The Master Guardians

Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, Adi Gallia, Master Yoda, Darra Thel Thanis, Soara Attana, Ry Gaul, Siri Tachi

Time-line: After the war on Naboo, but before Anakin is accepted as a Jedi

Sypnopsis: After destroying the blockade on Naboo, the council gives Anakin Skywalker another chance, but instead of the Jinn/Kenobi team. He is assigned to the Gallia/Tachi team, several months in training, his team and his partner grow close, as he shows his abilities. And to the council, his future changes from clouded to crystal clear under the tutelage of the Jedi just like him now.

Disclaimers: the characters don't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to the author and the creator of the movies.

Warnings: This is going to cover the rewrite to the story connecting the Jedi Apprentice stories together as though he was Adi's apprentice and Ferus was with Obi-wan and Qui-Gon as with it, Qui-Gon survived the fight with Darth Maul, as this is what if from the very beginning they gave him a second chance as he becomes everything he was supposed to be under Adi and Siri now.

Prologue: A Mother's Concern

"Shmi, to protect him from what is coming, what do you wish exactly?" Master Qui-Gon Jinn asked and Shmi Skywalker explained that. "With you acting like his father, it's best he's treated like everyone else right now, he doesn't need his powers, skills and his title thrown at him. And every time he turns around, if someone who possibly is the enemy takes interest in him, tell him from me I want you and only you to train him."

"You, your current padawan and your friends, what is covered in his training, is between you, me and the council and only us, family business. And he's not family, so from now on after the council decide to train him, he's to stay clear of my son, Annie's off limits, starting now." she said and he nodded to her. "I love him too, Shmi, I'll take care of him, you have my word." he said and she nodded as she hugged him tightly then at the remark.

A Few Days Later-The Council's POV:

Waiting for a report back from the team they sent out, they felt a sudden power blast shoot through them and nodded. "Whoa, yes, alright his beacon was slightly weak, he's just activated it right now, if we can feel it 10 planets over right now." Master Mace Windu said and their mentor nodded in agreement to that. "Indeed and if he's that strong, we must have a talk with his mother, if she gave Qui-Gon orders."

"We follow those orders as of this moment." he said, though just as he finished saying that, they felt a blast of agony hit them. "No!" Soara Attana shouted out and they nodded to that. "Qui-Gon, Qui-Gon you hear me brother, stay awake, stay awake!" Master Tiana Merrin shouted out desperately at that. "I'm hearing two screams echoing here, one is Anakin the other is Obi-wan!" Ry Gaul snapped and she nodded as she snapped it out then.

"Stop, stop, what in the..., Anakin is throwing everything he has into Obi-wan's combat skills, they're both so overloaded with anger that they're going to kill this Zabrak, guys calm down, focus!"Soara said quickly, as they felt one start to calm down and she nodded. "Alright good, shh, it's okay you can do this, focus and concentrate honey, easy, shh it's okay baby." Tiana said softly and they all nodded in agreement as that did for all of them.

"What the force is going on over there here?!" Mace said and they nodded, before they got the answer to that question in Anakin's mental voice. 'Masters Jedi, you hear me? he asked and they nodded. "Anakin?" Ry asked and he heard a fast remark. 'Yeah and who are you five exactly, as I only met Master Adi?' he asked and he quickly answered him at that remark, realizing he didn't know them and needed a fast clarification then.

"We're your training quartet, we're close to reconsidering this." Damon said quickly and knew he nodded in relief. "I'm like Master Adi, my own partner in pair ups is like your own parental mentor, son, my name is Damon Calrissian, this is Tiana Merrin, we're the rest of your team quartet now. Your older brothers and sisters are our own padawans, your quartet is the youngest of our team trios, cub." he said and Ry quickly finished that off in relief he said that.

"Padawan Ry Gaul, this is Soara Attana, and Siri Tachi, our mentors are Master Gallia, Damon Calrissian and Tiana Merrin little brother, but me to Tiana. Soara to Master Damon and Siri to Adi, Obi-wan is with you and he's matched to Qui-Gon, but listen to me carefully, though you never connected to us. Not yet, the force perception when we can tell when a Jedi close to us, it just went off, so though you never met the five of us face to face it went off here."

"And right on schedule right now, what is going on over there, if you just called out to us right now, little brother?" he asked him gently and he explained that. 'Well what just happened is just as they were leaving our Zabrak showed up in the launchpad, they separated and engaged him in battle,. It's I'm up in the dogfight itself, the darn fighter is on auto-pilot here and the fight ended up in the reactor shaft, Qui-Gon got hit.'

'Master I need you up here, if this is what the Sith had in mind to kill Father, and I need you to protect me, before he targets me now, I felt it. After I got on board the blasted control ship here, but this is too much right now, I was beginning to adjust and then this happens. But no, I need you Master.' they all heard and nodded in shock. "You okay now, baby?" Tiana asked and heard his voice loaded with suppressed sobs.

