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WARNING: There are slurs used in this chapter by an asshole character

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I let out a slow breath as Serafina instructed. She stood beside me as I did the breathing exercises.

"Alright," she murmured. "Let's try singing now."

I nodded, she had me pick an easy familiar land tune for now, said we'll do sea ones later. The ocean is more used to responding to sea tunes, so it will jump on that quicker. Using unfamiliar tunes was a good way to start off, but they should be familiar to the singer.

"Remember to make your intent clear, you just want the coral to grow."

"Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are, up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky, twinkle twinkle- little star, how I… how I wonder what you are-"

I gulped, struggling for air but delighted as the coral visibly stretched up, reacting to my song.

"When the blazing sun is- is gone, when he nothing-" I took a deep breath, "when he nothing shines upon-" I struggled to breathe more, trying to draw in more water and oxygen. "Then you- then you show your… your little light…"


I blinked, "But- But I wasn't…. I wasn't even through," I coughed, struggling to speak right. "The second verse…"

"And yet you are struggling so."

She flicked over, holding a twisted piece of coral.

"Breathe in through this," she said as she placed the opening on the coral piece at my mouth.

I took it and did as she said, pulling it away to cough, before I managed to breathe in.

The water tastes different. Like… plants?

"It's a hotivim, helps with the breathing issues caused by the Siren's Song, or lung problems. The treatment is similar. Breathe in four times with it then rest for a little bit. We'll go through how to control the power in your voice now that I've heard you."

I nodded, breathing in slowly, then breaking down into a coughing fit.

She rubbed my back and drifted beside me while I recovered.


I sat down and turned to Tyson who was getting out his lunch.

As usual he had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I've never seen him with anything else honestly.

"Do you want some chips," I asked. "I have two bags today."

Tyson perked up, "Chips?"

"Uh yeah," I dug out my lunch. "Doritos and Frittos."

"Doritos?" Tyson asked wide eyed.

"What are Doritos?" Kai asked.

Zoey gaped, "You- you don't know what Doritos are!?"

Nikola set his lunch tray next to Acantha, "Doritos are a type of chip, which is a snack. The kind Percy has are nacho cheese Doritos, they're cheesy."

Kai had a notebook out, "Can I try one?"

"Yes," Tyson said. "Here."

Acantha leaned over, "I want one!"

"Are you guys leaving me out?" Klara demanded. "I want to try one."

I watched baffled, how have they never had Doritos?

"Percy," Zoey hissed. "They've never had Doritos. Are there other things they've never had?"

"We need to show them around," Percy declared. "And show them all the foods."

"Do you guys Gucci is?" Zoey asked.

Kai looked up from notebook he was scribbling in with a Dorito in his mouth.

Acantha flicked her hands in a question gesture I know from Triton teaching me.

"They're a designer clothes and bag brand," I said.

"Was that sign language?" Zoey asked with sparkling eyes.

Acantha faltered, "Oh uh, yeah… it was."

"Yeah, it was basically saying 'no what is it'… roughly," I explained.

"You know sign language?" Zoey asked eagerly.

"Er," I faltered. "Only a little… and it's not American Sign Language, there are differences."

I paused suddenly, wait… how did Acantha know the sign language of Atlantis?

"Yeah, this one is…" Acantha faltered. "It's the Portuguese sign language."

"Oh, are you from Portugal?" Zoey asked.


Zoey blinked.

I hummed, is there an overlap in the sign languages? I'll ask Triton later.

"Can you show me a sign?" Zoey asked eagerly.

I faltered, well, "This is hello-" I tapped by forehead with my palm flat and held facing the ground, then flicked it away. "This is goodbye-" I held my hand out and folded my fingers down.

"Ooh, what's your name in sign?"

"That varies," Klara said. "Like, not to person, but like, as a sign. They're customized? Or you can finger spell but that's the long way."

"Oh? How would you finger spell 'Percy'?"

Klara held out her left hand and signed, her fingers flicking slowly through 'P' 'E' 'R' 'C' 'Y'.

"What are you doing?" sneered a voice behind me. "Trying to do a Jutsu? Weeb."

I turned in confusion, "What's a jutsu?"

"Is that a type of sign language?" Kai asked, holding his notebook up.

"Looks like you're the real weeb," Nikola mused.

Matt flushed at that, glaring at us, gaze focusing on me.

"Look here you retarded faggots," he snarled. "You think you're so smart? Why don't you meet me out back after school and we'll see how smart you are then you blue haired freak."

Kai went still, Acantha stiffened.

Klara tilted her head, "Okay. I'll meet you out back after school."

She smiled sweetly, and Matt did a double take.

Nikola yawned, "Slurs aren't attractive."

"No one asked you," Matt snapped. "So why don't you-"

"What's going on here?" Asked Mrs. Jefferson, coming over.

