chapter 1

Thousands of years ago deep in the farthest reaches of space there was life. These digital mechanical beings have come to be known as transformers. There were three races of these robots. Unlike most robots they had feelings and could speak any langue and did not have operators.

They had brains and their heart is known as the spark. The first race of these robots were the Decepticons they wanted to rule the universe. Next were the Autobots they strived for peace and harmony. Finally there was the Minicons used in battle with the larger transformers they boosted power and found ways to form partnerships with them.

There was a huge war between the Decepticons and the Autobots. Battle after battle resolved nothing. After many losses on both sides the Autobots and the Decepticons were in a deadlock. They realized that victory would come at too high a price.

They built a ship for the Minicons to flee in. The Minicons knew it was for the best because to them this was way too familiar. Finally after drifting for 4,000 years the ship collided with the moon which was circling planet earth. The ship broke apart and part of it was flung to earth. And that sent minicons all over the planet. Some were buried while others went into the waters.

Who knows when the minicons will be found again but is there something else waiting to be discovered as well? This is where our story begins.

Young a girl who was in high school was riding her bike to school and then she saw her friend. "Hey Hannah!" he said coming up on his scooter.

"Hi, Noah," Hannah said.

Once at school Hannah secured her bike and Noah secured his scooter. "There that should do it," Noah said.

"Well Noah we made it," Hannah said.

"You whooped me," Noah said.

"Yes but we were not racing," Hannah said.

"Hey what's going on you two?" Diantha asked.

"Not much Diantha did that merger your father did work?" Hannah asked.

"Sure did, I'm telling you being the richest rich kid in this private school has it's rewards," Diantha said.

"I know that remember money isn't everything," Hannah told her.

"I am aware of that," Diantha said.

"So Diantha are you going to hang out with us after school?" Noah asked.

"I sure am," Diantha said.

"That's great," Hannah said.

"Cave here we come after school," Noah said.

Then the bell rang. "Come on Noah it's time to get to class," Hannah told him.

After school Hannah and Noah were going to go exploring. "Come on Hannah let's go," Noah said.

"I'm coming," Hannah said.

Diantha grabbed her skateboard. "Hey wait for me!" she called.

They made it to the cave. "I hope our school uniforms don't get messed up, because even though we are from rich families these are expensive," Diantha said.

"We know that," Noah told her.

"Well then we better be careful." Hannah said. They went inside. "Man this place is creepy, I am so glad I brought rope so we can find our way out," she said.

"Yes it is a good thing," Diantha said.

"Last thing we want is to be trapped in here," Noah said.

The continued farther then they noticed something. "Wow it's like metal," Hannah claimed.

"Yes it is," Diantha said.

"Some of these rocks looked like they have been melted and look wires," Noah said.

"It must be something but what?" Diantha asked.

"We might find out soon enough," Noah said.

Hannah saw something it was plate and it was glowing. "It seems to be made of metal," she said.

"What is it?" Diantha asked.

"Just be careful Hannah," Noah told her.

Hannah continued to stared at and she picked it up. The whole place lit up like the sky on the fourth of July. It was so bright and colorful not knowing what would come next.

"Let's get out of here!" Diantha cried.

Three colored beams of light shot up. One hit the moon sending green lights all over the planet. Then other two went into deep space. Alarms blared and a bunch of robots took notice.

The three friends ran out of the cave. "That was so freaky," Noah said. Then they saw a big portal open and giant robot was revealed. The three friends were nervous. The panel lit up again Hannah gasped and dropped it. Then a little robot came out of the panel. It started beeping and looking around. It saw the larger robot and then started to scan. It scanned Hannah's bike. "Wow," Hannah said.

The robot started beeping. "You want us to climb on you?" Hannah asked.

"Are you saying you can understand her?" Diantha asked.

"Yes," Hannah said.

"Never mind that guys let's get on and get out of here," Noah said.

The three friends climbed on and the minicon took off.

