Chapter 12: Unexpected Mania and Comfort

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Issei woke up. It's only been 10 minutes, in 10 minutes he felt refreshed, in 10 minutes he unlocked new power, in 10 minutes he was surrounded by blood, poison, and corpses, in 10 minutes his shadows slaughtered all the hydras in the area.

In 10 minutes, he was ready for round 2.



Shadows sprung forth from the ground and the sea. Hydra after hydra were revived around him, completely blocking any chance of seeing the world around him as the wall of darkness enveloped him.

'Ok, let's do a headcount.'

The number of soldiers he has jumped from 145 to 200 meaning his army killed 55 hydras.

Fifty-five hydras.

Fifty-five fucking hydras.

The poison and venom from a single hydra can threaten some gods. You know in hindsight how the hell did he even win this fight?

Looking around provided some context at least. Dead hydra bodies littered the area, with corpses stacked on top of each other. Blood was everywhere as it flowed throughout the lagoon creating waves of crimson and drops fell from the forest behind him like rain.

Looking more closely at the bodies, he could see various causes of death. Hundreds of heads were torn off and thrown throughout the area. The same could be said with the necks, some even had heads attached to them. A multitude of hydras have holes in them like something burrowed in or out of it and were accompanied by massive guts and other organs. Others had still smoking holes in them, implying that they were killed by a beam or explosion.

He already knows who did that.

Weirdly enough, some look liked they just fell over and died.

{This is due to them being made of entropy}, a familiar voice rang in his head.

{See, the shadows are made out of me. This not only ensures that they can't be controlled by another deathlike deity, but they can be poisonous to those who consume them. Eating raw entropy, mind you not the kind that everyone and everything produces, is deadly for those who I deem can't grace my presence. This kills them from within naturally, this also means that soldiers who are eaten will be a death wish because as they regenerate, they produce more entropy in the process. Their weapons and attacks are also embedded with entropy, something that you need to learn. Entropy can render any defense useless, with the only thing that varies is the damage}

'So that's why my attack using the entropy hilt did so much damage to Tiamat…'

{You also have to thank your skills for your survival. Your skill kept your mana from depleting while also countering the poison. The night vision skill is also the reason you can see. You can't tell be the surrounding poison is so thick it's like a fog}

Issei really couldn't tell since the skill activates automatically. Deciding not to stick around and ready for round two with Tiamat, he recalled his shadows and entered balance breaker to summon his scail mail armor. Taking off in to the air, he zoomed towards the area they last fought.

Issei turned on his Invisibility skill and flew low like a cruise missile. Soon over the horizon he spotted Tiamat still in her dragon form resting on a mountain. Smirking at his luck, he dove even further down.

Now in her vicinity he dove until he was skimming the ground with her head now above him.

[BOOST! x10]

Issei launched up and hit Tiamat with a devastating uppercut, sending the enormous dragon stumbling off the mountain. Roaring in rage and pain, and looked up to see the Red Dragon Emperor in front of her.

"Aw, why the long face? Sekiryuutei got your tongue?" Tiamat growled and shot a small beam of energy at him. Corkscrewing out of the way, Issei put some distance between him and the dragon.

"I see you've survived the hydras. Color me impressed boy you've accomplished something only the mightiest can do. If you were anyone else then you'd qualify for me to be yours, but due to you being bound to that asshole then you'll have to work harder. It's a shame really, maybe in another world."

"You don't need to think of another world. I'm going to make you submit to me and put an end to this childish squabble."

Tiamat snorted. "Yet the last time you tried ended in failure."

"Yeah you're right. I did fail. It's just one drop in the bucket of failures I've experienced, some I could've prevented, some I couldn't avoid. But with the power that's flowing within me that's constantly growing with every corpse I leave behind, one day I will ensure that another drop won't dare to fall. For me and the ones I love."

"So are you done with your final rant human?" Tiamat spoke with both sarcasm and enthusiasm, both eager to see how strong the boy can get and to end this struggle and go home.

"Yes," flames, entropy, and energy swirled around Issei until it fully enveloped him. "I am." Unknown to Issei time slowed, and he blacked out briefly as this transformation forced him into the depths of his mind.

He walked the darkness for a bit until the massive body of Ddraig moved from the darkness. His emeralds eyes stared back at the identical ones of Issei's.

Opening his massive maw, he spoke.