"Nothing," Matt said. "Just saying hi."

She studied us closely. Zoey looked about ready to jump Matt, Acantha was glaring daggers, Kai was gripping his notepad and pen like they were weapons, Tyson had shrunk down, and Nikola looked ready to nap but his eyes were like ice.

"Well," she said slowly. "Why don't you move along."

"Yes, ma'am."

Matt turned to leave, shooting us one last glare as he walked away.

"He's a complete-" Zoey snarled. "Such a-"

"He's a vlua petulu," I agreed fiercely. "Are you okay Tyson?"

Tyson nodded, "Yes. I am fine. He was… not scary. Percy could beat him."

I flushed, "Ah, thanks."

"Let's finish lunch," Nikola said. "I want a nap."

I nodded, "Sounds good, oh yeah, Zoey?"


"Are you doing anything for the Autumn Equinox?"

She brightened, "Oh we're going to an Apple grove and helping gather apples! It's going to be so fun!"

"Ooh, that does sound fun."

"What about you?"

"I'm visiting my Metua's place," I said. "We're going berry picking!"

"That's sounds nice…" Zoey chirped. "What's Metua?"

"Oh, it means Father, I'm going to my Father's place."

"Oh, yeah that makes sense."

"Are you doing anything Tyson?" I asked.

Tyson shook his head, "I am going to sleep. I do not have berries to pick, or groves to go to."

Zoey frowned, "Well, I think it's too late to ask my parents to bring you along this year. But next year you can come with me!"

Tyson blinked, "Really?"

"Yep!" Zoey grinned. "It'll be fun. We can save some apples for Percy too."

Nikola hummed, "Sounds nice. We're going hunting for the equinox. It'll be funsies."

"Ooh," I grinned. "Some of the older people at Metua's place go hunting I think, but you have to be a certain age to join in on that."

"Will you guys be doing anything?" Zoey asked. "Oh wait, sorry… wait, Nikola are you pagan?"

"Yeah," he yawned.

Zoey lit up, "Oh my stars this is brilliant! Wait, Kai, Kai are you pagan?"

Kai blinked, "Um, well, yes? Sort of. Pagan means worshiping non-Abrahamic Gods right?"

"Er… I think so?" Zoey asked. "I mean, I think that covers all of it."

"Then yes, I am pagan."

"So are we," Acantha said. "Everyone where we come from is pagan."

"That's so cool," Zoey whispered. "All of our group is pagan! We should do a festival together sometime!"

"What kind of pagan are you?" Nikola asked dryly. "I worship the Norse Gods."

"Oh that's cool," Zoey said. "But I don't think we can do a festival together then… Me and Percy and Tyson are Hellenistic Pagans, we worship the Greek Gods."

"We…" Kai shared a look with the others. "Are also Hellenistic Pagans."

"We can probably do something together anyways," Nikola mused. "Just respectfully."

Zoey nodded, "Yeah, that would be cool. Antheresteria is a great holiday for doing things with friends, honoring Dionysus and having a big meal with friends. Oh, and of course Dionysia. We could all go watch a play or even put one on!"

"We have some time to plan," I pointed out. "Both of those aren't for a while."

"Yeah, I'm just so excited," she said.

I grinned, it was exciting. Everyone here was a pagan, and even if only me and Tyson actually… saw Them in person, there were still others that knew Them, and worshiped Them. It was… nice.

"Well," Nikola drawled. "This was informative, but class starts again soon, and I want a nap first. So see you later."

"Bye," Zoey chirped.

"Bye," I called.

The other's chimed in as Nikola walked away.

"This is going to be an amazing school year," Zoey declared.


The Saturday to Iris message with Giovanni came quickly and at noon I Iris Messaged him.

"Ah, hello Percy," Giovanni said. "Happy late birthday."

It seemed to be later in the day where he was.

"Thanks," I said with a grin. "What time is it there?"

"Oh, six pm," he mused. "Now then, your birthday present. Clearly you haven't had anyone with any… style around you before our cabin. This is of course, an absolute crime. Therefore, I will be arranging for you to have an entirely new wardrobe."

I blinked, "Wha-"

He quirked an eyebrow, "You did not think we would let you wander around in t-shirts and jeans, forever did you? No, you are a part of our cabin and thus must have a proper wardrobe."

"But… I have clothes from the sea?"

"Yes," he said patiently. "But you only wear them occasionally, and they're very nice. You need some slightly more casual styled clothes, and of course more big event clothes. And better everything really, your wardrobe is limited."

"I do?" I said baffled. "But… I have a uniform at school this year?"

He made a face, mumbling under his breath, "Disgustoso, le uniformi sono così poco lusinghiere."

