City of Stars

"It's a terrible me." His voice was soft as he spoke, his words floating in the air. He avoided her eyes, instead he took another sip from his glass of whiskey. He swirled the amber liquid around in the crystal glass, silence had fallen upon them, nothing but the crackling from the open fire could be heard. She watched him carefully, when she had arrived, she had not known that this is where they would end up.

Time seemed to have slowed since she had first set foot in the room. The room, while having no modern day lights, had other ways of being illuminated. The fire's orange, inviting glow and the flickering flames brought a warmth to the room that the fire alone could not. However the main source of light was the moon, that shone brightly outside the open window, the moonlight settled on the pair, who sat at a small wooden table, in squishy armchairs.

The man had stopped looking at his glass now and had focused his attention on the moon, which was now in its waning form, he sighed. "How can something that is the cause of so much beauty, be the cause of so much suffering?" He questioned softly, he was not looking for an answer. For he, himself had not been able to find one. He had spent many sleepless nights wondering about that single question, and he was yet to find an adequate answer.

She had followed him with her eyes as she had shifted in his seat to get a better look at the moon. Sorrow and pity had found their way into her heart and before she could stop herself, she spoke.

"I'm sorry." Those two words seemed to linger in the air, flowing around them on the subtle night time breeze. He did not respond straight away, nor did he look at her. Instead he continued to stare at the moon, as he took a took another sip from his glass before setting it aside on the wooden table between them.

Then finally, he turned to face her. His eyes found hers and in that moment, in that singular moment, something clicked. All the sorrow..and all the sadness seemed to fade away, peace took its place. Surrounding and clinging to them encompassing them in the warmth that slowly began to flow through them. It was a warmth like no other, a warmth so inviting, that neither wanted to break the connection.

He opened his mouth to speak, only too close it again as he could not find words perfect enough to describe what was happening. She made no attempt to speak, she was lost in his eyes. He had kept them hidden before but now she found that she was falling deeper and deeper into his grey eyes.

There was something about him, something so peaceful but yet so mysterious. He wasn't on a one track mind, he was a man of many thoughts. Something passed through his eyes, she could not define what it was that she had seen, a part of her thought, that perhaps it had been longing? She had little time to dwell on that thought as his eyes broke away from hers.

"I have lived a solitary life, it can be..unsafe for people to be in my company." He stated softly. Sorrow edged it's way back into her heart as she watched him, sadness had settled in his grey eyes. He sighed, the sound drifted over to her on the breeze. They fell into silence once more, though this time..something was different. Something had changed. While yes, nothing in the room had changed, the fire still glowed a dull orange as the embers flickered and flaked away into ash and the candles still flickered in the late night air. Something between the pair had changed, or had been there the entire time.

Remus stood from his chair, and for a fleeting moment she thought he was going to leave. As if reading her thoughts he turned back to her and smiled, this was the first smile she had seen of his since she had arrived. It was a soft smile, one that come from a place of peace.

He walked slowly over to the window and for the first time that night, she noticed a piece of furniture that had been covered with a sheet, he pulled the sheet from away and uncovered a rather old piano. He ran his slender fingers along the cover, before raising it. The bright white piano keys seemed to glow in the moonlight.

He pulled out the stool and sat down, he seemed to study the keys for a moment before a soft tune began to float around the room, the melody was so soft and calming that she fell into a trance. His skilled fingers swept across the keys, and it took her a moment to recognise the song.

"City or Stars." She whispered and she saw a small smile tug at his lips.

"I have always been a fan of the classics." He smiled as his fingers continued to dance across the keys. Suddenly he shifted on the stool and gestured for her to sit next to him on the stool, at first she hesitated but then she joined him on the stool and he wrapped his arm around her waist while he continued to play to the beautiful calming melody.

She leaned against his chest and she could have sworn that he pulled her tighter against him. He leaned his head on the top of hers and sighed in content. They continued to sit there, basked in the moonlight warmed by the dying fire as his fingers continued their dance across the keys. Time meant nothing to them now, they were stuck in their own little world. Nothing else mattered, it was just them..together.

"This is perfect." He whispered into her hair, and she had to agree. Nothing could have made her happier.

"Perfect." She echoed his words. And they continued to sit there, him playing the piano with her leaning against his chest. Nothing would ever be better than this.