Author's Note: This must be a first, but this story is actually a movie/TV/game react fic, focused on Severus Snape. Big fan of Severus and I always thought he was given too much abuse, but of course everyone has their own opinion of the man. Some don't like him and others do. If you aren't a fan of him, then this fic ain't for you.

The characters that Severus will be based on won't actually be different in appearance or name, just that a part of Severus is apart of the character.

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( Gryffindor Girls Dormitory )

Alone in the bedroom that she shares with four other girls, Lily Evans stares down at the floor with bloodshot eyes from her spot on her bed.

By now, Lily should have all her belongings packed up and ready for when she leaves Hogwarts in the morning. With her O.W.L.S. completed, she will get to return home and spend the summer with her family. Every year, her father would be waiting by the station to pick up herself and Seve-

Lily covers her mouth with her hand and retches, just barely managing to prevent herself from vomiting out what little she has eaten today.

"Sev..." muttered Lily to herself, gripping her hands together to try and stop their constant shaking. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry" she whispered while cursing herself for her stubbornness and stupidity. If she didn't act like such a stubborn fool, then Severus wouldn't be...

Lily closes her eyes shut to prevent herself from thinking about it, but it only forces her to remember the events that took place early this morning and the reasons why.

Yesterday, she had found James and his friends picking on Severus again by using Severus's own Levicorpus spell to keep him suspended in the air by his ankles. As Head Girl, she had intervened and made James cancel the spell, but Lily didn't expect for Severus to suddenly get angry with her and call her the wicked name, Mudblood.

For years, all her friends in Gryffindor had been telling her how Severus was going to end up as a follower for the Dark Lord, due to him hanging out with the likes of Avery and Mulciber. Severus's obvious fascination with Dark Magic also didn't help convincing Lily otherwise, but she remained his friend, even if all the clues hinted that Severus would join the likes of the Death Eaters. However, the years of suspicion and Severus suddenly calling her Mudblood had hurt Lily more than she liked and so, she broke off any friendship she had with Severus.

Just this morning, Lily had left the Gryffindor Common Room to find Severus sitting outside, waiting for her. There, he had apologized and begged for forgiveness, but like the stubborn fool that she was, she ignored his pleas for forgiveness and left him behind.

It was when she and Alice nearly reached the entrance hall did they see from the edge of their sight, something large fall down the gap in between the staircases. Lily didn't need to look to know that somebody had just jumped off the staircase for what else could make the horrifying sounds of bones shattering and blood splattering across the floor. It took Lily over a minute to gather the courage needed to look down the side of the staircase to see the body smeared across the bottom floor.

Lily can still remember the cold feeling of dread which overtook her when she recognized the long black hair which belonged to the corpse. At that moment, Lily realized something terrible.

Her childhood friend, Severus Snape had jumped off of the staircase from the seventh floor, where she had left him after refusing to accept his apology.

"Blood. There was so much blood" thought the Gryffindor as she clenches her fists so tightly that her sharp nails cut into her palm, spilling blood. Not that she cares. The drops of blood she's spilling is nothing compared to the pool of blood Severus's corpse laid in only a few hours ago. The pain she's feeling now is nothing compared to the pain Severus must have felt after he decided to end his own life.

"Why couldn't I just accept his apology" Lily said to herself, sniffing.

"Yes, why couldn't you?"

Lily widens her eyes when she hears an unfamiliar male voice. No male should be able to get into the Gryffindor girls dormitory since the stairs leading up to it would turn into a ramp whenever a boy attempted to enter.

Lily looks up to find herself no longer in the girls dormitory. Instead, she looks to be in what looks like a theatre room, sitting on one of the viewing chairs. She also happens to notice that she isn't the only one sitting in a chair as she recognizes some of her Housemates, such as James, Remus, Peter, Sirius, Alice, Frank and Mary. There's even Molly and Arthur Weasley who she hasn't seen ever since they graduated. The last she heard, they had ended up married and have had two kids and by the swell of Molly's stomach, they'll be expecting another one soon.