Shaking his head he continued louder, "That just makes it more important that you have good clothes when not in school! My personal tailor will be in America next week and will be arranging your wardrobe."


"He was already going for a fashion event, so I requested he extend his stay a dash for your birthday present."

"That's really not necessary," I said quickly. "Clothes are expensive-"

"It's no worry," Giovanni said firmly.

I blinked as a cat creeped into view of the Iris Message.

"I am more than able to afford it, and you are in desperate need of a new wardrobe. He's a demigod as well, or well, a descendant of one. His grandmother was a daughter of Aphrodite. I told him about the clothes from the sea, he's willing to try and match the style as best as he can so your wardrobe matches."

I flushed, "I mean… I guess?"

The cat was crouched, tail wiggling.

"Excellent," Giovanni said. "Do you have a phone?"


"Well, that's disappointing. We'll have to fix that at some point." He frowned. "Regardless, I'll IM you with a few times and days that work for him for you to choose from."

"Okay," I said, brain still registering the present. "Uh, thank you. That's really nice of you…"

He waved his hand, "No issue, I'm happy to-"

The cat pounced, latching onto his pants and trying to climb him.

"Duke Fluffington!" He cried. "Stop that!"

I giggled as he struggled with his cat for a minute, managed to corral it to his arms.

The cat looked decidedly smug.

"Well, as I was saying," he grumbled petting his cat.

"Duke Fluffington is very cute," I said.

His lips twitched, "He's a little shit, but an adorable one."

"Percy!" Mom called from the kitchen. "Lunch is ready!"

"I have to go," I said. "Thank you again, it really is super nice."

"Of course," he said. "You're family."


I sat in the river once more, already having spent a few hours cleaning it up.

"So how've things been while I was gone?" I asked Eli the Eel while I manipulated a particularly buried piece of trash out of the muddy river bottom.

"The catfish tried to stage a rebellion," Eli said. "Apparently they didn't like the muskellunge bossing them all around."

"Did the muskellunge do something?" I wondered. The large fish aren't usually very bossy from the few times I've spoken to them.

"Not really, just started trying to make the fish clean some while you were gone. The catfish didn't want to, the muskellunge wanted them too."

Eli did a little twist, helping me disrupt the mud and pull the piece of trash up. Ugh, a big water container. Why do people toss these into the river?

"Wow, it would be nice to have some help with the river, but the muskellunge don't need to have a war over it."

Eli giggled, "They're having fun I think. The salmon have been watching from the sidelines."

I shook my head, tugging another large piece of trash up and guiding it out of the river.

"I hope they don't fight too much. Do you think I should step in?"

Eli hummed, "No, I think they're good for now. Besides, it's fun to watch."

I laughed, "Eli I'm supposed to stop fights, not watch them with popcorn."

"A little murder never hurt anyone," Eli declared sagely.



The Autumn Equinox started out wonderfully.

They got up early and had a lovely breakfast, seaweed wrapped fruits and fish. It was kinda like sushi, but more like… burritos? Mini ones? It was good regardless.

Then he got to join Fetu and Masina berry picking!

Lagi was off helping gather medicinal plants with his teacher, so couldn't join. The others were doing their activities at the camps.

"How's land school going?" Fetu wondered as he carefully slipped through the low plants to find sea berries.

Manisi pearls made it a lot easier to have plants in the deep sea, supplying the sunlight most need to live.

"It's going okay, all the time in the sea makes it a bit hard to readjust to land though. I keep trying to swim instead of walk and it's so confusing when it doesn't work."

"Sounds like a struggle," Masina agreed. "I know the campers spend a few months practicing walking on land, it's a big field trip for the fifteen-year-olds."

"Really?" I asked. "It's weird for me, cause I've walked my whole life. I've been struggling in PE, but at least I no longer fall over every five seconds, now it's every ten haha. It's been a slow improvement. Oh! And I made friends with a Cyclopes!"

"A Cyclopes?" Fetu wondered.

"I think he means a Kyklopes, Cyclopes is the Latinized version," Masina said.

"It is?" I said. "Oops. Well then yeah, Kyklopes. His name is Tyson and he's very sweet."

Masina handed me some Posidonia berries to add to my pouch.

"That's great, minha pérola," Fetu said fondly. "I'm glad you're making friends, even if walking on land is difficult."

"Thanks, asteri mou" I said, my face warming slightly. "School really is fun, I'm enjoying it. I even made some friends that are pagans!"

"Pagans?" Asked another familiar voice.

"Oh," I turned. "Hi, Rosa. And yeah, pagans. They're people that worship Gods other than the- um, the Christian and- what was the term… the one for… the angel Gods… the the-"

"I dunno," Rosa said. "Do you mean those monotheistic ones?"

"Yeah, the three big ones, with the like, Abraham guy."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," xey said. "So you made friends that don't worship the Monotheistic ones?"