'I am, but he's all I got for a father and now he nearly kills my brother, I need you, I choose the light, being a Jedi, Master. But they want me, they got a fight on their hands, I hate the darkside, the Sith and whatever this Zabrak really is here, Master Windu. But there's more to this then we know, he's not a normal Sith, but something else here now.' they heard gently and they nodded to that gently at that.

"Well then I can guess why, but my kind at times live on Dathomir." Agen Kolar told him and knew he closed his eyes. "What's the bad side to these people exactly, if you don't have anyone from their planet?" he asked and he explained that. "Their own darkside version is called the night brothers and sisters, they're witches that deal in the darkside in the way the Sith and Dark Jedi do, padawan." he said and they knew he nodded to the news.

"Well we weren't expecting this right now, that you just calling out to us after our conversation the other day." Mace said to him and knew he nodded. 'I know, but I decided to give it a second chance, but something on the senator rubs me the wrong way here right now, it's like he knows. He wanted this to happen, I know this sounds paranoid now, but I think he's behind the blockade here right now, but they now.'

'That's the trade federation is in league with the Sith themselves.' he said and they nodded in shock to that news. 'This is all plan to wipe out the Jedi after you did it a millennia ago.' he said and Mace nodded slowly to that news. 'Just saying your thoughts out loud I don't trust him around me at all if he's a Dark Jedi or even a Sith. But I'm not being around him at all right now, in truth, I want a second chance here.'

'I know I blew a good impression with you, but I want another chance, but if this means preventing his plans for us from starting here. We need to fix this connection between us and fast, but I know it's dangerous, will it got even more dangerous here right now. Especially if we don't do an intervention, the look in his eyes whenhe sensed my powers is enough to scare me.' he said and the council nodded at that.

"Master, I have reason to believe that the reason you never sensed them coming back, was because they cloaked their signatures. As I'm in side training here, I think this is what our portion of the Jedi is, we're like investigators, but was there a key thing they started?" he asked and Mace nodded. "Yes padawan, they decided on a rule of two." he said and knew he nodded as he answered him gently at that news then.

'This was why you never sensed anything or they came back without you knowing, they cloaked their signatures here right now. It's the rule of two, Master Yoda, but whatever our attacker was is one piece to it, our phantom the other, if this is like that brotherhood now. I think our phantom was hiding as his non force sensitive identity, and whoever it is, this is all a trap, a Jedi trap, so he can wipe us out."

'Master the reason they possibly defeated us in this war foretold to you by the Keganites, is because you never saw it coming now. Code change, this is your one chance to change things, but they had a millennia to change right now, grew stronger. And cloaked themselves, till you never see this attack till it's too late, this must be what they told you Master Gallia at the moment, whatever was said.'

'It's connected to whatever you sensed in me, but that could mean my alter ego now, but question, what's the alter ego to a Jedi?' he said and they nodded in shock to that news. "The Sith themselves." Mace said and knew he nodded. 'We're one side of it, the other is them, and the completely human portion to this is our counterparts, whatever you consider Father and his counterparts.' he said and they nodded to him gently.

'Master I made my choice, no cloudy future, it's you, it's always been you.' he said and he nodded softly. 'After losing my adopted aunt, I'm been afraid to lose someone I love ever since, it could be Krayne, or something else and I don't know what, but that's it. But after this Zabrak almost killed him, I've made my choice, I hate the darkside, I hate the Sith, I'm a Jedi to the end.' he said and the council nodded gently.

"I think that's what I am, like Father right now, though that's true, and someone, in that alleged time-line, caused the scum to destroy me. I can love and show friendship, but that's not weakness, but a strength, to free yourselves, you need the love and trust of friends and family. I become a Jedi and you're the reason I never crashed as a child to no older then you brother, sisters, Masters you showed it.'

'We can love, but we need each other to stay strong, he separated me from you, and that was it, as he had you and Obi-wan out of the way. So with that, there was never a problem till some sort of a mission, before we got reunited with Padme at the time, things were fine. And for another 3 years, as I became the most renowned young Jedi, still a padawan in the order, but something happened 13 years from now."

"The Sithmaster got you and Obi-wan out of the way, told me some sort of legend after a spat between us and you were scared out of your minds of leaving me alone with him and by the time you came back, it was too late, Master Yoda.' he said and they nodded in shock. "It was never us, but someone stabbed you in the heart and you break when at my age." Ry said slowly at that news and they nodded in shock to that.

"Gods I hope if the force pointed us right at you, then maybe it can send your adult back to us so we know what the force happened and what caused you to turn on us here." Mace said to this and they knew he nodded to that. 'Tell me about it, but if there was a few changes needed to be done, and we save Father and I need a way to control that balance in me, but I must be like you Master Windu, you and Master Gallia.'

"Not clouded Master, Master Yoda, there's something in me like it's trying to pull in one direction and being yanked in the other. But whatever you and Master Gallia and her apprentice, if she has one, are, then I think I am like you, though that's true and I need help. And in controlling this, this is what mom was really talking about, control the balance, the red and whatever color with it, but I think I'm like you.'

'Not Master Gallia, but you specifically Master Windu, then I've a very young version of your color, but I never had any interaction. And with the other color, till some black cloaked figure came to my spaceport before you arrived next, that's what you sensed. Not one or two, but there's a third, he came to my spaceport, but whatever he was interested in me, for is it.' he said and they nodded slowly to that.

