They began to replyied "um yes, we think so she was saying was really scared but we don't know why she faints so fast. Could you please tell us the reason why she was calling out her older sibling's name? Even though she knew they were long gone?" He just signed and replied to the question "of course, I can tell you why she faints but for the reason why miss. Kou calls out her older sibling's name, I have no idea." All three men began to think for the correct reason for Miss. Kou calls out her older sibling's names, after a few minutes of silence the brothers begin to say "could you please explain why she faint. So we could help her with the pain she is in.

He began to reply with "oh for the reason why, was over shock and fear for her life but I am not sure if that is correct. So please do call me again, when she wakes up and gives her these pills that I will leave behind after she eats something.' Then the doctor stands up and continues to say 'thank you for calling me again. As well as telling me that she fainted but I have never seen you two before, could you tell me your names?" They looked at each other and said "Oh, our name is Seiran and Ryuuki Shi and please to meet you. Could we ask 'if we may ask what your name is?"

The doctor just smiled and replied " Oh, my name is Ka Shin and now I will leave. Have a nice day" and then the doctor stood up and left. The brothers began to worry for me, so they stayed in my room all night and fell asleep. After a few hours had passed, I began to wake up and see Seiran and Ryuuki sleeping face and began to giggle a bit. Then I tried to stand up to see and go to the kitchen to cook breakfast and lunch for us then I began to hear a loud sound coming down the stairs and it was Seiran and Ryuuki, who began to open the door really hard and began to shout out "ARE YOU OKAY TO COOK FOOD FOR US AND YOURSELF?" I began to look at them, then smiled and answered "I am fine, as well I am sorry to worry you guys over this.

But it was just your first night in the house and everything was going really wrong, I am really sorry for this." Then Seiran began to say "now the doctor gives us some pills for you to take right after you finish eating." I started to reach out and take the pills from Seiran hands and started to ask the brothers if they could help me in cooking our breakfast and lunch together. When we finished making breakfast and lunch, we began to eat and after that I took my pills. Then we started to go to our bedroom and change our clothes to get ready to go to school. When we got to the school, there were notes sticking out of my shoe locker.

As I opened my shoe locker, there was a big pile of notes that were saying freak, ugly, and more harmful names. Seiran and Ryuuki started to see whyYuki and Luka asked them to protect me. Because all these notes would cause a lot of stress seeing the notes every single day and they look at me to see the sadness with my eyes. After seeing all the mean words, Seiran and Ryuuki pick up all the notes and put them in the recycling bin and ask " are you going to be okay?" I just looked up and replied with " I'm fine" but Seiran and Ryuuki known, that I was lying and hugged me very hard and said "we both know that you are not okay, please let go of the pain that you are holding in." That is when I start to cry, as the bell starts to ring to tell us to get to class.

So we started to rush to our class. As we got there, we went to our seats to find my desk was not there and the teacher asked "why was I not in my seat yet?" Then the teacher saw that my desk went missing again and smiled as if this is so normal and then turned back to the whole class. That is when everyone started to laugh and even the teacher started to laugh too. But Seiran and Ryuuki did not find the missing desk and were not laughing, then started to stand up and ask "why do you guys do this to her, when she didn't do anything to you guys?" The whole class replied "we really don't care, it is just fun for us. We do not care if this hurts her, ok."

Seiran and Ryuuki saw me starting to move to the back of class and stand there. That is, the whole class went silent after seeing Seiran and Ryuuki standing up and went to the back of the class as well. Then the teacher started to yell at Seiran and Ryuuki to go back to their seats. But then the principal came into our class to ask "what is the meaning of why these three students are back in the class?" Then the principal saw that there were two empty seats and one missing seat. The principal turned back the whole class with a very angry expression and then asked with an angry voice " why is there a missing desk in your room, mrs. Sa? As well, why is miss. Kou looks like she is losing color."

The whole class began to lie that I took my deck and seat out of class before class even started and told the principal that Seiran and Ryuuki helped me too. By hiding my desk and seat, somewhere around the school ground. The principal just shook his head and began to say "so why are all of you girls and boys telling me a big fat lie in front of me?" Everyone in class went silent and he continued to ask seiran and ryuuki if they really did what the whole class just said but they shook their heads. Then he continues on why everyone is telling him lies. As well he knew that miss. Kou would not lie because he knownd she would help anyone who need it and smiled all the time.