I was the last being sealed during the Great War and the last sacred gear ever to be created before God sacrificed himself. When I was sealed on the battlefield, I left behind millions of bodies left from those who opposed me existing. I put fear into the hearts of those who've seen and heard of me through my tenacity, my desire to survive, and my unyielding spirit of domination. I, alongside Albion, made our enemies cower by our mere presence. My flames were so powerful they covered the sky and incinerated everything and didn't extinguish until my command. This mode requires that part of my seal will be broken, but not a single past user of mine has been able to use it and survive. None have been able to use me. But do you, Issei, have what it takes to wield me and my power?

Issei took a step forward.

You seek to wield me, not as a sacred gear but as a partner. You seek to avenge the death of your parents. Not only that, but you seek to surround yourself with the ones you love and will love you. Likewise, you seek for all of our enemies to crumble beneath your feet. Furthermore, you seek to continue your life with me and Entropy. This is what you desire, is it not? Then prove it! Call upon your unyielding will! Roar a fiery passion, an angry spirit!

Issei took another step forward.

How can you protect your loved ones if you fail here? Will you fall like ones before you, or let the mightiest tremble and under your feet!

With another step, Issei was close enough that he could reach out and touch him.

Use me like no other has! Use me like not even I could use me! UNLEASH ME, DDRAIG, THE WELSH DRAGON! THE RED DRAGON OF DOMINATION!

With a gentle, but emotional, touch, Issei's hand made contact with the snout of Ddraig. Bright light soon engulfed them both, and Issei was brought back into the real world.

The fire and energy still swirled around Issei as the seal was cracking on the gear.

Now Issei, we fight as one!

With an almighty roar, Issei and Ddraig cried out to the heavens as the energy collapsed into Issei and blinding Tiamat who was watching eagerly.


The light soon subsided to reveal the new, evolved form of the sacred gear.

Issei's armor was now a dark shade of crimson. The armor all around was more segmented, and he had the feet of a dragon. Like Igris, Issei wore a black cape that flowed with the wind. At first glance the armor may appear normal, but from here any semblance ended. Tyrant mode took the wings from a juggernaut drive state and replaced the jewels with slitted eyes. A maw full of snake like teeth was now present on the armor. Two sets of eyes were also present, one pair for Issei and the other pair for Ddraig. Speaking of the heavenly dragon, 3 heads was perched on Issei's back, one on each shoulder blade and one below the neck and slightly above the center back. These necks stretched until they were overtop Issei's head where they connected to the draconic head, making him look like some kind of hybrid hydra or wyvern. Rounding everything with sharper claws, Issei was nothing but something straight from the Bible.

"We're not done. Not yet,"

/The Skill: Doppelgänger: Has Been Activated\

If this form wasn't impressive enough, two shadowy twins emerged from the depths of his cape.

"Not never. Arise before us."

All 200 shadows rose from the mountain range. The hydras took to the air behind them all. Tyrant roared an almighty roar at Tiamat.

Metaphorical sweat dripped from Tiamat's head at the army the amassed around her.

"Let's begin."

Roars rang out as the shadow army charged, with Issei and his two clones leading them. Tiamat, deciding not to go down like a bitch, charged headfirst. Literally, as she soared over Issei and rammed right through an eager hydra that was trying to take bites out of her and blew holes in the others that followed.

Issei swerved and opened fire with Ddraig controlling the 3 heads, and him from his own maw. They unleashed scores of dragon shots on the dragon queen, the two clones doing the same. Stumbling midair from the force and pain, Tiamat was soon met with a raging Tyrant slamming into her head, actually cracking a large portion of the scales on her snout.

Shaking it off, she threw the shadow into a mountain and obliterated said mountain.

"MAGICIANS FIRE!", from the mountains the magicians unleashed fireballs and explosion magic at the dragon, aiming for her eyes, effectively blinding her. Igris and Discord boarded her and aimed for spots that were already damaged.

Issei gave the next command while he and the clones continued to fire dragon shot after dragon shot, "HYDRAS DO IT!"

All 55 hydras and all 495 heads unleashed their signature move and almost immediately doused the entire area with a thick fog of poison. After that, they, alongside the rest of the soldiers converged on top of her.

Tiamat buckled from the poison. "Grrr not like this!" The dragon raised her head above the poison and fired a beam attack while spinning around in circles, destroying hydras and knocking off the shadows that tried to climb her. For countless miles, earth was obliterated from her attack. Issei dodged out of the way before the beam could touch him and unleashed a fire breath attack igniting the poison in the air, creating a massive explosion that leveled many mountain ranges and sending a wall of fire hundreds of feet into the air.

That didn't seem to effect the dragon queen, who paid Issei back in kind by spraying fire at his army, making him double over from the mana drain. Seeing weakness, she aimed her fire at him, seeking to burn him to a crisp.

