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Dionysus POV

Well, this is just a lovely day.

The sun is shining, the strawberries are growing, and two of the kids vanished from the camp one after the other.

Love that.

I sighed, takin a gulp of my Diet Coke.

The messenger came earlier saying that the Jackson boy had been attacked by a Pit Scorpion. They don't know who did it, but I can make a wild guess based on the other missing kid.

I knew that the Luke kid was angry, he's been angry for a while, but for him to try to kill a camper?

I didn't see that coming.

"Mr. D your drink is on fire," Chiron said helpfully.

I blinked, so it is.

I waved my hand, dismissing the drink.

"Um…" I sighed, turning to the door.

Annabeth Chase stood there, her jaw clenched, and her eyes filled with worry.

"Where's Percy?"

Oh boy.

"Ah, Annabeth-" Chiron faltered at her look.

"I saw the guy that came from the sea, he went through Percy's cabin. I can't find Percy anywhere. Why was he here? Where's Percy?"

I sipped my Diet Coke. I'm just glad we don't have to tell her he's dead. I always hate informing the kids that one of their friends died.

"Annabeth," Chiron started again.

"He's in the ocean," I drawled.

She frowned, "Why?"

I sighed, "He had an unfortunate meeting with a Pit Scorpion, almost died, used some emergency magic thing, and is now in the sea. Oh, and that Luka Campbell boy left the camp, probably after trying to kill the Jackson kid."

The girl recoiled, "What!?"

Chiron sighed, "We don't know that Luke did it. He left yes, but… he wouldn't've… he would never hurt one of the campers."

Annabeth nodded, a fiercely defensive look on her face, "Luke would never! He… he was angry yeah, but he wouldn't hurt Percy. He wouldn't betray me- the camp like that."

I studied her. Honestly, I pity her. She dearly loves that boy, he's her older brother, and she definitely has one of those little mortal crushes on him. His betrayal will hurt her greatly, once she accepts it.

"We're waiting for confirmation when the Jackson boy wakes up," I waved my hand, leaning back in my seat. "Your family is here though, so you'll have to go. Unless you wish to stay to wait for news."

She hesitated, "I… I want to know what happened. When will he wake up?"

Chiron winced, "Ah, Pit Scorpion venom… honestly it's a miracle that he's expected to survive at all. We have no way of knowing when he'll wake."

She bit her lip, "I'll stay. I want to know what happened…"

I shrugged, poor girl is in denial. "Do whatever."

She huffed and left. Marching out with a determined stride.

"Mr. D, you need to be more gentle with them," Chiron lectured.

I rolled my eyes, being gentle gets them killed.

"Besides," he continued. "We don't know that it was Luke. He would never do that!"

They're all in denial. Heroes change sides all the time, and that boy has been angry for a long time. I'm not sure who he joined, but it's not someone on our side.

I sighed, guess we'll just have to wait and see.


Annabeth POV

I hurried away from the Big House, keeping my expression steady.

Luke wouldn't, he couldn't, he would never… I know he's been angry, but he wouldn't betray us! He wouldn't try to kill Percy!

I swallowed, he wouldn't.

I'll Iris Message him now and prove it. He'll answer and explain where he is and what happened and it'll all be fine.

I hurried to the prism's hanging at the back of the big house, there for easy Iris Messages.

I took a breath and pulled out a drachma.

"Oh Iris, Goddess of the Rainbows, show me Luke Castellan!"

I tossed a drachma in and waited expectantly.

The rainbow shimmered for a moment, then suddenly spat the drachma back out.

That person is not available, please try again later.

No, must be some sort of error. Luke's just slightly out of range maybe, or maybe Iris is just on break.

I threw the drachma in again.

"Oh Iris, Goddess of the Rainbows, show me Luke Castellan!"

That person is not available, please try again later.

I gritted my teeth. No.

"Oh Iris, Goddess of the Rainbows, show me Luke Castellan!"

That person is not available, please try again later.

"Oh Iris, Goddess of the Rainbows, show me Luke Castellan!"

That person is not available, please try again later.


"Oh Iris, Goddess of the Rainbows, show me Luke Castellan!"

That person is not available, please try again later.

I took a shaky breath, this can't be happening.


"Oh Iris, Goddess of the Rainbows, show me Luke Castellan!"

That person is not available, please try again later.

I slowly sank down against the big house wall.

Luke wouldn't. He wouldn't do it. He would never hurt a camper. He would never leave me.

He promised.


My dad reluctantly understood that I needed to stay. His wife wasn't happy about coming all this way to be told I wasn't leaving, but I don't care what she thinks.

I only decided to try again because Percy said maybe my dad didn't know. I'm giving him a chance, not her.

But Percy and Luke are far more important then my dad and his wife. I'm not leaving till I know what happened.

It resulted in a lot of pacing.

Malcolm told me at least a dozen times to sit down, but I just can't.

I itched to do something, but there was nothing to do but wait and it's killing me. Is Percy okay? What happened with Luke? I just want answers.


It was three days before someone came again. Another figure rising from the water, dressed similarly and wearing those same bands around his arms.

He swept through the camp, side-stepping anyone that tried to get in his way, and entered the big house.

I straightened, I'm going to find out what's happening.

Time to practice a little spying.

I put my hat on and snuck to the big house.

I had to step carefully so no boards creaked, but I managed to slip in and hide by the door.