As well, he saw her crying in the very dark locations in school and saw all the notes that were left in the recycling bin. That Seiran and Ryuuki had put in the bin. As well, ask me, Seiran and Ryuuki to come with him, please. We began to walk out of the class, as Ryuuki began to close the door and I began to feel light headed and then I fainted to the ground again. Seiran and Ryuuki caught me at the right moment and yelled "SHUUREI!" But then the principal just took out his cellphones and called my doctor and took her to the infirmary. They waited for a few minutes until the doctor came to the school.

He was shocked to find Shuurei the one who fainted at school for the first time and began to ask " what happened to make miss. Kou fainted at school for the first time? Do you know why she faint Seiran, Ryuuki?" They shook their heads and said "No, we do not know the reasons for this fainting. But we are really scared too. This time we don't know why she fainted so please tell us the reason why she fainted. As well, what do you mean about this is the first time she fainted at school." The doctor just sighed and said "she has never fainted at school before so that is why I'm really shocked she fainted. But I do have a question to ask and it is how did you get my house number, mr. Kou"

Seiran and Ryuuki went into shock and shouted out very loudly " WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY MR. KOU." The doctor Shin and principal looked at each other and answered "oh that right you two do not know that your principal/ my name was Reishin Kou." They were very confused and surprised and just nodded. Then the doctor Shin replied with "That is because Reishin Kou is her uncle but she doesn't know about this. As well because he didn't want his last name to affect her in school so before he asked her father to not tell her about him so please don't tell her that her uncle is the principal of this school." The brothers were still confused but then they just relize and ask "wait is there politician name Kurou Kou is her uncle too?"

Then doctor Shin just smiled and answered "Oh yes, he is her uncle too but she knows about him. So you can talk to her about him but please keep the secret that the principal is her uncle." Then the doctor told the boys to go back to class and he will find out why I faint. So the brothers went back to class and waited for the bell to ring for lunch. Then they went back to the infirmary to see if I had awakened yet but they saw that I have not woken up yet, then they faintly hear the doctor Shin, the infirmary doctor and the principal talking about me. They look very worried, "So doctor, how is she doing?"

As the doctor began to talk with the infirmary doctor and principal that he doesn't know what to do for me to wake up. But then the doors went open, because he saw Seiran and Ryuuki shadow beside the doorway. Seiran and Ryuuki began to ask "what do you mean you don't know why she is not awake?" Then began to cry and continued to say " she deals with a lot of bullying and has a broken heart that never heals. So why does everyone in class hate her so much? Her kind soul didn't do anything to them so why do they hate her so much."

But then everyone in the infirmary faintly heard some sound of footsteps coming to the infirmary. So they all hid and saw Jun Yu and Eigetsu To went in and said "Shuurei, please forgive us for not helping you. When everyone cuts you, stabs you with a knife, kicks you to near death and never calls the ambulance to take you to the hospital. Please forgive us and please get better soon." After they left the infirmary, everyone in the infirmary came out of their hiding spot to see me still faintly breathing and now everyone knows the reason why I couldn't wake up. Then Seiran and Ryuuki continued to cry and ask "why did you not tell us that you have been kick, stab and cut by bullied" and now everyone can saw the faintly scars and ask the doctors and the principal "can we ask if it is alright by to take off my shirt to see shuurei back please?"

Doctor Shin, infirmary doctor, and principal just nod and Seiran and Ryuuki pick up my shirt and everyone sees the scars of kicking, knife and cuts marks. That was left on my back and Seiran and Ryuuki finally understood the reason why they have to knock when I am in the bathroom and said the same thing. So Seiran and Ryuuki said that everyone shook their heads and went back to class and the bell of end school rang. When I began to wake up to see Seiran, Ryuuki , both doctor and the principal, they all asked "why I didn't tell us and why you don't want us to know about my back." I replied with "Oh, I was scared because I don't want you guys to find out" and continued to ask "but how did you guys find out without me telling you guys." Their answer was "Oh we overheard it for Jun Yu and Eigetsu To, who came in while we were hiding" and asked "so how long have you been hiding this from us?"