chapter 4

Hannah and her friends were in school. They were waiting for the school bell to ring releasing them from school. Then the bell rang. The kids started to leave. Hannah climbed on Zoomzoom while Diantha got on Streetbuster, while Noah got on Motordrive.

"Okay guys let's get going," Hannah said.

"Yes we have things to do," Diantha said.

"Yes time to meet up with our friends," Noah said.

After hanging out at the base for a while Hannah came back late. "Hannah tell us where have you been lately? This is the fourth time you came in late," her mother said.

"Yes what is going on?" her father asked.

"Hannah we want the truth," her mother said.

"Okay if you want the truth I will show you," Hannah said and brought Zoomzoom in vehicle mode.

"Your new bike what about it?" her father asked.

"It's okay show them," Hannah said.

Then Zoomzoom transformed. "What the?" Her father said.

"This is Zoomzoom, she is a minicon a living robot from another world," Hannah said.

"You mean an alien?" her mother asked.

"She is my friend and there are others too, they are called Autobots they mean us no harm, they are merely try to stop their enemies the Decepticons from getting all the minicons and taking over the universe, the Autobots a merely a voice of peace and that is all they want," Hannah said.

"So you are saying you are friends with an alien race?" her mother asked.

"Yes," Hannah told her. "Please don't tell anyone else about this because if the government or terrorist groups find out they will be in big trouble," she said.

"We understand more than you will ever know," her father told her.

The next day Hannah took her parents to meet the Autobots. "Mom and Dad meet my new friends," Hannah said. The Autobots came up. "Mom and Dad this is Hot Rod, Ironhide, Red Alert, Starscream and Optimus Prime their leader," she said.

"It's nice to meet you," her mom said.

"Autobots this is mom and dad," Hannah said.

"Nice to meet you too," Optimus said.

Things were going okay until a bit later. It was the weekend before fall break. So the kids were hanging out at the base. Unknow to them that Hot Rod and Hannah were going on a journey that will reveal a horrible enemy.

Hot Rod saw a light in the distance. "I'm going to go check it out," Hot Rod said.

"Not without back up," Red alert told him.

"I'll go," Hannah said.

So the two of them took off.

"Be careful." Red alert told them.

They were exploring and then they bumped into familiar face. "Demolisher you con what are doing here?" Hot Rod asked.

"Scouting what does it look like you stupid Autobot I see something suspicious and I am going to find out." Demolisher said.

"So am I," Hot Rod said.

"Okay truce, once we find out and leave we go back to being enemies alright?" Demolisher said.

"Agreed," Hot Rod told him.

Then they found these weird transformers and they had Autobots and Decepticons with them.

"Go, Run!" All of them whisper to the three transformers. The three of them noticed that the Transformers were tied up. But they continued to explore the camp. There was much to see. Then the unknown transformers woke up they were the Conquerdriods. Then began chasing them. "Guys I'm back!" Then Conquerdriods came up continuing the chase.

Hot Rod made it back to the camp and saw the droids were following. "Get out of here now!" Hot Rod said.

The bots took off and Hot Rod went to hold off the droids. Then he was captured.

"Hang on Hot Rod I'm coming," Starscream said climbing down.

"No don't," Hot Rod said.

"What?" Starscream asked.

"Leave," Hot Rod said.

Starscream shook his head left. The droids took Hot Rod and Hannah with them. Then they saw Demolisher had been captured. Hot Rod was wishing he was home. Then he was taken to a big base it belonged to the Conquerdriods. Then they began to assess Hot Rod and Demolisher. But they made a fool out the transformers which the Conquerdriods are. Then they decided it was time to break their CPUs.

But they managed to stop them and where tied to three separate posts. There they met a Decepticon named Grenade and an Autobot named Dig out. The next day they were almost broke and escaped. Hot Rod, Demolisher and Hannah were all relieved.

They were taken care of a the joined areas transformers but the Conquerdriods went the attacked the camp.

Once again captured by the Conquerdriods and their spirits were low soon they remembered who they were and were ready to fight again. Upon escaping they meet Grenada and Dig out again. They managed to escaped the driods and every thing was fine.

Hot Rod was going to take Hannah home, Demolisher was going to head home too. Finally arriving home they explained about the Conquerdriods. After explaining Optimus and Megatron looked at each other.

"Megatron I know this a first time for this we have to team up. It is for the best." Optimus told him.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but let's unit. And if I hear any of you complain about I'll give you something to complain about." Megatron growled.

"But we need something more powerful than us and the minicons put together." Ironhide stated.

"Star fragment jewels." Zoomzoom said shocking everyone. But what are Star fragment jewels?

"Zoomzoom you spoke," Hannah said.

"What are Star fragment jewels?' Noah asked.