The water guy settled in a seat across from Mr. D.

"Well?" Mr. D asked in his usual drawl. "Who tried to kill the little sea prince."

The guy sighed, "It was a boy named Luke. He tried to get Percy-aia to join him and his Lord, though his Lord was not named Percy-aia believes it to be the Time Lord. Percy-aia refused and this Luke summoned a Pit Scorpion."

I froze, no, he… Luke…

I swallowed, trying to focus on what they were saying.

"-he'll be on bed rest for another day or two, he was unconscious for over a day, and will have to do some physical therapy to recover from the poison. Thankfully ert Aipri is rather skilled at purification magic and was able to fight off the venom long enough for Maiava-futao to administer the antidote. Truly we were lucky she had some on hand or else he would not have survived regardless."

Mr. D sighed, "So the godling will be returning to camp? He hasn't filled out his form, but I'll make an exception this one time on account of him almost being murdered."

I shifted, is Percy coming back?

"Percy-aia will not be returning at this time. Poseidon-ore has decreed that he will be staying in the sea until he has fully recovered. He may return to the camp next summer, but not sooner."

Mr. D hummed, "Well, good to hear the brat will live. It'd be troublesome to fill out the paperwork for his death."

My jaw clenched but I forced myself to breathe out. Percy will live, he'll be okay, that's what's important.

"Poseidon-ore has ordered that should this Luke Castellan be seen, he be handed over to Poseidon-ore. He will face the sea's justice."

"Hmm," Dionysus took a long sip of his Diet Coke. "I almost feel bad for him. Old Seaweed does not take kindly to harming his kids, much less child ones. The sea's punishment for harming a child on purpose is…"

He shrugged, "Well, I'm sure he'll regret his actions."

What's the sea's justice? What's going to happen to Luke?

I swallowed hard.


I can't believe he…

I took a shaky breath.

He's… he really betrayed us.

I didn't…

"Annabell are you going to stand there forever?"

I jolted, realizing that Chiron and the sea guy had left the room, Mr. D's gaze was on me.

Wait, I'm invisible right?

I pat my head, yeah, my hat is on. How did he?

"You're trying my patience."

I took off my hat, Mr. D studying me silently.

"Eavesdropping isn't polite Miss Cook."

Can he never get my name right?

"I just-" I faltered. I want to explain, but would that really be enough for a God?

He sighed, "Your little friend will be fine. Though I can't say the same for that Luka boy."

I swallowed, "He really… but why?"

I know I sound desperate, but why? Why would Luke do this?

Mr. D shook his head, "He's angry. Angry teens do idiotic things."

I looked away, "But he… he promised to stay…"

"Mortals have a bad habit of breaking promises," he said softly. "Especially Half-Bloods."

I shook my head, "I- he…"

A hand landed on my head, I flinched, looking up in surprise.

Mr. D pat my head, "He left, you'll have to accept that. Don't let him keep a hold on you, it'll break you."

I felt calmer, like my scattered thoughts had been pieced together. I blinked up at Mr. D in surprise.

"I-" I swallowed. "Thank you."

He nodded, casually summoning another Diet Coke as he walked away.

"Oh, and Annabell?"

"Yes, Mr. D?"

"Don't let me catch you eavesdropping again. Next time you'll have chores."

I flushed, "Yes, Mr. D."

He vanished.

Now how are we going to tell the camp?


Mr. D announced at dinner that Luke had betrayed the camp and tried to kill Percy on his way out.

Everyone had questions, and the Hermes cabin tried to argue. Well, a lot of people tried to argue. The members still at camp from the Demeter and Aphrodite cabin looked horrified and worried.

"Shut up, brats," Mr. D snapped.

Everyone shut up.

"No one is happy Luka betrayed the camp, and we're even less happy he tried to kill a camper on his way out, but we have actual evidence of his actions." His gaze was burning as it swept over all the campers. "Accept it or don't, but Luke Castellan will not be allowed back inside the camp. If you see him you're to inform me immediately. Understood?"

No one spoke for a long moment.

"I said, Understood?"

"Yes, Mr. D," everyone mumbled.

"Good, now enjoy dinner, or whatever."

"Um… Mr. D?"

He sighed, "Yes?"

"Where's Percy?"

Everyone perked up as I winced.

"Yeah, why isn't he at camp?"

"You said he almost died, how?"

"What happened?"

He took a long gulp of his Diet Coke, "Jackson is in the ocean, probably at his dad's palace. He's expected to make a full recovery from the Pit Scorpion that Luka set on him."

The other campers murmured, Dylan frowning beside me.

"Wait, why does he get to see his parent?" He muttered.

I huffed, "He just does. His brother, Triton, saved his life."

Dylan huffed, "We don't get to see our mom? And anyways, are you sure Luke did this? That doesn't sound like him."

I shifted, "He did. I- I don't like it either but… he betrayed the camp."

I looked away, poking at my food.

Dylan didn't look convinced though.

I glanced around, realizing quite a few people seemed unconvinced. There were a few kids from the Hermes cabin talking about how this didn't seem right, and frowns from the Apollo cabin. Only the Demeter and Aphrodite cabins seemed convinced, and even they looked hesitant.

I looked back at my food.

I don't think the camp is going to accept Luke's betrayal.

I swallowed hard, stabbing at the chicken.

This doesn't seem good.


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