'Whatever you call this, and the force pointed you right at me, will of the force that you find me before he does, but something weird is going on.' he said and they nodded to that. "Yeah that's an understatement, but your powers by you unlocking it, just slammed into us, you're the strongest force sensitive we ever came into contact with, but that must be why whoever this is, is interested in you." Mace said to that and knew he nodded.

'Did this ever happen before in Obi-wan's case when he was no older then me?' he asked and they nodded. "Yes happened after a mission not long after Qui-Gon chose him, and his rival was killed after joining an enemy of our's before he took him back and he chose probation." Mace said and knew he nodded. 'Well there it is, he's me as youngling still and I stay on the right path, me as an adult.' he said and they nodded to that.

'Screwed up the first good impression, but you were voicing my fears out loud, but the reason is we were attacked by a slave trader. And 18 months prior, the week, before the trio arrived I had a run in with a tuskin raider with a broken leg, but these characters. They are vicious mindless brutes, but there it is.' he said and they nodded in shock to that news as that told them everything they needed to know then

"That's what you were really feeling, next to your worries on Shmi?" Ki Adi Mundi asked him and they knew he nodded to him. 'Yes Master Mundi it is, that's the fear in me, I have no clue why they are interested in me, but if we don't fix our meeting and now. And whatever this future foretold, it's going to start all over again, bad first impression, I can change that now, so good second impression now here.'

'But first, Obi-wan is getting ready to put him into suspended animation, it's close, but we need you here, now.' they heard and they nodded sternly at that news. "One change and he latches onto us, though we screwed up the first meeting right now, we save Qui and it's done now." Tiana said to this and Mace and Adi nodded in agreement as they and Yoda exchanged looks who nodded in agreement as he said it to them.

"He needs us right now, yeah there it is, the Sith pushed him to the edge and instead of clouded he made his choice, being a Jedi, he's a lone wolf, a Jedi cub, of our stature." Mace said to that and they nodded. "That's it, he's one of us, alright, he's a Jedi youngling and he needs his adult lone wolves, that's you and me Mace, but there it is right now, he needs us and Siri, now." his co-hart said sternly and he nodded in agreement to that remark.

"There it is, something reminded him of whatever happened before we found him at the time, but first whoever it was and now Qui-Gon." Soara said to her and she nodded. "Baby's only 9, near 10, but unlike us, he never grew up suppressing his emotions, he could do this without going over the edge, Obi-wan. Oh no, not again, it's Melida/Daan, Bruck!" Tiana said to them and they nodded in shock at that news and they nodded in agreement.

"The scum pushed Obi-wan over the edge and he's throwing everything he has at him right now, but looks like Anakin threw everything he had. And into joining his combat skills with Obi-wan's and he's exhausted emotionally right now." Mace said to Yoda and he nodded in agreement. "Not blame him I do, but too much this is, never had to suppress his emotions before and like Obi-wan he is, as a youngling." he said and Mace nodded to that.

"We got to go to them!" Master Damon Calrissian snapped and they all nodded in agreement to that. "No, Qui-Gon, hang on, hang on, we're coming." Master Adi Gallia snapped and they nodded. "He finally got it, we have to get over there before whoever did that kills him for real." her padawan snapped and she nodded. "Half the council goes the other stays here, till we send for you now." Mace called out and they nodded to the orders.

"Adi, Kit, Ki, Plo, Mace, Yaddle, we go, and with us Qui-Gon's new training quartet, come must leave now to make sure, make it in time we do." Yoda snapped, naming their injured comrade's closest friends and they nodded as they geared up and joined the convoy carrying the new supreme chancellor then firmly. 'Anakin don't worry, we're coming, it's going to be okay, we'll be there soon.' Adi said gently at that as they felt a soft response then.

As they flew to Naboo, they arrived as they saw Anakin Skywalker with Obi-wan Kenobi in greeting them, before seeing a slight smug look on the Supreme Chancellor's face as he greeted them. "We are indebted to you Padawan Kenobi, and you young Skywalker, we will watch your career with great interest." he said and Mace froze up at that. "No, no stay away from him." Tiana said sternly and Damon and Adi nodded sternly at that.

"That's not threat, but a promise it sounds like..." Mace started to say and they all straightened at that. "Oh god, we got to head it off, we blew the first impression, we have to change it and fast." Siri said to her and she nodded in agreement to that as they all moved forward at the same time. "No stay away from him, you will." Master Yoda said sternly to that as the duo walked to them, Anakin's gentle eyes calm and caring.

'He's too late anyway, I'm your padawan now, Master, but we made this choice right after I shouted out to you now, I choose you now. But you're my mentor, time's up, if there was a choice given to a newly activated witch here, between evil and good, I just passed that test. I choose you and I'm a padawan, I'm a Jedi to the end now, my master.' he saw in his eyes and he nodded in relief to that news gently.