Lily even sees some of Hogwarts professors sitting in the seats, looking as confused as everyone else. So far, she can see Dumbledore, McGonagall, Slughorn and Flitwick in attendance, although there are a few people who she doesn't recognize sitting with them. Unfortunately, there also happens to be a few who Lily would rather not see, such as Lucius Malfoy, Regulus Black, Narcissa Black and her sister, Bellatrix Black. However, there are three people in the crowd of confused and tense magical folk who Lily recognizes immediately.

"Mum? Dad? Tuney?" said Lily in surprise over seeing her parents.

"Lily?" said Harry Evans who is wondering how he ended up from his home to what looks like a theatre complex. "What's going on? Where are we?"

"It's obvious that Lily used her freakish magic to bring us here" accused Petunia who's quick to point the blame at Lily and the others who are dressed in those strange robes.

"Albus, what is this?" asked Minerva McGonagall who reaches into her robes to grab her wand, only to discover it missing. "My wand is missing!"

Minerva's cry has all the other wizards and witches search their robes, only to find their wands missing as well.

"Where's my wand gone!?"

"Is this the Dark Lord's work?"

"Can't be, Malfoy and the Blacks are just as stuck as we are."

"Doesn't mean they still aren't responsible."

After making sure Alice is alright, Frank Longbottom soon notices his own mother in the crowd of people. "Mother!?"

"Frank, are you alright?" asked Frank's mother, Augusta Longbottom who is wearing a large hat with a stuffed vulture on it. She starts patting Frank all over his body to make sure that there are no injuries he might be hiding under his robes.

"Mother, I'm fine!"

"Severus? Where's Severus?" asked a thin woman with short black hair and black eyes.

Augusta stops her patting of her son and looks at the black-haired, recognizing her in a near instant. "Eileen?"

Eileen Snape turns when she hears her name and recognizes Augusta when she sees her. "Augusta?"

To Frank's and Lily's surprise, Augusta and Eileen are quick to embrace each other in a hug. "Don't you know how worried I was when you disappeared on us!" shouted Augusta who may sound angry, but is still holding onto Eileen tightly. While she hugs her old friend, Augusta takes note of how skinny her old friend has gotten.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you" apologized Eileen Snape with a sniffle.

Lily decides to step in. "Mrs. Snape, how is it that you know Mrs. Longbottom?"

Reluctantly, Augusta releases Eileen and decides to answer for her. "Know her? Eileen and I were best friends ever since our first year in Hogwarts, although she went by Ms. Prince back then. There wasn't a time where we weren't together, at least until she decided to run off without telling me" she said, shooting a pointed glare at Eileen. She then turns back to Lily. "I find myself curious as to know how you know my old friend, Lily dear" she asked, knowing Lily to be a good friend to her son.

Before Lily can open her mouth to answer, Eileen speaks. "Ms. Evans is actually good friends with my son, but I haven't seen him here yet. Have you seen him, Lily?" she asked, turning to Lily who has suddenly turned very pale.

"You've a son and he's attending Hogwarts with Lily and Frank? You must introduce me to him" stated Augusta who is looking forward to meeting the son of her old friend. Although, she'll need to have a word in private with Eileen soon so she can properly rip her a new one, but until they find out how to leave the strange room, that will need to wait for now.

Frank who has been paying attention to the conversation quickly widens his eyes in horror once he recognizes the same black hair and eyes from Eileen that use to belong to a recently deceased Slytherin. "D-Dear Merlin!"


All the noise and panic quickly fades when a loud, but raspy voice stops everyone in their tracks. Everyone then turn their attention to the elderly man who is standing in front of the large screen with many noting how he wasn't standing there a few seconds ago.

James Potter steps forward and glares at the elderly man. "Hey, old timer! Who th-"

"Sit down."

As if everyone is under the power of the Imperius curse, everyone who isn't already sitting down soon takes a seat. Of course, many are overwhelmed by the magical power the elderly man possesses, all without the use of a wand.

"W-Who are you?" asked Minerva who tries her best to look strong, at least for her students. The powerful witch tries to fight back against the invisible force pressing down on her, but to no avail.