Yeah, that backfired on her. Tyrant mode came with some perks after all.

/The Skill: Pyromaniac: Has Been Updated\

You can now consume fire to heal, regain mana, and strengthen yourself

And just like that, Issei slurped the column of blue flames like ramen. Finishing up, he wiped his mouth and let out a loud belch. "Yeah now I got a fire in my belly haha. Hey Tiamat! Thanks for the power up!"

Tiamat cursed herself. This boy had tricks after tricks, hell even his tricks had tricks. An army that never dies? Red Dragon Emperor's and Hydras? A never before seen mutation of the gear itself? Now he eats fire to heal himself? What kind of bullshit is this?

"Damn you!" In a fit of rage she uprooted an entire mountain and threw it at his army but was once again thwarted by Tyrant who blew it out of the sky.

Enraged, she fired her beam attack recklessly making the already difficult battlefield, nearly impossible to see through.

Her red eyes beamed through the smoke. "You're not the only one with flashy tricks. Now! Let me show you why I got my status as a true Dragon Queen!"

A circle that looked like a portal appeared beneath her. "Rise my creations and wreak havoc amongst my enemies!" The portal spawned hordes of giant serpents over 60 feet long.

/The Dragon King Tiamat Has Used The Skill: Summon Serpents! A Horde Will Spawn Every 10 Seconds!\

Much to the surprise of Issei they took to the air to duel with the hydras. Meeting them, they wrapped around the hydras like anacondas, some even tunneled through them, effectively paralyzing them.

"Tyrant, help the hydras." The shadow nodded and left to assist them.

"I won't make it that easy. I CALL UPON THE POWER OF UMU DABRUTU TO RAIN HELL ON MY ENEMIES!" The sky turned purple as a storm akin to a category 7 hurricane formed, it's wind actually made it more difficult to fly, and the rain was acidic.

/The Dragon King Tiamat Has Used The Skill: Summon Storm! Until She Commands Or Is Defeated The Storm Will Not End!\

/The Dragon King Tiamat Has Used The Skill: Ruination!\

A light blue barrier formed around the battlefield. "AGH! What the fuck!" Issei flinched while watching his health going down one HP at a time.

/A Field Is Causing Everlasting Damage!\

/The Dragon King Tiamat Has Used The Skill: Onslaught!\

Dense blue balls of energy appeared that flew across the field, zapping any shadow near it.

/Balls Of Energy Is Firing At Anything That gets In Their Range\

/The Dragon King Tiamat Has Used The Skill: Outburst!\

The ground literally exploded...

/Seismic Plates Are Getting Ruptured\

The system blared warning after warning in his face and ears as he watched her display monstrous powers. "Tch, I'm the one that supposed to be flashy here! Not you!"

Issei and his two doppelgängers had to pull hard evasive maneuvers at all the attacks flying towards them. A ball of energy suddenly appeared behind Issei, the eyes on his wings instantly sent that data to Issei who immediately ascended but was still electrocuted from the attack. Issei yelled in pain as the electricity proved surprisingly effective against the sekiryuutei.

Ddraig, feeling the pain Issei was going through, roared in rage and fired a dragon shot at the ball using one of his heads. Tiamat fired a beam of energy, the two clones fired 10 dragon shot beams in return. The beams locked and fought for dominance. That only lasted for a couple of seconds. It was clear the Tiamat was overpowering the clones until Issei joined the exchange, putting more power on his side. A dense circle formed from the collision, catching the eyes of both sides who ended their respective beam attacks and hit the deck as a powerful explosion tore across the battlefield.

Walking out from cover, Ddraig echoed a warning to Issei through the three heads."We need to finish this now, we can't maintain this form in this kind of environment."

He's right. Tyrant mode is taking its toll on his mind and body, his army is getting decimated by Tiamat's skills, with only Tyrant, Igris, and Discord fairing well. The mana drain is now turning negative as his army was destroyed a couple of times over. And even though he could consume fire to replenish himself, in that state his only attack would be Ddraig firing dragon shot and flames from his three heads and he doubted she will sit there while he did so. And while damage from the field and the acid rain was negated by his will to rehabilitate skill, those balls of energy and the ruptured plates jetting lava into the air are harmful to his army the long run.

His stats reflected this.

HP: 20,420/52,520

MP: 10,127/49,320

Warning!: Mana straining will affect your health negatively! You are suffering mental damage!