"Yep! They're Hellenistic, well, one is Norse, but the rest worship the Greek Gods!"

"That's cool," Rosa said cheerfully. "But don't most people?"

"No," Fetu said. "A lot on land worship the monotheistic ones and consider the specific one they worship the only one. There were wars and stuff. But there are still people who worship the polytheistic pantheons."

Rosa looked confused, "But… what?"

Percy shrugged, "Land dwellers are weird."

"Very," xey agreed.

"So are you gathering any specific berries?" I asked as I dove down to tug out some more posidonia berries.

"Nah, just gathering some seaweed."

"Have you gathered enough?" Fetu asked, leaning over to help me twist one of the berries off.

"Yep," Rosa said cheerfully. "I've got all I need."

"Wonderful," Masina said as they twisted the currents to guide us up. "I'm finished as well. What about you guys?"

"My bag is full now," I agreed.

"Likewise," Fetu murmured.

"Wonderful," Masina chirped. "Then I suppose we should head back to the castle to deposit our findings."

"Sounds like a plan," I said cheerfully.

Fetu nudged me lightly, sending me a grin, "Race you?"

My eyes narrowed, "You're on."


The dinner at the end of the day was amazing. There was a huge feast, with lots of different berries and seaweed blends and rolls and wraps and fish and crab and other assorted meats.

I idly wondered if it was bad to be eating it, but then decided I was not having the moral debate.

I got to sit next to Herophile, who was next to Benthesikyme, who was next to Triton on Metua's right. To His left was Mevu'ta, then Kymopoleia and Rhodos, and across from me, Khrysaôr.

Apparently he wasn't expected, and nor was the small sea serpent he'd brought to contribute to the Autumn Equinox festivities.

"But why shouldn't I return to visit my family," He'd asked innocently.

"First time you've cared in two thousand year," Triton had snipped back.

"Well," Khrysaôr's lips curled. "Things are interesting here."

Triton didn't punch him, but it looked close.

The food at dinner was good, I hadn't had half of the stuff before and tried as much as I could. Herophile pointed out Her favorite foods and showed me some good sauces.

"If you mix it with this it's super five letter word, you can't beat-!"

"Sweet?" I asked.

She beamed at me.

It was super sweet, I liked it.

The conversations were interesting too, until Herophile mentioned prophecy, then Khrysaôr opened his mouth.

"Makes sense you'd be interested in prophecy, what with the one about you," he mused.

"Khrysaôr," Triton snarled.

I blinked, "What?"

Herophile studied the food on Her plate.

"Oh, haven't you heard?" Khrysaôr said cheerfully. "The great prophecy! About a child of the Big Three. You're the only living child of the Big Three, so it's probably about you."

"Unless of course," Delphin (my Metua's general) interrupted. "You were made immortal before it came to pass. So you really don't need to worry."

"Or if you died," Khrysaôr chirped.

"Enough," Metua snapped. "This is not a conversation for the dinner table. We will discuss it later."

The people at the table sat quietly for a moment, until Metua started a conversation with Asoau (one of his generals) about the castle guards training.

And dinner continued normally after that, but my mind was caught on the prophecy.

Khrysaôr shot me a sharp grin, popping a piece of salmon in his mouth.

A glance at Triton calmed me, he would tell me what's up.

He always does.


"Khrysaôr," Metua snapped the moment the family was alone. "What were you thinking?"

"What?" Khrysaôr said innocently. "I thought he already knew."

"He's thirteen!" Metua cried. "A child!"

"A child whom you've already sent out on a quest," He pointed out. "And has gained a title down here. Most don't consider that a child anymore."

"He's still a child," Triton snapped. "Practically an infant."

I wasn't sure if I should take offense to that.

"It's okay," I said. "I can know whatever it is."

Metua pursed his lips, "I was hoping to wait until at least after your fourteenth birthday. You're too young for this responsibility."

"It may not even be you," Amphitrite soothed the room. "As my husband said, you are but a child. There is plenty of opportunity for someone else to fit the role."

Herophile hummed, "Opportunity, yep."

Metua eyed her, his brows furrowing. But then he sighed.

"I would protect you from this if I could," he murmured.

I shifted, "is it bad?"

"It's why there was nearly a war," Benthesikyme said softly. "Amongst other things of course. Tension between Metu and Zeus did not grow in a day. But this prophecy… it is why Zeus was so ready to kill you, and war with Metu."

I swallowed, "Oh."

"The prophecy…" Metua sighed. "It was stated at the end a war that ended in 1943."

"Was that the one, the one that happened with the mortal world war?"

"Yes," Rhodos said, settling into a seat. "It ended before the mortal one, though the prophecy came to be announced after the mortal one ended."