The elderly man's colourless eyes look at Minerva who then feels all the warmth in her body vanish, as if she just fell into a pool of ice cold water. "Who do you think I am?" he asked, watching as everyone either digs through their minds to figure out the identity of the elderly man or they try their best to look as small as possible so to avoid his attention.


Everyone turns to Dumbledore who looks at the elderly man up and down. "You are Death, are you not?"

The elderly man in black robes shows the first bit of emotion other than cold indifference by smiling, if only by a little.

"Very good, Albus Dumbledore. I would have expected the wielder of the Elder Wand to know who I am" said the now revealed Death who then turns to a slightly shaking James Potter. "And while we're on the topic."

Death raises his boney right hand towards a petrified James who nearly screams when he feels something shift underneath his robes. The shifting item quickly jumps out of James's robes, revealing itself to be his Invisibility Cloak. "My cloak!"

"Not anymore" stated Death who catches the cloak once it flies into his grasp.

Of the three Peverell brothers, it was Ignotus who proved to be the most clever for he was wise enough to not trust Death when he made his offer all those years ago. The first brother, Antioch Peverell longed for power and so, Death created for him the most powerful wand in the world, the Elder Wand. Not long after, Antioch ended up being murdered by a jealous wizard who had heard Antioch bragging about the power of the Elder Wand and they soon sought after it. The second brother, Cadmus Peverell wanted to humiliate Death further by being given the power to resurrect the dead and so, Death gave the brother the Resurrection Stone. Soon after, Cadmus used the power of the Resurrection Stone to bring back the woman he loved, but was distraught when she came back as a shell of her former self. In his grief, Cadmus killed himself so he can fully join her and Death took great pleasure in reaping the soul of the man who thought he could humiliate Death so easily.

The third brother, Ignotus Peverell didn't seek power or to bring back to dead. Instead, he asked to be able to move on without being followed by Death and so, Death gave him the Invisibility Cloak that not even Death could see through. With the Invisibility Cloak, Ignotus Peverell lived a long and happy life until he eventually grew old and passed on the Invisibility Cloak to his son before Death reaped his soul.

Death raises his other hand, revealing a wand and stone.

To most, the stone and wand don't seem all that special, but Dumbledore widens his eyes in realization. "The Three Deathly Hallows" he gasped at seeing all three together. While Albus didn't know the whereabouts of the Resurrection Stone, he did have suspicions that the Invisibility Cloak James carried around was a Deathly Hallow. Albus was also the one in possession of the Elder Wand after he defeated Grindelwald, but now that it's in Death's hand, he doubts it belongs to him any longer.

"The Deathly Hallows? I thought that was just a fairy tail" said Augustas in awe.

"Isn't that your wand, Albus?" pointed out Mad-Eye Moody while looking at Dumbledore, suspiciously.

Albus can only nod his head. "It is, but I fear that is no longer the case."

"Indeed" replied Death and in a poof of black smoke, all three Deathly Hallow vanish from existance. "The Deathly Hallows are no more."

"Prongs, did you know you had a Deathly Hallow on you?" Sirius asked James who is in disbelief that he has been in possession of an actual Deathly Hallow all this time.

"I had no idea! Dad just said that it was a family heirloom that has been passed down by the family for years" answered James who would have tried to get the Invisibility Cloak back, if not for literal Death being the one who took it off him.

While disappointed that his greatest weapon against Voldemort is no longer in his possession, Albus decides to ask Death the question that's on everyone's mind. "If you don't mind me asking, why have you summoned us all here? I doubt you brought along everyone, just to take back the Deathly Hallows." Dumbledore never did believe that Death was the one who created the Deathly Hallows, having always believed that it was the three Peverell brothers who created them so the realization that Death did in fact create them has shocked him down to his core, but as always, Dumbledore remains calm.

Death looks at Dumbledore for a moment with his seemingly blind eyes before he gazes at everyone. "I have brought you all here because a majority of you have fucked up."

Everyone from the followers of Voldemort to the members of the Order of the Phoenix all look at one another while wondering what Death could possibly be referring to. Some are still getting over the fact that Death actually said a curse word.

