The new dark lord

Chapter 8

Lessons with his Grace

4th September 1995

Defence against the Dark arts classroom

Hogwarts school

Today was the first day of class for the 5th year's students; they were very excited as it was DADA with the Duke of Lancaster. The Gryffindor and Slytherin students took their seats; they saw the door to the professor's office open revealing the Duke himself.

"Welcome 5th years to Defence Against the Dark Arts; in this class, you will address me as your Grace. You will raise your hand if you wish to speak and when I ask you a question or ask if you understand what, I will attempt to teach you, you will say Yes Your Grace. Am I understood?"

The students quickly agreed, still taken back by the new attitude of their former classmate, now Professor; however, it seems that his former friend disliked this confident Hadrian as Ron stood from his chair.

"So you're going to teach us to fight You-Know-Who instead of doing it yourself. Are you even qualified to teach this class?"

"Students will raise their hands before speaking in my class Mr Weasley; however, if you must know, I have both my OWLS and NEWTS Receiving O+ in DAD; I also received my Masters in Defence because of my work outside of Britain. Now sit down, Mr Weasley, or you will leave my Classroom and never return."

The class were shocked silent at this announcement; Ron looked like he wanted to argue again had it not been for Dean Tomas pulling him down trying to save his stupid roommate.

"Oh, and Gryffindors, that will be a deduction of 20 House points for your Housemates rude behaviour."

The Slytherins, we're enjoying this very much so far. It turned out to be a good lesson, but what was today's lesson going to be? They would find out very quickly as Hadrian ordered all the students to stand up and move to the sides of the room in their Houses as he moved the tables to the back of the class.

"Right class, the first few lessons will be testing your current ability with mock duels. The first group of students will be as on the board." Waving his wand and the blackboard, it caused it to flip to the other side, showing a group of names.

5th year's mock duels

Round one group A

Daphne Greengrass / Fay Dunbar

Tracy Davis / lavender Brown

Ronald Weasley / Theodore Nott

Pansy Parkinson / Parvati Patil

The rest of the lesson had the class cheering on their fellow housemates. Daphne beat Fay Dunbar by using an overpowered Lumos to blind her before dropping her with a stupefy; once revived, Fay smiled and declared that she would have a rematch one day much to the amusement of the class

While the other students did well, it was the match between Nott and Ronald that everyone wanted to see that secretly included Hadrian and much to their joy, they were not disappointed with the display of Ron charging in headfirst with his spells trying to force Nott down.

Nott, on the other hand, was more tactical already in a defensive stance; he was able to deflect or avoid Rons attacks until he saw an opening that left Ron on the floor and his wand in Nott's hand.

"Very well done, Mr Nott; that's 20 points to Slytherin for masterful spell work against your opponent. Now can anyone tell me what Mr Weasley did wrong?" Hadrian saw one Gryffindor raise her hand compared to most of the Slytherin students.

"Do you have an answer, Miss Dunbar?"

"Yes, professor Weasley attempted to rush his opponent despite it being a well know fact that Nott is a fine Duelist thanks to his father; he didn't take into consideration that Nott stayed on the Defensive to study his opponent's attacks."

Hadrian had to admit he was very impressed with her knowledge. He was slightly disappointed with himself for not getting to know her better in school. "That is correct, Miss Dunbar, 10 points to Gryffindor. Now, as we only have a few minutes left of class ill let you off early. Your assignment will be a 12-inch essay on all legal offensive and defensive spells you know and their uses."

Later that evening, he found Hadrian in his office marking some 7th-year essays when his door opened, revealing Professor McGonagall, who didn't look very happy with him. "Professor, to what do I owe this visit at this hour."

"Your Grace, I have received complaints from students about your unfair taking off points from their house."

"Ah, I would assume that this complaint came from Young Mr Weasley; I had a feeling you would turn up, so I took the liberty of drawing one of these up." He handed her a piece of parchment that was signed in his blood as she saw the Blood quill on his desk.

Reading through it, it seems that young Mr Weasleys complaints we're entirely different to those of his fellow housemates, giving her apologies The Head of Gryffindor left the Office to return to her own quarters, making a note to herself to take points from Ron Weasley tomorrow morning.

Hadrian was reading up on House Dunbar, a relatively old family native to the British Isles. Their official status was that of an Ancient and Noble House, proudly existing for 906 years.

Wait a minute, over 900 years and still only considered an Ancient and Noble House now why was that? Hadrian wondered he would find out after an hour of further study; its results were interesting, to say the least.

House Dunbar had publicly Declared themselves Neutral during the last war when Albus asked them to support the war. It appears the old Goat held a grudge and used his influence to block their advancement in the Wizengamot.

He couldn't blame the then Lord Dunbar his House had suffered dramatically during the war with Grindelwald, and now they were expected to fight in another war.

"Well, old man, it seems I have to thank you, after all, every house you push away is another I can bring into my service."

Bringing himself few pieces of parchment, he began to write a few letters to the Minister and the current Lord Dunbar; oh yes, he did not doubt that Albus and the rest of Britain would quickly learn what he was planning.

September 5th 1995

Hogwarts Great Hall

It turns out he was right as he walked into the great hall; he was pulled into a tight hug courtesy of Fay Dunbar, who quickly tanked him before running back to her spot at Gryffindor Table.

Sitting at his spot on the staff table, ignoring the looks the school, in general, were giving him, he read his copy of the prophet.



That's right, my dear readers, the Ancient and Noble House of Dunbar has been awarded its rightful Status as an Ancient and Most Noble House after a 6-year court battle was finally ended in their favour by his Grace the Duke of Lancaster and Inverness.

Why was this 906-year-old Household denied its rightful status, you may ask, and how did the word of the Duke end the Argument? Well, dear friends, the reason as to why is stated that Albus Dumbledore has used his influence to block the Rank elevation due to the family being neutral in the last war.

As for his Grace and his ability to end the stalemate, that is also quite simple; my dear friends, young Hadrian is Head of the Ancient and Most Revered House of Plantagenet-Peverell, a newly created House with the political strength of multiple Bloodlines.

In a letter to the Minister for Magic, his grace has said. It was a moral duty to grant House Dunbar its rightful status, and I am glad to aid them though they have not asked for it; I welcome Lord Andrew Dunbar as a fellow Peer and Lord of Ancient and Most Noble House.

Hadrian still not giving his fellow teachers the Time of Day, he enjoyed his breakfast, waiting to see the older man's move.

"Harry, my boy, I would like to accompany me to my office at once."

" I think not, Professor Dumbledore," Hadrian replied, ignoring the gasps from the students.

"I am afraid I must order you to like your superior and Headmaster of this school I." he was cut off as Hadrian began to laugh.

"Oh, Albus, first of all, you are not my superior. I own this castle, remember you work for me. Second, do not dare address me with such familiarity again; you will dress me as my Lord or Your Grace."

With that, he stood from his chair, making his way down towards the entrance, not before calling over his shoulder. "Remember your place, Albus; if you cannot fall in line and run my school to my standards, then I will replace you with someone who can."

With that, he was gone leaving the students in complete shock and the staff pale, nearly all of them forgetting that despite being a teacher, he still owned the school and could remove them from their jobs at will without the Headmaster or the Board of Governors being able to counter them.

At that moment, the staff of Hogwarts knew that change had come to Hogwarts castle if it was a good or bad change was yet to be decided.

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