"It was announced the day after Zeus' youngest child turned sixteen," Poseidon said firmly. "Hades held two children as well, but Zeus had them killed to get rid of the threat."

"But doesn't avoiding prophecies just make them more likely to happen?" I asked.

Herophile smiled, "Yep! But everyone- seven letter word, can't remember."

"Forgets?" Kymopoleia asked from where she was sitting in Metua's seat.


"Right," Metua said with a sigh. "I would rather you not have to know it, if it does end up not applying to you then it would be needless stress."

"Do you think it won't?" I asked slowly.

Metua hesitated, "It is difficult to say but... As far as I'm aware you're the only child of the Big Three alive. It… limits the possibilities that it's someone else."

I chewed my lip.

"You don't have to know," Triton said. "We'll tell you when you're older if you'd rather hold off."

I flicked my tail, wishing I could pace or talk to Carl or Lyta about this. But I just have my family here, so I need to think.

The prophecy might be about me. It's why Zeus wanted me dead. It might be why other's are interested in me. And maybe why Kiron was acting like that with me too.

It might be why I was in danger… and… and I hate prophecies but avoiding them makes them happen usually.

Knowing will at least let me know what to expect, sorta.

"I think… I think I want to know."

Metua nodded, "If that is your choice. This is called the Great Prophecy, I am no expert on prophecy, but this is not the first Great Prophecy, and it is likely not the last either. A Great Prophecy declared the War over sixty years ago, and this one declares another war. Many of the Great Prophecies have declared War. All have brought about a large change, this one… heralds a very large change indeed."

I blinked, that sounds really important it.

"What is it?"

"A half-blood of the eldest Gods

Shall reach sixteen against all odds

Opposing armies answer the calls

Family speaks and a King falls

Vows spoken force Olympus to amend

With death an age comes to an end"


I laughed as Zoey tried to step on the skateboard and nearly fell over.

"You push off with one foot, don't put both on to start," I giggled.

Tyson was slowly pushing back and forth on his skateboard, but Zoey was trying out mine.

"I've got it," she mumbled. "I've got it. Don't worry I've- ahh!"

She tumbled over, the skateboard going flying.

Tyson blinked, "You do not got it."

She groaned, "You can have your skateboard back, Percy."

I coughed, hiding my smile, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I brought my sketchbook. I don't think skating is for me."

She stood up, brushing off her pants, and went to claim a seat off to the side, out of the way.

"Don't mine me!" she waved with a grin. "Have fun skating!"

I shrugged, snagging my skateboard and went back to trying to do an ollie without falling.

"How was your trip?" Tyson asked.

"It was…" I hesitated, thinking about what I learned. The prophecy was…

The first two lines were self-explanatory. A half-blood (which was half human half God apparently) of the Eldest Gods (which is apparently just the Big Three? I think it's broader but they've declared it was the big three so…).

Then apparently armies would come and opposing meant they would be fighting… probably.

Family could be almost anyone, and there are multiple Kings so… I have no idea what's up there.

Vows spoken, would that be Olympus amending something? Or someone else amending what Olympus did? Did someone take a vow to make Olympus do something? Is Olympus fallen there? Is it going to fall? Did it win? I don't understand…

And then of course, With death an age comes to an end.

Metua said that line (and the one about a King falling) worried the Gods the most. There hasn't been a new age since They took over. Which means…

I shook my head.

"It was informative," I said.

Tyson nodded, "Did you have fun?"

"Yeah, I got to talk to my family, and hang out with some friends. I haven't seen some of them in a little bit, though I've seen some other friends."

Tyson smiled, "That's good!"

"It is," I said with a fond smile.


I got to visit camp for Proerosia, which was super fun!

Walking back into the camp was almost nostalgic, though I was hear not that long ago. This time there was no electricity sparking over my skin, but I could still faintly feel the spark in the air.

I tugged at the end of the veil I'd put on, the one Silena gave me. The white and gold veil was comforting.

"Percy!" Katie called as she hugged me. "We missed you!"

"Hey Katie!" I grinned. "Hey Suki. I missed you guys too."

Suki waved from behind Katie, "How are you doing?"

"Good, how about you?"

"I'm doing alright," Katie chirped. "We've been preparing for Proerosia, which means lots of extra work in the fields so that the harvest is good."

"The offerings are at noon, right?"

"Yeah!" Suki said. "We do it all before lunch, then spend the afternoon making the honey cakes to set out at sunset."

"We're just making some berry cakes to set out for Mom as a bonus," Katie added.

I nodded, "That makes sense. Do you want me to go to the Aphrodite cabin?"

"You can hang out with us if you want," Suki said. "But we'll be finishing up cooking so…"

I nodded, "I'll go say hi to Silena and the others and meet you for lunch."

