Italic = write on page

"Lines" = talking

( ) = English name

Once upon a time there was a girl named Shuurei Kou, who was me and I was bullied at Himeji Koko high school. For being different and having four different blood lines within myself. Now after a few years have passed and I still think that the pain back still hurt me so much it makes my blood burn from the anger, hate and alone that led me to think about myself as a monsters that have four different blood lines within my our blood and have a life that everyone push me down for having four different blood lines. But there was no one who really knew my secret but if any other than my older siblings who have the same bloodline as me and if anyone finds out it, they will harm and hurt me. So that is why everyone would nickname me such as freak, ugly and many more. At first, that didn't make a difference to me, when they were calling me, very mean name at the schoolground.

So that is the reason why my siblings could help me but now I have lost protectors from the war that was near to them. So now everyone does not need to worry for any to stop them and starts to make fun of me, that is until. There were new students coming into the school and their names were Seiran Shi and Ryuuki Shi, there were twin brothers. In the beginning of class, they became really popular with all females and made every male jealous, when they saw them. The teacher was not surprised with all the shock and jealousy. So our teacher started class, as soon as the lunch bell began to ring all the girls asked at the same time "Seiran and Ryuuki if you two want to eat lunch with us."

They looked at each other and turned around to reply "Sure" but then the brothers stood up. Then turned to look at me and both asked at the same time "Hey Miss. Kou, do you want to eat lunch with us? Are you feeling alright, you look pale." After Seiran and Ryuuki ask me if I wanted to come with, all the girls say "No, we will not eat lunch with her because she is just a freak. So well she will not reply back to anyone because after her older brother and sister passed away in the war a few months ago. Who was just as freaky too and plus, do you know the reason to why everyone does not talk to her and treat her like dirt or trash is because she is really being different from the other students who go to this school."

So after hearing that, the brothers turn to each other to see the shock of each other learning about my past history. Then turn back to me and ask "Um Miss. Kou, does your older brother and sister by chance named Yuki and Luka Kou, the captains of the first and second force of this kingdom of Changshu (Literally)?" I went into shock and looked up really fast and answered "Yes, there were my older brother and sister names but how do you two know their names? As well, how did you know what force they led and were captains? Please tell me who told you this information because I have never told anyone that information about being the younger siblings of the captain of the first and second army forces."

They just smiled at me and answered "We know that information because we were with them in the line of duty and saw their death. As well they asked us to protect their young sister for them because they know that they will not make it but we had no idea what they're young sister looked like. So now we know what their younger sister looks like and is going to become one of our classmate's." Then they stopped when they saw me crying and said "We're really sorry for your loss. Can we ask what is your name if that is all right." As I was still crying, I replied "Oh, my name is Shuurei. Please to meet you. As well, thank you for your service for our country during the war. But why did you two pick this school to go to if I may ask."

To Be Continue