'Second chance given we have, but pulled it off we did, just let him have it, belong to me as my youngest council member you are, Anakin, tell him the truth. Believe I do that the balance means create a new code you do, and part of the Council in prime you are Anakin, you are a Jedi now. But time to tell, what think we do, you know what think we do, for us, say it now.' he said and Anakin hid a nod as he looked at the other man with a wary look at that.

'Get away from me, I don't even know you.' they heard in response to that remark in a slightly scared tone to that and nodded, as he locked gazes with the council. 'Too late, he's too late, I made my choice, but the mind to mind communication's link went haywire here.' he said to the council with his eyes and they nodded. "Don't touch me, just stay away from me, your excellency." he said with a warning tone at that response then.

As Obi-wan left his hand on Anakin's shoulder gently he leaned against his chest gently at that in response at that response. 'Yeah that did it, he chose me and the council, alright little brother, let him have it, we just had the scare of a life time, we don't need this added to it right now, baby brother.' Obi-wan thought and knew the council and his own team quartet were thinking this as well as he exchanged looks with them at that response then.

"Just how stupid do you think I am, you really think I don't know what that's supposed to mean, when we all know this, for all I know here now. Is this, but you could be my adult ex double's mentor as a Dark Jedi or worse, you're the mentor to the one that just tried to kill my father this week and twice. So let me clarify this for you now, but I would never turn on my adult, parental mentors, or my mentor, who raised me from my current age to adulthood."

"Your excellency, there is a matter of being strangers here, and though I connected to them, I don't even know you, so you're a stranger to me. And with that, they're familiar, and you're a stranger so what whatever my mom would say on this, I'm saying it for her, but I'm off limits here starting now. So stay away from me, I don't need my powers and title thrown at me every time I turn around here." he said sternly and the council nodded in agreement.

"No kidding and that's an understatement, I don't want you near him, we know he's special, that's very apparent to us, but what he doesn't need here. Is his powers, sensitivity and his title thrown at him every time he turns around, and it's family business but what is discussed between us and Shmi. And over him is family business and as you're not family, stay out of this, and stay away from him, you're off limits." Damon said sternly and the trio nodded sternly.

"Whoa, Anakin, are you...?" Soara started to say and Damon smiled. "Fast warning and reprimand, he made his choice and we're it, padawan." he said and the trio nodded in shock to that. "That remark he just gave him, could be seen as a threat in our eyes, and he doesn't need this, he doesn't need his powers, sensitivity. Let alone that prophecy and his title thrown at him every time he turns around his training is up to us, his parents and his team trio, you."

"So it's family business and as the chancellor is not family, stay clear of him starting now, you're off limits, my lord." Mace said to finish that and the council nodded to that remark sternly. "What goes on between me and the council, my team trio, is between me, my parents, my team trio and the council here. It's family business and as you're not family, I suggest you stay out of this right now, it's none of your business, my lord, but this now, this now."

"Could be seen as training interference and a threat in the eyes of the Jedi, sure I grew up normal, but I'm a padawan that grew up in the field now. My life of solitude turned into a life of engagement, sure I grew up normal, but I'm like my adult counterpart, who after retiring also became an asset to his planet. And their ways, so sure life surprises you, but I can accept my way of life as a Jedi, but until my 13th birthday, I got 4 years till then here now."

"But I can do everything they offer in careers and still be a padawan, but my mother mentor is Master Gallia, and my father is Master Jinn here now. Just who are you trying to kid, my lord, you realize how this sounds, to me, to Obi-wan, and to our team quartet and the council, you're a civilian. Though you're supreme chancellor, but that could be seen as training interference, and secondly, this is now an intervention, I've got a paternal figure already."

"I don't even know you, and that tone could be seen as a threat in the eyes of my guardians right now, said are them." he said, pointing at the council at that. "Noor, he knows, but we never told him that." Mace said and they nodded in agreement. "Looks like we never needed to, he took a guess over what caused on the puncture marks on Qui-Gon's neck and shoulders and guessed right at the moment, but I told Qui-Gon Noor's background here now."

"But Anakin is him and Qui-Gon as a youngling, he's got a knack for making friends and making alot of them here right now." she said to him and he nodded. "Well he's right, he's like a youngling version to Noor, and even he knows we see the chancellor's interference as dangerous." Adi said to him and he nodded. "And for the record, we're not as stupid as we look, if I have children there is only one signature that matches my babies here."

"And said is the Jedi they raised from my current age to adulthood here, your excellency." he said and the chancellor tried to keep from paling at that. "But stuck in whatever way that I was an adult, like that you, if you're the Sithmaster of the one that tried to kill my father, you have a power advantage on me. Fully human, I got one on you, and my family added to it, you'd never survive the fight with my entire family here now, as to that right now."

"I know it, you know it, and even better, is the council and my wife's friends in the loyalist committee know it, but when trapped like that here now. You got one on me, fully human and I got one on you, and add my entire family to it, that's my kids, and you're never going to survive this right now. You think I don't know that you, if you're the master of the one that just tried to kill my father, you went to a rule of two, well you're wrong I do know that."