"Sounds good," Katie said before hesitating. "Actually, I'll walk you there."

I blinked, but shrugged, "Okay."

Suki headed back to the Demeter cabin as the two of us headed over to Aphrodite.

I waved to Hestia as we walked past, very happy for the necklace that cut off the uncomfortable sensations that had driven me nuts before.

"So, your school year is going good?" Katie asked.

"Yeah," I tugged at my bracelet. "What about yours?"

"Yep, it's going well. I'm almost completed with all the required classes, so I'll get to do things more for fun starting next year."

"That's great," I said with a grin. "Do you know what you'll be taking?"

"I was thinking about some extra Gymnastics, and Hiking. Plus Psychology, that one would be helpful. And I was thinking about taking Leather Working, that seems like it might be fun."

I nodded, "Yeah, you could make some cool stuff that way."

"There are a lot of levels of it so I could just run through that," she said with a laugh. "Otherwise I'll probably see if I can start applying for the internships with the Godly programs. There's one in New York city for a cooking school that I'm interested in, at least right now."

"Wow really?"

"Yeah, it's run by one of my older siblings, he helps mom out there."

"It's so weird to think that there are more demigods all over the world," I murmured. "There's not very many here."

Katie nodded. "Yeah, but that is how we work. We're all connected but spread out. The older ones making a life for themselves in the world and balancing between mortal and immortal. A lot of their businesses have two sides to things."

"Wow," that sounded so cool. "Why don't they come here?"

"If we really needed the help we could call on people from other places, and they'd be up for helping out. But they made their own lives beyond the camp." She smiled at me, "We've got a support system."

I couldn't help but smile at that, "That sounds nice. I wish I knew where the places were. It could've been helpful on my quest."

She winced, "That's a fair point. I think the Athena cabin has a chart of locations, I'll ask Malcolm to share. There are also signs, I'll see if I can't grab you a copy of the list. Anyways, we're here so I'm heading off!"

I waved, "Bye!"


The Aphrodite cabin was just like I remembered it, and I was immediately wrapped in a hug by Silena.

"Welcome back, Percy," she said fondly. "You're wearing the veil."

I nodded shyly, "Yeah, thank you for it."

"Of course," she said. "You're family."

I beamed.

"You missed the harvest itself, but that can't be helped," Halia said as the came over. "You look great in the veil."

I grinned, noting that they were wearing the same one, "Thanks!"

"Anyways," Silena said. "Lunch is soon so we're putting together the berries from our harvest for it. Come help!"

I went with them to the kitchen, oohing at all the fruits.

"This is more than just strawberries," I said impressed.

"Yeah," Valentina grinned. "The strawberries are definitely our biggest thing but there is the tree grove in the forest, plus the Demeter cabin grows other plants as they feel the desire."

I nodded, that made sense. I hadn't been to the tree grove, but it was supposed to have a lot of fruit trees.

"We're just cutting everything up and cleaning it all," Lapis chirped. "Trying to find the best ones for the offering."

"Awesome, what can I do to help?"

Mitchell dragged me to the sink, "Help me wash them."


Lunch went wonderfully.

We gathered all of our offerings and placed them on the altars at the end of the mess hall.

One altar was for Demeter, to thank Her for the harvest. Katie and Suki had also added little berry cakes for Her to go with the fruits.

One altar was for Apollo, to thank Him for His Oracle (the Oracle of Delphi) and for His prophecies. The Apollo cabin in particular made apple pie for Him.

The Apollo cabin had the biggest focus on prophecy (of course), but anyone could try to learn some of the prophecy arts if they wanted to.

Afterwards we had a delicious lunch (though I had to sit alone).

I tried to ignore the stares, not all of them nice.


After lunch the Demeter and Aphrodite cabins and I got together to make the honey cakes.

They required a lot of honey.

It was fun, and familiar. They were friends, family, and it showed.

Silena took over stirring when Suki got tired, and Halia showed me how to mix the cakes. Valentina put the cupcake holders together so that we could pour in the cakes and Mitchell and Lapis took over cleaning the dishes. Katie was running around with the ingredients and helping make sure the recipe was right.

I couldn't help the warmth when the cakes were ready, and we carefully set aside the six mini cakes for Demeter and Apollo before splitting up the cupcake sized ones amongst us.

"Honey cake is really good," I said cheerfully. "I've never had it before."

"We make it for all the festivals," Valentina said. "They're great."

"I'll have to make them for Oskhophoria, that's tomorrow…"

"Yeah," Mitchell frowned. "A shame you can't stay for tomorrow too."

I nodded, "My mom wants me to be home."

"We'll give you some of the harvest," Silena said. "So you can offer it to Mr. D tomorrow."

I grinned, "Thanks! My mom already bought candles, a purple one for Lord D and ones for Apollo and Demeter too, a gold yellow and green."

