So this is my first fanfic , hope it goes well .

Summary:(Not thought of yet )

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters used in the story other then the Si/OC that I created

I the character who you will be learning about soon enough ask you

Is this a bloody joke?!


What is death?

Is it a man dressed in black with a scythe ?

Is she the lover of a certain grapefruit ?

Is it a black racer that haunts those who would dare foolishly dare to change there fate by running to end of time itself ?

The answer is quite similar then what you think

Death is the end , not hungry for soul or for revenge against those who would run from her or cheat her .As death knows one simple fact which we all are privy to .
That fact being that death will always win in the end , no matter how much we run , how much power we gain the end will come for us all

This fact is known but forgotten why because greed avarice rage revenge hope will

all these things can blind a person from excepting the truth we are going to die , the question isn't how its when.

So now as here i am so far away from my home , friends , comrades and allies sitting in the library of this disgusting city built by those who years ago brought a tyrant down and stopped a 100 year old war and then founded this great(filthy)
city known as republic city. I have read the tales of this world I have founded myself in, a man who excepted death after completing his personal mission ,

Only to come here, a city built by a man who has been reborn/ reincarnated how many damn times , after all years and a genocide by a wanna-be emperor.

This shit is what they can come with, Republic city huh!. This is what the great avatar Aang could do after he ran away from his duty.

So I ask you this TRUTH

What kind of bloody joke is this?!