"But always two there are, no more, no less, a master and apprentice." he said and Mace crossed his arms as he got what he was saying then. "Obi-wan just killed the apprentice, so all there is to do is find the master, but if you're him and you just signed your death warrant for trying to kill my father. But I hate the Sith, I hate the darkside, but the last two pieces of that warning, not going to happen, I'm never leaving my family ever, so you lost, you Sith scum."

"But just how stupid do you think we are, and because that remark could be seen as a threat as could whatever this Zabrak meant to his mentor. As for all I know, my powers and the power blast when I blew the control ship slammed into you, if you're like us, but a evil version to my order, and with it. This blockade could be seen as a distraction to prevent us from realizing a real agenda here, said being they're planning to wipe us out right now."

"And by using me to do it, I don't think so, if I trusted you in this alleged time-line, spoken of by the guides of Kegan right now, that's a severe clue. That I crashed because I trusted the wrong person, but everything said here, after I finally killed in cold blood, I stopped trusting you right now here. But beneath the annoyance, I was scared of being left alone with you, after that, but them, they're my friends here, I'm never turning on my friends again."

"But yeah, we, us, I'm talking about my team trio, the council, my friends and everyone in the order I care about right now, don't bother in saying it. Said it, you only have my best wishes at heart here, but I barely know you, and with those words in mind, I'm a Jedi, like my father before me right now. But I'm too close to the council to even consider turning, but pawn of the Jedi Council, well I consider that a compliment right now in this case here now."

"A compliment rather then an insult, if my mentor of my stature happens to be a member of the council." he said and the duo smiled sternly at that. "Say it Padawan, say it, we both know we all decided to give it a second chance, before he could pull a stunt like this, but Qui-Gon, me or Damon now. As you already got a legal guardian and paternal figure, remember, though strict or stern with you, it's only because I'm afraid I'm going to lose you, son."

"Obi-wan or Siri are your ward, but we're your legal guardians, but I'm the one who you kept coming to now, looking out for you ever since you arrived now. You're my padawan, in the way you are to Qui-Gon and Adi, but like them, I love you just as much, I'm only hard on you, because I'm afraid here now. I'm afraid I'm going to lose you, my son." Mace said softly as he realized what he was trying to say then sternly to the news gently at that.

'What's happening to me, or if..., he got to me, it happened and like it did for Qui-Gon and Obi-wan, he got to me now, he's my cub, and I love him.' he thought gently at that response. "Master this started something, though we love our students, the new transition just resulted in a total change up here. He's as dedicated to us, as we are to him and making it clear, he belongs to us as our student in the council now." he said and Yoda and Yaddle nodded.

"Second chance we all gave it, and here's the result, he's saying he's one of us, he is now, and he doesn't trust him anymore then we do." Yoda said to him and he nodded. "Yes, and what's also in there is a clear warning behind that reasonable tone, but what if he's the Sithmaster he's saying it for us. That if he's the Sith and it won't be long, before our theory turns into a proof positive as he does our job for us." he said and Yaddle nodded in agreement.

"We, us, he's including himself in that warning, but be warned, we're watching you, and how soon, before we realize you're standing right in front of us. Huh, how long exactly, when he's a young master and council member in training and ready to do his job here, right now for us. We're fully grown adults, and you're nearly 70, so 36 years give or take and his powers will dwarf ours here." he said and Yoda nodded sternly in agreement to that.

"Part of the council, he's meant to be." Yaddle said to Yoda and he nodded. "The youngest of the council he is, the youngest of the Master Guardians he's meant to be, shows the heart of a true Jedi. That anger and fear, can be controlled, but say it he has to now, never going to disappoint us, he will. Matter more then his friends we do, that pawn of the Jedi council, compliment not an insult, that is to him now." Yoda said and the entire council nodded gently.

"We gave it a second chance and the mind to mind communications link completed the transition, you're our cub padawan." he said softly at that remark. "I already got a father figure that father figure is the man that found me, and I'm more then relieved he's alive, so what makes you think now here. That I would ever come to you now, and when the code could change tonight huh, because if you really think that, then you lost your mind right now."

"Are you afraid of him, that I'm this close to the only Jedi that gave me a reason to stay on my path here now?" he asked and they saw him try to keep from paling at that. "Why, because he studies the Jedi version to this same power you would have offered me, or your mentor does, and I got no reason now. To come to you for that power, I got no reason to turn on my beliefs, my friends, my mentor, well let me tell you, it's more then him or Obi-wan, Padme."

"They're my family, in addition to my real one, and I got friends in all age groups of the Jedi, I make friends and make a lot of them, good at it now. Said it is sensing deception, I'm not bothering with the past or future, but focusing on the here and now, until I make a choice, I'm sticking to the here and now. And on what I'm doing as of right now, and that choice is I made my choice, my mentor as force sensitive, either real or adopted are him and Master Gallia."

"But in addition to them, I also connected to the second in command of the council, and with him his fellow council member said is my father's partner. In team pair ups here, as to that, it's them and their counterpart pair-up, they're my family and frankly as human Jedi you ought to know this here now. But as team a family, we depend on each other for our every lives, I made my choice after we chose to give it a second chance, and with my father in recovery."