Luckily for Issei, Tiamat was also getting worn down from the battle. Unlike Issei, she didn't get time to recover from their first clash and using her skills to create and maintain serpents, energy spheres, and the field was extremely taxing. His army was also a problem. They've been fighting for over an hour at this point, and while relatively short for some mythological standards and tiny for dragons of their stature whose fights could last for hours sometimes days on end, the amount of mana they both expended during this short amount of time was enormous.

They both knew that they were about equal in their current state, and both knew this battle was drawing to an end. To conserve energy, Tiamat stopped summoning serpents, energy balls, and turned off the damaging field.

Issei did the same, summoning back all his shadows. Wasting no time, he decided to draw first. Racing through the fire and the flames, Issei met Tiamat head on.

[Boost! x30]

To slow to react to the hypersonic punch, Tiamat received a single blow to the neck, caving in much of the skin and flesh making her cough up blood, with another uppercut he knocked out multiple teeth. Doing a barrel role he slammed down on to her back, effectively grounding her. Tiamat knew the fight was over, she hissed at this fact. Her spine and wings were damaged, her windpipe had slightly caved in, her eyes were bleeding, she had multiple flesh wounds and burn marks, and was slightly poisoned.

Looking up, she saw the army walking through the flames drawing closer and closer to her while the hydras flew overhead mockingly like vultures waiting for their victim to die.

"This is how I felt Tiamat.", Ddraig spoke through the 3 heads as Issei stepped closer. "That feeling of helplessness as I was getting sealed. That feeling of rage, that feeling of desperation. Pleading for one more second of freedom. You've lived a life of luxury, surrounded by treasures, cuddling up to the devils, and your status of a dragon king while I watched countless humans suffer from my power, suffer because of me, suffer from the mythological world, suffer because of you." Ddraig hissed that last part almost spitefully.

"If we were part of a faction, we could've sealed you and let you suffer the same fate as me and Albion. Feel grateful that is not our intention. Now," Issei held out the contract in front of her damaged face.

"Sign this contract and submit. Submit to my partner, submit to the Shadow Monarch, submit to Entropy, submit to a true being of domination…."

Tiamat coughed at the demand. "Even so, *cough* why should I follow him? What makes him so...different from the others who sought to tame me? Why *cough* should I walk down the path he is traveling?"

Issei finally turned off Tyrant mode, giving him a much-needed break. "Do you know these eyes, Tiamat?" The structure of his eyes morphed inside his eyeballs to match someone Tiamat seen only once but still put fear in her from simply seeing it.

The gleaming eyes of Entropy. Not the all seeing, all powerful, red eyes but a righteous light green. Still, anyone would recognize that identical chaotic pattern.

"Im-impossible! Why would that thing have any association with you!?"

"I ask that myself sometimes. You know Tiamat the world is changing, and I sense that it's up to me to decide its fate. Now that this is all said in done, I'm giving you a choice. I tend to do that with people who try to kill me. You can either stay and recover here and be susceptible to any change. Or, you can walk on the eventual path of prosperity with me. It's your choice."

Tiamat's red eyes bore into Issei's and saw all the conviction and desire. They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul, and she both liked and shuddered at what she saw. A couple of seconds later, she slowly nodded and lightly put her massive claw on the piece of paper. The paper glowed from the contact that enveloped Issei and Tiamat in light. After a couple of seconds, the light died down.

"There it's done. Issei Hyoudou, you are now my master, and I, Tiamat, one of the Great Dragon Kings, am your familiar. I pledge my everything to you and will follow you wherever you go. From Heaven and Hell, Earth and the Underworld, through both life and death."

Issei smiled at this, he felt like a weight was lifted from his shoulders. Like hundreds of angry and mournful souls have been put to rest because of her finally ending her crusade against Ddraig.

"I have one request from you though, m-master. See I owe a debt to the devil known as Ajuka Beelzebub and to repay that debt I referee certain important rating games and one of the most important. If not THE most important, rating games in devil history is approaching in the next couple of days. What I request is, can I have permission to referee that game?", she asked timidly

Issei thought about it. "Ok, first call me Issei, I don't do that master shit. Second, you don't have to follow me around all the time, I need partners, not slaves." Tiamat sighed a breath of relief at this.

"Lastly, go for it. I'll come with you since I have never seen a rating game before. Hell, it might be fun watching devils beat the crap out of each other."

"Thank you. But, it will take some time for me to heal."

{That won't be a problem} the voice of Entropy boomed, startling the dragon. Issei's shadow grew to cover the ground around her as tendrils shot out from the shadow, wrapped around Tiamat, and dragged her into the abyss.

