"So explain to me why you can't just claim your other daughter now? I mean the heroes have made it clear they would help, right?" said Sugeha.

"The problem is that we're too low level, and Eri would absolutely throw a fit if Izuku wasn't there when she was rescued. And considering the nature of her quirk..." said Kirito, wincing.

"What is her quirk?" asked Sugeha, killing another random robot.

"It's called Rewind. Basically she has the ability to 'rewind' time in living matter. The people who have her are using her blood to create an anti-quirk drug," said Izuku grimly. "The problem is that she was shoved in the game almost immediately after her quirk first went active and the effects became known, so she won't have any actual control over it. Add in the fact she's not even seven yet, and well... You know how kids like to throw tantrums?"

Sugeha thought that one over, and winced openly. Yeah, it was safer to have someone she identified as 'safe' present when she was released than to even remotely risk that potential disaster.

"Still doesn't explain why you can't go now."

"You know how some dungeons have level restrictions?" said Kirito. She nodded. "Consider the 'dungeon' Eri is in to be a special one-time only downloadable content that has a very high level lock on it. And it'll be set to the hardest setting, which is our real world bodies and that means we need to grind until it's not even funny anymore or do quests until we find out where it is and what level we need to be at," said Kirito.

Sugeha grimaced at that.

"So that's why you've been wandering off for hours on end?"

"We've been raiding dungeons until we can't level up anymore, since the heroes would get snippy if we went after villains for free EXP," said Kirito.

"So why is All Might helping you?"

"Apprenticeship quest," said Izuku. "He seemed to like our drive so it sparked an apprenticeship quest series with a time limit. Naturally that means he has to join us in dungeon raids so he has a better idea of what our quirks are like."

"That makes sense," said Sugeha. "I didn't want you to find out like this, though. Why didn't you warn me about his quirk?!"

"Like you would have believed me?" said Kirito snorting. "Izuku's quirk is passive and overall weird, and unless he invites you there's no effect on others. Even with all the strange and amazing abilities, having a passive quirk that allows you to measure accurately your strength and overall progress like a game is pretty outlandish."

Sugeha could acknowledge that claim.

"So...when did you start playing ALO?" asked Kirito, changing the subject.

"Shortly after it came out. I wanted to know what you were going through, at least a little," she admitted. She then glared at him. "Though why are you in it?"

"Asuna, his girlfriend, was trapped in it by the jerks who took over the company who claimed the SAO servers. From what Yui could find out, her father is good friends with some high up douche that is directly in charge of the servers. We're trying to release her before the creep who's in charge of the game tries anything, since it's clear there's a history between them," said Izuku. "Also if we free her, then we release the others who are still trapped...including Eri."

Not that Eri was likely to log out once she had the opportunity. She knew it was the best place to see her daddy again, after all.

They finished the dungeon, but it was what they found in the boss chest that had Izuku and Kirito inwardly cheering.

"Well?" asked All Might, picking up the strange doll. It was about the size of a ten year old child.

Yui's eyes flashed oddly.

"Daddy, what do you think?"

"I think we just solved the issue of you not having a proper body anymore."

"What in the god's name is that thing?" said Sugeha.

"Yui, would you like to show her? And I have a pretty good idea, considering the sort of drops we've been getting in this dungeon."

Yui grinned and let out a strange noise that almost sounded like dial-up internet, of all things.

Suddenly she vanished, and nothing seemed to happen for a few seconds.

Then the doll in All Might's arms started to gain features. It's hair began to darken into a dark forest green. The pale white skin began to tan to a more healthy color, and after a few seconds Izuku was quick to bring out a spare cloak that he put on the doll just in case.

Smart move, considering Yui's armor didn't travel with her.

Then the eyes opened, revealing a dark gray.

Yui beamed at her daddy, and it was only the fact that she was wearing just the cloak that kept her from glomping him.

"Daddy, it worked!" she cheered.

"What...the bleep," said Sugeha staring.

"Think Ghost in the Shell," said Izuku helpfully. Closer inspection did reveal familiar ports on the back of her neck. "That or Rozen Maiden."

Sugeha paused.

"Does anyone else have a headache?" asked Sugeha. She took solace in the fact All Might had raised his hand.

The group left the dungeon, though the true test came when Yui joined them.

"Uwah...the sun is so bright!" she said happily. By this point Izuku had bought a simple dress for her to put on, and she did a happy little twirl.

"Mama is going to be thrilled to meet you properly," said Izuku, patting her on the head.

Sugeha and All Might looked like they had major headaches. At least Yui had a body finally.

A short time later...

Inko was absolutely delighted to finally be able to hug her granddaughter. Even if her body was that of a robot, it was still better than nothing.

Nezu was already working with Yui to properly register her quirk and other legalities. Izuku turned a deaf ear to the cackling he occasionally heard from the chimera and his daughter.

Yui found she enjoyed the 'real world' and since her body was made as a side effect of Izuku's strange quirk, she now had the passive ability as well.

She found Nezu fascinating, though she wondered why the teachers at the school always showed looks of 'pity' whenever they saw him teaching her.

His mindset was perfectly understandable, and if anyone could understand the ramification of her situation it was him.

After all, she wasn't a normal human, but an AI with the ability to learn. Any number of people would literally kill to get their hands on her, especially considering she was the main reason Kayaba had trapped those people in SAO.

Thanks to her daily interaction with her daddy and grandmother, her knowledge of humanity was expanding at a rapid pace.