"I've bonded to who is possibly his other best friend in their quintet in their age group." he said and Mace smiled. "Yeah, he's my best friend, we understand each other and just a little too well here, that I see you're him as a cub here, son." he said smiling softly at that. "So with that, just what makes you think you're qualified to act as a parent, when they're around younglings day in and day out and he doesn't need to say it, where my safety is concerned."

"He's like my best friend's father, where the racing is concerned and even that's enough to annoy both him and my mother's double, said is Master Gallia. As such right now, just how can you manage as a parents, as for that, if my levels in the these organisms are that high and whatever you'd have told me. If you're the apprentice of the one that dropped into my spaceport, how can I trust you, if we're natural enemies?" he asked and they watched him freeze.

"Good point there, how can we trust him, if we're natural enemies?" Soara asked as she crossed her arms and Mace nodded sternly. "We can't, but though we keep to ourselves, though we're Jedi, we got to control our powers, before we go out in public, and he's adjusting to his as time goes on right now." he said to her and she nodded. "Well cub clearly knows what he's doing here right now." Siri said and Soara and Adi nodded smiling gently at her remark.

"And to my point of view, the Sith are evil, if I turned to save my family in that alleged time-line, getting involved with you destroyed my family here now. It's not happening twice, the Sith are evil, you are evil and whoever turned in that split second are evil in the eyes of us, us being the Jedi council here now. So as to that, the darkside is the quick and easy, the lightside is working hard, I like a challenge, and though I'm good, bit of a slow learner here."

"That's fine in their eyes, I'd rather stay at my mentor's side, them and my parental mentor, real or adopted till I'm ready to let go, and that's not. As of now, for 16 years, but for a real parent/child bond, a cub is not ready to leave the nest until they choose to, and I don't plan too, as sooner or later here. That the time is coming where we have to let go, and neither of us do, but though my antics cause no level of stress, he would never have it any other way."

"As to why, sure he's strict and stern with my antics, at times, but that's the heart of being a parent, are you a father?" he asked and the man straightened at that. "Well if you're not, then here's a tip now, our parents never let us run wild, giving us something solid to stand on here, they lay the law for us. In giving us something solid to stand on, in later years, I test our bonds repeatedly, but neither of us ever lets go, it's because we're family, we never quit."

"But my mentor, as whatever I am, is Masters Windu and Gallia now, but as to that, it's a matter of testing it more and more, and they never let go. So what's that supposed to say to you now, if he never lets me go back to Tatooine and without protection?" he asked and Mace nodded. "It's because I'm scared out of my mind, that our alter ego is going to kidnap him and turn him into a cold blooded killer." he said in response as they heard him finish sternly.

"Master Windu was there and looking out for me ever since I arrived there, him and Master Jinn, they're my father figures, and with that in mind here. My Jedi father is hurt and I don't need this right now, but as far as I'm concerned, if you're connected to the Zabrak that just tried to kill him. Then you're the enemy, my family is the duo, and the council, so again, stay away from me." he said as he quickly turned away from him as Obi-wan sighed in relief.

"I'm Obi-wan and Siri's ward, but their mentors and Master Windu are my guardians now, as to that we're family, sure we're not allowed to love and with it. Attachment and Possession are forbidden, but at times, as growing up with a single mentor or apprentice, the wording contradicts this right now. They understand our attachment and share it, because we're their daughter or son, our mentors, our parents, we got our own lives here as Jedi."

"But we're a family, order is key word for a family, we're a family, and we look out for each other, but you're an outsider or worse you're our alter ego. And if you are, then you signed your death warrant, but you understand in what I'm meant to do, I'm meant to destroy the Sith and bring balance to the force. But before I can do this, I have to get my skills up to full, but what I will say is this, if you're trying to interfere, don't bother, I belong to them."

"As to that, you want to live without getting impeached, just stay clear of me starting now." he said and Mace tried to keep from laughing at the scared look on the chancellor's face. 'Think you over did it son, but nice warning, and not a threat, but a warning.' Mace and Damon said as they tried to keep from laughing at that. "Indeed, want to live, stay away from my padawan starting now, trust you with him, we can not." Yoda and Yaddle said together sternly.

"You understand what I'm saying, as the Sith are allowed to run wild, as all they care about are themselves, but the Jedi, the Jedi gave me something solid. Said to stand on, and exercising control over my powers, but I'm a youngling, and frankly, the act of parental guardians comes into effect here now. And is something that once bonded can not be undone, you understand a mind to mind communication link between a padawan and their mentor here."

"Because before you could even try to offer access to yourself as a parental friend, the council and I slammed into place our bond before they arrived. And we all decided to give it a second chance, so no, you don't need to offer your wisdom or your guidance, as Obi-wan and the council already did it now. And we're all deciding for my sake to treat me normal, but frankly I'm not normal even by Jedi standards and in my case different can be deadly."

"And more so then you think and if you're in league with the Sithmaster who's apprentice just tried to kill my father a bit ago now, you're done my lord. Then I'm never joining you, I'm never turning to the darkside, you failed your excellency, I am a Jedi, like my father, my family before me, and I choose it. I choose being a Jedi, whatever the last stage those trials are, there is no trials, I'm a Jedi to the very end now, and with that in mind right now."

