The New Dark Lord

Chapter 2

Quidditch World Cup Final

18th August 1994

He watched from the shadows as his traitorous friends acted all best friends to Dumbledore's backup saviour, though it was quite funny watching the lump stroll around and that he was stupid enough to throw away a 300-year family alliance.

Soon the match would begin, he would wait until after the match to give the spectators a lovely send off, he walked back to the tent he was staying in where he saw his Aunt waiting for him.

"Did you enjoy your walk dear nephew, see anything interesting." Narcissa smiled at the black-haired boy who had changed a lot over the past 6 months his face had become more aristocratic his black hair was tamer his green eyes if it were possible were the same shade of green as the Killing Curse.

His body was much healthier and that of an athlete, not too muscular but enough that he was in better shape then most seventh years, Sirius, Narcissa, Lucius and Remus had taught him more and more advanced magic and the customs of a pureblood Lord after all the lord of House Potter and Heir of Black shouldn't be anything less.

Smiling at his Aunt he sat down on the couch opposite her. "Indeed, Aunt Cissy I saw the Backup the bookworm and the garbage bin all acting as the best of friends, I look forward to making them suffer however where is dear Draco I wanted to tell him to bet on Ireland winning but Krum catching the snitch."

Narcissa's face was a picture at the last comment about Draco. "Draco would not waste his pocket money on gambling would he." And as if he had been summoned Draco walked in to see his smirking Cousin and glaring Mother.

"DRACO LUCIUS MALFOY! YOU ARE GAMBLING YOUR POCKET MONEY ON THIS MATCH!" The normally calm and collected Pureblood Lady yelled causing poor Draco to nearly faint while harry had summoned a Bowl of Popcorn and was enjoying the show far too much.

All three of them didn't notice Lucius walk in to the Tent, the Head of House merely looked at his Nephew and then at his Wife and Son letting a smirk adorn his face no doubt his Nephew had informed his wife of Draco wanting to place a bet, honestly the boy spent far too much time around Sirius and Remus.

Weasley Tent after the match

Despite the family celebrating the game the family were split the twins and Ginny missed harry while Ron and Percy didn't.

What any of them expected was the sounds of explosions and screaming coming from outside. "Huh looks like the Irish are getting their pride on". Ron chuckled to Neville as they started to mess about only for Mr Weasley to run in. "That's enough it's not the Irish, we have to get out of here now!"

The group made it outside to See panic and fire, one Wizard ran past screaming. "GET OUT! IT'S THE DEATH EATERS!". To their shock in the distance a group of black robed men with Skull masked marched through the Camp burning the tents leading them was a man in black Battle-Robes with a black hooded trench coat that shrouded his face taking down what ever Aurors dared to come near.

Mr Weasley ran to aid his fellow Ministry staff in pushing them back while tasking the twins with protecting Ginny to keep her safe, in the confusion Neville was separated from Ron and Hermione he didn't see the shrouded Mage appear behind him wand drawn until his world went black from a stunner.

The Twins and Ginny ran into Draco Malfoy who was helping a few Ravenclaws in his year towards the forest to hide. "Weasley's come on follow us unless you want to get caught". Seeing no other choice, they followed them to the woods to see many witches and Wizards including Ron and Hermione.

Ron did not seem happy to see Draco. "Get lost snake this is your lot doing this". He didn't expect his sister to hit him, but before they could say a word another group of witches arrived speaking in French to each other.

It took an hour for the screaming to die down and the fires to burn out harry walked through the carnage looking for his target to carry out the next stage Barty Crouch Jr had his House elf collect Longbottom's wand to give to him she was at the time still following harry as he finally found his target.

"Morsmordre!". He watched with Glee as the Dark-Mark Hovered above the Burned campsite before he handed the Elf the wand back and Portkyed to Potter Castle, from the woods the people gasped in shock and fear seeing the Dark-Mark for the first time in over a decade no one saw Draco Smirk.

Ron and Hermione found Neville after 20 mins of searching only for the Aurors to find them seconds later and try to stun them, thankfully or sadly Mr Weasley arrived to stop them proclaiming that was his son and his sons friends.

The look on Nevilles face when it was discovered it was his wand that lit cast the Dark Mark after it was stolen by Mr Crouch's House elf of all things, the poor thing was given cloths and vanished in tears only to be taken in by Sirius as was planned.

Thanks to Lord Malfoy it was published across the Prophet that Dumbledore's new Saviour was nothing like harry after all he was found just recovering from unconscious of which many people believed to be, he fainted at the sight of Death eaters just like when he fainted at the sight of the Mandrake in his second year.

Potter Castle

Lords office

The plan was moving ahead as planned soon the Dark Lord would return and his mother would be free from her confines in Azkaban, he wanted to let her know he was all right the only way he could do it without going to the prison and being possibly caught and handed over to Albus.

Azkaban High Security cells

Sitting in the corner of the small dark cell Bellatrix Lestrange sat quietly in one of her rare silent moments in truth she was depressed she had recently felt the Dark Mark Burn believing her Master had returned she had eagerly awaited his arrival only for no one to come.

It led he into thoughts she had refused to allow herself to dwell on as it caused her so much pain and hope at the same time, her little Hadrian the baby boy she had after a drunken one night stand with James Potter, believe it or not but when she was still in school she had a massive crush on James but to her constant anger and sadness he had no love for her only Lily.

Not that she could blame him Lily was a beautiful woman but that one drunken night was all it took she had secretly met the two and after an hour Lily agreed to raise the child as her own even more son when Lily discovered she was barren much to her sadness.

She was brought out of her thoughts by a House elf popping I to her cell holding a note and a basket confusing her greatly. "Well well what's this a whittle House Elf come to see Bella."

Dobby gulped before placing the basket down with the note on top. "Dobby is bringing a care package from Great Master Hadrian Black for Master Hadrian's Mother".

Before she could say a word, he was gone again slowly picking up the letter she read it a smile growing on her face as her heart filled with the warmth of a mothers love.

My Dear Mother

I have sent you a care package so you can be healthy and strong for when the time comes I have sided with our family to restore the Dark Lord to power and set you free from your prison, how I long to see you in person Mother but as much as it pains me there are still a few moves in this chess game that have to be played perfectly before I can set you free.

But remember mother that I love you with all my Heart and will one day show the world that the house of Black still have a few tricks up its sleeve.

Love now and always

Hadrian Potter-Black

Lord of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter

Heir Apparent of the Ancient and most Noble House of Black

And a few others but they will stay secret for now.

P.S keep this letter hidden.

Even outside the Prison walls the mad laughter of Bellatrix Lestrange was heard as she awaited her freedom with renewed Strength.

Riddle Manor

Little Hangleton

"Well done my Boy you have proven yourself once again now it is time for the next stage Barty is all ready in position, yours in to carry out the remainder of your training,"

From his kneeling Position Harry's smirk was still hidden. "I will not disappoint you my Lord." What both of them didn't expect was Nagini to push the muggle caretaker into the room from his hiding place.

"Well Harry look at this Nagini brought her Dinner, do be a gentleman and give our guest a proper greeting," Turning to the man who had his hands up Harry smiled. "AVADA KEDAVRA!".

Authors Note: well hers chapter 2 I hope you like it so far.

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