{Nice job Issei…I'm proud of you. Now, go to her cave. You'll find some useful items that you will need for the future}



"Well that happened…."

[Hehehe the spoils of war]

Sweat dropped from Issei's head. I guess old habits die hard.

But before he leaves, he needed to address the elephant in the room. He glanced behind him and looked at the hundreds of corpses of the serpents. Now he could do what would be obvious, but he learned his lesson today.

"Having a big army is good and all, but the bigger my army is, the more mana it takes to maintain that army. So instead of just having a number of weak units, it would be better to have a smaller bunch of elite soldiers. This is a good idea until I amass a large amount of mana. If I wasn't rested and didn't have the ability to recover from eating fire, the amount of mana I expelled would have killed me a couple of times over."

Issei flew over to one of the corpses to get a closer look at it.

"However, these guys can fill a much-needed role that I've looked over." And what was that? Transportation. Something anyone hardly thinks about. Truth is, not all of his soldiers were fast, most of them couldn't keep up with Igris or the bears, let alone him.

Now they are getting faster, mind you. Just like him, they get stronger and faster the more they kill. Near vicinity brawling is where they excelled, but traveling long distances or needs of short burst of movement with the entire army was near impossible unless he needed to move at a snails pace.

These serpents could solve this. They're fast and can fly, not only that, but they kept up with the hydras, so they were strong.

He didn't need all of them, however. "Arise." He summoned only 200 of serpents, raising the number in his army from 200 to 400. Now for the rest. "Entropy."

The Genesis Dragon spoke in a raspy voice, {On it}

Entropy took the mana and did the same thing he did to make Discord. From the shadows, three more fallen Red Dragon Emperors were called upon to serve once more. One looked like Discord but instead of having backward facing horns, this one had forward facing ones like a bull. "Simple, your name is Torus."

The other two were simple juggernaut drive users like Tyrant. "Hmm Ddraig how does calling the Juggernauts Tyrant Class starting with Tyrant sound?"

[...Sounds badass actually]

"Then it's settled. You will be Nero and you will be Caligula, and you both will be in the Tyrant Class."

[This is so weird]

Issei hummed. "Why's that"?

[Because they actually have the Boosted Gear, not some kind of fake copy. No, the actual legit gear. I can feel myself inside them. Not only that, but they have the souls of the fallen users inside them. I can hear them. They are happy. So, so happy and I don't know why. Most of my host lived miserable lives. I don't know how Entropy does this, but it's terrifying to think about]

"I mean, he is the guy who made the universe. He's like a programmer or a modder, he can make anything happen if he wants to. This universe is his domain, his playground. What he says goes, and anyone who opposes that gets deleted sooner or later."

[Well, I guess you're right. But still, it's disturbing]

Issei agreed and flew back to the Tiamat's lair, the tallest mountain, and glided into the cave only to be met with a hoard of treasure. Name a jewel, and it was there, a coin here, and an artifact there.

/Items That You Need To Acquire Have Been Highlighted\

Issei blinked a couple of times as his eyes adjusted as things were highlighted. Interestingly enough, most of what was highlighted looked like weapons and holy objects.

The first thing he stumbled over a pile a gold to find was something that looked like a sniper rifle.

/You Have Acquired: Soul Caliber\

Soul Caliber

DMG: One-Shot

Durability: Unlimited

When fired, it destroys the soul of the target.

Must hit and penetrate the target

Ineffective against beings without a soul, need for a soul, and beings that are primordial or have primordial powers

"So with this, I can basically kill almost anyone?"


"I'm overpowered, aren't I?"


"Agreed, let's move on."

The next thing that caught his eye was a sword.

/You Have Acquired The Holy Sword: Galatine\

Ddraig murmured, [Where the fuck did she get this?]

Issei examined the sword closely, taking in every feature. It's a good sword. "Igris.", The shadow rose. "Use this for now on." He handed the sword over to the knight, who accepted it gratefully.

Walking over to the next thing that looked like a sword in a case. Opening it he found…. another fucking holy sword.

/You Have Acquired The Holy Sword: Hauteclere\

Ddraig hissed, [Ok, where the fuck did she get this?]

Issei sighed. Instead of calling the shadow up, he simply dropped it nonchalantly into the abyss that is his shadow. "Torus. This is yours for now."

Now for the final thing that looked like a sword. It was buried under a pile of gold. Digging through the pile he reached a gray hilt which had a reddish-purple grip, a red diamond embedded into it, and golden stylized crosses at the edges of the guard. Digging some more, he found that the guard itself looked like claws on a dragon.

[W-wait Issei DON'T-], Ddraig tried to warn the boy.

