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Also since these type of "chapters" alone aren't really liked by guidelines so here is a little parody I just thought of to get around that thus this chapter is cannon and happens between chapter 6 and 7. Inspiration/credit goes to the youtuber Sethical so shout-out to him.

Entropy figured that the time was right. It was currently 8:00 AM and Issei was in a deep slumber, and judging from his brain it will be a couple more hours until he wakes up which is very unfortunate considering that he had his final exams today.

{Ugh I should wake him up, but I guess I can let him sleep} The primordial sighed, the things he do for his host.

/The Skill: Doppelgänger: Has Been Activated\

Shadows shot from Issei's body and formed a shadowy clone of the boy. However, Entropy knew this wouldn't suffice. With a mere thought flesh and bones started to appear in a silent vortex around the body. Soon an exact living and breathing clone was made, cloths and all.

Looking over himself, the dragon was satisfied and started to lazily float through the house and onto the sidewalk. From there he started his journey to the school.


Entropy stopped in his tracks and grabbed his stomach. {What's this sensation?} He found it uncomfortable, and he didn't like it one bit.


{So this is hunger!? Interesting yet annoying} He never felt hunger for obvious reasons. Now that he thought about it, he never tasted anything either... or breathe really. He initially decided to spurn the pointless bodily functions and carry on, but the more he thought about it the more tantalizing the thought of eating food for the first time became. Sadly the exam came first but using his new human brain he remembered that humans have establishments that you can order food. Pizza. He wants to try pizza. He saw similar on other planets, just with different ingredients, so he figured he would give it a try.

Materializing a copy of Issei's phone he went online to search for satisfaction. Picking one that he thought was good he dialed the number.

A young man standing behind a counter picked up a ringing phone.

"YA Pizza what you want?"

{Let me get uhhhh LARGE BONELESS PEPPERONI PIZZA and a 2 liter Don Dew}

The young man was instantly taken aback "Fuck kinda pizza? And 2 LITER MACHINE BROKE, we got 1 liter though."

{What would garner confusion? Listen well human, I want the pizza BONELESS}

The man sighed. "Um pizza don't got bone on it."

He heard a humph on the other end of the phone {The fuck did I just say then?!} Entropy said irritability.

The young man scrunched his face in anger "You said "LEMME GET IT BONELESS" like pizza got a damn bone in it."

The voice drawled {YALL GOT BONES IN YA SHIT THEN}

He reeled back at the thought "Nah!"

{So what's the problem?}

He exploded, "Name one pizza that has bone on it!"

{Listen here mortal! I know and have seen things you could never fathom, including 'pizza' with bones SO JUST DON'T PUT DEM SHITS IN MY PIZZA BRUH}

"Just explain to me how pizza can be boneless."

{If it doesn't have a bone, it's BONELESS} the voice said like it's the most obvious thing ever.

Before he could retort the voice spoke again {I got things to do so just make the pizza boneless DEADASS} and hung up abruptly.

Slamming the phone down he let out a big sigh and looked to only see everyone staring at him, but he doesn't care.

He doesn't get paid enough for this shit.

Arriving at the school, Entropy noticed eyes on him. He could also feel the supernatural energy in the air, he noted this to the system to let Issei know when he comes here. Stopping at the entrance, he had to go through authorization and proceeded to go to the assigned area.

{Devils} He noted. Using his powers, he got a bead on every devil in the school and used what he called his "all seeing eye" to see through walls to track them directly. They didn't impress him in the slightest. Issei could take some of these guys with his arms tied behind his back.

Walking in the room ignoring the eyes he sat down to take his finals.

Time skip 1 hour*

Entropy exited the school, the exams was child's play to him. However, he did question some of the criteria. Was it important to know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell? Well to be honest he wasn't the one to judge.

{Now back to business} summoning the phone he dialed the number.

Back to the young man he stood with a noticeable slump. Letting out a sigh he recollected the frustrating conversation he had earlier. "Calling up this joint talking about some LEMME GET IT BONELESS... who the fuck is lemme?" Suddenly the phone rung and he hesitantly picked it up fearing for his sanity.

"It's Ya Pizza what you want?" He then heard a voice that filled him with dread.

{I ordered pizza almost 2 hours ago you guys making that shit or nah?}

He sighed "Yesn't." He heard pages flipping.

{When the hell did you motherfuckers start speaking ITALICS}

"I don't want to hear anything about no bone-" he was cut off by the voice he's starting to hate.

{Let me get that motherfucking pizza BONELESS}

With barely kept rage he answered with another question "How the fuck can pizza be boneless?"

{It's y'alls pizza don't ask me} The voice said nonchalantly.

"It's Ya's Pizza... we don't have that shit either."

{Look I need pizza, I need it now, and I need it BONELESS}

"Ugh pizza can't be bone-" he was once again interrupted.

{The motherfuckers down the street got bones in their shits}

His eyes widened at the thought that there was some possibility, "Which motherfuckers down the street?"

{Ya'll motherfuckers down the street}

He sat down in a chair holding his head, "Is this a joke?" He just hoped it was and just call it a day, but fate doesn't work like that.

{Is this what humans consider a joke?}

Giving up on life he decided to compromise "Listen we can get you anything else, but it's not going to be pizza."

{Yeah you know why? Because that shit is gonna be BONELESS PIZZA}





"Don't ever call us again."