"I'm afraid we don't understand to what you're referring to" answered Minerva who is rightfully nervous when speaking to Death. She chooses her words carefully, so not to insult a powerful being like Death.

"Severus Snape."

The name of the deceased Slytherin catches many by surprise while those who have never met the boy wonder who Severus Snape is.

Severus's mother, Eileen looks at Death, curious over what her son has to do with all of this. "What does my son have to do with this?" she asked, but notice how a few students and professors all turn to her, looking surprised and for some reason, guilty.

A nervous Horace Slughorn gulps. "Mrs. Snape... your so-"

"Severus Snape has taken his own life within Hogwarts and quite a few people in this room are responsible" interrupted Death, looking over the gathered audience.

Eileen's eyes widen in horror as tears begin pooling in her eyes. "S-Severus... is dead?" she asked, sounding like she can't believe it or rather, she doesn't want to believe it. Augusta is quick to comfort her old friend, all the while, trying to understand their situation.

Lucius Malfoy also looks shocked as he has been the one to take an interest in Severus before graduating Hogwarts. Unlike the foolish Dumbledore, Lucius had recognized Severus's genius and hoped to use that genius to further the Dark Lord's plans, but that obviously won't be happening now.

Lily looks down at her feet, knowing that she played a part in Severus's suicide. If she had been there for Severus, then maybe he wouldn't be dead.

"This is all about Snivellus?"

Everyone turns to James Potter who looks both shocked and disgusted at Death. "Who cares if that slimey snake is dead. I say good ruidance to the Death Eater scum" he said with a scoff. Sitting beside him, Sirius Black nods in agreement, although Peter and Remus disagree. Both notice the disgusted and angry looks that James and Sirius are getting from everyone else and so, they decide to keep their mouths shut and leave Padfoot and Prongs to lie in the graves they are digging for themselves.

What little strength Eileen has is broken by James's terrible insults to her deceased son and she breaks down in a tearful fit. Beside Eileen, Augusta and Lily hold onto the crying mother to try and comfort her.

Even Death looks unimpressed with James. "How amusing. I doubt you would be so foolish to believe that if you were aware that Severus Snape would have played a large role in killing the one you call, Voldemort, if he were still alive."

Everyone, including the crying Eileen all stare at Death in shock and disbelief with others more so.

"W-What?" asked Sirius, finding it very hard to believe that Snivellus of all people would have played any role in defeating the Dark Lord. The Slytherin would have most likely ended up supporting the Dark Lord instead.

"Destiny. Every mortal is born into the world with their destinies already assigned to them, no matter how tiny or large said destiny is. Severus Snape's destiny would have led to the eventual defeat of Voldemort. However, it seems that not even destiny could prevent Severus from wanting to escape Hogwarts."

Alastor Moody's magical eye turns to Dumbledore with an accusing stare. "Albus, I'm sure you are going to tell us the reason as to why this Severus kid ended up killing himself in your school." There's a certain edge in Alastor's voice and none can blame him for having it. A student in Hogwarts turns out to be the key in defeating Voldemort once and for all, only for him to kill himself while under Dumbledore's care. He's sure that he can be excused for sounding a little annoyed.

Dumbledore often knows what to say at times, but even he's still reeling over the fact that Severus Snape would have played a large role in defeating Tom Riddle. Not that knowing such knowledge is of any help to him now, since the boy is now among the deceased. "I-I'm not entirely sure."

"Are you positive about that, Headmaster? Could it not possibly be the years of constant bullying, beatings, mocking and neglect that he suffered while inside your school?" asked Death who tilts his head, almost amusingly.

The Headmaster and professors look appalled by Death's claim, but Mad-Eye Moody's sharp sight doesn't miss the guilty expressions that appear on some of the students faces.

"We at Hogwarts don't condone bullying in any shape or form and we surely don't neglect our students" stated Minerva, defending herself and the rest of the professors. True, Severus can be a bit of a troublemaker with his roughhousing with James and his friends, but they surely don't neglect him.

The smirk that appears on Death's face doesn't fill Minerva with confidence.