Issei picked up the sword. It was a stylish European blade with 3 notches that actually gleamed the tiniest amount of light.

[...touch that?]

/You Have Acquired The Holy Sword: Ascalon\


"Wow Ddraig you've been talkative lately don't you think?"

[Issei I don't think you understood what you are holding. That is the legendary holy sword used by Saint George to kill a dragon…. not only is it a holy sword meaning it's not only highly effective against devils, vampires, and youkai, but it's also a dragon slaying weapon. You know what that means? You shouldn't even stand to be around it, let alone pick it up!]

"Ddraig did you forget? Entropy built me different."

[That maybe true, but I still don't understand how Tiamat got a hold of these weapons]

"Are they that special?"

[They are the mythological equivalent of nuclear warheads]

Issei whistled. He was about to respond, but sudden pain in his head interrupted him.

[Are you alright partner?], asked the concerned Heavenly Dragon.

"Y-yeah. I guess Tyrant mode did a number on me. Ugh, even my skills can't handle this. I'll have to ask Entropy about that later. Let's continue, there are only two items left."

Issei walked until he reached a wall. 'Weird, it seems like there is some secret room here. That means it must be some kind of trigger around here to unlock it.' Issei looked at the wall long and hard.

'Fuck that.'

With his bare fist, he smashed throughout the stone wall with a single punch. Grinning at his brutality, he walked in to claim his final reward.

It was like he entered a whole other place all together. It was only a short hallway with a podium at the end of it with what looked like twin daggers. The hallway itself had a European vibe to it, as it was decorated with gold ornaments and a luxurious red carpet.

Issei got closer to the podium step by step. Finally, reaching it he got a closer look at the daggers. One was a rough red dagger. The blade didn't look like it was metal at all, but a rough red scale made from a powerful creature. It had an emerald bladed guard and a gold hilt.

The other one had a similar esthetic. A white scale, golden hilt, and a guard made of Sapphire.

/You Have Acquired: The Heavenly Dragon Dagger Set!\

[Oh my good fuck]

"Daggers made from the scales of the heavenly dragons?" Stat to stat these are the best melee weapon he has in his arsenal. Looks like he'll have to put Blood Blade on the back burner for the time being.

Grabbing the blades a wave of nausea overtook Issei almost dropping him to his knees.

Ŵ̶͈̗̮ȟ̷͎̖̒̒̀͂y̵̨ ̷͓͚͍̊̽dį̷d̵̥̭̖̼ I̵̘͙ h̸̦̣̳à̵̧̜̲͉̦̤͒͗v̸̨̧̺͇̙̠̯̆̾e ̵t̷͚̜̖̜́́̊o̵̱̮͍̦̓͐́ ̸̡͇̗̠̻͕͊̔̏d̸̖̯̙i̵̱̳̿̔̕ͅe̸̛̛͎̩?̶̤͍̻̃̍͛

A foreign voice whispered in his head.

W̶̛͙̒h̷̪̒ͅÿ̴̱̺ ̸̩͎̒̈́d̴̠̰͐ḭ̷̠̇͒ḋ̶̮ ̸͚̍ś̷̫̞̈́ḧ̸͙́e̷͉̎̔ ̷͔̿̉k̵̳̃͠i̴͔̼̽l̴̢̝̑̈l̶̮̙̑̀ ̸̻̓̚m̶̩̺̿e̵͍̅̚ ̶͎͒f̵̮͊ơ̵̼͙̋ṛ̶̖̒́ ̴̥͂̋h̷̬̚̕à̸͚̚v̵̜̥i̶̩̯͑n̴͕̥͊̇g̴̞̋͆ ̷͕̯͛͊h̶̹͕̓ǐ̸͈͠ḿ̵̬͍̀?

Another voice rang out.

D̶d̷r̷a̶i̵g̵?̷ ̵S̷h̴e̸ ̴s̴a̵i̴d̴ ̴I̴ ̷w̶o̸u̴l̶d̵ ̶b̸e̷ ̵a̴l̵i̷v̷e̷ ̵i̵f̵ ̷i̵t̷ ̴w̷a̴s̸n̸'̵t̷ ̴f̵o̸r̷ ̵y̶o̷u̷!̸

A voice full of betrayal claimed.

Issei growled from his seemingly decreasing sanity. "Who the fuck are you people!"