"And for the record, I don't want special attention, I don't need special attention and who are you trying to kid right now, we could see this as, now. That you're either in league with the Sith that came to my spaceport or you're his apprentice, like the Zabrak is, but that's true and you proved my father right. And the irony of carrying that much power is you can save others, but you can't save yourself, and your arrogance knows no bounds, my lord."

"If I'm this chosen one, and give it 20 years and my powers dwarf your's and Master Yoda, you're over 50 I'm still a very young cub and with that. So think about it now, what could happen if I stayed human and never lost 50% of my connection to the force, and then added my entire family to that. That's 37 years, and you're nearing 100, I'm 46, you'd never survive that fight with me?" he said and they watched him try to keep from paling at that thought.

"Me or my family, but you're nearing 60, correct?" he asked and the man nodded shaking. "Masters Windu, Jinn, Damon and Tiana, Masters Rhara, and a few others are all nearing 46, correct?" he asked and he nodded shaking and Mace smiled sternly. "A fight with a man or woman, 20 years your junior is one thing, but add close to 50 years strength to that fight, my entire family, you could possibly survive it, but then add my friends of the council, add them."

"But then add him." he said, pointing at the council and Mace knew he was pointing directly at him and as he finished that. "So consider even if you were trained in all seven forms of combat can you survive an encounter with two styles that throw every bit of anger and hate right into the blade. And when you considered I'm half Sith already, I got the gift of fury, but can you even tell the difference here between being half Sith to whatever form VII is now."

"So yeah I'm half halth Sith already, I got the gift of fury, but control that anger, that hate and throw it into the fight, and whoever faces me here now. Said, is never going to win, as though I'm, and my only match in that form happens to the Master that trained me in his form and we combined it into mine now. So yeah there are two forms that do this, but you know what, I'm a Jedi, like my family before me, and I learn everything they got to teach me."

"So say two of the 7, are able to channel your anger into the blade, as you unload it by this way, as you got easier ways to control their temper here now. Then by out right violence, which I always considered was always a last resort, as I scared off my rival in racing more times then I care to think about. But either way now, it's a matter of knowing what's a piece in the code to what isn't and talking is always best before going to violence here now."

"You don't know what my form is, as you never saw me in training with the blade, as of yet right now, but you don't think I know this already now, huh. And can you even tell the difference between that, and whatever his form is, as he trains me in his style now, or I create my own variation to whatever. In lightsaber forms I choose and throw every bit of the darkest, most dangerous pieces of the three piece warning there is into that form, my blade."

"Combining my form which is like his together, and I throw everything I got into the fight till I have your pawn where I want him, but loss of limb. Whatever limb I lost, it's only fair he lost both of his, but I'm not about to kill him, I'm a whatever form stylist they call it, but the best in the order. Controlled that fear, now release that anger and hate, into the blade, I'm not about to take a life, loss of limb is more then enough, but killing in cold blood is wrong."

"It's not the Jedi way, and I will not take a life, ever, I hate my powers and my sensitivity to the force, but I hate being singled out, so as to that. Your days are numbered once I gained enough power at the moment, I carry the red in my soul, but I'm a protector, my job is to protect my friends and loved ones. I never became a Jedi for absolute power, but to protect those I love, but before I can, I have to train, and he's my mentor Sir, so with those words."

"I love my mentors like a parent, they're my family when separated from my parents and friends." he said and Mace smiled sternly, realizing this was not a threat but a reasonable remark, though he could hear the under current of warning in his tone then. "Oh boy, he was pointing directly at you master." Siri said to Mace and he nodded. "He doesn't need to see me in action to know I'm his total equal in everything as he grows." he said and Adi and Tiana nodded.

"But I get the direct message here, with him fully human it's possibly a fair fight, add us and it's close to being completely equal, but add his family. And all are like him, me, you and Adi, and he's never surviving the fight with us, as his son is possibly a unifying, his daughter, if he has twins is like us. And together, we've become a total threat to him, he knows, like we do, that if Anakin has children, they're going to be a threat to him." Mace said and they all nodded.

"One heck of a warning, he's never turning on us, once we chose to give it another shot in our bonds, but that's one heck of motive, but a Jedi family. One as strong as the Skywalker clan, it's going to be a massacre if we got two getting converted." he said and they nodded. "Force that sounds like he's, instead of on the edge of being a preteen youngling, he's my age right now." Soara said to that in response and they all nodded in agreement to that remark gently.

"Well there's my son, and my best friend is alive, that changes thing highly here." Mace said to the rest of the council nodded in agreement. "I'd say that's an understatement Mace, in fact it's very clear where this is going to lead, he's looking at Damon and with a look of trust and a cub looking at us like we're his family." Tiana said and he hid a smile. "Well he made his choice and we're it now." he said and she nodded as she answered him gently at that.