"Is that so? Maybe this will shed some light on the subject." Death snaps his fingers and the screen behind him flickers on. The screen then shows a clear image of Severus, walking down a hallway before the Marauders show up and begin calling him rude names. The name calling then erupts into an duel with James and Sirius casting spells at Severus while Peter cheers them on and Remus ignores them entirely. Before the fighting can get worse, Minerva McGonagall storms to them, demanding to know what's going on. The four Gryffindor boys are quick to point their fingers at Severus and without any chance to give his own side of the story, Minerva punishes the Slytherin by taking away House points and giving him a week of detention, all the while the Marauders show off smug grins when Minerva's back is turned.

Minerva puts a hand to her mouth and stares at the screen in disbelief. That incident had occurred only two weeks ago and she didn't even question it when her Gryffindors said it was Severus who started the fight. She didn't even ask for Severus's side of the story and blamed him immediately. "I guess it's easier to believe four of my Gryffindors than it is to believe one Slytherin" she thought, hating herself for letting her House loyalty blind her.

Bellatrix cackles. "That's House bias for you" she said, pointing at the Hogwarts professors. Her laughing only gets louder when the screen begins showing even more incidents in which the Marauders or other students bully or attack Severus for no other reason than for their own sick entertainment. Whenever a professor does interfere, it's always Severus who's punished, never the Marauders who are quick to lie about their innocence. It even show moments where James would use his Invisibility Cloak to hex Severus without being spotted.

After twenty minutes of videos showing the little amount of abuse Severus suffered, the screen turns off after showing the incident which involved the moment Severus called Lily a Mudblood.

"Dear Merlin, I can now see why the kid ended up killing himself. Anyone would have snapped if they had to live with so many out to get him and the professors did nothing to help him" exclaimed Alastor who turns to glare at Dumbledore, the professors and especially the brats who are at fault for blatantly assaulting Severus multiple times.

Augustas Longbottom is quick to throw a glare at the Headmaster as well. "Albus, what kind of school are you running!?"

At the same time, Harry Evans glares at the Marauders for their roles in abusing Severus while his wife, Rachael looks at a crying Lily with a worried expression.

"Lily, why did you smile?" Rachel asked her daughter, having Lily turn to her in confusion.

"What?" she asked, trying to stop herself from crying, but to no avail. Seeing how much Severus has suffered by the hands of James and his friends, as well as others has taken a toll on Lily.

"Why did you smile while Severus was being bullied?" asked Lily's mother, getting the attention of her husband who stops glaring at the Marauders so to turn to his wife in confusion.

Lily looks at her mother, confused like her father. "Smile? I never smiled" she denied, wiping away tears from her eyes.

"I saw it as well. When those mean boys had Severus hanging upside down, I saw you smiling" stated Petunia, having noticed Lily smile at Severus's misery as well. It's... quite unsettling to see her sister do so.

Lily looks between her mother and sister in slowly growing horror. "I-I actually smiled" she said, realizing the truth. Recalling the incident, she realizes that she did smile when James held Severus upside down by his ankles, having actually thought it to be suitable punishment for Severus's interest in Dark magic. If she did smile and Severus saw her do so... More tears leak through Lily's eyes when she figures out that Severus did see her smile while he was suffering which would explain why he suddenly got so angry with her. "W-What kind of person smiles at their friend's suffering?"

"How could you lose control of your own school, Albus" asked Moody who is disappointed in Dumbledore and all the professors for neglecting a student, especially when that student apparently plays such a big role in defeating the Dark Lord.

Gathering herself together, Minerva turns to look at the four Gryffindor boys who have fooled her for years and she gets very angry when she notices a lack of guilt from either James or Sirius. "When we return to Hogwarts, we are going to have a long talk, boys."

James opens his mouth to defend himself, but Sirius grabs his shoulder and shakes his head. Unlike James, Sirius knows when they're beaten. They could get away with a lot of their antics because they were careful to not be caught, hence the Invisibility Cloak and Marauder's Map, but now that everyone knows what they've done, specifically against Snivellus who is somehow important, they can't afford to push their luck.

