Chapter 3: Entropy

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It's been about a week since Issei completed his last dungeon. Now he is sitting on his couch watching TV with an unsatisfied look on his face. "Well since I'm the only one here so I need to make some changes. For starters, I need some better furniture and electronics, my phone is getting old and a new TV would be nice. Also, school is going to be an issue, unless I find a way to balance school with supernatural stuff I won't be able to attend school which I'm not going to complain about."

{How about you just don't go to school for your first year and attend your second}

Issie smiled."Good idea, I need a good excuse though and fast, school is only a month away."

{Just say you was homeschooled and don't worry about being dumb, your intelligence should cover most of it but I still suggest you look into some of the material they will be covering}

"Nice, also I need to know where am I now compared to other supernaturals. I remember for my first dungeon you said a low class devil could've completed it easily so where am I compared to others?"

Suddenly a hologram appeared in front of his eyes.

/Power Guide Index\

Low class devil: Level 100-199

Between Low and Mid class devil: Level 200-299

Middle class devil: Level 300-399

Between Middle and High class devil: Level 400-499

High class devil: Level 500-999

Between High and Ultimate class devil: Level

Ultimate class devil: Level 3,000-4999

Super devil: Level 5,000-9,999

Gods: Level 10,000-19,999

Ω: Level 20,000-99,999

: Level 100,000-1,000,000

Entropy: Level ?

'OK that is a lot to take in.' He wasn't that surprised about where he was at, a low class devil, but more surprised about how powerful other beings could be. The last one especially caught his attention. "Entropy... just what the hell are you exactly? I know you take the form of a dragon and that is what most beings remember you as but seriously what the hell are you?"

Ddraig spoke up. [I am also interested in your answer]

Entropy hummed out like the answer was obvious. [I already told you, I am Entropy, nothing more nothing less]

Issie deadpanned. "That doesn't answer the question though. Like are you a dragon, a god, or some primordial being?" Entropy repeated in a blank and straightforward tone.
{I am Entropy}

Issie let out a sigh and kicked his legs up on his coffee table, which sounded nice, "Are you just dodging the question? Like if you want to keep your identity a secret then I just won't ask."

Suddenly, Entropy's sacred gear appeared on its own, the energy inside the black diamond was swirling around rapidly and the gear let out a low pitch hum.

Entropy let out a groan and spoke in an irritated tone, {I am Entropy. Entropy. You would think the research you humans commit to understand my very existence the knowledge of me would be widespread by now} The gear stopped humming and the energy stopped moving fast and returned to its normal speed before disappearing all together.

"Wait research? Let me look this up then." He looked down at his phone, the screen sticky from his...activities. "Um could you give me a new phone please?" Just as he said it his phone disappeared and was replaced by a newer, heavier, one. It had that new phone feel to it like it was taken right out of the box for the first time. He looked at the back to see what phone it was until the camera gave it away. 'A Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.'
(a.n that's the phone I use :) 'Man these things are expensive, I could only dream about getting a phone like this a couple of months ago.' He started it up and chuckled at the service provider. "Entropy: Universal. Really?"

{My business will kick off eventually}

Issie unlocked it and chuckled that his home screen was identical to his old phone. He swiped through the phone to all the apps to make sure they were all there, same with his contacts. It pained him seeing his mom and dad numbers there, knowing he wouldn't see them again, but he also took notice of how empty his contacts and messages were which didn't help him any. Maybe he should make some friends. Letting out a small gasp in realization he hurried to the video app. He let out a sigh of relief and relaxed seeing that all of his porn was there. Anyway he went to the internet which went straight to Google and typed in Entropy. He got a definition and read it out loud.

"A thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system's thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system... huh?"

{Look at the second definition for a simpler answer}

"Okay... Lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder." Issie pondered for a moment. "So if I combine the first and second definition it starts to make sense. I remember looking at space documentaries on TV and Entropy was mentioned a couple of times. So basically Entropy is just-"

[Chaos incarcerated, disorder personified, truly ineffable] Ddraig finished for him. [I would have never thought that the answer to the strongest being in the universe couldn't be answered in just simple terms. He probably predates the universe itself.]

