It was a regular Monday. Everyone dreaded Mondays, but nobody dreaded them more than Josh. It had been about a month since he'd wished himself back to normal and he had gone back to hating all of the downsides to being small. He rose out of his bed and jumped to the floor. He decided to head to the bathroom to get ready, per usual. He looks in the reflection to see his normal self, as usual. Josh decided to brush his teeth and as he looks back up to the mirror he notices something strange. His ear. It was much larger than his other ear, almost double the size. Josh panicked for a second but when he looked back, it was normal again. He's probably just tired. He finishes brushing his teeth and heads to exit the bathroom.

As he's leaving to head to school, he notices his chin progressively become itchier and itchier, he couldn't put his finger on it though as every time he touched it, nothing was there. He boarded the bus and during the ride his feet began to hurt. They were pressed against his shoes super tightly but eventually, the pain went away and felt normal again. What's going on with me today? Josh thought to himself.

It was now the first period and he was half asleep. Josh always struggled focusing in class but today he felt extra distracted. The teacher called on him, "Josh, could you tell the class what you did on the weekend?" Josh responded, "Well I-'' he was taken back by how low his voice was. It was at least a whole octave lower and sounded likeā€¦ when he was an adult. He cleared his throat and explained what his weekend had been like in his normal voice. The teacher then gave them work to do and he thought to himself about what's just happened. Josh's whole body struck with ache in a second. He tried to hide it so he wouldn't get weird looks but it was hard. It eventually got easier to sit through with time. Josh then watched his hand as it slowly grew. His fingers elongated and his hand got meatier. He then felt his face begin to itch again and this time when he felt, he could definitely feel facial hair. He thought to himself.. Uh Oh. Josh then felt as his clothes tightened, his torso elongated showing off his midriff and his legs stretched out past his pants, exposing some of his leg. Nobody had noticed the changes yet as they were all working on their assignments and the teacher had their head in a book. Josh knew he couldn't just stay there, he had to do somethingā€¦ but what? Suddenly, his shoe began to feel extremely tight, when suddenly a man foot busted out of what were relatively small shoes. The shoes shattering made a loud sound which alerted the entire class to what was happening. Everyone, including his teacher looked at him in fear. Josh rose from his seat slowly, as he was still growing. Weight and inches pounded into him and his clothes continued to tear. One by one the buttons on his shirt popped and flew across the class. He didn't know what to do, other than to run. He ran out of the class and out of the school's front door. What was Josh going to do now?