S̶͙̰̥̒̐h̷̓̓͜ȩ̶̹̥̺̗̓́̉ ̵̪̎ş̵̙̘̈́̕a̵̱̣̦͗̍̋́̚į̵̛̣̝̤̗̏̋̽̎d̶̢̗̹͂͆͜ͅ Í̶̢̩͚͙́͂̓ ̷̙̰̫w̸̰̥̑͛͛a̷͈̙̜̩̕s̵̢̮̣̩͂̌ ̷͎̬p̷̞̜̈a̷̖̥̋t̵̢̢̥̼̀͛̕h̷͇̗̜̘͑e̴̯͉̟t̸̡̘͈í̷͉c̶̡̜̯̖̫͒ D̷̠͊̑̐̏͑d̵̡̳͍̬̠͋r̵̳̻a̵̻͕͂́̉͂̚ĭ̶̦̺̝͆g̴̛̤̦͍̃͐̅.

"Get out..."

A choir of distorted voices full of hatred and sorrow all spoke at once.

S̸̡̡̯̳ḧ̵̢̪̣̙e s̸̟̠̻ą̵̨ỉ̸̫͕͕d̴͈̭̥ ỹ̴̨̞̯͐ờ̴̧̫̿͒u̸̗̣͓ ẅ̷̮̝͕́͂a̴̦̳s ȧ̸̧̛ ̷̲͈̦̲̭͋͝ċ̷͈ű̵̙͉̲ȓ̶̟s̷̢e̶̦̺͌̈͌̕


Y̸̡̞̏̾o̶͓̎̋͐u̵̝̗͇̾ ̵̢̺͑̔m̷̼͝à̶̹̩̠ḑ̴̈́̃e ̷̣͔͊͒ḿ̷̹͙͜ë̴̺̳̩́ ̷̖̮͑͊͜ḍ̶̥̀̍i̶̺̜̒̽̕è̴̹̗ ̴̃̎̀ͅD̵̔͜ď̴͎̤̺͗͌r̶̛̠͛͋ä̸̛͚́i̶̭͊̎g̴̼̰͌

Y̶̬̻͂o̶͎̩̩͛ȕ̴͍̯̼ ̴͈͌ r̷̨̹̘̃u̴͍̻̠̾́͑i̷̫͍̤͛n̷͚͆̔̓ͅͅê̸͙̣̿ḓ̶͈̤̔́͊ ̴̣̤͋m̷̬̝͊̽ẻ̸̬̙͑ ̷͕̏̃̀D̵̺̹̳͗̉d̴͔̥̀̕͠r̴̗̚͠a̸ḭ̸͓̾̾͊g̴̢̙͝

C̸̝̞̅͜͝ǘ̸̻r̴͓̾s̴̈̑ͅe̷̪̖̒ ̴̟̩̈́̓ŷ̵̰̝͓o̶͔͈͐̀u̸̢͕̖̽́ ̸̢̅D̸͉̺̊̈͠d̷̯̖̽͌̚r̴̨̬̍̑a̴͍̖͊͌i̶͇͇͊̈g̵̪̩̍

D̸̥̞̎̕͝i̴ë̸͎̝́͒ ̴̬͔̈́͜D̵͚̬̀d̴̹̽̒ŕ̶̼͙̈́̕ȧ̶̱i̵̊g̷͍̓

Issei wasn't sure how much more he could take. Slowly, more voices joined the riot. Their volume creeping upwards by the second. They were overtaking his thoughts. They were overtaking his mind.

Just when he thought he was going to fall into insanity, the source of their disdain roared truly in almighty rage.


And just like that, the voices evaporated into nothing.

Issei took time to recollect himself. Sweat poured down his forehead, his heart thumped at an alarming rate, and a pit of dread was still active in his stomach.

"D-Draig? What was that."

Ddraig sighed, [When a host of me... when the host of the Boosted Gear dies, a fragment of their consciousness is stored inside the gear. However, they only regain the ability to use their consciousness when my seal is broken. This usually happens during the state known as Juggernaut Drive, but as you already figured out, Tyrant mode does the same]

Issei stayed silent as he took in the information.

[However you…. are special to say the least]

Issei's eyebrow quirked at this.

[Normally when the seal is broken, past hosts speak during the forbidden state the current host is in. Yours happened after. Also, what's weird about your instance is that you heard a very specific group of host. Host that was killed by Tiamat herself. They've passed on when you defeated her, but you can hear their anger and depression as they wonder why they are meeting their demise. They-...]

Ddraig paused for a moment as he collected himself.

[I lost a lot of hosts, some I would call partners, to Tiamat. Good men and women who had nothing to do with our squabble, with my fuck up. They had nothing to do with me and Albions stupid war. Some had families, some were going to have families...]