Nezu found her fascinating, but was also among the first of those outside to acknowledge her as a 'living' being like him. Sure, her origins were odd, but he had helped her daddy so that she could be considered a 'real' girl.

While Kirito tried to rush through ALO in order to free Asuna, Izuku was doing apprenticeship quests. Since they weren't on a major deadline, the two occasionally met up in real life to clear any dungeons Izuku found.

Those opened rather sparingly, and they only hit one dungeon a week and kept on grinding until they had all the potential rewards cleared out. Mostly because after a week, that dungeon would disappear and would take some time to 'recharge' according to the timers Izuku saw on them.

Annoying, but it made dealing with them more fun.

Finally, the deadline for the apprenticeship quest began to loom. All Might had clearly come to a decision about something, he was just waiting for the best time.

"So...exactly what were you testing me for?"

"Partly your resolve, but mostly I wanted to see if you were worthy of trusting," admitted All Might. "I wanted to know what it was that drove you to being a hero."

"So what was your conclusion?" asked Izuku, curious.

"I believe you have what it takes to become the next symbol for peace!" said All Might.

Izuku looked surprised at that.

"Peace is well and good, but I don't think it's what the world needs. Back when you first started, the world was still in turmoil. But too much peace can be a bad thing. Heroes view the job as just another paycheck these days," said Izuku bluntly.

He had taken a good hard look at the average hero these days, and was sorely disappointed. The sad fact was that most were in it for the fame and glory, not because they actually wanted to help people or do good.

All Might deflated a bit at that.

"Personally I think what people need right now isn't peace...it's hope," said Izuku.

He perked up at that. He could work with hope, rather than peace.

"You may have a point. My existence alone is mostly used to stabilize the status quo... I couldn't believe how difficult it was just finding someone who was remotely worthy," admitted All Might.

A change of pace might be exactly what the world needed...even if they didn't seem to realize that fact just yet.

"So how exactly were you planning to make me your successor anyway?" asked Izuku.

All Might's smile wasn't reassuring, and it was only when he explained about his quirk as one that could be passed on to others that Izuku took an interest. Then All Might told him to eat one of his hairs, and the only reaction Izuku had to that was...

"You want me to what?"

Kirito, after Izuku completed the apprenticeship quest and became the new user for "One For All", could not stop laughing his ass off.

"You actually ate one of his hairs? Even for a fan boy, that's taking it way too far!" howled Kirito.

"Shut up!" said Izuku, turning as green as his hair and eyes.

"Did he at least take a shower before he made you eat it?" said Kirito.

"I said shut up!" said Izuku, looking even more nauseous at the idea.

"So what's it like?" asked Kirito, once his ribbing of Izuku was over.

"Apparently there's a timer installed. I still have four hours and it need a jump start before it'll kick in. And from what the system said, initial start up can cause some serious damage so I need a healer-type hero nearby," said Izuku.

"Ouch," said Kirito. "That sucks. I suppose it has to break what's already there before it can rebuild to something that can handle the new power."

"On the plus side, once it kicks in I get a new title."

"Sweet. What's the title?"

"Rookie 'Symbol of Hope'. I think the heroes need a wake-up call these days, so I said I'd rather represent hope instead of 'peace'."

Due to the conditions set by the quirk All Might had given him, Recovery Girl was present when the timer ran out and they decided to 'jump start' his new quirk.

He was rather glad that his Gamer quirk often came with a proficiency level, because he had learned rather quickly that while All Might was an amazing hero, he was pants at teaching properly.

The poor guy simply wasn't used to being around teenagers, much less imparting his knowledge in a productive manner.

Fortunately his Gamer quirk allowed him to narrow down what would work and what wouldn't in an efficient manner. It cut down on the half-assed training All Might could give him, and helped him work with what did.

And, like many things, it all came down to experience, experience, experience. Specifically combat experience in the dungeons on Hard and Free difficultly, where he could freely use his quirk and learn how it worked.

Since his goal was UA and eventually freeing Eri from her captivity, he needed to understand how to use his new ability before the deadline. He didn't care that UA had given those trapped in SAO an extra year to apply, he wanted to pass the first time around because he knew full well it would put him in another class from Bakugo.

Then...Kirito finally managed to rescue Asuna before she turned sixteen. He had found out while visiting that the asshole who now ran the former SAO servers was planning to marry her against her will, with the help of her father. He really didn't want to know how the man planned to consummate the wedding.

And if that wasn't enough, when Asuna woke up the guy who had her trapped was present along with her father. She took inordinate amount of pleasure in giving him a massive black eye, since Galahad had added her to the party to insure her health would be up to par.

On the plus side, they had a new raiding buddy since Asuna would need to blow off a LOT of steam from being trapped for so long. The sooner her skills were up to what she considered acceptable, the sooner she could make her father back off and tell her mother where to stuff her demands.

(As it was, her brother had offered her a place to crash if they decided to throw her out because she was tired of playing their perfect little doll.)

Kirito looked like he was completely enamored...and highly disturbed. Mostly because Sugeha and Asuna got along terrifyingly well and the two were using the poor generic monsters spawned as an outlet for 'that time of the month'.

While it was great his girlfriend and sister got along, it was also terrifying to an extent.

"Why aren't you scared?" asked Kirito.

"Easy. I'm not dating and/or living with either of them, and since Yui's body is synthetic there's no chance she'll gain the necessary hormones to develop those instincts," said Izuku deadpan.

"...You're a bastard, you know that?" complained Kirito.

"At least I'm a sly one," said Izuku smirking.

"What are you two talking about over there?" demanded Asuna.

"Nothing!" the two chirped immediately.