The larger robot followed. The kids were soon knocked off the minicon.

"You have something of mine," the robot said.

"We do?" Hannah asked.

"Give it back immediately or suffer the consequences." the larger robot said.

"Yikes," Diantha cried.

"You had, your chance earthlings," Megatron said.

"Stand down Megatron!" a voice said.

The robot turned around and there was another robot. "Optimus Prime!" Megatron said.

"Optimus Prime?" the teens said.

The three friends and the minicon took off. Then there were three more robots and they came out of no where.

"What are those things Starscream?" one of them said.

"Just grab minicon Demolisher," Starscream said.

"I think I'll grab both," Demolisher said.

Then three more robots came out of no where. "Don't even think about it," a large one with one hand said.

They started fight and the teens made a hasty escape. They ran into the cave the little robot was leading them deeper into the cave. "I think those large robots are after this little one," Noah said. "But I am not sure," he said.

Then they saw they were in a space ship.

"Wow so she is from outer space maybe those larger robots use little bots like her to boost power and can do other amazing abilities and they came to earth after tracking them down," Hannah said.

"Are you sure?" Diantha asked.

"It's the only explanation that makes sense to me," Hannah answered. She saw a computer she tapped at it "Minicon a tiny Cybertronian or transformer." Hannah said.

"Minicon so that is what she is called," Noah said.

Then tapped another button. "Megatron leader of the Decepticons." Hannah said.

"He's the one who started the attack," Diantha said.

Then Hannah pressed another button. "Optimus prime leader of the Autobots who wants peace in the universe for everyone." she said.

"Yes and he tried to help us," Noah said.

Meanwhile outside the Autobots and Decepticons were still fighting. "Giving up Megatron," Optimus said.

"I will be back," Megatron said and the Decepticon's retreated.

To the Decepticon base.

"Shacksonebem. Huh?" Muttered the recently sleeping Decepticon.

"Megatron I'm sure you've had a success?" she asked.

"I guess not" she said when she saw Starscream, Demolisher and Knockout.

"Cyclonus shut up! What am I going to do with these fools?" Megatron said feeling embarrassed. He walked out of the base exploring the moon. "Huh? A minicon. Like it is my old minicon Leader-1. Ha, ha, ha! I've got plans for you." He returns to the base.

Meanwhile in the part of the ship on earth Zoomzoom seemed intent on getting into close area and it opened revealing two minicons. "Wow," Noah said.

"Amazing," Diantha said.

The two of them touched the panels and the minicons woke up. "Hi," Diantha said then minicon beeped. "I can understand her," she said.

"I can understand him," Noah said. Then he pulled out his scooter. Which the minicon scanned and transformed into a moped. "Wow," he said.

Then Diantha got out her skateboard which the other minicon scanned and transformed. "Cool let's take these little minicons out for a spin," Diantha said.

"Yes," Diantha said.

"You bolt brains! There was a minicon here along and you didn't know!" Megatron yelled.

"Sorry sir! Don't hurt me," Cylconus said.

Starscream just sighed.

"What is your problem?" Megatron asked.

"Just frustrated sir," Starscream answered quickly.

Demolisher walked in with some news.

"Sir!" He said to Megatron.

"What is it Demolisher?" Megatron asked.

"More minicons are about to awake on earth." Demolisher answered.

"Good." Megatron said with pleasure.

"What are those things?" Cyclonus asked.

"New disguises you numbskull!" Megatron yelled out of annoyance.

Starscream sighed and shook his head and Demolisher rolled his optics.

Back to earth.

"No sign of the Decepticons but I better scan a new form just in case." Optimus said and he scanned a semi-truck.

Hannah and here friends were riding their minicons. When the Decepticons appeared. Then The Autobots appeared. "Get in," the truck said. The three friends climbed in quickly. Then the truck drove off and then came to a stop and let the kids out. "Transform," he said and it was Optimus prime. "Find a place to hide kids." he said.