"That sounds cool," Lapis chirped. "It's so nice to have family that celebrates with you."

I nodded, "Yeah, I really like it."

I couldn't help but wonder about Annabeth, was her family still being difficult? Would she be able to celebrate Proerosia or Oskhophoria? I hoped so.

I'd have to call her later.

The conch horn rang out, making us all falter.

"Looks like it's time to light the candles and set out the honey cakes," Silena said.

"You have to leave after, right?" Katie said with a pout.

"Yeah, but I'll be back eventually!"

"Yeah, you're not getting away from us that easily," Suki teased.

Lapis snorted, "Drew would drag him back."

"Rightfully so," Katie said with a sage nod.

"Lets go guys," Halia said with a laugh. "We need to get to the mess hall for the offerings."

"Yeah, yeah," Mitchell said.

Silena, Katie, and I grabbed the mini cakes to bring up to the mess hall and the group of us headed out.


Placing the cakes and murmuring a prayer was quick, what was less quick was heading out of the camp.

"Heading out then, Jackson?" Ella (the replacement to Luke as the cabin head) asked.

She was standing with Edite, Connor, and Travis. None of them looked happy to see me.

Katie dropped a hand on my shoulder, "He has to get home."

"How nice that he gets to go home," Connor muttered.

Katie stiffened, "Yes well, he's loyal to his family so."

I blinked, slow understanding dawning.

"So he says," Edite grumbled. "Running off to his Dad and saying our brother tried to attack him."

"Enough," Silena said firmly. Her voice chimed in a way that was familiar. "Leave us alone."

The Hermes kids walked away without saying anything else.

"Let's get up to the hill," Silena said with a frown. "So, you can get to the car."

"They're angry about Luke?" I asked as we walked to the hill.

"They're bitter that he's gone, he is- was… really loved."

I frowned, "But he betrayed them."

How could they want him when he betrayed them? When he's planning things that would hurt him?

I don't understand.

"They just… they don't believe it," Katie shrugged. "But we know you wouldn't lie, and neither would the Gods."

I blinked, "Oh… thank you."

We didn't talk anymore as we reached the top of the hill.

"Have a safe drive home," Katie said, tugging me into a hug.

"Have fun in school," Silena agreed.

"Bye guys," I said. "You stay safe too."

I headed down the hill, turning to wave before I got into the car.

"How was camp?" Mom asked as I buckled in.

I looked out the window up the hill, seeing my friends waving.

Despite the stuff at the end…

"It was good."


Oskhophoria started bright and early with me and mom pouring out wine for Lord D.

Then we made phallus pancakes! They were really good, with chocolate chips and blue whipped cream.

Mom and me made a big honey cake and cut a slice for each of us. The rest we put on the family altar (and I put a small piece on the altar for Lord D in my room).

We had a really nice lunch too, and lit candles for Lord D during it.

It was overall a really nice Oskhophoria.


Drew hummed, looking over my math work.

"That's not bad, you forgot the negative sign though."

I groaned, "Thanks. I keep forgetting them."

"Try circling them really big, it's what I do."

I nodded, making a note to do that.

"So, how's Lacy?" I asked. They're going to the same school.

"We've ended up in different friend groups," Drew said. "Which is fair, they don't know we're related."

"You don't really look alike, even your eyes are darker than hers."

"Yeah," Drew brushed her hair back. "My eyes are always dark, even with all the shifting."

"They're pretty," I said.

She grinned, "Thank you. Yours are nice too, they tend to lean towards darker shades I think."

I shrugged, "I only notice them changing when other people point them out."

She laughed, "Yeah, I guessed. Well how are your friends at school? You've made friends right?"

"Yeah! Tyson and Zoey are my closest friends, then Nikola hangs out with us sometimes and Kai, Acantha, and Klara tend to follow us around."

She snickered, "You have a fan club?"

I flushed, "No! They just… don't seem to have many friends… and they're nice and it's fun to hang out."

Drew hummed, "Well they have you as a friend, so that's something."

"Yeah," I agreed. "I like this school, even if Matt is a ufanto."

"Who's Matt?"

"He's some guy that thinks he's great, keeps bothering me and my friends. Well… he hasn't done much lately, and he seems scared of Klara…"

"Huh," she hummed. "Wonder what happened there."

"I dunno, he was out for a few days and came back terrified of Klara."

She blinked, "Did Klara beat him up?"

"She couldn't've," I said. "She's cool but she trips over her own feet ninety percent of the time."

"Strange," Drew mused. "Oh, that should be two x squared plus three x."

I frowned down at the page, "I thought it was four x squared plus three x…"

"If you do four x squared then you'll get the wrong thing for the next part," she leaned over to write on my page. "See, like this."