Entropy chuckled, {That's right. I admit that before the universe was created I was at my weakest. I am now all over the universe until I manifested into my current form which holds it all. However, I am constantly getting stronger day by day and I will keep getting stronger until the universe is destroyed because the universe won't get any more chaotic at that point}

"But why a dragon though? If I'm not mistaken then you must have turned into a dragon for a reason."

{Nothing serious I just saw them and thought they looked cool, so I became one}

Sweat dropped from Issei's and Ddraig's head. 'Of course.' Issei asked another question. "So how big are you? When I met you, you were definitely smaller than a planet but Ddraig said when you passed by Earth you was the size of Jupiter."

{I can be any size I want. When I pass by the Solar System I can be bigger than the sun but when I enter I shrink. You could imagine how slow traversing the universe could be considering that the universe is always expanding. If I moved at speeds that you humans use on missiles and rockets it would take millions, maybe billions, of years to get anywhere. I increase my size and use my power to travel close to light-speed which would be near impossible for other beings, any faster than I would actually have to bend time and space to allow me to do so. If I don't want to actually travel then I can create wormholes to shortcut my way across the universe or theoretically manifest myself anywhere I want. However, I don't usually do this as I like sightseeing the universe so it usually takes me a couple of hundred years to casually go anywhere. While we are on this topic I am entering the Solar System as we speak. I want my form to be as close to Earth, and specifically you, as possible, so I am traveling very fast. Expect to see me in a few months}

Issie looked up at the ceiling in glee. He couldn't wait to see a massive dragon scare the shit out of gods, he was hoping he could have a front row seat.

{Well let's move on it's about time you get back to the dungeons don't you think? Also, I have increased the cloaking of your power to not only the house but the whole block. This will give you more freedom than you have now}

"That's good." Issie stood up and started to stretch. "Hey while we're out, care to renovate the rest of my house?"

{Can do}, the dragon said in excitement.

"Alright send me." His body got covered in light and disappeared.

Issie opened his eyes to find himself in a rain forest. The humid air, thick canopy of trees, and the exotic sounds relaxed him. His muscles loosening as he took in all the sounds and smells around him. "Ok where is this gate. Oh, wait there it is over there." He pointed towards a large tree, the sparks and light was a dead give away in the dim forest. He causally walked to the gate and opened it. Immediately stepping in he noticed the scene change. He was in a big clearing of some sort. He looked around and saw patches of forest in various areas. As he put his hands over his head to block the sun, which looked larger, he noticed a shadow moving over the ground. He looked up and gasped. It was a massive butterfly that was at least 2 meters long.


Sophogramma lii X

HP: 1,000/1,000

MP: 0

STR: 150

STA: 200

DEF: 15

AGL: 156

INT: 3

SEN: 20

Side Note: Despite their size they are actually harmless

"Why the hell is it so big though?" Issei climbed a large rock that was nearby and once at the top he checked his surroundings. He saw nothing but endless forest in front oh him which shocked him. He plopped himself down and started to think. 'Ok Issei you can figure this is out, just take a deep breath *breaths*, ok no-'. Issie paused for a moment and took a deep breath again. 'This air is weird but in a good way like it is purer than the air on earth.' Issie stared at the trees for a few moments until it clicked.

"This is big brain time."

"Ok so insects and arthropods grows larger the more oxygen that is in the atmosphere. Back in the Carboniferous period I believe the earth's atmosphere had around 35% pure oxygen because the amount of plant growth and the lack of co2 emitting bacteria and fungi. The more oxygen in the atmosphere, the bigger insects and arthropods can grow, because the more oxygen that is available."

Issie looked back up and watch the butterfly fly away into the distance.