"We'll be lucky to not get expelled at the end of all this." thought an annoyed Sirius. Years of sneaking and faking innocence now ruined. "And now that Lily knows what we did to Snivellus" Sirius looks at Lily from the corner of his eyes, seeing her glare at them with hateful teary eyes. "Whatever chance Prongs had with Lily is now long gone."

He had always supported his best friend's pursuit after Lily, especially because James dating Lily would only hurt Snivellus even more. Now that everyone has seen the extent of their pranking on the Slytherin, they are no longer looked at in a favourable light by anyone in the room.

Mad-Eye Moody stops his questioning of Dumbledore and turns back to death. "What does this Severus kid have to do with you bringing us all here anyway?" he asked, curious as to why the kid is important, especially now that he's dead.

"I've brought you all here because I intend to bring Severus Snape back from the dead" answered Death, much to the shock of everyone in the theatre room.

"You're going to bring back Sev?" asked Lily in hope of having her best friend back.

Hearing that her son will be brought back by Death himself has Eileen bawl her eyes out again, but in joy instead of grief.

Augusta looks at Death, quizzically. "That is mighty decent. Eileen's son must be special to be allowed to come back from the dead" she said, sounding suspicious.

"I am returning Severus Snape's life because it suits my needs" remarked Death who doesn't want anyone to think he's doing it out of the goodness of his cold, dead heart. "Everything and everyone must die at some stage. Voldemort mocks me by tying his soul to the living world and keeping it out of my reach. Severus shall return to the living and afterwards, he will be proclaimed as my champion and will play a more active role in bringing me Voldemort's soul."

Many are suddenly finding it hard to breathe, that is how stupefied everyone is. Severus will not only return from the dead, but he will be given Death's blessing to end Voldemort for good.

Lucius looks over at his fiance and soon to be sister-in-law with a nervous expression. "This could prove detrimental to our plan." Fighting Dumbledore is one thing, but going against Death itself? That's someone Lucius doesn't want to make an enemy of.

Death further explains the reason why everyone is in the threatre.

"However, bringing back Severus isn't as simple as all of you might expect. These circumstances are... unique" remarked Death, sounding a bit annoyed.

"Unique as in how?" asked a curious Horace.

"As I'm sure many of you don't know, the human soul is a lot more fragile than one might think. If the owner of said soul has lived a harsh life, their trauma may reflect on their soul which can cause it to split apart. The more trauma a mortal faces throughout their life, the more their soul splits apart. As all of you are now aware, Severus Snape did not live a good life as the majority of the time he spent breathing was spent being beaten, abused, neglected and such. Therefore, upon his death, Severus Snape's soul fractured into several pieces before I could reap it and they have all recycled themselves throughout the Multiverse. The Soul Fractures have spread and created life of their own, yet they remain a piece of Severus Snape. I have brought you all here to witness the lives of the Soul Fractures which make up Severus Snape's own and until I have all the Fractures to recreate Severus's original soul, you shall not leave." Death points towards the left side of the room where several glass containers are lined up beside one another. In each glass container is a blank mannequin which will hold the Soul Fractures until they are all ready to be rejoined.

Albus is fascinated by the knowledge of Severus's soul having split into pieces and each piece becoming a new person altogether. "It sound similar to the Horcruxes and yet, not."

"Doesn't sound like we have much of a choice" pointed out Frank Longbottom who tries to get comfy in his seat.

"By the end of all this, you all may just have a small understanding to what it's like to be Severus Snape." Death steps to the side while waving a hard towards the screen. "Enjoy the show."


These are the characters who are in the theatre. PM me if you think I've missed someone important. This is Marauder era so no Hermione or Weasly Twins.

Characters: Lily Evans, Petunia Evans, Mr. Evans, Mrs. Evans, Eileen Snape, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick, Horace Slughorn, Rubeus Hagrid, Alastor Moody, Augusta Longbottom, Frank Longbottom, Alice "Longbottom", Mary MacDonald, Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Black, Bellatrix Black, Regulus Black, Molly Weasley, Arthur Weasley.

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