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Love and Compromise

Chapter Two: Betrayal

Broken Love

MY Spectre around me night and day

Like a wild beast guards my way;

My Emanation far within

Weeps incessantly for my sin.

'A fathomless and boundless deep,

There we wander, there we weep;

On the hungry craving wind

My Spectre follows thee behind.

'He scents thy footsteps in the snow

Wheresoever thou dost go,

Thro' the wintry hail and rain.

When wilt thou return again?

'Dost thou not in pride and scorn

Fill with tempests all my morn,

And with jealousies and fears

Fill my pleasant nights with tears?

'Seven of my sweet loves thy knife

Has bereav├Ęd of their life.

Their marble tombs I built with tears,

And with cold and shuddering fears.

'Seven more loves weep night and day

Round the tombs where my loves lay,

And seven more loves attend each night

Around my couch with torches bright.

'And seven more loves in my bed

Crown with wine my mournful head,

Pitying and forgiving all

Thy transgressions great and small.

'When wilt thou return and view

My loves, and them to life renew?

When wilt thou return and live?

When wilt thou pity as I forgive?'

'O'er my sins thou sit and moan:

Hast thou no sins of thy own?

O'er my sins thou sit and weep,

And lull thy own sins fast asleep.

'What transgressions I commit

Are for thy transgressions fit.

They thy harlots, thou their slave;

And my bed becomes their grave.

'Never, never, I return:

Still for victory I burn.

Living, thee alone I'll have;

And when dead I'll be thy grave.

'Thro' the Heaven and Earth and Hell

Thou shalt never, quell:

I will fly and thou pursue:

Night and morn the flight renew.'

'Poor, pale, pitiable form

That I follow in a storm;

Iron tears and groans of lead

Bind around my aching head.

'Till I turn from Female love

And root up the Infernal Grove,

I shall never worthy be

To step into Eternity.

'And, to end thy cruel mocks,

Annihilate thee on the rocks,

And another form create

To be subservient to my fate.

'Let us agree to give up love,

And root up the Infernal Grove;

Then shall we return and see

The worlds of happy Eternity.

'And throughout all Eternity

I forgive you, you forgive me.

As our dear Redeemer said:

"This the Wine, and this the Bread."'

William Blake

I didn't hear anything about Joei until Radat fell to the Highland army. Klaus spotted the group I had led to investigate the town's condition. Cordial as always, he delivered the news of Joei's upcoming marriage to Princess Jillia. A knife through the heart would have been more welcome. So much for our eternal love.

That night I got drunk for the first time. Leona had taken the night off and her replacement was less particular about who he served as long as you had the money.

Nanami didn't find me until I was on my fifth glass. I had hoped that I could drown my loneliness in alcohol. No such luck. Apparently the Bright Shield rune gives it's barer a high tolerance for alcohol. Not believing I was sober, she ended up conscripting the Red Knight Camus' help to see me to my room.

AS soon as I was out of the bar, Camus at my side ready to steady me if I did end as drunk as my sister thought I was, and on my way to my room did Nanami head back to give the bartender a scathing lecture on serving alcohol to minors.

When we reached my room, Camus turned to go until I gripped his cape. "Stay with me," I asked, looking down at the floor.

He knew that I wasn't asking for any king of platonic comfort. It was common for Knights of Matilda to enjoy the more intimate side of companionship. It was a way to show respect and honor for a fellow warrior and relieve frustration during campaigns where females were scarce, since none were aloud into the Knighthood of Matilda.

Callused fingers gripped my chin, gently forcing me to raise my head. Brown-eyes stared into my own. For a second, I thought he might refuse me. I knew Miklotov and he were close, but I wasn't sure how close.

A gentle caress of lips answered my question. At least I wouldn't be alone tonight.

Aware of my virginity, Camus took the lead. He pealed both our clothes off without haste. Blushing, I roamed my eyes over his bare flesh. His entire body was corded in muscle, a few faint sword scars stood out on his chest. His manhood, as sculpted and powerful looking as the rest of him, stood out proudly. I felt as if a fire had ignited in my groin.