"But this still doesn't make sense. Even then some species didn't grow above a couple feet, so how would that butterfly get so big"

{Your fault lies in the fact that you assume that you are on earth}


{You're currently on a planet, in our universe, that is around 3 times the size of earth and has significant amount of land mass compared to its oceans}

"Ok so if this planet has more land then that allows more plants to grow, therefore more oxygen. Even if you keep the same percentage, the amount of oxygen would still be larger. So the influx of oxygen allows even bigger creatures. How long has this "period", per say been around?"

/The Unknown Planet That You Are On Hasn't Had Another Era For Over 100 Million Years\

"This would give time for some other genus and families to evolve. It's also humid which would allow giant reptiles but I doubt if these giant bugs are around then it would take a while for early dinosaurs to develop. There are probably just giant turtles and Crocodilia's" Issei shuddered at the thought of giant spiders and snakes.

"Well I don't want to stick around." Issei stood on top of the rock and scanned the area once more. He could make out what looked like a beach. He figured it might have been safer than the rain forest. Legs prepared to jump he stopped after noticing something strange. There was a wall of energy that stood between him and the beach. He looked over to his left and could also make out a similar wall.

{Those are the boundaries of the dungeon. Every non-open world dungeon has a boundary. Even the open world ones have one to a certain extent}

"But the last dungeon I went to didn't have one right?"

{It did actually you just didn't notice it. That time the boundary was a couple blocks. Enough to feel open world but to keep you in a set location. There is a reason for this, if there wasn't any boundaries then theoretically you would have to fight not only kill every zombie in San Francisco, but the whole world, which you could imagine is very problematic}

"That makes sense I guess, it would be a problem if it required me to fight the whole world. So how big are open worlds?"

{It can be from the size of city to a small country. Boundaries are set by the location of the boss and the context of the dungeon itself}

Issie whistled at the size that some dungeons could get. But then he realized he would have to face bugs of epic proportions. He didn't even want to look at them, let alone fight!
"Any ideas on how to shortcut this dungeon?"

[Just start a fire], Ddraig spoke up for the first time since entering the dungeon, [You have the heat to start it, there is a lot of fuel in the form of plants, and there is plenty of oxygen to keep the fire going]

"Excellent idea, I guess I'll just punch the ground." Issie hands lit on fire and started hammering the ground with his fist. Small fires spurted from the grass creating small areas of fire but most were snuffed out. "This isn't working my punches aren't letting the fire spread enough, and an explosion will attract monsters rather than repel them." Issie thought of a solution and made a request.

"Entropy can I breathe fire?"

{Sure why not}

[Wait what?]

/You Have Learned The Skill: Pyromaniac\

Active/Passive Skill

-You can now breathe fire for the cost of 40 MP per second

-You are immune to fire attacks

-You can now breathe in low oxygen level environments

Issie felt a fire in his stomach. With all his strength he opens his mouth and released a torrent of Flames that shot out across the field. He did a complete 360 releasing fire everywhere and once he was done the fire has already started to spread into an extreme forest fire. He could hear the screeches of bugs and other animals in pain. He saw dragonflies with burnt wings fall back to the ground to be consuming by the raging fire.

/You Have Leveled Up! x10\
/You Have Leveled Up! x10\
/You Have Leveled Up! x10\

Smoke started to fill the air making it hard to see. Screeches and pops from animals were being overshadowed by the crackle of the fire. To anyone else it would sound traumatizing but it had no effect on Issie. He didn't know if that worried him or not.

/You Have Leveled Up! x60\
/You Have Leveled Up! x50\
/You Have Leveled Up! x70\

It seemed like the world was on fire at that point. Occasionally Issie would shoot out more flames to insure the fire kept going. He was glad that he was now immune to heat or the rock he was sitting on would be cooking his ass. He was also relieved that his cloths also fell under the category of his body.

/You Have Leveled Up! x40\
/You Have Leveled Up! x30\

Issie noticed that over time he was leveling up in big proportions. In a distance he could make out that his fire was going beyond the boundaries, killing monsters beyond his range.

