Chapter 1 Home & Family

"You know I can carry the horn by myself, Alex," A female voice remind the love of her life.

"I know but what kind of husband would I be if I didn't help my loving and strong wife, Erza," The male or Alex answered with a smirk.

Erza smiled in return for her husband's words and agree with that for now. They keep their walking going and heading back to their guild for some downtime before heading out again for a sudden problem that got their attention.

Erza is a young beautiful woman with long red scarlet color hair that reaches close to her hips and brown eyes. She wore a custom-made armor with smiths, a blue skirt, black boots, and diamond-shaped silver earrings. Her Fairy Tail stamp is blue and is located on the middle of her left upper arm

Alex is a young man with sky blue hair and ocean blue color eyes. In his battle or mission armor, he wore a black bodysuit that was covered but dark blue armor pieces, his legs, hands, and also around his chest. Two large armor plates on his shoulders with purple gems placed on his chest, legs, and also shoulder armor, along with a long blue cape tied on his shoulders and a blue helmet with sinister yellow visors for his eyes. Underneath the armor, he wears a blue shirt with a white jacket, black jeans that are held up with a belt, and blue/white running shoes. His Fairy Tail stamps are blue on his right shoulder and white on his left shoulder.

They are Alexander 'Alex' Dragneel and Erza Scarlet-Dragneel, one of the S-Class wizards and strongest members of Fairy Tail.

"Thank you, Alex," Erza said before quickly kissing him on the lips before continuing their walk to the guild.

Alex smiled as they keep on walking to their guild and could help himself from thinking back to what a life he has now.

It has been four since the death of a good friend that changed Alex's life to others and three since he became an S-Class wizard. He was looking foward to spending time with his wife and daughter back at the guild that is their home. Yes, daughter as they have been busy.

After their daughter was born, Erza request/wanted to have a real wedding even though the Dragon Marks were the same as being married but they decided to have a small ceremony after their daughter was born. They had named her Nova Lisanna Dragneel which brought tears to a certain white-haired woman's eyes a little when they asked her if they could use her sister's name before bringing them into a small hug and happily agreed with the name.

As their daughter grow, everyone could tell and noticed that Nova was starting to look like Erza when she was a child. Except for the front bang of her hair is blue like her father's and shared the same color of eyes as well. She is now three years old but would be turning four in a few months.

While Alex and Erza were away on their Extermination Mission and now heading back, they had Nova in the care of her uncle aka Natsu Dragneel, and her godmother Mirajane Strauss.

Most likely Mira's care due to goofball's antics these days.

Before the pair could speak again, a loud yell cut them off and the pair turned their heads to see a male figure ahead of them who just turned around to only quickly ran away.

"What the hell was that about?" Alex questioned, not sure what just happened.

"I'm not exactly sure," Erza replied.

Then it hit Alex, he recognized orange hair and green jacket which points to only one member in Fairy Tail who has that.

"I think that was Loki," Alex said, knowing that Loki will warn the guild of their return, mostly Erza's than his.

"Let's continue towards the guild then," Erza said as she continued walking foward and wanted to see her daughter after dealing with some of her guildmates first.

Oh, this would be interesting.

Fairy Tail Guild Hall

In the Fairy Tail Guild Hall, it was a party of some kind and never gets old.

"Mira! Three beers over here, please!" A wizard called out to the barmaid who was passing drinks out.

"Sure, coming right up," Mirajane replied with a smile on her face and a tray of beer in her hand.

Her little helper and goddaughter, Nova was standing next to her with a big grin and carried a beer mug with two hands. She wore a blue dress and blue shoes. She had long red hair that reaches her hips with two blue front bangs and brown eyes.

"On our way!" Nova said, making a few wizards gush on how cute she was.

"How about going on a date with me, Mira!" Wakaba called out as he blows out heart-shaped smoke from his pipe.

"Not again! Why do you always do this!" Laki shouted from her seat across from him.

Mirajane just smiled at Wakaba and thought of an idea to mess with him.

"But Wakaba, as I said before...," Mirajane started as she transformed once again into Wakaba's wife.

"You already have a wife at home," She finished, making Wakaba jumped back and gripped his hair.

"Why do you keep doing that to me?!"

Laki laughed loud while Mirajne turned back to normal and giggled before walking away.

Nearby had Cana finishing her drink who watched the scene and said, "It's always so noisy here. Can't a girl drink in peace."

But to her bad luck, her drink was empty.

"Crud, empty already."

"Maybe it's a sign you shouldn't drink so much," Macao commented, catching Cana's gaze.

Before Cana could respond, all of a sudden a new mug was placed in front of her by a certain helper.

"Here you go, Aunt Cana!" Nova happily said.