"If his adult self as a Jedi Knight, borderline master is coming out, he's sounds like you before he fell, though he did, and he hates him as much as we do." Tiana said to her and she nodded as Mace said it to Yoda at that. "If there is a reason for it, it's because he lost us one by one and till the very last loss, was before he and Padme, if they got married in this other time-line, had children though they did now at the moment, it's a matter now in this."

"Of he started losing trust in him, after he told him to do something, before he revealed himself to us, and when he did, his alter ego had a choice and chose wrong." Damon said and Mace nodded sternly in agreement to that. "We gave it a second chance, but as always, with you being our students/children, we tested each other in bonds, again and again in our bonds and we never let go, what's that say now?" Adi asked and they nodded gently to that.

'It says we were family in every-way you can say it, we tested our bonds, again and again and we never let go, because we love each other. Either you as our parents, or us as we're your children." Siri said softly and she nodded. "Well there it is, he's me in everything that counts, but not about to take a life, whoever took his arm or wrist, it's only fair they lose the arm or hand he lost." Mace said to Yoda who nodded in agreement as he answered him gently.

"He followed every piece of that code, but he knew this, he always knew that the very worst time now, is the time you got to follow our code of conduct. But there it is, he's a Jedi prodigy, he understands everything we tell you, so clearly we trained him way too well to his becoming our star pupil here." Damon said and the rest of their group nodded. "And I think the four of us together, plus you and the council, we over did it." Tiana said and Yoda nodded to that.

"Trained him a little too well I see, that the reprimand is a clear message, 10 to 13 years, his powers, dwarf our's in time they will, in both us and the Sith. But made clear it is, yes full of anger, and looks half Sith already, but even tell the difference between the two, can they, when combines your form into his. And throws everything he has into the fight with the pawn here for taking his arm in last two encounters with him now?" he said and they nodded gently.

"Evidently not, we knew to corral that anger and hate right into the blade, but, Palpatine, if he's the Sith, is facing a Jedi 60 to 70 years his junior here if that does happen, my padawan, he made his choice, I'm it." Mace said and he nodded. "But pawn of the Jedi council, well I consider that a compliment, not an insult, but I'm their man. And through and through, I'd never turn on them ever, they come first, and they always will here now in my eyes."

"But the sins are part of the darkside, anger, pride, lust, envy, and these are only short leap away from self destruction, but I'm beyond selfless here now. That if it's a choice between lust for power or getting the Jedi version to that same power if your mentor as a Sith is the one that showed up in my town. I get that power anyway from my father, so again, try all you want, I'm never turning to the darkside, I hate the darkside, I always did now here."

"And sure I'm loaded with anger, but righteous anger now, doing the right thing, no matter how much it hurts right now, but with that I know what I am. And who I was meant to be where they're concerned, but if there was a true prophecy saying that my family is meant to lead the freedom fighters against. Said a dictatorship and you're the leader of that dictatorship with whoever as your right hand, and you're done." he said sternly as he said it deliberately.

"And I'm just saying this that try all you want, I'm never turning to the darkside, you failed your excellency, I'm a Jedi, like my father before me. But I already got a father figure, that man is Master Qui-Gon Jinn, he's my father, but my branch is Masters Gallia and Windu, I'm like them, Siri. And though I carry evil, in my heart, I'm a protector, my family comes first, always, so stay away from me, I'm off limits, starting now." he said and ended it at that remark.

'That was too close right now, he's making his choice right now and we're it.' Mace thought and as he shoved passed the older man and quickly moved to them at that remark as he moved right to Mace and Adi then as he quickly hugged her and she smiled in relief as he crouched in front of him at that. "I don't know who he's trying to fool here, but what I do know is that is not some opinion, but a threat." he said and Mace nodded in agreement to that.

"But I meant it, but the sixth sense just kicked in hard, he's practically freezing, but evil is cold not hot." he said and they nodded sternly. "Oh great, so you're warning him off, before he can even try to get to you." he said and Anakin nodded to him. "Yes Master, I am, from the second we chose to give it a second shot, I trust you, Obi-wan and the others more then I trust him now, I'm safe with you." he said and the older man nodded gently smiling at that.

"So you're Masters Damon and Tiana, nice to meet you." he said and they both smiled at that. "You too son, nice to meet you too." Tiana said to him and he smiled as Adi hid a smile. "I think we started something here, by you just mentally phoning us, as he never expected us to actually give it a second chance here right now." Adi said to him and he nodded. "Yes well doing your decisions for you right now, Master." he said to her and she nodded smiling.

"Nice touch in throwing it in his face though, that you chose us this soon, and you're right, we're only that strict, because we're afraid to lose you." Damon told him and he nodded to him. "I understand that, but like any parent, you give us something solid to stand on, we got to tell you where we're going first before we leave. But you already were a positive influence on me this soon, that I was warning him off before you do it." he said and they all nodded to him.

"Think he got the message I do, but there's the you that never saw we did in our original meeting now, but see it clearly we do that learned much now. And in very short time here that you have in being with us you have now." Yoda said to him and he nodded. "Yes Master I did, but learning by observation, though I wish I did target practice before we got back up here, so I could at least defend myself." he said and they nodded gently at that remark.