{It seems like you found a bug in the system. You can't go beyond the boundary but your attacks can. Your fire is spreading rapidly, tens of thousands of acres have burned in the last few minutes}

[At this rate you are going to burn the whole world in a couple of weeks]

/You Have Leveled Up!\
/You Have Leveled Up!\
/You Have Leveled Up!\
/You Have Leveled Up!\

/For Killing All The Enemies In The Dungeon, You Have 20 Spare Stat Points at your disposal\

/The Boss Has Been Defeated And The Dungeon Will Now Close\

"Aw already?" Issie said with a smile, his green eyes shining through all the smoke. "What a shame." In a flash of light the dungeon teleported him to his front yard. He opened the door and walked in but stopped dead in his tracks. "Entropy... I love what you've done with the place." His whole house was remodeled. His kitchen and living room was way bigger with new furniture. In fact the house seemed way larger than what it let on.

{I used spatial magic to squeeze all of this in. Imagine a clown car but it's a house}

Issie gawked at the renovations. He walked to his room and peeped in to see it had a makeover. Sporting a king-sized bed and a bigger T.V to boot. He stepped into the bathroom to see the shower and sink was bigger.

{I got a surprise for you in the garage}

Issie wasted no time and bolted to his garage door and thrown it open. His eyes sparkled at the sight of not one car but four.

{An Audi r8, BMW M8, Range Rover Evoque, and a Lamborghini Sián at your service}

Issie slowly closed the door and walked to his couch, sitting down he instantly relaxed feeling the cool material consume him. He looked around the room and took in all the features. Reaching over and grabbing a pillow he screamed his lungs out into it. He lifted his head up that showed tears in his eyes and snot running down his nose.


{Haha thanks, anything to please}, the dragon laughed out. {I don't want to brag but I'm very awesome, like the universe has ever seen}

[Show off]

"Ddraig stop hating and let me have this moment!" The heavenly dragon snorted before chuckling. After a few moments he got himself together and calmed down.

"Let me check my stats."

Name: Issei Hyoudou

Level: 457

Passive Titles: Red Dragon Emperor, Hunter, Grim Reaper

Current Title: Grim Reaper

HP: 12,720/12,720

MP: 9,520/9,520

STR: 946

STA: 948

DEF: 944

AGL: 945

INT: 943

SEN: 987

Fatigue: 49

Extra Stat Points: 60

Current skills: [Boost], Observe, Night Vision, Vital Strike, Will To Rehabilitate, Sword Master, Bloodlust, Explosion, Brawler, Sprint, Pyromaniac

Auto update: On

"What a cheap way to jump straight between mid and high class devils." Well that run was an absolute win in his opinion. Even though he didn't really work for it, a power gain is a power gain. Issie threw his cloths off and jumped into his bed. "Let's take another break."

(One week later)

Issie stood in the middle of nowhere. Well nowhere would be false as he was obviously in a desert judging by the sand and numerous cacti. "Where the hell are we?"

[The Sonoran Desert, I remember a previous host passed through here at one time]

"Ok good to know." Issie walked around for a while looking for the gate, but he couldn't find it. "Where the hell is this gate?"

{Look under you}. Issei looked down and saw the gate under his feet. "Well that's weird." Issie bent down and tour the gate open causing him to fall face first in sand.
"This is an excellent start." Standing up, he wiped his cloths from any sand which was disappointingly unsuccessful. He twitched when smoke filled his nose he looked up and the sky was starting to darken. Checking his surroundings to find that he was in fact in a desert with big sand dunes. He climbed on top of a dune which strangely looked like a crater he counted dozens more. Ignoring the weird geography he turned his attention to the horizon, which was brighter than the sun, that was slowly getting closer. 'That's my fire it has grown substantially over the course of weeks.' The flames were hundreds of feet in the air with black smoke slowly covering the whole sky from multiple directions which indicated that there were multiple fires. He predicted the smoke would make its way over to him in a couple of minutes and fire wouldn't be far behind.

"If that is my fire I started, does that mean that multiple dungeons could be in the same world?"