Cana smiled at the little girl while patting her on the head and said, "Thanks Nova, you're a lifesaver. Looks like I'm going to keep on drinking."

Cana then moved a hand to the mug and started drinking, not before turning to Macao and smirked at him.

Macao just shook his head and continued with his beer drink.

Nova laughed a little before moving over to Mirajane and continue to help the barmaid out with her customers.

"That's one cute little helper you got there Mira," One of the wizards commented out loud, making Mirajane giggle.

"Yup. Isn't she adorable?" Mirajane asked as she bent down and hugged Nova, bringing her closer and enjoyed the help her goddaughter gives out.

Mirajane and Nova had finished their work with Elfman being the last to get a plate of food for his MAN to enjoy.

Not so far away in the bar had two certain guys fighting like always, being Natsu and Gray themself with Lucy watching and avoiding the fight as much as she can. Again it never gets old around here.

"Uncle Natus and Uncle Gray are funny," Nova said, laughing and pointing at her uncles fighting again.

"Yes, they are, Nova. Yes, they are," Mirajane agreed with a smile on her face as she patted on Nova's head.

Then all of a sudden the entrance door was slammed open and showed a cared Loki who was trembling and sweating as he stood at the door.

"We got trouble! Erza...Alex...they're back," Loki said through his tired breath.

Almost everyone froze, even Natsu and Gray who stopped their fighting froze as well. Then they started to panic a little but are hoping that Alex could save them from the storm that was coming that is Erza herself.

"L-Loki are you sure it was them," Someone asked fearfully.

"Of course I'm sure!" Loki shouted back, not joking.

"Daddy and Mommy back?" Nova questioned as she stood next to Mirajane at the bar.

"They came back at the same time. That's great news isn't it Nova?" Mirajane asked, looking at Nova.

The girl looked up at her godmother with an excited look on her face and answered, "Uh-huh! I can't wait to see them!"

"Just by saying their name got everyone on edge," Lucy said, being surprised at everyone's reaction.

"Oh yeah. Erza is scary but maybe Alex can save us," Happy said while eating down on another fish from the plate that was given to him by Nova awhile ago.

Lucy then started to remember when meeting Natsu for the first time and how his niece Nova was with him. She remembers Nova's parents' name being mentioned and wonders who they are? Only one way to find out.

Then everyone hears loud footsteps making and coming towards the guild.

"That sounds like them," Laki muttered with a scared look on her face.

"Those sound like their footsteps," Wakaba whispered, bitting down in his smoke pipe and was very scared.

"They're back," Macao said.

Everyone watched in fear with some help as they could see Erza walk through the door, followed by Alex who was carrying a giant horn covered in jewels and other decorations. When the pair made it inside, Alex put the horn down on the ground, slamming on the floor and caused some shake.

"I have returned," Erza said before looking around for a second and couldn't see the master anywhere as she and her husband have news to tell him.

"Where's Master Makarov?" She asked.

"Welcome back Erza, Alex," Mirajane replied with a smile and spoke to answer her question, "The master had left last night for a conference in Clover Town. He should be back by tomorrow if things go smoothly."

"I see then," Alex said, cupping his chin in thought and shared a look with his wife but was cut off when...


Erza quickly responds as she caught her daughter who jumped at her.

"Welcome back!" Nova said with a big smile on her face.

"Hello, my little Nova. I missed you while I was gone," Erza said as she hugged her daughter in a loving hug which her daughter returned.

"Me too Mommy."

"Hey what am I? Chopliver?" Alex asked with a fake hurt and walked up to them which Nova's reaction was instantaneous.

"Daddy!" Nova said happily which she reached out a hand and grabbed her dad's arm, bringing him into the hug.

"That's better," He stated as he held his daughter and wife while having his armor fade away in smoke and in his normal clothes.

A few of the other members were very touched by the family moment but was over by one person who stood next to the horn.

"So what is this, Erza?" He asked, getting her attention.

"It's a horn of a monster that Alex and I defeated. The local people were nice enough to decorate it and show their gratitude," Erza answered before giving the man a curious look.

"It's not a problem, is it?"

"No, no, no, not at all!" A few other people replied with scared voices.

"I bet Alex got wind of what happen at Mt. Hakone and told Erza about it," Cana whispered to Macao who started to sweat and knows he is doom.

"...I'm screwed..."

Lucy then looked at everyone who was quiet in the building.

"What is with everyone?" Lucy whispered to herself.

"You will see. Just watch," Happy said as swallow another fish down.

Lucy was confused at first but would find out soon enough.

"Now listen up!" Erza started with her eyes narrowed and shifted her gaze to everyone in the building, causing them to freeze up at her voice.

Alex just smiled as he carried Nova to a nearby pillar and lead up against, wanting to watch the show and know that he will calm his wife's moments.