I settled into the familiar work with Drew, listening as she explained the math problem to me.


I drifted nervously in the training room waiting for the trainer to finish looking me over. I'd just finished the basic stretches and exercises ze directed me through.

"Okay, we'll have to do some swimming drills. You did pretty good with the flexibility but the speed and direction changing could be better. Now lets see how you are with a knife."

I was handed a practice knife, the same weight and shape of my own.

"Now attack me," Uku said.

I flicked my tails and lunged.

Uku blocked, twisting my knife with zer own and sending it spinning through the water.

"Again," ze said.

I pulled the knife back to me with the water and attacked again.

And again.

And again.

Uku blocked every single one easily.

"Your form is horrid, your acting like you can only attack from in front of behind. You are in the ocean, utilize it."

I blinked, oh right… I can go up.

I attacked again, flipping up and over zer head and jabbing at it, only for zer to block smoothly and flip, zer tails knocking me back with an oof.

"Ow," I muttered.

"Again," ze said.

I attacked again.

And again.

And again.

For another twenty minutes Uku had me attack, slowly adjusting my form with each attack. Finally I managed to not lose my life in the first attack, and Uku called it quits.

"That's enough with your knife. We'll come back to it later, for now let's see you with your trident."

I nodded, breathing hard. Even in the sea that much work is hard.

I put the knife off to the side, and tugged on my trident charm, letting it extend into my full sized bronze trident.

"Attack me," Uku said.

So, I did.

This time I actually managed to hold my own a little. I didn't hit zer at all mind you, but I didn't loose my trident nearly as fast either. I could actually attack and trade blows.

When ze beat me, Uku told me to attack again. And we continued to trade blows.

After a few rounds Uku nodded, "You're much better at fighting with a trident. We'll work on it more, against different weapons as well."

I nodded.

"Now then, lets see how you do with a sword."

I bit back a groan and accepted the blade handed to me.

Zoë's blade wasn't for something as basic as training. Riptide would be used for real battles, when I need it the most, only.

The sparring began anew.


Okeanus POV

I hummed as my spies slipped out, their orders clear.

People weren't talking about Poseidon's failings nearly as much as I needed. Only a few truly recognized that he'd thrown a child into danger, and likely would continue to.

I would make sure they all knew about it.

Poseidon would not win, and the sea would see his failings.

I carefully didn't think of the decision that was made, that would be dealt with later.

After the solstice.


Bonus Klara POV

I glared at the petulu that had dared to speak to the prince in such a way. He wants a fight? I'll show him a fight.

"You sure you wanna do this?" The boy sneered. "I wouldn't wanna punch a girl."

I steadied myself, remembering my training for fighting on land.

"And I wouldn't want to fight a seamu areto yet here we are," I snapped.

He scowled, "Start speaking English, honestly what the hell is wrong with you."

"I speak a language far more refined than your ufanto language," I scoffed. "And it isn't my fault you're too seamu to understand it."

"You bit-"

I lunged, and punched him in the neck.

He choked, staggering back.

I kicked up, aiming for the land dweller male weak point, and smirked at his pathetic squeaking cry of pain.

He fell to his knees, struggling to gasp for breath.

I leaned over, grabbing his shirt and yanking him up.

"Don't ever speak to Perseus-aia like that again," I snarled. "Because if you do…"

I drew a knife out, "You will not live to see the next tide."

He gaped at the knife, eyes flicking between me and the knife.


"Yes-" he squeaked out. "Yes ma'am."

I dropped him, turning and walking away.

That ought to teach him to show some manners to Perseus-aia.


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Serafina=one of Percy's instructors, teaches him Siren's Song
Zoey=Hellenistic Pagan, in Percy's Portuguese group
Kai=one of Percy's Guards, studious
Nikola=Norse Pagan, one of Percy's guards
Acantha=one of Percy's guards
Klara=one of Percy's guards, likes weapons
Mr. Jefferson=A teacher at Percy's school
Giovanni=Aphrodite kid, Italian, fancy
Duke Fluffington= Giovanni's cat
Eli the Eel= the eel in the river Percy is cleaning, you might remember her from all the way back in the beginning of book one
Asoau=a general in the sea
Suki=has RA, Demeter child
Halia=Aphrodite child, non-bi, makes cookies
Lapis=Aphrodite child, good at hair, doesn't like to fight
Ella=current head of the Hermes cabin
Edite=Hermes camper

Hotivim=inhaler basically
vlua petulu=Dumbass land dweller (roughly)
Manisi Pearls= Sun pearls
Mevu'ta=step mom
petulu=land dweller
seamu areto= stupid fucker


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minha pérola=My pearl

asteri mou=my star
Disgustoso, le uniformi sono così poco lusinghiere=Disgusting, uniforms are so unflattering