Then three more Autobots appeared. "Ready to go Hot Rod?" one of them asked.

"You bet Ironhide, how about your Red alert are you raring to go?" Hot Rod asked.

"You bet," Red alert answered.

Hannah saw Megatron had a minicon and started firing.

"Oh no it's a land slide!" Hot Rod said. He and Ironhide ran to provide aid and shielded the kids and minicons.

"Hot Rod? Ironhide are you both alright?" Optimus asked.

"Yes we're okay and so are the kids," Hot Rod answered.

"Yes sirree they are just fine," Ironhide said.

"I'm glad you're okay." Optimus said feeling relieved.

"Look over there," Hannah said pointing. The three friends made a grab for the minicons as the Autobots fought then Cyclonus blew them back and took the minicons.

"Grrrr! This is going to take too long!" Megatron said getting frustrated.

"Megatron I have a couple of minicons." Cyclonus reported.

"Good work Cyclonus!" Megatron said feeling pleased. Outside the base two of the men started an argument.

"I am his right hand bot." Claimed Demolisher.

"No I am you stupid head Demolisher!" Starscream yelled.

"Take that!" yelled Demolisher going on the attack.

"Can you take what you dish out scrap for brains?" Starscream asked.

"That is enough you two! We should be fighting the enemy not each other!" Megatron yelled. They went back in the base and called Demolisher's name.

"Sir!" he replied.

"Demolisher this minicon is for you! Starscream must find your own to prove yourself." Megatron told his men. Back to earth.

"Cyclonus must have reported your little find which means Megatron is coming back," Optimus said.

"I am Hannah," Hannah told them.

"I'm Noah," Noah said.

"My name is Diantha," Diantha said.

"I am Optimus Prime leader of the Autobots," Optimus said.

"My name is Red Alert," Red alert said.

"The name is Hot Rod," Hot Rod told them.

"I'm Ironhide," Ironhide said with smile.

"Nice to meet you guys we never met fellas like you," Noah said.

"We never met anyone like you kids either," Optimus told them.

"What do the Decepticons want with us all we did was find the minicons," Hannah said.

"Yes this freaky," Diantha said.

"I wish I had an answer for you kids but I don't," Optimus told them.

"We want to help after all we started this whole mess," Hannah told him.

"Yes this involves us," Noah said.

"We can be a big help," Diantha said.

"Thanks but we can handle it," Optimus said.

"Actually this involves us too, because we are the ones who started it and it's our planet," Noah said.

"Plus the three of us know more about earth than you do," Diantha said. "Plus we are the only ones who can understand what the minicons are saying," she said.

"Yes and we will be a big help," Hannah said. "Right because we are a dream team right guys?" she asked holding out her fist.

"We sure are," Noah said.

"You bet," Diantha said.

Then the three of of them pounded fists. Hot Rod was amazed.

"You look surprised," Hannah said.

"I am, you hit each other with you fists yet you enjoy it," Hot Rod said.

"It's called fist bumps it's what friends do on earth," Noah said.

"Cool, I want to try," Hot Rod said bringing his fist to them. Making the teens jump. "Sorry I guess I forgot I was bigger than you," he said.

"Hot Rod," Optimus said.

Then the two of them fist pound and so did the other Autobots. "Men we are a dream team," Optimus said.

"Kids we have something for you," Optimus said. Then a small robot flew off of Red alert's finger. To Hannah and she looked at it.

"His name is Shockbat," Optimus said.

"So cute," Diantha said.

"And he so small," Noah said.

"He will protect you kids and help you whenever you help us," Optimus said.

"Okay then," Hannah said.

Then the alarm went off. Zoomzoom beeped and looked at Hannah. "Zoomzoom says more minicons are waking up around the world," she said.

"Then let's go," Optimus said.

Minicons were waking up all over the place this is only the beginning of the three friends adventures with the transformers.

To be continued.