"They are crystals made from stars, one day on a planet far away the planet the minicons called home a group off stars busted apart and then rained down colorful jewels, these jewels we used to power our tools and such. They had power we couldn't believe, then the Conquerdriods came wanting to control it. We sent the star fragment jewels away in a unmanned self piloting ship. Then the droids attacked us and we fled to Cybertron and we soon developed partnerships with Autobots and Decepticons. Then as you war got worse we decided to leave Cybertron after that we crashed here on earth." Zoomzoom explained.

"So that is story?" Optimus asked.

"Yes and Conquortrone is the leader of the Conquerdriods, we minicons heard several things about him," Zoomzoom said. "Like he could eat a minicon in one bite." she said.

"That sounds scary," Diantha said shaking.

"We must find them but how?" Megatron asked.

Hannah found a something glowing nearby she walked over and picked it up. It was crystal not one she has ever seen before. "Zoomzoom is this a Star fragment jewel?" Hannah asked.

"Yes it is," Zoomzoom said. "I think I can tune in and we can use the base's computers to track it," she said.

Soon the Autobots and Decepticons were moving into one big base together. Things were becoming pretty hectic around the base especially after carless Diantha accidently left her phone where a snoop of a reporter found her pictures of the Autobots and Decepticons and shared it on the news and the bots and cons got caught in action. The humans now knew about them and their fight against the droids and they made them feel welcome. Still the Autobots and Decepticons were still getting use to living together.

The alarm started to go off.

"Is it a Minicon or a Star fragment Jewel?" Hannah asked.

"It's a minicon it's deep within the Australian outback." Red alert said.

"So we have to down under," Hannah said.

"Down under what?" Cyclonus asked.

"It's just what people call Australia," Noah told him.

"Oh," Cyclonus said.

"Then let's go," Diantha stated.

"I will stay here as well someone needs to keep an on the monitors," Red alert said.

"Okay then let's move out," Optimus said.

Once at the warp gate the were launched to the Australian outback. "Here we are the Australian outback." Hannah said.

"Look at this place full of dust and trees," Demolisher said.

"Look and it's full of animals too," Hot Rod stated.

"We can sight see later we must find the minicon first," Optimus said.

"We will start looking for the minicon," Diantha said.

"Okay but be careful," Optimus said.

"Let us know if you find anything," Megatron said.

The teens took off the to find the minicon. The Hannah had some sort of sight in her mind her parents were large robots and she was one two and they crash landed alone on planet earth they put on bracelets to disguise themselves as humans. She shook her head to clear it.

"Everything alright Hannah?" Diantha asked.

"Yes everything is fine," Hannah answered.

The Noah found something in the dust. "It's the minicon panel and the star fragment jewel," he said.

"Good work," Diantha said.

Then a jet came zooming around. "Whoa is that a Conquerdriod?" Hannah asked.

"I don't know and I don't think we should stick around long enough to find out," Noah stated.

The teens took off when they saw Maim. "Oh no," Hannah said.

"Look those kids have the minicon and the star fragment jewel we detected," Cutter said.

"Let's grab them," Trapper said.

"Let's get out of here," Diantha said and the friends climb on their minicons for a high speed get away.

"After them," Maim said.

"Shockbat get help," Hannah said. Shockbat took off.

Starscream saw Shockbat coming. "It's Shockbat," Starscream said as he extend his hand and it landed on his finger.

"Let's take a look at his data," Optimus said. He saw the teens need help. "The droids are after the kids, we need to help them," he said.

"Then let's go," Demolisher said.

They followed Shockbat. The teens encountered the jet again. "Transform!" the jet said. The started to fight the droids. "Leave the ankle-biters alone," he said.

"You are one annoying bot," Maim said.

Then the other Autobots and Decepticons came running. Maim saw they were vastly out numbered. "Let's retreat," Maim said. Then the droids disappeared. Hannah took a rough fall.

"Hannah you alright?" Hot Rod asked.

"Yes I'm not hurt," Hannah said.

"Crikey! Optimus it's good to see you again," Jetfire said.

"Jetfire it's been a long time where have you been?" Ironhide asked.

"I crash landed here in Australia and I have been spending all my time here and then I ran into Hannah so I decided to follow her," Jetfire said. "Are you alright?' he asked.

"Yes I'm fine," Hannah said.

"Jetfire it's good to see you," Optimus said.

"I'm sorry for the delay but now I am ready to help," Jetfire said.

Then the minicon came to life. "Look the minicon is awake now," Hannah said.

A bit later Hannah was being scanned by Red alert for injuries he was confused.

"Look I scanned her and there are no signs of injuries of any kind, all other humans would have needed to get to a hospital right away," Red alert said.

"How can she be uninjured?" Hot Rod asked.

"Maybe she isn't human," Cyclonus suggested.

"She looks human to me," Ironhide said.

"Maybe she is just disguised as a human," Demolisher said.

"Maybe there is more to Hannah than we thought," Optimus said.

Hannah was shocked she didn't know was going and neither did the Autobots, Decepticons or her human friends but she was going to find out no matter what. Even with Jetfire now back on the team things were shrouded in mystery and hopefully more will be reveal as this adventure continues.