{It's certainly a possibility but I wouldn't worry about it}. Entropy said in a calm but hush tone. He didn't want to reveal his true reason for bringing Issie back here.

{I can't let this opportunity go to waste. This will be a huge blow to The Monarch of Plagues. The Queen of Insects will lose her shit over this and set her plans back a significant amount. If we're lucky, Issei can soon foul other monarchs or completely destroy them. Even though primordial beings that supply them have been around for billions of years they have only recently started making their move. They are nothing but trouble and I can't allow them to start a universal war. I can't wait to sink my teeth into one of those cocky bastards. I wonder how octopus taste?}

Suddenly the dune he was on started to shake and slowly collapse. Issie ran from the hill just in time for a giant bug to leap out of the ground. It had a large square head with massive jaws with a fat abdomen that held multiple legs. It let out a loud screech in the air before trudging down the dune it made.


Ant Lion XXL

HP: 4,000/4,000

MP: 0

STR: 500

STA: 200

DEF: 430

AGL: 60

INT: 20

SEN: 100

Side Note: Quest Material

"What does that mean?" The ground started shaking and collapsing in on itself which forced Issie to move further back to another dune. More ant lions busted out of the ground in a hurry but it seemed like they were ignoring him as they weren't gunning straight for him. They sounded panicked as they made their way towards Issei. He looked over the horizon and noticed that the sand in the distance looked weird. It was glowing and it looked hot. Really hot.

"The sand is actually melting as the fire makes it way over the desert. They must be feeling the heat, maybe some unlucky ones were cooked alive already."

/Quest Incoming\

/The Quest: Exodus: Has Arrived\

/Monsters Are Retreating In Mass Waves. Kill Them All And Don't Let Them Escape!\

Issie heard buzzing and turned back towards the direction the forest were burning. He saw what looked like hundreds of monsters leave the tree line and make their way across the desert in an attempt to escape.

/During This Quest XP Gained From Killing Monsters Will Be Reduced To Just A Fifth. However, You Will Be Compensated By Rewards\

Well that sucked. He could kill 5 bugs to get the full experience yet still wouldn't level up. Now he finally realized that the more he leveled up the more XP he needed to get to the next level.

/Quest Will Be Over In 4 Hours\

"Well this is going to get messy."

(time skip 2 hours)

Corpses littered the area, the smell of blood and guts filled the air. "Ok this is honestly fucked up, I've only leveled up 11 times if it was normal it would be dozens." He had to constantly make sure that he didn't sink in the molten sand, combined with the fact that he could only see 10 feet in front of him was a problem but his other senses made up for it but the monsters were on par or better than him in this area. Regardless he kept going. He couldn't afford to stop.

(time skip 2 hours)

/The Quest:Exodus: Has Been Completed\

Issie ignored the system and looked around him. Well he would if he could. The air was so full of smoke that he was pretty sure most of this planet's atmosphere has been polluted. He doubted anything would survive, if the smoke didn't kill them the heat, fire, and sudden climate change would. The ground he was on was the only source of light as it glowed. Of course, he didn't know his own eyes were glowing green combined with both of his sacred gears he let off a decent amount of light which made him a target, but he doesn't need to know that.

/Quest:Exodus: Completed\
/Choose Your Rewards\
/Reward #1: Status Recovery\
/Reward #2: 50 Stat Points\
/Reward #3: Blood Blade\
/Reward #4: Skill: Dark Blade\
/Reward #5: Skill: Doppelgänger\
/Reward #6: Skill: Invisibility\

"Woah that's a lot of rewards." He decided to save his status recovery and stat points for later. "Accept Blood Blade." He then felt his hand grow heavy. He gripped it with his armored fingers and held it up at eye level.

"Blood Blade? Interesting." He held it in his was astonished by the craftsmanship. The sword was like it was titled, blood-red, and the hilt had what looked like veins and even though at first glance it looked like a regular katana he could tell it was special.