Issei remained silent. In the very back of his head, he could hear their screams.

[So much sorrow…. so much confusion… so much rage… so much blood]

Issei had enough and slipped into his consciousness. He opened his eyes and found himself back in the void of his mind.

He wandered that void until he once again found himself in front of the red dragon, who was deep in thought and had a depressed look on his serpentine face.

A sad smile formed its way on Issei's face. "Come here, you big lizard." Ddraig puffed out some smoke and lowered his head. Issei opened his arms as wide as he could and hugged the snout of the heavenly beast.


'….Did he just purr?'

Issei couldn't see it, but he definitely heard the sound of a wagging tail.

"Don't worry Ddraig, you've made your mistakes, but you can't let that get to you. If you get caught up on that, then how will you enjoy your time with me?"

The dragon hummed.

[Don't die on me Issei]

"Don't worry Ddraig, Entropy bounded us by our souls. We'll be together forever!"


"If I can help it, then yeah. One day, they'll be no more war, no more heartache. No matter what happens, we'll be together. Just the two of us."

Ddraig said nothing for a while before eventually speaking. [I would love that]

They stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity.

But alas, all good things must come to an end.

{Hey! You two should fuck!}, a familiar giant chaotic eye appeared above them, watching in amusement.


{No need to hide it! I see everything! And I saw you two getting lovey-dovey!}


{Overgrown tsundere!}


Issei chuckled at their shenanigans and listened to the two argue. He got off Ddraig and swore he heard a whimper when he did. Adjusting his cloths which wasn't needed, he woke himself up.

Back in the real world, he realized he needed to head back to earth. The rest were waiting for him so Asia could get her familiar.

Issei opened his own teleportation circle, which flashed the colors red, blue, black, green, purple, and gold at random. Shadows seem to raise and lower around the circle like sounds waves on a display.

Issei marveled at this. This was his first time opening a teleportation circle. Usually Entropy would just teleport him wherever he needed to be, but there will be times the dragon simply doesn't want to. He made it clear that giving Issei more autonomy and letting him and Ddraig take a back seat most of the time was beneficial in the long run.

In a flash of light, he reappeared in front of the ORC building. Letting out a sigh now that the ordeal was finally over, he entered the building. Opening the door to the room, he found everyone inside chatting. Seeing him come in, they immediately ceased to.

"So how did it go Issei?" Rias asked tenderly.

"It went well. It was a challenge to get, but it was a fun experience."

"So, what kind of familiar did you get?", Asked Kiba curiously.

"Hehe it's a secret. Just know it's a good one." Issei sagged a little. "Hey you guys go and sorry if I took long. I'm going home to rest. Rias, please make sure Asia gets home safely, please." Rias nodded at his request.

Issei felt Entropy teleport him. He walked up to Asia and pet her affectionately. "I wish you the best of luck, Asia." In a flash of light he was gone.

Rias looked at everyone, "Let's proceed." Everyone nodded and stood in her circle and teleported to the familiar forest.

(Familiar Forest)

Instead of arriving in a tranquil, yet dark forest, they were met with a hail of smoke and embers.

Rias saw the familiar silhouette of the familiar master. Rushing over to him she saw he was stearing at the sky. Looking where he was she witnesses a wall of flames that grasped the sky and stretched for miles. "What happened here."

He spoke in a monotone voice, "Rias…. I don't know how you know that boy you sent here but stay with him."


"He's surely something. Stay with him. No matter the cost or the path he chooses."

The rest of her peerage arrived by her side to see the flames as well.

While they all stood bewildered at the scene in front of him. Something landed in front of Asia.

Everyone turned to see a little sprite dragon. Asia blushed at the cuteness of the dragon in front of her as it lept into her arms.

"Well, looks like Asia has her familiar."

Name: Issei Hyoudou

Level: 3,000

Passive Titles: Red Dragon Emperor, Hunter, Grim Reaper, Shadow Monarch, Ultimate Pevert

Current Title: Ultimate Pevert

HP: 30,756/52,520

MP: 20,842/49,320

STR: 5,532

STA: 5,534

DEF: 5,530

AGL: 5,531

INT: 5,529

SEN: 5,568

Fatigue: 60

Extra Stat Points: 110

Current skills: [Boost], Observe, Night Vision, Vital Strike, Will To Rehabilitate, Sword Master, Bloodlust, Explosion, Brawler, Sprint, Pyromaniac, Dark Blade, Doppelgänger, Invisibility, Shadow Extraction, Save Shadow, Dominator's Touch

Auto update: On

-Shadows to be extracted: 403/500