Camus laid me on my bed, hands exploring my form. I arched into his touch as callused fingers caressed my nipples, making them like hard little pebbles. He gave ma smirk before taking my right nipple into his mouth. All his sucking, biting, and tongue lapping had me moaning like an instrument, especially when he turned his attention to the other nipple while gripping my manhood with a hand. He stroked it with upward and downward motions, until his fingers were soaked with pre-cum.

One finger entered me and was soon joined by another. Camus moved his fingers in a scissor motion that made me squirm a little in discomfort. Noticing, Camus apologized before inserting a third finger. The burning pain of being stretched was forgotten as he hit a spot deep inside of me. A loud moan escaped my mouth and soon I was pushing back against his fingers, making sure that sweet spot was brushed against each time.

"Alright, I think your ready," he said, removing his fingers and positing his manhood at my entrance.

With a quick thrust, he was fully seated in my body. Kissing me on the lips, he pulled back out so only the tip was in before plunging back in. A wave of pleasure swept through my body as he hit that magic spot. Camus proceeded to experiment with how he could make me moan at different levels of volume just by changing the way he thrust into me.

It seemed an eternity of upward bound pleasure had passed before I came with a cry. With my body tightening around him, Camus orgasmed as well, filling me with his hot seed.

After the pleasure faded and Camus had returned to his quarters, the pain and loss returned. I cried my self to sleep. It was the first of many long nights.

I avoided Camus as much as possible. The only time we were even in the same room was during the officer meetings. He seemed to understand how I felt for the knight made no attempt to seek me out.

"Lord Rand!" cried out a voice, shaking me out of my thoughts.

Freed Y came to a halt in front of me, panting from his running. "Lord Shu has called a meeting," he reported.

"So it is time," I said to myself.

The next battles brought the downfall of the Highland Prince Luca. His mad eyes haunted my sleep as the insane prince's face was replaced by my beloveds.

In a way my dreams proved true. King Joei didn't show a sign of feeling as he demanded that the Dragon Army surrender to him. Only Shu's quick thinking and Pilika's bravery saved us.

The next few meeting s between Joei and I had similar results. The only time he reminded me of the boy he once was, was when Nanami was fatally wounded at Rockaxe Castle.

I stopped caring about the Dragon Army and my role as its leader. It didn't matter to me. I was tired of it all. Even taking back Muse and finally defeating the Highland army meant little without the ones I loved.

As my role in the Dragon Army ended, I was asked to be the leader of the new country soon to form. I declined and left the meeting hall.

While others celebrated, I took refuge by the small pond in front of the west wind of the castle. The two children who were usually duck watching were absent, probably with their parents.

From out of my pocket I drew a dagger I had filched from a drunken Eilie (trust me, not a pretty site.) I held it to my writs and closed my eyes. I had only added a little bit of pressure when I heard someone shout out, "No!"

My eyes flew open and took in the Blinking Mage Viki, her brown eyes filled with tears. Looking over her shoulder was Luc the Wind Mage, his green eyes as unreadable as ever.

Brandishing her staff, Viki shouted, "Shazam-oops!"

Luc had knocked her spell off course. She had probably meant to teleport the dagger, but ended up teleporting me instead!

In no more than the blink of an eye; I found myself in a forest clearing all too familiar to me. Here was where my old unit, the Unicorn Brigade had been betrayed and slaughtered by Luca Blight's order. The cliff that Joei and I had made our promise to return to if we were ever separated was around here.

Drawn by a small hope I walked up the trail. I immediately spotted the "x" carved into a rock. A movement beside it drew my eyes.

There was Joei, clad in his old blue outfit, with his battle staff gripped in his hands. "Sp you came, Rand. I'd wondered if you'd remember your promise."

Please don't get upset about the whole Camus and Rand scene. Rand is NOT a slut! I was just trying to point out that when people are hurting emotionally they seek out ways to find comfort. Drinking alcohol is one way, which didn't work for Rand due to his rune. Others use drugs, which I am so not touching. And some have sex. I'm sure the words "comfort sex" have some meaning. Anyway as you can see, Rand totally regrets it, so he won't be trying that anymore unless it's with Joei. Heh. Heh.

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