Blood Blade |LVL. 1|

DMG: 6,000 average damage

Durability: Unlimited (repairs using the power of Entropy)

Special Abilities:

Triple Threat: In seconds unleash a 3 strike combo

/Warning! The Current World You Are In Has Become Unstable And Will Soon Be Unable To Support Life! Automatically Teleporting The Player To Home Base To Ensure His Safety!\

Issie opened his eyes and found himself in his living room. "Well I guess I can cross out destroying a world off the list of achievements."

/Achievements? We Don't Do That Here!\

Issie groaned at the system. He still hasn't gotten use to it even though he has been with it for more than a month. He thought he might as well finish getting his skills.

/You Have Learned The Skill: Dark Blade\

Dash forward and perform a powerful melee attack

-Melee damage will depend on the weapon and the Player's STR stat

-AGL increased by 25%

-Immune to all attacks and can even bypass them

-Duration: 5 minutes and has a cool down of 10

"So I'll be invincible for a short amount of time. I guess that will be useful to charge through attacks."

/You Have Learned The Skill: Doppelgänger\

Create a shadow duplicate of yourself

-The shadow will have the same stats as the Player

-Is weaponless unless you summon them with a weapon in your hand


-Will decrease your XP gain by 20% as long as they are summoned

-Will consume your mana to regenerate

/You Have Learned The Skill: Invisibility\

Turn you and your allies invisible to not only the naked eye but all other senses

- Cost 400 MP initially 20 MP per second after that.

Issie smirked after the prompt disappeared, "Ok now these skills are getting overpowered especially Doppelgänger." Issie sat on the couch and stared at the ceiling. "I want to test out my new skills so how about one more dungeon before bed?" Ddraig let out a grunt in agreement and felt himself starting to teleport.

He was shocked to see that he was in the same rainforest from earlier. "Entropy what is the big deal? I've been here before and I don't want to go back to a planet that is in the process of undergoing a mass extinction." He heard Entropy take a deep breath and let out a sigh.

{I have a suspicion about your power that I want to test. I know the state that planet is in but I'm going to teleport you to a location that is the last safe spot that is near a cave. We won't be there long and depending on how this goes it will directly affect the outcome of the future}

Issie let out a sigh and scratched his head, "Fine I believe you, let's get this over with this place is creepy at night, even with night vision." He paced to the tree, opened the gate, and walked in. He immediately noticed that he was in fact in a cave, a small cave at that, he could easily see the end of the cave, the feeling of loneliness and death lingered in the air. Smoke unexpectedly filled his lungs causing him to have a coughing fit for a few seconds until his Pyromaniac skill kicked in. Turning towards the mouth of the cave he saw the smoke slowly crawl in. "Whatever you plan on doing Entropy do it fast!" Suddenly he heard an all too familiar sound.

/You Have Leveled Up! x20\

/You Have Leveled Up! x10\

/You Have Leveled Up!\

/You Have Leveled Up!\


/You Have Levele-0jctkmgz3t73aaqr2hkc31\\

Issie was shocked to see the screen glitch and let out a static shriek. The high pitch noise hurting his ears and had him close his eyes and hold his ears in pain. He slowly opened them to see a hologram in front of him flashing red and blue with various warning symbols around the four corners. Glaring messages were all over the screen.

/WARNING! ERROR CODE 12-9-13-9-20\

Name: Issei Hyoudou

Level: 500

Passive Titles: Red Dragon Emperor, Hunter, Grim Reaper

Current Title: Grim Reaper

HP: 13,580/13,580

MP: 10,380/10,380

STR: 1,032

STA: 1,034

DEF: 1,030

AGL: 1,031

INT: 1,029

SEN: 1,073

Fatigue: 0

Extra Stat Points: 110

Current skills: [Boost], Observe, Night Vision, Vital Strike, Will To Rehabilitate, Sword Master, Bloodlust, Explosion, Brawler, Sprint, Pyromaniac, Dark Blade, Doppelgänger, Invisibility

Auto update: On