Authors Note: I remember reading a story this will be heavily based on but it was Deleted so I thought I'd make my own version I hope you like it.

The New Dark Lord

Chapter 1

Shrieking Shack

March 10th 1994

13-year-old Harry Potter stood in shock as he watched Professor Lupin quickly stun Ron and Hermione and for some reason Ron's rat before handing the man who betrayed his parents, was this where he would be killed it made him regret stunning Professor Snape.

"Relax Harry we have no Intention in harming you we stunned them so you could learn the truth that Dumbledore has been hiding from you since you were a boy." Lupin tried to tell him but could see that the boy did not believe him.

"Harry look I will put my wand down so we can talk but I swear on my magic that everything I am about to tell you is true." Sirius told the boy as he sat down on the old chair next to the piano watching as Harry eventually lowered his wand.

"Harry you have been told for years that Lily and James were your parents and that is true to some extent but Lily was only your adopted mother, your real mother is my cousin Bellatrix Black-Lestrange"

Harry stood there in complete shock the woman who he believed to be his mother was only his adopted mother he wanted to believe it was a lie but couldn't he had a basic understanding of magical vows which meant that Black wasn't lying.

Over the next 20 mins he was told everything his Mother was in Azkaban as a convicted Death Eater of Voldemort's inner circle that his father and Lily had started to lose faith in Dumbledore and were planning on declaring themselves Neutral in the war and withdrawing from Godrics Hollow to Potter Castle along with Sirius and Remus.

Only for them to be betrayed by Pettigrew who told Voldemort their location, while that angered him the fact that Albus knew that Sirius was not the secret keeper but still had him locked up in prison and the Potter will illegally sealed so he could claim guardianship over him and the Potter estate it broke something within him.

He had unknowingly broken the binds on his magic placed there by Albus the sheer raw blast of Magic was amazing as it caused the entire house to glow.

Trying to gain his breath after such a show of power he watched as Remus forced Peter out of his Rat for only to kill him before he could beg for mercy as Sirius picked up Ron's wand and woke the still knocked out potions Master.

"What happened?" He groaned as he sat himself up only to freeze as he saw Sirius standing before him, Sirius was ready to kill him only to see harry place his hand on the wand as he tugged it from his grip.

"You told Voldemort where my parents were hiding, you betrayed my Adopted Mothers trust, you will die here today with the knowledge that you have witnessed the beginning of a new Dark Lord."

The last thing the spy ever saw was a smirking Harry Potter before he yelled the famous words that promised death then a flash of green.

Placing the wand back in his traitorous friends hand he turned to the last of the Marauders. "Where do we go now?" Within the Hour the 3 had vanished from the House after asking a hyper House elf to pack up their belongings in the Castle as they made there way to London.

They arrived at Grinngotts where harry learned of the theft officially and had them punished by declaring all money taken from his vaults by the traitors as loans with a high interest rate of which the Goblins would be more than willing to collect.

His parents will was read to him where he was officially named Lord Potter and Heir Black there were a few other Titles he claimed but would keep private until he needed them, after finishing their business with the Bank they made there way to Potter Castle where Harry would send Hedwig with a message for His new Aunt and Uncle.

It was signed under his true Legal name which was not Harry James Potter but Hadrian Orion Potter-Black, he would avenge his Parents but not in the way Albus or the Light would want he would do it his way.

By March 12th the Magical world learned of the incident at the shrieking Shack the death of Severus Snape and the Disappearance of Harry Potter, and the return and Death of Pettigrew which lead the the clearing of Sirius Black, or it would have if Albus had not used his influence to grant him a trial stating that why he may not have killed Pettigrew he had attempted to and killed the 13 Muggles.

Another big shock of the students was the Headmaster and his Harry's best friends claimed harry was the one that killed Snape; however, it was quiet Embarrassing when it was Ron's wand that fired the Death Curse, he then out of the blue Declared Neville Longbottom the true Boy-Who-Lived.

Among the House tables many were whispering about it and if Albus listened to any of the conversations he would be shocked that the majority of the students Believed that if Harry had killed him, they had done the world a favour.

"I tell you if Potter ever came back here, I'd shake his hand Snape was a git even the Snakes didn't like him." Anthony Goldstein told his fellow puffs as they spoke of it Susan Bones Niece of Director Amelia Bones looked over to the Slytherin Table to the Ice Queen who stared back at her.

Both of them were annoyed at the constant theory's of what happened or where Potter had Vanished, but both knew that this would carry in until he was found However the Auror Force were not searching for him as the Wizengamot voted against to the shock of many Lord Malfoy had voted against the matter as did the majority of his faction.

Unknown Location

A figure sat in an old living room in a luxurious chair as he looked at the young man kneeled before him. "You will continue your training with your Uncles my boy your first mission will come soon."

The Young Pureblood smiled to himself. "I will not disappoint you my Lord."

Authors note: well here is chapter one I hope you like it.

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