"During the time Alex and I were on the road, I've been hearing that Fairy Tail has been causing trouble again. While the master may not care, I do!" She said with a stern voice, making everyone wince and know what's coming.

And here it comes.

Erza turned to Cana who was drinking out fo barrel and spoke, "Cana, if you're going to be drinking, don't do it with such inappropriate posture."

This caused Cana to node and move her legs into a better sitting position.


"Yes ma' ma?!"

"Take the dancing outside. Wakaba, get rid of that filthy habit! I don't want Nova to get sick because of your smoking! Nab, I had a feeling I would find you there like always. Just pick a damn job already!"

Nova was giggling at the funny faces everyone was making as her mother continued to talk. Alex smirked and saw it was funny which only he can stop Erza's wrath from going on but not yet.

"Macao!" Erza said as she stared at the blue-haired man with a stern gaze for a few moments before sighing deeply.

"Please just say something!" Macao whimpered as Erza ignored him and went back to over to where Alex and Nova were.

"Everyone keeps causing me so much trouble," Erza started as she took Nova back in her arms and smiled.

"But since I'm in a good mood, I'll be nice and say nothing for today," She finished.

"But she really said so much. She's like a disciplinary enforcer. Is she always like this?" Lucy asked, whispering to Happy.

"Uh-huh, that's Erza for ya and be glad that Alex's is here to calm her down," Happy replied.

"Where's Natsu and Gray," Erza questioned which a few other wizards pointed at the duel who not fighting and keep along but where scared of what Erza will do them and Alex can be just as bad as her.

"H-hey Erza what's up?" Gray asked, sweating like crazy.

"Welcome back Erza," Natsu greeted his sister-in-law, being careful.

Lucy shook her head and was still shock by what's going on now. Not only she meets the parents of Nova who the strongest wizards in Fairy Tail. But she also knows why people fear Erza and only her family can stop her from going on with her wrath. Talk about a scary thing indeed and she had a feeling that more will come but she can't help in be happy for the pair who were hanging out with their daughter. Maybe she can have that one day, a family with the man she loves. She blushed before shaking her head and get those thoughts out of her head for the time being.

Alex smiled and feel very happy to be back home. And it's great to be home again.



OC's Harem: Erza, Mira, Cana, Juvia, Irene, Anna, Dimaria, Brandish, Minerva, Flare, Seilah, Jenny, Kiria, older Wendy, Yukino, Angel, Ultear, Meredy, Kagura, maybe Ikaruga, maybe Princess Hisui, Tier Harrbeil (Water Devil Slayer), Cyan Sung-Sun (Poison Devil Slayer), Emilou Apacci (Wind Devil Slayer), and Franceska Mila Rose (Earth Devil Slayer)

Rest TBA which ideas can help.

AN: Now I know what you all are thinking. How can Bleach characters such as Tier Harrbeil to her followers Cyan Sung-Sun, Emilou Apacci, and Franceska Mila Rose be in this story? Well, I will tell you. They will appear in the story as followers of Mard during the Tartarus Arc but Mard will betray them. Alex decided to save them and give them a second chance along with Seilah as well.



Alexander 'Alex' Dragneel




Tidal King

Lord of the Sea

Frozen Terror


Hair: Sky Blue

Eyes: Ocean Blue

Age: 21

Likes: The sea, Erza, his daughter, his mates, Tiamat, Igneel, Natsu, his guild and guildmates, fish, ice, cold places, fighting, and training with Erza

Dislikes: Too much heat, dark guilds, his family being harmed or insulted, vehicles, his motion sickness, being underestimated, his guild being harmed, and seeing his daughter or lover crying

Family Relatives:

Igneel (Adopted Father)

Tiamat (Adopted Mother)

Natsu Dragneel (Brother in all but blood)

Erza Scarlet (Wife)

Nova Lisanna Dragneel (Daughter)

Powers and Abilities:

Inhuman Abilities

Master Combater

Master Swordsman

Master Spearman

Master Marksman

Dragon Slayer Magic (Water & Ice): Being a powerful dragon slayer user, Alex can use it to either strike as a blade or as a powerful force by using the pressure inside the water. His magic is more mobile than others, allowing him to use it to create a water extension of his body

However, his magic will possess a natural weakness for lightning, for obvious reasons, and also plant magic since plants can absorb water. Note, when using his Ice Dragon Slayer Magic these two weaknesses are canceled.

Also, because of both types of Dragon-Slaying Magic, Alex is able to create storms or ice storms by manipulating the elements with his slayer magic. The storms possessing dragon slayer attributes that can harm dragonic beings with just a touch.



Sea Dragon Armor (His battle armor)



I hope you enjoy the new story and will see you all next time.