do I really want to know? He wondered.

"It seemed odd you would show concern for my safety, Glider. We're on opposite sides of the law."

"The law isn't everything." Clear green eyes held his. "We should get to know each other better."

"Maybe. But how to reconcile our differences? You commit crimes, I stop them."

"Some differences matter less than others. Even enemies have been known to connect for a common cause."

"I'm not sure what you mean."

"Some connections...have nothing to do with legalities." she stroked his cheek.

Barry stared. Damn she's gorgeous. Dangerous curves and smart as hell.

Lisa leaned in closer still. "Like what you see, handsome? I know I do."

"Glider" Barry found his voice. "Aren't you concerned about your brother?"

"He doesn't own me, or tell me who to be with." a pause. "Are you married?"

"No, but I have someone special in my life."

"Lightning can strike twice you know." soft lips brushed along his jaw. "And since you aren't married, it's all fair game to me."

Barry turned slightly, hooking an arm around her taught waist. He pulled her in, catching her sweet scent and soft skin.


"Shh" their lips touched briefly before erupting into a steamy, wet kiss. Barry held her tightly, hands running through golden strands that floated everywhere.

"You're so beautiful." he finally pulled up, breathing heavily. "Sexy."

"Yowza, baby!" Glider was likewise flushed, her hand on his symbol. "Should we take this elsewhere?"

Barry smiled at her brightly. "Forgetting why we're here, Glider?"

She smirked back. "Fast friends, Red? And I mean really fast?"


Startled, the pair stared at an approaching Marco. "I've found Mirror Master's new hideaway. He's agreed to help us get into Len's stronghold."

Glider went to him. "Good work, Marco. We'd better get started."

Marco eyed the Flash. "Yes. Well, timing is everything isn't it?" his tone was sarcastic.

"Glider's right, we need to move." Barry walked past, putting on a straight face. But his heart was racing. Glider walked alongside, sparing him a sideways look.

Marco brought up the rear, watching them with suspicion. Len's gonna blow his top. I can almost hear him screaming now. And Flash is putting serious moves on Lisa. What the hell's going on between them?

The three figures trudged through the frozen landscape to confront Cold.